Berehowsky Bonding Trip

Chapter 01

By: CJZ♂

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"There is nothing like wounded affection for giving poignancy to anger."
~Elizabeth Gaskell~

July 01, 2017

Berehowsky household
Phoenix, Arizona
9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time(PDT)

Kyle Berehowsky was busy, arranging and rearranging everything in his 2017 cobalt blue, Jeep Patriot 

Everything had to be perfect!  

His SUV was packed to the rim.  Kyle had bought everything under the sun, for the camping trip.  There wasn't any room to add, even a single toothpick.  

This trip was to be a
bonding experience for Kyle and his two boys.  He wanted this trip to be memorable, exciting, positive and fun.  Afterall, his sons hadn't seen their father in over two months. Kyle knows that his boys are in a very impressionable and sensitive stage in their lives.  A time when they look up to their father as a positive male role model.  

Now, is the time for a father to mold his offspring into well-mannered, educated, law-abiding and productive members of society.  This is also the time when happy and meaningful memories are made.  The moment when he should be around to watch his sons grow up and mature.  Because, in a few short years, his boys will turn into moody, quiet and independent adolescents who won't want to be around their parents.  In fact, he'll be the one chasing after them.  

This is the
time to spend some quality time with his boys and try to get to know each other.

So, a lot was riding on this important trip.  

He sighed, as he scratched his head and once again went over the list.

Camping Trip List


Ground cloth/tarp
Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes
Mat for tent entrance
Dust pan/brush


Sleeping bags(3)
Air mattress(3)
Air pump
Repair kit for air mattress


Large water jug & water bucket
Stove with fuel/propane
Charcoal/firewood/buddy burner
Campfire grill/BBQ grill
Fire starters/newspaper
Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips
Paper plates & bowls
Plastic silverware
Heavy-duty aluminum foil
Paper towels
Trash bags
Dish soap
Cooking oil/Pam spray
Potholders/oven mitts
Pots and frying pans with lids
Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon
Skewers/grill forks
Can opener/bottle opener
Small folding table
Mugs/paper cups
Cutting board
Ziplock bags
Dish rags/towels

Socks/extra socks
Baseball cap
Extra jock
Rain gear
Laundry bag


Flip flops
Soap in plastic case/shampoo
Hand sanitizer
Tooth brush(3)
Tooth paste
Disposable razors
Shaving cream
Toilet paper


Basic First Aid Kit

Lantern with fuel/mantles
Extra batteries/bulbs
Bug repellant
Water filters/purification/treatment
Fishing gear/license/bait
Camp chairs
First aid kit
Pocket knife
Coffee pot
Duct tape/electrical tape
Cell phone/charger
2-way radios/walkie talkies

Fire extinguisher
Road flares


Bottled water
Orange juice
Apple juice
Potato chips
Graham crackers
Jelly beans
Dried fruit
Hershey bars(Smores)
Chocolate chip cookies
Hot chocolate/tea bags/coffee

"I don't think, I've forgotten anything..."

Kyle was so deep in concentration, that he didn't realize that his youngest son, Cody was standing by his side.


Kyle looked down and saw his 7 year old son, staring up at him.

"Hey champ!  You ready?  Where's your brother?"

Cody pursed his lips and looked like he had something in mind.

"Yeah, ummm..."

Kyle kneeled to Cody's eye level and softly caressed his right cheek.

"What is it, champ?  What's wrong?"

Cody looked away and averted his father's eyes.

"Zach says, he's not coming."



Kyle knew that his 13 year old son, Zach
had been very vocal and had made it very clear that he did not want to go on this camping trip.  Zach is still very angry at both of his parents for getting divorced.  At the moment, he's being a typical teenager who is lashing out at everyone and is constantly being defiant.  But, Zach is specially angry at his father.  

Basically, Zach blamed his absentee father for the marriage breakup and the divorce.  

Berehowsky and Linda Buchanan(she's gone back to her maiden name) have been divorced a little over a year.  Surprisingly enough, it was the youngest boy Cody who was handling the divorce a lot better.  Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for his older brother.

What Zach didn't know was that his parent's marriage had been on the rocks for quite a while.  Kyle and Linda had tried to stay together for their son's sake, but that of course didn't work out.  It actually made things worse, by making them bitter towards each other and arguing constantly.  The
Berehowsky's had also tried marriage counselling, a couple's retreat, books and advice from close friends and parents.  But, it just wasn't meant to be.

Kyle's dangerous and secretive job, as well as his constant absence was a bitter pill for Linda to swallow.  After 15 years of marriage and her constant pleading, crying and nagging for her husband to get a safer job.  But, Kyle wouldn't budge on the job issue and she had had enough!

Kyle works for Watchtower Global Security, a private military company.  At Watchtower, he's a Senior Security Contractor or what is most commonly referred to as a mercenary.  His job is to perform security, intelligence and sometimes, even go into combat across the globe.  He was often flying to Colombia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  

Being a former NAVY SEAL
Lt. Commander, his training had provided him to work and train in all manner of harsh environments.  That included desert, mountain, woodlands, jungle, artic and even urban areas.  A typical mission could involve any number of means including, parachute, submarine, helicopter, high-speed boat, foot patrol and combat swimming.  Kyle had done secret missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Somalia.  So, he was highly qualified and very much sought after by many private security companies.

As a senior security contractor Kyle, was more than just a gun for hire.  He's professional, efficient and martial arts expert.  He speaks over ten languages and is in excellent physical and mental condition.  He's an extremely qualified, ex-Navy SEAL who fights for money, not for a nation or a cause.  The majority of fellow mercenaries like himself, are experienced ex-military or ex-law enforcement professionals.  

To say that his job is extremely dangerous is an understatement.  Kyle is often sent to war torn countries to help train local troops, provide security or even perforn "special missions".  His job, wasn't to ask questions.  He was there to perform his duty, get the job done(safely), get paid and get the fuck out!

Being an experienced and highly sought security contractor, also came with many perks.  For one, Kyle earned a six figure income of $438,000 a year
(plus bonuses).  He often flew in private jets, stayed in expensive hotels and got driven around in limos.  Plus, he also has a weekly spending allowance.  

At the moment Kyle is currently working 
as the personal bodyguard for billionaire Saudi sheik Abdul bin Hamad Al Khalid(net worth of 50 billion dollars).  The sheik has taken a liking and trust to his personal American bodyguard.  So, much so that he's even set Kyle to live on the 200th floor of The Royal Oceana Condominium.  The 6 bedroom, 5.1 bathrooms, 360° penthouse condo, came complete with a private gym, indoor pool, wet and dry sauna and housekeeper.  Kyle's private and gated residence is situated in the Palm Jumeirah.

The Palm Jumeirah is one
of the most expensive, luxurious and prestigious residences in Dubai.  These man made islands(in the shape of a palm tree) face the Persian Gulf and cover an area over 520 kilometres(320 mi).  

As part of his incentive bonus, Kyle was also given the elite American Express Centurion Card(known informally, as the Black Card).  This by-invitation only card(you can't apply for it) came with an unlimited spending limit.  The shiny black card itself is made of anodized titanium.  

When Kyle got this card, he was stunned and speechless.  He thought there had been a mistake when the Centurion Card was hand delivered at his condo and scorted by a private security guard. Kyle was given a big black velvet lined box, along with a special mini-computer.  When you put the card in the computer, it tells you how much you've spent.  Inside the box, there were two black cards.  One card was for business and the other one for pleasure.

A quick call to the sheik's private secretary and she confirmed that the card was a gift for loyalty, hard work and a great service rendered.  Kyle was also told by the secretary that he was to use the pleasure card to purchase, rent or for anything he might want or need.  As for the business card, well that to be used for anything in regards to business expenses.  The bill on both cards would be taken care of, and paid by the sheik's personal bank with no questions asked.

Kyle wanted to laugh, but he held his tongue and gave thanks.  At the moment, he's carrying the business Centurion card with him.  The pleasure card is in a safe deposit box in his bank in Zürich, Switzerland.  Kyle didn't feel confortable, using the pleasure card to buy any personal items for himself or anyone else, period.  

As for his latest job, he wasn't planning on telling his ex-wife about it, either.  Linda could practically smell money.  If his ex-wife, caught wind that Kyle was working for a Saudi sheik, she would bleed him fucking dry!  

Linda is a Southern wealthy socialite and former Miss Georgia.  All her life, she's won countless titles, crowns, beauty pageants and has appeared in many fashion magazines.  Her mother always jokes that it takes an army of stylists and make up artists, just to get Linda out of the house.  She's more than a little conceited, when it comes to her looks.  But, when you grow up with everyone judging you by your looks and nothing else.  Well, you start believing them.  So, all her life, she's used to living a very pampered and opulent lifestyle.  

Linda hails from the
wealthy Buchanan clan of Savannah, Georgia.  A Roman Catholic family who immigrated from Ireland to the United States in 1710.  Their plantation home had been partially torched and looted by the troops of General William T. Sherman, back in 1864.  However, soon after the end of the Civil War, the Buchanan state was restored to it's former glory.  The Buchanan plantation is now, a heritage site and protected by the state of Georgia.

Linda Buchanan loved to spend Kyle's money.  It was a passive aggresive and vindictive way for her to get back at him.  She knew that Kyle despised her careless and frivolous spending habits. Linda had more than enough money of her own.  She had a trust fund, afterall.  But, why spend your own money, when you could spend someone else's?

As for Kyle?  Well, he loved his job and he couldn't see himself doing anything else.  His father-in-law, had even offered Kyle a cushy and safe desk job, along with a very generous income.  But, Kyle politely turned it down.  Afterall, Kyle found his current job invigorating, satisfying and also kept him physically and mentally fit.  Plus, his job kept his family living in a very confortable and affluent lifestyle that they've been raised and accustomed to.  

Now, his ex-wife(whom he shares joint custody of the boys) is living in his former custom built home.  


Now, that's a kick to 
the balls that still hurts. 

The spectacular, one-of-a-kind, solid timber-framed Craftman style mansion was nestled against the hills of South Mountain Park, in Phoenix, Arizona.  The $2,899,000 mansion was located in the gated community of Pine Valley and came with panoramic and unobstructed views of the big valley, below.  

Kyle felt that as the mother of his two precious sons, Linda should keep the house and everything in it.  So, on the divorce settlement Linda got the 7 bedroom, 6.5 bathrooms, 7,218 SqFt mansion.  

would of course continue paying for everything.  That meant the mortgage, home maintenance, utilities, child support, Zach's piano lessons, the boy's karate lessons, swimming lessons, plus the football, soccer and baseball league that the boys were enrolled in.  And of course, the employment of a cook/housekeeper.

When Kyle and his ex-wife found this beautiful property, they thought they would live here together until their old age.  It had taken Linda, fucking forever to find the right gated community.  
This neighbourhood was one of the upcoming and most expensive residential areas in Phoenix.  The mansion even came with a 3 bedroom guesthouse, 3 car garage, gym, heated pool(nearly $300K was spent on the pool alone), outdoor jacuzzi, wine cellar, movie theater and all the other rich amenities his ex-wife was accustomed to.  

Kyle would also be paying for the boys private schooling at St.Vincent's Catholic Academy, his ex-wife's snobby country club membership, her Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster, her credit cards and a generous weekly allowance.  His ex-wife thought that she was one of The Real Housewives of Phoenix, Arizona.  She practically lived in Biltmore Fashion Boulevard, where all her favourite expensive stores like Chanel, Escada, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Versace, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blanik, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Saks 5th Avenue, Barney's, etc, could be found.

Most(if not, all of his buddies) thought that Kyle was fucking batshit crazy for all the bullshit he had agreed to(on his fucking own, by the way) on the divorce settlement.  But, for the sake of his sons, there was to be no ugly divorce or fighting to get sole custody of the boys.  Kyle wanted out of this marriage on amicable terms and Linda felt the same way.  

Kyle had also taken a 6 million dollars life insurance policy on himself.  

But, the insurance policy came with strict stipulations.  

If anything happened to Kyle(death, kidnapped, MIA, etc) then the 6 million dollars would be split between the two boys(Linda, got fuck all!)  But, the boys would only get the money after they turned 30 years old(No Exceptions!).

There was also the matter of the boys inheritance.  

Along with Kyle's money and Linda's very wealthy parent's money, the boys had a nice and sizeable inheritance to look forward to.  However,
Zach and Cody would only get the inheritance after they had graduated from college/university.  It didn't matter to Kyle, if the degree the boys got was for fucking star gazing or fucking pastry chef.  Just as long as they could make a decent living from it.  

Also, the college/university tuition had been taken care of by Kyle and his ex-wife.  The only thing Zach and Cody had to do, was to buy their own text books and other
miscellaneous items for school.  For that the boys had to get a job(be it, fucking McDonalds, Party City or wherever).  But, his sons had to learn the meaning of the word, work.

There were to be, NO HANDOUTS!  

Not a cent from mommy, grandma or grandpa(from either side of the family).  If Kyle's private lawyer(and former SEAL) found out that the boys had gotten money for text books, or any miscellaneous items.  Then the lawyer would make the call and assign a proper and harsh punishment.  Kyle had made it crystal clear to his lawyer friend, not to go easy on his sons.  By now, his sons would be men and were to be treated as such.  

Also, the private lawyer would be overseeing/supervising, Zach and Cody.  He would also be looking after the insurance policy, inheritance and any miscellaneous money/allowance the boys needed.  If at any time Zach and Cody got in trouble with the law(heaven forbid), the private lawyer would handle things
(Linda was to have NO say on this matter).  His friend would make the call, when it came to bailing them out of jail, bond, etc.  If his ex-wife tried to mettle, the lawyer would warn her of severe repercussions, fines, as well as a penalty(deductions) in the boy's inheritance.

Kyle loves his boys more than anything in the world.  And he also knew the many risks and dangers of his job.  He knew that
one day there might be a possibility, that he might not return from an "assignment".  So, Kyle wanted peace of mind, knowing that Zach and Cody would be taken care of.  

But, at the moment Kyle and Linda are dealing with a dilemma.  

Their eldest son, Zach is currently the poster boy and aiming for a fucking gold medal in the Teens Behaving Badly title.  The boy has been cutting school, getting into fights and on the verge of expulsion from his private school
.  He's also been banned from the local Best Buy for stealing video games and was caught smoking weed by his mother. 

If Zachery didn't get his act together, he was on a bus ride to the Bligh Department Of Juvenile Corrections in Desert Hills, Arizona.  The state of Arizona, dosen't put up with any bullshit from punk ass teens.  Especially, spoiled rich kids from the wealthy suburbs.  The department of Youth Corrections, feel that it's best to deal with a problem, sooner rather than later.  Specially, when it will end up costing the taxpayer more money down the road.

The children's divorce counsellor said that this was typical teen rebellion.  Doctor Jenner, felt that Zach was acting out and starving for his parent's attention.  And it was actually, Doctor Jenner who suggested this much needed bonding trip for father and sons.

Since things were dire with Zach, Kyle hated to do this.  But, he had to ask his employer sheik Abdul bin Hamad Al Khalidd, if it was possible to take a weekend off to deal with his rebellious son. The sheik of course, said yes.  He himself, understood rebellious children(being a father to 40 kids and counting).  The wealthy sheik is married to 10 wives, afterall.  But, he also surprised Kyle by giving him two weeks off, with pay!  

"Zachery Kyle Berehowsky!  Are you done
packing?  Your father is waiting outside!"

Linda shouted from the bottom of the stairs, wondering what was the hold up.  

She was actually looking forward to having the place to herself for the next two weeks.  For today, Linda had booked an entire Spa day.  She had an appointment at the luxurious Miraval Enchantment Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.  Where she was going to get a classic manicure & pedicure, therapeutic bath, detoxifying algae wrap, swedish massage, microdermabrasion, organic plant facial, as well as gourmet spa lunch.  The total cost of relief and relaxation in a serene, quiet and peaceful environment, priceless(well, $970.00).  Well, she needed it.  Especially, after the hard week she's had with Zach.

Zach appeared at the top of the stairs, leaned against the rail and pouted.

"I don't want to go!"

Linda sighed and started walking up the stairs.  

As she got to the top of the stairs, she sat on one of the steps and motioned for her son to sit next to her.  As Linda looked at her boy, it was a constant and painful reminder that both of her boys are a youthfull and mirror image of their handsome father.  

Zach's brown hair was a just a tad darker shade than Cody's.  Lately, Zach had shot up like a weed and had gotten quite tall, even for his age.  Linda knew that her son was going to be just as tall as his father(if not, taller).  But, as she looked at Zach, she saw very little of her in him.  Surely, the perfectly clear, healthy and glowing skin, plus those red rosy cheeks and pouty red lips came from her genes. But, that hair colour, facial features and those beautiful hazel/green eyes, are all his father's.


Her little boy was growing up so fast!

Just last year, Kyle had taught Zach how to shave.  And now, the phone dosen't stop ringing from all the girls calling him.

"Mom, please!  I really don't want to go on this stupid trip."

Linda moved a lock of shiny brown hair, away from Zach's forehead.

"Give your father a chance, honey."

Zach rolled his eyes.

"Why?  He's never, ever here."


That was true.

"He's trying, honey.  Your father is here, now.  And what's important is that he wants to spend time with the both of you."

Linda kissed her son on the forehead.

"Can you do this for me, Zachery.  Please, be patient and try to enjoy yourself.  Remember, it's only for two weeks and the time will fly."

Zach made a face and silently nodded.

At that moment, the front door opened and Kyle walked in holding Cody's hand.  He looked up the stairs and his eyes were fixed on his ex-wife and son.

"Is everything, allright?"

Zach looked at his mother, but didn't say anything.  Linda caressed her son's face and stood up.

"Yes, everything is fine.  Zach was just about to grab his duffle bag, right honey?"

Kyle knew that some sort of discussion had just taken place.  And they were probably talking about him.  

Zach got up, looked at his mother, then glared at his father and silently walked over to his room.

Linda descended the stairs gracefully, while looking at her ex-husband.  She had gotten all dolled up and wanted to remind Kyle of what he had lost.  She was wearing an expensive, powder blue Chanel tweed suit and draped in pearls.  Her platinum blonde hair was pulled up in an elegant and chic Chignon style.  As she descended the stairs, Kyle couldn't take his 
eyes off her.

It had been a while for Kyle(yes, sex).  

And as his ex-wife got closer, he could smell her wonderful, alluring perfume(Chanel N°5) and seductive scented body lotion.

Linda thought that Kyle was looking quite good(at least, he's eating right) and buff like always.  He was a bit more tanned than usual.  But, it suited him.  He had a healthy glow and his brown hair has a lighter shade, probably due to the sun.  She didn't want to ask, as to where he'd been the last couple of months.  Not that he ever truly told her.  She knew that the answer was always "classified".  But, they had a game which they used to play.  She would guess a continent and if she guessed correctly, he would tap the tip of his nose.  Well, she wasn't interested in playing or asking any longer.

Kyle stood proudly by his son, presenting his broad shoulders and bulging pecs.  The short-sleeve army green, Lacoste t-shirt stuck to the rippling muscles of his eight pack abs and his flat washboard stomach. The grey cargo shorts showed his thick and heavily muscled hairy thighs and strong calves.  Which, like his arms were generously covered in light brown and shining hairs.

"Cody, could you go and check up on brother, please.  I need to speak to your father, alone."

Cody pursed his lips and looked worried.  He knew that the only times his parents wanted privacy was when they argued.

Kyle messed up Cody's hair and winked at him.

"It's allright, champ.  Go and tell your brother to hurry up, please."

Cody smiled, nodded and ran up the stairs.

"Cody Jacob
Berehowsky!  How many times, do I have to say.  No running on the stairs!"

She sighed, as Kyle smiled at her.

Kyle took a step forward and wanted to hug his ex-wife.  But, he quickly changed his mind, as he didn't want to send the wrong signals.

"You look nice."

Linda kept a straight face and gave him a polite nod.


There was a moment of uncomfortable silence between them.

"Please call me, the moment that you've arrived at the camp."

Kyle nodded.

"Will do."

Linda is one of those type of people that is not able to mask her displeasure(not, that she tries anyways).  She's also the type to will let you know, exactly how she feels, and could care less what you think of her.

"Please, remember that Zach is grounded.  So, limit the amount of fun.  But, don't over do it.  He's been sulking around the house, ever since he got grounded and confined to his room."

Kyle again nodded.

"The community service has humbled him, though.  He's been picking up trash by the highway and he's also helping at a retirement home."

Kyle raised his eyebrows.  

This was news to him.  He didn't know that a sentencing had been given to Zach, already.

"I'm warning you right now, that Zach will be difficult.  He'll give you a hard time and he'll push your buttons.  Just, don't let him get to you."

Kyle nodded.

"Also, please remember that you and I, have a private meeting with the correctional officer.  It's two days after you come back from camp.  I need you to be there Kyle.  I can't do this alone."

Kyle sighed.

Here it comes...

"I had to go and see the Dean of his school, all by myself.  Then there was that uncomfortable and unpleasant meeting with the manager of Best Buy and..."

Kyle sighed and raised his hands in the air, surrendering.

"Yes, I know and I'm very sorry.  I've apologized many times, for you handling all of this on your own."

Linda took a deep breath and stopped her ex-husband in mid-sentence. 

"This is a very important and serious meeting, Kyle.  If the correctional officer, dosen't see a remorseful and genuine change in Zach.  He'll sent him to..."

Linda coundn't continue and looked away.

"Linda, I promise that I will be there.  And I plan on having a talk with Zach, in regards to his current behaviour."

Linda was about to say something, when Zach and Cody descended down the stairs together.  Zach had a small duffle bag in his hands.  

Kyle approached his son and smiled at him.

"Hey, son.  How are you?  I've missed you."  Kyle extended his right hand towards Zach.

Zach had a blank look on his face, as he stared at his father.  You could really cut the tension in the air.  So, it was up to Linda to step in between the Alpha male and his cub.

"Zachery, dear.  Your father is speaking to you."

Zach looked at his mother and back at his father.


Kyle and Zach, then had a staring contest.  Linda was looking Kyle and then at Zach.  Cody on the other hand, was looking at all of them.  But, he just went with the flow and was happy that his dad was back, period.

"Well, we need to get going.  Do you want me to take that?"

Kyle was about to grab Zach's duffle bag.  But, Zach gave his dad an angry glare and pulled the bag away.

"No!  I can carry it."

Kyle took a step back and watched both of sons walk towards the front door.  Linda sighed and shook her head, as she watched the testosterone dance between father and son.

Zach walked out of the house in silence, with Cody trailing behind.

"He's all yours, enjoy!"

Kyle couldn't help to chuckle.

As Linda and Kyle walked to the car.  Both boys were getting into the vehicle.

"I'm riding upfront with Daddy!" yelled out, Cody.

Zach rolled his eyes and gently slapped Cody in the back of the head.

"It's called riding shotgun, doofus!"

Cody sticked out his tongue as he got into the front seat.  Zach sat in the back seat, behind his little brother and slammed the car door hard behind him.

Kyle sighed, as he looked at his ex-wife.  

This is going to be a fun trip.

"I'll call you when we arrive at the camp."

Linda nodded and walked over to the SUV.

"Allright, boys.  Be good, be careful, enjoy yourselves and listen to your father, please."

Cody smiled and seemed beyond happy.  Zach on the other hand, put his headphones on and was blasting his loud music.

Kyle went around his vehicle and took the driver's seat.

"Next, stop.  
Boise National Forest, Idaho!"

Cody started jumping up and down on his seat with the biggest smile ever.


Zach simply rolled his eyes and looked away.

Linda motioned for Cody to roll down the window.  As Cody did, his mom approached the SUV and gave her little boy a big kiss.

"Mwah!  Okay, baby.  Listen to your father at all times, stay close to him and be good."

Cody rolled his eyes and made a face.

"Mom!  I'm not a baby, anymore!"

Kyle smiled and started the SUV.  

Linda then knocked on the back window.  Zach rolled down his window and took off his headphones.

"Zachery, love.  Please look after your little brother, o.k?"

Zach nodded.

Kyle put on his seat belt and waved at his ex-wife.

"Allright, then.  Time to hit the road.  We'll, see you in two weeks."

Linda nodded and waved at them.

As the SUV pulled away, Cody sticked out his head and waved at his mother.

"Bye, mom!"

Linda watched the SUV drive away and she missed her boys, already.  But, she also knew that the boys and their father needed this alone time.  She just hoped that Kyle could reach their eldest boy, and somehow get through all that anger, teen angst, stubbornness and frustration.

"Goodluck, Kyle.  You'll, need it."

The drive to
Boise National Forest was going to take, roughly 12 hours.  

Kyle had mapped out the entire trip on his state-of-the-art GPS.  The route he'd chosen was going to take longer.  But, he'd picked it because it was the scenic route.  He didn't mind the long drive, because this was meant to be a memorable trip.  Being city boys, he wanted his sons to see their country's beautiful and natural landscape.  So, Kyle got on I-17 and headed north.

Since they'd left the house, Cody had been absent-mindedly caressing his father's hairy arm.  It's something that Cody has always done, even as a baby.  Kyle didn't say anything, especially since it didn't bother him.  Obviously, Cody enjoyed it and Kyle wasn't going to stop his son from doing something he innocently enjoyed.  Cody has always been the softer, sweeter and more affectionate son.  
At least Cody was in a good mood being quite the chatter box, which made Kyle smile.  The little one, wanted to tell his father everything that he'd missed in the last two months.  

Cody was speaking non-stop and not letting Kyle get a single word in.  At the moment, he was telling his father how much he enjoyed karate.

"So, you like karate?  That's great champ!"

Even though, Kyle's eyes were on the road.  Every so often, he'd glanced at Cody and smile.

"Yeah, I like 
going to karate class.  It's a lot of fun and I've made new friends.  Sensei Miyagi, says that I'm good!"

Kyle felt so much pride in his little boy, right now.

"But, Zach is sooo much better.  You should have seen him at the last tournament, daddy.  He kicked butt!  He got a gold medal, a trophy and his purple belt!"

Kyle smiled, as he looked at Zach in the rear view mirror.  

"I'm so proud of you, Zach!  I was a year older than you, when I got my purple belt.  Again, I'm very sorry that I missed it."

was not interested in being part of the conversation.  He simply stared out the window and completely ignored the talk, between his little brother and father.

Deep inside and eating away at his inner core, Kyle knew that he'd fucked up!

When you make a promise to someone that you love.  The worst thing you can do, is to let them down by not keeping your word.

As the old saying goes,...

"A man is only as good, as his word."

Afterall, a man who can't be trusted is not much.  If you believe in his words and he lives up to them.  Then he's a good man.  If someone lies to you and promises you something, and never comes through.  Then, he's not much of a man.

The deep baritone voice of Kyle's father boomed inside his head.

"If you say, you will do something.  You do it.

If you make a promise.  You keep it.

If you start a project.  You finish it."

Jacob Zacharia Berehowsky, had always kept his word.

To his wife, his sons, his friends, his unit and to everyone that had ever known him.

Jacob knew the importance of keeping your word.  And though, he was killed in combat during the Gulf War at the young age of 44.  Kyle's dad left a legacy behind in the close brotherhood that are the Marines.  He had been a man who could be trusted.  A man who had been dedicated to his job, friends and especially to his family.  

In fact, he'd drilled those characteristcs into his sons.  The importance that men of their word, are known to be trusted, reliable and look up to.  And that a man who breaks his word is known to be weak, unreliable and will forever be branded a fucking liar.

One of the last things, Kyle remembers his dad saying was,...all of your actions have consequences.

And that's where Kyle is at the moment.

Of course, he'd wanted to be there for Zach's karate tournament.  He had booked the entire week off(just to be sure) and even had his plane ticket ready.  He was super excited to see his son, kick some ass.  But, at the very last fucking minute, an emergency extraction had to be done.  As the Commander of the mission, Kyle had gone like a thief in the night into enemy territory(Yemen) with his team of 16 men.  They had saved the lives of 5 ex-marines, their interpreter and civilians that unfortunately had been caught in the crossfire.  But, since all his fucking missions are classified.  He couldn't even tell his ex-wife, or his boys the real reason he'd missed the tournament.  

Minutes after the successful mission had been carried out.  Poor Kyle, rushed to make it back home.  He had taken four different airplanes and crossed different time zones just to get to
get to Phoenix, Arizona.  But, in the end he still missed the karate tournament.

Kyle, had felt lower than dirt.  On one hand, he had saved the lives of many people.  He got a million thanks, many hugs and lot of pat on the back.  But, the one person he most cared about.  The one person he had told that he'd be there.  The one person he had promised to be there,...he'd failed to.

And now, here he was paying the ultimate price.  

Seeing his son, who was dealing with a toxic combination of anger, bitterment, hurt and disappointment.  

Kyle sighed and continued listening to Cody.  After almost 50 minutes of
talking non-stop, the munchkin finally stopped.

"Daddy, I'm thirsty."

Kyle nodded and called out to Zach.




"Planet Earth to Zachery.  Come in, Zachery."

Zach finally looked up and took off his headphones.


Kyle's temper rose by a single degree.  He wasn't used to anyone, answering him in that manner and tone.  So, he took a deep breath and kept telling himself that Zach is just angry, hurt and very resentful. But, Kyle wasn't going to put up with that shit.  Especially, not from his son.  So, he was going to let it go.  

This one fucking time.

"Zach, your brother is thirsty.  Can you pass him a water bottle from the cooler, please."

Zach let out a huge sigh, rolled his eyes and opened the cooler.  He then passed the water bottle to Cody.

"Thank-you!", Cody piped out.

Kyle was looking at Zach in the rear view mirror.

"There's also pop, orange and apple juice in there, Zach.  If you're..."

Zach didn't answer his father.  He simply slammed the lid and put his headphones back on.  

Kyle, once again took another deep breath.  

Since they were doing pretty good time.  Kyle decided to take a detour and take the boys to see Vermilion Cliffs National Monument for a few minutes.

"Hey, champ.  I almost forgot to tell you..."

Cody looked at his dad, as he was fiddling with the radio stations trying to find one that he liked.

"You should check under your seat.  There's a surprise for you and your brother."

Cody arched his eyebrows and his 
hazel/green eyes lit up.

"What, is it?"

Kyle smiled and winked at his son.

"Check under your seat and you tell me."

Zach had taken his headphones off, and was pretending not to look at Cody.

Well, that's a good sign Kyle thought.  At least he's got Zach's attention.

From underneath his seat, Cody pulled out a large box.  The box was wrapped in shiny gold paper and with a large silver bow.  Cody looked back at his big brother, while Zach pretended not to care.  But, from the rearview mirror, Kyle could see that Zach would steal quick glances towards Cody and the box.

As Cody tore into the gold wrapping paper, Kyle merged into 89A.

"Oh, wow!"

Kyle looked at his son, who's mouth was hanging wide open.

"Walkie talkies!"

Cody then turned around and showed the box to his brother.

"Zach, look!  Daddy, got us walkie talkies!"

Cody then started opening the box.  

Kyle looked at Zach in the rear view mirror and jackpot!  Zach's
hazel/green eyes, also lit up.  

Kyle could tell that his son, wanted to yank the box away from his little brother.  These walkie talkies are top of the line and at $500.00 each, they're the best of the best.

"The walkie talkies that you're holding, are the Cobra Uniden 9000.  
 I use similar ones on the field, actually."

Cody was looking at his dad and then the walkie-talkies.

"These are so cool, daddy!"

Kyle nodded and smiled.

"I thought, we'd test them while camping.  They have a range of roughly 80 miles and come with over 50 channels.  They're also shock, fire and waterproof.  Oh, and they also, float."

Cody turned around and showed them to his brother.  Zach looked like he was itching to touch one.

"I had the covers of walkie-talkies, specially made with your favourite colours.  There's blue green for you champ, cobalt blue for Zach and plain blue for me."

Cody was for once speechless.  He was digging through the box to find the batteries.

 "Why don't you give Zach his walkie-talkie, buddy."

Cody took the cobalt blue walkie talkie and passed it to his brother.  


Zach practically snatched it away from his little brother.

"Wow, daddy!  It even has my name on it!", said Cody as he showed it to his brother.

"That's right!  Got them especially engraved for my boys."

Kyle had the walkie-talkies engraved in gold lettering, along with a heartfelt sentiment.

"To my little champ, Cody.  Love always, Dad."  

And Zach's...

"To my beloved son, Zach.  Love always, Dad."

While Kyle's walkie-talkie simply said.


Cody was putting the batteries on his.

"Thank-you, daddy!  I love it!"

Kyle pulled his little boy closer and kissed his sweet smelling head.

"You're welcome, champ!"

Zach was looking and reading the inscription on his walkie-talkie.  He didn't look angry anymore.  That's a good thing!  

Was that a smile on Zach's face?

Zach cleared his throat and mumbled.

"Thanks, dad."

Kyle locked eyes with his son in the rear view mirror, smiled and nodded his head.

"We're going to need code names, daddy!"  yelled out, Cody.

Kyle nodded at his son.

"I thought of that.  What about Alpha 1 for me, Beta 2 for Zach and Omega 3 for you, champ?"

Cody made a face and looked deep in thought.

"In a wolf pack, the leader is called the Alpha.  Then there's the pack's enforcer the Beta and the Omega brings up the rear."

Kyle didn't want to say that the Omega is the youngest or the baby.  Mention the word baby to Cody, and he loses his shit!  He's at that age where he dosen't want to be called baby, period.

"We can be the 
Berehowsky Wolf Pack!  Well, if you guys like that name.  I'm open to suggestions."

Cody squealed in delight!

"Yeah!  I like it!"

Kyle looked at Zach in the rearview mirror.

"What do you think, Zach?"

Zach managed a smile and nodded.


The sign ahead, read.

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, 1 mile.

But, another sign caught Kyle's eyes.

Tom's Diner
Home of the best burgers in the country!  
Est. 1950.  
Open 24 hrs.
All day breakfast!

"Allright, boys.  We're gonna make a pit stop.  You guys hungry?"

Both boys simply nodded.  

They were far too busy to answer, since they were occupied inspecting their new toys.

"Good, 'cause I'm starving!  I'm also going to fill up the tank and if anyone needs to go to the bathroom, please do it here."

Kyle pulled into the large diner/gas station.

This diner was probably the last of it's kind in this state.  Actually, probably in the entire country.  

The look was classic fifties.  The diner had a distinct exterior structure made up of stainless steel, Art Deco elements and very colourful and bright neon lights.  

There were a lot of vehicles in the parking lot and the place looked packed.  Tractor trailers were pulling in and out, as well as RVs, tourist buses and of course, cars.

Kyle stepped out of his SUV and needed to do some stretching.  

However, after all that time driving his butt was numb!   It also didn't help, that Cory's innocent and sensual touching, had given Kyle a major case of wood!


"Man, I need to get laid!  Or at least, I should've jerked off this morning.  Now, I'm going to be carrying a major case of blue balls!"

While the boys were testing their walkie-talkies in the parking lot.  Kyle discreetly yanked, pulled and groped his ample and obscene bulge.

"Allright, boys.  Head inside and get a table.  I'll be right behind you."

Zach started walking towards the entrance of the diner, with Cody following his older brother dutifully behind.  

"Dad, we're going to go to the bathroom first."  Zach called out.

Kyle nodded and started the self serve pump.

"Allright, sounds good.  Hey, champ!"

Cody turned around to look at his father.

"Stay close to your brother and hold his hand, please."

Cody rolled his eyes and took Zach's hand, as they crossed the big parking lot.

As the boys entered the diner, it was like they had travelled back in time.  Even the music being playing in the diner was from the 50's.  At this moment, a stylish and very colourful jukebox was playing the song
, "Tequila" by The Champs.

Zach and Cody, stopped at the entrance of the diner and their mouth's were hanging wide open.  

Aside from the number of people in the diner, the look, colour and sound of this place was amazing.  The diner had a counter service(all the stools were occupied), it also had sparkling red booths, as well as rock 'n' roll, Coca-Cola, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia on it's walls.  Waitresses were rushing all over the place, while carrying large trays of foods that made your mouth water.  The portions were huge and the smell was spectacular.  

Zach looked around and spotted the sign for the bathrooms in the back of the diner.  He grabbed Cody's hand and practically yanked his little brother towards the bathrooms. That in itself was a struggle, as Cody wanted to stop and look at all the cool, 1950's memorabilia that hung from the diner's wall and ceeling.  Yes, even the ceeling.  

The diner had three, pre-war airplanes hanging in the middle of the huge restaurant.  There was also a vintage Chevy Bel Air by one of the windows, a 50's Chrysler, a vintage Indian motorcycle, as well as old radios and pinballs machines which at the moment were being used by kids of all ages.

As the boys walked into the bathroom, they noticed that it wasn't that clean.  It actually reeked of stale piss and something else.  Zach was trying to remember what that smell was.  It certainly smelled, familiar.  He just couldn't quite make out what it was, yet.

"Yuk!  It stinks in here, Zach!"

Zach rolled his eyes at his little brother and pushed him forward.

"Than hurry up and do your business, quick!  Then we can get out of here and meet dad."

As the boys walked to the urinals, only 3 out of the 5 were working.  The other urinals had signs taped with duct tape that read, Out of Order.  At the moment all three urinals were occupied by two big truckers and a younger looking guy.

"Well, Cody.  I guess you're just going to have to use the stall."

There were only two, grungy and sorry looking stalls in the bathroom.  Cody went into the empty one and closed the stall door behind him.  Zach then heard the splash of Cody's urine against the bowl and that gave him the urge to piss, as well.

Oh, great!  Zach thought.

As he waited for his little brother to finish, he would on occasion take a look at the urinals.  But, the guys weren't budging and they seemed, busy.  He kept looking at time in his iPhone, as his bladder got more full by the second.  

Zach sighed and kept his eyes on the urinals.

What was taking these guys so long at the urinals?  I mean, how much can a guy piss?  


Zach looked towards his little brother's stall.

"What is it, Cody?"

His brother flushed the toilet.

"What's, a half and half?"

Zach got closer to the stall and peeked through the partition.

"Cody, stop reading the walls."

Cody cleaned his hands on his shorts and unlocked the door.  As he came out, he looked at his big brother quizzically.

"Is it, something sexual?"

Zach rolled his eyes and sighed.

"No, Cody.  It's something that you put in your coffee.  Head over to the sink and wash your hands, please.  I gotta take a piss, as well."

Cody nodded and walked over to the sinks.

Zach then heard one of the guys in the urinals, moan loudly and grunt.  The guy in the middle urinal then zipped up and walked out of the bathroom without washing his hands.  He was followed by one of the burly truckers, who also left without washing his hands.

That's gross, dudes!  

Zach then walked up to the urinal, unzipped, closed his eyes and started pissing.  

Oh, fuck!

A long and loud stream of piss was being unloaded by poor Zach.

Man, that feels good!

As Zach opened his eyes, he noticed that one of the truckers was still pissing.  Zach paid no attention to the large guy and was staring at the dirty wall in front of him.  There were a lot of crude drawings of cocks, phone numbers and "meet" times written on the wall.  

At the moment, he caught himself reading a dirty lymerick.

"There once was a man named Henry.
Whose balls were so big and scary.
When he would jerk off.
He would cry, moan and hiss,
'cause his load was too heavy to carry." 

Zach snickered and thought.  Well, that sounds familiar...

He then read a dirty joke.

One day a janitor was cleaning the pews between services, when he was approached by the priest.
The priest asked the janitor, "Could you go into the confessional and listen to confessions for me?
I have to go to the bathroom and the widow McGee is coming soon.
She tends to go on and on, but never really does anything worthy of serious repentance.  
So, when she's done just give her 10 Hail Mary's.  I'll be right back."
Being the helpful sort, the janitor agreed.
Just as expected the widow McGee came into the booth and started her confession.
"Oh, Father.  I fear I've done the unforgiveable.
I have given into carnal thoughts and had had oral sex."
Stunned, the janitor had no idea as to how to handle the situation.
Surely, 10 Hail Mary's would not do.
So, in a moment of desperation the janitor peered his head out of the confessional and asked an altar boy.
"Son, what does the Father O'Malley give for oral sex?"
In reply the altar boy said,
"Two Snickers bars and a Coke."

And there were more...

I've got a big dick.  You read that right.  And you read that right, too.

I tried to measure my dick, once.  But the ruler only went up to 12 inches.

After me and da boys checked, I had da biggest johnson in the 4th grade.  I ran home and asked my mama,
"Mama, mama.  I got da biggest johnson in da 4th grade!  Is dat cause I'm black, mama?"  
Mama looks at her boy and says.  
"No, Leroy.  Dats cause you is 19 years old."

I'm hung like a baby!  7lbs, 10oz and 22.5" long!

The priest in a small Irish village loved the cock and ten hens, he kept in the hen house behind the church.  
But, one Saturday night the cock went missing!
The priest knew that cock fights happened in the village.
So, he started to question his parishioners in church the next morning.
During Mass, he asked the congregation,
"Has anybody got a cock"
All the men stood up.
"No, no." he said.
"That's not what I meant.  Has anybody seen a cock?"
All the women stood up.
"No, no." he said.
"That wasn't what I meant.  Has anybody seen a cock that dosen't belong to them?"
Half the women stood up.
"No, no." he said.
"That's not what I meant.  Has anybody seen MY cock?"
All the nuns, four altar boys, two priests and a goat stood up.

Zach snorted and gave a small chuckle.  He then noticed that the trucker was still standing next to him.  

What the fuck?  Still, dude?

The trucker moved away from the urinal and as he did, he exposed a beer can of a hefty dick.  He then very slowly and quite casually, splattered the urinal with dick snot.   Zach looked away quickly, shoved his dick into his cargo shorts and flushed.

"That's a big piece of meat you got there, slugger."

The trucker winked at Zach, licked his lips and zipped up.

"You're going to be one a helluva pussy splitter.  See ya, stud!"

The trucker then left the bathroom, also without washing his hands.

Zach's face was flushed.  

He then rushed to the sink to wash his hands.  Cody had been busy playing with his walkie-talkie and didn't even realize the things his brother had seen.  Zach washed his hands quickly and didn't even bother to dry them.  He just wanted to get out of the bathroom and find his dad.

"C'on, Cody.  We gotta go and find..."

Cody looked up at his big brother and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" said, Zach.

Cody pointed towards the empty stall, where he'd gone to pee.

"There's a large hole in that stall."

Zach arched his eyebrows and looked at the stall that Cody was pointing to.  


Cody kept giggling and pointing towards the stall.  Zach carefully walked over to the empty stall and took a look inside.  

Holy shit!

Sure enough, on the right side of the stall there was a very large hole.  The hole must have been at least 20 cm across.  As Zach took a closer look to inspect it, he also saw a man sitting on the toilet.


Zach jumped back, when a finger appeared through the hole and motioned him to get closer.  Zach slammed the stall's door and grabbed Cody's hand.  He was about to pull open the bathroom door, when his father walked in.

"Hey, there boys!  Whoa, what's the rush?  Where's, the fire?"

Zach gulped and smiled nervously.

Cody just looked at his brother and then at his father.

"You allright, Zach?"

Zach, blushed and nodded.

"Yeah, umm.  We were just on our way to find you."

Kyle smiled and playfully messed up Zach's lustreous brown hair.

"Allright, then.  Why don't you both go and find us a table.  I gotta piss like a fucking racehorse."

Cody giggled, while Zach just nodded.  

Kyle entered the bathroom, as Cody took off like lighting to find a free table in the diner.  

His father walked up to the urinals and read the signs.  Zach was still standing by the entrance and holding the bathroom door open.  His dad turned around and peeked into the stall where Cody had gone to pee.  Zach was going to 
warn his father about the hole and the pervert in the next stall.  But, then he heard his father's deep baritone voice, bellow out.

"Zach, don't leave your little brother alone.  I gotta take care of business, here."

Zach's mouth was hanging wide open.  For sure that his dad had seen the big hole on the side of the stall.  How could you miss it?  

His dad was standing at the entrance to the stall and looking at him.  He then looked inside and turned his head towards the hole.  

Now, he had to have seen it!  C'on, it's a huge hole!

"Go, on buddy.  I'll be out, in a few."  Kyle gave Zach a mischievous smile, winked at him and went into the stall. 

Zach then heard his dad unzip his cargo pants and let it rip.  

A very loud and manly piss stream could be heard hitting the toilet bowl.  He also heard his dad let out a long sigh.

Zach shook his head and expected his dad to see the hole and lose his shit any minute.  But, nothing happened?  As he was about to exit the washroom, Zach turned around and witnessed something extremely odd.

He clearly heard that his dad had finished pissing, as he flushed the toilet.  But, his dad was still inside the stall and he wasn't leaving.  Seconds went by and Zach remained frozen by the door.  He then saw something he couldn't believe or even try to understand.

Zach saw his father put his hands on the top of the stall, grasp it and then face the hole on the wall?


Zach then very clearly and quite loudly, heard his dad give out a long, soulful moan and sigh.

"Oh, fuck!  I needed that!"  

At that moment, Zach's walkie talkie(which, he'd put in his back pocket) went off and made him jump ten feet up in the air.

"Zach, come in!  I mean, Beta 2 come in.  This is Cody!  I mean, umm...Omega 3.  Where, are you?  I got us a table by the entrance.  Hurry up!  Over!"

Zach gulped and raced out of the men's washroom.  

His face was so red, that it felt like it was burning.  He didn't know what to think or what he'd seen.  He was so dazed and confused, that he bumped into a few people and didn't even apologize.  As he got to the front of the diner, he scanned the room and looked for his little brother.

Cody was waving at him, as he played with his walkie talkie.  As Zach approached the table, he felt like he dizzy and had a headache.  His face still felt flushed and he was trying to figure out what he'd seen.  His little brother was looking at him with a puzzled look on his face.

"Why, is your face all red?"

Zach kept thinking of what he'd seen in the bathroom.  But, what did he see?

"It's nothing."

Cody shrugged his shoulders and was flipping through the menu.

"Where's daddy?  Is he still in the bathroom?"

Zach didn't know what to say, so he just nodded.

"I think, I'm going to get the Big Bopper.  It's a bacon double cheese stuffed burger with sweet potato fries.  Now, don't go taking me fries.  You always do that!"

Zach was sitting across his little brother, but had his eyes towards the back of the diner.  He was keeping an eye for his dad, and wasn't paying any attention to the ramblings of his little brother.

"Maybe, I'll also have a chocolate milkshake as well.  Have you seen them?"

Zach stared blankly at his little brother.

"Umm, what?"

Cody rolled his eyes and made a face.

"The milkshakes!  Have you seen them?  They're huge!"

Zach sighed and shook his head sideways.

"You should take a look at the dessert fridge next to the counter.  I was looking at all the cakes for like 10 minutes, while you were in the bathroom."

Cody was pointing at a dessert display fridge, that was basically floor to ceeling.

"Zach?  Zach!  Helloooo..."

Zach looked looked at his noisy little brother.

"I said, desserts!  Have you looked at the all the cakes, and pies they have on display?"

Zach shook his head and managed to look at the large variety of cakes and pies.

They had Chocolate rasberry cake, Apple crisp pie, Angel food cake, Apple pie, Banana Cream pie, Coconut cake, Boston cream pie, Blueberry pie, Banana cake, Blackberry pie, Black Forest cake, Buttermilk pie, Carrot cake, Cherry pie, Chiffon cake, Rhubarb pie, Chocolate cake, Lemon meringue pie, Devil's foodcake, Strawberry pie, Coffee cake, Peach pie, Red velvet cake, Pecan pie, etc.


Now, that's what you call dessert heaven!  Thought Zach.

The waitress, a sweet looking old lady showed up at the table to take their order.

"Hello, boys!  You cutie pies know what you're going to order?"

Cody was nodding, while Zach took a quick look at the menu.

"Cody, go ahead and order.  I'm still looking..."

While Cody gave his order to the waitress, Zach quickly flipped through the immense menu.  

There was a whole section on the menu for all day breakfast, breakfast additions and pancakes & waffles which looked mouth watering.  But, Zach already had breakfast.  He was in the mood for something else.  Another section had fabulous sandwiches, another for pastas, another for broiler and grill and ofcourse, the large section for famous burgers.  

Once the waitress had taken Cody's order, she looked at Zach.

"Do you want me to come back, sweetie?  Do you need more time?"

Zach shook his head.

"Umm, no."

is eyes, like his brother zeroed in on the long list of yummy sounding and looking burgers.

"Actually, I know what I'm getting."

The old lady, whose nametag read Sophia took pen to paper.

"Go ahead, cutie."

Zach read his pick.

"I'll have the Cadillac Burger(which was a steak burger with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese)

Sophia wrote it down.

"And how would you like that done?"

Zach took another huge gulp of his brother's icy water.

"Medium rare, please.  Hold the pickles, extra tomatoes and with regular fries."

Sophia shook her head.

"Anything to drink, hun?"

Zach furrowed his brow.

"Yes, please.  I'll have a Cherry Coke."

The old lady nodded and gave the boys another look.

"You boys are not here alone, are you?"

Cody shook his head, as Zach spoke for the both of them.

"No, Ma'am.  Our dad is in the bathroom at the moment."

Sophia seemed satisfied with the answer and nodded her head.

"Allright, boys.  I'll be back shortly to take your daddy's order."

Both boys nodded and Zach looked at the time in his iPhone.  His dad had been gone for roughly ten minutes, already.  

Cody was sitting and facing the entrance of the diner.  He also kept turning around and looking for his dad.

"Zach?  Where is daddy?  What's taking him so long?"

Zach sighed and was about to say something, when he finally saw his dad.  Cody, who sat with his back to the bathroom, must sensed his dad and turned around.  Once he saw his dad, he started waving his little arms high in the air.

"Daddy!  Daddy! Over, here!"

Kyle saw his boys sitting in a booth by the entrance to the diner, waved and started walking towards them.  

Zach's eyes were fixed on his dad(who had a 
very relaxed look on his face).  He also noticed that the waitresses and even customers(men and women, alike), gave his dad a double look, as he walked past them.

Zach had never, really paid attention as to how people saw his dad.  

To Zach, dad is

Even now, his dad looked 
self-assured and very confident in the manner in which he walked.  He also tends to behave like a man, who's absolutely sure that no one will question him or his authority.  

Then there's this whole attraction thing, that he has on people.  Like when his dad is back from one of his missions and the 
neighbours find out that he's home.  They would show up at the house unannounced and pester him for hours.  They'be wanting to know anything that they could about his trip or ask him to rehash his days as a NAVY Seal.  It was even worse, when his dad would attend one of his football, soccer, or baseball games.  People would literally flock to him, like he was some kind of famous athlete or movie star.  

That used to irritate the hell out of his mom.  Especially, since she was used to being the center of attention.  But, that wasn't the worst part.  What would really enrage his mom was when married women would flirt openly with his dad(sometimes, even in front of their husbands!).  It was awkward, cringing, as well as embarrasing to watch.  But, his dad always remained calm and friendly.  As for the men, well they always seemed to want to be around his dad or simply hang out with him.  

Zach was now, seeing his dad in a different light.  The more he thought about it, it was like his dad had two very distinct personalities.

On one side, he's dad.  The 
loving, helpful, caring and friendly guy.  On the other side, there's the total bad-ass.  The tall, confident, popular, good-looking and very muscular ex-NAVY Seal with the secretive and dangerous job.  

Not bad for an old man, really.

Kyle stood in front of the boy's table and smiled.

"There, you are!  I was looking around for you guys.  I thought you might have hit the arcade, first."

Cody was practically jumping in his seat and asked his dad to seat next to him.

"Daddy, sit with me!  Sit with me, please!"

As his dad amiled and looked at Cody.  Zach's eyes, couldn't help to zero in on his dad's crotch!

Holy shit!

His dad's bulge was huge!  

It was like, fucking mammoth in size!  

You could clearly see the lenght and width of his dick, in those 
tight grey cargo shorts.  I mean, it was so obvious that even Cody noticed it.  Then again, how could you not when the enormous bulge was at eye level!  Cody started giggling, as he stared at his dad's tenting crotch.

Zach blushed and looked away.  

Shouldn't his dad be concerned about anyone seeing him like this?

Zach then remembered the time, when he was a little bit younger than Cody.  On that particular morning, he woke up to find that his dad was home from one of his missions.  It was a few after Christmas and this was the best present, he could ever hope for.  But, his dad had been very exhausted from his trip and was asleep in his parent's bedroom.  Zach had been warned by his mother, not to disturb his father under any circumstances.  But, he ofcourse ignored his mom.  So, he ran into his parent's bedroom, burst open the door and started jumping on the bed.

Zach woke up his very tired and sleep deprived, dad.  But, his dad wasn't upset at all.  On the contrary, his dad was more than happy to see his sweet boy after such a long time. His dad gave Zach a big hug and kissed him all over.  And when Zach went to drag his father from bed to show him all his Christmas presents he'd gotten, he saw that his dad was tenting his white boxer briefs.  As he giggled and pointed at his dad's predicament.  His dad simply winked at him and in a very low voice, softly whispered.  "It's called, pitching a tent!  Shh!  C'on, follow me."  His dad then took Zach with him to the master bathroom and explained the mechanics of morning wood.

But, now?  And at this particular moment?  

I mean, you could clearly see the thick dick, which was tenting the fabric of the cargo shorts, obscenely.  

That is a whopper of a dick!  

Incredible in its lenght and girth, as it stretched 
endlessly down his dad's right leg.  

Zach felt both pride and shame as he saw his dad in such a debauch state.  He then looked up at his towering father and saw those piercing hazel/green eyes, staring down at him.  His dad's face was sweaty and also seemed flushed.

At that moment, Sophia showed up with their food.

"Ahh, you must be the boy's father.  Well, I can see where these handsome young men get their looks."

Kyle smiled, as he sat next to Cody and across from Zach.

"Guilty!  Well, unless they've done something wrong.  Then, they're not mine!"

Sophia laughed, as she gave Cody his order.

"No, no!  They've been well behaved and polite boys."

Kyle looked at his boys and smiled.

"Here you go, sweetie pie.  Yours is the Big Bopper.  A
Bacon Double Cheese stuffed burger with sweet potato fries, chocolate milk shake with whip cream, and a big cherry on top."

Cody's eyes nearly bulged out of his socket, when he saw his meal.

Sophia then faced Zach.

"And for the you, young man.  Here you go, the
Cadillac Burger.  A Steak burger with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese.  Medium rare, hold the pickles, extra tomatoes, regular fries and a Cherry Coke."

Zach nodded.


Cody just nodded, as he shoved sweet potato fries into his mouth.

"Allright, boys.  Go ahead and dig in!"

Kyle raised his eyebrows and looked at the yummy and amazing smelling food.

"Oh, wow!  Now, this is what I call a feast!"

Sophia smiled and was about to hand a menu to Kyle.

"No, need.  I actually know what I want.  I want the same as my son, here."

Kyle pointed at Zach

Sophia looked at Zach and smiled.

"Allright, then.  Another
Cadillac Burger and how would you like it, handsome?"

Kyle looked at Zach, who still hadn't touched his food.  Cody on the other hand was eating like it was his last meal.

"Medium rare, please.  Hold the pickles and extra tomatoes.  But, instead of fries could I get onion rings?"

Sophia nodded her head.

"Ofcourse, sugar.  Anything to drink?"

Kyle took one of Zach's french fries and bit into it.  

"A Cherry Coke, please."

Sophia laughed, as she put her writing pad in her apron and the pen in her hair.

"Like father, like son..."

Kyle winked at the waitress and gave her a huge smile.

"You have no idea."

And with that Sophia left the table.

Zach looked down at his meal and saw how huge the portions were.

"Wow, these portions are enormous!"

Kyle nodded, as he looked over at a very quiet Cody.  His youngest son, looked like a piranha devouring it's prey.

"Hey, champ.  Slow down, it's not a race.  Eat slowly or you're going to get a tummy ache."

Cody tried to talk and as he did, pieces of sweet potato fries came flying out of his mouth.  

Zach shook his head, as he saw his little brother eat.

"That's gross, dude!  Don't talk with your mouth full."

Cody rolled his eyes and took a gigantic bite out of his burger.

"You're not eating, Zach.  Something, wrong?"

Zach looked at Cody, who kept shoving fries into his mouth.  


His little brother resembled a garbage compactor.  

Zach managed a smile, but felt a bit confused from what he'd seen in the bathroom.  He then felt his dad's strong and hairy legs brushing against his.  Zach's first instict was to move his legs.  But, then he realized that he didn't mind feeling his dad's hairy legs at all.

"Nah, I'm good."

And with that Zach took a big bite out of his burger.

"Wow!  Now, this is a burger!"

Kyle smiled as his son seemed like he was in better spirits.  His boy seemed to have done a complete 360

Just at that moment, Sophia arrived with Kyle's order.

"Here you go, handsome.  Daddy gets the 
Cadillac Burger.  That's a Steak burger, medium rare, hold the pickles, extra tomatoes, a side of onion rings and a Cherry Coke."

Kyle rubbed his hands together, as his mouth salivated over the yummy meal.

As Sophia was about to leave, she turned around.

"Now, remember boys.  Free refills, on the house.  So, just wave me down, if you need anything.  Enjoy."

All three
Berehowsky men, simply nodded.  They then attacked their meal like it was a mission to finish everything on their plate.

Twenty-five minutes into their meal and you could hear Cody burping loudly.  Zach simply shook his head.  

Their dad looked at both of his boys, as he took the last sip of his Cherry Coke.

"Well, the verdict?"

Both boys couldn't even speak.  

To say that they were stuffed, was an understatement.  Afterall, their mother didn't let them eat this type of super fatty and unhealthy food.  She only bought free range, organic this and tofu and soy bean that.  So, this had been a huge treat for the boys.

The boys looked at each other and answered in unison.

"Best meal, ever!"

Kyle laughed as he played around with an ice cube on his glass.

"Well, I'm very glad that you both liked it.  And, yes it was a very good meal and extremely filling."

Cody again, burped loudly and Zach threw him a nasty glare.

"Stop being a pig, Cody!"

Cody shrugged his shoulders and rested his head on his dad's strong and very muscular bicep.  As Sophia came to the table to pick up the dishes.  She saw the look on their faces and laughed.

"I take it, there's no room for dessert?"

Cody sat up and pouted, as he looked at his dad.

Kyle sighed, as he looked at Cody.

"That was a big meal, champ.  Are you sure you want dessert?  Aren't, you stuffed?"

Cody looked at his big brother for backup and approval.  But, he was on his own on this one.

Kyle knew that Cody had a stomach that would put any adult to shame.  It was like the kid had a tapeworm or something.  Even though he was just a kid, he had the stomach of a man and didn't gain any weight.

"Listen, champ.  Why don't you go to the dessert counter, pick either one slice of pie or cake.  You can take it to go and enjoy it later.  Sounds, fair?"

Sophia nodded as she took the glasses and dishes.

"Listen to your father, sweetie.  Why don't you follow me and show me which one you want."

Cody who was sitting at the end of the booth, climbed over his dad as he left the booth.

"Umph!"  muttered Kyle.  He then closed his eyes and made a painful looking face.  

Cody and Sophia seemed ablivious to Kyle's discomfort, as they walked away talking and laughing.

"You allright, dad?"

Kyle's face had turned red.  He sighed, sat back on the booth and closed his eyes.

"Oh, man.  The little munchkin crushed my balls."

Zach winced in pain.

"Ouch!  Sorry, dad.  Sometimes, he forgets that he's not a baby anymore."

Kyle nodded.

"That's allright.  Just a little bruising on the family jewels.  I've been put through worse, trust me!"

Zach managed a weak smile, at his father's painful expense.

"So, Zach.  Your mom tells me that the ladies are calling the house, non stop.  Anything, you want to share?"

Zach raised his eyebrows and blushed.


Kyle wiggled his eyebrows, as he adjusted and discreetly massaged the bruised family jewels, underneath the table.  He then put his hands behinds his back and sat back on the booth.

"You heard me, buddy.  Your mom says that she feels like your personal secretary, taking calls throught the day from the ladies."

Zach rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Pfft, whatever!  I didn't know you and mom talked."

Kyle was looking at his son.  Going forwards with this conversation, he was going to thread carefully.

"Look, son.  Just because your mom and I are divorced, dosen't mean that we don't talk."

Zach got quiet and looked out the window.  

Kyle saw that somber look return to his son's beautiful
hazel/green eyes.

"Your mom and I have moved on.  We're divorced and we're living our separate lives.  But, we'll always have a deep bond, through you and your brother."

Zach made a face.

"Yeah, right!"

Right in front of Kyle's eyes, Zach was putting up an invisible wall.  He had to act fast, before this delicate conversation went to shit.

"Zach, I mean it.  Your mother and I, love the both of you..."

Kyle was about to continue, but Zach interrupted him.

"Oh, please!  Then why did you guys get a divorce?"

Kyle sighed.

Thread carefully...

"Zach, you're not a little boy anymore.  You haven't been one for a long while, so I don't plan on treating you like one.  You're old enough to understand.  So, here it goes..."

Zach's handsome face had turned sour.  

By telling his son the truth.  Kyle hoped to reach his boy.  

Hopefully, through honesty.

"Your mother and I, fell out of love a long time ago.  We tried to stay together, for the sake of the two of you.  But, that only made us resent each other even more.  I guess one of the biggest issues is my job.  Your mother has never been fond of my job."

Kyle snickered at his choice of words.

"That's actually putting it lightly.  The day we signed the divorce papers.  Her exact words were,...I hate your fucking job."

Kyle sighed deeply.

"I don't blame her.  I know she said that because she cares.  She knows that my job is very dangerous..."

Zach sat upright and put his hands on the table.

"Then, why don't you quit?  You can get a different job!  One that is not dangerous!"

Kyle sighed.

"But, what if I don't want to Zach?"

Zach's eyes started to water.

"Listen, son.  I don't expect you to understand or agree with this.  But, I love my job.  I enjoy it.  It keeps me fit, active and feeling alive.  I don't think, I want to do anything else."

A tear fell down from Zach's eye.

"Even, if you die?"

And there it was.

Word by word.  

Exactly the same way his ex-wife, had said it.

Even, if you die...

"Hey, at least I'll go out with a bang!"

Zach shook his head and looked angry.

"That's not funny, dad!"

Kyle needed to make light of the situation.  The conversation was getting dark, way too quickly.

"No, it's not.  You're right and I'm sorry.  I apologize."

Zach was looking at his hands on the table.  Kyle had his eyes on his son.

"Hey, buddy.  Look at me, please."

Zach looked up.

"Buddy, I'm not going to die.  I don't plan on dying, anytime soon.  And, do you know why?"

Zach simply looked at his dad.

"I'm too fucking good, at what I do.  I don't take stupid risks and I train people properly.  I also plan ahead and always watch my own back."

Zach shook his head and seemed unconvinced.

"But, you're not indestructible, dad."

Kyle shook his head, agreeing.

Kyle had been mulling an idea for a while.  It went against everything he'd been taught and warned about.  But, his boys were his boys.  And there was no greater bond, than between a father and his sons.  
So, here it goes...

"You're, right son.  I'm not

Kyle then pulled out a black leather box, from one of the pockets in his cargo pants.  He put the small box on the table and slid it over to Zach.

Zach looked at the black box and then at his father.

"What, is it?"

Kyle smiled.

"I know that your birthday is a month away.  But, I wanted to give this to you, now.  Happy birthday, son."

arched his eyebrows and was looking at the black box, suspiciously.  He took the black box in his hands and flipped the lid.

"It's a watch."

Kyle smiled at his son, who sounded very unimpressed.

"It's a Rolex watch, actually.  The crystal, bezel and case of the watch is done in 
cobalt blue/sapphire crystal."

Zach was just looking at the watch.  Still,
quite unimpressed.

"But, aside from being
an expensive watch.  What you have in your hands is a highly classified piece of machinery.  That watch is something that a regular civilian shouldn't have his hands, or have any knowledge about."

Zach raised his eyebrows and looked at his dad inquisitively.  

Kyle then put his left arm on the table.  That's when Zach noticed that his dad was wearing a similar Rolex watch.  As father and son stared at each other, Kyle nodded.

"That's right, bud.  You and I have similar watches."

Zach was examing the watch in his hands.

"I know this watch won't calm all your fears.  But, at least you'll be able to keep track of me.  From anywhere in the world."

Zach raised his head and his eyes lit up.  He looked at the watch and held it tighter in his grasp.

"What?  Really?"

Zach arched his eyebrows.

"But, but... I thought your missions are always, classified."

Kyle nodded his head and put his index finger on his red lips.

"And they are, always.  Which is why I want to be crystal clear when I entrust this watch to you.   This highly classified device in the wrong hands would be a dangerous piece of equipment."

Zach was speechless.  He felt like he was a James Bond or Jason Bourne movie.

"So, I need you to promise me, son.  That you will never mention this to anyone.  Either to your mom, family or even your little brother.  Allright?"

Zach realized the seriousness of the situation and nodded.

"I mean it, Zachery.  Not a word to anyone, period."

Zach, again nodded.

"I promise dad.  But, why is it so secret?  I mean, what does it do?"

Kyle took the Rolex watch from Zach's hands.

"This is the Trident 3000.  The watch is made of solid titanium, so it will never rust.  It will also keep on ticking even after you die.  It comes with a digital chronograph, arrow-tipped 24-hour hand and 
luminescent hands.  Among the coolest features are the 25 world time zones, thermometer, alarm, compass and calendar date.  The glass on the watch is made out of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The glass is practically harder than steel and has an anti-reflective mineral crystal, which makes it for easy reading in bright sunlight.  It also comes with a pointer moon indicating ocean tidal range, lunar cycle and can survive up to a depth of 9,000 feet."

Zach was speechless as he looked at his cool watch.

"Now, the reason why this watch is one of a kind and so secretive.  It's because it can track anyone, who's wearing it and from anywhere in the planet.  No matter how remote, they might be."

Zach mouth was hanging wide open.

"What!  That's sick!"

Kyle smiled.

"Well, as long as the person wearing the watch, has a tracking chip..."

Zach held up his hand.

"Whoa, whoa!  Chip?  Did you say, tracking chip?"

Kyle nodded.

 "Yes, tracking chip.   I still have my 
chip, from when I was in Navy SEALs.  They stick it in the back of your neck."

Zach was shaking his head.

"What!  You're telling me, that you have a tracking chip inside you?"

Again, Kyle smiled as he nodded.

"Yes, it a tiny little thing.  The chip is actually the size of a pin head.  It dosen't bother me, get in the way or hurt."

Zach was shaking his head, side to side.  He couldn't believe, what his dad was saying.

What Zach dosen't know, is that he along with his little brother Cody, also have tracking chips inplanted in the back of their necks.  Even his ex-wife, dosen't know about this. When they boys had been one month old, Kyle had taken his boys to see a 
"doctor friend"(ex-military guy), to put the inplants on his boys.  If for some reason(heaven forbid!) his boys ever went missing or were kidnapped.  Then Kyle would be able to track them down, from anywhere in the world.  No matter how remote, distant or hidden his boys could be.

"With your watch, you'll be able to find me anywhere in the world.  It dosen't matter if I'm in a car, plane, ship, train, underground bunker or even a fucking submarine."

Zach's mouth was wide open.

Kyle moved closer to the table.

"Here, let me show you..."

Zach, also moved closer to the table.

"Another cool thing about this watch, is that if anyone saw it.  Well, they'd think that it's just an expensive watch.  But, this Rolex has been tweaked and modified to suit our needs."

Zach looked at his dad, confusedly.

"Now, listen up.  This is how you get the watch started.  Press the crown button on the side twice, and tap the screen three times and..."

The Rolex watch made a sound.  

It sounded like a blip and then face of the watch came alive.


Zach's eyes lit up.

"Whoa!"  mouthed Zach.

Kyle smiled.

"So, now you're on the main screen.  The watch works like a tablet, or an iPhone.  Just slide your finger across to move icons, maps and screens."

The face of the watch had become a 3D blueish glowing screen.  

The screen was blinking and asking for a name.

Name:_ _ _ _

Kyle then started typing his son's name.

Name: Zachery Kyle Berehowsky

"But, for extra security it will ask for..."

Finger Print Verification:_ _ _ _

Zach was speechless.

"Oh, my god!  This is sooo cool, dad!"

Kyle passed the watch to his son.  

Zach looked at his dad and then the watch.

"Go, ahead buddy.  Use your index finger for print identification."

As Zach's index finger touched the blue screen, the watch came alive.

"Hello Zachery.  How may I help you, today?"

Zach looked at the watch and then at his dad.

"It's your voice, dad!"

Kyle couldn't help to grin.

"Yeah, I couldn't help it.  I wanted to see your reaction.  But, you don't have to keep it, if you don't want to.  Afterall, there's over 1000 human voices, both male or female that you can choose from."

Zach smiled as his eyes watered.

"No, no, it's fine!  I want to keep your voice."

He then averted his dad's eyes.  Kyle just continued smiling.

"So, without finger print identification, the watch won't work.  Let's, continue..."

Zach's legs were wrapped around his dad's hairy, muscular and strong legs.  Kyle felt
a flowing energy and deep connection from his son, as their legs were intertwined.

"The first screen is the main menu screen.  Now, I've disabled many icons and screens that you won't need or use."

Zach was looking at his dad with awe.

"The first screen will show information about the person wearing it.   

Name: Zachery Kyle Berehowsky
Date of Birth: August 14, 2004
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Religion: Roman Catholic
Blood Type: O
Allergies: None
Health: Excellent
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel/Green
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5' 6"

Address: 15206 Pennsylvania Ave.
City, State: Phoenix, Arizona
St.Vincent's Catholic Academy

Time Zone: Pacific Daylight Time(PDT)
Country: U.S.A
Citizenship: American
Parents: Kyle Allan
Berehowsky & Linda Evangeline Buchanan
Siblings: (1) Cody Jacob
Present location:Tom's Diner(Restaurant)
Coordinates: 36°48'23"N 111°44'28"W

The wristwatch has sensors in the bracelet that pick up your body's vitals, through the pores on your skin.  There's an icon for Health, where you'll find the heart rate and breathing monitor. There's other icons for accelerometer, world map terrain, world phone directory, gyroscope, flashlight, camera, speaker, local radio stations, microphone, Wi-Fi and even bluetooth."

Kyle gave the watch back to his son and placed the watch on Zach's right hand.

"So, this is where I remind you, once again.  That, this is not a toy."

Zach nodded and understood.

"In order for you to find me.  Swipe to your right, look for the icon that says Tracking.  Press it once and it will ask you, as to whom you want to track."

Kyle cleared his throat...

"You can either type my name or say... find, dad."

The screen came alive and words appeared.

The words starting blinking.


The screen went into...World Map.  

The screen zoomed into the map of...North America.

Then it zoomed into the state of...Arizona.

Kyle with his fingers, enlarged the
map of Arizona.  

Then a tiny red dot, appeared.  

The dot was blinking and had a name on top.

Subject, found...

Subject: Kyle Allan Berehowsky
Date of Birth: March 23, 1978
Sex: Male
Status: Divorced
Religion: Roman Catholic
Blood Type: O
Allergies: None
Health: Excellent
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel/Green
Weight: 245lbs
Country Of Birth: U.S.A
Citizenship: American
Parents: Allan Zachery
Berehowsky(deceased) & Katherine Grace Berehowsky
Siblings: (1) Cody Nathan
Home Address: Royal Oceana Condominium
City, State: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

Present Location: Tom's Diner(Restaurant)

Coordinates: 36°48'23"N 111°44'28"W
Address: North 89A
City, State:
Phoenix, Arizona
Time Zone: Pacific Daylight Time(PDT)
Country: U.S.A
Distance to subject: 0.9m

Zach was speechless and looked beyond impressed.

"Wow..." was all that Zach managed to say.

"Wait, a minute..."

Kyle looked up at his son.

"You're, living in Dubai?"

Zach's demeanor immediately changed and he looked pissed.

Kyle blushed, cleared his throat and nodded.

"But, you told mom that you were living a shack in Colombia.  Why, are you lying?"

Kyle suppressed a laugh.

"Yes, that was a little white lie for your mother.  And I have a good reason for that.  But, for the record.  The shack was in Panama and not Colombia."

Zach rolled his eyes.

"Look, son.  If your mother, ever found out that I was working and living in Dubai.  Well, I would certainly be living in a cardboard box and underneath a bridge, somewhere."

Zach, simply made a face.

"C'on, Zach.  You know your mom tends to spend money carelessly."

Zach sighed and nodded.

It was true, his mom never thinks ahead and tends to spend money frivolously.  She's never concerned or even cares to think where the money is coming from.  She's used to having unlimited funds available to her,
wherever and whenever she needs it.

Zach put on his watch and was looking at it.

"Is that another reason, why you guys got a divorce?"

Kyle nodded, no.

"No, son.  Although, I'll admit it that it does bother me to see your mother go through money, like there's no tomorrow.  But, that wasn't a reason why."

Kyle sighed.

"Your mom, gave me an ultimatum.  Basically, quit your job or else..."

Now, it was Zach's turn to sigh.

"I don't know, dad.  I think, I'd would have done the same thing."

Kyle smiled at his son.

"What if someone told you to give up, karate?  You love martial arts, don't you?"

Zach looked at his dad, straight in the eyes.

"If someone that loved me, asked me to give it up.  I would."

Kyle took a deep breath.

"Allright, bad example..."

Zach reached out, for his dad's large hand.

"No, dad.  I get it.  I really do."

Kyle took his son's hand and held it tightly.  Zach looked down at the table and then at his dad.

"You know the reason, why I got into a fight at school?"

Kyle shook his head, no.  He only got bits and pieces from his ex-wife.  Linda was fuming and blaming Kyle for not being home and dealing with their out-of-control son.

"There's this idiot at school,
Caspian Covington III.  He was making fun of you and your job.  He was calling you frog man, a lowly stupid grunt and much worse."


Kyle nodded.

"I hate that school dad!  I told mom that I want to go to a public school.  That I want to go to a normal school.  But, she won't hear of it."

Zach's face was turning red.

"In this stupid school, kids rate each other by how much money they have.  Can you believe that?  They even compare their parent's careers.  Like, whose parents has the best job or how much money their parents make.  I can't walk down a hallway, without hearing some idiot brag about their father being a famous plastic surgeon or how their mother is some famous lawyer.  They also love to brag about who has the bigger mansion, or how many luxury cars they have.  Or how, so and so has a ski chalet in Aspen or a second mansion in Beverly Hills, or a vacation mansion in Monaco, or some stupid shit like that."

Kyle was shaking his head.

"Really? They do that?"

Zach was looking out the window.

"Yes!  All the time and when I refused to participate.  Well, that's when that idiot Caspian, started calling me names.  Since he didn't get the reaction he wanted, he went after you.  I was walking away, like you've told me to do in cases like this."

Zach, sighed heavily.

"I kept repeating the quote you taught me.  
Patience, is the essential quality of a man.  Control your emotion or it will control you.  But, he kept following me and insulting you, and wouldn't shut up or let it go.  So, I lost control, turned around and decked him."

Kyle wanted to laugh.  But, that would have sent the wrong message to Zach.

"I see.  Well, from all the yelling your mom was doing over the phone.  Not only did you end up breaking his nose.  But, you also knocked three of his teeth out."

Zach looked down at the table and sighed.

"Yeah, still.  I don't intend on apologizing."

Kyle sat back on the confy and cushy booth and looked at his son.

"Zach, if you don't apologize.  Then you will be expelled.  There is no other option.  The school has a zero policy when it comes to violence."

Zach looked up at his father.

"I understand that.  But, I will stand my ground and face the consequences."

Kyle nodded.

"So, you're choosing expulsion.  Is it because, you're being stubborn or..."

Zach's face turned red, as he stared at his dad.

"No one, is going to bad-mouth my family.  Not for what my father does for a living, or for anything!"

Kyle felt immense pride on his son.

"Well, if that's how you feel.  Then I will support you.  I plan on being there, when you return to school.  The Dean has set up a meeting with...ummm.  What's the little shit's name, again?"

Zach snickered.


Kyle cleared his throat.

"Who the fuck, names their kid Caspian?"

Zach smiled and was looking at his watch.

"Well, the meeting is with Caspian, his parents and the three of us."

Zach then looked up at his dad and looked worried.

"Oh, man.  Mom is going to lose her shit."

Kyle looked at his son and frowned.

"Language, buddy."

Zach sighed.


Kyle kept looking at his boy.

"Don't worry about your mom, I'll talk to her.  If public school is where you want to go.  Well, then so be it.  Your mom and I only want you to get a good education and be happy.  But, no more fights, allright?"

Zach pursed his lips and nodded.

"Good!  Now, let's drop the sad party."

Zach looked up at his dad and smiled.

"So, going back to the ladies.  Do you want to tell me who Lauren is?"

Zach's face immediately turned a deep shade of red.

"Oh, my God!  How do you know that name?  Wait, did mom tell you that?"

Kyle laughed, as he saw how much his son was blushing.

"Well, your mom says that the two of you talk for hours."

Zach was shaking his head and wasn't even looking at his dad.

"So, I take it that you like her?"

Zach looked absolutely miserable and didn't answer.

"Allright, allright.  I won't keep digging.  I was just curious.  I won't mention anything to your mom.  I'm not her spy."

Zach made a face.

"There's nothing to tell, really.  Lauren is just a girl in my Algebra class.  She's not the greatest when it comes to math.  So, I'm kinda tutoring her."

Kyle nodded his head.

"O.k.  Well, just remember that your mom and I are always here for you.  So, if you ever need to talk to us.  You know, about...anything."

Kyle emphasized the anything part.

Zach rolled his eyes.


Kyle shrugged his shoulders and winked at his son, as he sat back.

Zach actually had a few questions that he wanted to ask his dad.  But, since he was never home.  He had tried to look up answers on the internet.  But, that had been a confusing and collosal mistake.

Zach sighed and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Well, ummm.  I kinda,..."

Zach looked around nervously, hoping that no one was looking at them.  But, at that moment, Cody ran up to the booth with three small boxes.

Kyle looked at his youngest boy and sighed.

"Hey champ.  Where did you disappear to?"

Cody was pointing towards the kitchen.

"I was with Mrs. Sheridan.  She was showing me the huge kitchen and all the cakes and pies they have."

Kyle looked at his son, who was holding three small boxes.

"Cody, didn't I say to pick just one?"

Cody pursed his lips and put the boxes on the table.

"Yes, you did.  But, Mrs.Sheridan gave me these other two for free.  She says that I remind her of her grandson.  Besides, if the cakes and pies are not eaten at the end of the day.  She says that they throw them out."

Kyle raised their eyebrows.

"Wow, what a waste."

Zach nodded in agreement.

"Well, that was very nice of her.  We'll, have to thank her."

Cody nodded and kept looking at the pinball machines in the back.

"Daddy, do I have time to play one game?"

Kyle looked at his watch and knew that they should be getting on the road.  But, Zach had just started to open up.  He sensed his oldest boy had a question or questions about sex, and he wasn't about to pass this opportunity up.

"Allright, go.  Stay where we can see you.  Don't go anywhere else and don't talk to strangers."

Cody nodded his head and extended his hand for change.

Kyle took a handfull of quarters and gave them to his son.  Cody then took off, running towards the pinball machines.

"Remember, Cody.  Stay where we can see you!"

As Cody was out of hearing distance, Zach felt that this was his moment to ask.

"So, dad.  Umm,..."

Zach couldn't even look at his dad in the eyes.

"When did you.  You know..."

Kyle had a poker face as his son tried to ask him.  But, he knew where this conversation was going.

"When did I know what, buddy?"

Zach was blushing and his handsome face couldn't get any more red.

"I mean...  How old were you...When you first?  Well, you know..."

Kyle leaned forward.

"Had sex?"

Zach looked around the diner and hoped no one had heard his father.

"Umm, yes.  Had intercourse."

Kyle raised his hand in the air and Sophia quickly showed up.

"Hi there.  I want to thank-you, for giving us those extra slices of cake.  That was very kind of you."

Sophia gave both father and son and very warm smile.

"You're welcome, dear.  It's nothing, really.  At the end of the day, whatever pies or cakes we don't sell, we have to throw out.  It's one of the owner's crazy policy.  We can't even donate the food to a mission or food kitchen in case of a lawsuit.  At least the owner, lets us take whatever food we want at the end of our shift."

Kyle and Zach, nodded.

"Well, that's good.  I can't even imagine, how much food you must have left over at the end of the day."  Kyle said.

Sophia nodded.

"Well, believe it or not.  It's not that much, really.  We're open 24hrs and there's always a heavy flow of traffic from tourists, truckers and our regulars."

Sophia got called to another table.

"Will there be anything else, dear?"

Kyle nodded.

"Yes, please.  I'll have a coffee, black."

Sophia smiled and looked at Zach.

"And you dear?  Anything?"

Zach nodded, no.

"I'll be right back, then." And with that Sophia left the table.

Zach was biting his lower lip and looked uncomfortable.

"Well, son.  I could answer your question truthfully, or I could lie to you.  I'm your dad, first.  But, I hope you can talk to me as your friend and vice versa.  So, I'll always be completely honest with you."

Zach pursed his red lips and nodded his head.

"Thanks, dad."

Kyle sighed and looked
straight into his son's bright hazel/green eyes.

"I was 12 years old, the first time I had 

Zach's eyes practically jumped out of his skull.


Kyle nodded and motioned for Zach to calm down.

"Easy, buddy.  Take it easy and listen."

Zach had his mouth hanging wide open.

"I was 12 years old, the first time I had sex.  It's not something that I'm proud of, and it's certainly nothing to brag about.  I've never even told anyone that.  Not even your mom."

Zach got closer to the table.

"But, how...  I mean?"

At that moment, Sophia came with the coffee.

"Here you go, dear.  Scalding hot and black."

Kyle nodded.


As Sophia left, Kyle took a sip of his coffee and continued.

"I had been left in the care of a babysitter.  She was the daughter of a friend of your grandparents.  Her parents, along with mine were all out on a dinner date.  It was a hot summer night and we went swimming in the pool.  It was dark out, she started flirting, touching me and one thing led to another."

Zach couldn't stop shaking his head.

"How old was this girl?"

Kyle took another sip of his coffee.

"She was 17."

Zach covered his eyes and shook his head.

"Not to make excuses.  But, remember when we had the talk?  I told you, I started puberty early.  I was 9 years old, when I had my first wet dream and I was shaving by the age of 11.  So, I was a lot taller then all the boys my age and could easily pass for 15 or 16.  But, I still way too young.  Both emotionally and physically."

Zach couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Oh, my God!

Zach had opened a Pandora's Box.  

Now, he was going to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.

"Seeing how I'm being completely honest with you, son.  If I could go back, I'd honestly wouldn't have done it."

Zach just nodded.

"I don't even remember if it was good or not.  I remember that I shot my wad in her, but little else."

Zach blushed.

"Imagine, if I would have gotten her pregnant?  Jesus H. Christ!  I didn't even use a condom.  Your grandparents would have killed me!"

Zach shook his head.

"Looking back?  I think that I should have gone to my room and jerked off, instead."

Zach managed to stiffle a laugh.

"But, my second time.  Now, let me tell you.  My freshman year in highschool.  I started dating this one girl, Amber Millicent Valletta.  Man, she got me hard just by looking at me."

Oh, God!  


Zach's face couldn't be more red and embarrassed.

Kyle looked at his son.

"What?  I thought, we were sharing?"

Zach was covering his face and looking down.

"Well, does that answer your question?"

Zach, nodded his head.

"Yeah, I guess so."

Kyle took another drink of his coffee.

"How's the jock working out for you?"

Zach's handsome face, hadn't stop blushing for a while.

"Hey, I'm your dad.  There's nothing to be embarrassed about.  I go through the same thing, that you're going through.  See,...I always wear mine."

Kyle lifted his shirt and pulled down a little bit of his cargo shorts.  You could see the white waistband of his jock, along with the brand name, Spartan.

Berehowsky men, suffer or are blessed(depends on whom you ask) with a condition known as...Giganticus praegrandis inflatus testis.

Basically it translates from the latin as having big balls.  

The average size of an adult male testicle is 2 in
(5 cm)long, 0.8 in (2 cm)width, and 1.2 in (3 cm)height.  

Keep in mind that these measurements, vary from one male to another.

as for the Berehowsky's men.  Well, their testicles tend to be much...larger.

Let's take Kyle's balls for example.

His boys, measure 5 in (12.7 cm)long3 in (7.6 cm)width, and 4 in (10.2 cm)height.  

So, the reason for the jock was pretty obvious.  

Berehowsky men, need daily support for their large cojones.  And just like regular guys that play sports or do vigorous physical activity, 
Berehowsky males needed the "assistance" of jockstraps in their everyday lives.  But, having large and pendulous testicles(that got in the way of things) was the least of their problem.  

Once puberty kicked in the 
Berehowsky male(between the ages of 9-10 yrs old) and then throughout adulthood, a large amount of pre-cum was discharged daily.  When Kyle had the talk with his son, he joked that this was their version of being on the rag(without the blood, of course!).  

As most of us know, pre-cum is released from the tip of a man's penis when he's sexually aroused.  But, that's not the case for 
Berehowsky men.  Since their testicles are oversized, a constant amount of pre-cum, is discharged throughout the day.  And it dosen't matter, if you jerked-off the night before or in the morning before heading out to face the day.  Some days the "discharge" is watery and sometimes a lot thicker.  Interestingly enough, it was Kyle's great-great-grandfather Jacob Berehowsky, who came up with an early concept of a jockstrap back in 1864.

He created this type of underwear in his own home.  Aside from looking like a standard jock, it also contained a large pouch for the hefty and thick Berehowsky penis.  But, the imporant part in the jock was the pouch that had 6 layers of cotton material to absorb the daily discharge of pre-cum.  Unfortunately for Kyle's great-great-grandfather, he made the mistake of showing his "male undergarment supporter" to a young entrepreneur from Chicago.  This entrepreneur made some changes and modifications and in 1874 patented the rights to his own version of the jock, and the rest as they say is history.

So, Kyle's great-great-grandfather, lost on the opportunity on not only becoming famous, but wealthy as well.  From then on, Berehowsky males have modified their own jocks to accomodate their hefty equipment and keep everything "in it's upright and locked position".  

Now, on average the amount of pre-cum emitted varies widely between males.  Some men emit as much as 5 ml, while others emit none.  
Kyle for example, can emit between 30 ml - 50 ml of pre-cum every day.  That's about roughly 10 teaspoons of male lubricant.

Zach shifted uncomfortably in his seat and avoided his dad's stare.

"Umm(clears throat), yeah.  I always wear it."

Kyle smiled at his son and took another sip of his coffee.

"Glad to hear.  Let me know if you need it resized to fit the boys and your johnson."

Zach nodded and didn't even look at his dad.

"That also reminds me.  Are you still getting the stash of magazines from Uncle Kev?"

Poor Zach looked very uncomfortable as he pretended to look out the window.

When Zach hit puberty two years ago, Kyle knew that his son was going to need an outlet for his sexual frustration.  Bigger balls, meant that his son was going to be heavily bombarded with an above average amount of testosterone in his body.  He remembered what happened to his own older brother, Cody who practically became oversexed overnight and at the age of ten, he was humping everything in sight.  His father's solution?  Well, it was to get Cody a subscription to Playboy and Hustler magazine to release all that pent up energy.

When it came for Kyle to give his son the sex talk, he knew that his son was definitely going to need an outlet for his daily release.  But, the problem was his ex-wife.  Linda wouldn't allow the boys to have a desktop computer or even a laptop in the house.  She's very concerned of what the boys might come across on the internet.  So, the boy's phones, along with any electrical devices were locked for any adult content.  

When Kyle explained the reason as to why Zach needed an "outlet", she shot him down and wouldn't hear anything on the subject.  Like most mothers, his ex-wife still saw her son as the sweet little boy, rather than a growing and developing adolescent.

So, since Kyle wasn't allowed to get Zach a laptop.  He had to improvise and came up with another idea for his boy to get off.  He enlisted the help from his best bud and the best man at his wedding, who's also the
boy's Godfather, ex-Navy SEAL Kevin Patrick Dawson.  

Kevin would show up at the house, once a month to check on the boys and on Kyle's ex-wife while he was away.  Kevin would make the 4 hour drive from San Diego to Phoenix and bring with him two small boxes, containing comic books for each of the boys.  Cody's box(for now) contained only comics.  

But, for Zachery, underneath his comics, he also got about 10 porn magazines from his dad.  Everything from Hustler, Pornstar Daily, Bad Ass Amateurs, CKM, etc.  Zach got a fresh batch each month. He often kept the ones he really liked.  As for the ones that he was done with, he'd simply put in plastic bag and while Uncle Kev was talking to his mom, he would discreetly put them in the trunk of his Godfather's car.  

This was a silent agreement between men and no words were ever exchanged.  But, often Kyle and Kevin would joke and share a laugh that Zach's returns, often had pages stuck together, or covered in dry cum stains and some were still soaking wet.  It seemed that his boy was putting the magazines to a good use.

"And the magazines are well hidden from your mom?"

Zach smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, they are.  I keep them in the fake vent that you installed in my closet.  She never goes in there."

Zach was grinning from ear to ear.

"That's good, buddy.  I'm glad that they're coming in handy.  No pun intended."

Kyle winked at his son.  

Zach rolled his eyes and smiled back at his dad.

Kyle could see that his son, had more on his mind.  But, was perhaps a little bit shy to ask.

"What's the matter, bud.  Anything else, you want to share?"

"Ummm.  Well, sometimes I get these...strong urges."

Zach almost whispered that last part.

Kyle simply listened.

"Well, I certainly know those feelings, son.  We feel them more because you're getting more testosterone than
an average, hot-blooded male.  Many men go through these feelings and it's perfectly natural.   Your hormones are bombarding your body and your brain.  It also dosen't help, that your dick tends to behave like it has a mind of it's own.  Am I, right?"

Zach blushed and nodded.

"Which, is why and I'm being completely honest here.  Like I told you when we first had the sex talk.  Enjoy, masturbation and revel in it!"

Zach smiled.

All Zach does is masturbate.

"Masturbation has a lot of benefits for guys..."

At that moment, a man carrying a baby was on his way out of the diner.  The man kinda stopped as he heard Kyle mention, masturbation.  Zach blushed, as the guy smiled, winked at him and headed into the parking lot with the baby wailing in his arms.

"It's a great form of stress and tension relief.  And it also improves sperm quality and motility."

Zach sat closer to his dad, and as awkward and embarrasing as this conversation was.  He wanted to hear, what his dad had to say about it.

"Masturbation also fights depression and it's a natural sleep sedative.  I know that when I'm restless in bed and need to get some much needed sleep.  I whip it out and pull one out."

Zach closed his eyes, as he smiled.

"It also boosts your mood and benefits your immune system by preventing prostate cancer.  And of course, it's a safe way of attaining sexual satisfaction by preventing pregnancy or catching an STDs."

Kyle looked at his son and drank the last of his coffee.

"So, aside from being fun and enjoyable.  M
asturbation is healthy and has many benefits.  So, I hope you've listened to your father's advice and you, jerk it like a champ?"

 Kyle was wiggling his eyebrows.

Zach's face turned scarlett red in colour.

"That's my boy

Kyle felt proud of his boy and thanked the lord for giving him two healthy and rambunctious boys.

"You gotta fuck your fist, son.  Doctor's recommend that all males should masturbate at least once, every 5 days to keep the pipes clean

Zach's face couldn't get any redder.  It radiated heat and was practically glowing.

"There's nothing wrong with masturbation, Zach.  Everyone has tried it, at least once.  And the ones that say the've never done it, are fucking lying."

Zach, simply nodded.  He then took a long and deep breath.  

"But, it's like sometimes jacking off is not enough.  It's like, you know.  I want,...more."

Kyle nodded his head.

"I hear ya!  And I've been there as well, buddy.  But, have you ever had a jack-a-thon?"

Zach was staring at his father with a bewildered look.

"A what?"

Kyle snickered.

"A jack-a-thon.  You know, a jerk-off marathon."

Kyle did the universal sign for jacking off.

Zach shook his head and blushed.

"Lock yourself in your room and get your favourite magazine out.  Then whip out your cum cannon and see how many times you can make yourself come."

Zach couldn't stop blushing and nodded.

"Trust me, buddy.  It will work.  I know, I've had days when I've been incredible horny.  I remember this one time, when I was about your age.  Your grandfather came to my room and saw a pad with my jack-a-thon tally.  He smiled at me and told me that he's never gone past 5 days, without cleaning the rifle.  Now, my personal best has been 13 times in a single day.  After that my balls feel like they're ready to fall off and the sperm factory is closed for the day for replenishment."

Zach couldn't stop laughing.

"What's, so funny?  You tell me then.  What's the most times, you've ever jerked off in a day?"

Zach kept laughing, as he looked towards the window.

"Yeah!  O.k., dad."

Kyle was sliding his empty coffee cup between his hands.

"What?  I thought we were bonding here?"

Zach sighed and smiled.

"Seven.  Seven times, allright!"

Kyle got closer to the table.

"Well, that's good!  Now, if all else fails.  Hit the gym downstairs, do a few laps around the pool, or go out for a run.  I know that always helps me and keeps my mind off things. You just need to burn off some testosterone steam."

Zach smiled and nodded.  He was glad, he'd spoken to his dad about it.

Kyle was enjoying this conversation with his son.  
Just as he had finished talking, Sophia showed up.

"Will that be all, dear?"

Kyle nodded.

"Yes, thank-you.  If we could get the bill, please."

Sophia nodded and headed towards the register.

"Hey, buddy.  I'm enjoying our father and son moment.  But, we need to get going.  We'll continue our talk at the camp.  Now, can you go and get your little brother?"

Zach smiled.

"Yeah, I'm enjoying our talk, too.  Allright, I'll go find the munchkin."

Zach was a little slow when getting up.  As he stood in front of the table, he blushed when he noticed that he had a hard-on.

His dad looked at Zach's tenting crotch, locked eyes and winked at him.

"Just untuck your shirt and you'll be fine."

Zach blushed, nodded and headed towards the back to get Cody.

Kyle smiled and felt an unmeasurable amount of fatherly pride for his son.

"Boy, is taking after his daddy.  Yup, he is!"

Kyle softly muttered.

At that moment, Sophia came back with the bill and gave it to Kyle.

"Anytime, dear.  It was great meeting you and your sweet boys.  You take care, now.  Hope to see you, again." Sophia left the bill on the table.

Kyle smiled, nodded and took out his wallet.  

He glanced at the bill and left two crisp $100.00 dollar bills.

Just at that moment, his boys showed up shoving each other.

"Daddy, how come Zach got a gift?  He's birthday is not until next month and he's in trouble at school!"

Zach pushed Cody out of the way and headed outside.

"God, Cody!  You can be such a baby, sometimes!"

Well, that comment set Cody off and he went after his brother.

Kyle sighed as he saw his boys shoving and pushing each other in the parking lot.  Cody was in no way, a match for his older brother.  

Zach knew it, as he playfully teased his little brother even more.  Cody, of course never the one to shy away or give up, tried several karate kicks on his older brother.

Kyle shook his head and headed outside.

"This is going to be a fun trip." he said to himself.

To be continued!