Berehowsky Bonding Trip

Chapter 02

By: CJZ♂

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You don't raise heroes, you raise sons.
If you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes.
Even if it's just in your own eyes.
~ Walter M. Schirra Sr.~

July 01, 2017
Coconino County, Arizona
3:41 p.m. Mountain Time(MT)

Kyle and the boys had finally entered Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.  But, Kyle didn't want to park or stay at the main entrance.  The parking lot was way too crowded and packed with loud, annoying and obnoxious tourists.  Well, that and the lot was full of cars, RVs, motorcycles and fucking tourist buses.

When Kyle mentioned the 
camping trip to Boise National Forest, it had been Kevin who suggested they make a quick pit stop at Vermilion Cliffs.  

Kevin had camped there a while back and fell immediately in love with the wild, beautiful and untouched landscape.  He even gave Kyle the coordinates for a more secluded and private area further northwest.  But, to get to this hidden oasis it was going to involve taking a detour off the main road, then a bit of a walk, a short hike and a climb.  But, Kevin assured his bud that the detour would be well worth it and that the boys would love it.  

And this is what its all about right?  About making sure that his boys had a good time on this trip and to make long lasting and happy memories along the way.  So, Kyle always up for an adventure, figured this was just what he and his boys needed.   

Cody at the moment was asleep and snoring loudly in the front seat.  After the large meal the boy had consumed, it was no wonder.  As Kyle looked at his sleeping angel, he smiled happily.  His son's face, hair and even his left ear were covered in chocolate frosting.  

How the hell, do you get chocolate frosting on your hair and ear?  


Cody had insisted on eating his slice of Black Forest cake in the car.  Kyle knew that the boy really shouldn't.  Afterall, Cody might end up getting a stomach ache, throwing up or even worse.  But, when it came to his youngest Kyle could never say no, to his little boy.  

Cody has always been his weakness...

His Kryptonite...

His Achilles heel. 

So, in the end the little munchkin won and managed to gobble the giant slice of cake into his mouth.  Much to the dismay, head shaking and disapproval of his older brother.

As he drove, Kyle looked in the rear-view mirror.  He could see that Zach was playing and seemed to be enjoying his new watch.  This brought a huge grin and smile to his face.  

Boys and technology.  

They go hand in hand.

The watch was a hit.  

Fuck, yeah!

Zach at the moment was checking information on his watch.

Present location: Coconino County, Arizona
Vermilion Cliffs National Monument
Current temperature:  95şF(35ş
Wind: W 15 mph
Chance of Precip: 87% and rising.
Coordinates: 36°48'23"N 111°44'28"W / 36.80639şN 111.74111şW
Area: 293,689 acres (118, 852 ha)
Elevation: Ranges from 3,100 to 7,100 feet

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is located on the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona, just south of the Utah state line.  It includes the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs wilderness.  As well as Kaibab National Forest to the West and Glen Canyon National Recreation area to the East.

-This remote and unspoiled 293,689 acre Monument is a geologic treasure.   It contains a variety of diverse landscapes from the Paria
Canyon & Plateau, to Vermilion Cliffs and Coyote Buttes.

* Note * A permit is required for hiking in Coyote Buttes North(the Wave), Coyote Buttes South and for overnight trips within Paria Canyon.  Visits to the area require special planning and awareness of potential hazards such as rugged and unmarked roads, venomous reptiles and invertebrates, extreme heat, deep sand and flash floods.


Kyle looked at Zach in the rear-view mirror.

"Yeah, buddy?"

Zach looked out the window and at the desert scenery, as they drove by.

"How far off, the beaten path are we going?"

Kyle glanced at the GPS.

"I think Uncle Kev called it, the Wave?  Shouldn't be that far, really.  According to the GPS, the 
road should be coming up in a few meters."

Zach kept reading the info on his watch.

"Do we have a permit to hike to the Wave?"

scoffed, as he glanced at Zach.

"Pfft, permit.  Who says, we need a permit?"

Zach rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Umm, o.k.  Well, it's the law and it says right here on the..."

Then Kyle saw it.

"There's our marker, buddy.  Cock Rock, on your right!"

Zach quickly sat up and leaned forward to get a closer view.


Kyle made a sharp right turn at a large boulder that was by the side of the road.  Zach couldn't see anything, due to the large cloud of dust that the SUV threw in the air.  Up ahead, all he could see was a long dirt road.  

A very long, dusty
and unused dirt road.

Zach turned his head around and tried to look at the large rock behind him.  But, the dust cloud was still blocking his view.

"You made that up!  It dosen't look anything like a..."

Kyle chuckled, as his son kept trying to look back at the large obelisk.

"You gotta use your imagination, buddy.  The native americans did, as they're the ones that named it."

Zach rolled his eyes.

"Check your watch, if you don't believe me."

Zach typed the info on his watch.


"Seriously, dad.  What's the rock called?"

Kyle smiled mischievously, as he locked eyes with his son in the
rear-view mirror.

"Cock Rock.  Would you like me to spell cock, for you?"

Zach blushed and rolled his eyes.  

"Nope.  I'm good."

He then starting typing the info on his watch, while his dad whistled as he drove.

Cock Rock, Arizona.

Zach was still shaking his head.  

There was no way his dad was right.  His dad was full of it and making it up.


Info found.

Cock Rock...a.k.a...Rooster Rock: A column of basalt rock forming a natural obelisk.  Located northwest along highway 89A, in the U.S. state of Arizona.  T
he column's name is Apache(Ndčč) and phallic in origin(Haskịịyịị). Originally named "Cock Rock" by the Apache, it was later modified to "Rooster Rock", so as not to offend the public.

Zach raised his eyebrows in surprise.


His dad was right!

Zach hated it, whenever his dad right.

Kyle on the other hand, had a huge grin on his face, as he already knew the answer.


Zach sighed, as he pretended to look outside his window.  Yet, in an almost audible voice, he mumbled.

"You're, right."

Kyle only smirked and kept driving in silence.  At that moment, Cody sat up, yawned and stretched lazily in his seat.

"Daddy, are we there yet?"

Kyle saw some eroded escarpments up ahead.

"Yes, I believe we are champ."  

The dirt road was coming to an end.  From here on, it was jagged boulders and some very large rocks.  Kyle parked his SUV next to a tall saguaro.

"Well, boys.  It looks like we've reached the end of the road.  From here on, we'll have to do a little bit of a walk."

Cody groaned and slouched back on his seat.

Kyle simply laughed, as he messed up Cody's hair.

"C'on, champ.  It's not that bad.  You're just feeling sleepy and sluggish from all that food you inhaled.  Once you step out of the car, the fresh air and walk will do us all good."

Kyle got out of his vehicle and did some stretching.  As he looked around, the area looked deserted
(no pun, intended).  

Not a fucking soul in sight.  


As the boys got out of the SUV, 
they immediately felt the dry heat of the desert.

"Daddy!  It's too hot!"  Cody was of course, the first one to complain.

Kyle sighed and looked down at his little boy.

"C'on, champ.  It's not that hot, don't exaggerate.  Now, let's get some supplies out of the trunk and we'll get started on our walk."

Zach kept looking discreetly at the info on his watch.  He had to be careful, as he didn't want Cody to see all the things the watch could do.  He felt bad for not sharing this cool gadget with his little brother.  But, perhaps it was for the best.  

Afterall, Cody tends to be a bit of blabbermouth and can't keep anything to himself.  Dad's life was on the line.  

So, he was going to keep this watch for his eyes only and strictly confidential.


Info found.

Vermilion Cliffs are steep eroded escarpments consisting primarily of sandstone, siltstone, limestone, and shale.
 Some rise as much as 3,000 feet(910 m) above their bases.  These sedimentary rocks have been deeply eroded for millions of years, exposing hundreds of layers or richly coloured rock strata.  Mesas, buttes and large tablelands are interspersed with steep canyons, where small streams provide enough moisture to support a sampling of wildlife.

Kyle opened the trunk and grabbed his trusty North Face blue backpack.  He unzipped it and starting grabbing a few essentials from the trunk.  He threw in a map, 4 bottles of water, some dried beef jerky, matches, a Swiss Army Knife,
 a small first aid kit, flares, rope, three bath towels and a flashlight.  He then grabbed the sun block and passed it to Zach.

"Allright boys, lather up."

Cody pouted and made a face.

"Daddy!  I hate that!" The little guy was pointing his chubby little finger at the sun block tube.


Cody hates sun block with a passion.  But, he's also the first to cry foul, when he gets a nasty sunburnt.

"C'on, champ.  Please, put this on.  You know you burn easily."

Cody looked at his dad defiantly.  The kid was pouting, frowning and getting all red-faced.  One wrong word and Cody would go into nuclear meltdown.  

So, Kyle looked at Zach for help.

Zach walked over to his little brother and took a hand towel from the trunk.  He then went on to clean his little brother's frosting covered face.

"Cody, you need to put this on or you'll get a painful sunburn.  Remember, last year at the lake?"

Cody was still pouting and had his arms crossed.

"Look, dad even got the non-greasy sun block."

Kyle raised his eyebrows in surprise.  

There's, a non-greasy one?  


At least with Zach, Cody takes his brother's word as gospel truth.  Whatever Zach says, Cody will easily agree and not fight back.
 Even though there's a 6 year gap between the boys, they're very close.  Cody sees Zach as the big brother, his playmate and his protector.  Even at this moment, Cody immediately calmed down at the sound of Zach's voice and peacefully gave in.  

As Zach was busy lathering sun block on Cody.  Kyle took this opportunity to take out his Sig Sauer P226, 9mm handgun and checked to make sure that he had a full clip.  Zach never one to miss anything, frowned when he saw his dad place the gun in the holster and attach it to his belt.

As Zach lathered sun block on his arms, he pointed towards his dad's belt.

"Is that really necessary?"

Cody looked at his big brother and then at his dad.  His little eyes lit up, when he saw the gun on the holster.

Kyle winked at Zach.

"Just being safe, buddy."

Kyle then walked up to Cody and crouched to the munchkin's eye level.

"Now, champ.  What have I said about guns?"

Cody looked at his dad and then at serious looking Zach.

"Ummm...  That I'm not to touch a gun."

Kyle nodded his head.

"That's correct and...?"

Cody would look at his dad and then at his older brother.

"That guns are not toys.  To treat every gun with respect and that guns shouldn't be played with or pointed at people."

Kyle once again nodded.

"That's my sweet boy.  Now, I'll be carrying this gun for safety reasons.  So, you do not touch it?  Got it?"

Cody silently nodded.

Kyle looked at his little boy and sighed.

"I didn't hear an answer, champ."

Cody gulped.

"No, sir.  I won't touch it or play with it."

Now, Kyle wasn't against owning guns.  Hell, he had grown up around guns all his life and even carried one for work.  

Kyle along with his older brother had been military brats.  So, from a very early age, the brothers always saw or came across, some type of gun in their home.  Wether it was one of their dad's many hunting rifles or some sort of smaller and personal handgun.  Both boys had been taught how to handle, respect, clean and fire guns.

Kyle had always wanted to take the boys hunting.  But, of course his ex-wife, forbid it.  She felt that the boys were far too young to truly understand the reality and implications of killing an animal for sport.  

Of course, Kyle saw this differently and this wasn't hunting for the sake of sport.  Any animal or animals that Kyle and his buddies killed.  Be it, deer, rabbit, elk, or whatever.  He and his friends would always use the animal's meat for food and it's hide for different articles of clothing, etc.  In the end, no part of the animal went to waste, as it should be.

But, to avoid another heated argument, Kyle and his ex-wife came to a mutual agreement.  He could take the boys to the
shooting range and hunting when they turned 14 years old.  At least, for Zach his birthday was just around the corner.  Kyle had high hopes that Zach would want to partake in this deeply spiritual, father and son bonding experience.  

Kyle took out a plastic bag from the trunk of the SUV.

"We'll need baseball caps to protect us from the sun.  So, I bought these for you guys.  I'd figured you could pick your favourite team."

Kyles showed the caps to the boys.

"We have the Arizona Diamondbacks, the NBA Suns, NHL Coyotes or the NFL Arizona Cardinals.  Pick your poison team, boys."

Cody snatched the Arizona Diamondbacks(the kid loves baseball, afterall), while Zach took the NHL Coyotes and Kyle ended up grabbing the NFL Cardinals.

Kyle then slammed the trunk.

"Allright, men.  Single file! Fall in!  Fall in!  Let's go, let's go!"

Cody giggled, as he quickly got in line.  
Zach simply sighed, rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in defiance.  Kyle then raised an eyebrow at Zach.  

Zach sighed loudly and grudgingly got in line.

Kyle stood in front of his boys and inspected them from head to toe.

"Not bad.  Not fucking, bad at all.  I've got me some badasses, right here!"

Cody couldn't stop giggling, as he heard his daddy swear.  

Kyle stood in front of his boys, chest out, hairy arms crossed and legs standing firm and wide apart. 

"Allright, men.  This is how, it's going to go.  
I'll lead the way, Cody will be in the middle and Zach will watch our six." 

Zach rolled his eyes and sighed.  But, didn't say anything.

Kyle then looked at his wristwatch and started a military cadence call.  

Kyle's need for a cadence call, was to keep the boy's busy and distracted.  The boys had grown up listening to these type of cadence calls from their dad.  He would use them, when they would go hiking or when he'd take the boys jogging through their neighbourhood.  

This hike was going to take roughly 35 minutes.  So, he had to make this fun, entertaining or at least tolerable.  Otherwise, he was going to have a mutiny in his hands.

Kyle cleared his throat and shouted...

I had a dog his name was blue.

Cody:  I had a dog his name was blue.

Kyle only heard 
Cody's voice.  As he turned around, he saw Zach yawning and listening to his ipod.

Oh, hell no!  

This piss poor attitude wasn't going to cut it, especially from his eldest son.  

Kyle was used to being obeyed without question.  That went for his co-workers, employer and even friends.  If someone must follow his instructions to the letter and without fucking question, it was to be his boys.
Kyle stopped, turned around and walked to the end of the line

"Is there a reason why, you're not participating soldier?"

Zach took off his headphones, as his father's face was inches away.  He then took a step back, because he wasn't used to anyone invading his personal space.  

At first, Zach wanted to laugh.  But, he quickly stopped, as he realized how serious his dad really was.  


Was his dad joking?

Zach stared at his dad's 
hazel/green eyes, as they shimmered and sparkled in the warm Arizona sun.  

"I asked you a question, boy.  Is there a reason why, you're not participating?"  

Zack was now frowning at his dad.

His dad's face was within kissing distance from his son's plump and ruby red lips.

"Now, is it because you don't have a pair?"

Zach made a tight fist with his right hand, as he gave his dad an angry look.

"Nah, that can't be it.  

You're, my boy...  

You're, my son...  

I made you...  

I know you've got a big set of balls."

Kyle's face was so close to Zach's, that if either one moved even an inch, their lips would touch.  Zach could even feel the heat radiating from his dad's massive body.  

Kyle had a mischievous look on his tanned and sweat covered face.  

Everything, happened so quickly...  

If you blinked, you'd miss it.  

oor Zachery didn't have a chance to react.  

His father...

His own dad...

Was lewdly and obscenely gropping his junk!

"Ahh, there we go..."

Now, Zach's first instinct was to use one of his many self-defense moves.  

This was a fucking invasive assault

But, this was his dad!

This was his father!

This is the man who's raised and cared for him!

So, Zach didn't do anything.  The poor boy froze on 
the spot and couldn't move an inch.  It was like his brain couldn't comprehend that his father was forcibly(and none too gently, mind you) manhandling his private parts!

Zach's face burned hot, as he blushed fiercely.  It didn't help the situation that being a healthy and hot blooded 13 year old male, his dick immediately began to swell and expand on his dad's large hand.

Kyle never the one to know when to give up, went a step further...

He then began to jiggle his son's large balls through the boy's cargo shorts.  Without taking his eyes off his son, Kyle smiled 
proudly as his son's large penis began to lengthen and widen to an impressive size.  Kyle gently traced his son's hefty dick with his index finger, winked at the boy and whispered softly in his ear.

"You are indeed, boy."

Then very casual and like nothing, Kyle let go of Zach's large package and walked away.  Leaving the boy confused, dumbfounded, yet very aroused.  

Cody who had been quietly watching the interaction between his brother and father, couldn't stop giggling.  He was also pointing at his older brother's obvious source of discomfort and embarrassment.

"Hey, champ.  You know that it's not polite to point.  Now, face forward."

Cody quickly turned around and stopped giggling.

"Allright, men!  Let's try this shit again.  Sound off Zachery and don't make me ask you again."

Once again, Kyle started the military cadence.

Kyle: I had a dog his name was blue.

Zach & Cody: I had a dog his name was blue.

This time around, Zach's deep voice boomed and echoed across the desert.  From the front of the line, Kyle couldn't stop grinning and feeling immense fatherly pride.

Kyle: Blue wanted to be a Seal too.

Zach & Cody: Blue wanted to be a Seal too.

Kyle: I bought him a swim mask and four tiny fins.

Zach & Cody: I bought his a swim mask and four tiny fins.

Kyle: I took him to the ocean and threw him in.

Zach & Cody: I took him to the ocean and threw him in.

Kyle: Blue came back to my surprise.

Zach & Cody: Blue came back to my surprise.

Kyle: With a Shark in his mouth and a gleam in his eyes.

Zach & Cody: With a shark in his mouth and a gleam in his eyes.

What the hell, man?
 Thought a very confused, distracted and puzzled Zach.

His own father had just gropped him and on purpose!

As Zach stared at the back of his dad's head, he wondered what the hell that had been about?   But, at the moment
all he could do was to tug, pull and rearrange his pulsing and throbbing dick in his way too-tight cargo shorts.

The problem that he's having now, is that he's leaking.  

Once Zachery's massive penis gets stimulated, either by touch, an impure thought or even a soft breeze.  The poor boy starts leaking precum, like the proverbial leaky faucet.  

At least, he wasn't at school or hanging out with his friends during this embarrasing and awkward moment.  

At school, Zach's kinda famous or infamous...

And like the drama that is highschool, it also depends on which clique, you speak to.

To the cool kids...

Zachery is the handsome 
jock.  The rich, cocky and brooding badass who hails from the wealthiest part of town.  Zach is known for the sweet mansion on the hill, his hot milf mom, an ex-NAVY SEAL dad and of course, his dreamy good looks and magnetic personality.

To the nerds & geeks...

Zach is their hero.  In a short period of time, the boy has achieved quite the reputation.  He's become a protector, an ass kicker, a knight in shiny armour of sorts.  Many a times, Zach has stepped in to save a kid from being bullied or picked on.  Word around the school is that Zach has zero tolerance for bullying and that he's even become the school's anti-bullying vigilante.  

This is another reason, as to why Zachery is on the verge of getting expelled from school.  It's only because of his mother's many generous donations and her many close connections to the Catholic District School Board, the only reason why her son hasn't been kicked out from the prestigious and very expensive private school.  

At school, Zach does allright.  Most if not all of his teachers agree that he could certainly do a lot better.  But, only if he applied himself more in his studies, dropped the fights and tough act and stopped hanging out with the wrong crowd.  

Zach's test results show that he certainly has the smarts and the potential to go further.  Afterall, the boy excels in math, science, geography, history and of course, physical education.  However, the subjects where he's lags behind are music, religion, languages and drama.  If Zach applied himself more, he could even make the honour roll.  

But, Zach lacks the drive and motivation to go further in his studies.  There's also the fact that he just dosen't care.  

Actually, his exact words are..."I don't give a shit."

You see Zachery has it all planned out.

As soon as he turns eighteen, he's fucking gone!  

The boy plans on joining...

The Few...

The Proud...

The Marines  

Zach wants to leave a legacy behind, just like his grandfather.  The boys has grown up listening to stories about his grandfather when he was in the Marines.  His paternal grandmother, from a very young age has been at fault by filling Zach's head with all the greatness that his grandfather accomplished while in the corps.  His grandfather was well known, admired, respected and loved.  So, much so that there's even a Marine base in San Diego that's named after him.  

Zach knows that his mother will have a heart attack once she finds out and try to stop him.  But, all the crying, sobbing and pleading, won't deter him.  As for his father?  Well, it'll be a heavy blow to his dad that his son is not following in his footsteps and joining the
NAVY SEALs.  But, that's a plus!(which is another reason, why the little shit is doing it).


The naďvité of youth.


The most obvious reason for Zachery's behaviour and acting out, is quite simple.  It's mostly due to his parents getting divorced.  
Zach still has a lot of anger aimed at both of his parents.  The boy is full of
bitterness, anger, hurt and resentment.  Add to the boiling and overflowing pot that he's a kid going through puberty.  So, at the moment Zachery is full of piss and vinegar, as well as starving for discipline and attention.

When his parent's divorce finalized last year, it had been Zach who had to console a very scared little brother.  And when their father packed his belongings and moved out of the house.  It had taken days for Zach to calm down a very distraught and emotional Cody.  

The night when their father moved out of the house, Zach asked Cody to join him in the pool.  It was on that warm summer night that Zachery made a solemn promise to his little brother.  

A promise that he intends to keep, until his last dying breath...

"You and I, are always going to be together."  

Cody with tears in his 
hazel/green eyes, looked up at his big brother.

"You promise?"

That soft, quivering and scared little voice to this day still pulls at Zach's heartstrings.

"I promise, squirt.  We're brothers, okay?  We'll always be together and we'll always come back to one another."

Cody hugged his big brother tightly.

 "No matter what?"

Even now, Zach can still see fear in Cody's eyes.  A fear that dosen't seem to go away.

"Yeah, kiddo.  No matter what."

To say that Zachery is very protective of his little brother.  

Well, that's to put it lightly...

A perfect example of this, just happened about three weeks ago.  It was an ugly and violent incident at school(which students are still talking about) when Zach literally lost his shit!

Zachery ended up beating another teen to a messy and bloody pulp.  The bulky teen had been three times Zach's size and a senior. Yet, it was Zach who had to be pulled, yanked and dragged away by two male teachers.  

The other teen ended up in the nurse's office battered, bruised and very humbled.  He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed and released with a broken nose, 2 missing teeth, a broken arm and a swollen and ugly looking bloody right eye.

All of this because the young man made the colossal mistake to bully a student.  That particular student happened to be Zach's little brother Cody Berehowsky.

When Zach heard, "What are you looking at faggot?" being viciously hurled at his little brother, as the little boy was pushed into a locker.  Well, something inside of him went off and he fucking, snapped.  Zachery went into a rabid and dangerous frenzy.  
He was heading to Cody's locker to check up on his little brother in between classes.  But, when he saw as his little brother being pushed and shoved hard into a locker and then be verbally assaulted.  Well, that's when Zach went feral and apeshit crazy.

The violent altercation cost Zachery, 2 months detention, a written apology to the school and towards the student he "assaulted"(the school's word, for the incident).  Zach was fine with apologizing to the school.  But, he refused to apologize in any manner, way or form to the other student.  

Zach could give two shits
about getting expelled.  There was just no fucking way in hell, that he'd apologize to the asshole that called his little brother a...faggot.

No one messes with his little brother or his family.  

Family is everything.

The day his parents announced their divorce, a very somber mom and a sad looking dad called the boys into the den.  After the news was given, Cody couldn't stop crying and even became hysterical.  Zach on the other hand, just stood there calm, quiet and expressionless.  He wasn't surprised that his parents were divorcing.  He'd actually seen this coming months ago.  What was surprising to him though, was the fact that it hadn't happened sooner.

Like any kid, he hoped that his parents would work through their anger, frustrations and many marital issues.  But, that wasn't meant to be and he'd accepted it, a long time ago.  For a while, all his parents did was argue and yell at each other and last year had been the worst.  

The arguments were more frequent and always the same.  It was about how his dad was never home to spend time with the family.  And how his mom was left to raise and discipline two boys, all on her own.  

The way his mom coped with this dilemma was to go shopping for things that she didn't need, spend hours at the country club or immerse herself in her many charities, where she was chair of the committee.  But, at the end of the day it was always the same and his mom would cry herself to sleep every night.

The last night his dad was at the house and while his mom and Cody slept.  Zach and his dad went for a swim in the pool.  His dad had been drinking heavily throughout the night and at the moment, he was pretty hammered.  As his dad pulled Zach close and fought back tears, he slurred some words that to this day still pound hard at Zach's brain.

"While I'm away, you're the man of the family.  Promise me, that you'll look after your mother and little brother.  Make fucking sure that you look after Cody.  Your little brother is different than you and me.  Cody is not as strong or tough like you.  A
bove anything else, remember that your family comes first and you will do anything for them."

His dad then gave Zach a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"I love you, son."

That had been a fucking crazy rollercoaster of a year.  

Full of ups and downs.

More downs, actually...

But, at the moment Zach has his own issues to work through.  

He's going through some major changes in his life.  For one, he's at the peak of puberty.  But, what he dosen't know or realize is that he's getting more than an average amounts of testosterone being pumped through his young body.  This is due to his very large testicles, which at the moment are about the same size as an adult male.  

The poor boy is currently bouncing off walls due to high levels of testosterone and pure sheer energy.  So, at this moment Zach is full of aggression, pent up energy and just plain hornyness.  A dangerous combination for a boy his age.

And thanks to the Berehowsky's predominant and omnipotent genes, Zach is also becoming a major teen powerhouse.  In just a few weeks, the boy has intensely increased in body mass, muscle strenght and height.  He also has more muscle definition than his friends or school mates of the same age.  

Just by looking at Zach, you wouldn't believe that the kid is a preteen.  You'd think that he's maybe 15, perhaps 16 years old? When in fact, Zachery is 13 years old and going through some serious growth spurt.  The boy's body is beginning to fill out nicely and growing...everywhere.

At school, the jocks see Zach as a strong, fast and determined player.  His team mates see a tough as nails kid, who's proven himself many times, on and off the field.  

When Zach's friends found out that he was trying out for the school's football team, they told him it was a suicide mission.  But, Zach always going against the grain saw this more as a personal challenge more than anything else.

Zach's dad had been a quarterback at his local highschool, back in his heyday.  Many football trophies(up to the time, when he moved out of the house) used to overflow the mantle in the family den.  His dad had so many sports trophies that the rest were kept in three separate glass curio cabinet in his private home office.  

Zachery's grandfather, 
Jacob Zacharia Berehowsky had also been a phenomenal football player.  At his local highschool and at the Marine academy, he'd been a running back.  Jacob had been such a great player that he was offered a football scholarship to Notre Dame.  

But, in the end
Jacob Berehowsky went to pursue a successful and highly decorated career in the military.  His grandfather's massive collection of football trophies, along with war medals, ribbons and other plaques, proudly decorate his grandmother's beautiful sitting room at her home in the Florida Keys.

So, football fever runs deep in Zach's blood.  Plus, he also wants to make his father and grandfather proud.  But, being a young and innocent boy, he ends up putting unnecessary pressure on himself.  In the end, it ends up having negative effects rather than positive ones.  

Zach's also a naturally gifted athlete, as the boy tends to do well in all sports.  But, it's in football that he truly excels.  So, much so that he even managed to grab the attention and interest of his highschool coaches.  They liked what they saw
and were  impressed by the fast, agile, focused and aggresive player.  A kid that had no fear to play with the big boys and had better moves than some of the school's most seasoned players.  

In the end, Zach's
fearlessness, determination and hard work paid off.  As his football coaches, were very pleased with his performance and saw a bright future in football for Zachery.  

Zach ended up being honoured with the highly sought-after and much coveted position of quarterback for St. Vincent's Centurions.  He also ended up breaking the school's record in becoming the youngest player(at 13) to play at the same level as the seniors.

As for the Chloč's...

Chloč's are a clique of rich, beautiful, yet extremely mean and stuck up girls.  They're composed of Queen bee Chloč Alexis Kerrington and her minions, Chloč Ashton Preston and Chloč Victoria Turlington.  In social circles and at school the divine three are known as The Unholy Trinity.  

Chloč Kerrington rules the school with an iron fist and a forked tongue.  She fels that due to her massive wealth and ravishing beauty, she's better than anyone(including, her two best friends).  But, in truth and reality, the girl has an ugly, shallow, vindictive and mean spirited personality.

 comes from an old and very wealthy Texan bloodline, the Kerringtons.  Her great-great-grandfather, Samuel Isaiah Kerrington struck it rich in his land, when he came across one of the richest oil deposits in the estate.  At present time, her father Nathan Oakes Kerrington is currently the governor for the estate of Arizona and doing well in the polls and the public.  

So, at school 
Chloč holds enormous power.  And as many have found out, it's best to acknowledge her and avoid her, rather than getting snared in her manicured claws and becoming an enemy.

Chloč saw Zachary Berehowsky as the ultimate catch.  The boy was the perfect accessory to add to her collection.  She ruled the school and chose what was cool and "in fashion".  Because of her, almost everyone in the school carried a Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci backpack.  Chanel pearl necklaces and virgen-white tweed Camellias were a must in accessories, as were Tiffany & Co. charm bracelets.  

Many flocked to kiss her lily-white ass and to desperately become her friend.  Her parties were legendary and the talk of the school, as they were over an obscene and over the top show of wealth.  Only the coolest teenagers from the wealthy families were invited.  Zach currently being the talk of the school and the star football quarterback, stood out like a sore thumb and soon came into
Chloč's coolness radar.  

The gossip around school is that Zachery Berehowsky is a brooding, handsome and rich badass.  He's gotten into so many fights that he's even made detention look cool.  He's also got a huge fan base, since many students have come to idolize him.
Specially, the
social outcasts like the nerds, geeks, gays and other undesirables.  So, having Zach at her side could only increase Chloč's popularity.  

Zach has recently exploded into the school's cool inner circle and 
Chloč Kerrington had been carefully watching from the sidelines.  As soon as the news that Zach had made quarterback, she took the opportunity to pursue and declare herself Zach's only girlfriend.  Even though Chloč is three years older than Zach, a bit taller and with very little in common.  She still went after him and didn't care what anyone thought.  She was determined to be Zachery's only arm candy and supreme ruler of the entire school.

Now, Zach wasn't stupid.  He knew that
Chloč Kerrington was using him for her own selfish needs.  Afterall, everything that he'd heard about Chloč was true.  She's a beautiful, popular and smart honour roll student with an ugly side.  A bonofide mean girl, who's calculating, vindictive and not be crossed.  

Chloč is a gorgeous girl, who has a bright future ahead of her.  She's currently the face of American Eagle, Ralph Lauren Youth and Abercrombie & Fitch.  She's also appeared in Teen Vogue 3 times and recently landed a coveted contract with MAC cosmetics.  She's the epitome of the all American girl, an incredible body, long and thick platinum blonde hair, lengs that go on forever, a huge rack and captivating ice blue eyes.  Her downfall, a cruel, mean and shallow personality.
When it came to beauty, there really wasn't another girl that could hold a candle to 
Chloč Kerrington.  Well, perhaps with the exception of her two best friends, Preston and Turlington.  Where Kerrington has long platinum and shiny blonde hair, Preston's hair is a burnt sienna shade of auburn and Turlington's a light shade of chocolate brown.

The entire football team was envious of Zach's "girlfriend".  Not only had he landed the hottest piece of ass in school, but she was also obscenely wealthy.  Kerrington's home is currently the beautiful Governor's mansion situated in a gated community, not far from Zach's home.  Her family's ranch "Pitchfork", sits on 640,00 acres of fertile and pristine land that is used for crop farming, grazing cattle and the breeding of thoroughbred horses and bulls.

The football team even joked with Zach that if he played his cards right, he might even be able to get his tip wet and lose his virginity to the Queen of Mean.  Zach blushed, chuckled and laughed along with everyone else, of course.  But, in all honesty, he wasn't in any rush to lose his virginity and specially not to 
Chloč.  On the other hand, he's at least gone to second base with her.  As she's french kissed him and allowed him to touch and fondle her very voluptuous and firm breasts(not bad, for a 13yr old).   

Catholic Academy is an exclusive(very expensive) private school.  The school opened its doors in the Fall of 1905 by the Franciscan Friars of the First Order.  The friars taught at the Academy up until 1975, then the Sisters of Saint Anne took over and to this day, teach mostly theology, music, history, languages, world religion and mathematics.  The Academy boasts a high success rate of graduates that head off to top universities such as Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Yale.

For its hefty tuition price tag, the Academy comes fully equiped with many state-of-the-art facilities.  One being, an aquatic center which holds three Olympic-sized pools.  These swimming pools are used for varsity swimming, diving, water polo and recreational swimming.  The school also has a hockey arena, indoor track and field, tennis pavilion and fitness center on its large campus.  

The 19,000 square foot fitness center, happens to be one of the most luxurious facilities in the entire state of Arizona.  It includes a climbing wall, strength training facility, sauna(both dry and wet), a massage center and full locker rooms. The fitness center is connected to the main buildings by the Hall of Champions.  

A plaque to the entrance of the hall reads...

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."
Tommy Lasorda

The Hall of Champions is a section which was added to the school back in 1910.  Colourful, bright and vivid school banners fly high from it's radiant red cedar beams.  The hall is beautifully lit by gorgeous stained glass windows and glass chandeliers which were donated to the school by Tiffany & Co. in 1912.  

The entire hall is decorated with jeweled trophies, as well as gold and silver chalices, medals, plaques and ribbons which have been won over the years by the school's top athletes.  The athletes that leave a legacy behind are forever immortalized with beautiful marble busts in their likeness.  The few and proud will go on to reside along the walls of this immense gothic hall for an eternity and more.  

The immense campus is interconnected by ivy-covered, gray stone buildings and cobblestone pathways.  Old palm-trees, rose bushes and many fountains decorate its pleasant and inviting courtyards, where students read, relax, study and do their homework.  

The small Chapel of the Sacred Heart built in 1905, sits in the center and heart of the school.  The unique and beautiful church is known for its striking architecture and the largest collection of stained glass windows in the state of Arizona.  Priceless statues and artwork created by its students over the years are proudly displayed throught the Church.  

The Church incorporates Mission and Spanish Revival, along with Roman architecture and an impressive Carillon Tower.  The domes over the altar and the main Church area, also feature intricate stained glass.

The Academy caters to the scholarly elite and there's a long waiting list to get in.  Three entry exams, as well as a written essay as to why you want to attend the Academy must also be submitted.  The schools's tuition starts at $79,695 a year and this does not include extracurriculum activities, such as books, trips or even the school's & gym uniform.  

Students chart their own learning by picking from a 300 plus-course catalogue.  Some of its courses include entrepreneurial studies, robotics,
sophisticated study-abroad programs and intimate seminar-style classroom settings.  

For the athletic type, the school even
has 30 different sports teams to choose from.  Everything from football, to soccer, bastketball, swimming, rugby, tennis, fencing, gymnastics and even equestrian programs.

St.Vincent's holds the record for having one of the best high school football teams in the state.  Many of their former top players have been awarded football schoolarships and have gone to play for top ivy league schools.  Over the years, famous athletes, coaches, servicemen and even state senators have all been part of its proud, special and elite brotherhood.

The school's football team, the Centurions
have a long and proud history.  The Franciscan Friars of the First Order, played their first football game against the Jesuits of Arizona in the fall of 1922.  That day went down in history as being unusually cold, rainy and very windy.  In the end the Centurions ended up winning their first game 28 to 21.  

Yet, Zach would like to forget his own
indoctrination(hazing) into the school's football team.  

As per tradition, Zach along with 7 new players were to be secretly hazed into
the Centurions.  This particular tradition dates back to the '20s and the ceremony is a highly guarded secret, one which is never spoken of.  If any new players declined to participate in the ceremony, they are discreetly told to walk away from the team.  End of story.  

If the future players decided to go along with the indoctrination, they are then warned never to speak of what they would seehear or do during the secret ceremony.  If anyone was caught speaking of the
hazing to friends, family or anyone else, severe consequences would follow.  

Consequences that would haunt you, and your loved ones for the rest of your life.

About 5 weeks ago, while blindfolded and wearing only their jockstraps, all the new players were led into the team's locker room. The boys were told to walk single file to an area that was off limits, the equipment room.  What the new players, didn't know was that past the many dusty rows of metal shelves and old equipment, there was a fake wall that led to a secret chamber.

A chamber that led deep underground and deep into the bowels of the old academy.  As Zach descended the cold and circular stairs, he felt disoriented and nervous.  
He also wondered where he and the new players were being taken.  He'd wished that he could have talked to his dad about this.  Afterall, his dad had also played football in highschool and must have come across something like this in his day.  

For weeks, rumours around the locker room were that they were going to be hazed.  But, Zach didn't believe it.  Afterall, hazing was banned at the academy(it said so, on the school's 500 page manual!).  Yet, here they were.  

About a lifetime later, they'd finally reached the bottom of the staircase.  Zach was so disoriented, that he even bumped into the guy in front of him.  The first thing he noticed was how much colder, it was down here.  So much so, that he started shivering uncontrollably(a case of nerves and cold).  He had goosebumps all over his body(even on his bare ass).  The second thing he noticed was that this basement reeked of dampness and mildew.  

Zach then heard what sounded like a heavy iron door opening.  They were instructed to enter the room quietly and as they did, the loud iron door closed behind them.  They were then told to walk further into the room and as their names were called out, to remove their blindfolds.  

When Zach's turn came and as he removed his blindfold, he was immediately blinded by the bright spotlight aimed at him and the rest of the new players.  As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, he noticed that they were in a dark circular room.  Torches flickered along the dark walls and again, he shivered.  

The room also had a weird, yet familiar smell.  But, what was it?  

As he paid careful attention to the faded walls, he could see names along with dates that had been carefully chiseled into the concrete.  Zach was able to read some of the names and immediately recognised them, as being former Centurion football players.  

Another odd thing he saw, were old and worn jockstraps from previous players, which were proudly displayed in glass cases along the walls.  The name of the owner below, position he played and year stenciled in a gold plaque.  Some of the old jocks, dated as far back as the 30's, 40's and 50's.  

What the hell?

Zach looked to his right and to the other six nervous looking freshmen.  They were all standing in the center of the room, looking wildly at everything around them.  As he looked down and underneath his bare feet was the school's emblem.  An old looking mosaic of a centurion holding his sword against a golden shield and looking up at the sky.  

As Zach stared at the emblem, he tried to remember what it represented.

The golden circle around the emblem...

A Christian symbol representing eternity.  No beginning and no end.

The centurion...

Cornelius the Centurion had been a real person.  

A Roman army officer, who was also the first Gentile to convert to Christianity.

Within the golden shield, a white dovelamphost and chalice could also be seen.

The dove represented the Holy Spirit.  

A symbol of innocence, gentleness and peace.

The lamp of knowledge.

A classic symbol of scholastic achievement, representing wisdom and excellence.

The Host and chalice.

Symbols of the Eucharist, representing the source and summit of the Catholic faith.

The banner below the golden circle, with the motto in latin:

Fortes in fide.  Veritas at honor.  Vis in perita

Strong in Faith.  Truth and honour.  Strenght in skill

Zach and the other future players were encircled by the entire football team.  The head coach, assistant coach, athletic director, equipment manager and even the team's physician, Dr.Rammstein were also present.  Everyone in the room was also only wearing their jockstraps.  

As Zach's vision adjusted to the bright and blinding light, his eyes caught something strange.  Against the far wall, was an altar and on it stood a black marble statue of a man.  

The statue must have been at least 8'ft. tall and looked very realistic and lifelike(scaringly, so).  But, the most peculiar and strange part of the statue were the genitals.  The statue's penis and balls were beyond massive!
Now, Zachery is a cultured young man.  He along with his mother and maternal grandmother have visited some of the most famous museums around the world.  Great museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, The British Museum in London, The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, the Neues Museum in Berlin, the Musee d'Orsay and Louvre in Paris and even the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence, Italy.  So, he's seen a lot of famous, nude male statues.

But, here was a statue that he hadn't seen before.  But, the gigantic dick and ballsack on the statue was just plain ridiculous. The penis even had veins along the shaft and the biggest set of balls that Zach has ever seen

Team captain Barry Fraser silently stepped forward and faced the statue.  He respectfully bowed to it and then kissed the giant cock head.  

He then got on his knees and recited a prayer in latin...

Holy and blessed Priapus, God of male fertility and genitalia.  
May your presence empower our minds, hearts, bodies and soul.  
Bless us by giving us courage, strength, health and a fertile and impervious life.  
Grant us the power to father many sons and spread our seed throught the world.
We worship and devote ourselves to you.

I kneel before you, my holy lord.
You are all things Male, all things that Create and all things that make Life.  
May our every thought and gesture be infused with your sacred essence.  
May we drink your hot and pure holy liquid.  
The sacred and fiery liquid of life that lives united in all men.
We are your sons and the embodiment of your great phallus.  

We praise and worship you.
We are your carriers of male virility and power.
Ejaculation is the creation of the Universe.
Grant us, never ending, healthy, powerful and strong seed.
Great God Priapus, this body, mind, heart and soul are yours.

As the prayer ended, everyone in the room said, Amen.

As bewildered as Zach was, he did the same.

Afterall, when in Rome...

Now, Zach is terrible when it comes to languages. 

At the moment, he's averaging a D in Spanish, a B in English and failing French.  He dropped Latin after five classes(he thought, it be an easy course.)

However, he was able to pick up a few things from this strange and weird prayer.

God Priapus?  

What the hell?  

Once Barry had finished the prayer, he once again bowed his head to the statue and kissed the giant cock head.
He approached the altar and lay a single Graham cracker on top of the massive cock head.
 He then turned to face the bewildered, nervous and extremely confused freshmen.

"Allright, guys!  This is where we separate the men from the boys."

Zach felt his stomach do double take.  


This is it!

Here it goes...

He was silently praying in his head and hoping that they weren't forced to do something...unnatural.

"Listen up, fuckers!  You miserable looking assholes are going to play the craker game."

The freshmen looked at each other in confusion, as the room exploded in cheers, whistles and loud applause.  Zach raised his eyebrows and expected the worse.  

 "The object of the game is quite simple.  You'll face our sacred statue Priapus and masturbate with the intention to ejaculate on the cracker.  The last cocksucker to ejaculate, will be considered the loser and will have to eat the cum coated cracker."

Zach closed his eyes and sighed.

Fuck my life!

He couldn't believe what he was hearing?  As he looked around the room, his coach, doctor and even future team mates were all looking dead serious and completely expressionless.  He thought that at anytime, someone would at least shout...

Gotcha, motherfuckers!

But, as seconds passed,...

No one came to their rescue.

Again, he looked around the room, hoping that someone would speak up for the new players.  Then, out of the corner of his eye, Zach saw something.

Someone was hiding in the shadows.

He thought he saw...


Way in the back and leaning against one the marble columns.  A cloaked figure was hiding in the darkness and whoever this person was, they didn't want to be seen, attract attention or be recognized.  

Zach then caught something else...  

Something that this person was wearing.

Something that glittered in the shadows.  

A jewel?  

Yeah, it kinda looked like a large jeweled cross.

"Newbies, drop your jocks!"

Fuck me!

Zach closed his eyes, took a big gulp and did as instructed.  Immediately, he heard the snickering of his future team mates and he knew exactly, what they were snickering about.

"On my mark..."

Now, Zachery has played in many sports teams throught the years.  His dad had put him in little league, as soon as he could walk. The boy has played almost every sport imaginable, from baseball, tosoccer, basketball, football, etc.  So, he's been around locker rooms long enough to know about boys being boys and the typical rowdy behaviour that went along with it.  

However, up to today he's never been hazed.  As far as he knew, hazing was pretty much prohibited in today's politically correct world.  But, now that he's getting older and playing with the big boys, he's going to have to get used to this type of lewd and bawdy behaviour.  

He once again looked around the room for the cloaked figure.  But, he couldn't find the stranger.  

"Get set..."

Well, it looked like no one was going to stop this.  

Zach, never the one to back down from a tough situation, focused at the task at hand(again, no pun intended) and cleared his mind.

Team captain Barry cleared his throat and shouted.

"Let the milking of the bulls, begin!"

Being a normal 13 year old, Zach was no stranger to masturbation.  Quite the contrary, as the boy tends to jack off at least 6 times a day(everyday!)  Well, sometimes even more depending, how horny he is.  Zachery has been happily beating off, ever since he turned 11 years old.

Once the newbies were given the greenlight to jack off, Zach jumped right in.  He took a deep breath and kept his eyes closed, as his future team mates loudly cheered them on.  

He kept repeating the words in his head...

There's no way, I'm losing this challenge!  

There's no way in hell, I'm losing this challenge!

There's no way in fucking hell, that I'm losing this fucking challenge!

Just the thought of
swallowing another guy's cum, made Zach nauseous.  

Well, in this case the semen of other team mates.  


Peter Belzac was the first to come...  

His new teammates christened him Peter Ballsack.

Anton Chekhov was the second to come...

His nickname became Anton Jerkoff.

Zach Berehowsky was the third boy to come...

With his eyes closed, Zach arched his back and threw back his head.  Beads of sweat had collected on his forehead and on his upperlip.  

He was very close to cumming.

Very close...

But, he didn't want to open his eyes and look at anyone.  

That would be too fucking awkward and weird!  

Besides, he might even he's lose his erection and that would be a disaster.  

So, Zach let out a loud grunt and with his right hand, he 
vigorously pumped his thick cock.  


A long, creamy and thick stream of boy butter then shot out of Zachery.    










And finally seven long streams of healthy, creamy and thick virgen sperm landed perfectly on the cracker.  The entire room went fucking nuts and erupted in cheers, whistles and applause at Zach's impressive and very thick load.  

As for Zach, the powerful feeling of cumming in front of an audience, actually felt amazing.



The room felt electric, as it was being energized by the vast amount of testosterone from a group of young, strong, healthy and virile males all in their youthful prime.  As Zach heard his name, amidst the cheers, whistles, catcalls and loud applause, he felt quite proud and elated.  

If they only knew that this was his third load of the day!

Zach's first load of the day tends to be the thickest and biggest.  The kid wakes up to a massive hardon every damm morning. So, he usually jerks off as soon as he wakes up.  Being a horny and healthy 13 year old, the second load usually happens while in the shower.  

Being the first born 
in the Berehowsky household came with a lot of perks.  For one, Zachery was given the second largest bedroom in the mansion and that in itself was a pretty sweet deal.  It also meant that he had his own master bathroom and he didn't have to share it with his little brother.  

Now, Zach tends to get a lot of privacy(as a boy his age, should).  But, lately that is something that his little brother Cody, dosen't seem to understand or even care about.  The little terror tends to burst in on Zach, any chance he gets and lately it seems like he's doing it on purpose?

But, I digress...

Let's get back to the hazing.

Graham cracker was completely soaked, all due to the courtesy of Zachery Berehowsky.  As the fourth, fifth and sixth freshman unloaded their fresh batch of creamy baby batter, well you couldn't even see the fucking cracker anymore.  

As Zach stood in his cum soaked jock, he couldn't understand, as to why he still had a rock hard erection?  Or the other strange feelings that he was having while being in a room full of almost naked males.

Finally a boy named Scott Foley was the last one to cum.  The ginger haired kid, also grunted as he shot his stream of young and healthy sperm into the no longer visible cracker.

The room became silent after the last load.

The question on everyone's mind was...

Would, he do it?

Would Scott, really eat a cum 
soaked cracker? 

Scott was panting and his face was all sweaty and flushed.  He knew that all eyes were on him, even from the other freshmen.
He blushed and turned scarlett red from head to toe, as he realized his grim fate.  

The young boy was a typical redhead.  Pale, hairless, blemish free and with porcelain smooth skin from head to toe.  His short hair was a deep and rich shade of auburn, with freckles on the tip of his nose and on his rosy and flushed cheeks.  Being the trooper that he was, he simply walked up to the statue, bowed to it and tried to pick up the slippery and sperm soaked cracker.  

Zach could see that some of his future team mates were grinning, while others discreetly tugged at their constricted erections in their jocks.  The most perplexing part of all of this was that even the coaches and team doctor had clear and quite obvious and visible erections tenting their jockstraps.

Scott took a deep breath, closed his eyes and with both hands scooped the heavily sperm covered cracker.  Without giving it a second thought, he simply put it in his mouth and swallowed the whole fucking thing!  

The whole room erupted in cheers and applause(there were also a few sounds of gagging and hurling).  But, no one paid much attention to that.

Zach felt really bad for Scott, who at the moment was being patted on the back by the entire football team, coaches and staff. Someone finally passed a water bottle to Scott, who thankfully took itm as he took a big gulp of water.

Zach was still looking around the large dark room for the hooded figure.  But, the mysterious figure had successfully managed to vanish back into the shadows.  

As the boys were ushered back to the locker room and led towards the showers, Zach could feel other boys staring and grinning at him.  It was team captain Barry, who approached him and put his heavily muscled and hairy arm around Zach's shoulder.  He then led the way and tenderly kissed Zach's forehead.

Way to go, studly!  After your amazing porn star performance, the team and I decided on an appropriate nickname for you.  A nickname that is fitting to your gift and talent."

Zach sighed and dropped his head.  

He just hoped that the nickname wasn't going to be something stupid, offensive or vulgar.

"From this day on, Zachery Berehowsky, you'll be known as...


Umm, o.k.  

It's not that bad of a nickname.  Hell, it could have been worse.

A lot fucking worse!

A few years back, when Zach had entered puberty, he'd been very shy and even avoided changing and showering in public.
Back at his old school, it had been his phys-ed teacher who spoke to Kyle about Zachery skipping showers after gym class.  

Now, Kyle had a feeling as to why his son didn't want to shower in public.  But, this had been his fault and he felt really bad about it.  He had prolonged in having the man to man talk with his boy.

Like most parents, Kyle found it difficult to have the sex talk with his firstborn.  Mostly, because it meant that Zach was no longer a little boy.  It wasn't the sex topic that he dreaded, that was part of life and completely natural.  

No, this went beyond that.  It was actually the foreshadowing that Zachery was well on his way in becoming a moody, sullen, distant and mute teenager.  Kyle knew that this behaviour came with the territory.  

But, although every parent dreaded this stage, they all(mostly unscathed) managed to survive the bitchy, mouthy, know-it-all, teenage nuclear stage.  

Once the boy entered adolescence, Kyle knew that his son would be a force to reckon with.  As Zachery went through puberty, it would mean no more hugs or kisses from his son, no more hanging onto dad's words and certainly no more having dad being in a pedestal.  The boy would eventually drop all sweet and innocent things and distant himself from his loving, yet helpless parents.  
But, such was life.

And in The Game of Life...

Well, you have to roll with the punches.  

No matter, how much they might sting, ache and fucking hurt.

That had been two years ago and Kyle went on to have the man to man talk with his son.  He went on to explain to his boy about body changes, hormones and the complexity and mechanics of sex.  

However, for the Berehowsky men there was an extra chapter in The Game of Life.

A chapter that was devoted to an important and crucial part of the male anatomy.  An area where having an above average appendage was both a blessing and curse.  

It always has been and will always will be.

This is because Berehowsky males carry a secret in their DNA.  

Most would call it a mutation.

Others would call it a gift.

You see, Berehowsky males posess a rare and near close to perfection
Deoxyribonucleic acid.

This of course, is otherwise known as DNA.  

DNA is the building block of life.  

And for 
Berehowsky males, their DNA is unique and extremely rare.  They possess a superior, strange, yet remarkable gene.
A gene that
has been passed down from father to son for countless generations.

A treat...

A gift...

A premium endowment(if one is playing with words)

A legacy that is...

The X triple Y chromosome

An extremely rare genetic condition in which a human male has two extra (Y) chromosomes.  This gives the lucky male bearer a total of 48 chromosomes, instead of the more usual and common 46.  

This in turn produces a 48, XYYY karyotype which occurs every 1 in 100,000 male births.  However, the male babies born with this anomaly rarely survive infancy.  

But, for those few lucky males that do, well they're in for a treat.  Once they reach full sexual maturity, they will be a force to reckon with.

These males will develop a dominant alpha male trait.  A strong, assertive and commanding personality.  These males are also blessed with an almost perfect health, a long life, superior strength, speed, intelligence, above average height and the best part of it all,...way above average male appendages.

This gene has been a curse for Zach's dad, his uncle, grandfather, great-great-grandfather and so on.

Unknown to the Berehowsky's, a secret branch of International scientists have been studying their DNA for years.  The scientists just recently hit the jack-pot and managed to trace the Berehowsky's ancestry to
a large area known as the Rokitno Marshes in Belarus and Ukraine.  

This wild, pristine and natural region of wetlands stretches along the forested basin of the Pripyat River
.  At one point or another in history, both of these countries were formerly a part of the Russian Empire.

The Berehowsky clan spread their seed, pretty much all over Eastern Europe.  Most settling in what is now, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

The current spelling of their last name varies only slightly, even after so many centuries.  You have to remember that during the Middle Ages(5th - 15th century) people were illiterate.  The poor, peasants and some middle class, didn't know how to read or write.  So, when it came down to writing the name of their newborn, the spelling varied from town to town, district to district and even country to country.  

The earliest recording of 
Berehowsky and most likely the correct spelling of the last name, dates back to the 11th century.

In the ancient library of a Benedictine monastery in the Czech Republic, 
a beutiful jeweled book contains a brief, interesting and single entry.

It mentions a Christian knight by the name of Vladislav Anton Berekhovski.

Year of Our Lord,...
28th January 1095
On a bitterly cold, windy and harsh winter night, a young knight by the name of Vladislav
Anton Berekhovski, came to see the Abbott Alexandr Maxmilián.

The young man was on his way to the Crusades and brough with him, his newborn son Jonáŝ Pavel Berekhovski.  The young father was alone, as the mother unfortunately did not survive the afterbirth.

The grief stricken father wanted his son be given the sacrament of baptism, before heading off to the Holy Land.  After the baptism ceremony was performed, the knight asked the Abbott Maxmilián for a favour.

If anything should happen to him while he was away, then he wanted to have peace of mind in knowing that his only son would be cared for and raised in the monastery.  

Abbott Maxmilián, of course agreed to the father's request.  Afterall,
to fight in the name of Christ our Lord and Saviour and to rid the Holy Land of infidels is a great honour and the ultimate Christian sacrifice.

As I write this entry, it is with a sad and heavy heart to say that
we never heard or saw the young knight Vladislav Berekhovski, again.

May God have mercy on his precious soul.

Prior Samuel Némec.

Kladruby monastery

So, as this old and ancient record shows...

Berehowsky's have been around for a long time and their ancestry is stuff that legends are made of.  At the moment, scientists are having a field day studying, analyzing and breaking down their unique DNA.  

The best scientists from around the globe are desperately trying to discover all the secrets hidden within.  Everything from their good health, long life, unnatural youth, fast healing and more...

But, more about that later. 

Kyle went on to explain to his son, about the "gift" they'd been blessed with.  His dad was very casual like and relaxed, as he so bluntly put it...

"Your dick and balls are only going to get bigger, buddy.  So, man up, care, protect and learn to live with them.  You're a Berehowsky and a male.  So, show them off, hold your head up high, roll with the punches and above all, be proud of your body."

Some famous
X triple Y chromosome males are, Sir William Wallace, General George S. Patton, 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, General Douglas MacArthur, Napoleon Bonaparte and most lethal sniper in U.S. Military History, Chris Kyle to mention just a few.

All of these men's DNA had been quietly and carefully "obtained" by the U.S. government in order to learn more about this amazing, powerful and very rare gene.

As for Zachery, the boy ended up getting his nickname in the inner sanctum of the male brotherhood...the boy's locker room.  

The nickname was actually taken from the book, The Outsiders.  But, boys being boys found an alternate meaning to the name and appropriately applied it to Zach.  

is indeed quite the clever, as Zachery Kyle Berehowsky is indeed hung like a young and hot blooded stallion.
Nowadays, when someone in the locker room makes a lewd comment or tries to make fun of Zach's gigantic dick.  Well, it no longer bothers him.  

On the contrary, he actually enjoys the teasing and name calling.  Afterall, it feeds his ego and he knows that he's got the biggest dick and the largest set of balls in school!  

But, again.  

I digress, let's head back to our story...

At the moment and in this Godforsaken desert, Zachery's jock is getting soaked.  However, there's 
only one sure way to get his dick to go down.  But, now it's not the time to tug one out.


It was a good thing that his dad and little brother were ahead of him and preoccupied with the stupid cadence calls.  All Zach could do was to keep tugging at the constraining jockstrap that supported his hefty and leaking member.

As the three of them marched and shouted like idiots throught the desert, Zach 
couldn't help to notice that his little brother was having a great time.  But, every few minutes, Zach played and replayed the weird scene with his dad in his confused and hazy little head.

What the hell, just happened?  

I mean, his dad had obscenely groped him in front of his little brother?

What the hell man?

Who does that?

His dad was a former Navy SEAL.  So, right away Kyle 
Berehowsky wasn't the typical suburban, 9-5, desk job, minivan driving, beer gut type of dad.  On the contrary, as his dad tens to roll, shoot guns and play with the big boys.  

His dad's job is dangerous, always classified and tends to be away from long periods of time.  So, his sense of humour, manners and parenting skills also tend to be quite different than most dad's.  

Maybe, this was a guy thing?

Afterall, Zach knew of a couple of guys in his football team, who were always slapping each other's butts or goosing you.

So, it must be a guy thing, right?

Kyle Berehowsky turned around, as he shouted at the top of his lungs and looked at his boys.  A deep sense of pride and happiness engulfed him.  He truly loved his sons and felt utterly complete being around them.  So, he continued with the cadence calls and so far the boys were motivated and hadn't yet, complained.

Kyle: This is my rifle, this is my gun.

Kyle then grabbed his crotch, as he emphasized my gun.  

Cody gave a big chuckle, as he copied his dad.

Zach & Cody: This is my rifle, this is my gun.

Kyle: One is for shooting, the other for fun.

Zach & Cody: One is for shooting, the other for fun.

Kyle: I clean my rifle everyday and fire my gun, three times a day.

Zach couldn't help to snicker at that particular line.  He knew that his little brother Cody, wouldn't get it's true meaning and implication.

Zach & Cody: I clean my rifle everyday and fire my gun, five times a day.

Kyle: My pants are on.

Zach & Cody: My pants are on.

Kyle: My boots are tight.

Zach & Cody: My boots are tight.

Kyle: My big balls are swinging, left and right.

Zach & Cody: My big balls are swinging, left and right.

Zach couldn't help to laugh.  His dad was being a total goofball.  But, he was very glad that Cody was happy, roaring with laughter and enjoying himself.

Kyle turned his wide neck around and winked at the boys.  Cody gave his dad a big smile, while Zach rolled his eyes and kept a straight face, while looking ahead.

Kyle: Left,...left.

Zach & Cody: Left,...left.

Kyle: Left, right, left.

Zach & Cody: Left, right, left.

Kyle: Sound-off.

Zach & Cody: One-two.

Kyle: Sound-off.

Zach & Cody: Three-four.

Kyle: One-two-three-four.

Zach & Cody: One-two-three-four.

Kyle then started the next one.

Kyle: Our boots are in the sand.

Zach & Cody: Our boots are in the sand.

Kyle: We are marching hand in hand.

Zach & Cody: We are marching hand in hand.

Kyle: We are Seals and very strong.

Zach & Cody: We are Seals and very strong.

Kyle: In the water, where where we belong.

Zach & Cody: In the water, where we belong.

Kyle: We're not just men.  We're fighting machines.

Zach & Cody: We're not just men.  We're fighting machines.

Kyle: We're the most badasses Seals, you've ever seen.

Zach & Cody: We're the most badasses Seals, you've ever seen.

Forty-five minutes into the march and Cody had enough.

"Daddy, I'm tired and hot.  Can you carry me?"

Kyle sighed.  

But, he also understood that Cody being 7 years old gets bored and tires easily.  

"C'on, champ.  You can walk a little further, can't you?  Haven't you enjoyed the nice walk?"

Cody frowned and started pouting.


Kyle then looked at Zach for help.

Zach just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Thanks a lot, son.

"Allright, champ.  I'll carry you."

Cody started jumping up and down.

"On your shoulders, daddy!  
On your shoulders!"

Zach just stood there grinning.

Once the hike continued, Cody seemed to be in a better mood.  He sat calmly on his dad's strong shoulders, while enjoying the magnificent view.  Zach continued to walk behind his dad and checking out his watch.


Info found...

More than twenty species of raptors, including bald eagles, golden eagles, peregrine falcons and hawks make the desert their home.  The endangered California condor has been re-introduced into this region recently due to its remote location and lack of human habitation.  Desert bighorn sheep, pronghorns and mountain lions make up most of the large mammals found in this region.  There's also about 30 species of smaller mammals that also live in this region.  For more info, press...

Zach was busy reading the information on his watch.  So, he wasn't paying attention to whatever Cody was pointing in the sky.

"Daddy, look!  Up there!  It's an eagle!"

Kyle looked up and towards the direction where Cody was pointing.

"That's a hawk, champ."

Zach looked up, rolled his eyes and corrected them both.

"That's actually, a peregrine falcon."

Cody turned his head around and stuck out his tongue at his big brother.

"If daddy says it's a hawk.  It's a hawk!"

Zach simply rolled his eyes.

"Pfft, whatever.  You two dorks are wrong."

Kyle smiled, as he gave a loud snort at his son's dis.

"How do you like that, champ?  Your brother just called us, dorks.  How rude is that?"

Cody once again turned his head and stuck his tongue out at his big brother.

"Yeah, Daddy!  At home, he's always mean to me and calling me names!"

Kyle smiled at the friendly camaraderie that he was having with his two boys.  Zach shrugged his shoulders and winked at his little brother.

"Well, it's because you're a dork!  It's that plain and simple."

As Zach and Cody continued to throw friendly and brotherly jabs at each other, Kyle's mind began to wonder.

What, if he?...


But, what if...

Nevermind, it's a fucking crazy idea.

Oh, for fuck sakes!

What if he got sole custody of the boys?  
Could he do that?  

Would that be even possible?

The big question is be...

Would his boys go for that?

But, the much bigger obstacle would be...

His ex-wife.

Would Linda go for that?  

Oh, fucking hell, no!

She would fight him tooth and nail.


But, having spent just a few hours with the boys and he felt like he'd missed, so much.  It's hard to even describe what he was feeling.    

Maybe he could ask Linda for an extended time with the boys?  
But, then he would have to come clean and tell her the truth.

The truth as to where he was living and who he was working for.




He would have to tell his ex-wife, that not only was he working and living in Dubai.  But, that his employer is a fucking
billionaire sheik!  He wouldn't even have time to finish the fucking sentence, when Linda would be speed dialing her shark divorce lawyer.  

When Kyle and his ex-wife 
were getting ready to finalize their divorce.  Linda managed to obtain one of the best and most ruthless divorce lawyer on the West coast, Cassandra Leona Hamilton.  The heartless witch is a cross between Queen bitch Gloria Allred and Hannibal fucking Lecter.  

Among family divorce lawyers,
Cassandra Hamilton is both loathed, respected and feared.  She even has an appropriate, yet cruel nickname...The Iron Cunt.  

Cassandra dosen't just take any divorce case, that would be too easy.  The bitch only goes after big money clients,
those hollywood and nasty billionaire divorces that make international headlines and which will have the potential for a huge  payout in her favour.  

Since Linda
Buchanan comes from old money and hails from one of the oldest and wealthiest families in the South.
Cassandra cancelled all of her appointments, left her posh Beverly Hills office and made the 1 hour 20 minutes flight
to Phoenix on her private jet to pay Linda a "visit".  

The cunning old shrew has a ruthless reputation for literally, chewing off and spitting out the balls of her opposing clients.
This sour and bitter bitch always plays dirty and goes straight for the jugular.  It's like she enjoys leaving ex-husbands as eunuchs and borderline broke.  

Kyle's own lawyer(good friend and former Navy SEAL),informed Kyle that the Iron Cunt had even hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Kyle.  The investigator's main focus was to see if Kyle had cheated during his 15 years of marriage to Linda.  Any ammo was welcomed and anything that could be used
to block Kyle's parental rights to his boys was the main intention.  

Afterall, in divorce everything is 
fair game.  It's a dirty game that some divorce lawyers play better than others.  In the end, it  comes down as to whom you hire and how much, you're willing to pay.

Of course, Kyle had covered all his fucking tracks.  He wasn't fucking stupid.  

A man has needs, afterall.  

Married or single...

Kyle's also one of the best when going off the grid and disappearing.  Nothing incriminating could ever be found on him.  You can fucking look, dig, search, inquire and ask, all you fucking want.  But, in the end, you'll never find any dirt on Kyle Allan Berehowsky.  

But, since the
Berehowsky's divorce was an amicable one.  The Iron Cunt's hopes to crush, destroy and emasculate Kyle had been blocked.  Cassandra had actually been surprised and pretty much speechless, as to how generous Kyle had been with his ex-wife.  

Afterall, Linda got to keep the 
$2,899,000 mansion, which is nestled in a very prestigious and gated community in Phoenix. Kyle also freely volunteered to pay for the mortgage, utilities, the hefty child support, the boys private school, as well as any and all after school activities.  

Kyle also volunteered to continue paying for his ex-wive's country club membership,
the maintenance of her Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster, her many credit cards, an extremely generous weekly allowance and of course, paying for the employment of a cook/housekeeper.

But, if Kyle divulged any new information of his current work status and earnings, things would definitely change and not for the better.  Between the harpy lawyer and his ex-wife, they would take turns gang banging him three ways from fucking Sunday!  

Make no fucking mistake.  Once Linda got wind that Kyle was making serious cash.  She would make it her top priority to bleed him dry.  His ex-wife would demand a hefty increase to her weekly allowance and a much bigger increase in child support.


That was the part that got Kyle's blood boiling.  Again, it wouldn't matter to him, if the money was going towards the boys, or even for his ex-wife.  But, he knew that Linda only wanted his money to waste it and spend it, on stupid things.  This was just plain revenge, bitterness and blind anger on her part to bleed him dry.  


What if he threw enough money at Linda?  Whould she take the bait and give him more access to the boys?  That was a slim chance, if at all possible.  This new arrangement would be a maybe at most and he had a lot to lose.  

But, having his boys around him, would more than make up for a nearly empty bank account.  This was something that he'd have to discuss with his lawyer and his very generous employer
, the sheik.

Kyle was then yanked back to reality by Cody, who was gently tapping his head.

"Daddy!  Hellooo, daddy!"

Kyle snapped out of his deep thought.

"Sorry there, champ...  I was just thinking.  What's up?"

Kyle then gave Cody a big kiss on his right knee.

"I was saying that Zach is mean to me at home!  He locks himself in his room for hours and he dosen't let me into his room!"

Kyle smiled and had to bite his tongue before he gave an answer.  Afterall, he could only imagine what his 13 year old son could be doing behind closed and locked doors.

Zach who had been quietly walking behind them, finally spoke up.

"It's my room, dork!  I can do, whatever I want."

Cody turned his little head around and glared at his big brother.

"I think, it's because he's always playing with his weiner, daddy."

Zach quickly shouted back.

"Shut up, Cody!"

Kyle wanted to laugh.  But, he didn't.  Afterall, he didn't want to further embarrass a blushing and angry Zach.

"Now, champ.  What have I said about being a tattletale?"

Cody sighed.

"That no one, likes a tattletale."

Kyle nodded.

"That's right and as your brother says, it is his room.  Sometimes, everyone needs privacy and alone time.  You'll understand  once you get older."

Cody sighed again and turned his head around to face his older brother.

"I'm sorry, Zach."

Zach managed a faint smile at his little brother.

"It's fine, kiddo."

Kyle smiled, as both of his sons made peace.


Cody then got all fidgety, as he sat on dad's strong shoulders.

"What is it, champ?"

Cody was looking around the ground.

"Are there any snakes out here?  Like, the bad ones?"

silently groaned at Cody's ophiophobia.

Cody has recently developed a fear of snakes.  It all started a few months ago, when Zach made the mistake to watch the movie
Anaconda(yes, the one with Jennifer Lopez) with his little brother.  Now, Cody is deathly terrified of snakes and thinks that a giant Anaconda is going to appear out of nowhere and swallow him alive.

"Well, yes there are champ.  This is the desert and their home.  But, there is no such thing as bad snakes.  Like all of God's creatures, they have their purpose in the food chain.  But, I doubt we'll see any.  Some snakes tend to come out during the day to look for food and warm up.  While others, tend to sleep during the day and come out when it's cooler and hunt for food."

Zach started looking around the ground and moved closer to his dad.  He then started typing something on his watch.


Info found...

There are 16 non venomous and 22 venomous snakes, found in the state of Arizona.  
For more information, select venomous or non venomous snakes.

Great!  Zach thought.
Kyle thought that it best, if he changed the topic and got Cody's mind off snakes.

"Did you guys know that Native Americans lived here 12,000 years ago?"

Cody frowned, as he looked around the desert.

"Here, daddy?  In the desert?"


"Yeah, champ.  You can still find remains of Native American villages and burial sites in this area."

Cody looked back at his big brother, with a surprised look on his face.

"Burial?  Like in graves?"

Kyle smiled and nodded silently.  

Typical boy.  

Give a curious boy something sinister, borderline macabre and they'll all over it.

"Did you hear that, Zach?"

He's got him now, Kyle thought.

"Also, the trophy prized above anything else by Native Americans was the scalp."

Cody squirmed and made a face.

"Ewww!  Gross, daddy!".

Kyle again kissed Cody's right leg, as he held his boy tightly.

Not for them, it wasn't.  It was a trophy, buddy.  A sign of victory and a show of strength over their rivals.  The scalp was cut and torn from the head of wounded or dead enemies."

"Ewww!  That's siiiiick!".  Cody shouted.

"Well, the scalp was carefully cleaned first, kiddo.  Then the skin was painted red on the inside and the hair arranged naturally. If the enemy was wearing war feathers, they were also kept along with the scalp.  But, I think that it was the Sioux, who took a much longer piece from the head, including the ears which were torn from the head.

Cody was squirming, while sitting on his dad's muscular shoulders.


Cody was gently tapping his dad's baseball cap.

"Where are the Shoo Indians, now daddy?"

Kyle snickered at Cody's pronunciation.

"S-i-o-u-x, champ.  And the Sioux can still be found in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Montana, as well as some parts of Canada."

As the Berehowsky's descended the hill, Kyle's keen sense of hearing, picked up some faint voices up ahead.  He then motioned for both boys to be quiet.

grabbed Cody from his shoulders and set him quietly on the ground.  As he took one step forward, he thought he heard a child's voice.

"Daddy, are we lost?"

Yes, it was the voice of a child.

A young child...

"No...and we're not lost, baby."

However, the voice that answered was gruff and deep.

Kyle looked at both of his boys and motioned them to be silent.  He wanted to be cautious of whoever was up ahead.  Afterall, you can never be too careful in the wild and he had his boy's safety to think about.

"It's been a while since,..."

Kyle then motioned for the boys to stand behind him.  He carefully and quietly took a few steps and peeked around a tall white oak tree.

"I think, we're supposed to go this way..."

On the trail below, Kyle saw a giant of a man.  

The big guy looked confused and perhaps even overwhelmed, as he tried to read a map.  A small boy, a little bit younger than Cody sat on a boulder, yawning and looking bored.
"Or, is it that way?"

Kyle snickered and felt bad for the big guy.  He knew how hard it can be to read a map, especially when the landscape changes so often. Kyle had assessed the situation and felt that it was safe, for him and his boys.  He then started walking quietly towards the man and his son.  But, he did motioned for his boys to stand back a bit.

"Hello, there.  May I, be of any assistance?"

The big guy jumped back and looked caught off guard.

"Holy shit, man!  You startled me.  Where the fuck, did you come from?"

Kyle raised both of his hands in the air, peacefully.  He then smiled and motioned for his boys to step forward.

"Sorry, man!  My boys and I were passing through and we overheard you.  Thought, you'd might need some help."

Zach stood confidently next to his dad, while Cody sheeply hid behind his big brother.

"I'm Kyle Berehowsky and these are my boys, Zach and Cody."

The boys stepped forward and waved at the giant and his son.

"Hello." Both boys, answered in unison.

The big burly guy, smiled and motioned for his son to come forward.  

"Well, hello there.  I'm Rex Thicke and this is my boy Max."

The little boy jumped from the boulder where he'd been sitting, ran and hid behind his dad's massive tree trunks for legs.
The man was taller than Kyle, at least 6'7 and easily 300 lbs.  The first thing that came to Kyle's mind was that this man resembled an enormous, redheaded and hairy lumberjack.  

was wearing a green plaid short sleeve shirt, grey cargo pants and brown Timberland boots.  His strawberry blonde hair was cropped short and tucked beneath a baseball cap.  He was sporting a thick and colourful five day beard stubble.  In the bright sunlight, the stubble appeared to be made up of three different and colourful shades of ash blonde, deep red and auburn.  

This mountain of a man had a pleasant, friendly face, a welcoming smile and sparkling lime green eyes.  
His son Max was a cute little thing and also a redhead.  The hair on the boy was a darker shade of red than his dad's and his cute little face was covered in freckles.  The kid was wearing a gold coloured, University of New Orleans T-shirt(which was, way too big for him) black cargo shorts and brown leather sandals.  The giant then extended his bear-sized hand for Kyle to shake.  

As Kyle shook the huge hand, he noticed that the man had a strong and firm handshake.  One can tell a lot, by the way a person shakes hands and this guy had a tight, firm and manly grip.  He also made eye contact, which for Kyle made for a more favourable impression and told him that he was dealing with a confident and strong minded guy.

The big guy straightened his tall body and took off his baseball cap.  His short buzz cut was drenched in sweat, which cascaded down the side of his face.  As Rex wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand, Kyle noticed the thick and  muscular hairy 

"Shit, guy.  I wasn't expecting to run into anyone this far in.  You can get lost in here, if you don't know where you're going."

Kyle gave a side smile, as he nodded his head.

"Ummm, yeah.  That's for sure and where were you heading?"

Kyle then looked at his sons, who seemed to be trying to introduce themselves to a very shy and quiet Max.

"The Wave, actually."

Kyle once again smiled and nodded his head.

"Really?  Well, that's the same place my boys and I are heading."

The big guy, once again looked surprised.


The giant didn't sound too excited that Kyle and his boys were heading the same way.  Perhaps, more like disappointed?

Kyle adjusted his backpack and looked at the boys.

"Well, since we're going to the same place.  Would you and your son, like to join us?"

Rex pursed his lips and nodded.

"Yeah, man.  That sounds good.  Let me just grab our duffle bag."

Rex picked up a grey duffle bag from the ground and threw it over his massive shoulders.

"Got snacks and water, for me and the boy, here."

Kyle once again, nodded.

"Good man.  Gotta keep cool and hydrated in this place."

Rex was looking at his son, who seemed to have opened up to Zach and Cody.

"You and your boys from around here?"

Kyle looked back at his boys, as they were telling Max some corny joke.

"Yeah, Phoenix."

Rex nodded his head.

"Me and my boy, are driving from New Orleans.  I got him for summer vacation and we're on our way to San Francisco.  But, before heading there, I wanted to show my boy the beauty of this place."

Kyle smiled as he looked at the three boys, who were laughing out loud at the private joke.  He then took a good look at the behemoth walking next to him.

"You seem familiar, bud?  Do, I know you from somewhere?"

The big guy chuckled, as he nodded his huge head.

"I get that a lot, actually.  I was a quarterback for the New Orleans Fleur-de-lis, back in the 90's."

Holy shit!

This guy was a fucking celebrity!  

Now, Kyle recognized the big fucker!

This was the Big Red Behr!  

The nickname was due to his fucking huge built and overall hairyness.  Off the field, he was better known as Rex Alexander Behr.

"Hey, boys!  Look here, this guy is a celebrity!"

Zach and Cody looked at each other and then at their overly excited dad.

"This is the Big Red Behr!"

Cody was looking at a very confused Zach.  While, Zack was looking at his dad like he was out of his freaking mind!

"You remember, right Zach?  I took you to see a couple of his games a few years ago."

Zach shrugged his shoulders.

Rex seemed a little embarrassed, as he blushed and smiled.

"Really, Zach?  You don't remember?"

Zach sighed, as he shook his head.

"No, dad.  Sorry,..."

Rex chuckled, as he scratched his head.

"That's allright man.  That was like a fucking hundred years ago.  I'm actually a recruiting coach for the team, now.
 Which is why, we're heading to San Fran and looking at some potential recruits in the bay area."

Kyle nodded.  

"I gotta say, man.  You were an awesome
quarterback!  I must have seen a dozen of your games.  I'm very sorry about the injury, though."

Kyle toned down his exciment and cleared his throat.

Rex Alexander Behr was destined to great things in football.  Twice, he was voted MVP at the University of New Orleans. He appeared in countless sports magazine covers and t.v. interviews, all naming him as a rising football star.  He was showered with multi-million dollar endorsements and was always photographed with a different supermodel arm candy, everytime he was out.  

The young man had been a force to reckon with on the field and his record to this day remains untouched.  However, on his last season the unfortunate happened.  

Rex had been days away from signing a multi-million dollar contract with a top NFL team.  But, as Rex went onto the field and played the best game of his young career, he
sustained a major knee injury.  He damaged three of the four major ligaments in his knee and even after 3 surgeries and many months of therapy, he never fully recovered.  Sadly, that was the end of his career.

Rex once again, took of his baseball cap and wiped the sweat of his brow.  The short sleeve shirt, he was wearing was covered in sweat and sticking to his massive hairy chest.  

"Hey, that's fucking life bud.  When life gives you lemons..."

Kyle nodded, smiled and finished the sentence.

"You fucking make lemonade."

Rex cleared his throat and scratched his stubble.

"Fucking right, man!  You just make the best of it, period."

Little Max went back to his father and practically latched at his father's left leg.

Kyle smiled at the cute little ginger kid.

"He's really close to his daddy."
 Said, a sweaty looking Rex.

Kyle simply smiled.

"I bet.  I've got two of my own."

Both men, smiled as they looked at their offspring.

Rex stopped and looked around the hot desert.

"Holy shit, man!  It's really getting hot, now."

Kyle took a sip of water from his water bottle, as he also wiped the sweat off his brow with his shirt.  He then offered Rex a sip, who took the bottle and had a sip.  Rex showed the bottle to Max, who shook his head as he didn't want any.

Well, at least it's fucking dry heat.  New Orleans gets pretty fucking hot and humid."

The enormous giant then took off his soaking wet shirt.  Both Kyle and the boys were transfixed, as they watched the hulking giant strip.

Behr is a fucking massive behemoth and mountain of a man.  The gargantuan colossus was covered from head to toe in thick curls and damp ringlets of red hair.  Even his shoulders and back were covered in a thick carpet of red hair.  

But, that wasn't all that grabbed Kyle's and the boy's attention.  It was obvious that the fucker worked out, because his arms, chest, forearms
and even shoulders were heavily muscled(and also covered in hair).  The hairy behemoth had a golden Fleur-de-lis tattoo on his right bicep and on his left, the name Max encircled within a red heart.

outstreched his little arms and wanted to be carried.

"Daddy, up!"

Rex smiled at his son and blew him a kiss.

"C'mere, baby boy!"

Rex picked up Max in a quick swoop.  The boy seemed happy and was all smiles, as he rested his head on his daddy's muscular and hairy chest.

"How are you doing, baby?  You sure you don't want something to drink." Said the gruff, yet soft spoken Rex.

Max looked at his daddy, then shyly at Kyle.

"I...I want my bottle."

Rex eyes bulged out, as he looked surprised and even blushed a little.  Kyle found it strange that a boy of Max's age would still be asking for a bottle.

Rex again blushed as he
kissed his son's ginger head.

"Im trying to slowly wean him out of a bottle.  But, it's hard not to give in..."

Kyle smiled, as he looked at his own two rambunctious boys.

"Boys." Kyle said.

"Boys." Rex repeated, as hugged his son.

As they started walking, Kyle couldn't help to see, as to how close Rex and Max were.  

It was a sweet, tender and natural display of affection.  

It also, spoke volumes...

Afterall, t
here's nothing like the bond, between father and son.  That deep, paternal and spiritual connection that only another father can understand.  

Kyle was suddenly distracted by Cody squealing like a little girl.  The boy was pointing to a large and ugly-looking, green spiny-tailed iguana.  

"Daddy, look!  Over there, look!  Look!"

Kyle started walking towards Cody, who was making a move towards the iguana.  He wanted to be sure that Cody didn't touch or make an attempt to grab the lizard.  But, something else caught his eye.  

Rex had discreetly slid his large right hand inside his son's cargo shorts.  And w
hile Cody was busy jumping up and down and pointing at the iguana.  Kyle's eyes were somewhere else.  

As Max's head rested confortably on his daddy's hairy chest.  The kid also seemed to be squirming and giggling, as Rex moved his right hand inside the boy's shorts.  

And did Max just faintly, moan?  

No way.  

He must have imagined it.  

Suddenly, Kyle was startled by Rex who was staring at him with a perplexed look on his face.

"Umm, Bud?  Hellooo..."


Kyle snapped out his haze.

"Umm, sorry.  Did you say something?"

Rex chuckled.

"Yeah, man.  I was asking, where's the wife?  She didn't want to come?"

Max kept squirming and giggling in his daddy's tight embrace.  The boy was kissing his dad's neck and with his tiny right hand, he absentmindedly played with the thick ringlets of his dad's hairy chest.

Kyle was speechless and felt confused.

"Bud?" Rex patiently waited for an answer.

Kyle cleared his throat.

"Umm, the wife?  Yeah, umm...Well, more like ex-wife."

Rex sighed and gave a knowing smile.

"No need to say more, bud."

Rex gave another kiss to Max's head.

"I've been divorced for 3 years, now.  I was unhappily married for 10."

Kyle nodded.

"I've been divorced for little over a year and married for 15 years."

Both men nodded silently.

"That bitc..."  Rex sighed, shook his head and took a deep breath.

"Sorry, almost slipped out.  I meant to say, my ex-wife..."

Kyle chuckled.

"She only lets me see my boy during summer vacation and Christmas holidays.  Even though I was very generous to her, as she got the fucking house, car, alimony and my boy!"

Rex sighed loudly, as he held his boy a little bit closer.

"I hear you, bud."  Kyle took a quick look at his boys.

Zach seemed to be paying close attention to the conversation.  Even though, he pretended he wasn't interested.  Cody at the other hand, had found a long stick and was throwing it up in the air.

Kyle had his eyes on his boys, as he took a deep breath and exhaled.  

"If I didn't have a good friend, as my lawyer.  Well, let's just say that I would have been majorly screwed."

Rex's face quickly turned an angry shade of red.

"Don't even get me started on the fucking lawyers!"

Max quickly straightened up and frowned at his dad.

"Daddy!  You're doing it again!"

Rex's face and colour, immediately changed at the sound of his son's voice.

"Oh, sorry baby.  My bad, I'm very sorry.  I promise, I'll stop swearing."

Rex blushed, as he looked at Kyle.

"I tend to swear too much.  My boy is trying to keep me on the straight and narrow."

Kyle laughed, as he nodded his head.

"It seems, we have quite a few things in common."

Kyle then looked at Zach who gave a side smile, while pretending to look away.

"Listen, Rex.  I have a good friend and whom I trust completely.  He's also a great family lawyer and has helped quite a few single fathers.  If you're interested, I can give you his number and you can discuss your son's visitation rights with him."

Rex seemed very interested.

"Yeah?  You think so?  I do want more visiting time with my boy."

Kyle nodded.

"Completely understandable.  I'd say, just give him a couple of tickets to the 
Fleur-de-lis and he'll call it even.  He's a huge fan and never misses a game."

Rex laughed.

"Hey, if he manages the impossible.  I'll make sure that he gets free tickets for life and he can bang any of the cheerleaders on the team."

Kyle gave a small cough, as he laughed out loud.

"Umm, that's very generous of you.  But, he plays for the opposite team."

Rex raised an eyebrow and looked at Kyle.

"Huh.  Allright, I'm sure I can arrange...something for him."

 Now, it was Kyle's turn to look suprised.  

He definitely, saw a saw a sparkle and a hint of mischief in Rex's lime green eyes.

"Well, umm...good.  Then you can bet your ass, he'll do his very best."

As they were nearing their destination, Rex stopped and faced Kyle.

"Listen, man.  I'm not good with...words.  I'm very glad we met and you don't know, how much this means to me.  I can't thank you, enough."

The big guy's eyes, seemed to water a bit.

"The boy is my world.  He's my life and whole purpose for living.  It's hard to be away from him..."

Kyle sighed and nodded.  He knew exactly what Rex was going through and what he was feeling.

"No need to say more, bud.  As a father, I understand completely."

They exchanged knowing looks and they both nodded in silent agreement.

As they started, they could hear voices and loud music playing not far away.  Kyle frowned, as he looked at a very surprised Rex.

"What the fuck?"

They continued walking and as they passed some enormous boulders, the voices were getting louder and rowdier.

"Well, so much for this place being fucking secluded." Kyle sighed, as he pointed ahead.

"Welcome to the Wave, guys!"

The Wave...

A beautiful and pristine oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert.  

The giant waterhole was hidden by giant boulders and deep brush.  It was also protected by dangerous wildlife and a steep mountain pass.  

But, at the moment the sacred sanctuary was overflowing with what seemed like young college kids.  There must have been about 10 guys roughousing, shouting and playing in the water.  In the backgorund, loud, obnoxious and x-rated gangsta rap was playing from a huge boom box.

They still make boom boxes?  Kyle frowned and gave a long sigh.

"Well, at least the waterhole is still here."

Rex on the other hand, didn't look too happy.

"Dammit!  And here, I thought I was going to spend some quiet time with my boy."

As they approached the waterhole, they were greeted by two young guys, who were drinking beer and smoking expensive Cuban cigars.

"Hey, man!  'Sup!"

Kyle gave another low sigh.


The two guys had bloodshot eyes and reeked of pot.

"Welcome to the Wave, dudes!  I'm Derek and this is my bud, Josh."

The one named Josh, lifted his beer bottle high in the air.

"Welcome big dudes and...little dudes!"

Kyle stepped forward and gave a faint smile at the guys.

"I'm Kyle and these are my boys, Zach and Cody.  That's Rex and his son, Max."

Rex was sizing up the guys, while giving them the evil eye.

"How did you guys hear of this place?"  Asked a very serious looking Kyle.

The guy with the spiky blonde hair was the first to speak up.  The kid was shirtless and couldn't have been more than 19 or 20 years old.  He was tall, slim, hairless and built.  His body was pure muscle and with a typical swimmer's body.  The guy was also wearing a snug and very revealing black speedo.

"We're on our way to a swimming competition in Austin.  We decided to make a quick stop here, since our coach is from here and told us about this awesome place."

The other kid, also with the same ripped built, took another sip of his beer.  This guy was also wearing a speedo, blue in colour and also way too snug and small for him.  

Now, Kyle has never been a prude.  

But, when it came to swimming, he prefers board shorts over a any type of swimming shorts, especially a speedo.  This was mostly due, to not wanting to offend or especially shock anyone(and this has happened in the past)  And, yes this was due to his large johnson and massive set of balls.

Kyle was looking at a very upset Rex.

"Well, don't mind us.  We're stopping here for a quick swim and then we'll be on our way."

The two guys looked at each other and smiled.

"Sure, dudes!  Not a problem.  Su casa, es mi casa.  Or is it?  Mi casa, es su casa?"

Both guys started laughing hysterically.

Obviously, fucking stoned!

Ahh, to be young and stupid again! thought, Kyle.

Kyle wanted to be far away from the stoners.  So, he motioned Rex and the boys to follow him.  He started walking towards some large boulders and at least the rocks gave them some space and privacy.  Kyle then took off his back pack and set it on the ground.

"Well, I guess this spot will have to do.  These guys seem, allright.  They're friendly and very stoned.  But, otherwise harmless."

Zach, Cody and Max were looking towards a large cliff, where the other guys were diving flawlessly into the water.
 All of the guys were around the same age and wearing the same type of skimpy speedos.

"Dad?  May, I do that?"

Zach was pointing at the guys, who were doing some impressive and daring somersaults.  Cody and Max were in awe, speechless and completely entranced by the perfect and impeccable somersaults.

"Dive all you want.  But, no somersaults!  Last thing I want, is for your mother to tear me a new one.  She'd have a heart attack, if I brought you back in a cast."

Zach happily nodded.

"Zach, I mean it.  Promise me, no somersaults."

Zach rolled his eyes and sighed.

"I Promise, dad.  No somersaults!  Now, can I go?"

Kyled nodded and as Zack was about to take off his runners.

"Crap!"  Zach muttered.

Kyle looked at his son.

"What?  What is it?"

Zach sighed, as he looked at the guys who were roughousing and laughing, as they jumped from the rocky cliffs.

"We didn't bring any bathing suits."

Kyle raised his eyebrows.


That's right!

He'd been in such a rush to get going and find this place, that he completely forgot to bring the swimming shorts they had brought for the trip.  Plus, he didn't think the waterhole was going to be here.  The last couple of days had been scorching hot and Kyle thought that the water would most likely be dried up.  

He was about to suggest, that they could all swim in their cargo shorts or even underwear.  But, then a blonde and spikey head popped from behind one of the boulders.

"Did, I hear someone in need of a bathing suit?"

It was the blonde haired guy that had greeted them at the entrance to the waterhole.  What, was it again?  Derek?

Zach nodded, as he pouted a little.

"No worries, little dude.  We got tons of speedos to choose from.  Why don't you come on over to our tent and pick one that you like."

Zach looked at his dad for approval.

Kyle scratched his stubble, as he politely smiled.

"That's very nice of you.  But, we don't want to impose..."

The blonde guy, took another sip of his beer.

"Not imposing, man.  C'on, follow me little dude..."

Zach once again, looked at his dad for approval.

Kyle sighed and nodded.

"Go ahead then and thank you, Derek."

Zach happily followed the young guy and they walked away chatting.  Cody then quietly approached his dad.

"Daddy, what about me?  What am I going to wear?"

Kyle pursed his lips.

"Well, champ.  Being that we're all guys here.  You can either swim in your cargo shorts, your underwear or bare butt naked."

Cody blushed and rolled his eyes.

"Daddy!  I'm serious!"

Kyle then kneeled down to Cody's eye level.

"So, was I champ.  There are no ladies, here.  If you don't want to swim bare ass naked, then swim in your cargo shorts or undies."

Cody pouted, as he gave the scenario some thought.

Rex who was standing next Kyle gave a small chuckle, as he looked at his own boy.

"Same goes for you, baby boy.  Either shorts, undies or bare ass naked.  Which one, is it going to be?"

Max looked up at his daddy, who towered over him and then loudly shouted.


In a flash, the kid starting taking off his clothes.  Cody smiled, as he looked at his dad and also started taking off his clothes.

At that moment, Zach came back with a white speedo in his hands.

"Umm, dad?  A word in private, please."

Kyle looked at Zach inquisitively and followed him away from the others.

"Yeah, buddy?  What is it?"

Zach blushed, as he showed his dad the speedo.  

Kyle already had an idea, as to what his son was concerned about.

"Umm,...I don't know dad.  I mean, the speedo is quite small for..."

Zach couldn't even finish his sentence.  His face turned a deep shade of scarlet and he blushed furiously.  Zach couldn't even see his dad in the eyes.

Kyle simply raised his eyebrows and stared at his son.  

If Zach had an issue with something, anything.  Well, then Kyle expected his son to tell him.  Afterall, Zachery wasn't a little boy anymore.

Zach then rolled his eyes and sighed heavily.  He hoped that his dad had caught his meaning.

"Well, you know..." Another, heavy sigh.

Kyle just looked at his son and waited patiently.

Zach sighed once more, rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Ugh!  My junk will end up falling out of the speedo!"


Zach had
finally said it.  

Now, was it really that hard?

Kyle extended his right hand, Zachery without looking at his dad, handed him the white speedo.

Kyle inspected it and yes, his son was right.  This type of clothing was certainly not appropriate for any
well endowed male.
And the Berehowsky's were way above avarage in the dick and balls department.

Kyle stretched the fabric of the speedo, as he looked at his blushing son.

"Buddy, we've had this talk before.  You know that you've been blessed with more than generous endowments.  So, this comes with the territory.  If you want to go swimming then suck it up, step up to the plate and man up."

Zach lowered his head and nodded.

"Son, please look at me."

Zachery shyly looked up at his dad.

"Zach, you shouldn't feel embarrased about this.  You're male and should be very proud of your body.  Trust me, when I say that in a couple of years, the rest of your body will end up catching up to the rest.  Then you'll see that this is no longer an issue."

Zach gulped and nodded silently.

Kyle then softly stroked his son's face.

"What I suggest you do.  If you're feeling self-conscious about the speedo.  Then wear your jock underneath it, or swim in your cargo shorts."

Zach again nodded.

"Like I was just telling your little brother.  It's just us, guys here.  So, embrace your body, imbrace your manhood and enjoy yourself!"

Kyle then playfully grabbed his ample crotch, as Zach chuckled at his dad's bold lewdness.  

Zach smiled, as he felt confortable talking to his father.  True, his dad had been gone a while and Zach still held a lot of bottled up resentment and anger.  But, at this moment, he was glad to have his dad around.

As father and son walked back to the waterhole.  Cody and Max were already in the water, bare ass naked, laughing and splashing each other.  Kyle and Zach looked at each other and also started laughing.  At that moment, Rex walked in carrying what looked like a speedo in his hand.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit, either.  But, I got two speedos from that cool guy, Derek.  I got one for you, just in case."

Kyle smiled, as he politely took the speedo from Rex.

Kyle carefully inspected it.

Man, this speedo is small.

"Hey, when in Rome..."

Rex chuckled, as he started to unbuckle the belt on his cargo short.

Kyle and Rex were stripping right there on the spot.  Zach on the other hand, still felt a bit self-conscious.  So, he moved a little further away and was able to find a more private spot.

Kyle sighed at his son's shyness.  But, he knew that eventually Zach would come around and as he got older, he'd get more confortable in his own skin and fully embrace his body.  

But, this was the awakening that Kyle needed.  

This was truly the moment, when he decided to make changes in his joint custody.  

Kyle wanted...

No, let's rephrase that.  

Kyle needed to be around his sons more.

The boys also needed their father.  Even if they didn't flat out say it.  
The boys were quickly growing up and this incident with Zachary confirmed that he needed to be present more for his boys.

Boys need a father figure.

An adult male to mold them, to teach them and show them what it means to be a man.  And Kyle being away for months on end, wasn't cut in it.  Besides, the last thing he wanted was for another man to be raise his sons.  He knew that Linda wasn't going to stay single for long.  Which, was really fine.  

The divorce had been amicable.  They had parted ways in a somewhat, friendly manner and although he wasn't thrilled with the idea of Linda getting remarried.  He certainly wasn't the jealous type and going to stand in the way for her to find happiness.
But, he'd be damned if another man raised his boys!   

So, this was it!  

He had to grab this opportunity by the balls(sort of speak).  

He had two weeks to work on his boys.  To slowly and very carefully, open then up to the idea of having them move in with him.  Not completely, though.  

He wasn't going to ask for full custody.  Besides, there's no fucking way, he'd get it.  But, at least to get more visitation days.
Kyle stood bare ass naked looking at his speedo and shaking his head.  

There was no fucking way, he was going to fit in this little piece of material.  

But, perhaps this was the opportunity he needed.  Maybe, once Zach saw his own father in such a normal and natural(yet, a little indecent)state, then the boy would get the point.  Zachery would be more confortable with his body and eventually learn not to care what other people thought.  

The hell what anyone thinks!

And allthough from other people's perspective this type of attire would be considered borderline vulgar.  

Such was fucking life!  

Nowadays, some fucking people are too fucking easily offended.

Fuck them!  

So, Kyle took a deep breath, heed his own advice and forced himself into the speedo.  

Lead by example, right?

As he looked down at his massive bulge, he once again shook his head.  First, he tried to adjust the huge bulge.  Then he tried shifting it around, nope.  Perhaps, moving it to the side...nope!


But, it was no good.  His bulge was simply too big for this damm speedo.  

The speedo felt comfortable, form-fitting and hugged the body.  It was just too bad they it fit his form a little too well.  
The skin tight material made Kyle look down at his crotch and the obscene bulge looked, well...pornographic.  

Again, this type of swimsuit wasn't meant for men that were...well endowed.  Kyle wasn't a prude.  But, he also didn't want to show off this fucking much!  

The massive bulge stuck out at least five inches, from what should have been a relatively flat surface.  At least it was a good thing that it was just guys around the waterhole.  Otherwise, he'd be ticketed, arrested and hauled away for both lewd conduct and lascivious exposure.  

Once in his white speedo and as Kyle walked towards the waterhole, the impressive bulge
swayed and heavily bounced, as it literally led the way.  Rex was standing by the water's edge, wearing a black speedo and looking at the young guys dive off the large cliff.  

From the back, Rex's hairy bubble butt was quite the sight.  The man was fucking massive and resembled The fucking incredible Hulk.  Well, a hairier, more masculine and realistic version, rather than the flat and eunuch version from those fucking lame Avengers movies.

Zachery walked towards his father and stood next to him, as they looked at the guys jumping from the high cliffs.  As Rex turned around, he cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows as he looked at the father and then the son.  His eyes went straight towards Kyle's monster bulge and then towards Kyle's handsome boy.

"Like father, like son..."

Kyle smiled, winked at his boy and smiled with pride.  Zachery smiled shyly and looked away, as he blushed.

Holy shit!

Rex looked ridiculous in his speedo.  

The Big Red Behr stood feet spread wide apart, muscular hairy chest out and a huge bulge poking out.  It looked like the big hairy brute had stuffed a big and fat cucumber along with two baseballs into his speedo.  

But, he looked quite confortable and without a care in the world, as he started walking towards the water's edge.

"Well, c'on guys.  Time to get in the fucking water!"

Kyle and Zach didn't have to be told twice.  They both quickly followed the hairy giant into the warm and inviting crystal clear water.  

Cody was all smiles, as he saw his daddy and brother and doggy paddled towards them.  Kyle submerged himself quickly under water and torpedoed himself towards Cody.  

He swam underneath his boy and in a gush of water, swooped his boy into his heavily muscled arms.  Cody screamed histerically, as he loved every minute of his dad's roughousing.  The boy then latched himself into Kyle's hairy muscular chest.  

"Daddy, I love it here!"

Kyle smiled happily at his boy.

"You do?  Well, I'm very glad, champ."

Cody's tiny arms, quickly went around Kyle's thick neck.  The little munchkin then started kissing his dad on the cheek.
Kyle, a bit surprised by the show of affection, reciprocated and starting giving tender kisses to Cody's head.

A few metres deeper, Rex was throwing a naked and very happy and excited Max up into the air.  The kid would literally fly high in the air and then land in a huge splash of water, as he squealed at the top of his lungs...


Cody never one to miss any fun, looked at his daddy.

"Daddy, do that to me!"

His tiny hands were pointing at Max, who once again landed on the water hard, creating a massive wave.  Kyle looked at his boy and kissed him on the cheek.

"You sure, buddy?  You won't be scared?"

Cody looked at Max, who kept squealing and laughing wholeheartedly.

"Huh, huh.  I won't be scared.  Do it, do it, do it!"

Kyle snickered, as he kissed Cody on the forehead.

"Allright.  But, let me know when you want me to stop."

Kyle then threw a naked Cody high into the air and the kid landed close to Kyle in a huge splash.  For the next fifteen minutes, the echoes of both Cody and Max shrieking could be heard for miles.  As Zach swam next to his dad and as watched Cody land hard on the water, he couldn't help to steal quick glances at his dad and brother.

Zach at the moment was having some very mixed feelings...

His dad at the moment, was behaving like a typical father.  But, Zach and his little brother hadn't seen or heard from their father in months.  Yet, here he was acting like nothing had happened and like they were a normal family(which, they were not!).

Afterall, his parents were divorced, hardly spoke to one another and when they did, they were always yelling, swearing and arguing.


Zach wanted to be closer to his dad.  

Zachery, actually wanted to be more like Cody(man, he thought he'd never say that.)


An innocent,
very carefree, sweet and forgiving little boy.  But, as much as he loves his little brother...

Cody tends to be weak.   

But, at this moment, Zach wanted nothing more than to hug his dad.  However, his stubborn pride held him at bay.

And as Zach continued to stare at his dad, he also felt proud of his old man.  

How old was his dad, again?  

38, 39 years old?

Well, whatever his age.  The old man still looks pretty good!

Zach couldn't stop staring at his dad's toned, tanned and heavily muscled body.  He, himself wasn't doing too shabby in the development department, either.  But, nothing compared to his dad.

Puberty had kicked in with a force and everything was developing, nicely.  He would soon be turning 14 years old next month and at the moment, he's a lot taller and carrying more muscle than most of the boys in his class.  He's also very proud of the fact that he's shaving.  But, much to his dismay, he still dosen't have any chest hair.  

Being a football player, he also has access to the athletic department at school.  He tends to go in with the other freshmen and work on his muscles on an almost daily basis.  Yet, as he steals another quick look at his dad, maybe he needs to put more hard work at the gym.  Afterall, he wants to be just as well-built and as strong as his tank of a dad.

There's also quite a few changes happening in Zach's life...

One of those new changes are his interest in girls.  But, talking and dealing with the opposite sex tends to be an awkward, sweaty and tongue-tied situation.  

Girls tend to be loud, always giggling, gossiping and drenched from head to toe in overpowering and sweet perfume.  And just like wolves, they tend to travel in packs and seem to speak a completely different language.  

At the moment, Zach has 6 girls chasing him(not counting, Lauren).  Ever since he started tutoring Lauren in Algebra that only seem to piss the other girls off.  At least three times a day, he tends to find love notes shoved into his locker.  

These perfumed love notes are either stupid poems, phone numbers or clues as to whom might have written the stupid note. Maybe, he could ask his dad for tips as to how to handle girls?  For sure, his dad's gotta have some tips, right?

watched carefully, as his dad held a very happy and giggling Cody.  Cody was in high heaven in his dad's arms and even planted a big kiss on his dad's lips.

Kyle was taken by complete surprise by Cody's kiss.  

Not that he wasn't used to getting a kiss from his boys.  He got plenty of kisses from his boys, when they were little.  But, now that they were getting older.  Well, he thought this type of affection had stopped.  So, at this moment, he didn't know how to react to his 7 year old, kissing him on the lips.

It wasn't a big deal... 

It was just a kiss.

A tender, sweet and innocent sign of affection from his youngest son.

As Kyle held a very chatty Cody in his arms, he remembered his own very uptight and strict upbringing.  

Kyle and his older brother had always been starved for attention from their tough as nails father.  Kyle's dad had been a General in the U.S. Army and up until the time of his death, he'd never really shown much affection towards his sons.  

Sure, deep down Kyle knew that his father loved him and his brother.  He had to right?  Afterall, his father always spoke well of his sons and their accomplishments to friends, colleagues and family and he seemed to be genuinely proud.  But, as far as he could remember, it had always been difficult or non-existent for his father to show genuine love and affection towards his family.  
The most affection that he and his older brother would get, would be a handshake, a pat in the back or perhaps a brief nod of acknowledgement.  A hug was only reserved for a birthday, New Year's or when there had been a death in the family(and really, how often did that happen?)

Kyle's father, Allan Zachery Berehowsky came from a
different generation.  An older, antiquated, father knows best kind of rigid and uptight, disciplinarian upbringing.  

A time when children were only to be seen and certainly not heard.  

Kyle remembered the time, when he would have been a little bit younger than Cody.  His father was about to go on deployment and going to be gone for a while.  So, as he was about to kiss his father goodbye on the lips, his dad roughly pushed him away and in a serious and almost angry tone, told Kyle that men do not kiss and to never do that again!   

Kyle had felt hurt and scared.  But, he never forgot that shameful moment.

Kyle then took a good look at his precious boy, Cody.  The little chatterbox was going on and on about something.  Cody has always been the sensitive one or as his ex-wife would put it, the sweet one, the most affectionate, polite and most talkative of the Berehowsky boys.

Kyle smiled as he looked at his boy and returned the tender kiss to Cody's lips.  

Cody immediately shut up.  

The little guy then butted heads with his dad and smiled, as he stared at his dad's
hazel/green eyes.

"I really like it here, daddy."

Kyle nodded and blinked his eyes at his sweet boy.

"I'm glad you like it here, champ.  That's what I was hoping for."  As his dad held him in his arms, Cody looked around the waterhole.

"There aren't any snakes in the water, are there daddy?"

Kyle shook his head.

"No, baby..."

Kyle bit his tongue, closed his eyes and braced for a meltdown.  He had used the b word with Cody and the munchkin always gets angry when the baby word is used on him.

"Good!  'cause I hate snakes!"

Kyle raised his eyebrows and quickly looked at a very confused Zach.  His older brother simply shrugged his shoulders and swam closer to his father and brother.  Kyle then gave Cody a quick peck on the cheek.

"Did I ever tell you about the time I fought with a shark?"

Zach sighed and rolled his eyes.

"You did?" asked a big-eyed and curious Cody.

"Yeah, buddy.  It happened during my training in San Diego.  A shark came at me and I..."

Kyle then threw Cody up in the air and quickly dove underwater.  Cody again, squealed as he landed in a huge splash of water. Zach then cried out, as his dad grabbed his foot and pulled him underwater.  

Zach's first instinct was to struggle free from his dad's strong grip.  But, his dad 
immediately let go of his leg and he quickly surfaced back up.  His dad then somehow, managed to pick up him from the water and throw him high in the air.  He'd been caught completely caugh off guard, as he landed in a giant splash.

As his dad resurfaced, Zach gently splashed water on his face.


Kyle winked at his son and dove quietly underwater.  Zach looked at Cody who was trying to figure out where their dad was going to appear.  Suddenly an enormous wave opened up from beneath them and Kyle surfaced like the Greek God Poseidon parting the crystalline water beneath him.  Kyle splashed both boys with enormous waves and soon enough all three Berehowsky's were having an epic water fight.

Deeper in the waterhole, Rex was waving his arms and trying to get Kyle attention.

"Hey, bud!"

But, at the moment Kyle was busy trying to hold onto a slippery Cody, while fighting off Zachery who was trying(and failing) to pull his dad under water.

"Kyle!  Hey, bud!"

Kyle turned around and waved at Rex.  

"The guys are going to show my boy and I, some underwater caves.  You guys gonna be allright, here by yourselves?"

Kyle nodded, as he tried to fight his two rowdy boys.

"Yeah, man!  We're, good..."

Derek was holding onto a struggling Max, who was giggling and laughing as he was being tickled by Josh.  Derek then waved and called out at the other guys, who were still diving off the cliffs.

"Adam, Mike, Jesse, c'on guys.  
Roadcall, motherfuckers!"

As Kyle wrestled with his boys, he was also watching everything attentively.  

Why was everyone leaving?  

Zach finally, managed to pull his dad down underwater.  Apparently, his son wasn't letting up and Kyle was caught off guard by how strong Zach was.  He quickly resurfaced with a coughing Cody in tow.  

"Time out, son!  Time out, Zach!"

Zach splashed his dad and brother on the face, as he grinned.  Kyle then saw Rex swim away, while talking and laughing with Josh.  


Strange, how those two seem to bond so quickly?  

Derek swam way while holding onto a giggling Max.  Then 4 guys(whose names, he didn't catch) grabbed a cooler(most likely had alcohol) and a small black duffel bag, then dove fast into the water.

"We're gonna party now, boys!"

As they swam away, some guys were giving each other high-five, while others were slapping each other on the back.

The last group of guys, didn't even acknowledge Kyle and the boys.  They simply swam after the first group and dissapeared around one of the boulders.  In all the rush and commotion, a small black bottle fell out of a duffle bag and rolled close to the water's edge.

Zach was looking at the guys as they swam away.  Kyle took this opportunity and lifted Zach out of the water and once again, threw him in the air.  Cody laughed as he saw his brother land hard on the water several feet away.  But, his older brother soon recovered and swam towards them like a torpedo underwater.  

Kyle however was expecting this and quickly managed to grab Zach and haul him out of the water.  He then put a big hairy arm around the boy and squeezed him hard.  As the air was being forced out of Zach's lungs, he tried in vain to push away from his dad's muscular hairy chest and get away.  

Cody was cradled safely on his dad's other arm and the little guy laughed as his dad and brother wrestled in front of him.  Poor Zachery he was using both of his arms and legs to get away, while his dad held him close with just one heavily muscled arm.

"You gonna give up?"  Kyle taunted Zach.

Zach's face was an angry shade of red.  But, the boy wasn't a quitter.  So, he continued to push away and struggle against his dad's tight embrace.


Kyle expected this much from his son.  He knew that Zachery was a fighter and like him would fight, until the bitter end.

"Who's, your daddy?"  Growled a happy Kyle.

This infuriated Zachery even more.

"I asked you a question boy.  Who's, your fucking daddy?"  Smirked a victorious Kyle.

Kyle was facing his eldest.  After a few more minutes of pointless struggling, the poor exhusted boy sighed, spit out some water and in an almost audible voice, said.

"You are."

Finally admitting defeat, Zach gave up and let his dad pull him close.  Cody's arm wrapped around his big brother and Kyle's arm moved down to hug his eldest by the waist.  Zach then put an arm around his dad's broad shoulders and the other around his little brother.  

Kyle smiled, as he leaned in to kiss Cody's face and before he could react and push him away, he also kissed Zach's forehead.

"Fucking right!  You are my boys and don't you ever forget that!"

Cody grinned at them both, as his little leg snaked around his daddy's waist.  Kyle pulled Cody tight, his large bicep flaring against his son's back.  As Zach faced his dad, he felt relaxed, at ease and dare to say, even...happy?  

Zachery didn't want this moment to end.  So, after a few seconds mulling it over, he did the unthinkable.  He swallowed his pride and hugged both his dad and little brother.

As the three Berehowsky's looked at each other, they shared a laugh, knowing smiles and a moment of peace.  Things couldn't get any better.  

It was clear, hot afternoon, they were alone, having fun and swimming in a pristine water oasis.  Nothing could be more perfect or relaxing.  

However, Zachery is not used to this much close body contact(if you don't count, football).  So, whether it was nerves, happiness or just plain male youth hormones, the unexpected happened.

Zach got an erection.

Zach was stunned.  

He didn't know what to do and he certainly, didn't know what to say.  Of all the fucking places this could happen and at this time, really?  At the moment, Cody and his dad were going on about some shit or other.


This has never happen to him before!  

I mean, yes.  Ok!  

Zachery got boners all the fucking time, in fact.  But, they were dealt with by putting a book or binder in front of his tenting school pants or if he was at home, he'd just go to his room and jerk off a couple of loads.  If he was out and about with his friends, then he'd pull his undershirt out and hope for the best.

However, this scene was new to him...

I mean, to be horned up, at this moment.  

That's messed up!


I guess being so close to a dude...

A dude that just happens to be his dad!


Zach was usually pretty good about controlling his boner situations.  Mostly, he just stopped thinking about perky tits, luscious, plump redlips and a firm ass.  But, lately his dick really has a mind of it's own.  And again, this couldn't happen at the most inappropriate moment.



What's fucking worse is that his dick is pressed against his dad's junk!  His face was getting red and flushed.  His body wasn't responding the way he wanted and the look on his face, by now must be betraying him.  

Zachery was desperately 
trying to think of other things to make his dick go down.




But, the floodgates had been opened and then it happened...

Zach's cock started to throb.

Oh, for fuck sakes!

Fuck, my life!

At this moment, Zach wanted nothing more than for some vortex to suck him into another dimension.  He needed to swim away from his dad's tight grip.  Afterall, his dad had to feel that, right?  

They were cock to cock, for Christ sake!  

Thankfully, Cody was pointing at something on a rock.  This made his dad look away and this was the opportunity that Zach was waiting for.  Now, was the time to casually swim away from his dad and little brother.  

However, his dad had other plans and pulled Zach even closer.  This caused Zach's hips to move enough and align perfectly, so that his dad's big dick was rubbing against Zach's own growing member.  His dad's long fingers were gently caressing the firm flesh of Zach's waist and tracing the waistline of his son's speedo.

Jesus H. Christ!

He has to feel it, thought Zach.

He just has to!

As to confirm what Zach knew, he then felt something only another male can understand...

Zach felt his dad's big dick throb back in response.  

Zach just about died of embarrassment and plain awkwardness.  He closed his eyes and looked away.

This moment however awkward, mortifying or inconvenient was pivotal and crucial in this father and son bonding moment. Whatever barriers had been caused by anger, hurt and resentment and existed between Zach and his father seemed to at this moment, dissolve away.  Maybe, not completely.  But, certainly an erosion of frustration and resentment on behalf of Zach had slowly started to crumble.

Cody, of course was completely oblivious to what was happening below the surface.  Zach couldn't believe or even understand how nonchalant his dad was behaving.  Afterall, his dad was acting like nothing was happening, like everything was normal and fine.  While, Zach's face was going through every shade of red possible.

Kyle smiled lovingly at his son.

Let's rephrase that, Kyle smiled lovingly at both of his boys.

As father and son were pressed tightly together.  Well, there really was no longer a need to pretend like nothing was happening between them.  Kyle's thick dick, once again jumped and grew even longer against Zach's own swollen member.  He then felt his dad's strong hand, cup his ass in silent communication.  

As Cody went on and on, about how all snakes in the world should be destroyed.  Kyle's 
hazel/green eyesbore deep into his firstborn son.  No words were spoken, it was a silent, telepathic understanding that they both had.  A caring smile, then spread across his father's handsome and tanned face.  

Kyle's big right hand, then ran up Zach's back and then down to playfully squeeze his firm bubble butt.  Zach once again blushed, but said nothing.  Kyle kept pulling in Zach closer, while thrusting his hips against his son firmly.  

Zach felt everything,...

The boy could feel every thick inch of his dad's massive dick against him and yet, all his dad was doing was smiling.
 Cody then wanted to talk about what kind of fish(if any) lived in the waterhole.  

Kyle looked around the waterhole and told the little munchkin that perhaps, some type of hardy fish could live in this type of harsh and unforgiving environment.  But, most likely not.

Kyle was laughing on the inside.  

On the outside though, he was completely serious and composed.  Of course, he'd felt his son's erection and what could he say? Being a teenage male, meant that you will have many uncontrollable erections.  Such is the life for a young, healthy and hot blooded male.  There was nothing to be ashamed, embarrassed or feel guilty about.  

This was perfectly normal.  


It'd been a long fucking while, since Kyle had been this close to anyone himself!

All the throbbing, thrashing, wrestling and friction in the water had caused an automatic and unintentional domino effect.  As he kissed Cody, he also felt that his own erection was now beyong control.  

Afterall, his heat-seeking missile had been riled up and there was nothing else to do, but to go with the flow.  They were both males and such is life.  Kyle wasn't ashamed and he certainly wasn't worried.  

Honestly, it was probably good that his happened.  Afterall, it was about fucking time that Zach let go of his inhibitions and all that self-consciousness.

Kyle's relaxed attitude continued, as he continued to squeeze Zach's firm ass with his strong hand.  Zach didn't know what to make of this.  The boy was pretty much speechless and had gone stiff(the other kind of stiff!)  But, something inside Zachery was gnawing at him and he also didn't want this to stop.

But, Cody wanted to be thrown up in the air, again.  So, Kyle let go of Zach and tossed his youngest high in the air and the little tyke landed hard in the water.  As Cody came crashing down, he laughed and screamed wholeheartedly.

Zach swam away, while he kept a short distance from his dad and little brother.  He wanted his unwanted erection to go down. Kyle sensed what his eldest was doing and simply smiled.  He once again threw Cody high in the air and silently dove under water.

As Cody landed in a huge splash, he was looking for his dad frantically.

Oh, shit!

His dad went underwater and was for surely coming after them.  Zach's heart skipped a beat, while Cody doggie paddled  towards his big brother, while looking for his dad.  

Zach knew that they were sitting ducks.

"Cody, do you see dad?"

Cody was grinning and expecting something.


Great!  Thought Zach.

Zach was staying afloat and kicking out with his powerful legs.  His cock was still throbbing between his thighs and it did not want to go down!  Suddenly, he felt his dad grab his ankle and pulled him down.  Cody squealed, as Zach's heart jumped out of his chest!  

Kyle had somehow taken both of of his boys by the waist and hauled them out of the water, like a fucking colossal Titan.  A gigantic wave was created, as Kyle came out of the water with his boys.  He carried both boys to the water's edge, as Cody applauded and laughed out loud.  

Kyle then dropped them in the shallows.  Zach walked out of the water exhausted with Cody coughing and close in tow.  Both boys then sat on the warm sand, as their dad also came out of the water.

Kyle walked out of the water, like a fucking gigantic leviathan.  His massive and hairy body was dripping water and his impressive hairy balls 
had fallen out of his skimpy speedo and hung way low and in plain view.

"The water is my domain, boys.  You've been warned!" Kyle said, as he grinned and winked at his boys.

Kyle then lay on the warm sand, with his massive hairy arms behind his head.  Cody then in complete nakedness and very casual like, lay on top of his dad's muscular hairy chest.  Cody was trembling, as he hugged his dad.  He then let out a soft whimper and gave Kyle another kiss on the lips.

"Daddy, I'm cold and hungry!"

Kyle sat up and held his baby boy in his arms.

"Me too, buddy.  How about, we get into dry clothes and grab some food from the car?"

Kyle kissed Cody's head, while looking at a shivering Zach.  Cody nodded and hugged his dad, even tighter.  Kyle walked over to his backpack and pulled out some towels.  He passed one to Zach and with the other one, started drying up a shivering and cold Cody.

"You'll warm up, soon enough champ.  We're in a bit of a shade, here.  But, once we start walking, your circulation will kick in."  As Kyle stood up, his big, thick dick popped out of his speedo and dripped water droplets on the cool sand.

Zach sat on the sand with his legs crossed and drying his hair.  He quietly observed everything and would take quick looks, while admiring his dad.

Kyle took off his speedo and set it on a rock to dry.  He was then walking around naked, while Cody started to get dressed. He then noticed something in the sand.  From afar, it looked like a silver bullet shaped bottle?  

What the...?

As he picked it up, he raised his eyebrows.  The small black bottle, read "Gun Oil H2O, anal slide.  Long lasting
, premium silicone water-based lubricant.  Fuck any hole for hours!  Slip and slide for adults!

What the fuck?

Was this what fell out of the bag from those fucking pot heads?  Wondered a very confused and concerned Kyle.  As he turned around, Zach was standing behind him and looking at him suspiciously.  Kyle cleared his throat and inconspicuously covered the small black bottle with his towel and put it in his backpack.

"You guys ready to go?"

Cody was ready and fully dressed, as he gave his dad a thumbs up.  Zach, however was still sitting on the sand and digging his toes into the sand.  Kyle kneeled down with his junk out on full display and tenderly caressed his son's head.

"What's the matter, son?  Is something wrong?"

Zach sighed and cleared his throat.

"Ummm, I just need a minute.  I'll just sit here for a while longer, if you don't mind."

Kyle raised one eyebrow and looked at Cody.

Cody shrugged his shoulders, as he put sun screen all on his own.  Zach had to avert his eyes, as his dad's jumbo sized cock swung back and forth like a giant pendulum.

"Hey, bud.  I'm your dad and if you need to tell me something..."

Zach sighed and cleared his throat.

"I,...umm.  Well, umm.  I got a boner, right now..."

Zachery blushed fiercely(even his ears turned red) and looked super embarrassed.  Kyle pursed his lips, held in a laugh and put his best poker face on.

"Is that all?"

Kyle stood up, nude and completely unashamed.  

"Son, you are a growing and healthy boy.  This is completely natural and will continue to happen all your life.  With all the  roughousing we were doing, it's no wonder.  Trust me, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

Zach looked up and as he did, his dad's gargantuan cock was pretty much at eye level.

Now, that's a big dick! Thought Zach.  

The boy took a big gulp and with a bit of hesitation, slowly got up.  His healthy and impressive hardon was sticking straight out and tenting his small speedo.  The boy's massive balls, just like his dad's had fallen out a long time ago.  Zachery took a towel from his dad and started to dry off.

Kyle smiled at his son proudly.


Looks like the boy is growing a third leg!

"Listen, son.  You're playing sports now.  So, you need to get accustomed to being naked and confortable around other guys."

Zach listened silently to his dad, as he continued to dry himself.

"I don't have a problem being naked around other guys..."

Kyle looked at his son, as he raised his eyebrows.

"O.k.  So, then what's with all the shyness?"

Zach shook his head and again, sighed in frustration.

Kyle took a stance, crossed his arms and stood in front of his son.

"C'on, Zachery.  I'm your dad, share with me.  What's going through your head?"


His father wasn't going to let up, was he?

"I got a hardon and you act like this is normal!"

Kyle stiffled a laugh.  But, Zachery shot his father an angry stare.

"Zach, c'on... Guys get hardons all the time!  We've had this talk before, buddy!"

Zach just shook his head.

"I know.  But, mom says..."

Kyle's face immediately changed to an angry red colour.

"Whoa, hold it right there.  First, let me say this.  I don't give a shit, as to what your mother says."

Zach once again, shook his head and looked down at the sand.

"Zach, look at me!  Regardless, of what your mother thinks.  She dosen't have a dick!"

Kyle then mumbled softly, mostly to himself.

"Well, that's not true.  She may think, she has a dick.  But,..."

Cody snorted and was covering his mouth with his small hands.

Kyle cleared his throat.

"Second, when you need male advice.  Please, come to me..."

Zach angrily looked at his father and balled his fists.

"You're never here!"

Cody dropped his head and silently walked over to his angry older brother.

"You're right, son.  You're completely right.  But, that will change.  I promise you.  I promise you both."

Kyle took a step forward towards both boys.

Zach's eyes started to water, as he looked away.

"Don't make promises, you can't keep."

Cody took his older brother's right hand and looked up at him.  

Kyle's heart felt like it shattered into a thousand pieces at that moment.  He sighed and lowered his head.

"This promise, I intend to keep boys.  I know I haven't been there for you.  But, this will soon change."

Cody was just looking up at his brother.

"So, how about it, boys?  Can you give your old man, a second chance?  Please?"

Cody smiled at Zach, which in turn caused his older brother to smile.

"Fine, you get a second chance."

Kyle smiled and pulled boys his boys in a tight embrace.

"Thank you, boys.  We'll make this work together, allright?"

The boys looked at each other and nodded.

Kyle then let Zachery finish getting dressed, as he dried up and did the same.

Well, that had been fucking intense!  

You could have cut the tension in the air.  But, in the end Zachery had been correct.  

Kyle may not fully want to admit it.  But, as a father, he'd royally fucked up!  

He'd let a fucking job, money and distance get in the way in his relationship with his boys.  And nothing was more precious than his sons.

Once all three Berehowsky's were dry and dressed, they made their way out to the trail.  As they headed towards their vehicle most of the walk was done in silence.  There was an occassional observation and comment from the little chatter box, Cody. But, otherwise there was still tension in the air.

At the car, Kyle opened the trunk and took out a cooler and set it on the ground.  He grabbed a plastic bag and filled it with hot dogs buns, weiners, two small containers of potato & macaroni salad, paper plates, pop, utensils, popcorn and s'mores.

He then passed the bag to Zach.

"Son, can you carry this bag?"

Zachery nodded and took the bag.  Cody forced himself into the bag and ruffled through it, all excited.  This was going to be an awesome treat! Specially, since their mom didn't allow the boys to eat any type of junk food.

Cody looked up at his dad and blurted.

"Daddy, can we sleep here tonight?"

Kyle was caught by surprise at the request.  He looked at his wristwatch and at the afternoon sky.  It would be getting dark soon and this little diversion had cost him a day's travel.  He thought that by now, they'd be on the road and well on their way to the camping grounds.

"Here?  You want to stay here, tonight?"  

Kyle looked at his boys and both of them were nodding their heads.

"Well, guys.  I wanted to be on the road, right after we ate."

Zach was looking at Cody and vice versa.  It seemed like both brothers were having a private and telepathic conversation.
Then his eldest boy, spoke up.

"Why, don't we put it to a vote?"


Kyle was in trouble.

"All those in favour of sleeping here tonight.  Raise their right hand."

Both Cody and Zach raised their right hand.  

Kyle sighed, while Zach smiled.

"All those opposed?"

Kyle was the only one that raised his right hand.

"I'm the dad, though.  So, my vote vetoes yours."

Zach raised one eyebrow.

"Nice try, dad.  Democracy dosen't work that way."

Kyle knew that he had been beaten and outvoted.  


"Democracy, pfft!  Overrated, I say!  Allright, I guess we're sleeping here tonight."

Zach and Cody gave each other a high five.

Kyle was now pulling out the camping tents, out of the car.

"You better hope that no snakes slither into your tent, champ."

Cody's eye got as big as saucers, as he starting looking around the ground.

"Dad's being a spoilsport, Cody.  He's just messing with your head.  Don't let him get to you."

Cody pouted and crossed his arms.


Kyle looked at his youngest, held in a laugh and shrugged his shoulders.

"Just saying, that's all..."

After much complaining(mostly from Cody) as to how hot it was, how hungry he was and how tired he was.  Father and sons, finally made it back to the waterhole.  

Kyle was carrying the heavy cooler, while Zach carried the boxes for the camping tents and the bag of food.  Kyle set the cooler on the ground, opened, took out a beer and chugged it down.  Zach all on his own and without being asked, got a campfire going.  
Kyle smiled, as Zachery showed Cody how to stack the wood they had collected for the campfire.  As he was taking out the paper plates and utensils out of a bag, he saw Rex coming out of the waterhole.  

The hairy giant was cradling Max on his arms with the rest of the guys in tow.  Everyone looked tired and very stoned.

Yes, even Rex.

Kyle sighed and shook his head.

Max seemed to be asleep, as Rex carried him out of the water.  As Kyle savoured his beer, he couldn't help to notice that Rex's dick was half hard in the skimpy speedo and that the brute's big hairy balls were out and in full view.  

Again, guys like them shouldn't wear speedos.

"Hey guys!  We're back!"

Kyle simple nodded and passed the weiners to Zach.

"Hey, bud.  Man, are we fucking tired!"

Kyle got up from the cooler, where he'd been sitting and looked at Rex and then Max.

"Poor baby boy is all tuckered out."  Rex said, as he kissed his son's head.

"Bet, he is."  Snickered one of the guys coming out of the water.  

Kyle had been looking at Max and didn't see, who'd made the comment.  The guys were now, stripping in front of them and drying off.  There was a lot of snickering going on, as they also elbowed each other at the comment made.

Stupid stoners!

Kyle looked at a sleepy Max, who was cradled close to Rex's hairy and muscular chest.  The kid was sucking his thumb and that's when Kyle noticed some odd and very visible red hand prints all over Max's lily white butt.

Kyle was about to make a comment about those hand prints.  But, Rex quickly followed Kyle's train of thought and answered before being questioned.

"The guys got a bit rowdy, that's all.  Guys, right..."  Rex gave a nervous laugh.

Kyle looked over at the guys, who seemed to be listening closely to the conversation.  All their eyes were on Kyle.

Kyle then looked at his boys.

"My boys want to spend the night at the waterhole.  So, we'll be staying here, tonight."

Rex, once again looked...disappointed?

"Oh, you are?  My boy and I are camping here, as well."

Rex rubbed his red, bloodshot and very irritated eyes.

"It's also going to be getting dark soon and I don't want to drive in my condition at night."

Just then Max opened his eyes, stretched his arms and yawned.  As Max turned to look at Kyle, he noticed that the boy's lips were all puffy, red and swollen.

"Hey, is Max o.k?"  Asked an apprehensive and concerned Kyle.

Rex looked at his groggy boy and called Derek over.

"Hey, Derek!  Can you take Max to your tent, please."

Derek clad only in a white towel rushed right over.

"Sure thing, bud.  C'on, here bubble butt."

As Rex handed his son to Derek, his massive hairy blocked Kyle's view.  

Kyle stepped closer and faced a very stoned Rex.

"You bonded quite quickly with these stoners.  You sure you want to trust them with..."  

Rex smirked, as he spat on the ground.

"They're good college boys, Kyle.  They're just looking to unwind and have some fun.  That's all, man."

Uh huh.  Thought Kyle.

Zach was calling his dad over.  

"Dad!  DAD!"  Kyle turned around to see Zach waving frantically at him.

"I think, the hot dogs are done!"

Kyle nodded, as he turned to face Rex.

"Listen, we're camping here by the waterhole.  If you and Max want to join us for dinner, we've got more than enough food and drinks."

Rex smiled, as he looked at Kyle and then at his boys.

"That's might hospitable of you, bud.  But, Derek and the guys have envited Max and I to eat with them.  He's also giving my boy and I a tent.  So, we'll eat at their camp.  I don't want to be rude."

Kyle, again nodded.

"Yeah, man.  Not a problem.  But, if you change your mind..."

Rex cut him off, before Kyle could finish the sentence.

"We're good, bud.  I appreciate it, though."

The other guys had already left to their site.  The were shouting, joking and aggresively roughhousing all the way back to their camp.

Cody walked into the conversation.  He had a hot dog on a paper plate and offered it to Rex.

"Hi, Mr.
Behr.  Can you give this hot dog and chips to Max."

Kyle beamed of pride at his son's generosity and sweetness.  Rex kneeled down to Cody's level and smiled.  He took the paper plate from the boys' hands and caressed his cheek.

"That's very nice of you, Cody.  Glad to see that you've been brought up right.  I think Max can handle another weiner tonight."  Rex winked at Kyle.

Kyle was busy with Zach at the moment and didn't quite catch that.  But, he did catch Rex wink at him, as the giant  stripped right in front of Cody.

Kyle wasn't paying attention at the interaction between Rex and Cody.  Zach was nagging him about salmonellla poisoning, if they left food out.  

I swear, sometimes the boy can be so much like his mother.

Rex gave Cody a kiss on the head and started walking away, as he waved at the Berehowsky's.  

"Have a goodnight guys.  See you in the morning!"

Kyle looked up and nodded at Rex, as he called Cody over.  

Rex stopped and turned around.

"Oh, Kyle.  I forgot to tell you.  The guys and I are going to be drinking,playing cards and shooting the shit later on.  If you're up to it, come on over."  

Kyle politely smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, man.  But, I'll be staying with my boys for the night."

Rex nodded, smiled and headed bare ass naked to his campsite.  

Kyle then looked at Cody, who was shoving a hot dog and chips in his mouth at the same time.

"Easy there, son.  I don't want you to choke, please."

Kyle smiled and playfully messed up his son's hair.

"Hey, champ.  I want to thank you, for being thoughtful.  I'm sure that Max will devour that hot dog."

As Kyle and the boys were enjoying their dinner, they could hear gansta rap playing loudly from the other side of the waterhole. Kyle sighed and hoped that they would turn down their fucking music, once it got late.  Otherwise, he would be dropping by to  kick someone's ass.

Zach was rummaging through the cooler, as he got a soda for himself.  He also saw beer and took one out.

"Dad, you want another beer?"

Kyle looked up and between mouthfulls nodded.

"Yeah, buddy.  That sounds awesome.  Pass me another one."

Cody than got up and practically snatched the beer out of his big brother's hand.  Zach just gave Cody a scolding look.


Cody stuck out his tongue and tried(in vain) to twist the cap.

Zach sighed, as he saw his little brother struggling.

"Use the beercan opener, genius."  Taunted Zach.

Cody rummaged through the cooler and found it.  Zach sat next to his father and finished his hotdog and chips.

"Dad, can I have a sip of your beer?"  

Kyle smiled as Cody was still struggling with the beer bottle.

"Sure, son.  Just don't tell your mother.  I'd like to keep my balls where they are."  Both Berehowsky's shared a laugh, as Kyle fed more kindling to the campfire.

Finally Cody opened the bottle, only to spray beer everywhere.  As Zach shook his head, Cody went back to the cooler, cleaned the bottle up and handed it to his dad.

"Thank you, champ."

Kyle took a big gulp and passed the bottle to Zach.

"Allright, here you go.  Promise me though, not a word to your mother."

Zach smiled, nodded and took the ice cold bottle.  Cody stepped forward and was about to yank the bottle, out of his brother's hand.

"Too slow, bro." Said, Zach as he chugged the beer down.

Cody crossed his arms and angrily looked at his older brother.

"That was for daddy!  You were not supposed to drink that Zach!"

Zach made a sour looking face and burped.

"Ugh, that was nasty!  It's, so bitter.  Why do adults like this?"

Kyle smiled, as he took the beer bottle and drank the last drops.

"Remember that."

Zach grabbed his pop and drank it down like water.  Cody then kicked his brother on the leg.

"That was for daddy and not you!"

Zach pushed away his pestering little brother.

"Chillax, Cody!  I only took one sip, geez.  You're worse than mom."

Kyle then gave a loud burp, as he yawned and scratched his balls.

"Allright, guys.  Let's clean up for the night and set up the tents."

Kyle and Zach set up the tents in a flash, as Cody put the remaining food away.  Once all their gear was inside, they sat on a confortable looking log and looked up at the bright stars and constellations.

Kyle sat in the middle of the log, while Zach sat on his right and Cody on his left.  

"Daddy, tell us about the stars again." Cody yawned and rested his head on his dad's lap.

"Allright, let me think.  I got one, this will help if you ever get lost."

Zach looked at his little brother, who looked quite confortable.  He actually wanted to do the same.  But, felt that he was too old for such display of closeness and emotions.

"As long as the north star stays to your right, you're heading west.  Remember that the north star is the first star in the little dipper.  If you can't locate the little dipper, then use the top of the ladle in the big dipper to draw a line that points to it.  But, this only works in the northern hemisphere."

Both boys seemed genuinely interested with their dad's knowledge of the stars.

Kyle and Zach were both yawning, while Cody had fallen asleep on his dad's lap.  Kyle looked at his watch and it was 1:00 A.M. and way past the boy's bedtime.

"Allright guys, it's bed time.  We need to hit the sack.  C'on, Cody get up.  We gotta get up early in the morning."

Both boys were tired, sleepy and didn't want to budge.  Kyle sighed, as he had to shake both of them.

"C'on, c'on guys.  The sooner we get to bed, the faster you'll fall asleep."

Cody got up groaning and stretching.

"I don't want to go to sleep, daddy.  I want to hear more about the stars."

Kyle sighed and cracked his neck.

"Tomorrow, buddy.  I'll tell you guys more, tomorrow evening.  Promise."

Zach on the other hand, couldn't keep his eyes open and agreed with his dad.

"C'on, Cody.  Dad's right, I'm tired.  Let's go to our tent."

Cody looked at his brother and then at his dad.

"I want to sleep in daddy's tent."

Zach looked at his little brother and then at his dad.

"Cody, we talked about this at home, remember?  You were going to sleep in our tent and dad can sleep in his."

Cody crossed his arms.

"I changed my mind.  I want to sleep with daddy!"

Kyle looked at his watch and was too tired to argue.

"It's fine, Zach.  If your brother wants to sleep in my tent, let him." Another big yawn.  

Man, did he feel tired!

Zach sighed.

"But, Cody..."

Kyle headed towards his tent and stretched before going in.

"Zach, I said it's fine.  Let's, just go to sleep."

Zach looked at Cody, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"It's, just that Cody tends to..."

Kyle turned to face his son and waited patiently.

"To what, bud?"

Zach shook his head.

"Well, Cody tends to have night terrors.  Which is why, he should sleep in my tent.  Otherwise, he won't let you get any sleep.  Besides, he also tends to snore and kick in his sleep."

Kyle was looking at an angry Cody.

"Is that true champ?"

Cody turned to face his father and smiled.

"I'll be fine and daddy can wake me up."

Kyle nodded and unzipped his tent.

"It's settled then.  Cody get your stuff from your tent and put it in mine.  The two of you need to brush your teeth.  Use one of the waterbottles to rinse your mouth."

Kyle added more wood to the campfire and yawned some more.  


I can't keep my eyes open!

How come I'm so sleepy?  Is it the desert air?  

At least, I'll probably sleep through Cody's night terrors.

Kyle then looked at the night sky and it looked clear.  The temperature even though it had dropped, it was cool and pleasant. The full moon was out and a beautiful bright moonglow shone all over the desert.  

As Kyle looked for his toothbrush, he noticed that as the boys brushed their teeth, they were also arguing.  As they came back, Cody quickly slipped into his dad's tent.  Zach stood outside the tent and looked worried.

"Zach, it's allright.  I know that you care for your little brother.  But, if he has any night terrors, I'll wake him up.  Trust me, he'll be fine."

Zach sighed, nodded and headed into his tent.  As Kyle entered his tent, he turned around and Zach was still looking at him from across his tent.

"Goodnight, son.  See you in the morning.  Go to sleep."

Zach managed a faint smile and zipped up.  Kyle got inside the tent, zipped up and got comfortable.  He started by taking off his shirt and shorts.  His body tends to be a furnace at night.  So, he either sleeps in his underwear or bare ass naked.  But, that wasn't an option tonight.  

Cody was rummaging through his backpack and quickly changed into his favourite Superman pyjama.  As they were both confortable in their sleeping bags, Kyle asked Cody if he was done.

"Ready for lights out, champ?"

Cody nodded and scooted next to his dad.  Kyle turned off the camping LED lantern and settled into his sleeping bag.  The boy snuggled even closer to Kyle, yawned and settled right in.  

Kyle was surprised that the little munchkin wasn't asking for a bedtime story.  

"Goodnight, daddy.  I've had the best...zzzZZZ" And then Cody was out like a light and snoring like a freight train.


That's a new record.

Well, at least he'll have a good night's sleep and hopefully not have any night terrors.  Kyle also noticed that the music coming across the waterhole had died down.  

Even though he can sleep through anything, like a fucking invasion(as he's been told, many times).  He still wanted to close his eyes, relax and peacefully fall sleep without having to hear obnoxious and stupid jungle music.

Kyle like both of his boys, tend to fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes.  Some would call it lucky, others a gift and for someone in Kyle's field of work, a blessing.  He can literally fall asleep anyfuckingwhere, wether it be a 
sweltering and humid jungle, the scorching fucking desert or even the freezing and ice cold tundra.

Somewhere, between deep slumber and REM...

Kyle dreamt.

He was on an island...

The beautiful paradise resort of Eden in Bora Bora, to be precise.

Kyle was on his 
honeymoon with his wife Linda.

The newly married couple were vacationing in the 
luxurious, world-renowned, all-inclusive and private resort.  This little piece of heaven was accessible by invitation only.  And at a hefty price tag of $9,900 per person, this wasn't your typical, ordinary and  boring honeymoon resort.  

This beautiful utopia was situated in a private and secluded island in 
French Polynesia.  It had a long waiting list and catered only to the filthy rich and famous.  It was so inclusive, that you were flown into the island on the resort's private jet.  Once you arrived at the island, you were welcomed with an exotic dance, flowers, complimentary gifts, caviar and champagne.  

Kyle's connections had paid off and he was able to skip the long waiting list.  But, he'd also spent a bit of his life savings to pay for this exotic and pricey honeymoon.  

The breathtaking island of Eden was picture perfect.  With soft and powdery white beaches, a crystalline turquoise lagoon,  beautiful tropical gardens and spectacular waterfalls.  The resort came with many posh ammenities such as a luxurious wellness spa(with his/hers gold embroidered monogrammed bathrobes), first class gym, world-class chefs, celebrity hair stylist salon, luxury boutiques, astronomy sessions and of course the amazing view of Mount Otemanum.  

The legend goes that God descended atop of a rainbow and onto paradise...

Bora Bora

As for the love nest, the Berehowsky's had an over-water bungalow which overlooked Bora Bora's beautiful turquoise lagoon and its outer beaches.  The abode of love even came with a glass-bottom floor, fully stocked in-room bar, complimentary movie library, modern kitchen and your personal 24/7, on-call butler.

There was also a wide range of recreational activities(if you needed to take a break from the sweaty sex and making babies). Such as 
snorkeling, jetski, deep-sea fishing, deep-sea diving, boating, sunset cruises, sailing, horseback riding, kayaking or private exploration of the many spectacular reefs around the island.  For the more adventurous couples, other activities included swimming with turtles, dolphins, as well as manta ray and shark feeding.

As Kyle and Linda strolled happily through the beach, they held hands and kept stealing glances at each other.  The young and happy couple were in a rush to get to their bungalow.  As a carefree and madly in love newlyweds, Kyle and Linda Berehowsky couldn't keep their hands off each other.  As soon as they entered their bungalow and slammed the door behind them, they were practically ripping each other's clothes off.  

Kyle was immediately kissing Linda's neck, while Linda gently kissed that tender and soft spot behind her husband's ear.
Kyle in a very excited and horny state, ripped Linda's very expensive Fendi silk blouse.  He then fought and struggled in vain to take off her bra.  Funny, how the big muscular brute could easily dismantle a bomb.  Yet, had trouble unhooking a Victoria's Secret bra.  

As his beautiful wife laughed at her horny husband's struggle, the whole room seemed to brighten up.  There was nothing in the world like Linda's laughter.  It was a combination of sweet, sexy and girlish coquettishness.  It was also the first thing that Kyle noticed and attracted him to Linda when they first started dating.

Kyle found himself kissing Linda's beautiful and ample breasts(he's a breast man, afterall).  Linda then gently pushed Kyle onto the bed and while teasingly licking her lips, got on her knees and pulled Kyle's muscular legs apart.  

No fucking way!

As Kyle lay on the bed, Linda smiled at her handsome husband and gently massaged his ample and manly mound.

Oh, fuck ya!

Linda started giving tender kisses to his constraining bulge and it felt fucking amazing!  His gorgeous wife batted her thick lashes and very slowly pulled down the zipper of his khakis.


Kyle closed his eyes, put his arms behind his head and sighed happily.

As Kyle opened his eyes, it was dark.  

Not completely dark, though.  There was faint light coming through the tent.

It'd been dream?


It'd felt, so fucking real though?  

Then again, it must have been a dream.  

In the 15 years that Kyle and Linda were married, she had never given Kyle a handjob, much less a blowjob.  Early in the marriage, Kyle tested the waters in regards to spicing up their sex life.  

He made the mistake of bringing up the topic of oral sex and to this day, he'll never forget the horrifed look on his wife's face. She then made it crystal clear by saying, "Ladies, don't give blowjobs!"  And that she wasn't some streetwalking whore! 

So, much for Kyle asking his ex-wife, if he could cum on her face then.


Suddenly, Kyle felt something...

Like, something had touched his leg.


Kyle although awake, felt a groggy and disoriented.  

He tried to move.  But, he couldn't.

What the fuck?  

Why, couldn't he move?

He was awake and aware, though.  

He could hear the faint wind rustling outside the tent.  He could hear the chirping of crickets and event the hoot of an owl outside.  But, his body wasn't responding and he could only move his eyes.  He couldn't close his eyelids, move his hands, arms or even his fucking neck.  

What, the fuck?

It was like he was fucking paralyzed?

Kyle was looking around the tent for any signs of trouble.  

Did he have a heart attack?

Did he get bit by a poisonous snake, or stung by a scorpion?


And where was Cody?


His mouth was parched dry and he didn't have any spit to swallow.  His head was also spinning and he felt the start of a strong headache.

Kyle's mind began to wonder...

Your training!

Remember, your fucking training!

He remembered the symptons of a heart attack...

Discomfort or pain in areas, such as arms, neck, jaw, back and even stomach.

Shortness of breath, lightheadedness, nausea or sweating.

Abdominal discomfort that may feel like heartburn.

But, he wasn't experiencing any of these fucking things.  

Then again, everyone experiences a heart attack differently.


As the moonlight illuminated the inside of the tent, he thought he saw something.

A figure.  

Yes, it was a figure!

Although his vision was blurry, he could tell that it was a small head.



It was his son Cody and the little head
popped from beneath the silky and cool sheets.

Son, wake me up!


Cody slowly approached his dad.



Yes, baby!  Wake me up, please!

"Daddy, are you awake?"  Cody was gently poking at his dad's right leg.  

Kyle felt the poke.  He also felt his son's finger, as he traced it along his hairy bare leg.  But, he still couldn't move a single fucking muscle.

"Daddy, why is your watch glowing?"


Kyle looked at his right hand and Cody was right!  

His wristwatch was giving off a bright blueish glow.



He'd been drugged!


The unique and super high tech watch had been given to Kyle by his current employer.  The watch had been designed to be Kyle's lifeline.  The special material of the watch would absorb the sweat on his wrist and detect any harmful, foreign and deadly substances in his body.  

The watch had been designed by a secret Swiss jewelry company and only the Sheik's most valued employees received the multi million dollar watch.

If the watch glowed red, it meant loss of blood.  

The watch would alert Kyle and let him know, just how much blood he was losing.  It would then give him helpful instructions, as how to how he could cauterize a wound, stop the bleeding, etc.  

A blueish glow was a sign of drugs.

A yellow glow for poison.

An orange glow was for toxic substances.

A purple glow for corrosive materials.

A green glow for biohazard materials and so on.

Kyle then felt Cody poke him in the stomach.

"Daddy?  Are you really asleep?  I think you're sleep.  Mr.
 Behr, did say that your eyes were going to stay open."



Cody then gently poked his dad's hairy right leg.

No reaction.

Cody then tickled his dad's large right foot.

No reaction.

Cody then tickled his dad's large left foot.

Again, no reaction.

There was no body movement, at all from his dad.  

Kyle could see that Cody was thinking.

Thinking of something...

Like a hungry panther on the hunt, Cody slowly inched forward and toward's his dad's crotch.  The boy's hazel/green eyes grew wide, as he stared at his daddy's prominent and sizeable bulge.



What are you doing?

Cody crept closer and closer to his dad.  He was quiet, stealth and very cat like, as he crouched on all fours.  Cody kept his eyes glued on his dad for any kind of movement.  But, there was none.  So, his little hand moved closer and closer to his dad's tenting crotch.

Umm, Cody?

Cody stopped his little hand in mid-air.

"Daddy, wake up!"

As he shouted, again there was no reaction from Kyle.

Satisfied that his father was asleep, Cody reached for his dad's fly.


What the hell are you doing?

Cody's little fingers then started to gently tap at his dad's large mound.  

Cody, stop that!

Kyle watched in complete disbelief, as his son slowly massaged his ever growing bulge.


Kyle's whole body felt warm.  

Very warm actually...

His underarm and forehead were getting sweaty.  He also felt flushed and even...aroused?


How the hell, could he be feeling horny at this fucking moment?  Especially, after the depraved thing that his baby boy was doing?


Cody kept his eyes on his dad, as he carefully and very gently, pulled out his dad's hardening and massive penis.


It took a bit of an effort, on Cody's part.  But, the little guy managed to pull his dad's horsecock from its warm confines.  Kyle's massive and thick dick obscenely popped out of his fly.  The hefty cock then throbbed, pulsed and swayed, right in front of his son's shocked face.




Cody stopped, as he looked up at his dad and smiled.  But, that smile was not an innocent smile.  

It was more of a devious, wicked and lascivious cheshire cat type of smile.  

Cody being the curious kid, leaned in to take a closer look at his dad's impressive and thick cock.


This wasn't his son!

This wasn't his youngest boy, Cody!

In the moonlight this boy looked different?  

Fucking creepy, even.  

This wasn't his Cody!

This thing was more like a fucking demon that had possessed his little boy!

His son was a good boy and he wouldn't be behaving this way.  Even now, his son's eyes seem to give off an eerie glimmer and glow in the moonlight.

Jesus H. Christ!  

Is this a fucking dream or a horrible reality?

Cody kneeled next to his dad and feeling confident that his dad was completely out, the boy started to gently stroke his dad's hardening dick.



And why did he have a rock hard erection?  

Most importanly, why the fuck was he aroused?

His dick should be limp at the pervertion and depravity that was being committed.
 He shouldn't be fucking hard at all, for fuck's sakes!

This was his son!

This was his little boy!

As Cody continued to stroke at his dad's hefty dick, a clear fluid immediately begin to leak out of the massive cock head.  The boy, however simply continued to play with his new found toy.  But, as Kyle's enormous penis was being fondled, more and more pre-cum flowed
abundantly down the thick shaft.

Kyle was angry.

Actually, Kyle was beyond fucking angry.

So, much so that his fucking blood was boiling!

Once again, he tried to move his hands, arms and legs.  

But, again...nothing!

He truly was paralyzed.


The worst thing of all, is that his youngest son was sexually molesting his own fucking father!  

This was all kinds of fucking messed up!

This was beyond comprehension and fucking insane!

His son shouldn't be touching his father this way.  Or doing anything this deviant, period!

Cody was now laying on his belly, as he continued to stroke and play with his dad's gargantuan dick.  The kid was especially fascinated and enthralled by the foreskin.  Cody would pull the skin all the way up, covering the large cock head and then all the way down.  

Since Kyle, like all Berehowsky's are able to produce vast amounts of pre-cum, Cody became hypnotized by this.  He then took his little index finger, ran it over the clear fluid and...






Cody then put the pre-cum covered finger, right into his mouth.  

The boy licked his ruby red lips, as he tasted his father's thick pre-cum. 


Kyle looked away.  

He just couldn't look.  

He simply couldn't...

Kyle felt defeated, helpless and powerless to do anything.  

He literally felt like the worst father, ever!  

If he wasn't going to hell, before.  Well, he was for sure now.

Kyle was trying hard to concentrate and get his dick to go down.  But, that wasn't working either.  It was like he didn't have any control over his fucking body.

He was awake and aware, but that was it!

Cody then as best as he could, took the girth of Kyle's thick shaft with his two little hands.  His eyes seemed to bug out as he used both of his hands to hold onto the super thick penis.  Afterall, at its full erect length Kyle's monster cock measured no shorter than twelve impressive inches and was a well known jawbreaker.  Or as the nickname, he had in highschool...
the pussysplitter. 




Then it was like everything happened in slow motion....

His son opened his small mouth and stretched it, as wide as possible.  With both of his little hands, he then guided his dad's humongous and uncut thick erection between his lips.

Kyle felt sick to his stomach!

He wanted to throw up!  

He found what his son was doing horrifying and truly disgusting!

So, Kyle looked away.

Kyle looked at the pillow next to him and at a small flashlight that hung above his head.  He then stared at the sheets which were all scattered around the large tent.  His eyes then focused on the tent's fabric and how it moved due to a cool and gentle breeze outside.  

But, out of the corner of his eye, he could still see and clearly hear his little boy suckle at the huge and hairy erection.  Which at the moment was jammed into the tyke's overstuffed and small mouth.  


Holy fucking, Christ!  

Cody was expertly sucking and savouring his mammoth cock.

Kyle, however didn't even want to acknowledge this.

How is this fucking posible?

But,...his little boy was good!

How come Cody could suck cock, so well?




Kyle didn't want to think about this!

This was a fucking nightmare, plain and simple!  

This wasn't happening!

This wasn't fucking real!

This wasn't fucking happening!


There was no doubt about it,...

Any fuckingtime, now...

He was going to wake up from this horror and seek some much needed therapy.

This was payback!

This had to be payback!!

Payback for all the shitty things, he's done in life.

Karma is indeed a fucking cunt and a bitch!

Kyle felt utterly helpless...

He couldn't move, scream, or do a fucking thing!  

By now, the boy had managed to masterly swallow several inches of his gigantic and uncut cock.  It was like Cody was part python, as he devoured its prey.  In this case, the prey being his father's enormous penis.

Jesus H. Christ!  

Look at him go!

Kyle watched intently, as his son's mouth sucked at his huge and angry erection.  
Cody was sucking his dad's cock, like it was nothing.  His son could even put any Thai hookers from Pattaya and even Phuket to shame.

The sight was fucking obscene, completely perverse and yet,...

Oddly sexually arousing.  


What the fuck, did he just think?

What the fuck is going through his fucking depraved, twisted and perverse mind?

As Kyle looked at a very hungry and sexually starved Cody, it was like his boy was truly enjoying sucking his dick.  His son, actually looked content, happy even as he nursed his father's impressive and gargantuan cock like it was a fucking baby bottle.

Then again...

This was the same way, Cody used to nurse his bottle when he was a baby.




Cody, son...

Please, for the love of God.


Without missing a beat, Cody nursed his dad's magnificent cock like there was no tomorrow.  The boy, by now had been able to swallow four, perhaps five inches of Kyle's 12 inch thick, beer bottle cock.


Kyle once again, averted his gaze as his son continued his sordid and disturbing nursing.  Even though he was fully awake, he 
couldn't comprehend or even believe at the deprave thing Cody was doing.  He had no choice, but to watch in silence, as his little boy's jaw strained while fully determined at sucking such a thick and huge erection.  


Cody was now, licking his dad's cock like it was a fucking popsicle!  


But, man did it feel fucking good!

It was like his son knew the pleasure and intense joy a man experiences at having their cock sucked.  Afterall, Cody was putting a lot of attention at licking at the large cock head, like it was his favourite ice cream cone.  His son's mouth looked super stretched as the meaty width of his dad's cock threatened to tear the corner of his boy's mouth.

Cody's little head was now bobbing up an down.  

Oh, Man!


The feeling was amazing...

was again surprised and not in a good way, when his son very aggressively yanked at his enormous ballsack.

Jesus, son!  

Easy, there...

Cody then with his pink little tongue started lapping at his dad's massive hairy balls like an eager and hungry puppy.  His son fought to get one hairy ball into his mouth, then the other.  

It was a struggle in vain...

Afterall, Kyle's balls were simply just too big for the little mouth.  But, Cody like his older brother are always determined and willing to give it their best.  

So, the kid tried in vain, many times to get both gigantic balls into his mouth to no avail.  He finally had to be content with sucking and licking one large testicle and then the other.  Cody even managed to groan, as he realized how huge and heavy his dad's balls really were.  

It was like Cody was truly possessed, as he licked, pulled and yanked at his dad's manly hairy sack.  Kyle tried to restrain from moaning.  Then again, he couldn't even open his mouth.

Oh, Man!  

Did that feel fucking good!

Holy fuck!

Cody somehow, managed to open his little jaw super wide to accomodate his mammoth cock.  The kid had reached at least 6 inches of thick cock.  Kyle watched in disbelief, as his son licked and slobbered his little pink tongue all around the uncut cockhead.

Kyle then panicked!


He was close!


He wanted to warn Cody.  But, couldn't...



OH, FUCK!...

Cody had now, managed to deepthroat about 7 inches of his dad's horsecock into his mouth, before he gagged.
 Kyle watched in a trance as Cody's mouth was being heavily juiced with the glistening flow of his thick precum.  The boy even grunted hungrily, as he sucked more and more of his dad's thick shaft into his willing and very accommodating stretched throat.

Kyle was in intense agony and ecstasy and very close to ejaculating into his son's mouth.  He could feel his cum start to erupt up his shaft.



Cody, baby...

I'm so sorry!

Arrhh, fuck!

The first cum shot flew high into the air, hitting the LED lamp behind Kyle's head.  

Arrhhh, oh shit!

The second shot of semen landed on Kyle's shoulder.  

Cody had afterall, been caught by surprise.  But, the boy being the cock trooper that he was, quickly recovered and latched his little mouth at the giant cockhead.  






As he looked down, he saw Cody catch ten more thick blasts of semen in his happy mouth.  Kyle couldn't believe that Cody was swallowing his father's thick sperm.  

This was a fucking sin!

Kyle's horsedick pulsated and spewed out copious amounts of white, thick and creamy sperm into Cody's mouth.  So much so, that cum started running out of the boy's mouth.

Cody's rosy little cheeks puffed out for a moment, as copious amounts of his dad's reproductive fluids, flooded his small mouth. But, again Cody being the determined champ that he is, drank down Kyle's thick cum as fast as he could.

Kyle however, wished he could have closed his eyes, as he ejaculated into his son's mouth.  He was speechless, felt sick to the stomach and was very remorseful at what he had done.

Cody on the other hand looked quite content, as he cleaned his dad's big cock and slurped the remaining sperm, like it was honey.  Cody then kept pumping Kyle's cock, like he wanted more.  

It had been a long time, since Kyle had last ejaculated.  He'd had at least two weeks worth of healthy, virile and potent sperm in his big balls.  

Some of Kyle's semen flowed out of the corners of Cody's bruised mouth.  The kid's chin and neck were all sticky and covered with his dad's strong and very healthy swimmers.

Even once the blowjob was done, Cody continued to suckle at his dad's massive cock, which at the moment was still lodged between his son's puffy red lips.

Now, here was a question...

Was Cody gay?


Was his son a faggot?

Kyle felt very confused, numb and didn't know what to think.

Cody sat with his legs crossed and was still jacking his dad's hefty cock.

"Daddy, I want some more!"

Fuck my fucking life!

Kyle could only sigh,...

Cody then once again, started sucking hungrily at his dad's gargantuan cock.

The night seemed to last forever, as Kyle lost count as to how many times his little boy had milked his cock.  Somewhere, between the ninth or tenth milking session, Cody finally seemed satisfied at having his fill of his daddy's yummy sperm.

The boy burped loudly and soon fell asleep with his dad's horsecock still lodged in his little mouth.  Cody kept nursing at the giant cockhead, while his little head rested confortably on his daddy's hairy thigh.  As the night went on, Cody's little hands held tightly at his dad's large and drained ballsack.

Suffice to say, Kyle didn't get any fucking sleep throught the night.  With Cody nursing his cock all night long and his mind going through a million things.  Kyle just couldn't get any sleep.

Cody on the other hand, seemed quite happy, as Kyle fed him a constant and heavy amount of thick pre-cum.  

Whatever chemicals had been in that fucking drug, had also managed to keep his dick hard all fucking night.  And his big dick, never once went limp.  On the contrary, Cody's sweet suckling managed to keep him rock hard throught the night.

As Kyle lay on his back paralyzed and with his thick cock lodged in his little boy's mouth.  All he could think of was revenge.

Revenge, as to how he was going to get back at 
Rex Alexander Behr.

"I'm going to get you, motherfucker!  

You fucking watch!

If, it's the last fucking thing I do.

I am coming for you!"

To be continued!