Beta Phi Brothers
By John Yager
Copyright © 2006

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During the summer between my second and third year at college I got a call from Tom Stands, who, in addition to being one of my closest friends, was also a fraternity brother.  Tom had been in my freshman class as well as the same fraternity pledge group.  I'd made several close friends in that group, but Tom was one of the closest.

"John," he began when I picked up the phone, "you said you'd considered living at the fraternity house for a semester or two, right?"

"Yep," I confirmed, "I'd really like to."

"Well, how about this fall, and how about rooming with me?"

I was a "townie," living at home, about five miles from campus, and driving back and forth to classes and social events.  Living in the fraternity house for a semester or so had been one of the things I'd told myself I'd do during my college years, but I'd sort of expected I'd wait until my final undergraduate year.

"I thought you were rooming with Steve Collins," I said.

"Steve's going to have to lay out a year."


"Yeah, he's come down with mononucleosis. His doctor and his folks want him to stay home and take it slow."

"Gees, Tom," I said, "that sucks."

"Yeah, but he can take a couple of classes at some local college and maybe make up credit next summer.  He still hopes to graduate with us and the rest of our class."

"So you're looking for another roommate?"

"Yeah, interested?"

"Maybe," I said. I'd have to talk with my folks and see if I could cover the additional expenses of living at the fraternity house.

"Steve and I had asked for 301," Tom added, referring to one of the garret like rooms at the top of the house.  The third floor rooms had been carved out of a huge converted attic and, as far as I was concerned, were the coolest rooms in the entire fraternity house.

"And you got it?"

"Yep, it's all ours, if you want to share it, but I have to know by the weekend."

"Let me see what I can do," I said, ending the phone call.

I talked to my folks that evening and they agreed. I called Tom back the next day and that is how I ended up sharing a room with Tom for the next three semesters, not just our junior year, but the first half of our senior year as well.

Our fraternity, Beta Phi, or BP as it is more commonly known, gets a lot of kidding about being in the oil business, but just about everyone on campus considered us the coolest of the cool.  We were a local, not a national fraternity, which meant we didn't have to deal with flack from a
national headquarters somewhere.

BP was also the oldest fraternity on campus and we had a very impressive bunch of guys, as well as a huge cadre of alumni brothers.  In fact, several of our brothers had gone on to great success in the business and professional worlds and now sat on the college board of trustees.  That fact alone gave us considerable clout.

Our house was the oldest fraternity house on the campus, a huge, rambling Tudor style mansion with a stone, brick and half-timbered exterior and about six towering stone chimneys.  The house had vast public rooms on the ground floor and a maze of bedrooms upstairs.  Below the entry level was another maze of rooms, most of which were strictly off limits to the public.  It
was there that the brothers met in splendid secrecy.

I should also explain that BP is not exactly known as a "gay" fraternity. That honor goes to  Kappa Mu, which was known to all as the "place were the fairies gathered."  If anything, they are as proud of their reputation as the brothers of BP are of ours.

BP is known for macho guys who play rough and win at most intramural sports. We also have enough excellent students to keep our collective grade point averages at or near the top of all the Greek organizations.

That isn't to say, though, that there isn't a bit of "brotherly love" between the members of BP.  I guess any time you put nearly a hundred horny college guys in one big house you can expect a certain amount of ass grabbing, which leads to a certain amount of ass stroking, which leads to.
. . well, you get the idea.

In fact, I might just as well confess that prior to the beginning of our junior year, Tom and I had enjoyed a bit of mutual gratification, getting each other off a few times after we'd double dated with less than willing women.  So, after we moved in together that fall, it was only natural that
a bit of guy-to-guy sex went on between us.

I remember one Saturday morning in early October when we'd both been out on dates the night before and neither of us had scored.  We woke up late and horny and with nothing but an exchange of knowing glances and a couple of nods, Tom was in my bed with my cock in his mouth.

"Easy, buddy," I moaned, knowing my chamber was loaded and my weapon was ready to fire.

I swung around and got into a reciprocal position and in seconds we were doing the old seventy-minus-one.  It didn't last long but it was, as they say in France, très fort and oh, so satisfying.

If I remember correctly, it was that weekend I met Ted for the first time.  I guess "met" is the wrong word.  I had at least seen him a few times, the first time, a year or two earlier when he and the rest of Tom's family were visiting campus. Ted was Tom's younger brother and a freshman that year.  "He's three years younger than me," Tom explained, "but he's the smart one.  He skipped tenth grade."

Now that isn't to say Tom was slow.  Neither Tom nor I had skipped years in high school, but we both carried our weight in the grades department.

As it happened, Ted wanted to follow his big brother and pledge BP and that was the week rush began.  As a "legacy," the son or brother of a BP member or alumnus, Ted was a shoe-in as far as pledging was concerned, and it didn't hurt at all that, in addition to being quite intelligent, he was a very cute kid.  He was a sort of younger carbon copy of his older brother, a bit shorter, a bit lighter in weight, but just as good looking and just as nice.  Needless to say, BP was happy to take him, legacy or not.

BP pledges were not allowed to choose their own biological brothers as pledge sponsors, or pledge fathers, as the older sponsor was called, so, at Tom's advice, Ted asked me to do the honors.  I was pleased to be asked and the choice was quickly approved by the fraternity officers.

It was only natural that once Ted pledged he started coming round a lot.  Freshmen had to live in college housing so he couldn't officially move in, but from the first day he pledged, he was there a lot and spent almost every weekends bunked in with his brother and me.  It started out with him in a sleeping bag on the floor between Tom's bed and mine, but that didn't last long.

On a fateful Saturday night in early November, Tom and I had both been out on unsatisfying dates and were in the middle of helping each other out, when in walked Ted.

"Oh, sorry," he said, starting to back out the door.

"Don't leave, bro," Tom said, which I must admit surprised me.  I don't have brothers but it did strike me as a bit odd that my roomy would be inviting his younger brother to stick around while I sucked his cock and he sucked mine.

"Sure?" Ted said, coming back in and closing the door behind him.  He, unlike Tom or me, had the presence of mind to lock it,

"Yeah, sure," Tom said, "but locking the door before we get more company was a good idea."

With that Tom went back to servicing my cock, and not knowing the proper etiquette in such situations, I followed his lead and did the same for him.

After a few minutes Ted sort of cleared his throat, getting our attention, and asked, "So do I get to play too, or do I just have to watch?"

Without removing his mouth from my dick, Tom just motioned his brother over.  In an instant the kid was sitting on the edge of my bed, pulling off his shirt and then, in record time, the rest of his clothes.  In seconds he was as naked as his brother and me, but that only complicated
things.  How do you fit a third guy into a two man equation?

Tom, sensing my confusion, began to bob more quickly on my shaft and in a minute or so I was shooting a very respectable load down his throat.

I lay back, in a bit of a swoon, while Tom just lay there looking a bit like a very proud cat.

"You've not come," I managed to say as my breath returned to something like normal.

"That's okay," Tom smiled. "Let's let Ted take care of it." With that he rolled of my bed, took one long step and flopped on his own."

"You guys have sex?" I asked, admittedly stunned. "I mean . . . together?"

"Yeah," both Tom and Ted said together.  It didn't take me long to learn they did that a lot, saying the same things at exactly the same time, as if their brains were in some sort of mind merge.  It was uncanny!

"But, guys, that's . . . incest," I said, expressing my shock before thinking about it.

"Yeah, probably," Tom said as he rolled onto his back and Ted sat down beside him on the edge of Tom's bed.

I guess I'd never thought about it before, but somehow I found it a bit shocking. At the same time, I found it incredibly hot!

As I lay there on my bed, Tom and Ted snuggled together.  At first they were lying on their sides so I had a clear view of the younger brother's naked shoulders and back and ass.  The boy was beautiful, almost as curvaceous as a girl, with an incredibly narrow waist and lovely rounded

Even from my vantage point it was clear they were kissing, and not just in some chaste, passionless way.  They both moaned softly and I could tell they were into it, really into it.

Soon enough Tom rolled onto his back and pulled his younger brother over on top of him.  I could now clearly see that as their bodies moved together with increasing passion, their lips were locked together.

Even though I'd just come, I felt myself becoming aroused again as I watched the two brothers making love.

They kissed for some time as their legs intertwined and their bodies thrust against each other.  I knew their cocks must be hot and hard and wet between them and it wasn't long before they both convulsed.  As Ted rolled off Tom I could see that their bellies were covered with the
mingled flow of their shared climax.

I was stroking myself as I watched them and came a second time as I witnessed their climax.  It was almost as if we shared one powerful orgasm, they with each other, and I with them in some mutual, joyful moment.

Ted didn't come around again for several days and, as things happened, I didn't see much of Tom either.  In a way I was glad.  I needed time to think, to come to terms with the fact that the two brothers were lovers.

It was also clear that they had no objection to sharing with another guy, namely me.  There seemed to be no jealousy between them and having sex with guys beside their loving little family group didn't seem to be an issue.

I had a long paper due the following Tuesday and spent most of Sunday in the library.  Once my paper was finished I plowed through a couple of dictionaries and then read several entries in the more authoritative encyclopaedias. I looked up everything I could find on incest, or at least
everything of a non-clinical nature.

What I found gave me some deeper insights into the clinical aspects of incest, but didn't really address my more practical questions.  I did learn that every study of human sexuality ever done had documented the fact that family members were often attracted to one another on a sexual
level.  The studies suggested that about twenty percent of those reporting such attractions acted on them.

Religions and the law almost universally prohibited such activity, fearing "the negative moral and reproductive results" of such intercourse.  The biological fears of "cross breeding" more or less explained the taboos against sexual contact between mothers and son, fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers, but it did little to explain the societal fears of same sex incest.  Was it fear of the "moral" decadence or depravity, orwere there other reasons why same sex incest was so abhorred by most cultures?

When I got in late that evening Tom was already asleep, alone. Then on Monday, my heaviest day of classes, I left our room early, and was away from the house until after dinner.

Monday evening, however, we had our weekly fraternity meeting and I had to be there.  It took a death in the family or a huge disaster for a brother to be excused from those meetings. When I walked in, just before the meeting was due to start, I saw Tom beckoning for me to join him.  He'd saved me a seat and I couldn't refuse.

We had no chance to talk until the meeting ended and we then went back to our room and as soon as the door was shut Tom said, "I guess you sort of freaked after Saturday night."

It wasn't a question and I waited, really not knowing how to respond, wanting him to say more.  When he didn't, I just said a rather feeble "yeah."

After a long and very awkward silence Tom said, "I hope you won't give us away."

"No, Tom," I was quick to say, "I'd never do that." It took me a minute longer but eventually I added, "I guess I just want to understand."

"Me loving Ted and he loving me, you see that as wrong, evil?"

"No . . . I don't know," I stammered.

After another long silence I told Tom about everything I'd read the previous afternoon, about tribal taboos going back to ancient times, about religious injunctions and medieval laws.

"I know that, John," he said.  "Both Ted and I have read it all."

"But you do it anyway have sex with him?"


"When did it start?"

"Oh, I can't even remember when we didn't sort of play around together. It certainly started long before it had any sexual meaning for us.  I guess we've been wrestling and hugging and fondling each other since we were just little kids."

"But at some point it became sexual," I said, looking at him from my own bed as he lay on his.  It was late and I had classes the next morning. Tom, at least, was free until the next afternoon. We lay there on our separate beds and hadn't even undressed.

"Sure, of course.  It began to mean something more to me when I was about eleven or twelve.  I didn't do anything different.  That didn't happen until Ted was thirteen."

"So you were sixteen then," I said, doing the numbers.


"Do your folks know."

"Oh, god no," Tom whispered. "I can't imagine what they'd do if they knew."

"So why were you and Ted so easy making out in front of me the other night?"

"I have no idea," Tom said, rising up on one elbow to look over at me. "I guess I felt comfortable with you.  After all, you and I have done more than Ted and I have ever done."

"What about Ted?  Why was he willing to be so open in front of me if you guys have kept it such a well guarded secret?"

"I don't know.  I've wondered that, too, but haven't had a chance to ask him."

"You more or less started things up between you two, after you sucked me off."

"I know.  I guess I sort of expected Ted to stop it, or not let it go all the way."

"Could it have been that you both wanted an audience, that you wanted someone else to know?"

That silenced him for a while.

I lay back, still dressed, and was on the verge of dozing off, when Tom spoke again.

"I think maybe you're right, John.  I think we did want someone, you, to know."

"Have you felt guilty about it?" I asked, rousing from near sleep.

"No, I don't think either of us has.  It just seemed so natural, not all that different than what we'd done since we were kids."  He paused again, remembering, I guess, and then went on.  "We always shared a room.  We have two younger sisters, you know."

"Yeah," I did know.  I'd met their whole family. As I thought back to that day they'd all been on campus I remembered them as such a happy, normal family.  Maybe, I forced myself to think, they were happy and normal.

Maybe what Tom and Ted shared wasn't so unusual.  Maybe it was just an extension of normal, easy, caring love between two brothers.

"It isn't like one of us is going to get pregnant," Ted said, suddenly, out of the blue.

Maybe that was the point, the real issue.  Neither of them was going to get pregnant.  There was no danger of some awful tragedy or the birth of ahorribly deformed child.  I remembered the things I'd read Sunday evening at the library, about moral and reproductive concerns.  With Tom and Ted there were no reproductive concerns. Was there some deep moral failing at
work here?  The more I thought about it, the less I thought that was the case.  Perhaps the fear of same-sex incest was rooted in a deeper fear of homosexuality in any form.

"Did you say we've done more than you and Ted have ever done?" I asked, remembering his earlier comment.

"We've just done what we did the other night, getting naked, kissing, holding each other, rubbing our bodies together until we both come."

"So you've never sucked him off."


"Thought about it?"

"Yes, sure. We've even talked about that . . . and other things, but we've not gone further . . . not yet."

"Is that because you are afraid of it or Ted's afraid of it, or do you both just want to keep it under some sort of control?"

"I don't think . . . I don't know," he whispered.

"Have you fantasized about going further with Ted?"

"Yeah, but . . ."

"Have you told him?"

"I don't have to tell him.  We both know."

"So you'd like to suck his cock, have him suck yours."

"Yeah . . . and more."

"You want to fuck him."

I'd not stated it as a question and Tom didn't respond.

We were silent for a long time and eventually, still fully clothed, still laying on top of the covers on our separate beds, we both fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning Tom was lying on his side, his legs pulled up against his chest, sleeping like a child.

I left him and went off to shower, ate breakfast and got on with my busy day.

That afternoon I was having a quick sandwich in the Union dining hall as I reviewed notes for a lab which started about half an hour later.  I had my head down, going over the notes when I became aware someone was standing opposite me across the table.  When I looked up I was Ted.

"Hey, John," he said softly.  He looked serious, even troubled.

"Hey, Ted, sit down," I said, greeting him.

"Didn't want to bother you," he smiled, but sat all the same.  "Have you and Tom talked about last Saturday?" he asked.

"Yeah, a little last night."

"We were afraid you'd be gnarled up because of what we did."

"Yeah, I guess I was, but I'm getting over it."

"That's a relief," he smiled. "We were afraid we'd freaked you out."

"Well, yeah, you did at first, but I'm coming to terms with it."

"What have you decided?"

"Well, first of all, I guess there's no chance of either of you guys getting pregnant."

"That's true," he grinned, more relaxed.

"I'm still working on the rest of it, Ted, but I think, if you give me a little time, I can cope."

"Just cope?"

"Well, no, not just cope.  I guess I can get comfortable with the fact that you and Tom really love each other, not that most brothers don't."

"So you're okay with our physical expressions of love?"

"Yeah, that is the part that's new to me, but I guess I can deal with it." Before he could say `just deal'? I added, "I mean I can accept it."

"Oh, man, that is really a relief!" He waited but when I didn't say more, he went on.  "Really, John, after what happened the other night Tom and I couldn't believe we'd gone that far in front of you, especially without talking about it first. I was afraid you'd never want me in your room
again.  In fact, I was afraid you'd move out or ask Tom to move."

"No way, Ted," I assured him.

"So you wouldn't mind if I came by again, if maybe I stayed over with you guys?"

"No, I'm cool, but does that mean you guys will be putting on another show for me?"

"Hey, John," he grinned, "you are cool."

That evening I told Tom about my conversation with his younger sibling and
couldn't help kidding him a bit. "So I said if he wanted to stay over I'd
expect to participate next time."

"Yeah?" Tom asked. I could tell he didn't know if was serious or not.

"Sure, you and I have gotten it on often enough, why not just make it a threesome?"

Tom looked very serious and then said, "So far as I know Ted has never had sex in any form with anybody but me."

"Really? Okay if I ask him next time he drops by?"

"Yeah, maybe you should, I'd certainly like to know and would feel a little awkward asking."

"Well, he obviously knows you have sex with others beside him, me for example."

"Sure, and he knows I've done it with women and also with a few guys."

"What does he know about me? Does he know I fuck girls, or does he think I'm just into guys?" I asked.  I suddenly realized I was a little anxious that Ted would think I was exclusively gay and then, just as quickly, considered that was a strange reaction.  Maybe I was afraid of being labeled exclusively gay.  Maybe I wanted Tom and Ted and any other guy who knew I did it with guys to know I was really bi, at least equally into women.

"He knows."

"You told him?"

"Yeah, I told him we'd double dated. I told him we both got it on with chicks."

"But getting it on doesn't necessarily mean I'm fucking them."

"But you have, right?" There was suddenly a rather confused, maybe even a worried expression on his face.

"Yes, dumb ass, I've made it with girls. In fact, I did the hetro thing before my first experience with a guy."

"Okay, cool," he grinned as if that was all he needed to know and he really didn't want to hear any more.  In Tom's eyes, at least, I qualified.  I was a regular guy.

Labels really are for shit!

The following Friday evening Ted came by.  It was late and I wondered if he may have thought his brother and I might have had dates, which we hadn't.  At first he was a little shy, standing around, not sitting on the edge of my bed or Tom's as he usually did.  Finally he turned a desk chair around and straddled it with his arms resting on the back.

"So how are you guys doing?" he asked.

Tom shrugged and I said I had a hard weekend of work, a paper to finish for a tutorial on Monday and a slew of lab notes to write up.  Then I asked him his plans.  Ted said he had a lot of work to do as well.  Tom and I had been pleased that he seemed to be taking his studies seriously.  He was a very bright guy and would do well in college if he kept his head

"Not much time for just hanging, I guess," Ted said, a note of trepidation in his voice.

"You sound sort of down, kiddo," Tom said.

"Yeah, a lot to do, not much free time and sort of missing the family, mom and dad, the girls."

"Come here, bro," Tom said, patting the side of his bed.  "John and I are family, too, you know?"

"Yeah, I guess," Ted said.  He was so mature in many ways that it was easy to forget that he was still a kid and a year younger than most freshmen.

He abandoned the chair and sat on the side of his brother's bed, leaning forward toward me, his elbows resting on his knees.  Tom began to slowly, gently massage Ted's shoulders and back.  Tom had done that for me many times and I knew how good he was at it.  I knew how Tom could relieve tensions, working deep into tight muscles.  I could see Ted slowly relax. His stance became less stiff and he spread his legs a bit as his body responded to his brother's ministrations.  Lying on my own bed with a clear view of his spread legs and crotch, I could also see he was responding in another way as well.

When Tom finished he put his arms around Ted's chest and pulled him back so the younger brother was lying on the older.  They rolled onto their sides and moved so Tom was lying with his chest against Ted's back.  His crotch was clearly pressed against Ted's butt.  They lay like that for several minutes, both fully clothed, with Tom slowly stroking Ted's chest and stomach.  It was loving and tender but I knew it was also sexual.

I rolled onto my back, propped my self up with a couple of pillows, and continued my reading, trying to be cool with the scene which was being played out no more than five feet to my left.

It wasn't easy to ignore what those two good looking brothers were doing.  Their actions and the murmurs they made became increasingly passionate and slowly, very slowly a discernable rhythm was established with Tom thrusting his crotch against his brother's rear and Ted, just as
forcefully thrusting himself back against Tom.  All the while, Tom's left hand roamed lower, finally coming to rest against Ted's crotch and overtly massaging his swollen cock through the fabric layers of his clothes.

Finally, after watching out of the corner of my eye for ten or fifteen minutes, I couldn't take it any longer.

"You guys just want me to leave so you can fuck?" I asked in a not too teasing way.

"You don't have to go, John," Tom said quickly.

"No, don't go," Ted added.

"So you want an audience again?" I asked. This time my voice clearly held an edge of irritation.

"No," Tom said, too quickly this time. "And besides, we don't fuck."

"Oh," I said, laying aside my book and setting up on the edge of my bed facing them, "don't you mean you haven't fucked yet?"

I think the harshness of my voice demanded their attention as much as the actual words.

"I've never made out with anyone but Tom," Ted said, his voice little more than a whisper, "but if you'll stay, John, I'd really like to get closer with you."

"What do you want?" I said, suddenly feeling very unsure of myself.

"Why don't you lock the door and turn off the lights for starters," Tom said.

Moving as if in a sort of trance, I did as he said, locking the door to the hall and then turning off the overhead light.  The cold light of the winter night coming through the windows gave the room a soft illumination.

"Now what?" I said softly. I realized my voice was shaking.

"Let's get undressed," Tom said.

I peeled off my clothes as the two brothers slowly removed each other's.
In the pale light, it was quite a show!

When we were all naked, I stood there in the middle of the room as Tom and Ted lay back in each other's arms. Then Tom motioned to me and I joined them on the narrow bed.

"Hey, bro," Tom whispered, leaning over Ted to give me a soft kiss.  When his lips left mine they were replaced by Ted's.  When Ted withdrew, Tom kissed me again, first one brother and then the other in a slow easy rhythm as if it had been rehearsed.

Had it been rehearsed? I wondered. Had they talked about drawing me into their love making?

After a few minutes Ted put his arms around me and drew me down beside him.  He pulled me to him so he was lying between his older brother and me, my belly against his as Tom's chest and stomach and crotch pressed against Ted's back and rear.

"Ted sandwich," Tom muttered.

"Yeah," I agreed as my lips found Ted's and we kissed again.

As Ted and I continued to kiss I let my hands roam over his tight body. I found his wet and rampant cock and held it with mine, stroking them both.  Tom was also stroking his brother's shoulders but from time to time his hand would reach over to rub my chest and side in an affectionate way.  As that went on for some time, I was aware that Tom was moving a bit and I
wondered if he was positioning his cock against Ted's ass.  He'd told me they'd never fucked, but, I surmised, this might be a first on that count as well.

Then, suddenly, as if confirming my suspicions, Ted seemed to pull back from me a little and his body froze as a little gasp escaped his lips.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," Ted gasped.

"What's going on?"

"I'm just moving the head of my cock up and down his crack," Tom said, his voice strained with lust, "moving it over the bud of his ass."

"Are you going to fuck him?"

"I don't know," Tom groaned. "What do you think, bro?"

I assumed he was talking to Ted, not me, so I left it to them to decide.

"Yeah," Ted whispered, "I want your cock in me."

"Okay," Tom responded.  There was a new urgency, an aggressive tone in his voice now and his hips had begun to move forward and back in little, short thrusts.

"Take it easy, guys" I said, rolling off the bed and going to my chest of drawers.  I retrieved my toilet kit and pulled out a strip of condoms and a partially used tube of lubricant. "You'd better use these."

"Use the lube," Ted moaned, "but no condoms.  We're both safe and I want your seed in me."

Tom took the tube from me and quickly rolled his younger brother onto his back.  Then, as he knelt over Ted, lifting his legs to the older brother's broad shoulders, I retreated to my own bed, realizing that, for the time being, at least, I'd become the audience again, the observer, the voyeur.

I watched with fascination as Tom worked his fingers into Ted's ass, starting slowly and gently with only one, but soon enough, progressing to two and then three.  Ted, I realized, was trembling, his whole body shaking with tremors of lust and anticipation, as well as apprehension or even dread.  Was this what he really wanted? I wondered.  Was he only acquiescing to what he thought his older brother desired, or did Ted really want this further, more personal bond between them?

When Ted muttered his readiness, Tom bend over him and kissed him softly on the lips, then raising up, he whispered, "Are you sure, tiger, really sure?"

"Yes, please, I want it, Tom, I've wanted it for so long but didn't know if it would scare you off."

"I've wanted it too," Tom whispered, kissing his brother's lips again.

Then, looking over at me, Tom motioned for me to join them on the already crowded bed.  "Come on, John," he said, "you're a part of this."

I couldn't guess what part I could play, but I did as Tom said and moved over to sit precariously on the edge of the narrow bed.

Then, from that close vantage point, I watched as Tom positioned the pulsing head of his cock against his brother's flared ass and slowly moved in.

At first only the point of the head pressed against the bud of Ted's ass, not moving, just resting there.  I saw again the tremors which moved through the younger brother's body and then, in a sudden jolt, he thrust his ass up and the head of Tom's cock slipped in.

They rested then, barely joined, both breathing hard.  When Ted nodded again, Tom began his slow, gentle entry as his cock, a fraction of an inch at a time, slipped past the dilated ring of Ted's ass.  It was slow, excruciatingly slow, and I realized Ted's body was trembling again.  He'd
lost his erection and his penis hung limply against his belly.  After what seemed like hours, Tom was fully in.  They rested again, Ted still curled into a knot with his knees against his chest, his ankles resting on Tom's shoulders.  Tom supported himself, his arms rigid, hands spread on the bed on each side of his brother's chest.  I could feel the tension in Tom's body, his arm muscles taut, beginning to tire with the strain, but not wanting to put the weight of his larger body on that of his smaller, younger brother.

It was as if time had frozen, as if we were all holding our breath.  Then, with a little nod, Ted gave Tom permission to move and he pulled back a little.  As he thrust forward again Ted moaned. His trembling had stopped and his cock was coming alive again.

"Yes," he groaned when Tom pressed in further, "yes!"

I stretched out beside them and reached between them to stroke Ted's
rampant cock.

Tom was moving steadily now, not fast and not with great force, but steadily, pulling back, sliding home again, establishing an easy rhythm, as if he wanted this to last a good, long time.

Our bedroom, which had not seemed especially warm before, now seemed steamy.  Both brothers were covered with a sheen of sweat and I found that I was also perspiring, either from real heat, or their overflowing passion.

Ted was groaning steadily now and as he rolled his head from side to side, I took his jaw in my hand and kissed him.

"You okay, Teddy," Tom whispered, "you okay, babe?"

The kid smiled when our lips parted, and whispered, "Wonderful."  Then after a pause he said it again repeatedly it, "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful," as if it had become some sort of chant.

I must admit, I'd seen some porn films, but never had I witnessed two people fucking before, either a guy and girl or two guys.  It was amazing lying there beside them, feeling the heat radiating off their bodies, feeling the bed move with the rhythm of their love making.  The smell of sweat and male sex filled the room and my own cock was hard and throbbing.

I made no attempt to beat myself off but I felt close to coming.  I continued to stroke Ted's cock but there was no urgency.  I felt as if we'd settled in for a long, slow ride.

Twenty minutes later, maybe half and hour, I began to sense a change in the way Tom was driving into his younger brother.  It wasn't so much a quickening of the rhythm as it was a subtle increase in the force of his thrusts.

Ted sensed it too and responded to it.  His cock was emitting a steady stream of pre-cum and his eyes seemed to have rolled back in their sockets as if he was in a sort of swoon.

A few minutes more and it was evident the end was near. Both Stands brothers were quickly approaching sexual overload.   Ted reached down and pushed my hand away from his cock, replacing it with his own.  He groaned softly and began to masturbate at an almost frantic pace.

I looked at Tom's face to see his eyes were closed and his body was rigid.

I took my own cock in my firm grasp and began to beat off in time with the rhythm of their fucking.

The three of us came seconds apart, Ted first, spewing his seed over his tight belly, then Tom, his whole body convulsing as he fired his sperm deep into his brother's ass.  I was last, but only by seconds.

Lying on my side as I was, my semen shot out over Ted's belly, pooling with his own.

Tom collapsed onto his brother, who didn't seem to mind the weight at all.  I rolled over and lay there beside them on the narrow bed, all three of us breathing hard, but other than that, silent.  What was there to say?

That was the first of many similar nights.  Over the next few months we did a lot of experimenting.  By the end of that year we'd fucked in every possible combination and in a lot of positions we'd never imagined possible.

At the middle of the following year, my final year as an undergraduate, Tom transferred to a five year engineering program at the state university, about a hundred and fifty miles to the north.  Ted, then a sophomore, moved in with me.

Our relationship continued until I left for graduate school the following spring, and on several weekends Tom was able to join us.

Is sex between brothers wrong?  I guess I ceased to worry about it.  In any case, Tom and Ted Stands seemed to handle it quite well, no pun intended.


Last fall I ran into Tom at a college alumni function.  We didn't have the time or  the privacy to talk long, but it was good to see him.  We were both with our wives and as the party moved around us, Tom and I were able to get off in a corner for just a bit to compare notes.

Both of us are doing well.  We both have happy marriages and successful kids.

Ted, he told me, is now in Indanapolis, also married, two kids, and his career is going well.  Tom and Ted often get together at family gatherings.

It was good, remembering those college years and my first experence with brothers who were so close.

I know many of you will ask if this story is true.  It is, except for the names and locations.

J vO Y