This is a loving, lusting story between my father's elder brother and me, it mean my uncle. My father and my uncle both have a big import, export business in the city. They are partners in the business. My uncle has no family or children. So most of the time he spends with us. He's so much love with me. most of the time I spend with him in his home. My parents never say anything about it. But there's a problem between uncle and me. I was very horny with uncle. He's around 55 years old with a big frame body. But I mostly prefer older men. When I was 16, I asked something that my uncle never expected it before.

I have seen him with his swimming suit when were in a beach. That was the first time I saw a man with such kind of naked and I would like to see his cock. My parents were in a separate room while uncle and me share another room. So when I returned to the room I called him "uncle, ah um .." and he asked me "What?" I didn't have an answer for it. But I directly asked him "uncle I need a help". He didn't have any idea what I going to ask. So he told me "anything son, you are like my own, why are you hesitating, just ask me". how can I say to him but I told him to "please uncle don't tell this to any one, and please can you show me your cock". After I asked this question I felt my body was burning in hot. Oh no what kind of question it was to a kind uncle like him. I thought everything was going to blow. But he was very cool and told me "hey dear what do you want? I didn't catch your word". I told him " I already asked you, but don't tell any one, please show me your beautiful cock. I didn't tell any one." He told me "its not good to see older men's cock. You are still young. And I am your uncle. How can I seduce you. And you are my favorite nephew. So just take off this idea in your mind". So I didn't say anything after that. The trip was over.

After two days I went to my uncle's home and he was there watching TV in the hall. When I see me, he switched off it and grabbed me by my hand. As usual he kissed me in my cheek as well. When he grabbed me my cock was throbbing inside my pants. But I stop it very hardly. Then I asked him "uncle, you are the only one in here, please just open your zipper and only show it to me once, and I never torture you anymore." But he didn't agree and told me "you know my dear, I am really apologize about you, its not your wrong, its your hormones. Its ok, but what can you do if I show my cock to you, there's nothing and also I am older now. What can you expect from me to with my cock". I was amazed how he was very cool and talked all of this stuff. And he continued, "you are still young and its not good to see elder's cock." But I asked him "I am not young any more and I am now 16 uncle, please don't do this to me uncle". He hugged me and told "I know son, but its grown men's stuff." So I asked him "what if elder men see younger ones like mine". For this question he didn't think much more and told "its ok for elders". And he didn't expect what would be the next. At once I opened my zippers and buttons and took off my jeans. While I doing this he screamed "hey sonny what are you doing right in middle of the hall, what if any one see". I told him "I think you are the right elder who have enough rights see me naked". His eyes grew larger, but he didn't pretend as it is. My 6-inch cock began to grew harder. He told me "get on to your jeans before someone see this". I told him there's no one around here except you and me. And took off my t-shirt also. He then came near to me and touched my big cock. I looked into his bulge, which is begun to grow. But he soon took his hand away and told me to get on to dress. So was I.

He told me " why don't you try some older women or your own age women, so you can fuck them as you want." But I told "I already had sex with elder women but I don't like it, I really like be your bitch uncle, and I want to be one of your favorite hole uncle." After all I said this he only let me to touch his cock only through the boxers. When he took off all of his dress I was getting more and more hornier because of his big thighs. He didn't allow me to touch his nipples or his butt. just only his cock through the boxers. Its not enough for me, I need to suck it, lick it, drink his uncle milk. I told him everything what I want to do with him. He just say "you need only my cock and you are doing what you wished. Very soon he told me to go away and he went to bathroom. I saw him through the doorknob. He calling my name and jerking off. He unloaded a big load in his bathroom. When he turn this my side, I came soon to the bed and get on to my normal dress.

From now on I do this things with my uncle. Most of the time we started to kiss each other in lips. In this all event I was in naked and he was in his boxers. My parents didn't know anything about this. One day I couldn't stop myself and I took his cock inside my mouth through his white boxers. He got angry and took out his cock from my mouth. So I went to home very sadly. But the next day my beloved uncle hugged and kissed me in my mouth and he was sorry how he behaves before that day. And this time he allow me to suck the big cock. But I didn't have an idea how long it was. Because he allow me to suck a small part of it, so the length, I couldn't measure it. And he also didn't tell when I ask it from him.

So when this thing happened I was 17 and my 18th birthday was coming month. There's only 2 weeks. I asked my uncle to take off his boxers only for me. "now we have a special relationship and no one know about this, so please we can do something more." One day when I was sucking his cock through the boxers, at once it taste me different than any other day. I looked at him and he was sorry for getting horny while I sucking his cock. And he had blew something which I wanted. He asked me "you really like it my son", to the response I only nodded my head and began to taste the cum more. He then took some cum from his cock and gave it to me. It was like a wine for me. I preferred the smell and the taste of the old cock. From that thing everyday he gave me his old cum.

It's the day before my birthday, but I don't have any idea about it. On that day uncle told me "tomorrow would be one of your loveliest day, its your 18th b'day and I prefer I would be there in you b'day party and I have already arranged some surprises to you, and don't come here tomorrow evening, ill come to there". I was very afraid he would tell this to my father or mother. Its better if he tell it to father rather than to mother. Tomorrow would be my b'day so I asked him to show his cock. He refused but he allow me to insert my cock inside his big old thighs and told me "act as you fuck me". so I did, soon I told him I am going to blow a load. He was ok for this and I blew a large amount of cum in his stomach. Because his legs were on my shoulders. I thought how it would be if I could fuck him in his shit hole right after this. And I asked him. He laughed and "you want to fuck me, I don't think you prefer my older butt, huh". At that day I went home very happy because he let me to fuck me in his thighs also, so I had and idea I could reach my goal so soon.

The next day when I woke up there were plenty of gifts from my friends, relations. But I didn't mind any of this until I find my beloved uncle's gift. But it wasn't there. I was so worried about this. My servant came running through the steps an handed me an envelop which contained my whole dream. It was from my ever-loving uncle who sends me this envelope. Hurriedly, I opened the cover and it has two flight tickets and a letter. I read it more than 10 times. Oh its from my lover. My ever-loving uncle. Who told me we are going on a trip only uncle and me. And he promised me I could do whatever I want with him or with his body after we leave the city. I couldn't believe the offer, which he offered me. and he already written on it that it was 2 days trip and he waited to this moment till I come to 18. Tonight we leave and we have to land there around 10p.m. At noon I called my father who was in another town in that time and told the offer and my mama also ok with this.

After the evening party my uncle came to take me to the heaven. I hurriedly got into the car and kissed me his lips. I could feel something ran through my body. As my lover now I can do whatever I wan with him. I tried to touch his cock. He didn't allow me "wait till the honeymoon was his answer. So I decided nothing to do until I reach the hotel. But I couldn't wait. I kissed him a lot. I didn't do any thing when I got into the flight. Because, no one need to know that we were couples.

When we reached the hotel first uncle told me to take a wash. He had reserved us a double bedroom. So both of us in a same room. I washed myself and came out. And uncle came inside the bathroom. When he went inside I peek through the doorknob as I had done before. I can't wait till he washes himself. First he took off his towel and began to wash. But I couldn't see his cock but I could see his well-built old fat butt. it was not in good shape but I loved it. Till he come I looked for his underwear, at last I could found it in his trouser. Oh the odor was very odd to me. I wore it myself and I tasted the spot where his big cock had been. From the shape I could tell it was my lengthier than I thought.

When the bathroom door opened I dropped it under the bed and smiled at him. First he told me to get dress " we need to get the dinner". I said I am not hungry. But "hey sonny you aren't, you sure you'll fill with something which is mine but I am hungry, come lets go". So I obeyed and went to the dinner in the hotel restaurant. When we came back to the room I hugged him hardly. I asked him how much he loving me. He laughed for a while and told me "I was very happy tonight. I waited to this moment from the day you asked me to fuck you. Actually I don't have many words to say how much I love you. From now on you can stay in my home if your parents ok. So I can give you every night what you wanted". I slowly unbuttoned his shirts. I have seen his nipples many more time. But now it felt me a different. I felt that it's my first time and I could see his a little white hairs. We kissed a long time. He poured two glasses full of wine. We drank some of it there's a loving song going on the TV. This whole environment made me hornier than before and I took off his shirt and he did the same thing to me. we were now half naked.

I began to kiss him wildly and he let me do any thing what I want. I preferred to have an uncle like him. I slowly kissed his nipples interchanging. He shouted sexy. And he told me "I think you have explored my body, you know every part of a man where he can get horny. Please don't stop son its your b'day party and I would be the first man who going to make you a gay. You liked it huh! What would be the best present rather than this to his ever-loving nephew from his uncle". While I sucking and licking his nipples he slowly, slowly send his thumb in to my butt hole. It made me very horny and my cock was throbbing inside my boxers. He asked, " how do you feel son", I told "it feel so good uncle, don't stop please do it harder".

I unbuttoned his trouser button and unzipped his zippers. He then stood and took off his trouser as well as mine. We were only in our boxers now. But both cocks were throbbing inside our boxers. I could see it through his white boxers. I went down and removed his boxers and mine also. Oh I didn't see such a large cock before in my life. It was 9 inches long and fully erected. When I saw his cock I could feel my cock was erecting. My whole 7 inches came to its full life. Two naked bodies, one was old, one was young and only two of them with fully erected cocks. What a nice environment for the action. I began to suck his cock. He stopped me and we get onto the bed and we sucked each other's cock in 69. This was the very excitement position in my sexual game. I am very prefer to take my partner's cock while he suck mine.

I couldn't take my uncle's whole cock inside my mouth. But he said "you needed it, now don't say I can't, and just try some more, you can take them all, after that you can do it every day to me." But to my uncle, my cock was not a big deal, he took it all at once, in this position I was upside to uncle, so it looked like I was mouth fucking my uncle. He also preferred to mouth fuck. After a big effort I could take inside his whole cock. Then I began to get mouth fucked also. At last we both blew a large amount of cum each other's mouth. But to my uncle, its not enough. But to me I couldn't take them all. His big balls blew a large amount of cum, so he took some of his own cum from my mouth.

I waited a long time until to fuck him. But before me, he told me to get onto the bed and "open your whole glory to me my son, I want to come inside you," and he opened my legs wildly and kept them in his shoulders. So I can see him how he fuck me and he also can see my feelings. He then took his 9 inch hard cock to his hand and began to lick my hole. I said "oooh , aaaah it feel very good uncle, please lick me hard, fuck me hard, come inside me," he too was embarrassed and "oh son I waited a long time till this things to happen, I need you so much and I want to fuck you till you cry." I was afraid by his last words. But I believed he couldn't make me cry.

Then very slowly he began to insert his big sausages into my virgin shit hole. I could feel like I was in heaven. But when his cock go inside some fast it hurt me so much and the soon I felt I was on a pile. I screamed to stop it, but he said he was going to cum inside me so, can't stop it son. Soon I realized its not true, he's going to insert his whole dick inside me. I screamed very loudly and I am afraid what if other room people awake. So I was quite as I can. Soon he kissed my neck and said "I couldn't believe this, you take my whole 9 inch inside you son, your butt will be very useful to me in future. And actually now I feel how much I missed you, son". But I didn't in stage to answer this. My butt was hurting so much. I thought he's going to split me through his 9-inch cock. And his fucking speed was getting increased and after that I could feel better. Soon I found that he's coming into is climax. And I could feel the pre cum oozing from his cock and my butt was feeling so good. At last he shot inside me 8 times. I can't believe that, a 55 years old guy can shoot this much of cum. When he finished, without even touching my cock I shoot 3 times to my uncle. Both of us wet with cum.

I thought this would be the end. But he told me to turn around. I asked why. He told me "your b'day party isn't over yet. You have to take something more". I was excited as well as I afraid of the pain. But I turned around. He told me "now we are going to do the doggy style". Oh it gave me more excitement. He then kissed my butt and licked the hole. I took his cock in my mouth for my easiness. He didn't use any gel so my saliva was took the part of gel. Without thinking he fucked me in doggy style. First it hurt me a lot. After half of his gone inside it felt me so good. I could feel his big cock growing inside me. He inserted it till my prostate touches his cock head. Uncle started to fuck me hard. I can tell that he was near to cum. I wonder how a man could shoot another round right after he shot me before. But I didn't care, same as he. I was screaming a lot, because of the pain. Oh I could feel he was shooting hot cum inside me. My butt was burning hot because of the hot cum. This time he shot 6 times. I could imagine how much he needed me. But its too much to a man in his age.

My cock was erecting in its full length. I was exciting how's the feeling should be when I fuck my uncle. But to my disappointment he said, "I am very tired son. Shall we do it morning." He was my beloved uncle and me too felt some tired. So I agreed. But I inserted my fingers into my butt and drank his cum so much from my hole. Its very hot and very much taste. And we hold each other's cock and had a nice sleep.

The very next morning I woke up. My morning wood was in its full length. I watched at my uncle. Who was sleeping peacefully, I didn't have any idea to interrupt him. But my cock and my hands didn't obey me. I kissed his lips and his neck. Through that way I next came to his beautiful old breast and two nipples. It was fully erected when I sucking it. I looked at my uncle's face and he was smiling at me. I looked his good morning wood its in its 9 inch full erection. I began to suck it. It tasted me very nice. I couldn't believe how I took it inside my hole before that night. At the same time I began to insert my two fingers into his butt. It felt so much different in morning and so much different than mine. Now also I can take some of his cum inside my butt.

I started to lick his hole. And after a great effect I could put my tongue inside his hole. It made him hornier than ever. I slowly began to move my tongue inside his hole. Then he told me sleep on the bed and he sat on my face and I could lick his hole directly. It made me hornier both of us, especially to me. But, he didn't allow me to jerk off. Then he stood up and told me "its your turn son, you can take as much as you can from me. If I had hurt you yesterday sorry for me. But to me you must fuck me hard". My cock was throbbing at once when he said this.

He placed his legs on my shoulders and I didn't mercy on him. I put my cock inside his butt at once. He didn't tell any one. I started to fuck him so hard soon. Because this was the butt I was fall in love more than a year. To my surprise he didn't tell anything. But he mourned. I think he decided not to show me it hurt him. His butt was very big and the hole too. I needed it every night I thought. Soon, my dick oozed pre cum, I can feel it, soon I shot 7 times in his butt. That was the fine shot I have ever made in my life. He too shot me back a lot.

We cleaned ourselves by our tongues. He said he liked it very much and he promised me to ask my parents to take me to his home, so we can do this every night. We left the hotel the very next day, because my papa called my uncle because of some business dealings. I told my parents how I enjoyed my trip with uncle. And I lied them that we went on some camping too. They didn't know what was going on between uncle and me. Now also I am spending most of my holidays with him fucking him, and get fucked.


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