Journal Entry August 15

It had been about 2 weeks since my 13 year old son Billy and I started having man-boy sex.  I had been captivated by his beauty since he was a young boy and I would bathe him, soaping up his little dick and his ass.  Now, he was 13, still smoothly boyish, but with a gorgeous cock and a sensual smile.  Since that fateful day two weeks ago when I discovered him jerking off by the pool,  Billy had moved ionto my bed.  We spen every nite in bed together, kissing, sucking, and Billy willingly giving me his hole.  I loved eatting Billys' smooth ass...licking all along the crack, then darting my tongue in and out of his rosebud, getting him all worked up and lubed for my cock.  It was great how saliva alone was enough to get Billy's boyhole lubed enough to take his dad's thick cock.  We had gotten into a great rhythm together.  After I ate his little boy ass and probed his hole with my tongue, I would trun him over, get his ankles on my shoulders and enter his hole as we kissed. 

"Make love to me Daddy,"  Billy would cry out.  "Make me your pussy boy; fill your Billy with your cum." 

Billy's language in the heat of our love-making surprised me, but it made me even hornier to fill my boy with my cum.

"I want to taste you Daddy while you fuck me  Fill my mouth too as we fuck."

"What do you mean Billy," I asked. 

"Fill my mouth with your saliva...I want your spit filling my mouth as your cum fills my mouth."

Wow, this kid was incredible.  Filling Billy's with my saliva  soon became as exciting and erotic as the act of fucking was.   Giving Billy all of my fluids was great.  Well, maybe not "aIl" my fluids.....water sports was somethying we hadn't tried yet, but I began thinking my Billy would be willing to try anything.  I was the luckiest guy in the world to be in love with this 13 y.o. blonde young god, who wanted nothing more than to satisfy his Daddy sexually.  I could stay in his arms and ass forever.

Two weeks of this had passed and I looked forward to each minute that Billy and I could spend together.  I was becoming resentful of having to go to work.  But I had to pay the bills!   The air conditioner at work was still on the fritz a bit, so yesterday I decided to work at home.  Billy was at swim practice so at least I could get some work done without being distracted.  I realized that I had left some important files at the office, so I called by co-worker Craig and asked him if he wouldn''t mind bringing them by.  Craig was about 38, well built, medium brown hair.  Unlike me, Craig was open about being attracted to guys, and if I had been more attracted to guys close to my age I would definitely be attracted to Craig.  And from his tight pants I could tell he was well built down there too.  I told Craig I'd be working out by the pool and to just come arounbd the back when he arrived.

Craig was drenched in sweat when he arrived.  "What the hell happened to you?" I asked.  "Car broke dowm about a mile away. I walked the rest of the way." 

"You need to cool off."  I said.  "Take a dip in the pool."

"No trunks," Craig said.  "No problem.  You can either borrow a pair of mine of just go skinny dipping. That's cool with me,"  I said.   I got mildly curious to know what Craig would look like naked, and had a wild thought.....what would it be like if Craig and I were both in bed naked with Billy!  Would Billy even be interested?  How would I feel about sharing Billy?  I didn't know, but the more I thought about it, the thought fucking Billy's hot tight young ass, while watching is mouth suck on Craig's cock was getting me hot.  My cock was starting to stir in my pants.  And looking over at Craig, as he started to underss didn't help!   Craig was down to his underwear; he wore tighty whities.  His chest was moderately hairy, well defined, with a happy trail leading down into his briefs.  Craig had muscular thighs.  I had a feeling Billy would be attracted to him if Billy could find himself interested in another man other than his Dad.

Here I was, looking at Craig almost naked and my thoughts still went to Billy.  Last night, love making with Billy took another twist.  After his day at swim camp, and then a few hours at his part-time job bagging groceries at the supermarket, Billy came home tired, hot and sweatty.  "Dad, I need a shower bad."  "Want some company?" I said.  "Yes, sir," was Billy's reply.

Although I had given Billy many baths as a child, always lingering my soapy hand over his little ass and cock, we hadn't showered since we became lovers a couple of weeks ago.  Billy was soaping himself, playing with his man-sized cock when I joined him in the shower.  We immediately embraced, our cocks rubbing together, as we kissed deeply while the hot water cascaded down over us.  I took the soap in my hand, got a good lather in my hands, and then starting caressing Billy's hairless chest.  I loved the way Billy moaned when i massaged his nipples.  Billy was developing sensitive nipples, and I loved licking them, sucking on them, biting them gently and the pleasure it brought him.  It was becoming as if my little Billy's nipple were hot wired for sex with is Dad.  When I fucked Billy and sucked on his nipples, his whole body jerked uncontrollably, making his asshole clench my cock inside of him even tighter.

All of the hot water streaming down on me made me realize how much I had to pee.  "Billy, I gotta pee.. move out of the way."  "No Dad," Billy said.  "I want it.  I want to feel your pee all over me.  Pee on your little boy, Dad."   I couldn't believe how my little man was getting so adventurous.  Billy got down on his knees in front of me, the shower beating down on him.  I stood in front of him, my cock at his eye-level.  My piss started to build, and then befoe i knew it, i was showering Billy with my golden liquid.   It made my cock harder to see my Billy be so submissive to me.  I took my cock in my hand and pointed it like a hose.  My piss streamed out over Billy's hair, chest and cock.  Seeing my piss all over Billy was way hotter then I ever thought it could be.  "Dad,"  Billy moaned, "I need more."  Then, before I knew it, Billy move my hand from my cock and took my pissing dick into his mouth.  Billy swallowed my piss as he reached down and stroked his own cock.  As Billy's moaning increased, I realized he was about to cum from the excitement of taking my pee.  As Billy drained the last of my piss, I saw him cum all over my feet in the shower.  I definitely needed a release.

I pulled Billy up and turned him around.  I hadn't cum yet and watching Billy drink from my "tap" and then cum and gotten me rock hard.  I lathered my cock so it was very soapy.  I pointed my dick head at Billy's rosebud, as i pulled his head back to me.  As I kissed him full on, my cock slid into his tight boy ass.  There was nothing I liked more than fucking my boy Billy.  I was more in love with him than I had ever been in love before. 

"Fuck me, Daddy," Billy cried out.  "Make me your boy-lover, your little love slave." 

I pumped Billy faster and harder as the water ran down on us.  This was not a time when I would be able to hold off shooting.  I had e need to cum in Billy's smooth young ass as an expression of my horiness, my passion and my love.

"Tell me what you want, Billy" I said.

"Fill your boy with your love juice; seed me; breed me, own me," was Billy's response.   "Love me, Daddy.  Never let me go."

With that, I felt my asshole tighten as my balls pulled up.  My whole body seemed to convulse as I shot my load deep into my Billy's ass.  "I love you Billy," I moaned as I came.  We stayed, locked together, even as the water continued to shower us with wet warmth.  Neither of us could bear to break the connection as I stayed hard and locked in my Bill's boy pussy.  How could anything possible be better than this, I wondered.

That was lat night.  For now as I watched Craig strip naked,  I was getting "vibes" from Craig that maybe he wanted me.  "Aren;t you going to join me?" Craig asked as he dove naked into the pool.  I answered Craig's invitation by stripping down and jumping into the pool.  This was the first time I had been naked so close to a guy close to my own age.  Craig and I swam some laps, but then as he passed me, he bumped into me and "accidentally" let his hand bump my cock.  We both stood up in the pool.  Craig looked at me.

"You know that I am gay, right?" 

"Yes," I said. 

"That's no problem, no need to worry." 

"But I am kinda attracted to you." Craig said.  You are in great shape, and now I see your hairy chest and, um,  you have nice equipment."

I am sure I blushed at that point.  I didn;t know how to respond.  Craig was very good looking, but, to be honest, I just wasn't too physically to a guy within a few years of my age.  I was in lust and in liove with my 13 year old golden-haired son, Billy.  Craig swam over to me and stood up looking into my eyes. For some reason, I got nervous. But i have to admit that my cock did start to stir a bit.  Craig leaned into me, I knew i was about to feel his lips on mine.  Craig's lips were so closew to mine I could feel his breath on me.

"Hey Dad, are you cheating on me?"