Bobby Starts Christmas Break, a seasonal by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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This tale and its characters are based on the serial, The Birthday Boy, which can be found in the Gay/Incest section of the archive.

From Bobby's Thanksgiving Feast:

Seeing my little boy prance around makes me so proud of you, honey,” he told me. “I know you can't wait to prance around for cute boys at your school, can you?”

I want to let everyone see me prance around,” I admitted, then I looked down at my soft little dick. “I want everyone to see that, too.”

You're proud to have a horny bottom and a soft little willie, aren't you honey?” he observed, and I nodded. “Daddy's proud of that, too.” ~

And Now...Bobby Starts Christmas Break

At 6am, I was laying on my side with my head resting on the pillow while daddy's clasped hands rested just above my naval. His tongue was running all over my left ear, licking and probing behind my lobe and my cartilage while his hot breath encapsulated it. His toned torso was gently rubbing against my bare back in short up and down motions, allowing the heat of our bodies to create a cozy warmth that only added to my bliss. My right leg was intertwined between his two tree trunks and my size 7 foot was trapped behind his right knee. My left leg was slightly raised to allow easy access to my puckered entrance, where daddy's long rod was currently sliding in and out with deep, fluid motions.

I had a hard grin on my face as I luxuriated in the powerful sensations that were gripping me. Just a minute ago, I had been sleeping peacefully, dreaming the dreams of gay bottom boys everywhere when a furious sizzle in my rectum woke me up. I suddenly became aware that daddy was driving into my hole with deep but gentle thrusts, making my toes curl hard while I moaned involuntarily. I could feel a wet tickle around my ear and knew that he was treating me to a tongue bath while he serviced my bottom.

Wanting him to have easier access to drive in as far as he could, I instinctively raised my left leg into the air. As soon as I did this, daddy responded by adding force to his thrusts, which was making my body tremble with the promise of an explosive morning boygasm. Between my legs, my little dick was laying limp, hardly even an inch long and with so little girth that I never bothered to consider it before. The four little wisps of hair that adorned its base were barely noticeable at all to daddy, or to myself.

The moist crackle of daddy's rod as it ran with authority along the lining of my quivering boy hole was prominent. Every pleasure receptor in my 13 year old body was on fire as he treated me to thrust after deep, powerful thrust of hard dick. Every motion of his fleshy sword seemed to add fuel to the unforgiving flames of gay ecstasy that were consuming my mind and body at the moment.

And yet through the onset of our union, I found myself not needing to make a sound. I was in a state of sheer bliss as my bottom received each luscious stroke and I knew that I was about to orgasm anally, but the romantic setting in daddy's arms was so perfect that I didn't want to disturb it with my moans.

I felt daddy's wet lips kissing along my cheek, moving closer and closer to my lips, so I puckered up and let him have his way. As soon as our lips met, his tongue slid into my mouth and I climaxed hard. My love tunnel immediately constricted around his pole and a powerful pheromone filled the air while my juices flowed. Undaunted, daddy continued to hammer my needy rear end with fluid thrusts, even when my anal contractions reached a fever pitch. My tummy was heaving so hard that his clasped hands were digging into it. At the same time, my bottom began to queef with wet, squelching sounds that would have alerted anyone in the house as to what was happening, no matter how quiet I was being.

Realizing what was happening in my little body, daddy relaxed his grip around my midriff and kissed me with even more tenderness. When I looked into his affectionate eyes I felt myself lost in the wonders of our sexual union, knowing that I loved my daddy more than anyone in the world. This only added to my carnal bliss, sending a series of strong shivers through my already climaxing body while we kissed deep. I could feel daddy's hot cock swell in my bottom and I knew what was coming, so I tightened the muscles in my rectum, wanting to make it as pleasurable for him as I could.

For my efforts, I was rewarded with an intensified butt fucking while our kiss grew more passionate. Daddy fed me full, deep strokes for another minute while our tongues danced, then he lovingly slid his rod all the way inside of me and bred my satisfied bottom. While we were still kissing hungrily, he pulled out of me and crawled on top of me, letting his strong body hover over mine while I wrapped my arms around his neck. When we finally broke our kiss, we shared a quiet smile, then he crawled up so that his dripping cock was dangling at my lips. With a satisfied smile, I wrapped my lips around it and let him fuck my throat slowly while I sucked away every strand of cum and ass juice that lined its length.

I'd spent all night in daddy's protective embrace and was treated to anal sex with him more than once. My brother David was in his own room for a change, where he had fallen asleep after an extended lay of his own. David's night of passion was courtesy of a really cute boy named Jared whose company we've both enjoyed on many occasions. Lately, though, Jared had begun frequenting David's bed more and more as their romantic feelings for each other began to flourish.

With it being Christmas break, daddy didn't protest at all when David asked for permission to host a lover in his bed well past our normal bedtime. For his efforts, my big bubba was pleasured continuously by the virile, well endowed college freshman who was also on break for the holidays. Almost as soon as David opened his legs and allowed his lover to enter him, his rear end started to queef loud enough for daddy and I to hear it across the hallway, where we had settled for the evening.

While David was getting lucky with his new stud, I took the opportunity to crawl into bed with daddy and wrap my lips around his shaft. I moaned hotly around his juicy dick, taking deep, fulfilling swallows of its entire ten inches while I smiled happily and toyed with daddy's hairy balls. He ran his fingers through my hair and encouraged me to stay with it, and I happily obliged. Knowing how dedicated I was to sucking cock at the moment, daddy watched with a proud, loving smile while I moaned, slobbered and slurped around his trophy. My little body was tingling with pure delight as I treated myself to ten inches of decadent pleasure. Seeing how much I was enjoying myself, daddy settled in and let me have my way, deep throating his pleasure stick while he rubbed my back and praised me.

Five minutes later, I sat up and swallowed, then I laid on my side so he could spoon up to me and hold me close. When his spit slicked shaft slid up my butt, I sighed with contentment and enjoyed the first of three pleasurable butt fuckings while he smothered me in kisses. While his big dick was running in and out of my shivering pooper, he spoke gently in my ear between pecks on the cheek.

“Did my little gay boy swallow a nice, thick load of cum?” he asked softly, and I nodded slowly. “Would you like it if daddy plants one in your horny bottom, too?”

“Yes, daddy,” I lisped in a quiet voice, then I felt him plant a wet kiss on the back of my neck.

“Did you suck enough cock today, baby?” he asked in a concerned voice, and I let loose with a contented sigh as I nodded my answer. “How many dicks did you suck at school?”
“Four,” I said, my voice trembling with passion as I recounted the cute boys whose cocks I deep throated in the locker room. “I got laid at school, too.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked me in a voice that told me he was pleased to hear this news, and I nodded again. “How about after school, Bobby?”

“Me and David both got laid after school,” I revealed with a husky voice and a thick lisp. “We stopped to see Jared before we came home. His daddy was there and I put out for him while Jared and David went down the hall.”

“Tell daddy all about it, baby,” he encouraged me, adding force to his thrusting and bringing out a long, horny moan from deep inside of me as I recalled the naughty, early afternoon romp that kicked off my Winter break.

Since it was the last day of school before break, we got out early. Having only sucked four boys off and gotten my rear end serviced just twice, I was anxious for some back door action. I met my brother in our usual spot and he carried my backpack for me while I pranced down the sidewalk on our usual route home. Only, we didn't make it home right away. Instead, David walked straight to Jared's house, eager to see his beau right away.

As it turned out, Jared's dad was in the family room, watching TV in his robe. While David and Jared were making out by the front door, Mr. Johnson was watching them with a curious expression. When he set his eyes on me, though, a lecherous smile spread out across his face, sending a strong shiver through me.

“Jared, how about if you take your friend to your room for a little bit of privacy?” he suggested, and the cute college freshman nodded in eager agreement while Mr. Johnson turned his attention my way. “I'll keep this little guy company until you finish.”

Wanting him to know that I was on board with the plan, I smiled at him and lisped, “I'd like that a lot.”

I saw Mr. Johnson set his gaze on David's 14 year old bubble butt as Jared led him down the hall, his mouth watering with the desire he had deep down to slide his dick deep inside of it. Knowing that I could give him someplace hot and tight to put his cock, I made my move by taking a seat on the couch beside him and snuggling into his side. When the door to Jared's room closed, he made his move.

“It looks like those two love birds are going to have some fun,” he remarked with a warm smile, and I nodded.

They're such serious boyfriends,” I said with a roll of my eyes, making him chuckle.

“Do you have a boyfriend, kiddo?” he asked me casually, and I just shrugged.

“I don't want to have just one boyfriend,” I said, placing my hand on the inside of his thigh. “I like to have a lot of boyfriends.”

“Is that so?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly. “What do you look for in a boyfriend?”

“I like them to be cute,” I said, batting my eyes up at him. “I like it when they have big dicks, too.”

With that, I let my eyes roam down to his crotch, where his one eyed monster was bulging under his robe. I let loose with a soft moan, then I looked up at him questioningly. He gave me a gentle nod, so I reached down with shaky hands and untied his robe, watching it fall open and revealing his blue plaid boxers. I used my left hand to massage the massive lump, loving how warm it was while its stiff thickness sent shivers through me.

When I let my fingers slip into the opening so I could feel the hot skin flute for myself, I felt my rear end starting to tremble and moisten with desire. Anxious to suck cock for him right away, I quickly traced my fingers to the head of his dick and eased it out through the opening. I beamed with joy when it stood straight up at 8 ½ thick inches and found myself scrambling to get between his legs so I could have it in my mouth. When I wrapped my lips around his moist, bulbous glans, he hissed with pleasure while I smiled up at him, then I drove myself down with one easy bob of my head and impaled myself on his cock.

“Oh shit,” he panted as the tip of my nose embedded itself in his wiry bush and the soft layer of adipose tissue that padded his pubic bush. “You're a little pro, aren't you?”

“Mhmm,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering with joy while I smiled up at him with a mouthful of cock, then I treated myself to a fluid throat fuck that had me moaning like a girl in no time. With his massive tool radiating heat in my mouth and my throat, I took care to press the flat of my tongue against the underside of his dick, anxious to taste every luscious inch while I traversed its length. I saw his toes curl tight as my scratchy tongue ran up and down his pole while his flow of precum accelerated and I knew that I was in for a gooey mouthful of cum to savor and swallow.

While I was sucking cock for my new stud I started rolling my denim clad rear end around in a counter clockwise motion, to horny to control the motion of my hips. I could feel my rear end starting to burn with desire and I knew that I needed a cock to tamp it down, so I hastily unbuttoned my pants without disrupting the passionate blow job I was giving.

When my fly was unfastened, my pants slid off of my waist on their own, revealing the white boy briefs that were hugging my churning bubble butt so tight. I felt Mr. Johnson's soft caress on the back of my head, then his hand ran down my back until he was palming my horny rump. The warmth of his touch was amazing, and I felt like I could boygasm on the spot, but I wanted his dick in my ass right away. So I added momentum to the grinding of my bottom, blatantly pushing up against his groping hand while I moaned lustily around his big dick.

“Damn buddy, it's like you have a fire burning in that nice, round ass of yours,” he observed, and I nodded up at him to let him know that he was right. “Are you looking to take a cock back there, too?”

This time I nodded frantically, feeling overwhelmed with lust as the strength of his erection drove me into a frenzy. Without skipping a beat, I reached back and hooked the waistband of my undies, practically ripping them down so that he would know that he had easy access to my horny hole if he wanted it. As soon as they fell off of my hips and landed in my puddled up jeans, he spoke up and I knew that my message was sent loud and clear.

“You want it bad, don't you Bobby?” he said while I was still nodding my head. “My Jared told me that you had an easy access rear end. I see now that he was telling me the truth. How about pulling my dick out of your throat so I can take it for a spin, honey?”

With that, a satisfied grin spread out across my face and I pulled off of his dick with a slow, sensual slurp, letting my tongue drag along the bottom of his shaft as my lips pulled to the tip. When I head his glans trapped in my mouth, I fell into a deep French kissing of the sponge textured treat while I wrapped my small hands around the base of his dick and jerked him slowly.

“Oh fuck, I'm gonna blow,” he moaned in protest, but I was too far gone to stop. I heard the joints in his toes crack loudly, then his prick pulsed hard in my mouth. At the same time, I felt his rod jerk in his hands while a powerful throb raced from the base to the very end. Knowing what was happening to my lover, I wrapped my lips tight around his crown, forming a tight seal just as we locked eyes. I could see the frantic look in his eyes, which only deepened when he spotted my horny, needy expression. I moaned gutturally around his dick while we maintained eye contact, then I began to gulp just in time for a torrent of hot, potent spunk to flood my mouth.

It felt like we were frozen in time while he was unloading his sperm for me. His orgasm played itself out in waves that filled me over and over again with hot cum. His expression changed three times over the course of his climax, and I felt like I could read his mind while it all played out. After the rapid onset of his orgasm surprised him, his face melted into a look of disbelief as I swallowed his incoming load with my well practiced throat muscles. Then, as we continued to gaze into each others' eyes, a look of intense arousal beset his handsome face and it was like he came all over again. As the final fountain of man sperm erupted in my mouth, he reached down and groped my horny bottom again, amazed that it was still rolling around in a counter clockwise motion, even as I swallowed his yummy offering.

When his flow of hot cum finally abated, I tended to his cock by licking up and down its length, grateful that it was still standing at attention. I moved down to his hefty nut sack, trapping it in my mouth and humming with delight while his grip on my rump tightened, so I smiled up at him and massaged the base of his meaty dick while he licked his lips with a smile of his own.

Finally, I pulled off of his nuts and stood on my feet, leaning into his big, sexy body while he rubbed my buns and looked at my little dick, which was soft and almost completely retracted in my 13 year old body while my rear end roared with horny desire.

“Did you get yourself off while you were giving me head?” he asked curiously, and I shook my head no. “What's happening down there, Bobby?”

“I'm only horny in my butt hole,” I admitted with a thick lisp, resting my head on his shoulder while he gave me a curious look. “I only use my wiener for peeing.”

“You're a Grade A little pussy boy, aren't you?” he asked, and I nodded in the affirmative. “How horny are you back there?”

“Extra horny,” I lisped gayly. “I still want to get lucky with you.”

“Well, why don't you show me what it is you're after, buddy?” he suggested, and I smiled shyly.

Taking his still hard prick in my hands again, I gave the base several tight squeezes while I crawled into his lap and straddled his legs. His eyes were trained on my little dick the entire time, and I was happy to show it off to him. When I had his prick standing at attention between my thighs, I beckoned him to look at my little dick again, so proud to show him how much of a pussy boy I really was.

With his eyes trained on my small boy cock, I raised myself up and positioned my yearning hole up to the head of his massive prick, then I slowly lowered myself down so that it was nestled in my crack. I could feel the precum pouring out of his piss slit, running into the creases of my pucker while I rested my hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. With a naughty smile, I flexed my anal muscles and my hole bloomed, then I pushed myself down and accepted his length with no effort at all. I could feel the heat of his shaft radiating against the moist tissue that lines my poop chute, lighting every pleasure receptor in my body and making me even hotter. I was so anxious for a deep fucking that I moaned hungrily, my mouth hanging wide opened and watering with need. Finally, I dug my knees into the couch cushion and used my thighs to start moving up and down.

“Holy fucking shit, your ass is so hot and so tight!” he hissed, his face contorting with an expression of sheer bliss as I rode up and down on his pole.

“You feel really good to me too,” I moaned needfully, leaning back so that I could feel his solid shaft bending against the walls of my love tunnel. I locked my fingers around his neck so that I could throw my head back and let myself get lost in the ecstasy of my ride. Aside from my moans of sheer delight, the only sounds that could be heard were the moist crackling of his prick as it ran back and forth inside of me and David's call of pleasure from down the hall.

While my head was spinning with the pleasures of gay sex, I felt Mr. Johnson's hands cupping my cheeks and gently pulling them to his face. Giving in with a smile, I puckered up and tilted my head to the right just in time to enjoy a mouthful of stiff tongue that he treated me to while our fuck endured. I got so lost in the joy of our romantic union that I hardly blinked when he grabbed my hips and began driving my little body up and down like a flesh light around his prick. This continued for a full minute, giving me chills of delight and making me moan harder into his mouth until finally, he shoved me all the way down on his prick and unloaded into my satisfied bottom.

When we broke our kiss, I lifted myself up until his dick slid out of me, then I got on my knees and sucked happily on his semi hard manhood. The cum strands were surprisingly thick and I took nothing but pleasure in swallowing each and every one of them while he petted my smiling face. While I was still posted up between his legs, the door to Jared's room opened and he walked out to the living room, hand in hand with my brother. I knew that they were watching me suck cock with my cum filled rear end lingering in the air, so I took the initiative and rolled it around, anxious to entice another round of back door service.

I could feel Mr. Johnson's dick stiffening in my mouth again, and I knew it was because he had set his eyes on my brother's freshly fucked bottom. Still, having a hard cock in my mouth made me even hornier, and soon I was impaling myself over and over again while he talked tenderly to his son and to David.

“Did you two have a nice time, buddy?” he asked Jared.

“Yeah, David's rear end is always nice and tight,” he practically sang while I continued to blow his dad. “Did you fuck Bobby?”

I looked up at Mr. Johnson, watching him nod his answer while he ran his fingertips through my dark hair, then he said, “His ass is really tight, son. I got my nut pretty quick.”

“I kinda feel like fucking him,” Jared mentioned in a casual tone, and I eagerly pointed my cum filled bottom his way and rolled it around again, drawing a chuckle from David, Jared and Mr. Johnson.

“I want to get laid again, too,” David announced, setting his sights on Mr. Johnson's prick while I drove myself down over and over on it.

“Do you want my dad to fuck you this time, honey?” Jared asked tenderly, then they shared a tender kiss while my brother nodded. “Go ahead, and I'll take care of Bobby.”

“I love you,” David sighed, then they kissed again.

“I love you too, honey,” Jared said, then he unbuttoned his pants and they fell around his feet. I watched with a hopeful gleam in my eyes as he dropped to his knees behind me and lined up, then he slid his sexy rod up my butt and I moaned hungrily. In front of me, I noticed that David had taken a seat beside Mr. Johnson and that they were kissing passionately, then I heard Jared command me, “Let my dad's dick go so he can fuck your brother, buddy.”

I obeyed right away, then I watched as my brother got up from his seat and stood in front of his soon to be top. His bubble butt was hovering right over my face and I wanted to shove my tongue in his poop chute badly. So when his pants fell around his ankles and his white boxer briefs came into view, I moaned hotly. Then his boxer briefs came down and he fell into another kiss with Mr. Johnson while I watched from the doggy style position on the floor. Then Mr. Johnson's hands came to rest on his butt cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing his bright red pucker, which was slick with his boyfriend's cum, and I had to act.

I pushed up with my hands so that I could eat David's hole out and was rewarded when Jared's hot cum dribbled into my mouth. I was moaning hungrily while I tongued his tasty stink hole, then I felt Jared's cock start driving in and out of my own hole with more force than before. At the same time, David and Mr. Johnson broke their kiss and spoke softly to each other.

“Is your brother tonguing your ass?” the older man asked, and David nodded with a horny smile. “Do you guys get it on at home?”

“Yeah, we like to make out and eat each others' buttholes out,” my brother admitted.

“That's really sexy, buddy,” Mr. Johnson said. “From the way he's eating it, you must have a really tasty shitter.”

“I do,” David said suggestively, as if he were hoping to entice his soon to be top into eating him out too. “Bobby has a tasty shitter, too.”

“How often do you eat his ass, David?” the man asked, and I heard my brother swallow hard before he answered.

“Every day after school and sometimes when it's bedtime, too.”

“You boys must get horny all the time,” he guessed, and my brother nodded. “You're both very cute, though. I suppose that's why my Jared has taken such a shine to you.”

“Thank you,” David said with a shy smile. “I think Jared's the cutest boy ever.”

“I see that your dick gets hard,” the man said, and David nodded. “Bobby's stays soft as a marshmallow, doesn't it?”

“He likes it that way,” my brother explained, then I heard their lips smack with a soft kiss.

“Are you ready to get laid, cutie?” Mr. Johnson asked, and I watched David nod his answer. Soon, they were locked in a passionate French kiss, then David reached back and gently pushed my face out of his tasty crevice. As soon as I obeyed his silent command, he was eased onto his back on the couch and his legs were lifted into the air. I could see Mr. Johnson's potent man cock sinking into my brother's hole while my own hole was being worked over so lusciously by Jared's big boy cock, and I loved it.

I was seeded first, then I sucked Jared clean while my brother was bred by Mr. Johnson. When both of our studs were licked and sucked clean, we each made plays for their asses, eating them both deeply. In a familiar display, we abandoned the rim jobs we were giving and made out on the floor, eventually falling into a 69 while we ate each others' cum filled holes out. When we abandoned our mutual ass eating, we attacked our studs with our tongues, eating their asses deeply. Finally, we made out on the floor again until it was time to go. David made plans to have Jared over that evening while I made arrangements with Mr. Johnson to come by for some steady cock to suck and some regular maintenance at my back door.

By the time I finished my story, daddy was hotter than ever, and so was I. I could feel him driving in from the back, hammering my hole with continuous thrusts that overwhelmed my body with pleasurable tremors for ten more minutes. As soon as I told him that I was making plans to get my ass fucked by Mr. Johnson on a regular basis, I felt my boygasm explode and my hot, shivering love tunnel creamed around daddy's dick. I could feel my sphincter opening and closing around the massive shaft that had invaded it while my juices flowed thick, filling the room with the familiar stink of my desire.

After a mind blowing butt fuck that gave me two more anal orgasms, daddy buried his hot rod and filled me with his love goo. With my head still resting on the pillow, he treated me to a deep, tongue filled kiss, then he petted my head and talked softly to me. I drifted off with his cock still flexing and throbbing up my butt, giving me a feeling of security as I enjoyed the dreams that fill the sleep of every little pussy boy.

At 3am I woke up with a luscious sensation gripping my body and realized that daddy was humping me. I could feel the bulbous head of his shaft bullying its way along the moist, hungry lining of my poop chute while he held my hips tight.

“Oh daddy,” I moaned softly, prompting him to plant a kiss on my cheek.

“Shh, baby, daddy's just enjoying your tight little bottom,” he said gently while he fed me continuous thrusts. “Is my little sissy enjoying daddy's dick?”

“Yes, daddy,” I lisped daintily, then I let loose with another long moan. “I want you to kiss me, too.”

“Anything for my little sissy,” he said lovingly, then he roughly planted his lips to mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I loved how much dominance he was exerting over me and whimpered submissively while his tongue overpowered mine. I felt his cock thrust deep for almost a full minute, then he buried it all the way inside of me and creamed my hole with several shots of his thick sperm. I was totally sated when we broke our kiss and he fell asleep with his dick still lodged in my poo hole, smiling to myself when his fingers explored my soft boyhood, just to check for himself if anything had changed down there. When he realized it was still flaccid, he kissed the back of my head and locked his fingers around my diaphragm while his manhood raged in my love tunnel.

“I love you, sweetie,” he whispered.

“I love you too, daddy,” I sighed. “Are you proud that my wiener's still soft and little?”

“I'm very proud, baby,” he assured me. “Get some sleep now, okay?”

With that, I settled into a blissful slumber while he held me close and planted gentle kisses on the back of my head. Soon, I was dreaming about cocks, cum and makeout sessions with the cutest boys at my school until daddy woke up and it was time to have my rear end seeded again.

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