Bobby's Thanksgiving Feast, a seasonal by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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This tale and its characters are based on the serial, The Birthday Boy, which can be found in the Gay/Incest section of the archive.

Part One: An Insatiable Craving

The room was dark when I opened my eyes, my vision still blurry as I started to come around. I was laying on my tummy with the side of my head on the plush pillow that I had been drooling on in my slumber. I knew that I wasn't in my room because the familiar touch of my daddy's big, strong arm was enveloping my slight shoulders. When I started to stir, he instinctively rubbed my back in a comforting fashion. Joining us in the bed was my big brother David, who was sleeping to the right of me.

The sun wasn't out yet, but I could feel the warmth of a thousand rays of sunlight beaming down on me as I studied my brother's sweaty hair, which was pressed into his head from a deep sleep beside me. His cute face was so serious as he slept, his brow knotted and his moist, luscious lips fluttering as he snored lightly. He was completely nude, sporting morning wood between his legs, just like daddy and I. His 14 year old erection always gives me chills, and this morning was no exception. I could see his tuft of pubic hair smashed behind his boner, which was pressed tight to his pubic bone.

Realizing that I was swaddled in a cocoon of love, I sighed and turned over so that I was snuggled into my daddy's side, prompting him to wrap his protective arm around my body and pull me closer. Planting a kiss on my forehead, he yawned, “Good morning, Bobby.”

“Good morning, daddy,” I said quietly, not wanting to wake my brother, who looked to be in the middle of a sweet, sweet dream.

“Did you sleep good?” he asked, and I nodded with a smile. “I hope you had sweet dreams last night, baby.”

I had really sweet dreams, daddy,” I sighed, reaching down and wrapping my hand around his morning wood.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Bobby,” he said, planting a deep kiss on my mouth while I moaned softly. Breaking our kiss, he said, “You had a tasty feast last night, didn't you?”

“Uh huh,” I said, nodding in an almost trance-like state as I remembered the indulgent rim job that I gave the night before. Remembering how much I enjoyed it, I looked up at him and practically stuttered, “I want to feast all day today.”

Of course, daddy already knew that I would want to spend Thanksgiving with my tongue lodged deep in a few hot and sweaty assholes. Just before midnight, he put me down with a deep, satisfying butt fucking that made my legs shake continuously as they rested on his shoulders. After he seeded my hungry bottom, he let me nurse on his man cock while I drifted off to sleep. As I slept, I could hear him treating my brother to a rim job that was making him moan, then he lined his man cock up to David's always horny hole and slid it in. In the middle of their coupling, I could hear my brother moaning while daddy's pelvis slapped against his plump cheeks, then they fell into a kiss that muffled those moans.

The next time I woke up, it was 4:30 in the morning and daddy had roused me from my slumber to take me to the bathroom. I groggily got up and let him steer me to the toilet, where I stood side by side with him and peed, then we washed hands and he took me back to bed. As soon as I laid down on my tummy, he crawled between my legs and parted my buns with his hands. I was already sleeping when I felt his tongue lapping away at my pucker, causing an instant smile to spread across my face.

Almost as soon as I started moaning, he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me up off of the bed, then he smashed his face into my rear end and ate me out with deep, wet licks that made my body sizzle. After a full minute of his ass eating, I felt his tongue leave my horny hole and he slipped his rod up my ass with one easy push. From the corner of my eye, I could see my brother sitting Indian style on the bed, watching with a naughty smile.

As always, daddy's thrusts felt like heaven as he fed them to me. I was giving off loud, feminine moans while my 13 year old body shivered with lust and pleasure. Between David's legs, his slender boy boner was standing straight up at its full 4 ½ inches. His eyes were trained on daddy's long, thick shaft, which was running fluidly in and out of my hot hole. He looked incredibly turned on, as if he were hoping to have a turn when daddy was finished with me.

Just when I felt my bottom start to fill up with a hot, gooey load of cum, daddy pulled out and David pounced while I stayed on my hands and knees, my bubble butt easily accessible to anyone who wanted to use it. I watched from over my shoulder as David wrapped his lips around daddy's cock with a cute smile, sucking lustily on it and capturing every strand of cum and every drop of ass juice he could lap up. I could feel daddy's hot load rolling out of my hole, so I gave my hips a sensual roll, wanting them to see that my back door was still open for business.

Luckily, the clockwise churning of my rear end caught David's eye. With a loud slurp, he pulled off of daddy's rod and posted up at my back door, using his small hands to splay my crevice and expose my naughty pucker. A strong shiver rolled through my body when I felt David's tongue run across the folds of my anus, then he began to lick over and over again while I moaned with shameless depravity. David pulled his hands away from my buns, letting them close around his face while he fell into a deep, pleasure filled eating of my bottom.

I could hear him taking deep whiffs of my hole, loving the scent that accompanied the flavor that he was enjoying so much. It was a scent that I could smell, too, a scent that never fails to lure men and boys to my bed. A scent that always attracts a talented top to mount me from behind. A scent that tells any cutie whose nose picks it up that I'm in the mood for anal intercourse. A scent that sends the clear signal to everyone that I'm horny, and that I need to take it in the ass.

I knew that David was enjoying the scent of my desire as it rolled into his nose, driving him to eat deeper and more forcefully as he processed it. It was a deliciously vicious cycle, really, because his ass eating was causing me to secrete my pheromones at an accelerated rate. But the more I secreted, the hungrier he was to feast at my back door. So as his ass eating grew more ravenous, so did my desire to be topped by him, which caused my pheromones to gain potency.

For five luscious minutes, David's talented tongue took me to the heights of gay ecstasy. My indigent moaning was growing more and more feminine as the minutes passed and my pleasure soared. There was a constant throbbing that ran down the backs of my legs, making my toes curl and my size seven feet arch. The joints in my toes cracked at least three times and the knuckles on my hands were almost arthritic with joint pain from balling my fists. Between my legs, my hard little cocklet was dripping with precum that was collecting on the sheet below me.

When David's tongue finally gave in to the fatigue of exhaustion, he pulled his face out of my crack and licked his lips while daddy lined back up to my hole. I could hardly believe that I was about to be topped again, but I wanted it so bad that I could only moan with feminine notes as I prepared to accept his manhood all over again. I watched my brothers hungry eyes as he set them on daddy's big dick, so animated and so full of desire. As soon as daddy sank his cock back inside of me, I felt my horny little body erupt with the flames of a full scale boygasm.

With my anal orgasm already afoot, it didn't take much for the flames of gay passion to explode into a full scale inferno once daddy started to thrust. I could feel the heat of his cock bearing down on the walls of my poop chute as he plunged in and out, feeding me those full, deep thrusts that always make me holler. David's boy rod was still standing up like a divining rod as he crawled back to the top of the bed and engaged me in a French kiss. He didn't have to ask if I was enjoying a climax or not because he knew all of the signs well. Having given me more than my fair share over the years, my sexy brother knows when I'm melting down.

When my boygasm reached its absolute pinnacle, daddy knew it too. I could feel his big dick plumbing deep inside of me, running in and out like a well timed piston while ass juice coursed around it. His hips were moving in perfect time, just like always, and I was in pussy boy Eden the entire time. My hard boy cock was pointing down at the bed, tingling with nothing but pure pleasure and dripping with precum the entire time. My hairless little nut sack was pulled tight to my scrotum, practically on fire as daddy's pubic push scrubbed my crevice and my taint with every inward thrust.

I was locked in a deep, romantic kiss with my big brother when daddy pulled out and slapped me on the right butt cheek. Taking this as my signal to change positions, I broke my kiss with David and rolled onto my back just in time to see daddy grinning at us both. He gave my brother a loving smile and David responded with one of his own, then daddy crawled between his legs and picked them up while I watched with a lascivious smile.

Resting on my side, I propped my head up with my left hand and watched the show. Daddy was very tender with David, planting sweet, gentle kisses on his lips as he sank his manhood deep into his experienced boy hole. David was smiling up at our daddy with stars in his eyes, his cute dimples so deep that they looked carved into his baby soft cheeks. When Daddy began to thrust, David puckered up again and I watched their tongues dance. David's size 8 ½ feet were rocking back and forth while daddy thrusted, moving back and forth in perfect time with the sound of daddy's pubic bone hitting his bottom.

While daddy was servicing David's horny bottom, I could smell his own pheromones swirling around in the air. They were powerful from the start, but as he accepted stroke after moist, delicious looking stroke, they gained even more strength. As they wafted into my nose, I couldn't help but follow the smell by sniffing loudly and moving my nose in the direction of his hole and daddy's thrusting cock. The sweet, spicy scent was almost copper in my nostrils as I pulled it in, pleasantly stinky and filling me with boyish desire. I felt like I could stay there forever and inhale his essence, but the groan that daddy let go of as he buried his cock in David's hole and climaxed pulled me out of my naughty spell.

Almost as if he had been saving his climax for the end, David's boy sized erection spouted out three shots of cum that jetted across his tummy while he moaned into daddy's mouth. When their mutual orgasms were complete, they shared a special smile between them while daddy scooped David's teen sperm from his skin and offered it to him. As soon as it was slurped off of his fingers, daddy pulled out of David's hole and the spicy pheromone that was filling my nose intensified. Once again, I found myself needing to sniff my brother's aroma so badly that I practically planted my nose between his cheeks and inhaled with a naughty smile.

Finally, I gave into my own need and shoved my tongue into David's gaping hole, enjoying the dark, naughty flavors and smells that it was providing. While I was eating my brother's sizzling hole, Daddy's load was thick around the diameter of my tongue, giving me the joy of felching it with greedy whimpers. I loved the way his hot cum had absorbed the flavor and even the pleasing aroma of my brother's steamy pooper and found myself unwilling to interrupt my feast, even when my tongue started to ache. In the midst of my rimming, daddy slipped a finger back into my bottom while he rubbed my back with his free hand.

“Uh oh, did daddy's little boy catch a whiff of his brother's stink hole?” I heard him ask as he ran his palm up to the top of my spinal column, then back down to my rump. I nodded in the affirmative, still unable to pull my mouth away from David's gaping bottom. Finally, my tongue cramped and I knew that I'd have to end my feast, so I gave up and sat back on my legs, licking my lips and drawing in the aroma of my upper lip while David grinned up at me from the pillow.

When daddy pulled his finger out of my hole, I reached up with my hands and puckered up, letting him kiss me deep while I moaned into his mouth. When we broke our kiss, we collapsed on the pillow and he spooned me from behind. I could feel his erection in my crevice, teasing my satisfied hole and painting it with precum while David snuggled up to us and treated me to delicious, tongue filled kisses until I fell asleep.

Daddy and I were right back where it all began, standing in front of his toilet and letting our pee streams hit the water. He was stroking my messy head of hair while we went, not missing a beat when we both released a series of morning farts that made me giggle. When our peeing and farting was finished, we both shook off over the commode, then he flushed the toilet and we moved to the sink to wash our hands. While we were washing our hands, daddy stood behind me, taking my hands into his and working up a thick lather of soap while the water got warm.

I found myself watching him in the mirror, studying the tender concern on his face with a warm smile, noticing how gentle he was being with me. The top of my head stopped just below his pecs, which were always firm and a little hairy, and I took the time to study the size difference between us. My 85 pound frame was lithe and nearly hairless, save for my dark head of hair and the little patch of pubes that were sprouting at the base of my boner, which was standing at full attention as always. In contrast, daddy looks like a Roman god, standing at 6'1” and weighing 190 pounds. His man cock rages between his legs, standing tall like a statue at ten thick inches while my 3 ½ incher looks like a baby dick in comparison.

When he caught my reflection in the mirror, he smiled back at me, then he leaned down and kissed me on top of the head while he rinsed our hands under the faucet. Without letting my hands go, he took the hand towel that was hanging near the sink and dried them while I continued to watch him with a grin.

When he finally took his hands away from mine, it was only so he could run his palms all over my chest while he wrapped me in a warm embrace and talked to me.

“Are you checking daddy out?” he asked, and I responded by biting my lower lip while I nodded my confession. “What would you like to do, honey?”

“I need it up the butt, daddy,” I said, my voice hoarse with desire.

“Are you sure, baby?” he asked teasingly, and I nodded again. “Wouldn't you rather suck some cock?”

Letting loose with a moan, I reached back and slipped my middle finger into my crack, giving my horny hole a firm set of rubs with its tip while I shook my head no. Right away, my spicy pheromone filled both of our nostrils, leaving no doubt about what it was I wanted. Instead of acting on my signal, daddy decided to engage me a little further.

“Would you like it if daddy tongued your hole instead?” he asked, and once again, I shook my head no while he looked on with a knowing smile. “What if daddy slips a finger or two into your tight bottom? Would that do the trick?”

“No,” I whined, feeling my entrance pulsate with horny anticipation. “I need to take it in the butt, daddy.”

Sensing my urgent state, daddy responded by grabbing me at the waist and lifting me off of my feet, setting me on the counter by the sink so that I was on my knees. With my feet and my derriere hanging off of the edge of the counter, I raised my rump into the air and gave it a hard rub down while daddy stroked his meaty cock with a smile. I was watching him watch me, knowing that my hole was getting moist with desire as his one eyed monster oozed with precum.

I watched with a naughty expression as daddy reached out and took my hand away from my hole, biting my lip as he took stock of my winking pucker. With my butt hanging off of the counter, I was in perfect position for him to place the bulbous head of his prick at my back door and slip in. I let loose with a long, needy moan when I felt his glans melt past my anal ring, then he pushed straight in and I accepted his entire ten inches with a shudder.

“Is this what my little bottom boy needs?” he asked, and I nodded with a joyous smile on my face as he began to slowly pull back, then he pushed back in and started my ride. “You're always so tight, Bobby.”

I responded to his compliment with a hungry gaze, listening as my moans grew more and more feminine while he plowed me from behind. I was watching over my shoulder as his prick slid in and out of my hole, enjoying the heat and thickness that seemed to be inundating my senses while every nerve ending in my body trembled. I looked up at his face, seeing that his eyes were trained on the mirror on the wall, so I turned my head to see what he was so enamored with.

As soon as I caught site of our reflection, I experienced a furious anal orgasm that gripped me tight and never let go. My daddy looked so strong behind me, feeding me his massive prick while I moaned like a little girl. I could see the size difference between us again, noting how small I was compared to him. My little dick was standing straight up and the head was slimy with precum while my lips dripped with saliva that was pouring out of my watering mouth. I could see a boy in the mirror, taking a long, thick shaft up the ass over and over again, but all I could hear was a moaning little girl.

It all looked so naughty and so taboo that I wasn't sure how to process it. The massive prick that was sliding in and out of my butthole felt like the most delicious, gratifying sensation in the world. My expression was one of sheer, decadent sin, and I loved it. Daddy could see my naughty expression too, and I felt like he could read my mind. I felt like he could see into my soul, into places that a gay boy like me didn't want him to see. It was as if every desire I had, no matter how dark or how dirty, was on display for my daddy to see, but I was too far gone to care.

At that moment, I came to the realization that he always knew. I understood that from the very first butt fuck to the one we were both enjoying at the moment, he knew everything. He understood that my need to take a massive cock like his up the butt is born of a desire deep down inside of me that I thought nobody else could see, not even daddy or David. He knew that every time I told him that I was horny for a fudge packing, I wasn't mixing my words. It was more than the eroticism and pleasure of having a man inside of me. It was about having a man put his cock in my naughtiest, most taboo, stinkiest hole and sliding it back and forth while I trembled with pleasure.

He always knew that there was more to my desires than just being a horny boy. Something more than just being gay and wanting to service cocks. That I was always in the mood to take it in the ass because there was something more on my mind. Something dark, something forbidden, something that some people never want to talk about. And now that I knew how aware he was, I felt an even deeper desire to have my fantasies fulfilled, even while he watched.

With a final moan, I accepted daddy's hot, steaming man sperm in the deepest corners of my poop chute. I felt so exposed when it rushed in, watching both of our expressions as it filled my rectum and made me shiver. As soon as he pulled out, I scrambled to the floor, anxious to suck his dick. By now totally aware that daddy had seen into my soul so long ago, I wanted him to know how much I loved him for accepting who I was. For letting me be a little pussy boy all the time, even when all of the other boys my age are playing sports and bringing home trophies. For letting me trollop around the neighborhood, sucking cocks and bending over at the first sign of a stiff dick.

While I was still on daddy's prick, David let loose with a loud fart from the bed, then his light footsteps moved our way. He grinned through sleepy eyes when he spotted me on the floor, sucking cock for daddy while I rolled my horny bottom around. Standing at the toilet with his boy boner in hand, he let loose with his pee stream while daddy spoke to me.

“Why don't you go show your brother how horny you are this morning, honey?” he suggested, running his fingertips through my messy brown hair. “I'm sure he's horny, too.”

Pulling off of daddy's horsecock with a loud slurp, I nodded up at him with an obedient smile and said, “Okay, daddy.”

Still on all fours, I crawled over to the toilet with my rear end swaying from side to side, hoping to entice another fudge packing. As soon as I was behind my brother, I parted his plump cheeks and took a deep whiff of his pucker. It was dark red and moist with ass juice that was filling my nostrils, and I took nothing but pleasure in sniffing it deeply. While he was shaking off over the toilet, I dug in, starting my Thanksgiving feast off with a healthy portion of boy butt. My licks were greedy and my smile was indulgent as I ate at David's back door, bringing out loud, boyish moans from him that made me shiver with lust.

“You're baby brother's in the mood to eat rear ends today, buddy,” I heard daddy say from above, then David's moans were muffled by the deep kiss that they shared. From my position behind him, my mouth was perfectly aligned with his pucker and my nose was hovering right above it, giving me the joy of being able to take in his powerful pheromone as it rolled into my nostrils. The taste of copper was strong in my mouth, matching the aroma that had embedded itself into my olfactory as I enjoyed a deep feast.

Five minutes later, my tongue was too fatigued to continue, so I sat back on my knees and watched as daddy took a seat on the toilet while David dropped to his knees and gave him head. When daddy's load was blown all over his face, I delighted in licking it clean while we shared intermittent kisses until it was time to go downstairs.

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