Bobby's Thanksgiving Feast, a seasonal by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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This tale and its characters are based on the serial, The Birthday Boy, which can be found in the Gay/Incest section of the archive.

Part Two: A Five Course Feast for Bobby

In the living room, I made another pass at my big brother, engaging him in a tongue heavy makeout session while daddy worked in the kitchen. Anxious for another feast, I quickly found myself on my hands and knees, pushing my face deep into David's spicy smelling butt crack and eating him deep while he moaned into the couch. When I felt his sphincter contract against my tongue a torrent of ass juice flowed down the walls of his poop chute and filled me with a glorious sensation of goodness.

When my second feast at David's back door was over, I meandered into the kitchen and hinted that I might be interested in feasting at daddy's back door. Giving in, he stood at the counter and worked while I squatted behind him and parted his cheeks with my hands, eagerly tonguing his hole while his sharp smelling man musk rolled into my nose. I felt completely hypnotized by the hot sphincter that I was eating, loving how strong and dark its flavors were while I drew in deep, continuous whiffs of its powerful odor. When my tongue cramped up on me, I pulled it out and bent over for daddy, eager for another hard fudge packing.

After daddy made me orgasm anally, he pulled out of me and let me suck cock for him until he was ready to blow. Realizing that he was about to shoot a thick load of sperm for me, I bent over again, watching over my shoulder with a naughty smile as he slid back up inside of me and fucked me fast and dirty for 30 seconds. I was moaning like a little girl in no time, then his cum load filled my bottom and I gave him a grateful smile.

At the breakfast table daddy let me sit in his lap and fed me bites off of his plate. I didn't want him to think that I didn't enjoy the meal on our plate, but I was in the mood to dine on another ripe asshole. Knowing what was on my mind, daddy caressed my cheek and said, “Is my horny little fairy in the mood to tongue a few more smelly asses?”

“Yes daddy,” I said, lisping intentionally as I rested my head on his shoulder. “It's all I can think about right now.”

“My, my, baby, you're in quite the naughty mood today, aren't you?” he noted, and I nodded again.

“You can eat my butthole out again, Bobby,” David offered, earning him a smile of appreciation from me and a look of approval from daddy as he continued. “I won't take a shower if you don't want me to.”

I let loose with a soft moan when his promise carried into my ears, then daddy's words practically lit my body on fire.

“How would you feel if we had a few guests come by so you can enjoy an early Thanksgiving feast, baby?” he asked. “Would a few sweaty stink holes fix you up before we go to grandpa's?”

“Uh huh,” I panted, feeling my body tremble with desire while he stroked my hair.

“Maybe after you feast, you can have your horny little hole stuffed, just like a turkey,” he suggested, and once again, I let loose with a feminine moan while he kissed me on the cheek. “It sounds like that's just what my little pussy boy needs.”

As always, daddy knew just what to do for me to make the day special. After breakfast, I chased David to his room and dined at his back door for an extended amount of time. I loved how hot and moist his pucker was, and how much of his natural, spicy flavor had built up since my last feast. While I was eating him out, I could hear daddy on the phone, inviting a few guys over for a good time with David and I.

When my naughty feast ended in David's bed, I wandered back into the living room, where daddy was sitting in his recliner. I could smell the aroma of every rim job I had given dancing around my head, but I felt insatiable to eat daddy's hole out. Seeing that he was sitting down and that his pooper wasn't readily accessible, I climbed into the recliner with him and stroked him off while he played with my messy head of hair.

“I want to bend over for you, daddy,” I whispered into his ear, then I planted a long, wet one on his mouth while I continued to jack him off. When we broke our kiss, he scooted me out of the recliner and I rubbed my palms together, knowing that soon I would have unfettered access to his delicious bottom. I lured him over to the couch and hung onto the backrest, letting him line up to my hole and push in again. In no time flat, my girlish moans were filling the downstairs while daddy serviced my rear end like a true stud for the next three minutes.

When he bred my hole, he pulled out and I was on his cock in a flash, sucking it with reckless abandon while he smiled down at me. When I pulled off of his semi hard cock, I took him by the hips and steered him so that he was facing away from me. I shuddered when I parted his cheeks and a flurry of hot, stink filled air enveloped my grinning face. Unable to contain my desire, I found myself shoving my face so far into daddy's butthole that I thought I might hurt myself. I wanted it so bad that I didn't care at all, especially when the stink at his back door grew even sharper and more powerful than ever.

When my feast was over, daddy collapsed in the recliner and held me close, once again stroking my hair while I rested my head on his shoulder and shivered in his arms. I could see his nose working close to my face, sniffing the rich aroma that was pouring off of my cheeks, lips, nose and even my hair.

“You're getting your fill today, aren't you sweetie?” he asked, and I nodded silently, letting my small fingers trace along his soft hose. “Are you going to be in the mood to host a few more rear ends before the real feast this afternoon?”

Licking my lips with a naughty smile, I nodded at him and said, “This is the real feast, daddy”

“I see, and you're enjoying it one portion at a time, aren't you?” he deducted, rubbing my back with his palm while I nodded in agreement.

“Will our guests have stinky buttholes?” I asked in a small but hopeful voice, then I reached back with my free hand and caressed my well serviced pucker.

“Is that what you want, baby?” he asked me, and I nodded again. “You're going to get exactly what you want today, Bobby. I promise.”

“Will they have nice dicks?” I asked, looking up at him with longing in my eyes.

“Do you feel like sucking a few big dicks today, honey?” he asked in reply, and I nodded eagerly. “You're in a very naughty mood today, aren't you honey?”

“Yes, daddy,” I answered, once again lisping for him so that he'd know how eager I was to eat ass, suck cock and have my rear end serviced. “I'm feeling really horny today.”

“I love my little gay boy,” he said, planting a wet kiss on my head as he reclined the chair, getting us comfortable until the first of my guests stopped by to get their ass licked.

As it turned out, daddy was telling me the truth about my guests. The first one who dropped by was a cutie named Trevor, who was in his late 20's and had a nice, long cock. He was all sweaty from an early morning game of flag football, and I was hot to run my tongue up and down his crack over and over again.

As soon as he set his sites on David and I running around the house in the nude he growled with desire and we had his pants around his ankles in no time. I posted up at his back door right away, enjoying the powerful heat and aroma that was rolling off of his buns before I even had the chance to part them with my hands. As soon as his hot, spicy smelling sphincter came into view, I fell into a deep trance and found myself feasting on it with insatiable moans. When I let his butt cheeks close around my face, I felt like I was in paradise, eating deeply while his steamy globes treated me to a continuous Dutch oven.

While I was eating my stud out from behind, David was in a spell of his own, a spell induced by Trevor's hard as steel man prick. My big brother was on it in a flash, sucking it with horny whimpers while his untouched boy cock spurted cum all over the carpet beneath him. Just as I delighted in licking every drop of sweat, ass juice and funk from Trevor's stinky back door, David was equally enthralled with deep throating the magnificent cock that he was worshiping.

When Trevor blew his load down David's throat, my brother swallowed with a satisfied sigh, then I felt Trevor's fingertips running through my hair. I reluctantly ended my feast and crawled out to the middle of the living room floor on my hands and knees with my ass sticking straight up. I looked over my shoulder at my new stud and rolled my hips around, eager for him to mount me from behind, and he happily obliged me. After a deep, satisfying lay in the doggy style position that brought out the pussy boy in me in record time, I cuddled with David on the floor while Trevor buttoned up and thanked my dad for the invitation.

Our next guest was a stud named Phillip, who daddy knew from the gym. Once again, David and I were on him in a flash, stripping him down and going to work right away. While my brother was taking eight inches to the back of his throat, I had my face buried in Phillips undeniably delectable rump. It was obvious that he hadn't showered at all that morning, possibly not even the day before, and I was loving it. I knew that daddy was watching me make a pig out of myself at this man's sphincter, licking away every trace of his last workout at the gym, as well as all of the normal bodily functions that we all knew had taken place back there. The flavor was so dark and powerful, just like I had hoped for, and I was reluctant to end my feast, even after he had squirted his load all over my brother's face.

I spent five minutes licking and sucking on his balls, all the while stealing deep, indulgent licks of his anus while daddy watched with an approving smile. When he was hard enough, I pulled my knees to my chest and Phillip entered me with his thick rod. Happily for me, Phillip's endurance was incredible, especially after having just shot a load for my brother. This resulted in a marathon butt fuck that I took in the missionary position, letting my feminine call of pleasure ring out unabated while David treated me to deep French kisses. After a 15 minute lay and a long string of anal orgasms, my bottom was seeded again and Phillip pulled out. With my body still on fire, I practically begged him to come see me every night for some routine maintenance at my back door.

With a wink and a smile, my stud blew me a kiss that served as a promise to do just that, then he got dressed and left.

Our final guest of the morning was a hunk named Allen, whose pheromones were rolling off of his bottom and into my nostrils as soon as I laid my eyes on him. David and I advanced on the chunky brunette right away, ripping his track pants off and peeling his white boxer briefs off of his hips. I had my face crammed into his rump before his briefs had time to land on top of his track pants, indiscriminately tonguing his hot, yummy hole with eager moans. I was back in my trance in no time flat, taking deep ass licks and sniffing loudly and shamelessly while I shivered with carnal lust.

I felt like I could taste every bead of sweat that had trickled down his crack that day while he worked out. My tongue was pulling in the traces of every hot fart that had escaped through his opening. I even found myself enjoying the unmistakable flavor left behind by every brown, stink laden loaf that he'd pinched off at some point before he showed up. That same flavor had been there with every other hole I'd feasted on, too, and I knew it. But for some reason, it was more profound this time, and I was reeling with the pleasure that I felt as I gave in to the realization of what I was submitting to.

Less than a minute into my most indulgent feast, I felt my body melt down again and a punishing boygasm swept me away. I never lost my focus on the rim job that I was giving or the naughty flavors and aroma that was swirling all around me. Indeed, they were the reason I was there, giving myself this moment.

I knew that David was sucking happily on Allen's prick, but I hadn't even bothered to look at it. I knew that I would want it in my ass when my feast was over, but for now all I could think about was the decadent flavors and smells that were sending me into orbit. I could hear my brothers soft moans and his wet slurping but I felt like I couldn't be bothered by it at the moment. While daddy praised David for taking such good care of his man, I was focused on the rich, familiar odor that was making me light headed.

When my face was finally out of Allen's rump I felt like someone had taken my favorite toy away from me. I actually pouted a little bit, but then I set my sights on one of the biggest dicks I'd ever seen in my life and had an immediate anal orgasm that played out in dramatic fashion in front of everyone. I was panting and moaning like a girl and a rush of estrogen surged through my body, making my little dick go soft while my climax unraveled.

Without wasting another moment, I laid back and spread my legs for Allen, watching as he guided 11 inches of hard, dripping man cock to my needy hole and sank it all the way in. My horny body was exploding with unbridled pleasure as he began to thrust his king cobra in and out of my entrance. Soon, I was in the midst of another series of anal orgasms, feeling my legs thrash while I held on for dear life. My little wiener was soft as a marshmallow but I was hornier than I had ever been in my life, giving in again to my deepest desires. His massive pole felt like pure manhood inside of me, keeping me in my rightful place as a pussy boy while his virile nature reigned supreme.

I felt like I needed to suck his cock more than anything in the whole wide world, but I was too far gone to even consider disrupting the rear end service I was being treated to. His thrusts were gentle, but somehow full of authority. His strokes were considerate, but somehow I knew that he wasn't fucking me for my pleasure; it was all about his pleasure, and I was just along for the ride. But what a ride it was. Ten minutes later, he pumped a hot, thick and satisfying load straight up my butt, then he pulled out and I was all over his cock like a baby on his mama's nipple.

While I was blowing my stud, I felt the flames of gay passion consume my body two more times. I knew that all eyes were on my flaccid little dick while I was cumming the first time, but I didn't care anymore. I could sense that my daddy's gaze was fixed on my pathetic, one inch wiener, the only part of my boyhood that was left, but I only climaxed harder the second time around. When my stud eased his sensitive prick out of my mouth, I planted a frantic series of kisses all over it, then I lapped away at his balls like a bitch in heat while he stroked my head of hair.

When he finally left us, I felt like the luckiest little gay boy in the world. My rear end was humming with orgasmic pleasure and my little dick was still flaccid, but I was prancing around the house like the little fairy that I was. Eventually, I snuggled in my daddy's lap, letting him hold me close and plant kisses on my face while I purred like a kitten.

“Did daddy's little gay boy have a nice feast?” he asked with a soft voice while I smiled up at him and nodded. “Tell daddy what you loved the most.”

“I loved how yummy everyone's buttholes were, daddy,” I lisped gayly. “Especially Allen's.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked, listening to me sigh with contentment while David crawled up to the recliner and rested his head on daddy's thigh. “Tell me how it tasted, baby.”

With a shy smile, I looked at my daddy and my brother, who were both grinning at me while they waited for my answer. I could see the looks on their faces, telling me that they already knew, so with a thick lisp and a naughty smile, I told them, “It tasted like poop, daddy.”

“Only Allen's hole, baby?” he asked, watching me shake my head no.

“No, everyone's hole,” I revealed, giving him and David a hungry gaze. “Allen's hole was the most stinky, though. I wish I was still licking it and smelling it.”

Leaning in to sniff my face, daddy smiled and said, “Do you think you've licked enough stink holes for the day?”

“No,” I said in a small voice, shaking my head while they both watched me bare my soul to them.

“You've been enjoying yourself all morning, haven't you, Bobby?” he observed, planting a kiss on the top of my head while his middle finger moved into my crack and found my throbbing hole. “Tell daddy what happened to you when you saw Allen's dick, honey?”

“My rear end creamed for him, daddy,” I admitted with a dainty whimper. “It still feels like its creaming for him.”

“You loved that cock ride, didn't you, baby?” he said, and I nodded eagerly, then I followed his gaze down to my flaccid little prick. “What happened down there?”

“I don't know,” I told him, looking down at my almost useless equipment.

“You don't?” he asked, and I shook my head no. “Daddy knows what happened, Bobby.”

“You do?” I asked in a small voice, and he nodded with a confident smile. “What happened, daddy?”

“My little pussy boy finally gave in,” he explained, gently caressing my cheek. “Why do you think you've been prancing around the house and lisping the way you are, honey?”

“It feels right, daddy,” I admitted with a thick lisp that I suddenly realized wasn't intentional. With a warm smile, he planted a kiss on my cheek and ran his fingers through my hair.

“Seeing my little boy prance around makes me so proud of you, honey,” he told me. “I know you can't wait to prance around for cute boys at your school, can you?”

“I want to let everyone see me prance around,” I admitted, then I looked down at my soft little dick. “I want everyone to see that, too.”

“You're proud to have a horny bottom and a soft little willie, aren't you honey?” he observed, and I nodded. “Daddy's proud of that, too.”

“When we go to grandpa's house, will I get to prance around?” I asked hopefully, and he nodded. “I want to eat buttholes, too.”

“Is that all you want, Bobby?” he asked, and I shook my head no. “Tell daddy what else you want.”

“I want to have my pooper serviced with big dicks, daddy,” I lisped, earning me a horny smile from my brother and a kiss on the lips from my daddy.

“Happy Thanksgiving, baby,” he said softly, then he reached down and ran his finger over my soft boyhood. “I'm very thankful for this.”

“Happy Thanksgiving, daddy,” I sighed, realizing that I was thankful for the same thing. “I'm thankful for my yummy feast, and for David and you, daddy.”

With that, daddy patted his other thigh for David, who stood up with an eager smile and took a seat while I grinned at him.

“Happy Thanksgiving, buddy,” daddy said while David planted a kiss on his cheek, then his thick finger slid into my hungry hole and I moaned again. I saw him slip a finger into David's tight bottom, too, then he said, “I love you, both.”

Coming Soon... Bobby on Christmas Break


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