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Boy Glory hOle
by: Kewl Dad

"What the fuck?" I muttered to myself as I tried to figure out what exactly I was seeing. I was in the shed out back, and my eyes hadn't adjusted to the light yet. The shed bordered the alley on one side with a fence connected to either end and some hedges covering most of the backside. Dad had built it that way on purpose so he didn't have to put up so much fence. 

The neighborhood we lived in was built a long time ago and almost all the houses had alleys behind them and that's where the trash was picked up and utility access was. Nowadays you don't see those very much I guess because of the price of land and all but they were cool especially for kids like us.

I had just come home from Tommy Brewster's house and I had an urge for some alone time, if you know what I mean...he he. I'd been beating off since I was six or seven though I was almost 10 before my brother Eddy (he's three years oldern' me) showed me the right way to do it. So that day I had gone into the shed just like a hundred times before ready to flog the dolphin when I noticed something was different in the shed.

The back wall was nothing but plywood with the studs exposed from floor to ceiling and toward the center there was now a hole about 3" in diameter in the plywood letting in the mottled sunlight from the other side. The hedge cut off a lot of the light and hid the back side of the shed from the alley, and sometimes us kids would play there or hide from our brothers and friends and jump out on them when they got close.

I stepped over to the wall and ran my finger around the edge of the hole and got another surprise. The hole was perfectly round and someone had put duct tape all around to cover the edges of the hole. I was becoming more and more confused by the minute. Why would anyone make a hole in our shed wall and what was the tape for? Was dad going to run some wires through there or something and didn't want them to get cut or scraped? It didn't make sense but then I was a kid and this was probably adult stuff and so I just sort of forgot about it and did what I came for.

I had my pants around my ankles and was sitting on a wooden crate really going at it when I got another big shock. First I heard rustling noises behind the shed like someone was pushing their way through the hedge then I saw something pink poke through that padded hole. I squinted my eyes and at first I thought it was a finger then I almost lost it when I realized what it really was. It was a dick.

It wasn't very big, maybe three inches long and uncut (both my brother and I were  uncut so I knew what that meant) and hard as mine had been a few minutes ago. Now my dick was limp and I was terrified that someone knew what I'd been doing and was mocking me. That made no sense of course but I didn't really understand what was going on at the time.

I was so scared that I pulled up my pants and hight tailed it out of there and never looked back. I knew whoever it was stickin their dick through the wall had to have heard the door slam as I flew out of it, but I didn't care, I just had to get away and think about what I'd seen.

In my room I shut the door and fell onto my bed and lay there for a long time trying to figure things out. Did my brother Eddy have anything to do with this?  I knew it wasn't his dick because I'd seen it enough times. He was always running around naked and since we shared a room I had actually seen him beating his meat at night when he thought I was asleep. No, Eddy's dick was a lot bigger, maybe a couple of inches longer and fatter and that was definitely not Eddy's dick I  had seen poking through the hole in our shed wall.

Eventually Eddy came in and stripped off his dirty tee shirt and threw it at me.

"Gross Eddy, you stink. What have you been doing?"

"Playing not with my balls," he laughed, "not like you do."

I blushed but didn't deny it, he certainly had no room to talk. Sometimes he did it twice in one night, "Shut up, hey...I gotta question," I said then wished I'd kept my mouth shut.

"What is it spazz?' he chuckled as he dug out clean clothes for after his shower.

"Have you been in the shed today?"

"Nope, why? Someone catch you jerking it out there?"

"Shut up, I don't...."

"Oh please, you think I don't know what you do out there. Hey, I got no problem with it though, it's better than messing up our room with your jizz," he laughed.

"Eddy, be serious. Are you sure you haven't been out there today or done anything to the.....uh wall?"

"What are you talking about, what wall? Did someone write on it or something?" He asked starting to act interested.

"No, have to see it to understand I guess."

He paused for a moment trying to decide if a trip to the shed was worth putting off for his shower and I guess his curiosity won out.

"This better be for real or I'm gonna pound you into the ground, midget." He always said stuff like that, but he was

"I swear. It's really weird. You'll see."

I was afraid the penis might still be there, but when we got inside the hole was empty. Eddy bent down and felt the edges and I saw something light up in his eyes. He grinned almost evilly and stood back up, "It's a glory hole doofus. But the question is...who made it?"

"A..a glory hole? What's that?" I asked innocently. After all I was only 11 and Eddy was a teenager and knew more about the world than I did.

He laughed, "You never heard of a glory hole? Remember last year when we went to that ball game over on the north side and we went to the bathroom and there was that hole between the stalls, that was a glory hole too."

"Oh," I said, but I still didn't understand. "Uhhh..okay, but...what's it for?"

He howled with laughter and threw his head back, "What's it for...what's it for? Are you that stupid? It's so a guy can stick his dick through there and get a beejay, that's what it's for. That way he doesn't have to see who's doing the sucking and they don't see him."

"No way!" I said both excited and repelled. Boy the world sure was a strange place sometimes.

"Yeah, but the only question is....who made it. If you didn't and I didn't that only leaves mom and dad," he chuckled. I laughed too. We both know our folks were the most boring people in the world and they'd never do anything like this, not in a million years.

"Maybe...maybe, it's for something else. Maybe dad is gonna put some wires or a hose out there and he wanted to make sure it didn't get rubbed...."

Eddy laughed louder, "There's gonna be a hose in there alright, but it will get rubbed till it spills it's load."

I blushed bright red and stuttered, "Whooo do you think...wants to...ummm...give a beejay here?"

"I don't know, but we gotta find out and fast before dad finds this. In the meantime we'll cover it over so he won't be able to see it."

We found a small piece of  plywood and after a little cutting with dad's hand saw we got it to fit in the opening between the studs. It wasn't connected but it was a tight fit and it seemed to stay in place just fine. I was torn about telling him about the dick sticking through the wall, but in the end I decided to come clean just in case it was important information he needed to figure things out.

When I had finished he smiled, "No shit, one of the boy son the block stuck his dick through there? Hey, did you recognize the dick?" he teased, "I bet you've seen most of them on the block by now."

"Shut up Eddy," I pouted.

"Hey, I didn't meant it in a bad way. When I was a kid my buddies and I ran around naked in front of each other and we even fooled around a little, till we discovered girls," he chuckled.

"I...don't think I've even seen it before. He was uncut like us and and his skin was really pink."

"Hmmm...a new kid maybe. Hey, maybe he made the hole. Maybe he just likes to stick his dick in a hole," he laughed.

"Be serious, " I said frowning, but the truth was it wasn't such a silly idea, "do you really think some new kid would make a hole in our shed wall and expect we wouldn't notice it?"

He shrugged, "I wonder...if we waited around after supper if he'd show up again?"

"I...I don't know, we could try I guess."

"This is an awesome mystery. I need to think about it some more. I'm gonna go take my shower and after supper we'll tell mom and dad we're going to ride bikes then we double back and park in the alley and check out the shed."

It sounded like a lot of trouble to go to, but I agreed. Eddy was the kind of boy who would lie when telling the truth was less trouble. 

We went inside, stopping in the kitchen to see what was for supper (meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy with string beans) and I stayed and helped mom while stink boy went to take his shower. Dad came home around six looking tired but in a good mood as always. He says that coming home to us is the highlight of his day and I always give him an extra big hug to make up for the one Eddy thinks he'd too old to give him.

"How was your day dad?"

"Just like the day before and just like tomorrow, but I'm home now and in the bosom of my family and the world is right once again," he said pulling me into a one armed hug, "I need a shower, and whatever you're cooking ma smells great."

"Your favorite," she said coming in to give him a smack on the cheek, "It will be ready by the time you're clean."

It was always noisy around our table at mealtime, but that's the way we all liked it and I was glad our folks weren't the kind that expected us to eat this way or that way and have manners, lol. We ate like kids and they never said a word about our manners unless we were going to someone else's house.

After dinner Eddy and I helped clear then Eddy told them we were going out back to play till dark. I guessed he had changed his plans and didn't bother to tell me. Once we were in the backyard  Eddy tagged me hard and yelled, "You're it." and went running off toward the shed. I caught on quick and followed him at a run but once we were inside we quieted down some.

"Okay, here's the plan. One of us watches inside and one watches outside. And...since you already saw the...umm dick I'll watch in here and you watch outside, just stay out of sight and don't scare them off."

I nodded, but I would have rather we stayed together. I was a good little brother though and generally did what Eddy asked and I didn't argue. I found a spot at the end of the shed that was out of sight of the house and the alley and settled in for a long wait. It was getting late and the sun was slowly sinking in the west, but I didn't worry because I knew the yard light would come on as soon as it got dark enough.

I thought about what Eddy had said about glory holes being for some guy to stick their dick through and I sort of got a boner. It was kind of weird at first, but when you thought about it, it was perfect. Even though I'd never had a beejay, I knew what one was I definitely wanted one someday and that seemed like a perfect way to get one. But who was the kid and who made the hole? It was just too confusing.

I heard Eddy open the shed door and I left my hiding spot and met him at the side of the shed.

"Are you sure you saw a dick in there?" he said sounding annoyed.

"Scout's honor, I swear. At first I thought it was a finger but when I looked closer I saw it was a dick."

" shouldn've grabbed it and held on till we found out who it was," he laughed.

"Yeah, right," I fumed, "like I want to touch some kid's dick."

"I know you do," he laughed grabbing me and giving me a noogie, "I know you're a little queer boy and I know you watch me beat off at night."

"Am not!" I squealed in anger.

"But, it's okay kid. I don't care if you're queer and watching me is probably educational," he chuckled, "cause I'm so good at it."

"What are we gonna do now?" I asked wanting desperately to change the subject.

"It's getting dark, no one will come this late so I guess we'll call it a night."

That suited me fine and after covering the hole back up we went inside. Mom and dad were watching TV and I sat down on the couch beside them and Eddy fell down in the floor at our feet.

We talked during the commercials but we didn't say much and I was glad for once that I wasn't expected to hold up my end of a long conversation. I thought some more about the glory hole and the more I thought about it the more confused I became. Who was so stupid that they'd drill a hole in our shed wall and not expect us to find out?

I finally excused myself and went off to take a shower and I finally had that alone time...he he. I have to admit I busted pretty hard just thinking about pushing my dick through that hole and getting it sucked by some stranger and I decided right then and there that I was going to start looking for other glory holes when I went places.

Eddy was in our room when I got out of the shower and he stared at me as I entered and laughed, "Was it good? Did you come hard?"

"Shut up Eddy," I said feeling annoyed, then I loosened up a little, "but yeah, if you must know, I came hard."

"Cool little bro," he said sounding distracted, "now if we could just figure out who drilled that hole."

We talked about it for a long time but eventually we ran out of ideas and things to say and Eddy turned out the light and we tried to sleep. I rolled over on my side facing the wall and pretty soon I heard Eddie going at it and I smiled. It was actually pretty cool to listen to him beat off and apparently he didn't mind or he wouldn't do it so much. I rolled back over and I could just make out his form in the darkness. He was laying on top of the covers and he had his undies pushed down to his knees.

"Might as well join me," he said suddenly scaring the crap out of me, "neither of us is gonna sleep till we do."

Was this a trick? Just to be sure I did my business under the covers and he didn't say anything for a long time. 

"Better not get any on the bed," he said in a low husky voice, "here use my other sock." I felt something hit my bed and I picked up his balled up sock. 

Why hadn't I ever thought of that? I was always frantically wiping myself with tissues or toilet paper but this was perfect. Not to mention that the soft cotton sock felt good on my dick. And to think it was Eddy's sock was a big turn on for some reason. I threw caution to the wind and turned the covers back and skinned that sock on my hard dick and went at it again and in the darkness I could see Eddy watching me.

I didn't exactly understand why, but I knew that us watching each other was a big turn on and when we finally came we came hard, or at least I did and from the way Eddy was acting I figured he did too. I filled that sock with my jizz and when I came back down to earth I wiped off my dick but I didn't know what to do with it. 

Eddy seemed to be reading my mind though, "Toss it back over here. I'll rinse them out before I throw them in the laundry.

I couldn't believe he wanted to touch the sock but I balled it up and threw it his way and he caught it easily. It was wet and sticky but he didn't seem to notice and I just figured he was used to that sort of thing and it didn't matter whether it was my sperm or his that he was touching.

I pulled up my undies and got back under the covers feeling kind of embarrassed all of a sudden and watched as Eddy as he got up from his bed and headed toward the door, I guessed to rinse the socks out. I laid there for a long time but when he didn't come back after fifteen minutes I got kind of worried.

Sometimes beating off makes me want to pee and this was one of those times. I held it as long as I could but eventually I got up and headed toward our bathroom.  Mom and dad have their own bathroom and Eddy and I shared the one in the hallway by our room and I could see light coming from under the door.

What was he doing in there? Did he have to poop or something? I listened at the door but I didn't hear anything and I really needed to go bad. 

"Eddy," I said as I tried the knob. There was a latch on the door but neither of us hardly ever used it and he hadn't this time either. The door pushed open easily and what I saw inside was the most shocking thing I'd ever seen in my life. Eddie was sitting on the toilet with his eyes closed, beating his meat again, and he had one of his socks in his mouth sucking on it. I had a pretty good idea which sock it was but what I didn't  understand was why.

I cried out in surprise and  Eddy's eyes popped open and he jerked the sock from his mouth and yelled at me, "What the fuck Daniel, ever hear of knocking?" he stood up then and jerked his underwear up and bent down to pick up the sock he'd dropped but he didn't straighten back up. Dropping to his knees he laid his head on the toilet and just sat there like a drunk puking in a toilet, only he wasn't drunk and the toilet seat was down.

I was scared, more scared than I'd been in my whole life, but I didn't know what to say or do. Sure Eddy and I had our fights and our differences, but I loved him and sort of looked up to him and I was pretty sure he loved me too. Once when these older kids were picking on me at school he came and threatened to kick their asses if they ever bothered me again, and they never did.

"Eddy, what's wrong. Does your tummy hurt?" I asked lamely.

"No, leave me alone," he said softly. Was he crying?

"I just need to pee," I said pretending nothing had happened.

"Not now, just leave me alone....please," he begged.

I looked at my brother kneeling there on the floor and I began to cry and I guess that was too much for him. He raised his head and took one look at me and started crying too. Now there were two of us crying and sniffing and looking miserable, and I wasn't even sure why. I guess I really did, deep down inside, but I just wasn't ready to deal with it yet.

Eddy  finally stood and for a moment I thought he was going to come to me and hug me, but at the last minute he just sighed and stepped toward the door leaving me all alone. I wiped my eyes and peed and washed my face and just stood there at the mirror staring at my reflection for a long time.

I finally made it back to our room but Eddy was just a lump under his quilt and I could hear him snoring loudly like he sometimes does. I guess that was comforting, that he could sleep, so pretty soon I was asleep too.

He avoided me at breakfast and slipped off to the bus stop before I got ready. I ate a piece of toast and grabbed my backpack and headed off to school which was only three blocks away and all the way there I wondered what I could have done or said the night before to fix things. 

I floated through the day and when the final bell rang I was the first one out the door. I ran most of those three blocks home and was breathless by the time I burst in the front door. Mom had a snack ready for me, but I wasn't very hungry. I picked at it and drank my milk then went off to change out of my school clothes and wait for Eddy.

When he still hadn't showed up by four o'clock I went in to ask mom where he was.

"Oh, sweetie he's over at Marvin's house. They're studying together. He won't be home till supper time."

I thanked her and went outside to think and that's when I thought of the hole in the shed. Had Eddy lied about not being the one who made it? Was my  brother a...a...cock sucker. I'd heard the name practically all my life, but up until then I'd associated it with dirty old perverts. Now, I was beginning to look at things a whole lot differently.

I looked toward the house to make sure no one saw me then made my way to the shed and quietly opened the door. It was cool inside and smelled of gasoline and oil and dirt and wood and fertilizer and a dozen other things, but that day the smells seemed alien and I held my breath as I removed the plywood from the hole.

It was still there. It hadn't been a fig newton of my imagination after I stuck my finger in it and thought about what it would feel like to stick my dick in there. I licked my lips nervously then looked toward the door. There was a gate latch, the kind with the little hook and eye on the door and I walked over and latched the door. My heart was beating so fast I felt faint, but something I didn't understand was driving me forward that day and toward that hole.

I fumbled at my top button and unzipped my jeans and thought about what I was about to do. Was it dirty? Was it sick? No, because there is no one out there to see or to touch or suck. I'm just trying it out, seeing what it feel like, I reasoned. Then taking a deep breath I pushed my jeans and underwear down and approached that gaping hole with the sunshine spilling through it and stuck my hard 4" dick through it.

At first all I could feel was the fresh cool air on it and then I felt the sunshine warming my skin and it actually felt good. Was this what it felt like to be naked outside? My dick was rock hard and I knew I'd have to beat off once I pulled it back in, but suddenly I heard a noise outside and before I could pull my dick back in something warm and soft grabbed it.

I yelped like a scolded dog and tried to pull away but whoever or whatever was holding on to my dick was hanging on for dear life. I was convinced that I would soon be loosing my dick, that some one was about to whack it off, then something warm and wet surrounded it and I started crying. I wasn't crying because it hurt, oh no, in fact it felt wonderful, but I was convinced the wet warmth was from my own blood.

I guess my brain finally processed what was happening and I was sort of awe struck as I realized that he warm wet thing was a mouth wrapped around my dick. I had gone a little soft when I was grabbed, but now my dick was hard as a rock and throbbing and I knew I was going to come soon if this kept up.

Who was on the other side of the wall? And did they know I was going to come pretty soon? How could I warn them? I guess I finally decided it was their problem and I braced my hands against the wall and just held on as I experienced my first blow job. I didn't know much about technique, but I did know that whoever was sucking me was very good at it. 

It wasn't a small mouth, but it wasn't a large one either and there was no facial hair that I could feel. That meant they were young, but not too young, but certainly this wasn't their first time to do this sort of thing. Maybe it's a girl, I thought, then I laughed to my self, Yeah, right, like a girl is gonna suck a guy's dick.

Something was different then and I felt myself getting closer and closer to coming. What was it? I wondered, then I figured it out, whoever it was doing the sucking was using their tongue now and it fell amazing. Their tongue was moving all around my dick head as they sucked and I was ready to blow any minute.

I grunted and lunged forward and then it began. I pumped shot after shot of my hot boy sperm into their mouth and they swallowed every drop of it. I'd tasted my own sperm before and it wasn't bad, but I just couldn't imagine anyone wanting to swallow a strange boy's sperm. I kept my dick in their mouth till it was starting to get sensitive then slowly pulled back. They let me pull out but that tongue followed me all the way and was still lapping at my dick as I pulled it back through the hole.

I was tired and satisfied but also a little worried and ashamed. What if whoever it was told my mom and dad or my friends at school? Then I thought about how stupid that sounded and pulled up my underwear and pants. I was wondering what to do next when someone knocked on the door scaring the bejesus out of me.

I was trembling as I stepped to the door and my voice was shaky, " it?"

"Santa Claus," Eddy said and I smiled despite being nervous. I guess he was over the sock thing and I guess I was too.

I opened the door and he brushed past me smelling of sweat and Eddy, "What are you doing in here?"

"I was just checking out the hole," I said nervously. What if he figured out what I'd done. NO, that was stupid, how could he?

"Ummm....any action today?" he mumbled heading toward the hole.

"No...uh action," I stuttered.

He gave me a look and squinted his eyes, "Why are you so nervous then?"

I shrugged and in desperation I blurted out the worst possible thing I could have, "I was still thinking about last night," I said then my hand flew to my mouth and I wanted to cry for being so stupid and so mean.

I saw the hurt and fear in his eyes and I hated myself, "Shut up about that," he said looking away, "if you ever tell anyone I will...I will never speak to you again," he finished sadly.

"I won't, I didn't mean to make you mad or upset. Im sorry...Eddy, please don't be mad at me," I begged, "It's okay, I don't care about that stuff."

He looked at me again and I could see him relax a little, "Okay, but it's between you and me, pinky swear?"

I smiled, ever since we'd been little kids a pinky swear was sacred for us. We locked pinkies and I swore to take it to the grave with me and he punched me in the arm, "That's for being a jerk and mentioning it."

I rubbed my arm and smiled, "So...have you got any new ideas about the hole?"

He shrugged, "Naw, nothing. I just don't get it. When were you in here last...before the hole I mean?"

I tried to remember, ", Sunday. I had homework Monday and then I went to the store with mom. So...Sunday was the last time I was in here till yesterday."

"So some time between Sunday and Wednesday someone cut this hole. Hey, I wonder if they cut it from the outside or the inside. If they cut it from the inside there would be sawdust on this side," he said bending to check the floor.  "There's a little sawdust, but not enough fo a hole this size. Let's go check the outside."

I followed Eddy ourside and we slipped through the gate and then back through the hedge and found the hole right away. I thought about what I'd done earlier and blushed. Someone, some kid had been kneeled down here sucking on my dick...right here. I looked at the ground for some clue of who it might have been but Eddy distracted me when he found what he'd been looking for.

"I thought so, saw dust and lots of it. See...that means whoever cut the hole did it from out here."

"That makes sense I guess, but why our shed and who did it?"

He stood and didn't answer for a minute and started pawing around in the grass beneath his feet. Suddenly he came up with a white stick and held it up for me to see, "It's a Tootsie Roll Pop stick," he said grinning, "I know cause I used to be crazy about them remember? Then I got sick of em and quit em all together."

"Wow, so you think ever who did this eats Tootsie Roll Pops?" I said then giggled, "That's only like half the kids I know."

"Yeah, but think about it...who do we both know that is always eating one of these things?"

It only took me a second to get who he was talking about. There was someone we both knew that loved Tootsie Roll Pops more than any kid I'd ever seen and he always had one in his mouth.

"Derrick Mills!" we both said at once then locked pinkies.

"Derrick Mills is a Tootsie Roll Pop junkie," Eddy said and he's a little pervert if I ever saw one. Always going around with his hand down his pants and playin with himself."

I didn't know if that was exactly true, I had seen him with his hand down his pants before, but I thought he was just scratching or rearranging things down there. Derrick was twelve and lived on the next block. He had a sister Eddy's age and a younger brother Shawn that sometimes tagged along with him. But was Derrick capable of this Glory Hole thing?

"I don't know Eddy, he's kind of weird, but do you really think he'd do something like this?"

"Only one way to find out. Tomorrow is Friday and we're going to go see him after school."

I was a little nervous about that, but I knew better than to disagree with Eddy. What if Derrick was the one who did this, and the one who sucked my dick and what if he told Eddy I let him? I had a sick feeling in my stomach as we went in that night and I barely ate dinner. After my shower as I lay in my bed thinking about what I'd done and what might happen if anyone found out I felt like crying.

Eddy came in and sat down on his bed and looked at me curiously, "What?"

"Huh, what what?"

"You look weird, what's up with you?"

I shrugged, "Just nervous about tomorrow I guess....with Derrick."

"Why? If it was him maybe we can get a beejay," Eddy joked, or was he joking. But if it was Derrick I'd already beat Eddy to the draw. 

"Would you really let.....umm, another boy do that?"

"Sure why not? It feels good no matter who does it. Your dick don't know the difference."

"I guess," I said thinking about how good it had felt getting an anonymous blow job through the glory hole in our shed wall, "Uh...Eddy?"

"What spazz?" he said moving over to my bed and making himself comfortable as he pressed against me.

"Have you know, had a beejay?"

He was quiet for a minute then he nodded, "Best feeling in the world. You ought to try it."

"How?" I blurted out, "I mean I don't know anyone who'd do you?"

"No one you'd know, but you're forgetting the glory hole. If we figure this thing out maybe you could get your first beejay there."

"I'd be too nervous," I lied. I hadn't been nervous at all as I blew my wad in Derrick, or whoever's mouth.

He laughed softly, "You're growing up so fast," he said sounding like dad all of a sudden. I felt strange, sort of like crying and before I could stop myself I reached up and took Eddy's hand and just held it for a minute.

If he minded he didn't let on and then when I released it and the moment was gone, he turned to me and smiled, "For a little brother you're not too bad, you know that?"

"And for a big brother, you're not so bad either."

"Goodnight midget," he said ruffling my hair but for once I didn't mind the name or the ruffling. 

I had the strangest desire to kiss my brother on the cheek or at least hug him, but we weren't the kind of brothers who were touchy feely and the moment passed just as the other one had. I was happy though and a little less nervous about tomorrow. The way Eddy was talking if he found out about my beejay he'd probably just be proud of me, not upset. 

I was vaguely aware of Eddy beating off but I was too tired to join him or watch and I was soon asleep. I dreamed of the glory hole and of getting a beejay, but this time after I'd dumped my load I went out back to see who it was and it was Eddy. I awoke hard as a rock and couldn't help myself. Grabbing one of my own socks this time I furiously beat off into it and then fell back asleep.

At three thirty that Friday Eddy and I walked over to Derrick's house. It was an old house like ours but a lot more run down and it had tall grass and weeds in the front yard. There were broken toys everywhere and the porch steps creaked when we walked up onto the long narrow porch and I was afraid we'd fall through.

There was no doorbell like at our house, so Eddy knocked loudly and pretty soon Derrick's little brother Shawn came to the door eating a donut.

"Hi, did you come to play?' he said grinning with jelly on his little face.

"We need to talk to Derrick, is he home Shawn?"

"Oh sure, he's watchin TV, come on I'll show ya,"  he said taking my hand and getting it all sticky. I guess if the donut hadn't been in the other hand, Eddy would have got a sticky hand too.

He led us through a cluttered living room down a short hall and into a room that was probably no more than 9 foot on each side. There was a dresser with a TV on it and an old school desk and a small bed with Derrick laying on it wearing only a pair of white Fruit of the Loom underwear. As usual he was sucking on a Tootsie Roll Pop and there was a few of them scattered on the bedside table.

"Oh, hi guys. What's up?" he said taking the sucker out of his mouth and looking up from some cartoon on TV.

"We need to talk to you....alone," Eddy said eying Shawn who was cramming more donut in his little mouth.

"Go play with Sally," Derrick told his little brother and he stuck out his bottom lip and pouted, but left anyway.

When he was gone Derrick turned off the TV and sat up Indian fashion on the bed and cocked his head like a puppy when you make a weird noise. "What's up guys?"

"We were wondering...if you'd been behind our shed lately. Behind the hedge and if you have if you noticed anything there."

He shrugged, "Nope, why...someone try to break in?" he asked looking excited.

"Why would they break in, the door is never locked," I said then shut up quickly.

"Oh. I don't know. What is it then?"

"You're sure you didn't....umm..make a hole in the wall behind the shed?"

"A hole? Nope, why..what's it for?"

"We were hoping you could tell us. It's a round hole about three inches around and someone put duct tape all around the edges to pad it.

He thought a minute then grinned, "Sounds like a glory hole. You guys got your own glory hole?"

"We're not sure what it is, but we need to know who made it."

"Why? Why do you care? Maybe they just wanted to make it so you could have some fun."

"It's crazy though, we don't know who did it so we're not even sure that's what it is."

"I bet it is. Hey when my sister gets home to watch Shawn can we go over there and see it?"

"I're sure you didn't do it?" Eddy asked again.

"I swear, if I had I'd tell ya, sounds cool," he said jumping up and grabbing a pair of worn shorts and pulling them up his skinny legs. 

We heard the front door close and Derrick led us out into the living room just as his sister headed our way.

"Can you watch Shawn, I gotta go over to their house for a little while."

"Whatever, I don't care. Anything to eat?"

"Donuts and milk, mom is working late again."

His sister Julie sighed, "I am so sick of stale donuts."

I felt sorry for them, but I was just a kid and I didn't know what to do so I followed Eddy and Derrick out the door and brought up the rear as we headed to our house. I heard them talking softly about the hole and Derrick laughed, "I'd put my dick in there if someone wanted to suck it, how about you?"

"I guess, long as I was sure it was safe and stuff."

"Hey Daniel, would you do it?"

"Do what?" I said pretending I hadn't been listening.

"Get a beejay through the glory hole?"

"I don't know, maybe."

Derrick laughed and I felt cold chills go up an down my spine. Was he lying about the whole thing, was he the one who made the hole and the one who sucked my dick?"

"I bet you would. Feels good, don't it Eddy?"

"Best feeling ever, well...maybe except for fucking a pussy, but it's pretty close."

How would he know? I wondered. Or was that something he'd done too? We arrived at our house via the alley and went straight through the hedge and up to the back of the shed and to the hole. 

Derrick bent down and inspected the hole for a minute then stood up grinned, "Yep, that's a glory hole alright. Man oh man, you guys got your own glory hole...lucky."

"What good is it if no one is there is know suck you though?" Eddy said frowning.

"Well, have you tried sticking your dick through it? Maybe whoever made it is watching for that to happen before he comes near it."

"Huh, no...of course not I wanted to find out who made it first. Could be some old guy or a pervert for all I know."

"Perverts suck dick real good," Derrick laughed.

"Yeah, but I don't want my dick bit off if they're crazy or something."

Derrick laughed, "Well, can we go inside and see it from in there?"

"Yeah, sure but it looks the same in there," Eddy said as we made our way back through the hedge and around to the gate.

I glanced toward the house, but dad was still at work and mom was nowhere to be seen. As we closed the door I thought about all the times I'd beat off in the shed and my dick started to get hard. I pushed it to one side with my hand but neither of them seemed to notice me as they headed straight for the wall.

"Yeah, that's what it is alright and it's just the right height for us boys too. I mean if it was for men it's be higher, right?"

He had a good point but that only added to the mystery. Evidentially whoever had down this intended to only suck boys our age or a little older. But who?

"Derrick was fumbling with his fly and giggling by the time I joined them at the hole and I watched with nervous horniness as he undid his zipper and pulled out his dick. It was cut, unlike Eddy and me and it looked smaller than mine but it was hard already and he didn't waste any time sticking it through the hole.

Hey, dick out there?" he laughed, "if you are suck on this."

Then suddenly the smile left his face and he gasped, "Ohhhh...ohhh...gawd...oh gawd, someone is....oh shit...someone is sucking my dick," he said in a shaky voice.

"Quick Daniel you go left and I'll go right," Eddy said in a low voice, "and we'll see who it is."

I nodded and we quietly slipped out the door and split up. I went around the shed to the left and when I reached the end and came to the fence I stuck my head over it and craned my neck trying to see through the hedge but it was too thick. The only way we were going to be able to see who it was was by leaving the yard and going through the hedge. I guess Eddy had already figured that out and he was already out the gate. I didn't want to go all the way to the other end of the shed so I just grabbed hold of the fence and swung myself over it. I landed on the grass on the other side and was running as soon as my feet hit the ground.

I met Eddy at the back of the hedge and I followed him as he plowed his way through. We made it to the wall in record time but when we go there all we saw was Derrick's hard dick sticking through the hole.

"What the hell!" Eddy swore and we could hear Derrick cracking up on the other side of the wall. He had put a good one over on us and I had to admit it was kind of funny, but Eddy didn't think so.

"Asshole, I'll get you for this," Danny said gritting his teeth.

"Hey, while you're out there why don't you two take turns sucking me?' he teased.

I guess that was too much for Eddy and he kind of lost if for a minute. Next thing I knew he had Derrick's dick in his hand and he was pulling on it causing Derrick to squeal like a little girl.

"Owww...turn loose, hurts...I was just playing.....owww...oh shit...stop please," he wailed  as his dick went soft and Eddy finally lost his grip on it. 

It disappeared back inside and Eddy laughed, "That asshole will think twice before he  messes with me again."

We went back around to the front of the shed and Derrick was already outside looking mad and hurt at the same time, "Ass wipe you could've damaged my family tool forever," he whined.

"Naw, I'm sure you're rougher on it than I was every time you jerk off."

"How do you know I jerk off pervert? You been watching me?"

"Yeah, I have a camera set up in your bedroom," Eddy said rolling his eyes.

"Pervert..where is it then? What did you see? What did I do when I got home from school."

Eddy shook his head, "Damn let it go. I was just busting your balls. Come on, let's get out of here Daniel. And Derrick, not a word of this to anyone, got it? I hear you told anyone and I'll finish what I started with that shrimp you call a dick."

I almost laughed, I knew Eddy would never follow through with that threat, but the look on Derrick's face was priceless.

We walked Derrick to the gate and said goodbye as if nothing had happened and went inside to see what was for supper. It was baked chicken and stuffing, my favorite, and apple pie for dessert, Eddy's favorite, and I was suddenly starved. We washed up and watched TV till dad go home then visited with him till supper was ready.

At bedtime Eddy seemed quiet and didn't say anything as he slid into his bed. I wanted to talk but I didn't want to be the one to start so I just lay there and waited and eventually he began.

"So, we still don't know who made the gloryhole or how they got away with drilling it and no one seeing them."

"I know and it's driving me crazy. I'm almost afraid to go out there now," Although that wasn't exactly true. I had enjoyed the blow job I'd gotten and couldn't wait for another one.

"Hmmmm.....tomorrow I say we get up early and keep watch on the shed all day long. We can take turns or whatever but we gotta stay out of sight."

"Okay, but do you really think they'll come back? Maybe we scared em off already."

"Well, we'll see but I don't know what else to do. Got any ideas?"

"Nope, your idea sounds best." I yawned and so did Eddy. I was tired to the bone and anxious to go to sleep but Eddy wasn't done talking yet.

"Man, I wish I could catch whoever did this. I'd like to shove my dick through that hole and make em suck it till I shot all over their face or down their throat."

I laughed, "Yeah, that'd teach em. Hey, wait, isn't that what they want?"

He chuckled, "Unless they thought it would be them getting sucked off."

"That would be silly....right? If they know us they know we wouldn't do that kind of stuff....right?"

"I guess. Damn, I'm so horny right now. I'm gonna beat off, wanna join me?"

I was pretty spent after the beejay but I didn't think it was polite to refuse and after a while I really got into it. There was something really hot about jerking with my brother and I shot a big load into my sock. I was asleep in a minute and a half and didn't wake till early morning.

I had a pee boner as usual and when I threw back the covers I discovered I was naked. Now when did I do that? I wondered. I found my underwear on the floor and slipped them on and looked over at Eddy. He was still asleep and covered up and I could hear him snoring softly. He was really an okay guy as far as brother went and I really like, no loved, him a lot, especially lately. I stood watching him for a minute then remembered I needed to pee and I stumbled out into the hall.

I bumped into dad on the way to the bathroom and he grabbed me to steady me, "Whoa, is that a rocket in your undies or are you just glad to see me?" he chuckled.

I blushed but dad was cool about that kind of stuff and I answered like I usually do, 'Both, good morning dad. Gotta go pee. See ya in a minute."

He was chuckling as I went off to the bathroom and when I was done and dressed I went out to find him in the kitchen with mom.

"Good morning sunshine," mom said kissing my cheek, "did you sleep well?"

"Like a rock," I said lifting the lid on the fried potatoes and inhaling the delicious aroma, "Eddy is still asleep. Want me to go wake him up?"

"In a minute, your dad and I were wondering if the two of you would be okay here alone today for a few hours while your dad and I go shopping?"

"Sure, we can take care of ourselves," I said grinning. This would be perfect. We could watch the shed and not have to worry about mom and dad wondering what we were up to.

"Okay, but only if Eddy agrees too. After all he's the oldest and he'll be responsible."

I knew Eddy would agree in a heart beat but I played it cool and just nodded. He came stumbling in a few minutes later and we had breakfast. They ask Eddy about watching me while they were gone and  he acted like it was no big deal, even though I knew he was as relieved as I was.

Eddy and I volunteered to do the dishes while my folks got ready and when we were done we walked them to the car and said goodbye.

"Mind Eddy," my mom said, "and don't do anything you know you're not supposed to."

"And if you do, at least be sanitary," my dad joked, but lately that seemed less and less a joke.

We waved goodbye then went inside and made our plans. Eddy suggested one of us wait inside and one outside but this time we use walkie talkies and the one outside hid out somewhere close by.

I volunteered to be the outside man and I knew just where to hide out. The kid next door Jacob had a huge tree house in the corner of his back yard and us kids used it all the time. You could get to it from the alley or his yard and once you were up there no one could see you because it had walls and windows. 

Once I was inside the tree house we made sure we could hear each other on the walkie talkies that we had gotten for Christmas two years ago and everything was go. I settle in and made sure I could see both ends of the alley and waited.

"Anything yet? Over," Eddies said.

"That's a negative, over," I said. We had this walkie talkie language we always used.

"10 4, stand by, over."

"Affirmative, over and out."

I had brought a bottle of Mt Dew with me and I took a drink and checked the alley once again. Tad Robinson's dog Fi Fi was peeing on a garbage can a few houses down, but other than that no one was in sight. I wondered who the person was that had made the hole and who had sucked my dick, and if I'd be happy or upset once I saw them. What if it was an adult, like a midget or something? I thought. Then I shrugged. It felt good so what difference did it make. It wasn't like I was going to date them or anything...he he.

The hours passed, the soda was gone and I needed to pee badly, but that wasn't a problem. We kids kept a gallon jug up there for just that purpose and I hauled out my junk and pissed it half full. I was just zipping up when I noticed movement at the end of the alley. I moved to the window and saw this kid I'd never seen before. He was older than Eddy, but not much and had red hair and white skin. Even from this distance I could see he had freckles all over his face and arms and he was kind of skinny. He was looking around as he walked along and I quickly alerted Eddy.

"Suspect approaching from the south end of the alley, over," I whispered.

"Can you identify suspect? Over."

"Negative, red haired male approximately 15 years of age, white skin and skinny body, over."

"Dale Hanceford," Eddy said then swore, "I bet it's that creep Dale Hanceford."

Why didn't I know this creep? I wondered.

"Suspect is nearing the shed."

"Keep me advised, I'm uncovering the hole now, over."

"10 4, suspect is looking around he's making his way toward the hedge. Yessss...he's going for it, over."

"Affirmative, suggest radio silence till further notice, over."

"10 4, over and out."

I knew it had to be that way, but I sure wished I could be there to see what was going on. Instead I was stuck in the tree and from where I stood I couldn't see the back of the tree hose because of the hedge. I fumbled with my dick, adjusting it a little. For some reason it had gotten hard while I was talking to Eddy. Was that the boy who had sucked me off the day before? If so he had certainly did a good job and I felt I owed him a thank you, but I knew that was one thank you that would never get delivered.

I stood there staring out that window for another fifteen minutes before I finally realized that if this was the kid, Eddy was probably getting what I'd got the day before and that excited me even more. My dick was rock hard now and I had to see what was going on down there. Slowly I climbed down the tree and headed out into the alley being as quiet as I could, my eyes darting to the hedge to make sure I didn't get blindsided by the ginger and when I finally made it to our gate I looked down the hedge row. The hedge had grown over the years and now it touched the back of the shed and I couldn't see more than a few inches into it.

Opening the gate I left if open to keep from making too much noise and tip toed around to the shed door. I listened at the door but couldn't hear anything so taking a deep breath I slowly pulled the door open and got the surprise of my life. There on his knees in front of the glory hole, my brother Eddy was sucking the red heads dick.

The world seemed to spin out of control for a minute then I found my legs and backed back out of there, hopefully unseen. If Eddy had noticed me it certainly hadn't slowed him down any, so I supposed he was too into what he was doing to hear me come in. I was glad for that, but worried about what all this meant. Was Eddy gay? Was that why he was always calling me gay, because he wanted company? I wasn't mad at  him or upset and if he was gay that was fine by me, but this whole thing just seemed too weird. Did he already know about the glory hole and about the red headed kid?

I walked back to the tree house but instead of climbing up I sat down under it in the shade and waited. About ten minutes later the walkie talkie came to life, "False Alarm, repeat false alarm. Stand down, copy?"

"Copy that," I said slowly. I couldn't believe he was lying to me after all we'd been through.

"Meet me at the shed, over."

"10 4," I said numbly and almost stumbled into the ginger as I stood up, "Uh, excuse me."

"No sweat, hi...I'm Dale," he said offering his fist to bump.

I bumped fists slowly. "I'm Daniel....Eddy's my brother."

"I know, and you're a little stud," he said grinning.

I blushed bright red and stammered, "Whaaat do you meeean?"

He winked, "You know, it was great. You taste really good."

"That was you?" I said admitting I knew what he was talking about.

"Yep, and I'd like to do it again sometime if you would."

I nodded, "I guess...but what about...about Eddy?"

He shrugged, "That's up to him I guess."

I nodded again, "I hafta go...Eddy called me...."

"Okay, see ya later. Have fun, but be safe," he said chuckling as he walked away.

I was stunned, but not too stunned to find Eddy who was sitting outside the shed looking flushed but happy. 

"Oh, there you are. Did you see him?"

I nodded, "That kid Dale, yeah I saw him."

"Cool, we need to talk."

"Okay." I sat down beside him and pulled at blades of grass as I waited for him to begin.

"I'm real sorry Danny (he only called me that when he was feeling very affectionate and my ears perked up) I should have told you a long time ago. I...was afraid you'd hate me though," he said sounding ready to cry.

I put my hand on his arm and looked him in the eye and said, man to man, "I could never hate you, you're my brother and for a big brother you're pretty cool."

He nodded, and went on, "I don't know...when you hear may hate me...and I don't blame you."

"What? Is it cause of that kid Dale? Is it cause...cause sucked his dick?"

He jerked as if he'd been electrocuted, "You saw that?"

I nodded, "Yeah, but you didn't seem to notice me so I backed out and left and waited for you to call me."

"Then you know I'm a fag already. Don't you hate me?"

"No," I said touching him again, "I just wish you would have told me the truth that's all. It's no big deal. I have a  confession to make too. Yesterday while I was checking out the hole...I sort of put my dick in there and someone sucked it. I guess it was Dale, but I don't know for sure and it was awesome. I never felt so good."

"Really, that's cool. I bet Dale liked it...a lot," he said perking up some.

"Soooo..did Dale make the hole?"

"Well, yeah...but I sort of knew he was gonna do it."

"What? How?"

"Cause we talked about it one day, but I didn't know for sure it was him till today, but I guess I sort  of did know deep inside."

"So, what now?" I asked cutting right to the chase.

He shrugged, "I don't know. I guess nothing...I mean I guess we go on like before. We can jerk it together if you still want," he said eying me nervously.

"I'm not sure that's gonna be enough now," I said sighing and he did a double take and grinned at me.

"What are you saying?"

"Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, what good is having a gay brother if you can't get a beejay once in a while."

"Really, you serious cause I'd definitely like that."

"Good, it's settled. And maybe we can get Dale to come around more often and we can use the glory hole."

"I like how you think little brother, I like how you think."

"Sooo...think we could give the glory hole a try?" I said blushing.

"Well, if you want, but we really don't need it do we?"

"I guess not," I said staring into his eyes and grinning.

We got up and went inside the shed and I just stood there not knowing what to do next. Fortunately Eddy knew just what to do. I guess he'd dreamed of this moment for a long time and he had everything planned from start to finish. Falling to his knees in front of me he looked up into my eyes and I saw fear and lust in his. I nodded and he smiled.

Unbuttoning my pant and tugging them low I heard a soft groan as they hit the floor. I wasn't sure if it was me or him who made the sound but when he pulled my undies down and my boner popped free we both laughed nervously. I was as hard as I could ever remember being and it was all because I knew what we were doing was wrong somehow and that made it more erotic and exciting.

He grabbed my cock and pulled the skin back and my knees buckled. Fortunately he was strong and grabbed onto me and held me up as he jerked my dick slowly. I could see my pre-cum bubbling up from the slit and he surprised me by lapping it off with his tongue.

"Mmmmm...tastes good," he said in a husky voice.

My hands went to his head instinctively and I held on for dear life as he continued to lick my cock head and shaft with his wicked tongue. I didn't care if it was right or wrong, dirty or sinful, all I knew was that the feeling my big brother was giving me was the most wonderful feeling in the world. 

When he finally took me in his mouth I moaned loudly and he chuckled around my dick making it feel even better. He really knew what he was doing. Dale Hanceford had nothing on my big brother when it came to giving a beejay and for the next ten minutes he gave it his best. He even played with my balls as he sucked me and I could feel his tongue going around my shaft as he bobbed up and down. 

We both knew I wouldn't last long even though this was my second beejay, but I don't think either of us was prepared for how hard I was going to come and how much sperm I pumped out.  Eddy gagged a little as I started to blow then backed off a bit  and took the rest in his mouth and when I was done coming he swallowed it down.

"Oh gawd Eddy, that was amazing. Sooo good. Thank you, thank you, thank you," I said as I came down from my orgasm.

He got up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled. I could see the lump in his pants and I knew he was hard and suddenly I had the wildest urge to do something about it. Reaching for his zipper I pulled it down as he watched in amazement and freed his much larger hard  dick. 

It was wet on the end and when I pulled back the skin he groan loudly.

"You don't have to....." he began, but I cut him off.

"I want's only fair. I wasn't sure I was ready for sucking dick, but I knew how to jerk one and I decided to give Eddy my best.

He closed his eyes and held onto my shoulders as I jerked him and when I was sure he was close I moved around behind him and finished him so his jizz wouldn't splatter all over me. He came buckets and soaked the wooden floor as his knees collapsed and he groaned loudly.

I was happy that I could make him fell so good and I vowed that next time I'd try sucking him even if I didn't swallow. I held his dick in my hand till it quit contracting and the jizz was just a drip then wiped my hand on my shorts and waited for him to say something.

"That was the best...ever," Eddy said as he pulled up his undies and pants, "Thanks Danny, that was awesome."

"No problem, it was the least I could do after what you did for me. Next time I'll try that, but I might not want to swallow.."

"No problem, this was great and if this is all you ever do that will be great."

"Yeah, but I want to try it." And I did try it the next time and know what, I liked it and I even liked swallowing. 

We don't jerk off at night much anymore, instead we give each other great hand jobs or swap beejays and we even learned about this thing called a 69 and that's the best ever. We haven't tried the butt stuff yet, but knowing how horny we are it won't be long. I know it's supposed to be bad for brothers to do sex stuff together, but it's actually brought me and Eddy closer. Heck how can you stay mad at a guy who gives such great

The End