Breaking Bobby


Bernie Clark

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Chapter One:

I was finally moving into my very own house. It wasn't a big house, but then again it was mine. My ten years old nephew, Bobby, was helping me to move around the myriad of boxes that the movers had left sitting in my living room.

"This one says bedroom number two, Uncle Robbie," he says to me, as he read the writing I had put on all of my boxes.

"That one goes down to the last room on the right," I tell him as I try to figure out the thermostat that controlled the heater/air conditioner.

It was in the nineties and humid as a swamp at high noon in the jungle. The sweat was pouring off me and Bobby's body like rainfall. His cute blond hair was matted down with sweat, and all he had on, was a cute little pair of underoos, covered with transformer characters. His cute little boy bubble ass filled them out nicely, and every time he bent over his ass crack would pop out of the top waistband.

"Hey wanna go swimming," I ask him once I got the air conditioner going.

"Are you going to," he asked me with those adorable baby blue eyes of his staring up at me.

"I would Bobby but I don't know what box my swimsuit is in," I told him.

"So go in your underwear like me," he says ever so innocently.

"I wouldn't want your daddy and mommy knowing that I was swimming with you in my underwear," I told him and I knew that I preferred to be naked with the tike.

If you haven't figured out already, I love little boys, and Bobby was my favorite. I have always known that I was gay, and although I fucked around with men, I loved little boys. I had my first encounter with a gay man when I was just out of high school and competing in the Junior Mr. Universe body building competition. I was just over six feet tall and had an awesome body as the one judge told me. I was the only competitor with an eight pack and he was attracted to me. He loved my long blond hair and blue eyes he had told me.

"You look like one of those California surfer types," he had said.

Even though I was born and raised in sunny Wichita Kansas, I prided myself on my muscular body and one killer tan. I shaved my body hair because that was what body builders did. I had the biggest bulge also in my sleek black Speedo swimsuit that we all wore to compete in and show off our hot muscles. To clinch a top three spots in the competition, I had my dad spray me with a baby oil and water mixture to give me a sheen and accent my muscles.

So there I was competing and after the first lifting event, I was in my dressing room alone getting ready to dress for the next event... evening clothes. A knock at the door startled me, because I was admiring my youthful naked body in the full-length mirror and I totally forgot that I was naked, as I opened the door. There stood Max Jenkins, the head judge for the competition, and his mouth was hanging open as he stood there.

"Oh shit sorry," I said as he stepped in and closed the door. "I forgot that I was naked sir," I said and I noticed that he had gone hard looking at me.

"Don't worry about kid, I see that all the time in these events," he said sitting down in a chair.

"What can I do for you sir," I asked and I knew what he really wanted to say.

"Ah... the next event has been canceled due to a stage malfunction," he told me. "I am not suppose to tell you this kid, but you are leading in the competition so far," and I jumped with excitement as my then six-inch cock jumped with me.

"Then why did you tell me sir," I asked him and he was looking at my cock that was now growing from jumping around.

"I... ah... just... what was your question," he asked looking back to my eyes.

"Is something wrong sir, you seem preoccupied," I said and knew that it was hard boy cock, which had him distracted.

"No kid, nothings wrong," he says and stands up.

His own cock was now hard, and leaking because his pants a huge bulge and wet spot.

"Did I do that sir," I asked as I walked over to him and touched his wet spot.

"You know you did, you little shit," and he took me in his arms and kissed me.

It was my first man kiss, as his tongue invaded my mouth, and it tangled with my tongue. His big strong hands were all over my body, as he held my mouth to his.

"Wow, that was my first kiss," I told him, "and what a hot one," I said and he pulled me back to his mouth for another.

He broke our kiss and stared into my eyes, as I started to unbutton his shirt. Once unbuttoned, I slid it off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, as I undid his pants. They too soon joined his shirt on the floor as I slid his white boxers down his legs. He had once been a body builder, and had won numerous competitions. He had kept his body hard and cut as he grew older, and I guessed he was around twenty-nine, give or take a year.

"You know that we really shouldn't be doing this kid," he said as he now held me tight to him, and our cocks were pressing tight to one another.

"Yeah a conflict of interest or bribery," I said and he just nodded. "I won't tell if you don't," I told him, as he walked me backwards to a table in the room, and laid me down on it.

He pounced on my dripping cock, and took it down to my pubes, and I could feel it sliding down his hot throat.

"Mmmm feels good," I moaned out as he worked his magic on my cock's head.

He sucked my cock for the better part of ten minutes, and then I could feel my balls pulling up, as my cock's head started to swell.

"Fuck I'm cumming," and he buried his nose in my pubes, as I shot my sweet cum into his mouth.

He was massaging my balls as I shot jet after jet of cum into his mouth, and never once did he swallow it. Once my cock started to go limp, he pulled off my cock and spit my cum into his hand.

"Lube," was all he said as he rubbed it on his throbbing cock.

I lifted my head to watch, and figured it to be close to eight or nine inches, cut and fat around. I was fucking nervous, because this was going to be my first fuck.

"I'm a virgin," I told him and he chuckled and said.

"Not after today," he said as he placed his cock to my virgin rosebud, and shoved.

His cum slick cock slid all the way into bottom, and I cried out as the pain grasped my young body.

"Fuck stop... please no more... take it out," I cried out in agony.

"If you want to synch the competition you'll lay back and enjoy," he said stopping and giving me a chance to get accustomed to this new experience.

Once I felt my ass relax, he began to fuck me. My cum made the perfect lube, as his hard cock slid effortlessly in and out of my burning ass. My legs were resting against his chest, and my ankles were on his shoulders. Damn his cock felt good as he began to pick up his pace. He held me by the shoulders as he pounded my ass as a jackhammer pounding cement. I was shoving my ass into him each time he thrusted deep into me. With each thrust in, he would hit my sweet nut deep inside my ass, and I was so ready to shoot another load.

"Cuummmming," I stammered out, and blasted my cum all over his chest and me.

It was all he needed after twenty minutes of plowing my ass hard and without mercy.

"I'm cumming boy," and he shoved his cock in hard and stopped.

I felt his cock twitch as he shot one, two and then three hard shots of his man cum. He pounded my ass after his initial blasts, and shot four more hot shots of cum before he finally stopped his assault.

"I do you just won this competition boy," he said as he pulled his cock from my burning ass.

"I hope that you have a very good explanation for your conduct," came the voice of another judge from the door.

"Oh fuck," he said turning to see Darren Johnson standing there.

"It's not what it looks like," he said and Darren knew that it was definitely, what it looked like.

He came in and closed the door, and this time he locked it. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it over on a chair, and undid his pants, and shoved them along with his briefs, down to the floor. He shuffled over to my still open asshole, and with a quick shove, he buried his cock, balls deep in my ass. He took off pounding my ass, as Max was now at my head and pinching my erect nipples.

"That's it Darren, fuck that sweet boy pussy," Max said, and he gave my nubs such a twist, that it made me think that he had torn them off my pecks. "Bury you cum deep in his ass along with mine," he said and bent over to suck my hard cock.

Darren slammed my ass and I could feel his cock jabbing my love nut as my third climax exploded into Max's hot mouth for the second time.

"Mmmm," he moaned as he now swallowed my cum.

"Fuck... oh shit... cumming," Darren howled as he too, filled my ass with his cum.

There we were three bodies entangled in hot sex.

"Uncle Robbie are you listening to me," my nephew says, rousing me from my memories.

"Ah... what Bobby," I ask, having not heard a word he had said.

"Look," is all he said, as he pointed to my tented shorts.

"Ah... that happens to guys all the time," I tell him as I notice that his sweet eyes are fixated on my hard cock that is straining against the fabric of my shorts. "Lets not mention this to anyone ok," I tell him.

"Ok Uncle Robbie, cause mine does that too," he says looking up at me with those baby blues of his.

We head out to my pool and with the hedge so high around my hard, I figured no one could see over, even though I had just one neighbor and he was away on vacation.

"Can we skinny dip Uncle Robbie," he asks, and just the thought of my nude nephew made my cock hard again.

"Only on one condition, and that is you can't tell anyone, not even your parents," I tell him.

"Why is it bad," he asks looking at me puzzled by my request.

"No it's not bad, but they wouldn't like me swimming naked with you," I told him.

"Ok Uncle, it'll be our secret," he says and shoves his underoos down the ground and runs off for the diving board.

I got hard watching his tiny white bubble but swishing back and forth, as he ran for the diving board.

"Are you coming Unc," he yells to me, again breaking my from my daydream.

"Yeah buddy," and I shoved my own shorts, along with my underwear, down to the ground.

I ran quickly for the pool and jumped in just where he had just entered. I opened my eyes and saw his little boy legs treading water above me. His little boy cock was shrunk, but stuck out two inches in front of him, and I so wanted to suck that thing as I surfaced beside him.

"This is so cool Unc," he says, "swimming with no clothes on," and he dives down beneath me.

I am looking around for where he's going to resurface, when I feel his little hand grab my cock, and his head breaks the surface.

"Sorry Unc, I was having a hard time coming up and grabbed the first thing I saw," he says looking at me precariously with those gorgeous blue eyes.

"That's ok but please be careful," I tell him.

"You have a big peepee," he says, and swims off away from my grasp. "Can't catch me," he yells as he swims away.

"Wanna bet," I yell back and he squeals as I quickly catch up to him, and he yells even louder as I take him in my arms.

I am holding his small body to me, as he squirms in my arms to get free. Once he realizes that he can't, he looks at me, and catches me totally off guard with his next move. He pushes his little mouth to mine and kisses me hard on the lips. I drop him quickly and he swims away laughing.

"I knew that would work," he says laughing at my now red face.

"Why you little brat," I yell and swim off after him.

Once I catch him, he squeals again in my arms. As before, he tries the kiss routine, but this time I shove my tongue into his slightly opened mouth, and I can taste the remnants of the gum, which he had been chewing earlier. I run my tongue around his mouth, and I can hear him moan, as his boy cock is now stabbing my stomach.

"That was so fucking hot," he says once I push him away from me, and I am shocked to hear that word fly from his mouth.

"Where did you hear that word," I ask him, and he just looks at me with a repenting look on his face.

"I'm sorry Unc, I didn't know that it was a bad word," he says. "Michael said it last week from his room," he says, referring to his fourteen-year-old brother. "He was yelling fuck me, in his room," he says, as his eyes begin to tear up, and he wraps his little arms around my neck. "I'm sorry Unc," and he starts to cry.

"Don't cry champ, I'm not mad at you," I tell him and he kisses me again, but I don't give him my tongue as he opens his mouth and waits.

"How come you didn't put your tongue into my mouth this time," he asks.

"That's for special kisses between two people that are in love with each other," I tell him, and he looks at me with a scrunched up face.

"Aren't you in love with me Unc, `cause I am with you," he says and presses him mouth to me again, but this time I give him my tongue.

"Mmmm," he moans like last time as our tongues duel in his mouth.

"I like that Unc, can we do it again," he asks once we break our kiss.

"Well no Bobby, that is something that two relatives don't do together," I tell him, and I can see that he feels rejected.

"But why Unc, we both love each other," he says trying hard to understand.

"Come on buddy, I think it's time to get out and have a little talk... man to man," I tell him, and he gets excited that I referred to him as a man.

We get out of the pool and lay in the hammock that the previous owner had left me. I climb into the hammock to get it stabilized before pulling him in with me. He puts his naked body right on top of my naked body, and our cocks are lying on top of each other. I am so picturing how this would look if his dad or mom and walked in and saw it.

"So what are you and I going to talk about," he asks, as he is squirms against my cock, and it's getting harder by the minute, and I have all I can do not to impale on it.

"Well first off Bobby, I want you to promise me that what we talk about will stay between us guys," and again his face lit up because I was referring to him as my equal.

"I promise Unc," he slides up my body and kisses me, shoving his tongue into my mouth now.

I am having such a hard time controlling my emotions and affections for this boy. I hold him to me, as my hands grab his tiny bubble but orbs, and I give them a gentle squeeze. He sighs softly, as my finger digs between them and search out he sweet treasure that is hiding deep within that valley. With his mouth still glued to my mouth, I run my finger around his sweet boy rosebud.

"I like that Unc, don't stop," he says moaning as I push against his pucker.

"Are you sure Bobby, because this is something that two guys do when they are in love," I tell him.

"We are two guys Uncle Robbie, and we are in love," he says so innocently, as my finger probes his little rosebud. "Are you going to put your finger in my butt hole," he asks looking at me in the eyes.

"Do you want me to buddy," I ask and he nods yes.

I wet my finger in my mouth and then push it against his pucker; it resists at first, and then pops through.

"Oh," he says, as it invades his tender insides.

"Are you ok Bobby," I ask and he nods yes again, and then lays is head on my chest.

"I feel like I gotta go poop," he says," but I like it in there."

I wiggle my finger around as I push it in all the way, and soon find his prostate. I gently rub it, and he starts to squirm on me, as I rub it faster and then stop.

"Don't stop it feels good," he says so I continue to rub it.

I rub it for some time and he is moaning and squirming all over me.

"I gotta pee," he says as I feel his ass tighten, but I continue to rub it. "I really gotta pee Unc," he says moaning from the pleasure I am giving him.

"You don't have to pee buddy, what you are feeling is your climax approaching," and he closes his eyes as he moans aloud now.

"Ooooooh fuck," and there's that word again as he experiences his first climax, and even though it's a dry one, it's a climax just the same.

He just lays there as he wallows in his first afterglow, and I pull out my finger.

"Mmmm," he purrs, and my little dude cuddles against me, as I rub his back and ass with my hands.

I hold him and enjoy the scent of boy, as I hold him tight.

"I like that climax thing," he says looking up at me. "Do you have them too Unc?" and his innocence is so natural and cute.

"Yes Bobby, but mine is different," I tell him. "I have stuff come out of my penis," I say, and he looks at me with that little boy inquisitive look.

"Show me please," he says and sits up on me, and my cock is pressing hard against his ass crease.

"Well not out here, let's go inside," I say, because I know that he would never let up until he saw it.

I pick up our clothes and head inside to my bedroom. I throw him on the bed, and he bounces from the landing. I lie down beside him and begin to stroke my cock into hardness.

"Wow Unc that is a lot bigger than my peepee is," he says and grabs it in his hand.

Just the feel of his hot little hand on my cock was enough and I erupted. He was looking at my cock when my first blast got him right in the face. He jumps and watches as my cock shoots several more good ropes of cum, I am chuckling to myself, as my cum runs down his nose. He wipes it off with his hand, and instinctively puts his cum covered fingers into his mouth.

"Mmmm, that tastes good Unc," he says licking his fingers.

"Yeah it does," I say and he bends down and licks it off my stomach.

The feeling of his tongue on my body, as he licks up my cum, has me hard again.

"You sure made a big mess Unc," he says as he licks his lips with his little tongue.

I can't take it anymore, and I pull him to me, as our mouths meet in a kiss. The taste of my cum in his mouth is so arousing and I just want to have this boy totally. I roll him over onto his back, and engulf his two-inch boy cock into my mouth. Instantly, his cock grows to three inches or so and I run my tongue around his cock's head.

"I like that Unc," he squeals, and he places his hands instinctively on my head.

"Mmmmm me too buddy," I say and go right back to sucking his cock and it's not long until he squeals out...

"I gotta pee again Unc," and I know that he is close.

I fondle his grape size balls gently, as I suck harder on his cock.

"Oooooo gotta peeeeee now," and he arches his back, and thrusts his cock harder into my mouth. "Oooooo yeah," he moans, and his back drops down to the bed, as he gasps for air.

I drop his soft cock from my mouth, and lay down beside him. He is running his fingers through my hair, and I can feel his little heart pounding in his chest. I look at this boy beside me with his eyes closed, and I gently run my fingers around his dime size nubs. I lean forward and nibble gently on one as he lightly pinch the other one. Eventually he calms down, and rolls towards me and says...

"Did we just have what Michael calls sex Unc," and I wonder just what his brother is telling him.

"Well yes, but that is what they call gay sex Bobby, and just what else did Michael tell you," I ask.

"He says that some dude put their peepee in another dude's butt," and I definitely know that I have to have a talk with my nephew Michael.

"Has he ever done that to you Bobby?"

"No... he lays on me and puts his peepee between my legs and rubs it until he gets... what did you call that stuff," he asks.

"Sperm Bobby, but most people just call it cum," I say.

"Yeah that's it sperm, he puts his sperm between my legs when he rubs me for a while."

"How do you feel about doing that with him," and he looks at me and says.

"I don't, because afterwards he's is mean to me and treats me bad," he says. "He says he wants to stick it in my butt hole, but I won't let him because he's mean, but I would let you stick yours in my boy pussy," he says and I'm shocked at the words.

"Did he call it that Bobby," I ask and he shakes his head yes.

"Well you don't let him, do you hear me buddy," I tell him.

"Ok Unc, but do want to do it to me, `cause I would let you. I love you Unc and you treat me like a man," he says, and there is that innocence again.

"I would love to Bobby, but I'm afraid that it would hurt you a lot," I tell him. "But when you relax it does feel good," I tell him.

"I trust you Unc, and I know that you would never hurt me on purpose," and he looks at me with those eyes, and do I dare take away his innocence at such a young age? No.

"Maybe another time Bobby, now what say we take a nap," and he cuddles into my arms.

I am holding the most precious thing that God has ever allowed into my life, naked and innocent, and I drift off to sleep holding him tight.

To be continued...

I hope that you like this one as much as the other stories. Let me know your thoughts... Bernie.