Breaking Bobby


Bernie Clark

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Chapter One:

"Yeah that's it sperm, he puts his sperm between my legs when he rubs me for a while."

"How do you feel about doing that with him," and he looks at me and says.

"I don't, because afterwards he's is mean to me and treats me bad," he says. "He says he wants to stick it in my butt hole, but I won't let him because he's mean, but I would let you stick yours in my boy pussy," he says and I'm shocked at the words.

"Did he call it that Bobby," I ask and he shakes his head yes.

"Well you don't let him, do you hear me buddy," I tell him.

"Ok Unc, but do want to do it to me, `cause I would let you. I love you Unc and you treat me like a man," he says, and there is that innocence again.

"I would love to Bobby, but I'm afraid that it would hurt you a lot," I tell him. "But when you relax it does feel good," I tell him.

"I trust you Unc, and I know that you would never hurt me on purpose," and he looks at me with those eyes, and do I dare take away his innocence at such a young age? No.

"Maybe another time Bobby, now what say we take a nap," and he cuddles into my arms.

I am holding the most precious thing that God has ever allowed into my life, naked and innocent, and I drift off to sleep holding him tight.

Chapter Two:


I wake up and the room is dark, accept for the light coming from the streetlamp outside my window. I can hear the gentle purring of my nephew, as he sleeps soundly in my arms. I run my hand over is soft boy skin, and as I find is soft mounds, I gently squeeze them. He stretches in my arms, and looks up at and smiles at me.

"It's dark already," he says, more as a question then a statement. "I'm hungry," and I turn and look at my alarm clock, ten after nine," it says and tell him that we can go get pizza if he wants.

He jumps up, recharged, and ready to tackle the world again.

"I need a shower so you just lay here until I am done," I tell him and head into the bathroom.

I turn on and adjust the water then hop in. I am rubbing the soap on me, when the shower door opens, and Bobby steps in.

"I need one too, I smell like that cum stuff," he says and sniffs his hands.

I chuckle, as I pull him under the spray, and run the soap down his back. I am lathering his back, with his face almost in my crotch, and I feel his tongue lick at the head of my cock. I keep my hands working the lather into his soft skin of his back, and then I feel the warmth of his mouth as the head slides into his mouth. He sucks my cock and I stand up, looking down at him.

"You don't have to do that Bobby," I tell him and he looks up at me with half of my cock in his small mouth.

"Mmmhmm," he says with a mouth full of my cock.

The feeling of his mouth on my cock was tremendous as he used his hand to jack it while he sucked as much as he could. Just the thought of my nephew blowing me was just the catalyst that I needed to push me over the edge.

"I going to cum big guy," and he just kept sucking.

I shoot my first blast and he gagged some but kept right on sucking and swallowing. Two, three, four and five more good size shots and I was ready to drop to the floor. I finally calmed down to a drizzle out of the end of my cock, and I pulled it from his mouth. I lifted him up to my face and kissed him, tasting my cum on his tongue.

"That was the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me my little man," I tell him, and he wraps his arms around my neck and says...

"I love you Uncle Robby, he says and he kisses my nose.

"I love you more little man," and I hug him tight.

We finish our shower, after the nice interruption and dry off. He is standing on the lid of the toilet seat as I dry his body, and I tenderly wipe his little cock. Just the touch has it standing on end, and I look at him.

"May I return the favor buddy," and he nods and smiles.

I bend down, take his three-inch cock into my mouth, and suck it hard and fast, quickly bringing him to his edge.

"I gotta pee again Unc," he says and I think that he needs to remember what it's called. "Oooooo more Unc, I really gotta go," and his legs wobble as he throws his head back, and shoves his ass forward, shoving his cock deeper into my mouth. "Oooooo more," and I wonder what the fuck is he having, and suddenly his legs give out.

"Gotcha buddy," I say as he falls forward into my arms.

I carry him into my room and lay him on the bed so he can enjoy his afterglow. His body gives a shiver and he smiles, and I know that he is just wallowing in his after sex glow.

"Feels good doesn't it," I ask him and he nods his head and smiles.

"Mmmmm real good Unc thanks," and I smile at him.

Once he is back to normal, we dress and head out for pizza. I call my brother and tell him where we'll be, and let him know that I will drop Bobby off once we are done. With the place in such a mess, there is no way that I am going to find something to cook, so we head over to Antonio's Pizza for a bite. We are waiting in a booth, when my nephew Michael comes in with his friends. He sees us sitting there and comes over to see me.

"Hey Unc, how come the runts still up," he says and jabs his brother's arm.

"Hey... that hurt," Bobby, says rubbing his arm.

"Michael would you like me to give you a shot to the arm," I ask and he looks at his brother.

"Wait to you get home," he says to his brother. "Your ass is going to be mine," and I can see Bobby cower at the words.

"I hear that you did anything with his ass buster, and then you will surely regret the day that you did," I say, and look my nephew in the eyes.

"Yeah whatever," and he walks of to join his friends.

I can see that Bobby is definitely afraid of his brother, and the waitress brings our pizza over to the table. Michael sees us eating and heads over to join us.


"Shove over runt," he says and I look at him.

"Bobby stay where you are, Michael come with me," I say and pull him into the restroom. "Listen you little bully, I know what you have been doing to your brother in his room," I say, and Michael goes white with fear.

"Huh," he says looking up at me.

"Yeah that's right, all of it. The rubbing of your cock between his legs and making him suck your cock. Now how about I take you both home and we sit down with your parents and discuss this with them," I ask and he knows that I am not kidding.

"He liked it, and besides he knows better than to say anything to dad or mom," he says defiantly.

"Well you may think he knows better, but I don't. I pulled it from because I am trained to recognize these things in children, and he has all the signs of sexual abuse," I tell him and now his tune changes rapidly.

"I'm sorry Uncle Rob, and I promise I'll never touch him again," he says shaking with fear.

"Now you are going out there and apologize to him, and I will determine by your level of sincerity if I say anything to my brother about this, got it," I says inches from his face.

"Yes sir," he says in a defeated voice.

"Now march and make sure that you put your heart into it, or so help me I'll tell your dad," and we walk out and back to the table.

"Excuse me Bobby, can I sit beside you," he asks, and Bobby looks at me as I nod my agreement. "Listen Bobby, I am so sorry for treating you so badly buddy," he says and Bobby's eyes well up with tears. "I should have known better than to mistreat you, because you're my brother, and you don't deserve to be mistreated," he says and now they are both in tears. "Will you forgive me bro," he asks crying now.

"Yeah Mikey, I forgive you. I forgive you because I love you bro," he says and he hugs his big brother.

"I love you too bro," and he looks at me wondering.

"Have some pizza Michael," I say to him and smile.

"Hey Mick, are you coming with us," his friend asks.

"Nah, I'm staying with my bro and Uncle Rob," he says and hugs his brother.

His friends leave, and once we are finished, Bobby asks if he and Michael can play a few games. I give them some quarters, and they rush off to the game area. I am sitting there enjoying my beer, when my brother comes in. I can tell by the look on his face that he's not to happy.

"Hey Mike, why the sad face," I ask as he sits to join me. "I told you that I would be dropping him off, and he is in the game room playing some games with Michael.

"Michael is playing games with Bobby," he says and gets up to see the monumental occasion. "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes bro, I would never have believed it. I have been telling him that he needed to be more attentive to Bobby, but all that I have ever gotten was whatever."

"Well I think that you'll find that he is going to be a better brother now," and I give him a look.

"I don't want to know bro, but thanks," he says as the waitress brings him a beer.

"Want another handsome," she asks and I blush at the name, and just nod no.

"So what's up," I ask him, getting back to why he's so long faced.

"Well it's like this, I have been offered a job in Saudi Arabia for a next year," he says and takes a long draw off his beer bottle.

"That's great... right," I ask and I know that there is more to it.

"Well Pam and Michael can go, but the Bobby is too young and the Saudi government won't allow him to go. The government there feels that he would be in harms way if he went," and I can see it coming.

My being the younger brother, and single, I was always the one that my brother called on in a pinch.

"So let me guess, you want me to take Bobby for a year while you, Pam and Michael Jr. live half way around the world," I say. "Is that it or am I even in the ball park," I ask and I can tell that I had just hit a home run.

"Would you bro, I'll send money home to cover the extra expenses," he says. "It's only for a year," he says with those pleading eyes.

"When do you all leave," I ask.

"This coming Saturday, I just received conformation that Pam, Michael and I were cleared to go."

"Damn Michael, nothing like giving me notice," I say to my brother, and the boys come back to the table.

"Dad, how come you're here," my nephew Michael asks, and he looks at me wondering.

"Chill Michael, your dad came over to ask a favor of me," I said and he let out a sigh as I turn to Bobby. "How would you like to live with me for a year Bobby," I ask him and he looks from me to his dad and back to me again.

"Why Uncle Robby, where is my family going to be," he asks and then turns to his dad.

"Son, I have been transferred to Saudi Arabia for a year, and their government will not let us bring you because you are too young," my brother tells him. "You have to be at least thirteen," he says.

"You are coming back to me right daddy," he asks and my heart was breaking for him. "Promise me daddy that you'll come back for me," he pleads as he climbs into my brother's lap.

"I promise son, we will all come back for you," he tells him and hugs his son tight.

He took the boys home, and I left for home. I had roughly five days to get my house in order for my little man. I had taken the week off from my practice, to get my house in order, and by Friday afternoon, I was ready for my boy to arrive. They arrived around six that afternoon and my nephew was sad. Although he was looking forward to having me all to himself, he was sad to see his family leave.

We had a great dinner that I made, and around eight they were ready to leave. They still had last minute packing and needed to get to bed early. Their flight was leaving at four, Saturday morning.

"I love you son, and before you know it we'll be back and a family again," my sister-in-law said, as she hugged her boy goodbye.

"I love you too mommy," Bobby says and turns to his dad. "Remember daddy, your promise to me," he tells his dad and hugs him tight. "I love you daddy forever and ever," he says refusing to let him go.

"Son, you have to let go or I can't leave," Mike says as I take Bobby from him.

"I'm not going to see you again, I just know it," he cries and my brother kisses him.

"I made you a promise Bobby, and so help me I am going to live up to it," and he kisses him again.

"At least you won't have to worry about me picking on you bro," Mike Jr. says to his brother. "I really meant when I said that I was sorry bro, you are the best brother a guy could have, I love you Bobby," and he hugs his brother tight, giving him a kiss on the lips.

"I love you too Michael, and I wouldn't trade you for all the big brothers in the world," and he hugs him again.

After many tears, my brother and his family finally left. Bobby sat on my couch, crying softly, as I closed the door. I knew that the next few days would be hard, and I needed to keep him occupied.

"Well champ, it's you and me now," I say and he forces a smile. "What do you say we put a movie on and make some popcorn," I ask but he isn't responding. "Bobby what can I do to see that smile again," I ask and he looks up at me and says.

"They aren't coming back Uncle Robby, I just have this feeling," and he cries in my arms as my own heart aches for his pain.

"We don't know that my big boy," I tell him. "It's just your missing them that is giving you those thoughts. Before you know it they'll be back and Mike will be taunting your cute little ass again," and he chuckles, and I can just imagine what he's thinking.

It took a couple of weeks, but my Bobby became himself again... that persistent little boy that I fell in love with.

"You know Bobby, you don't have to sleep with me, I did make a special room just for you," I tell him as we lay in bed, with his hot little body in my arms.

"I want to Unc, I feel so safe and loved in your arms," he says as he runs his finger around my nipple.

Just the touch of his finger playing with my hard nub, is sending all kinds of thoughts racing through my mind. My mind keeps replaying that day that he and I discovered each other sexually. So here he was, in my arms turning me on.

"You keep playing with my nipple like that, you will get more than you bargained for cutie," I tell him and he pinches my nub hard, sending electrical charges through me.

"And what are you going to do about it," he says as he climbs on me, and presses his mouth to mine.

He shoves his tongue into my mouth, and my hands grab his sweet cheeks and squeeze them. He lets out a soft moan, as I squeeze them, and he grinds his boy cock into mine.

"Do you want to rub your peepee between my legs," he asks looking into my eyes.

Even in the dim light, his baby blues sparkle, and I roll over, holding him tight to me.

"Bobby, your peepee is called a penis or as most big dudes call it... a cock," I tell him.

"So do you want to rub your cock between my legs," he asks again, with that charming smile that makes me want to devour him.

"Is that what you want to do," I ask, and again that smile along with his eyebrows moving up and down. "What am I going to do with you," I say and kiss his cute nose.

"Fuck me Unc, put your cock in my butt," he says and I am shocked by his offer.

"I already told you Bobby, it's going to hurt and I don't want to hurt you," I tell him.

"I let Michael do it to me our last night together," and I sit up and look at him in shock.

"You what," I ask, not sure if I had heard correctly. "Don't you mean that he rubbed his cock between your legs," I ask.

"No Unc, I asked him to fuck me because I wasn't going to see him for a long time, and he did."

"Oh my sweet boy, did he hurt you," I ask.

"It did hurt a lot, but in a little while it felt good," he says, "and he wasn't mean or bad with me either. He even told me that he loved me so much, and that he was going to miss me," and his eyes filled with tears as he remembered that night. "So will you fuck me Unc, I want you to," he says as he rubbed my cheeks with his hands.

"No Bobby, I won't fuck you, but I'll make love to you," I tell him.

"Is that something different," he asks.

"Yes baby boy, fucking is what dudes do when all the want is sex. But lovemaking is something two people do when they are in love with each other."

"Then make love to me Unc, because I love you soooo much," he says, and just the way that he emphasized the word `so', turned me on.

I got him up, and took him into the bathroom, and I showed him how to prepare his butt for being fucked. His face was so funny, as I showed him the enema bottle, and when I gave him it, he squealed.

"I gotta poop," he squealed and I told him to hold it in for a moment, as he danced in the shower from the feeling.

I sat him on the toilet, and let him release it, and then I gave him a few more until he was clean inside. We showered together, and when he was dried, I carried him to bed, and gently laid him down on the bed.

"Why did we do that to my butt Unc?" he asks me.

"You always want to be sure that you are clean inside, that way we don't have a mess," and his look was funny as he contemplated what I had just told, and it was as if a light bulb had gone on when he understood.

I looked down at his little body that lay before me, and his soft vanilla skin, that looked and felt as smooth as velvet, lured me. I bent down and kissed him, invading his mouth with my tongue, and his taste was so little boy. I tasted a sweet mixture of, `Good and Plenty' mixed with bubble gum, and I couldn't get enough of his mouth. I licked my way down to his sweet nubs, stopping at his cute ears to nibble on the lobes. They were dime size and hard, as I ran my tongue around the hardness of them, and gently nibbled on each one causing him to moan.

"Mmmm that feels good Unc," he coos as I nibble and suck, until he was squealing for me to stop.

I lick my way down to his cute inny naval, and he giggled as I tortured it with my tongue.

"Stop Unc, that tickles," he squealed, as I continued for several more moments, before licking my way down to his hard three-inch boy cock.

It was bobbing up and down before me, so I devoured it into my mouth, and he squealed again from the sensation. Slowly I sucked his sweet boy cock, tasting the soap that he had just used previously in the shower. I loved the way he would squirm as I ran my tongue around his cock's head, and the way he announced that he had to pee.

"I gotta pee real bad Unc," and I sucked extra hard on his sensitive head, as I brought him to his climax.

"Oooooo... don't stop Unc, it feels soooo good," he squealed out and I knew that he was having his orgasm.

Once I knew that he was done cumming, I sucked his cute balls into my mouth. I rolled them around and again he was squirming beneath me, as I gave him a new sensation. I licked my way down to the prize that I so desperately desired, and put his tiny legs on my shoulder. I look up at the boy, he is looking down, watching me, and I attacked his boy pussy with my tongue.

"Oooooo yeah that really feels good," he shrieks, as I push my tongue into his rosebud, and he shoves his ass up to get more. "Doooon't... stop," he moans softly, and I fuck his sweet boy cunt with my tongue.

I wet my finger, and then push it slowly into his rosebud, and his ass tenses up at the invasion. I work my finger around until I find his sweet nut hiding within, and I gently rub it, making him squeal again from the pleasure. I add a second finger, then a third, as he pushes back hard on my finger. I had to marvel at how he knew just what to do, and figured that his brother instructed him well. I was working that boy's sweet love canal, rubbing his prostate, when he yelled out he needed to pee again. Therefore, I rubbed it faster and he squeals out...

"Ooooooh fuck yeah," and that word coming from his innocent mouth was so hot and erotic.

Once his climax had passed, I removed my fingers from his ass, and I reached for the lube sitting on my bed stand. I lubed up his ass thoroughly, and applied a good amount to my dripping cock.

"Are you absolutely sure baby boy that this is what you want me to do," I ask him as he looks up at me, and he nods his head yes. "If it hurts too much, you let me know and I'll stop sweetheart," I tell him, and I can see that he is remembering what it felt like with his brother. "I'm bigger than Michael is, so this is going to hurt," I tell him, but he pulls me down to his mouth.

"Just kiss me when it goes in me, Michael did, and it made me relax," he tells me.

I put my slicked up cock to his sweet pucker, as I looked into his eyes, I pushed the head in through his ring.

"Stop... kiss me," he shouts out with tears in his eyes, and I bend down and kiss his sweet mouth.

He holds my to his mouth as we kiss, and I slowly add more of my cock into his boy cunt, and soon I am bottomed in him. I wait as we kiss; because I want him to enjoy the feeling as much as I am, and I feel, his sweet muscles relax from the invasion.

"Are you alright Bobby," I ask him and he nods yes, but I know that my size is hurting him. "I can't do this to you my sweet boy... hurt you," I say, and I pull my cock out of his ass.

"No Uncle Robby, I want to do this for you," he says crying now.

"I'm to big Bobby, and I can see the pain that I am causing you," I tell him, and I roll off him and lay beside him on my back.

He gets up and sits on my stomach, and then he leans down and kisses me. His tears are falling on my face, as his sweet lips press tightly to mine. He reaches behind him, and his hand grips my cock. He wiggles his ass down toward my crotch, until my cock is pressing against his sweet pucker. He sits up and slowly impales his tight ass down onto my cock. His sweet smile turns to one of pain, as he bends down and kisses me. His tongue invades my mouth, and we dance together in our mouths as his little ass relaxes.

"I don't hurt anymore Unc," he says as he sits up and smiles at me.

"Are you sure sweet boy, because it hurts me to cause you pain," I tell him.

"It really don't hurt anymore, if feels like I gotta poop," he says smiling.

He rests his hands on my chest, as he lifts his ass off my cock just a bit, and then lowering it back down. He does this several times, before he soon rolls his ass around on my cock, moaning out in pleasure.

"You are a lot bigger than Michael is," he says grinding is ass on my cock.

"It feels so good the way that you do that," and he gives me another grind on my cock.

I hold his hips and we begin to find a rhythm that will be good for us both. His ass is riding up and down on my cock and he squeezes his ass each time he bottoms. Never have I felt such pleasure than at this moment. He is hoping like a kid riding a pogo stick, as he shouts out his pleasure.

"I gotta pee real badly," and he throws his young head back as he closes his eyes. "Ooooooh yeah," he moans as he enjoys his climax.

"Sweetheart its called cumming, not peeing," I tell him as he grinds his ass on my cock.

"I was cumming Unc, and now you need to," and he pogoed on my cock quickly and he brought me quickly to my edge.

"Ooooooh fuck yeah Bobby, ride my cock," as I help him to ride up and down faster. "Yeah baby boy like that, oh fuck I'm cumming," and I blasted his tight hole with my cum.

He was hopping up and down on my cock as I shoot my cum deep into his boy ass. He leans on my chest and kisses me, and I shove my cock hard and deep into his ass. Once spent, I pull him down again for a kiss, and he is moaning as my tongue invades his mouth. The sweet afterglow has never felt as good as it is now with my baby boy.

"I love you Bobby," I say and I kiss him softly.

"I love you to Uncle Robby," and he lifts up and off my cock.

We cuddle tight to one another, with me holding his sweet ass to me. I kiss the back of his head...

"I love you sweet boy."

"I love you more," and we drift off to sleep.

To be continued:

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