Breaking Bobby


Bernie Clark

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Chapter One:

He was hopping up and down on my cock as I shoot my cum deep into his boy ass. He leans on my chest and kisses me, and I shove my cock hard and deep into his ass. Once spent, I pull him down again for a kiss, and he is moaning as my tongue invades his mouth. The sweet afterglow has never felt as good as it is now with my baby boy.

"I love you Bobby," I say and I kiss him softly.

"I love you to Uncle Robby," and he lifts up and off my cock.

We cuddle tight to one another, with me holding his sweet ass to me. I kiss the back of his head...

"I love you Uncle Robby."

"I love you more, sweet prince," and we drift off to sleep.

Chapter Two:


The next morning I wake with my nephew is cuddling close to me, and I smile as I remember the night before. The warmth of his body, as he sleeps so peacefully next to me, stirs my cock to fullness, and I want to replay that memory. However, I have work to do, and my clients are not going to wait as I make love to a little boy, even if he's my brother's son. I carefully slip from the bed, he stirs but never wakes, and I stroll off to the bathroom. I turn the shower on; adjust the water, go to take my morning piss, and then the shower. The feel of the warm water feels good on my body, as the door opens, and in walks my nephew.

"Good morning champ, I hope I didn't wake you," I say as he stands to piss and I watch his golden stream flowing from his hard cock and flowing down the shower drain.

His sweet bubble ass is in my view, and my cock gets hard as I watch him.

"No Unc, I had to pee real badly," he says as he shakes suddenly from a chill.

He finishes his morning duty, and turns to look at me, and I pull him to me in a tender embrace. He smiles widely as he warmth of the water mats down his blond hair. He presses to me, and the feeling of his small body next to mine, fills me with desire again.

"That was fun what we did last night Unc," he says and he grabs my cock, placing it into his mouth.

"Mmmmm that feels good," I say, as he sucks my cock as a kid sucks a Popsicle, hard and slow.

I watch my little boy sucking my cock, and he is quickly bringing me to the edge. I pull my cock from his mouth, and lift him up, and our mouths meet is sweet surrender. My tongue invades his mouth, and it wrestles with his, as he emits a moan softly. I reach for the liquid soap, and I work it into his boy pussy, and spread some on my cock.

"Wrap your arms around my neck," I tell him, and he wraps them tightly around it.

I position my cock to his boy pucker, and slowly lower him down onto it.

"Oooooo that hurts," he says, so I kiss him passionately, and soon is ass relaxes, and I let him slide down until he is impaled fully on my hard cock.

"Are you alright baby boy," I ask, and he makes that face he gets, when he doesn't like what he's hearing.

"I not a baby boy, you said I was a big boy last night," and I chuckle at him.

"Yeah you are a big boy Bobby, so are you alright with this," and he smiles approvingly.

"Yep, it feels good and I like the feeling of it in me Unc," he says and he wiggles on my cock, and just that motion is enough to push me over the edge.

I lift him up and down on my cock, as I hold him with my arms around his small waist. He holds onto my neck, and he pulls himself up and down on my cock, as it rides his ass.

"Mmmmm boy heaven," I moan, as he rides my cock, and I just rest back against the shower wall.

I can tell that he is getting close to his own climax, because he rides my cock quicker now. Up and down he goes, as he calls out...

"Oooooo fuck Unc I'm cumming," and he sounds so cute uttering those word. "Ooooh fuck yeah," he moans and I feel his ass tighten around my cock.

"Ride my cock Bobby," I say as I feel my cum churning in my balls. "Yeah... fuck me... cumming," I moan out and I let loose with my cum into his ass.

He feels the warm sensation, as it fills his sweet love canal, and he pulls himself up and down faster, as I fill his sweet ass. I shoot repeatedly into his boy butt, as I surrender my seed to him, unable to stop our rhythm.

"Damn it Bobby, you are the best fuck that I have ever had," I tell him then we kiss.

"I love feeling your hot stuff filling me Uncle Robby," he says as he squirms some on my cock, and then lifts himself off it.

We finish our shower, and once he is dried, I bury his cock into my mouth. I suck his cock hard, and quickly bring him to his edge.

"I gotta cum Unc," he says, and he is holding my head to his groin. "Oooooo yeah that feels good," and I get a new taste in my mouth.

I pull off his boy cock, and a clear liquid is oozing from his cock.

"You came Bobby, see this, it's cum," I tell him and he smiles proudly.

"It felt different this time when I came," he says as he wipes the liquid from his cock, and puts it in his mouth. "Mmmm that tastes like yours," he says and I kiss him, tasting his cum on his tongue.

"Well I guess you are a big boy now Bobby, because only big boys cum," and he sticks his chest out showing me his pride, and I run my tongue around my mouth as I savor that sweet boy nectar.

The days become weeks, and eventually four months go by, as we learn from one another the joys of man and boy sex together. Bobby is at school as I work in my home office, and the phone rings.

"When... who... no God no," I say as I listen in shock. "Yes sir... please do," and I hang up, and my tears are falling as Bobby comes in from school.

"What's wrong Uncle Robby," he says, as he throws his book bag on the floor and climbs up into my lap.

"Bobby... what I have to tell you is going to hurt, but I need for you to now be the big boy that you are," I tell him, and he looks into my tear-filled eyes.

"It's my mommy and daddy isn't it," and I burst out in tears, as I nod my head yes.

"A bomb went off in the market square where they were at and killed them," I tell him, as his tears roll down his sweet face, and my heart breaks for him. "The US Embassy is arranging for your brother Michael to come home."

"He promised me... he promised me that he would come back to me," Bobby says and hops down from my lap.

He runs down the hall to his room, and when I find him, he's crying on his bed, with great hard sobs, causing his back to heave up.

"Bobby, your dad had no control over what happened to him and your mommy," I tell him rubbing his back. "He would rather be here with you then lying dead in some other country."

"If he would have rather been here with me, then he would have never left," he says bitterly. "I hate him Uncle Robby, and I'm glad he's dead," as he buries his face in his pillow and cries.

"Bobby you don't mean that, you are just hurting," I tell him, and my heart is breaking for the boy. "Your daddy loved you very much sweetheart, don't you ever forget that. He took that job so he could earn money to give you the things you and Michael need."

"I need him not things," he says sitting up and falling into my arms crying.

The two days pass and Michael's plane arrives at the airport, and Bobby is still angry with his dad. He watches attentively, as Michael's plane taxis to the gate, and we wait for the passengers to disembark.

"Michael," Bobby shouts, and runs to his brother, and they hug, crying as soon as he comes into view.

Michael grabs unto me and clings tightly as he cries along with Bobby, and my heart breaks along with theirs.

"I miss them Uncle Rob," he says to me through his tears.

"I know son, so do I," I tell him. "But we'll get through this and although it hurts, someday it will be better, because time has a way of healing all pain," I tell him.

"Mom and dad missed you so much," he tells Bobby, but Bobby refuses to acknowledge his comment.

"Bobby, your brother is speaking to you," I tell him.

"Well I didn't miss them, now can we go home," he says looking at me, and I can see the anger deep in his eyes.

"What's wrong with Bobby, why's he acting like this," Michael asks as Bobby walks ahead of us.

"He feels that your dad broke his promise to return to him," I tell him.

"He couldn't help getting blown up," Michael says.

"We know that but to Bobby it's a promise broken plain and simple."

"I'll talk to him later Uncle Rob," Michael says as he slips his hand into mine.

We pick up his luggage and head out to the car, the rest will be shipped by freight later. At home, I show him his new room and the bunk beds I bought, for him and Bobby to share.

Bobby got counseling and soon rectified himself with his feelings towards his parents. He became the loving boy that I loved and we were a family now, my two boys and me.

Six months later, I decided that it was time for a much-needed vacation, so off to my favorite campground we went.

"Now boys, this isn't the usual kind of campground that your parents would take you to," I told them, and they both looked at me.

"What do you mean Uncle Rob?" a now fifteen-year-old Michael asks.

"Well at this campground, no one wears clothes," I tell them, and Bobby squeals excitedly, but Michael is not to sure.

"You're shitting me right," he asks looking at my eyes in the rear view mirror.

"No I'm not shitting you, and there is no need to be using that kind of language Michael. I have been coming here for years, and if you don't want to go naked, then don't but I do," I tell him.

"I am too Unc," Bobby squeals joyfully.

I pull up to the gate; insert my pass card, and the gate swings open. I drive up to the office, where I sign in, and a very naked George is happy to see me.

"Rob, long time no see, how the hell have you been," he asks, and I explain about my brother and the kids. "I am so sorry buddy, let me know if there is any thing I can to make your stay better," and he gives me a wink.

"Thanks George and these are my nephews Bobby and Michael," I say, and Bobby already has his clothes off.

"Well I see little Bobby is quite to go getter, and what about you young man, not quite sure yet are you," and Michael just nods. "Well most first timers are like that, before you know it you'll be bare ass naked and running around the place," he says laughing and Michael turns red from the thought as two girl his age walk in naked.

They both smile at him, and he turns redder than before, as his eyes move to their tits.

"You're new here aren't you," a cute blond asks. "I'm Beth and this is my friend Trish," she says.

"Ah... Michael or Mike," he says softly to them, still red.

"Are you going to stay dressed while you are here or what," Trish asks, and reaches over and feels his crotch. "Nice Mike," she says and not to be left out, Beth does the same thing.

"Yes definitely nice, we hope to be seeing you around," and they head into the rec room.

"Well looks like you made two cute friends already Michael," George says laughing at the boys redness.

"I'll be in the car Unc," he says and quickly leaves, with Bobby following him.

"Bobby don't go wandering off ok," I tell him and he gives me that nod he does so well.

"What a cute little boy Rob, so tell me... have you yet," George asks motioning towards Bobby.

"Now George he's my nephew," I tell him and smile unconvincingly.

"Yeah and you and I never fucked those ten year old twins last summer either," he says referring to a set of twin boys that were camped here last summer, but that is a tale in it's self. "Come on Rob, this is George you are talking to," he says leaning closer to me.

"Yeah George, we've fucked, and damn his ass is tight," I tell him. "But not Michael, I'm afraid that boy is straight," I add.

"So do you think I might get a chance with Bobby," he asks.

George is the owner's son; he's my age, 25, and long brown hair and brown eyes. He works out also, so he has that muscular build, not like mind but solid, with muscles that show here and there. His cock is cut, fat and around eight inches hard when he's properly excited, and Bobby has him excited.

"I'm sure that something can be worked out," I tell him and finish my transaction.

The boys and me drive to our campsite, and spend the next twenty minutes setting up camp. Once we have the tent set up, Michael disappears inside it, and then five minutes later, he comes out...naked. His face is red, as he emerges from the tent, and his five-inch cock is dangling against his balls, as he stands there looking at me.

"I don't wanna be the only one dressed in the campground," he says and I know it's the girls that he's thinking of.

"That's fine Mike, you do whatever you are comfortable with," I tell him and he smiles at me.

"Can I go down to the Rec hall," he asks.

"Just be back by six for dinner," I tell and off he goes, his white ass looks so desirable as Bobby comes up to me.

"Where is Mickey going," he asks watching his brother walk away, and his little cock is hardening.

"Down to the rec hall," I tell him, as he turns to me, and I am already hard from watching Michael's ass dancing away down the path.

"Wanna take care of that," he asks looking at my cock.

"Why sweetie, do you wanna," and he smiles running into the tent. "I'll take that as a yes," I say and follow him into the tent.

Once inside the tent, he is lying on his back waiting for me to take his sweet little boy cock into my mouth.

"Let me guess, my big boy wants a blowjob," I ask and he smiles wide, nodding his little head yes.

I engulf his cock into my mouth, and the scent of boy fills my senses, there is nothing sweeter than the scent of a boy, and I suck his cock slow and soft. I want him to take his time cumming, so I control his climax, as I take him on a sexual adventure.

"Oooooo yeah that feels nice," he coos as I fondle his balls while I suck him.

His hips are rising each time I move down on his cock, to bury his cock deep in my mouth. Over the last six months his cock has grown another two inches, and at twelve years old its now a hard five-inches long with the sprouting of pubic hairs showing at the base.

"Oooooo don't stop," he says, but I do, because I don't want him to cum just yet. "Hey, I was gonna cum Unc," he says irritated that I stopped.

"Relax you little sex demon, you'll cum soon enough," I tell him, as I lift his legs up and bury my face in his sweet boy pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah Unc," he says, and I always love how he says that four-letter word, so innocent yet so provocative.

My tongue is fucking his boy cunt as fast as I can, and his ass is dancing on the sleeping bag. I can feel his ring contracting around my tongue, so I take his cock into my mouth.

"Fuck... cumming Unc," and he shoots his sweet boy elixir into my mouth, and I am in heaven as I refuse to swallow a single drop.

"Fuck me Uncle Robby," he coos softly as I spit his cum into my hand, and rub it onto my cock.

I put my cum lubed cock to his sweet boy pussy and gently give it a push. It slides all the way in because of the cum, and it bottoms, as he lets out as sigh.

"Oooooo yeah that feels good Uncle Robby," he coos, and God I love this boy, and that tight little ass of his.

"I'm not hurting you am I," I ask and he just smiles at me.

"Not anymore, at first it did but I remembered to relax and breathe like you told me," he says.

I slowly pull out, and he lets out a gasp, as I push my cock back in, and soon we are fucking hard and deep as our rhythm has us moving as one. His hands are playing with my nipples, as I pound is sweet boy cunt with my hard cock, and he looks deep into my eyes with those baby blues of his.

"Harder and faster, I'm cumming again," he says and I can feel his ass as it tightens around my cock, and he shoots his sweet boy cum onto his stomach.

Faster and deeper I slam into his ass, as I work to bring myself to my own climax, my rhythm has now taken over, and its driving my cock home forcefully. I feel my sperm churning in my balls as it begins to move up my shaft, and as my cock swells, I know I am about to explode.

"Fuck sweet boy I'm cumming," and I blow my load deep into his bowels, one, two, three and four masterful shots I give his ass before I start to pump his ass hard and fast again, filling it with all that I have, and then I collapse on top of him, our mouths meet in a tender kiss.

"What the fuck Uncle Rob, you're fucking my brother," Michael says standing in the door of the tent as he watches us.

"Michael... shit... come here," I say as he quickly leaves, and I pull my cock from Bobby's ass.

"He's really mad isn't he," Bobby says as we get up.

"More hurt than mad I think," and I run after him.

I see him hurrying down a path, which leads down towards the lake, so I quickly run after him, and catch him just as he is entering the woods.

"Michael wait please," I say to him as reach out and take his arm, but he pulls his arm away, and keeps on walking.

"You were fucking Bobby, how could you," he asks. "He trusts you and this is how you repay that trust, by fucking him," he says turning and looking at me.

"I never did anything that he didn't want to do, it was you that gave him the idea to fuck kiddo," I tell him, and his mouth hangs open in surprise. "That's right, you and your rubbing your cock between his legs at night until you got off," I tell him, and his attitude changes.

"Oh...he told you about that," he says just barely audible.

"Listen Michael, I'm gay and what Bobby and I are doing is no ones business but ours, and he wants it as much as I do."

"You like to suck men's cocks," he asks looking at the ground, and his own cock is half-hard.

"Well yes, that is what being gay is, being in love with a man and having sex with him, Michael."

"Does it feel good, I mean having your cock sucked by a guy instead of a girl," he asks and I know just where this is going.

"Michael, do you want me to suck your cock so you can determine for yourself," I ask, and he looks up at me, as he smiles and turns red.

"Kinda if you don't mind Uncle Rob," he says and his cock is standing full mast now, as I look around and kneel before him.

Michael is a teenage hottie, five-seven and he goes about one twenty-five. He has long auburn hair as his mother did, and the most beautiful emerald eyes. His build is that of a swimmer, slender with a firm round ass, and leg muscles that are firm and well defined. His chest is hairless with dime size nubs, and the hint of abs beginning. His treasure trail is reddish blond and leads down to a full growth of reddish blond pubic hair that surrounds a six-inch cut cock. His balls are low hanging for a boy, and look just about the size of an egg... jumbo size.

As swallow his cock in one gulp, and he moans as I apply pressure on his cock. I slowly drag my lips up his cock and run my tongue around his luscious cock head.

"I'm gonna blow Uncle Rob," he moans, unable to take the thrill, and he shoots the sweetest liquid that I have ever tasted.

"Mmmmm," I moan as I drink his boy cum, and he holds my head as he fucks my mouth.

He slams his cock into him my mouth until his balls are drained. I suck for several more seconds, as he gives up the last of his cum, then he giggles as it becomes to sensitive to suck.

"That was fucking awesome Uncle Rob," he says as his legs go weak, and I grab him.

I decide to see how far I can go, so I press my mouth to his, and when I push my tongue to his lips, he opens and lets me in. I offer him the taste of his own cum, as our tongues dance inside our mouths, as his hand slowly grabs my cock, and he begins to jerk it. I keep my mouth pressed to his as he quickly gets me off, shooting my cum all over his cock and stomach. Once he finishes jerking me off, his hand has my cum on it, and he looks at long and hard, before putting it to his mouth. He sticks out his tongue and tastes, and he decides that it tastes very good. He sucks all my cum off his fingers, and takes the cum from his stomach and does the same.

"That doesn't taste bad," he says licking the last of it off his hand.

"Shall we go tell Bobby that things are ok buddy," I ask.

"Yeah Uncle Rob, do you think that he'd let me fuck him some time," and I am shocked to hear him say it.

"That you would have to ask him, but if you do you must promise to never mistreat him."

"Oh I promise Uncle Rob, he's the only family I have left, besides you," he says. "Does getting fucked hurt," he asks.

"I'll show you back at the tent son," I tell him as I put my arm around him, and we walk back to our campsite.

To be continued:

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