Breaking Bobby


Bernie Clark

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Chapter 4

Previously in chapter 3:

"What the fuck Uncle Rob, you're fucking my brother," Michael said standing in the door of the tent as he watched them fuck.

"Michael... shit... come back here," Rob said as Michael quickly left, and he pulled his cock from Bobby's ass.

"He's really mad isn't he," Bobby said as they got up.

"More hurt than mad I think," Robby told him and ran after Michael.

He saw him hurrying down a path, which led down towards the lake, so Rob quickly ran after him. He caught up with him just as he had entered the woods.

"Michael please wait," Rob said to him as he reached out and grabbed his arm, but he pulled his arm away, and kept on walking.

"You were fucking Bobby... how could you," he asked. "He trusts you and this is how you repay that trust, by fucking him," he said as he turned and looked at his uncle.

"I never did anything that he didn't want to do Michael. Besides, it was you that gave him the idea to fuck kiddo," he told him, and his mouth hung open in surprise. "That's right, you and rubbing your cock between his legs at night until you got off," he informed him, and his attitude changed quickly.

"Oh...he told you about that," he said guiltily, just barely audible.

"Listen Michael, I'm gay and what Bobby and I were doing is no ones business but ours, and he wants it as much as I do."

"You like to suck men's cocks," he asked looking at the ground, and his own cock is half-hard.

"Well yes, that is what being gay is. Being in love with a man and having sex with him, Michael."

"Does it feel good, I mean having your cock sucked by a guy instead of a girl," he asked and Rob knew just where this conversation was going.

"Michael, do you want me to suck your cock so you can determine for yourself," he asked, and Michael looked up at him, smiling and turning red.

"Kinda, if you don't mind Uncle Rob," he said and his cock was standing full mast now, as Rob looked around before he knelt before Michael.

Michael was a teenage hottie, five-seven and he went about one twenty-five. He has long auburn hair, which was the same color as his mother, and the most beautiful emerald eyes. His build was that of a swimmer, slender with a firm round ass, and leg muscles that were firm and well defined. His chest was hairless with round hard nubs, and the hint of abs beginning. His treasure trail was reddish brown and led down to a full growth of reddish brown pubic hair that surrounded a six-inch cut cock. His balls are low hanging for a boy, and looked just about the size of an egg... jumbo size.

As Rob swallowed his cock in one gulp and Michael moaned as Rob applied pressure on his cock. Rob slowly dragged his lips up his cock and ran his tongue around his luscious cock's head.

"I'm gonna blow Uncle Rob," he moaned, no longer able to take the thrill, and he shot the sweetest liquid that Rob had ever tasted.

"Mmmmm," I moaned in delight as he drank the boy's cum, and Michael held his head as he fucked his mouth.

He slammed his cock into his mouth until his balls were drained. Rob sucked for several more seconds, as Michael gave up the last of his cum. Rob surrendered Michael's cock when he giggled, for his cock became too sensitive to suck.

"That was fucking awesome Uncle Rob," he said as his legs went weak, and Rob grabbed him.

"I got you stud," Rob said holding his nephew tightly to him.

Rob decided to see how far he could go, so he pressed his mouth to his. When Rob pushed his tongue to Michael's lips, he opened and let his tongue in. Rob offered him the taste of his own cum, as their tongues danced inside their mouths. Michael's hand slowly grabbed Rob's throbbing hard cock, and began to jerk it. Rob kept his mouth pressed to his as Michael quickly got him off. Rob shot his cum all over Michael's cock and stomach. Once he finished jerking Rob off, he took his hand that had the cum on it, and he looked at it long and hard, before putting it to his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and tasted, and he decided that it tasted very good. He sucked all Rob's cum off his fingers, and took the cum from his stomach and did the same.

"That doesn't taste bad," he said as he licked the last of it off his hand.

"Shall we go tell Bobby that things are ok buddy," Rob asked.

"Yeah Uncle Rob, do you think that he'd let me fuck him some time," and Rob was shocked to hear him ask it.

"That you would have to ask him yourself Mike. But if you do, you must promise to never mistreat him."

"Oh I promise Uncle Rob, he's the only family I have left now, besides you," he said and then got quite quiet. "Does getting fucked hurt," he finally asked.

"I'll show you once we get back to the tent son," Rob told him as he put his arm around him, and they walked back to the campsite.

Now chapter four:

Bobby was sitting on the picnic table when the two walked back onto the sight. Rob could see that he was apprehensive over Michael's return. Michael looked at his brother and then shot him a smile. Bobby's face lit up with the warmest smile one had ever seen on a boy and he ran to his brother excitedly.

"You don't hate me Mikey," Bobby asked once in Michael's arms.

"I could never hate the best brother that I could ever have Bobby." He said to him and kissed him on the lips.

Michael pushed his tongue to Bobby's lips and Bobby eagerly opened to accept his brother's tongue. The two boys stood there kissing heatedly, while Rob stood watching.

"You know Michael," and Bobby paused to glance back at Rob. "If you want to bro, you can fuck me too," and he shot his brother a shy glance.

"Really Bobby, even after the way that I use to treat you," Michael asked as his eyes welled up with love for his brother.

"I love you Mikey and us brothers have to stick together now. Besides Uncle Rob, you and I are the only family we have left." Rob could tell that Bobby was ready to cry.

"Bobby, how about you head down to the arcade for a while, Michael and I need to talk."

"Sure Unc, but I know what you two are really going to do; you're going to fuck Michael."

Rob and Michael's mouth hung open from the surprise of the statement.

"Where did you ever get that idea Bobby," Rob asked and Bobby got his usual smirk that he got when he did something naughty.

"I saw you and Mikey having sex and kissing. So I hurried back here before you both did." Bobby chuckled.

"Well Bobby, why don't you run along to the arcade and let us have some time together."

"Ok Unc," he said and walked off, and then stopped beside Michael and added. "You gotta remember to push out and breathe bro. Oh yeah the pain goes away fast too." He then skipped away, his little cock flopping up and down as he went.


Rob looked over at Michael, and his demeanor was one of complete fear.

"I'll be gentle Michael, I promise." Rob assured him as he led him into the tent.

He laid Michael gently down on the sleeping bags, and then climbed between his spread legs. Michael's face was drawn, as his fear got the better of him.

"Is it really gonna hurt a lot Uncle Rob?" His voice quivered as he spoke.

"It's going to hurt some Michael, but if you relax and breathe, the pain will quickly go away," Rob told him comfortingly.

"Ok, but promise me that you will stop if I ask you to."

"If you rather, we don't have to do this handsome, it's fine with me."

"No... I really want to try it Uncle Rob." His words were not to convincing.

"Ok, then relax and breathe son. I promise you to be gentle and stop when you want me to."

Rob moved on top of him and kissed his mouth, their lips and tongues were hot with passion and lust. Michael's saliva tasted so good, and it made Rob think of that other sweet fluid that would soon be coming out of Michael's luscious boy cock. Rob lifted up and stared down at the perfect teen boy beneath.


"You are so fucking beautiful Michael," he whispered and then slowly moved along his body, kissing the nakedness as he moved downward.


His kisses increased with intensity as he neared Michael's open thighs.


"Ooooooh fuck Uncle Rob," Michael screamed and jerked instinctively, his young body went into spasms, his back arched as Rob reached his balls, licking and sucking them tenderly.


Suddenly, Rob lifted up and grasped Michael's face in his hands, brought it up to his own, and kissed him tenderly. Rob laid him down and kissed his neck and shoulders as he once again maneuvered southward. Rob lingered on his nipples, nibbling and sucking them.


"Mmmmm yeah that feels good." Michael moaned and twisted his body, as sensations of pure ecstasy coursed through his young body.


Rob kissed down the soft hairless skin and finally came to Michael's hardened cock. Rob look at it with hunger before he engulfed it with his open, greedy mouth. Rob was sucking with all his strength while Michael moaned, screamed and twisted on the sleeping bag.


"Fuck yeah Uncle Rob... suck my dick," he screamed and Rob buried his nose in his soft pubes, drinking in the scent of the boy.


Suddenly, instinctively, Michael draped his legs over Rob's back and bucked upward, aggressively, into Rob's mouth, driving his cock deep down his throat. He tightened his grip with his legs and let out a long, deep animal growl as his sperm ran through his bulging cock and into Rob's waiting mouth. It shot across his tongue before flowing down his throat. Rob sucked feverishly and drained Michael's balls of the hot milky fluid left were in them.


"That... was awesome... Uncle Rob," Michael uttered deliriously as he gasped frantically for a normal breath.


Without hesitation, Rob turned the boy over and spread his ass cheeks, revealing the inviting boy pussy between his legs. Rob lowered his lips down to Michael's neck where he kissed it softy, and gently bit it. Michael was still purring in ecstasy from his orgasm as Rob traveled down the boy's back, his tongue licking the beautiful muscles of his back. His tongue traced each curve of his muscles until he reached and kissed the saddle that he would soon be riding. As his mouth arrived at the boy's creamy ass cheeks, Rob kissed them heatedly as his tongue quickly found the rim of his teen pussy. Rob kissed and licked it, slowly at first and then faster with greater intensity.


Michael thrusts his ass up against Rob's tongue and moaned loudly as Rob's tongue pushed deep into his boy pussy.


"He tastes so fucking delicious," Rob thought, his own cock throbbing painfully with desire, as it waited impatiently for entry into the boy. Michael was panting, gasping, and whimpering Rob's name, as he begged him to take him now.


"Fuck me...Uncle Rob! Please fuck me; I want to feel your huge thick cock inside me! Fuck me and take what you want!" Michael screamed and pleaded, his face buried in the pillow.


Rob was so incredibly hot for his nephew's ass that his mind was going into a sexual frenzy. Rob felt Michael's need for him to fuck him as his ass contracted around his tongue. Rob also needed to fuck him and fuck him right then. He lubed the boy's pussy and then his own cock, before he placed it to his virgin pucker.


"Remember what Bobby told you," he whispered into the boy's ear and felt his young body tighten. "Relax and breathe sweetie," Michael let out his breathe.


Rob grasped him around his waist, and began to slowly enter him. His hole was wet and prepared to receive Rob's swollen hard cock. Michael cried out in pain into the pillow. Slowly Rob entered further, pausing to allow the boy to relax. Rob pushed his way deep into Michael's boy pussy, up to the hilt of his throbbing cock. When he felt his balls rest against his ass, he paused one last time.


"Are you alright kiddo," Rob whispered and Michael only nodded yes, his face still buried in the pillow.


Rob thrusts harder and deeper, until he could get no deeper into that wonderful hole which Rob was filling with his hot man cock. Michael gasped and moaned loudly, his pain was slowly turning to pleasure. The fuck sounds that they were making drove Rob into sheer madness of desire. Rob was intent on driving his fuck rod into him as deeply as the boy's ass muscles would allow.


As he fucked his nephew for nearly twenty minutes, before he moved his hands underneath Michael. His left hand grasped Michael's hardened cock while the fingers of his right hand caressed the soft flesh of his sweet balls. As Rob fucked him harder, he was aware of the tight ass muscles squeezing his cock and he knew that Michael was about to cum again. Rob could feel his rhythm as it took over his mind, now controlling his every move. He thrusts unmercifully hard against the hot softness beneath me, strengthening his grip on the boy's shoulders as he pounded deep into the boy's ass. His breathing became hard... shallow... and rapid as he plunged deeper and deeper into the boy's ravaged ass.


"Oh fuck Michael your ass is so hot," he crowed as his rhythm drew him closer to his edge. "Aaaaaah fuck boy I'm cumming," he howled as he thrusts in, stopped and erupted into his nephew's pussy, the sperm flowing so profusely, his orgasm so powerful, he almost passed out.


Their bodies and the sleeping bag were drenched with sweat. Rob collapsed onto his boy and was gasping for breath, as he kissed his neck. Michael laid there and purred contentedly, with Rob's softening cock still deep in his ass. Rob pulled his cock from the boy's ass and lay down beside him. Their mouths met in sweet bliss, as Michael took Rob's tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately and Michael wrapped his arms around Rob and said:

"Mmmmm is it always like this," he purred and the two kissed lustfully again.

Rob broke their kiss and nibbled softly on Michael's ear, running his tongue around it.

"Yes my sweet prince," Rob cooed into Michael's ear.

Rob turned Michael away from him before he pulled him into a spooning position. Snuggly wrapped in Rob's arms, the two soon drifted off to sleep.


Bobby nonchalantly made his way down to the arcade. He smiled when he pictured in his mind his brother getting fucked by his uncle. Bobby loved the feeling of a man's cock in his tight boy ass and he knew that Michael would also.

As he approached the arcade/office, George was just finishing washing the door's window.

"Hello little man, and how are you doing today?" George asked drinking in with his eyes Bobby's beauty.

"I'm horny George," he replied catching the young man off guard.

"Really Bobby, and what do you suppose we do about that?" he asked, and he knew what he wanted to do. "Where is your uncle and brother?" he asked and Bobby whispered...

"They're back at the tent fucking," he face was aglow with the thought of them fucking.

"I take it that you weren't invited to join in the fun Bobby."

"Nah, it's my brothers first time getting fucked and Unc wanted it to be special for Mikey." He told him and that naughty smirk appeared suddenly on his boyish face. "So he told me to go to the arcade. But I don't feel like playing those games."

"Well now kiddo, just what do you feel like playing?" Bobby glanced around before he reached out and grabbed George's erection. "Oh my, you are quite precocious, aren't you Bobby?"

"Nah just horny George," he tells him as he gently stroked the man's cock. "So do you wanna fuck me George?" again that smirk came to his face.

"Would you like me to Bobby? I would really love to fuck a beautiful boy like you."

"Ahah," was all Bobby said as George took his little hand and led him into the office.

Danny was manning the desk so he took Bobby back to his room in the back. Danny gave him a smile, because he knew what they were about to do.

George was a tall man, six-two and very muscular. His chest was covered with thick brown hair that matched his long hair. His cock was standing hard and proud, eight inches of pure manhood with low hanging balls. Bobby didn't waste a single minute and took the man's cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck kid you sure know how to please a man," George howled in delight.

He gently fed his cock to the boy as he held him by the head. Bobby took over half of George's cock into him mouth and worked it gingerly. His soft boy lips glided up and down slowly on George's cock.

"Damn son you sure know how to suck a cock. How about we get on the bed son before I toss my man cum down that sweet throat of yours?"

Bobby hurried to the bed and lay down with his arms extended upward to George. George quickly climbed on the boy and their mouths joined in a blissful harmonious kiss. Bobby lifted his legs and wrapped them around George's waist, rubbing his boy cock against George's engorged manhood.

"Damn kid you are going to get me to pop before I can even slip into that fine ass of yours." George panted, his excitement was overwhelming.

Bobby noticed a bottle of lube on the bed stand and reached over for it. He handed it to George who quickly prepared them both for entry. George looks lustfully into Bobby's blue eyes and gives a slight push. The bulbous head of his cock, breached Bobby's sphincter and Bobby gasped at the pain.

"Are you doing alright Bobby?" George asked as he paused for Bobby to get accustomed to the invasion, and Bobby nodded yes.

George bends down and kissed the boy while he slowly fed the rest of his cock into him. Once he has seated his cock, he lifts up and slowly withdraws.

"Ooooo that feels good George," Bobby cooed and George pushes back in just as gently.

After several moments of gentle fucking, George finds a comfortable rhythm for them. His cock is quickly gliding in and out of Bobby's boy ass, sending rippling waves of pleasure through Bobby.

"Fuck me George, fuck me hard and fast," Bobby ordered.

Knowing that Bobby was ready for some serious fucking, he picked up the rhythm. He began pounding Bobby's ass with fury and intensity. He would bring his climax to the edge and then stop, allowing it to drop back.

"Can you take a long fuck kiddo," George asked his breath rapid and shallow.

"I can fuck all day mister," he divulged and it was pure music to George's ears.

Bobby pinched and twisted George's nipples as the man plowed his cock sadistically into Bobby's ass. After several long and heated minutes, Bobby felt his climax approaching. George too could tell that Bobby was close as the kid's ass tightened around his enlarged manhood.

"Ooooo fuck I'm cumming mister," Bobby cooed erotically and shot his sweet boy juice all over his chest, with the first blast landing on his cheek.

George leaned down and licked the sweet cum off Bobby's cheek, savoring the sweet taste.

"Damn your cum is sweet kid," he told as he pounded his ass without mercy.

"You fuck real nice George," Bobby told him and then leaned up and bit his nipple.

That was all that George needed and his cock swelled as he readied to shoot.

"Ride that cock kid, I'm cumming," George yelled and increased his thrusts.

He couldn't hold back any longer, his seed was moving fast from his balls and up his cock.

"Aaaaaah fuck kid take it," he howled as he thrusts in hard and shot several hard blasts before resuming his rhythm.

He pounded that boy's ass like it was the last ass he would ever fuck.

"God kid you're siphoning my cum right out of my balls with that ass of yours." George pounded faster and deeper until his offering was finally spent.

George fell down on Bobby and their mouths met in a lustful kiss.

"Mmmmm thanks George for the hot fuck," Bobby purred contentedly with his arms around George's neck.

"Ah... excuse me George but there's a woman here that insists on seeing you," Danny said as he interrupted the bliss of their afterglow.

"God damn boy, can't you see that we were enjoying ourselves," he growled at Danny.

"I told her that you were busy but she insists on talking to you. She's from the IRS she told me," George leaps from the bed and rushes off to the bathroom, leaving Bobby alone on the bed.

Danny smiled at Bobby; his own cock was rising with excitement as he walked towards the bed.

"Don't even entertain the thought Danny, unless he invites you," George scolded and stopped the boy dead in his tracks.

Danny was a hot sexy sixteen year old with curly blond hair and blue eyes that could melt ice. He played football at his school and he body showed his lean but hard muscles. He face showed the disappointment that he felt as George walked out of the room.

"Well... are you gonna stand there Danny or are you gonna fuck me," Bobby asked and Danny hurried over to him, climbing on top of Bobby before he changed his mind. "Just put it in, cuz George already left a big load in me," Bobby told him.

Danny positioned his hard seven inch fat cock to Bobby's pucker, and gave it a shove. George's cum made the perfect lube as his cock slid all the way in and bottomed.

"Fuck your ass is tight, and even after having George's big cock in it." Danny exclaimed as he ground his cock around before pulling back out. "Didn't it hurt you having that monster of a cock in you, cuz it does me?"

"A little bit but he really knew how to make me relax and it felt awesome after. Does George fuck you a lot Danny?" Bobby asked as Danny glided in and out slowly.

"Who my dad, hell yeah, we have been fucking since I was twelve," he confided. "It took me a long time to be able to take all of his cock in my ass. That is why I can't believe that you took it all and it being your first time with dad."

"That's cuz my uncle's cock is bigger Danny. It hurt like fuck when he first fucked me but now I don't hurt at all." Bobby told Danny proudly and he stopped fucking, his thoughts going back in time.

"Yeah, I remember the first time Rob fucked me, I was thirteen and fuck did it hurt." He told Bobby and then resumed his fucking.

Danny rolled Bobby unto his side and crawled behind. He thrusts his cock back into Bobby's ass, with his right leg draped over Bobby's legs. His teen ass thrusts forward with power and aim, and soon he had found his rhythm again. He thrust hard and deep into Bobby as Bobby pushed back to meet each thrust.

Danny grabbed Bobby's cock and jerked it to the rhythm that he fucked the kid with. Bobby's head rested back against Danny's chest and he moaned his delight.

"I'm cumming Danny," Bobby howled and Danny quickened the motion on his young cock.

Bobby sprayed his boy juice all over the bed and Danny's hand. His ass tightened around Danny's cock and it drove the teen crazy with desire.

"Fuck... fuck my rod boy... aaaaaaah fuck I'm cumming kid," Danny screamed and blasted his sperm deep into Bobby's ass, mixing it with George's sperm.

His thrusts intensified as he emptied his balls into Bobby's ass. Bobby's climax was winding down as Danny slowed his thrusts. Danny held the boy tightly to him as they rode out the sweet bliss of their afterglow.

"Thanks Bobby for letting me fuck you, it is one hot ass that you have there." Danny's softened cock slides messily from Bobby's ass, trailing the cum that was deposited in him.

"You fuck good Danny and I would love to get fucked again by you," Bobby said shyly looking up and back into the teens blue eyes.

Bobby rolls onto his back and Danny kissed him softly on the lips. They are kissing passionately when the bedroom door opened and Michael is standing there.

"Yo bro, dinner is ready," Michael said as he took in the scene of the teen kissing his brother. "Are you here because you wanted to," Michael asked guardedly, worried for his brother's safety.

"Yeah bro and I got the best fuck from Danny," he said as Danny took in the hot teen that stood in the doorway.

"Hey I'm Danny Cooper," he said as he held out his hand to Michael.

"Michael Bennett, glad to meet you," Michael said as he gave the hot teen's body a once over with his eyes. "My brother really knows how to fuck doesn't he?"

"His ass is so fucking hot Mike, can I call you that?"

"Sure Mike is fine and yeah his ass is the best."

"Hello dudes, I am still here in the room," Bobby said sarcastically.

"Quiet twerp before I fuck you senseless," Michael said and tickled his brother.

"Promises... riiiiight," he taunts back to Michael who is looking at him precariously.

"Go ahead Mike; I just left a huge deposit in there." Danny told him.

Michael thought for a moment, rolled his brother unto his stomach and then climbed between his legs. Michael jerked his cock a few times before he placed it to Bobby's well worked pucker. With a firm but gentle shove and aided by the cum, his cock slid fully into Bobby's ass.

"Mmmmm I love you cock best bro," Bobby softly said and rested his head on his folded arms. "Hey Danny, how about fucking Mikey while he fucks me," he requested as he looked over at Danny who was pulling his cock back to hardness.

"I don't mind if Mike don't mind," but he doesn't wait for Michael's answer.

He climbs on the bed behind Michael and shoves his hard cock deep into the teen's ass.

"Aaaaaah fuck Dan stop," Michael cries out as the full invasion of Danny's cock sends waves of pain through him.

Fully impaled on Danny's cock, Michael takes a few deep breaths before moving into Bobby. Danny thrusts his cock hard and determined deep into Michael's ass. With each thrust that he gave Michael, Michael would thrust deep into Bobby. After several hit and miss tries, the boys soon found a rhythm that had them moving harmoniously.

Rob and George watched the boys from the doorway. Rob dropped down to his knees and took George's cock into his mouth and then down his throat. Bobby watched his uncle as he pleasured his buddy's cock while Michael fucked him. It wasn't long before Bobby was climaxing again.

"I'm cumming bro," he shouted and sprayed his boy cum between him and his brother. His tightened ass pushed Michael and then Danny over their edge, both shooting in unison.

"Fuuuuck cumming," Michael yelled as well as Danny and as Danny filled Michael's ass with his cum, so did Michael fill Bobby's ass.

Both boys pounded the ass that they were in until they emptied their balls. Danny pulled his well spent cock from Michael's ass. Michael, exhausted, pulled his cock from Bobby just as George was about to shoot.

"Aaaaaah fuck Rob you got it," and he spewed his sperm across Rob's tongue and down his throat.

Rob sucked fervently until he had gotten all that George had to give him. Bobby looked over at his uncle, who had been the only one that had not cum yet and held out his arms to him. Rob hurried over to Bobby and slid his hard cock into Bobby cum soaked rosebud. After several minutes of hard pounding fucking, he shot his load.

"You got it sweet man," Rob cooed to his nephew and shot his sperm deep into Bobby's ass.

Repeatedly, he thrusts deep into his ass, giving him every drop of his sperm until he was drained and exhausted. He collapses on Bobby and their mouths meet in sweet surrender as their tongues danced together. Rob broke their kiss and looking into Bobby's angelic eyes said...

"I love you my sweet prince," he lowered and kissed him tenderly again.

"I love you more Uncle Robbie," Bobby said and hugged him tightly.

They got up and everyone headed over to the showers to clean up from their afternoon sex fest. Danny and Michael kissed heatedly over in a corner as the others washed.

"Ah boys, we are in a public shower," George cautioned and the boys soon broke apart.

They had no sooner stepped under a shower, when the door opened and Officer Donnelley walked in.

"Hey Brian, just getting done work," George asked as he dried off.

"Yep and God what a day this has been," he said as he stripped from his uniform.

Rob, George and Bobby left the bathroom, leaving Michael and Danny there with Brian. Brian was a strapping older man of forty, but well built and still very much in the prime of his life. He glanced at the two teens, and they glanced back. Michael was nervous to be there with a police officer, but Danny knew Brian well...very well.

"Need any help in working off the hardness on your day Brian," Danny asked stepping over to him.

Michael looked on in shock as Brian turned Danny around and thrusts his soaped up cock deep into his young teen ass.

"Awe that feels so fucking good boy," Brian said as he began to pound the teen's ass. "Well don't just stand there looking stupid kid, bring that cock over here." Brian demanded.

Michael obediently walked over to them and Brian pulled the youth into a heated kiss. His tongue dominated Michael's as he kissed the nervous youth zealously. Danny, who was bent over getting fucked, took Michael's cock into his mouth. He sucked his cock as Brian fucked his ass.

"Just what I need today, two hot teens to pleasure me," he pulled Michael to him, holding the boy with by his hair in his fist.

He kissed him hard and tumultuously as he crammed his cock deep and hard into Danny's ass. He broke his kiss and pulled out of Danny. He looked demandingly at Michael who knew just what Brian wanted and turned, giving his ass to Brian. Brian shoved his cock into Michael's ass with one long hard thrust.

"Ooooooh fuck sir," Michael yelled as Brian buried his nine inch cock deep into his ass.

"You like a good man cock don't you boy," Brian asked and then slapped Michael's ass hard.

Danny grinned from the side and Brian quickly wiped the grin away with a slap.

"You think that his pain is funny boy?" again the slap to the face and Danny shook his head no. "Get down and suck his cock slut," Brian ordered and Danny dropped to his knees in front of Michael.

He swallowed Michael's cock and with each thrust Brian gave Michael's ass, Michael's cock thrusted down Danny throat. Danny gagged some but soon regain control of his sucking.

"Fuck boy your ass is sweet," and he shoved his cock in hard, stopped and Michael could feel Brian's cock twitch as he shot his seed deep into his bowels. "That's it whore, ride your daddy's cock," he ordered as Michael thrusted back hard to each thrust that Brian gave him.

"I'm cumming Danny," Michael crowed as Brian's cock rubbed his prostate.

He shot his sperm down Danny's throat, and Brian slapped Michael's ass with each thrust he gave him.

"Damn whore your ass is so fucking thirsty," he said as he continued shooting his sperm.

As soon as they were done their sex, they took a long leisurely shower.

"Thanks boy for the fuck, you have quite an ass there," and gave it one more hard slap before walking from the shower.

"God my ass feels like it's been split in two," Michael whispered to Danny.

"I know the feeling Mike, before you came here he would always fuck me. I love the way he calls me names when he fucks me."

"That was fucking hot Dan and I don't think I can walk right again." Brian chuckled from the changing room..

"Well you will long remember that you had a real man up there, won't you boy," Brian said peeking his head back into the shower room.

"Yes sir," Michael said and smiled at the officer.


Michael ambled back to his campsite and found his uncle preparing dinner.

"Brian give you a good fuck kiddo," Rob asked as he put the chicken breasts on the grill.

"Hell yeah he did, and I thought that he would tear my ass wide open," he replied.

"There's some special cream in my bag that will ease the pain some Michael," he told him and Michael disappeared into the tent.

Bobby was lying on his sleeping bag and watched his brother as he searched for the cream.

"Hey Uncle Rob, is it this green tube," he yelled out to Rob.

"Yeah that's the one. Just put a good amount on your finger and insert it into your rectum. Work it around real good son and then lie down."

"How the fuck do I get that accomplished," Michael muttered softly.

"Lay on your stomach bro and I can do it for you." Bobby told him.

Michael lay on his stomach and Bobby took the ointment from him. He put a large glob on his finger and began working it into his brother's rosebud. Michael moaned softly as Bobby massage the salve around inside him. Bobby found his prostate and began rubbing it with his finger.

"Mmmmm yeah bro that's the spot," Michael purred as Bobby continued to rub it and soon Michael was hard.

"Hey Bobby put some ointment on your cock and fuck me," Michael clearly was horny now.

Bobby greased his cock with the ointment and wiggled himself between his brother's spread legs.

"Are you ready Mikey?" Bobby asked as he pushed against Michael's rosebud.

"Just put it in bro, I need to get fucked... badly." Bobby shoved his five inch cock in hard and fast.

It bottomed immediately, hitting Michael's prostate.

"NO DON'T MOVE BRO," Michael moaned as Bobby held his cock against Michael's prostate.

He gyrated his hips and his cock rubbed gingerly across the gland, causing sensuous sensations to course through Michael's body.

"Ooooooh fuck...harder bro...yeah just like that."

Bobby fucked his brother hard and fast and Michael was lifting his ass to meet each thrust Bobby gave him.

"Harder bro...oh fuck that feels so good," Michael whimpered as he rode his brother's cock.

"Ooooooh fuck Mikey I'm gonna shoot," Bobby whispered, his eyes rolled back as his climax rapidly approached. " shooting," Bobby inaudibly moaned out as his cock erupted, spraying his sperm inside his brother.

"More bro...don't stop I'm cumming," Michael shot his sperm onto the sleeping bag beneath him. "Yeah bro...fuck me don't stop... God I got so much to shoot." He howled as he fucked the sleeping bag, his cock shooting big globs of sperm.

The two boys slowly calmed from their sexual high, and when Rob looked in on them, Bobby was dozing on his brother. Michael closed the flap and went off for a walk, letting his little men sleep.


Rob grabbed his book and headed down to the lake. He was feeling laid back and wanted to relax. He took along a blanket and he strolled the path that headed down to the small lake. The campground's border ended just before the lake's shore so once at the lake you were no longer on the campground.

He found a sunny spot that was covered with grass, and he spread his blanket. He lay on his stomach and began reading his book, Harry Potter's book four. He liked to read and as the sun began its decent, his eyes also became heavy. He puts his marker in the book and lays his head down for a minute to rest his eyes, soon he is out.

"Shhhh, over there on the blanket," two boys giggled as they looked at Rob naked on the blanket.

They quietly stole their way over to him and had all they could do to not give themselves away with their giggling. The boys were each fourteen and naked like Rob was. One was tall for his age with red hair, green eyes and freckles everywhere on his face. The other was shorter with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Both of their cocks were just over five inches and not to fat around.

"Make him turn over Josh," he whispered to his friend.

"I'm not making him turn over, you do it Seth."

Rob who couldn't have helped hearing the boys fought hard to hold back his own laughter. He continued to pretend that he was asleep. He rolled onto his back, sporting a hard on. Both boys held their breath until Rob settled comfortably on the blanket. The boys were mere inches from him and gazed in wonderment at his large cock.

"Damn Josh, look at the size of his cock," Seth whispered, amazed and spellbound by the size. "Taste the stuff oozing out the top." Seth said to Josh.

"Fuck no, that could be piss," he said a little too loud.

"Shhhh you will wake him," Seth reprimanded Josh. "I'll do it then," Seth leaned down and licked the precum from Rob's cock.

"Mmmmm," Rob moaned hoping to give the boys a hint.

"I think he likes it Seth, how did that stuff taste?"

"It tasted good and it wasn't piss." He stated and bent down and licked Rob's cock head some more.

Rob forced his cock to rise off his stomach and both boys looked amazed at it. Seth took the head of his cock into his mouth and started to suck the head. He moved slowly up and down the cock until he was taking over half of it into his mouth. Josh, not to be left out tapped his friend on the shoulder.

"Let me try it Seth," he whispered.

Seth pulled back and Josh took Rob's cock into his mouth and was able to take it all. He moved faster on Rob's cock while Seth moved around and sucked on Rob's balls. Rob opened his eyes a bit and watched the boys as they pleasured his cock.

Josh got brave and pulled off his cock.

"What are you doing Josh," Seth asked whispering.

"I'm gonna sit on it. I want to see what it feels like in my ass. You know, just like those guys did in the movie we saw online."

"Just be careful you don't wake him." Seth warned.

"The guy in the movie didn't wake so he shouldn't either. Hold me up so I don't fall on him," he requested of Seth.

Josh stood on either side of Robs hips with Seth holding both his hands. He slowly lowered himself down to Rob's cock and he pulled one hand away to hold up Rob's cock. He had the cock to his hole when a bee buzzed Seth's face. Seth let go of Josh's hand, causing Josh to fully impale himself on Rob's cock. The pain was horrendous as his ass rested against Rob's balls.

"Mmmmm," he moaned in pain with his hands over his mouth, holding his breath until the pain subsided.

Seth held his own hands to his mouth, watching the pain on his buddy's face.

"Are you alright Josh," he nodded yes, the pain ebbing.

He placed his hands on the ground, on either side of Rob's hips and lifted slowly off his cock. He was just about out and then sat back down. His facial expression said it all... pure pleasure. He started hopping up and down on Rob's cock faster and he held his head back as the pleasure filled his senses. Rob opened his mouth in delight and Seth kneeled down across his chest and fed him his cock. Seth was leaning forward, his hands on the ground on each side of Rob's head as he fucked his throat.

"Enough of this faking," Rob thought to himself and placed his hands on Seth's hips, guiding his motion in and out of his mouth.

"Ah Josh, I think he's awake," a worried Seth said looking down into Rob's eyes.

"I can't... stop... feels to good." Josh crooned as he hopped furiously on Rob's cock.

Rob winked at Seth and the boy smiled as he continued to fuck his mouth. Rob sucked it hard and fast. Soon Seth was rolling his eyes back as his climax approached rapidly.

"Ooooo fuck... suck it mister," Seth moaned in delight and shot three hard ropes of boy cum down his throat. "Ooooo fuck... oh God this is fucking hot." He crowed out his ecstasy, his young body controlling his movements.

Once spent, Seth stood up and Josh was in a state of delirium as he rode Rob's cock. Rob sat up, grabbed the boy and rolled him to his back with his cock still fully in him. He held the boy's legs by their ankles as he thrusts his cock deep into the lad. His motions caused Josh's cock to swell as his climax approached.

"You boy, get down on your friends cock and suck," Rob demanded and Seth knelt quickly, taking Josh's cock into his mouth as he shot his first volley. Josh held his friends mouth tightly to his groin as he blasted his boy juice into his mouth.

"Aaaaaah fuck boy... cumming," Rob howled and thrusts in deep and stops. One, two and three hard blasts of sperm he shoots deep into Josh's ass.

He continues to slam his cock hard and deep, blasting his cum deep into the boy's ass. Seth is lying on the grass, riding out his afterglow as Rob slowly comes to an end of his cumming. He pulled his cock from Josh's ass and collapses on the blanket on his back beside Josh. Josh looks at him and Rob pulled him close, kissing him hard.

"So boys, how was your first gay sex experience," Rob asked and laughed at their innocence.

"You were awake the whole time weren't you mister?" Seth asked smiling.

"How could I not be Seth, you two made enough noise to wake the dead." They all laughed. "Come on boys with me and I will introduce you to my nephew." Rob told them and they looked worried.

"You aren't gonna tell anyone what we did mister, are you?"

"Nah and call me Rob," and they all walked back to the campsite, Rob's arms around each boy.

Once back at the campsite, Josh and Seth freeze as they see Michael sitting with Bobby at the picnic table. Michael sees them approaching and he quickly stands, ready to defend himself.

To be continued...

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