by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it.

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CHAPTER 1: Brothers in Love

April 1860. It was a bright, warm day in Virginia. Beau Rutherford awoke to the sun peering into his window. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he felt the body next to him that he made love to all night. He turned to his right and looked at the face of the most beautiful creature on Earth, his brother Brett. Here was the person who knew Beau better than anyone else living, or for that fact, dead. The reason was that these boys were twins and have loved each other.

To describe the Rutherford boys, one could say they were identical twins, almost mirror images of each other and they would not be wrong. As identical twins, they have the same traits, the Rutherfords were mirror of each other. The boys were 6'1" of strong Southern manhood. They were 18 years old and weighed 175 pounds. They had blond hair and the deepest blue eyes anyone had ever seen. Each were extremely well built and loved to show off their physiques. They were also very well endowed with 9" of uncut thick cock. Their reputation of having large dicks was well known. But the similarities ended there. Beau had a mole just to the left of the piss slit, where Brett's was the same on the right. Beau was left-handed, where Brett was right, so when they combed their hair, Beau's would part his to the left and Brett to the right. So to say they were mirror images would be accurate, since if they faced each other, it would be as looking into a mirror. Another difference was that Beau was a definite top and Brett was his loving bottom. The boys loved the fact that Beau enjoyed running his dick in and out of Brett's orifices. Not to say Beau did not like dick. He enjoyed licking and sucking his brother's hot rod and drinking down the juices that he released. It felt as if he was sucking his own dick.

The boys knew they were gay at an extremely young age. It seemed that they were always playing with each other and proceeded to move from gentle hand play to full and total love. The entire area knew the boys and some suspected they were gay, but no one ever said anything, due to the fact of who they were.

John Rutherford was the largest landowner in the area. He had a large tobacco plantation which hired a number of people and where he owned several hundred slaves. Along with this he also owned several other properties and parceled out the land to others to sharecrop. People knew that he was the most important person for almost 100 miles. Just about everyone owed their lives or, at least their livelihood, to John Rutherford.

Another reason that people never said anything about the boys being gay was they were not the normal rich kids who thought they were above everyone. The Rutherford boys helped on the plantation and were always well mannered. They never mistreated slaves or employees and were mindful of the reason for their good fortune - their father. John was not going to have his sons disgrace him for any reason. He had raised them since their mother died in childbirth. He loved his sons and wanted them to be productive citizens, so he made them work to understand what they were going to inherit. Though John knew of his sons' love for each other, he was willing to look the other way, due to the secret he had.

Beau leaned in and kissed his brother on the cheek. Brett stirred and smiled at his brother and lover, caressing his smooth, muscular chest.

"So how's my baby this morning?" Beau asked.

"Wonderful now that I see your face." Brett replied. "I had the weirdest dream. I saw us fighting, not with our fists, but shooting at each other. It scared me to death."

Beau leaned in and kissed his brother with deep passion. He wanted to comfort the person next to him, because he knew Brett was so sensitive that even his worst dreams upset him. Beau gazed into Brett's eyes with reassurance that it was only a dream.

"Don't worry my love." he said. "You know that it was a dream. We would never harm each other."

Brett began to feel better, but still a little worried. Just then the door burst open and one of the slaves came into their bedroom. Prince, who was 18 also and just a month older that the twins, was their personal servant even though they were more friends than master and slave. They had grown up and played together for so long as they could remember. Prince stood 6'5" and weighed 225 pounds. He was extremely muscular as he worked the fields with the boys and other slaves.

He was wearing a starched ruffled white shirt, black pants with royal blue piping on each side of the legs. He also wore shoes, though he hated to have them on his feet. He preferred to be barefoot, but he also knew house servants were required to have shoes. He loved the twins and would do anything for them.

"Well is you two gonna gits out of bed?" the slave asked. "Or does I has to come yanks you out?"

"We'd like to see you try it." Beau said, with Brett nodding in agreement.

The large slave came at them, but the twins were prepared. They grabbed him and pulled him down on the bed. If it were one-on-one, Prince would be able to handle himself, but two-on-one and even with his strength, the Rutherfords were too much for him. Once he was on the bed, the twins held him down and removed his clothes. As the shirt came off, the boys caressed his massive chest, playing with the small hairs that were on it. Each began to suck on his nips and worked them in their mouths. Prince began to moan with great pleasure. The boys reached down and removed his pants, and as he was not wearing any undergarments, his huge black mamba sprang full force to its full 12" of extreme thick uncut cock. The three teens have always enjoyed their rods and always thought they always would. Brett leaned to the full lips of the hot black man and ran his tongue deep into his mouth. The two tongues danced for several minutes until Brett felt his brother's tongue on his ass, opening the hole to prepare it for a huge fuck stick. Beau tasted his cum from the previous night and he always noticed that his cum tasted just like Brett's - sweet and creamy. As his tongue worked the hole, Brett began to swallow the huge licorice stick of Prince, to get it ready for his hole. Even though he had taken several times before, it always hurt in the beginning and he wanted to make sure he was well lubed for the uncut cock. This manumission of tongues on ass and cock continued for almost 15 minutes until Brett felt he was ready.

"Okay, I'm ready." he said to the two teens on the bed. "I want that hot dick in my ass now."

Brett lifted his legs until his knees were next to his head, as his pucker was exposed. Prince ran his long tongue up the crack to Brett's balls. He placed the partially exposed glan to the pink hole and he pushed into the warm cave. Brett froze as the initial pain ran through his body. Prince stopped as the teen below could accommodate him. As they waited, Beau spread the ebony cheeks of the wonderful teen he had known all his life and ran his tongue deep into the hole of the friend he loved as much as his brother. Prince began to shudder with the first penetration of the wet object. He knew what was coming and loved it. He always enjoyed his ass being filled with Beau's dick because he knew that the roles would be reversed later.

Even though the two white teens did own him, they always treated him as a brother. He loved them and would kill for them, so accepting a dick was nothing but love. He knew he liked males as far back as he could remember and when the Rutherford twins included him in their little playtime, he readily accepted.

As Prince felt Brett relax, he moved more of his long pole into the hole, stopping as Brett felt pain and tensed. Beau's tongue snaked deep into his hole, which caused Prince to further to the intruder. The three continued until all 12" of the black log was fully imbedded into Brett. The submissive boy felt completely full and happy with the meat in him. Beau, seeing the complete impaling in his brother, put his dick at Prince's hole, which seemed to swallow the hard 9" all at once. As they were prepared for a joyous time Beau pulled back, bringing Prince with him creating pleasure among the three. Every time Beau pushed in or pulled out, Prince followed him, creating a double fuck for Brett. The bottom teen wrapped his legs around the hot black stud, feeling his massive ability in strength and love. Brett began working his hand over his pole knowing he would not last long. He felt the impending release of sperm. His hand worked over his 9", pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head. His hand pistoned on his cock until the pressure was too much. Brett's back arched as the first volley shot from his dick.


Load after load shot all over his body, covering his chest, abs, and groin. Even though his ass tightened around the dick in his ass, Prince never lost his load. He did have to stop since Brett's ass constricted as a lock vice on his dick. Once he felt the muscles release, he and Beau continued to fuck into Brett's hole. This caused Brett's dick to remain in a harden state and he continued to work his dick slowly. The teens continued for another half hour when Beau could hold no longer. He grabbed Prince by his hips and rammed his dick hard, slamming the black teen's prostrate hard. Holding each other was hard since they were all bathed in sweat. Once Beau began to cum in the ass of the hot slave, it caused a chain reaction. Prince began to shoot deep in Brett's ass hard and the bottom teen came for a second time in what seemed as a matter of minutes. The three moaned loudly as they released their loads. After they were spent, they collapsed on each other holding and kissing. They were finally recovered and they began to sit upon the bed.

"Yo' daddy wants to sees you." Prince told them. "He says yo' better gets your asses downstairs now."

They got off the bed and Prince brought water so the twins could bathe. The three all got in the small tub and washed each other off, but they all showed hard cocks.

"This would be fun, but we better get downstairs." Brett said.

The other two agreed and headed to get dressed. As the three were presentable, they went down and the twins saw their father in the library. The elder Rutherford saw the twins and smiled. He saw their mother in their faces and knew as long as they lived, so did his wife.

"Well it's about time." John said to his sons. "So what kept you or need I ask?"

The twins smiled at him and they sat in chairs across from their father. They admired the man who gave them life. He was only 38 and the most powerful man around. He also was very good looking. John Rutherford stood 6'3" and weighed a solid 200 pounds. He was solid muscle with black hair and steel gray eyes that seemed look through you if he was angry. He had hair covering his muscular chest and he was a person people respected and some feared. John Rutherford was a man of his word. If he told someone anything, it was assured. His ideal of slavery was not treating slaves as property, but as part of the family. Prince's mother raised the twins and they loved her like their own mother. John Rutherford also paid his slaves a wage and a bonus when the plantation made a profit. Though some slaves bought their freedom, which John did not mind, many did not even though they could afford it because they were treated with kindness and fairness.

"So daddy, you wanted to see us?" Beau said.

"Yes boys." John started. "As you know, you will be attending the University at Charlottesville in the fall. I am proud of the both of you and I know you will do well. But remember, they probably will not be understanding of your relationship. I want you two to be careful. I have made arrangements for you to stay with Trent Bradman. You know he is a friend of mine. He will take care of you."

"Daddy, are we allowed to bring Prince?" Brett asked.

"You may bring him." their father replied. "But I want you to understand that he is your responsibility while you're there. Many southerners are not like us and they may be mean to him. Protect him and keep him safe."

The twins nodded in agreement. They left their father and went to the fields and began working with the others tending the fields. They joked with the field slaves and talked about leaving in the fall for school. Though many did not understand what college was, they were sadden that they would not see the twins for months. When lunch time arrived, the twins ate with the other workers, enjoying the people they had known their entire lives. After lunch, they continued in the fields until the sun set. The boys went back to the house and washed for dinner. They ate with their father and then relaxed in the sitting room reading. Brett, who was quite adept on the piano, began playing a few classical pieces by Beethoven and Mozart. As the mantel clock chimed 9 pm, the three Rutherford men rose to turn in for bed. The butler began extinguishing the lamps downstairs. The three ascended the stairs and John then turned to the twins and gave them hugs.

"I love you both." he said. "I don't want you hurt in any way."

The twins kissed their father on his cheeks and told him they loved him. They went to their room and found the bed turned down and lamp lit waiting for them. And on the bed, as if a special chocolate candy, Prince in all his glory. The twins shucked their clothes rapidly and hopped in bed with their friend. They worked on his foot long joystick. Beau worked on the shaft while Brett moved on his oversized balls, taking them one at a time. Prince moaned loudly and was squirming on the bed. Brett knew that he would have his brother's dick in his ass, while Prince fucked his brother's pucker. Brett moved around to his brother's ass and spread the wonderful cheeks. His tongue hit the pucker which spread open like a blooming flower. Brett tongue-fucked Beau's ass to get it ready for the huge monster ready to invade it. Brett was able to move Beau so, as he was dining on his brother's sweet glutes, Prince probed Brett's ass with his exceptionally long tongue. Brett could swear that Prince's tongue could have been as long as his cock. As each teen orally manipulated the others, the love as brothers flowed between the three. They could never imagine being separate for any period of time.

Brett decided he wanted to be filled on all fours, so he got on his hands and knees. He reached back and showed the sweet pink hole to the other two. Beau spit on his dick and slid it into its sheath to the hilt. Once Beau was buried into his brother, Prince open the cheeks to the magnificent hole, placed his foot-long spear, and thrust deep. This seemed to force Beau's dick to go further into Brett, who uttered a huge moan. Prince began to move his dick in and out of Beau, who followed with the power of the black slave. Brett felt the lunging of both dicks into his own ass and loved it. The three teens continued gathering speed in the love-making until Brett knew he could not last much longer. He loved the slamming of his prostrate by his brother.

"I've got to release." he told the other two. "I'm so close."

Prince decided to force the cum out of the submissive boy as he pitched forward with all his might. This caused Beau to ram so deep his balls almost entered the anal cavity, but it did cause Beau to jam Brett's prostrate and this caused Brett to raise his head and shoot.

"OOOHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKIIIINNNNGGGG HHHEEELLL!!" he exclaimed, releasing a torrent of cum on the sheets beneath him.

As he continued to shoot, his ass contracted around Beau's love muscle, which sent Beau into sexual bliss releasing his seed deep into Brett's bowels. Once Beau began shooting, his ass contracted around Prince's mighty spear, forcing him to shoot his copious load into Beau. After a few minutes, which seemed to be an eternity, the three teens collapsed on the bed and began to kiss.

"I's so lucky y'all my massas." Prince said. "Buts we's gotsa be careful. If we's found out, I's could gets kilt."

"We would not lot anything happen to you." Brett said, holding Prince to him.

"We'll be here for you Prince." Beau said to him. "And remember, daddy own most everything around here."

The three teen boys fell asleep holding each other, happy how their life was. Nothing could change it.

NOTE: Well here is an historical story. Now those who are Civil War enthusiasts, I know what I have done in the story is not factual in terms of most slaves and slave holders. But remember the one term I like - LITERARY LICENCE. But I hope that you like the story that I am developing. I want it to develop more as the years pass, including the Civil War approaching. If you have any comments or suggestions, please sent them to

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