by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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John made his plans, but first he needed to verify his net worth. KW and he poured over the books and he calculated what would be needed. John prepared for the next day. He went to sleep, while KW stayed with Ginny to look after the two wounded boys.

CHAPTER 11: The Ultimate Revenge and Change

John rose early and dressed quickly. He had Richard, his driver, to get the carriage out. Normally, John would ride from plantation to plantation on his horse, but going to town he does use the carriage. The pair drove to the bank to discuss business.

"Massa John." Richard said. "Whats happens to dat Chat boy?"

"His father had men attack him." John replied. "Chad had changed at school. Now I'm going to make sure Brockington run out of this county and state."

"How suh?" the owner queried.

"You will see." the owner responded.

As they pulled up to the bank, John told Richard to wait there and he would be right back. He entered the bank and met with Paul Stevens, the owner of the financial institution. After some small chit-chat, John got down to business.

"Paul, I understand that Brent Brockington is overdue on his loans and mortgage." the landowner said.

"Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss it." the banker responded.

"Paul, the entire county knows it." John told him. "All I want to know how much is owed."

"John, are you crazy?" Paul responded. "His land isn't worth much. What he does have would just be enough to pay the debt, but not the mortgage."

"Paul, I'm going to take this problem off your hands." he said." "Just tell me how much."

The banker gave John the figures and John wrote the man a check to cover the entire amount to include penalties and late fees. Paul signed all paperwork to John Rutherford.

"Now, when does this come due?" John asked.

"He's supposed to be here with the full amount today in less than an hour." Paul said. "Why?"

"Because I'm going to evict this sorry person out of everyone's lives." the blonde man said. "I'll get the sheriff so this will be complete."

John rose and shook hands with Paul. He left the bank and found the sheriff. He sat down and told the law officer he needed an eviction notice to be filed.

"Against who?" the sheriff asked.

"Brent Brockington." John replied. "For all properties and possessions."

"You're kidding, right?" he local constabulary asked.

"I just bought the mortgage and loans." the landowner said. "Now it's time to get rid of the trash."

"Now the bigger question. Why?" the sheriff queried.

John explained what happened between Chad and his father the day before. He explained how Chad's personality changed and his father had two of the overseers beat him senseless. The sheriff, who had problems with Brent Brockington over the years, filled out an eviction decree and John paid the filing fee. They went back to the bank and waited for the senior Brockington. The man entered the office and found Paul Stevens at his desk and the sheriff in a seat nearby. As he entered, he tried to be humble, but the act had no affect on the banker.

"Mr. Stevens, I came by to ask for another extension." the man asked. "Just a couple of weeks."

"Well Mr. Brockington, there are a couple of problems." the banker said. "First, all monies are due today in three minutes. Second, this would have to be handled by the new owner of the mortgage and the loans."

"Who might that be?" Brent asked.

John Rutherford closed the door he stood behind and looked at the man whose life he now held in his hand, literally. He showed Brent the mortgage and the loan papers. John smiled slightly as he knew what was about to happen.

"Mr. Brockington, I have but one question." he said. "Do you have all monies due on the loan and the mortgage on your property?"

"You know I don't." was the man's response. "So what are you going to do? Throw me off my property?"

When he finished his question, the clock on the wall struck the noon hour, which was the deadline. When the last chime sounded, the sheriff handed the eviction to Brent.

"You have been duly served." the sheriff said. "All goods and chattels now belong to Mr. Rutherford. Any monies you had in the bank now are his. Your horse and buggy are his. Basically, sir, you leave with the clothes on your back."

The man stood there dumbfounded and tried to price his life in his mind. He then glared at John and wanted the man dead.

"Now, now gentleman, we can't be that cruel." John said. "How much money do you have on you Brent?"

"Twenty dollars." Brockington responded.

"Well that's enough to get your person out of this county and state." Rutherford uttered. "But before you go, why did you have Chad beaten so severely?"

"It was self-defense." the man responded. "He hit me first."

"Not according to your youngest son." John said. "You attacked him and Chad got in between you. When Chad defended himself, you had two overseers to beat and kick him."

"Well that weak son of mine made my pride and joy into a woman." Brent said. "So I was going to teach him a lesson. Chad should have been kicked out of school for fighting, like I raised him. But he's nothing but a girl."

"No, he's more of a man than you'll ever be." Rutherford said. "Sheriff I think you heard enough."

"Mr. Brockington, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of your son." the sheriff as he drew his pistol.

John shook Paul's hand and make his good-byes to the sheriff. As Brent glared at John, the Rutherford patriarch smiled at the man. He exited the bank and found the horse and buggy that formerly belonged to Brent Brockington. He approached the slave who was the driver.

"Just so you know, I am the owner of Mr. Brockington's plantation." he said. "We will drive back so I may speak to the staff."

All of a sudden, a shot rang out from the bank. John ran back in and found the sheriff standing over Brent Brockington's now lifeless body. He saw the pistol near the dead man's hand and realized what happened.

"Damn fool." the sheriff said.

"Well sheriff, he pulled it out to shoot you." Paul said. "Don't worry, I'm a witness."

Several more people heard the shot and they ran to the bank. They saw the dead body, then realized who it was. Several people uttered good riddance or it's about time.

"Can a couple of you men take him to the undertaker?" John asked. "I would greatly appreciate it."

Though the townspeople would rather let a Brockington rot on the street, but John Rutherford was always kind and a request he might ask for people would be willing to do. Three man dragged the body to the undertaker and John paid for a single casket and gravesite outside of town. He went back to his carriage and told Richard to go to the Brockington home. The slave looked confused, but did not argue. The drove with the second slave behind them. They turned unto the road to the plantation and were met by one of the overseers.

"What do you want?" the surly man asked.

"Follow me to the main house." John replied.

"You ain't the boss here." the overseer said.

"Oh, I would not say that." the blonde man told him as he showed the deed, mortgage papers to the overseer. "Now get to the house. And you will gather all the residents to the house."

They continued to the home and John's carriage pulled to the front. As he stood on the porch, all slaves and overseers gathered in front of them.

"Now, I am the new owner of this property." he said. "For those who don't know me, I am John Rutherford from the next plantation over. Those who think that I am Brent Brockington, you are sorely mistaken. Now the two overseers who beat Chad Brockington, step forward."

No one moved forward so John told Richard to get Thadd. As the driver left, John continued to talk to the plantation staff and slaves.

"All overseers, turn in your whips." he ordered.

All five men threw their whips on the porch and John picked one up and held it overhead.

"This is the end of these." he said. "From now on you will be here on the honor system. I will have my own overseer to be here until this situation has been finalized. If you run off, you will not be whipped or mutilated. I will simply sell you. Also the five overseers are now terminated from their duties. I will all accounts after this meeting."

The carriage pulled up, not only with Thadd, but also Beau, Brett, Prince, and KW in tow. The carriage pulled up from and the five alit from the vehicle. They walked onto the porch and John pulled Thadd to him.

"Thadd, which of these men beat Chad?" the man asked.

"Bob Johnston and Bill Andrews." the teen said.

The two men tried to run, but were caught by the slaves close by. They were dragged to the house and dumped at steps of the main house.

"Get some rope." John said. "Don't worry gentleman, you're not going to get hung. We're just going to hand you over to the sheriff."

Three slaves went to get the rope and returned quickly. They tied the two prisoners to a tree. The other three overseers went into the house and John quickly reviewed the books, with KW close to his side. He paid the men and told them to leave the property. Thadd and the Rutherford boys entered the room with Prince.

"What happened Dad?" Brett asked.

"Simple, I bought the mortgage and loans from the bank." their father said. "Thadd, this will be Chad and yours to run. Just don't disappoint me."

"What happened to my father?" Thadd asked.

"I'm sorry to say he pulled a pistol on the sheriff." John said. "He had no option, so your father is dead. I make sure he was taken care of."

"THANK GOD!!" Thadd cried out. "The sadistic bastard is dead. He never cared about me and he just wanted a son to was just as sadistic as he was."

John hugged the boy and ushered him out of the house. John left KW in charge until he could pick one of the servants on the plantation. Thadd went to look for George and found him tied to the whipping post. Brent Brockington whipped the slave for his sick pleasure. Thadd and Beau brought the slave to the carriage, to be tented by Ginny.

"I'm leaving KW in charge until I can decide who to leave as overseer." John said to the group. "In the end Chad and Thadd Brockington will be in charge, but until then, obey KW."

The boys got in the carriage with George and they held him so his lashes were exposed to the air. Richard drove the group home. As they arrived, Brett, Beau, and Prince carefully carried George up the stairs. They laid him on a bed next to Chad and Ginny went to work on his torn body. Chad tried to lean up, but was still too weak.

"What happened to George?" he asked Thadd.

"Take a guess." his brother responded. "And for no reason what-so-ever."

"That son-of-a-bitch." Chad said. "I'm going to kill him when I get better."

"Too late." Thadd said. "The sheriff clearly got him."

Thadd explained what occurred the day, including John Rutherford buying the plantation, the arrest of the two overseers who beat Chad, and that John would give them the plantation when he reviews all the accounts. John entered the room and sat at the foot of the bed with Chad.

"Boys, since your father died today." John said. "I am filing to adopt you to make sure you will be taken care of."

Chad began to cry. No one ever treated either Thadd or himself so kindly, with the exception of Michael and Gregory. The Rutherfords were good friends and now they were going to be part of the family.

After Ginny applied a salve to George's back, she make sure everyone ate properly. Chad was given a beef brother since his ribs were broken and eating solid foods were out of the question. He was not happy about it. The rest of the extended family ate in the dining room.

"Dad, it was a wonderful thing you did." Brett said with a smile.

"Son, I did what was right." John replied. "I just wished Brent would have left in peace."

"Mr. Rutherford, he got what he deserved." Thadd said. "And nothing can dispute that. My father was mean and vicious."

"Thadd, a death through violence is wrong." the blonde man said. "I just hope you won't have to witness that. And besides, you need to start calling me Dad."

The boy smiled and the twins followed suit. They were going to be one large family that love would bind them through eternity. As dinner ended, the group went to the bedroom, where Chad and George were resting. The group of five sat down and they talked about Christmas with Chad. George was still sleeping.

"Chad one thing I want you to do from here is to call me Dad." John said to the large teen.

Tears welled in the handsome, rugged face of the teen. He nodded but could not speak because of how his life had turned for the better. The group was deciding what they wanted for the holiday, but Thadd pulled John to the hallway.

"Dad, may I sleep with you tonight?" the small teen said.

John was taken aback, but smiled at the boy. He knew it would be wrong and tried to find a way to refuse Thadd without hurting him.

"Thadd, son, I'm honored you would like to sleep with me." he said. "But it would be inappropriate."

"Oh no sir." the teen replied. "I have always slept with Chad and Gregory. Even last night, I held my brother's hand while we slept. I don't know why, but I need to know there's someone to protect me."

John hugged the thin teen and kissed the top of his head. He knew it was wrong, but he was not going to deny him security.

"Alright, but just for tonight." John said.

Thadd hugged the man who was to be his father. They returned and the group began to laugh about some of their escapades at school. Chad's ribs hurt, but he enjoyed telling of some of the fun times. The night waned on and the men decided to get ready for bed. Chad tried to get up to urinate, but could not move. Thadd took his brother's rod into his mouth and pressed lightly on the bladder. The yellow stream filled the small teen's bladder, but he would do anything for his older brother. He continued until the final flow stopped, but Thadd played with Chad's monster pole. The larger teen moaned as his cock hardened to its 11". Thadd slowly moved his head up and down on his brothers dick. He fondled the large, heavy ballsac, which caused Chad moan and groan through the pain. He loved the pleasure his brother gave him. For twenty minutes Thadd made love to his brother's rod with his mouth and Chad loved it. The large teen felt his balls tighten and he whimpered as the first blast of jizz released into Thadd's mouth. Chad shot seven more volleys into Thadd's mouth. As he came down from his bliss, Chad tried to breath without pain. Thadd saw his brother's face and moved up to see how he was.

"Chad." Thadd said. "Are you in pain?"

"A little." the large teen said. "But it is well worth it because of you."

He kissed his little brother tenderly and broke it when they heard George stir. The slave slept since his arrival to the Rutherfords. He looked at the brothers and smiled weakly.

"Where is we?" he asked.

"The Rutherfords." Thadd said. "We brought you here after we found you. Mammy Ginny tended you. How do you feel?"

"I's hurting." the slave said. "What's Massa Brent gwanna says when I's ain't on the plantation?"

"Nothing." Thadd said. "The bastard is dead."

Thadd explained the entire situation to George. He did say that John Rutherford was the new owner, but he was going to present it to the two Brockington boys. He told him that the overseers were fired and the two who beat Chad were going to jail.

"Massa Thadd." George said. "You be brave to brings your brutha heres."

"He sure is George." Chad said. "And we're so lucky we have him."

"Now you two need to sleep." Thadd said. "And George, please keep an eye on Chad. His ribs are broken."

"I's will." the slave said as he held Chad's hand.

Thadd kissed the two and left the room. He found John's room and undressed. Thadd folded his clothes, slipped under the covers, and snuggled under the warmth. John entered and undressed for bed. As he slid his nude body under the covers, he found Thadd's nude body, and he cuddled the boy against his firm body. Thadd felt safe and secure, but began to cry.

"What's the matter son?" John asked.

"W-W-Why couldn't my daddy love me?" Thadd replied. "I loved him but he hated me. He wouldn't even touch me."

"Shhhh." John said. "You're my son now. And I love you and Chad. I will be here to protect you."

Thadd sobbed softly, but felt better in the man's arms. John also felt special because he missed holding his son's in his arms when they were afraid. If there was a severe thunderstorm or they had a bad dream, they would run to his room to seek comfort. And as they grew, they became less dependent on his comfort when they were scared. He fell asleep holding his new son - albeit a potential adoption.

Beau, Brett, and Prince went to their room and undressed each other. The three kissed and tumbled onto the bed. Brett began sucking Prince's black mamba while Beau began licking Brett's hole. His tongue slid in and out of his brother's hole, which drove Brett crazy. His own 9" was hard and dripping precum on the bed. They continued for a few minutes and the twins pushed Prince on his back. The 12" snake slapped his abs and Beau held it up at full mast. Brett lowered himself onto Prince's cock and loved the feeling as it slid in. Beau positioned himself in an unusual 69 position. He put his dick at Prince's mouth and his mouth on Brett's His hands and legs straddled the slave's body and he began to do pushups slowly as he fed on Brett's cock and fed Prince his own prick. Brett rose Prince's hard shaft hard and tried to suck Prince's cum from his body with his ass. They continued to suck and fuck, the sweat poured off their body. Each knew the other was close until, as if choreographed, the three shot their loads deep into the holes their respective dicks were in. Prince and Beau could only moan, but Brett was able to articulate his feelings.

"OH SWEET JESUS!!" he cried out.

Each boy released eight healthy shots of sweet cream and they collapsed like a house of cards onto Prince. His big dick popped out of the hole. The three curled up with Beau in the middle.

"So what do you think of Dad adopting Chad and Thadd?" Brett asked.

"I'm glad." Beau said. "They need something to go right in their lives."

"And Chad has changed." Prince said. "He is a very descent person and it has come out. And I've always liked Thadd."

The three fell asleep with content smiles on their face.

John woke up with a massive erection. He realized it was inside Thadd's hole and the teen was rocking back and forth on the hard rod. He listened to Thadd slightly snoring, but then heard Thadd speak.

"Oh yes Daddy. Fuck me." the teen said almost in a whisper. "I've always wanted you to love me Daddy."

John became very aroused and slowly began to fuck Thadd on his side. The two developed a rhythm, but one was asleep. They moved with a great steadiness until Thadd moaned.

"I'm going to shoot Daddy." he whispered in his sleep.

Thadd's ass tightened around John's 9" cock and John felt the boy cum six times.

"AH!!" the boy uttered.

John was overcome with love and with three strokes he shot his load into Thadd's ass. Eight thick shots of love juice filled Thadd's ass. His dick softened a little and he tried to remove it, but the teen's ass kept it tight in his hole.

"Thank you Daddy John." Thadd said.

John realized he was conned, so he slapped the boy's ass. The teen giggled and snuggled harder against John's hard body. The man laughed and they fell asleep connected and contented.


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