by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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"Thank you Daddy John." Thadd said.

John realized he was conned, so he slapped the boy's ass. The teen giggled and snuggled harder against John's hard body. The man laughed and they fell asleep connected and contented.

CHAPTER 12: Christmas Time

The days leading up to Christmas were of joy. The Brockington boys were happy because they were rid of the monster that was the their father. Their slaves were happy as they were invited to the Rutherfords' Christmas party. The Rutherford slaves treated the newly acquired slaves with equality, but everyone knew KW was the supreme slave and his word was law.

John decided to have George as the new overseer. The young man was trained by KW on how John liked his plantation managed. Chad and Thadd were informed of the decision and were pleased by the choice.

As Christmas day approached, John had a big surprise. He used his influence and had the adoption finalized for the holiday. The festive day arrived and the cooks were preparing turkeys, hams, yams, potatoes, assorted vegetables, biscuits, and assorted pies. The massive quantity of food was for everyone on the plantations. John also had one tradition for his family. He and the boys delivered the slaves' presents during the night to the slaves quarters. They would leave them at the front door of the cabins and they left. This included clothes, toys, fruits, nuts, and a jug of the finest corn whiskey ever made. Though the packages had no name on them, the slaves knew who it was. This was the reason John Rutherford's servants never left and kept the man prosperous. This year, the gift giving would extend to the new slaves and the Brockington boys gladly carried on the tradition with their slaves.

The morning came and Prince woke first to lick the sweet pair of 9" rods of his lovers and friends. Prince had one tradition he loved to do on Christmas. Brett and Beau moved so Beau's legs straddled over Brett's. Prince used a large amount of lard to work on the two cocks and his hole. He held the two hard cocks together and placed them at his hole. The pain was powerful at first, but the pleasure he knew that would follow made him happy. As the heads popped through, Prince groaned in pain. As he let the two cocks acclimate in his hole, the pain eased and he began to move down slowly. Prince would stop every so often to get used to the two thick cocks. Once he bottomed out, he would begin to slowly ride the 18" of cock in him as they slammed his prostate over and over. The twins loved the feeling of their dicks rubbed together. For over and hour the three teens felt their love in that one moment. Prince was ready to shoot, as were the twins. The three arched their back in unison and they jettison their loads - the twins each shot 9 loads of cum in Prince, while their love released 11 blasts of jizz.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!" the three cried in unison.

As they finished unloading their sperm, the twins unleashed a torrent of piss into Prince's anal canal, which filled his bowels. As they finished, Prince got up and relieved his needs into the chamber pot. A flood of urine, cum, and fecal matter filled the urn. After he finished, he got the tub with water and the three bathed each other carefully. As they were dressed and ready, they were greeted by Chad and Thadd, with George in tow.

"Merry Christmas. " Chad said in his booming voice. "Have fun with your first present?"

The others blushed as the six kissed each other and went downstairs. John and KW were already in the great room with the tree and presents. The two men greeted the sextet with kisses and had them sit down.

"Well to my sons, I just to say I love you very much." John said. "You have been my pride and joy. Now for my present to Chad and Thadd."

He handed the paperwork to them. They saw the adoption papers and Chad began to cry. The group comforted him, but he grabbed John hard. The man stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head. The boys kissed their father and got their presents for John. The man opened his gifts and loved the thought and care they took him. Brett and Beau gave KW a gift and one to Ginny.

"Wha' dis fer?" Ginny asked.

"For being our mother." Beau said. "We love you, especially for Prince."

She kissed the boys and her son. There was a knock on the door and KW answered it. As he returned Michael and Gregory were standing there. Chad bounded out of his chair and lifted the blonde teacher in the air. Thadd raced to Gregory and kissed her love. Beau and Brett hugged the two arrivals and smiled to see them.

"Dad, this is the man who turned my life around." Chad said. "And this scared thing is Thadd's lover, Gregory."

"Michael, I'm glad to meet you." John said.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Brockington." the blonde teacher replied.

"Oh no." Chad said. "This is John Rutherford. It's hard to explain the last couple of weeks, but this wonderful man adopted Thadd and myself."

"I'm sorry Mr. Rutherford." Michael said. "But from what I have seen with Beau and Brett, you are an extraordinary man."

"No apologies necessary." John replied. "And from what you did with Chad, we should thank you."

"Now for my big question." Thadd said to Gregory. "Why aren't you with your family?"

"They found out I'm gay." the teen replied. "So I went to Trent's house and Michael was there. He dragged me along."

"Well son, you'll stay here." John said. "Now let's get these presents unwrapped."

The bounty was revealed and Thadd gave a gift to Gregory he had gotten a watch for his love. Chad gave Michael a beautiful jacket. Michael gave Chad a suit and was given a deep kiss for his thank you. Gregory began to cry and Thadd rushed to him.

"What's wrong baby?" the smaller teen asked.

"I have nothing to give you." the larger teen said through his tears.

"All I ever need is your love." Thadd said. "Come on."

The smaller boy took Gregory by the hand and led him up the stairs. As they entered the room, Thadd nearly tore the clothes off Gregory's body. He kissed the larger teen's body all over. He sucked his nips and Gregory moaned loudly. Thadd got up, took his clothes off, and pushed Gregory onto the bed. The two teens kissed and hugged each other with lust. Thadd broke the kiss and looked into the teen's eyes.

"God I missed you." he said.

"So did I." Gregory said. "And please never call me Gregory again. It's too formal. I love Gregg."

"Well Gregg, make love to me." Thadd said.

Gregg bent Thadd in half and dove into the hole he loved. His tongue worked its way deep and Thadd thrashed on the bed and moaned loudly.

"Oh baby, fuck me." he cried out. "Please fuck me."

Gregg put some lard on his cock and slowly entered the teencunt of his lover. As he moved deeper into Thadd, the greater the feeling they both had. He began to move in and out of the hole and they began to move as one. The slow, methodical strokes he was giving Thadd had the smaller teen to squeeze the hard cock with his ass muscles. They began to sweat profusely as they approached their mutual climax. Gregg sped up and both teens balls pulled to their bodies. The explosion was mutually intense as they each released seven shots. Gregg in Thadd and Thadd all over the two of them.

"OH SHIT!!" Thadd cried out.

"OH FUCK!!" Gregg exclaimed in a climatic explosion.

Gregg collapsed on the boy he loved and kissed him all over. As his cock slid from the hole, he pulled Thadd onto his body as they just played with each other. The smaller teen told Gregg of the events of the eventful day where he and Chad were thrown out to the street Gregg looked at him in amazement.

"You are so wonderful." the larger teen said.

There was a knock on the door and George brought in a tray, following by Chad. They smiled as they put the food on their laps. Michael peeked in and said hi.

"You guys didn't have to do this." Thadd said.

"Massa Thadd." George said. "Whats y'all dids were wonderfil. Y'all diserves dis. Hi Massa Gregg."

"Besides little brother." Chad said. "You need to keep up your strength."

The three giggled as they left. Thadd and Gregg ate their breakfast, then put the trays on the floor. They curled up and fell asleep in each others arms.

Michael and Chad went to another room, but Michael held Chad tight to his body. They kissed long and hard. Chad looked at Michael and saw the look in his eyes.

"As much as I want to throw you on the bed, tear off your clothes, and have you fuck me hard." Chad said. "We will wait. Let's make it special."

"I love you my sweet man.' Michael said as he hugged Chad.

As dinner time came, the group met in the dining room. John sat at the head of the table, Beau and Brett on either side of him. Chad sat next to Beau with Michael next to him. Thadd was next to Brett and Gregg next to his love. George sat next to Gregg and Prince next to Michael. Ginny sat next to her son and KW was at the other end of the table. They joined hands and John gave thanks for the family and friends. After the prayer, the group served themselves. John believed that Christmas was for family. Between the teens, KW, and Michael, there was no food left. The group retired to the great room and John offered KW and Michael a glass of whiskey. The teens felt left out, but John's family followed a tradition of no liquor until they were 21 years of age. As the evening wore on, they sand Christmas carols, with Thadd and Gregg doing a duet. The group began to go to bed.

The first to depart were Michael and Chad. As they entered the room, Michael spun Chad around and kissed him deeply. Their tongues dueled as they began to undress each other. Their shirts were discarded quickly and their muscular chests meshed as one. They undid their pants, which dropped to the floor. Two 11" cocks pressed against each other and they were oozing precum on each other. Chad pushed Michael on the bed, then turned his back to remove the blonde's boots. As the teen removed the first boot, Michael was given a view of the dark, hairy hole of his soulmate. When Chad removed the second boot, Michael leaned forward and began to tongue the black nether region. His tongue moved further in and Chad moved back to get better penetration. After fifteen minutes, Michael stopped and pulled Chad to the bed. He removed the teen's boots and the dark-haired student dove into his lover's ass. Chad moved his long tongue in and out of the tasty hole for fifteen minutes. As he removed his taste buds from the hole, Chad pulled Michael on top of him.

"Please fuck me." the teen said, almost pleading. "I am yours. Make love to me."

Michael found the lard can and smeared it on his hard ramrod and he then put some in Chad's hole. Chad lifted his thick legs to his chest and Michael inserted his cock into the hole like a key meant to open one lock. Chad's eyes rolled in the top of his head as the massive member filled him.

"OH GOD I'VE MISSED THIS!!" he cried out.

"Me too baby." Michael responded.

Chad wrapped his legs around his lover's waist and pulled him further into his hole. Michael began to slowly fuck Chad deeply and they found their unity. They kissed and their bodies rubbed Chad's hard member over and over again. Sweat poured off their bodies and Michael pounded the sweet spot in Chad's ass. The teen felt the surge of cum push up and knew it was not much longer. The first blast exploded with such force it hit the wall above his head. Eight more volleys flowed from his cock that it hit his face and torso, along with Michael's body. As he released, he bellowed like a bull. The muscles in his ass clamped hard on Michael's cock. This caused the man to spew his white lava into Chad's mancunt three times.

"OH SHIT!!" he yelled out.

As they were able to ease from their bliss, Michael laid on the hairy body of his love. Chad was not going to release him anytime soon.

"I've got to piss." Michael said.

"Do so my love." Chad replied.

Michael was amazed at the remark but released a torrent of yellow fluid into Chad's canal. They turned on their sides still facing each other and fell asleep coupled with Chad still impaled on Michael's rod.

Thadd and Gregg were in bed and Thadd was ready to be filled by Gregg again. They undressed quickly and got into bed. Thadd kissed his lover's body and did notice the fine development of muscle he was forming.

"I see you're keeping up with Chad's program." the smaller teen said.

"Just for my man." Gregg replied.

"Gregg, I'm a bottom." Thadd said. "And I love the way you feel in me. I hope you don't mind."

Gregg kissed his lover all over and began to tongue the hole he knew was his alone. Thadd squirmed with delight and pushed on the boy's tongue. Gregg moved and fed his cock to Thadd, who tasted the clear liquid forming at the tip. The larger teen ate the loving hole with great relish. Thadd moved off Gregg's cock.

"I'm ready sweetie." the smaller teen said. "I want you."

Gregg moved off Thadd, who then pulled his legs back and exposed the smooth pink hole. Gregg inserted his hard 6" into his lover and bottomed out quickly. He began to move in and out slowly while he kissed Thadd deeply. The thin boy wrapped his legs around the body of his love. They were delirious with passion as they move in harmony. They kissed and held tight as Gregg's cock slid in and out. Thadd's rod slid between the two of their smooth bodies and he was ready to shoot his load. His balls pulled tight and the first blast hit his chin. Six more shots covered his thin body and Gregg's also.

"MMMMMMFFFFFF!!" Thadd whimpered.

The ass muscles that was received the load slammed hard on the larger teen's cock. Gregg's balls released their torrent of white juices deep into Thadd's bowels as he arched his back.

"FUCK!!" he cried out.

As they collapsed in a heap, Thadd kept his body wrapped around his lover's body. Gregg's bladder was full and he desperately needed to relieve himself. Thadd knew the boy needed to go and smiled.

"Go ahead sweetie." he said. "Let your pee go."

"I can't." his lover said. "Not in you."

Thadd pressed Gregg's stomach and the boy's bladder flowed fast and furious. As Gregg peed freely, he did not think of what Thadd was feeling, so when he finished, the larger boy cried. Thadd held him close.

"What's the matter?" the smaller boy asked.

"I'm scum." Gregg said. "I didn't think about if I was harming you. I'm so lowly."

"No baby. I wanted you to do this." Thadd told me. "Just remember, I love you no matter what."

They kissed and held each other to slumber, with smiles on their faces.

Brett, Beau, and Prince were in bed. They kissed each other slowly and passionately. Brett felt that special twitch in his hole and begged for Prince to slide his massive member in him. He pulled his legs back and exposed his hole to the two lovers he had. Beau dove into the teencunt and his tongue slithered deep in his brother. Prince moved his 12" cobra into Brett's mouth. The teen enjoyed being filled from both ends. They were ready to make love and Prince moved down to the ass. His cock eased into Brett, who moaned with lust. As Prince had bottomed out, Beau got in a 69 position with his brother. The three lovers and friends moved with great ease since they knew each other so well. They knew when each would shoot and Beau was the first to release. Both Brett and Prince knew this and they would soon follow.

"MMMMMFFFFF!!" the teen mumbled.

Beau's cock shot eight healthy loads into his brother's throat. The first blast caused Brett to shoot eight loads into Beau's throat. As Brett's ass clamped on Prince, the 12" snake spit its juices into Brett with ten volleys deep.

"OH SHIT!!" he yelled out.

The three collapsed on the bed and in each others arms. As they fell asleep, they were happy one final time.


NOTE: Well here is another chapter of history from a different perspective. It is going to be more fun as I proceed to the war. I know it is a long time coming, but the war was something that took a while in coming. If you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to email me at Please include the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may include you on the Readers' List.


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