by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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The three collapsed on the bed and in each others arms. As they fell asleep, they were happy one final time.

CHAPTER 13: Special Christmas Presents

The rest of the winter vacation was fun for the family. Chad kept the boys fit and KW was truly amazed how hard the boys worked. Gregg developed a nicely toned body and Thadd loved him that he did this for him. Chad and Thadd became even closer as brothers, while their lovers became even more part of the family.

The last day, the twins and their brothers went to the other plantation. They were assisted by Michael and Gregg. They helped prepare the fields for the spring planting. The slaves were happier with the change and the work was easier for everyone. As the day ended, they went back to the Rutherford house and had a huge dinner. They talked about school, but Gregg wondered what would happen to him.

"Son, don't worry." John said. "You're tuition is now my problem. Just study hard."

"I will sir." Gregg said. "I won't let you down."

They then had a big surprise. A cake was brought out since it was Chad's 20th birthday and the teens, Michael, and John all gave him gifts. The man wept openly and was hugged by everyone.

"Massa Chad, youse bes a new man." George said. "And Is glad you bes happy."

"Chad I think I can say your change is better for everyone." John said. "Especially for yourself."

"Thank you Daddy." the large man said.

They finished the cake and relaxed in the den. They did avoid the one subject that was overwhelming the nation - a possible war. They knew several other states had seceded or talking about secession, including Virginia.

As they went to bed, they had their belongings packed and readied themselves for the next day. All agreed to sleep and they were as good as their word.

The sun rose and the group dressed quickly. They met with a large breakfast, which they devoured so fast, they seemed to be just swallowing without chewing. Their luggage was packed and the seven got in their carriages to leave. The slaves of both plantations saw the group off. Chad and Thadd were upset that George would not go with them with his new responsibilities as overseer. They left and went through the same process as they did the previous summer by stopping at an inn the first night. The next day, they were greeted by Peter and Trent. The servants unpacked the trunks and bags. As they entered Brian and Tom were there. The teen servant was well dressed and everyone hugged the duo. Henry came in and saw Chad and Michael. They hugged the slave and kissed him. A teen boy about 15 followed Henry which Gregg and Thadd saw.

"This is Noah." Trent said. "He arrived at Christmas and is a very hard worker."

The German Shepherd bound down the stairs. He ran up to the new arrival and sniffed them. He licked the group and then went to his master.

"Well I guess Caesar remembers all of you." Trent said.

They laughed and got settled into their rooms. Henry went with Michael and Chad, while Noah went with Thadd and Gregg. They got everything unpacked, then Trent called them for dinner. As they went downstairs, he pulled a letter from Micah and began to read it.

Dear Trent,

I know you have heard I will not be back. My father had me enter the Citadel. I miss you all, especially Brian and Tom. Tell them I love them and all of you. I hope your holidays went well and soon we will be together.



The group was crying, but knew life was to go on. They ate dinner in silence. As dinner ended they went to the large room. The Brockington boys explained what happened during their vacation and how John Rutherford adopted them. As they went to bed, no one was ready to anything but sleep. Noah slept with Gregg and Thadd. He was 6' and weighed 150 pounds with some muscle tone. He had 7" of cut cock and large balls. All of the men slept soundly.

The next day, the boys went to the campus to get ready for the new term. They had their books and were prepared to get back to work. Trent was glad to have this group back. They had grown closer and were more of a family. As they went bed that night, Thadd, Gregg and Noah got to know each other.

"Noah, have you ever been with another male?" Thadd asked.

"Yes suh." the servant replied. "Is always likes men."

He showed his huge smile and got on all fours. The pair jumped on the bed as Gregg put his cock in the teen's mouth, while Thadd tongued the sweet teenpussy. They prepared the boy and he loved it. Gregg pulled his 7" out of Noah's mouth and went to the boy's cunt. His rod slipped in easily and slowly fucked the slave. Thadd had his cock inserted into Noah's mouth. The threesome seemed to move easily and the feelings they were developing was intense. Gregg's cock was ready to shoot its load. As his balls pulled tight, he threw his head back and his load filled the hole to capacity.

"SHIT!!" he howled.

Thadd was soon to follow and exploded his juices into the teen's throat. The servant swallowed it with enthusiasm. As they finished, they flipped the boy on his back and attacked his body. Thadd swallowed the hard 7" and Gregg worked on his nipples. The teen exploded quickly and Thadd took it in his mouth. Gregg kissed is love and took some of the delicious liquid from Thadd's mouth. They cuddled together, with Noah in the middle.

Brian and Tom were in bed kissing and they were so much in love. Tom was a loving bottom and loved to ride the huge cock of his sweetheart. He would manipulate his mouth all over the dick, then lower himself slowly on the mammoth cannon. He knew how to manipulate his muscles to massage the pole in him. They would make love for over an hour before they exploded in unison. Then Brian would turn the black teen on his back with his hard cock still in him. They then fucked for another hour before their simultaneous eruption overflowed their bodies. They fell asleep cuddled up and smiled.


NOTE: We are leading up to the bloodiest conflict in this nation's history. I hope that everyone is enjoying the story and I will be adding more chapters to the end of the war and the beginning of Reconstruction. If you have any comments please feel free to email me with them, good or bad, to Please put the title of the story in the subject line and please also put where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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