by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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Brian and Tom were in bed kissing and they were so much in love. Tom was a loving bottom and loved to ride the huge cock of his sweetheart. He would manipulate his mouth all over the dick, then lower himself slowly on the mammoth cannon. He knew how to manipulate his muscles to massage the pole in him. They would make love for over an hour before they exploded in unison. Then Brian would turn the black teen on his back with his hard cock still in him. They then fucked for another hour before their simultaneous eruption overflowed their bodies. They fell asleep cuddled up and smiled.

CHAPTER 14: The Last Days of Happiness

School went on for the group and Michael made sure they did not ease off their studies, especially Chad. Chad also trained them in developing their bodies even further and how to fight. Gregg was a very fast learner and developed great muscle tone. The six students maintained high grades and they kept their lives to the little clique. Trent made sure the boys were taken care of with good food and a comfortable place to live. They were given full run of the house and Trent didn't mind the tenants running around nude, he actually enjoyed the site.

The love that actually flowed in the house was more than lust. They actually looked out for each other and if one became sick or hurt, the others pitched in to care him. The lovers enjoyed the passion that flowed and not fearing reprisals from the outside world.

One day in early spring, John decided to pay a surprise visit to his sons. Hr brought KW and George along with him. As they approached the rooming house, they were greeted by Prince.

"MASSA JOHN!! DADDY!! GEORGE!!" the servant exclaimed.

"Prince, you look great." John said. "Where are the boys?"

"School suh." the young slave replied. "Deys bes back sho' nuff."

He helped the owner down from the carriage and Peter came out to greet John. Prince, KW, and George went to the stables to curry the team.

"So boy, yo' bes good?" KW asked.

"Yes suh Daddy." his son responded. "We's takes cares of ourselves. How be Mama?"

"Shes be good." his father responded. "She sends her loves."

"How you be George?" Prince asked.

"Goods." the friend answered. "Your daddy teached me good."

"Well he bes da bes'." the young man said.

The three tended the horses. John was greeted by Trent and they sat in the large sitting room.

"So what brings you here John?" the innkeeper asked.

"Well, I decided to visit." John replied. "How are the boys been behaving?"

"They are wonderful." the red-headed man told him. "All the boys are as one family. Chad has been a great influence on them."

"I'm so glad to hear that." the blond landowner said.

Just then the boys were coming in the house and they saw John. Brett, Beau, Chad, and Thadd ran to the man they called Dad. John was besieged by the outpouring of love. Michael and Gregg shook hands with the man. Brett introduced him to the others who did not know John Rutherford.

"What are you doing here?" Brett asked.

"Well we got the spring planting done." John said. "I decided to see how my boys are doing."

"We're so glad to see you Daddy." Thadd said with a huge smile.

Trent whispered in Peter's ear, who nodded with a smile. The servant got three more men and they prepared the sitting room for that night. Trent had a room prepared for John and KW, while George wanted to stay with Thadd and Gregg. Noah appeared and the new overseer saw him.

"George, this is Noah." Gregg said. "I hope that you could be friends."

The teen slave extended his hand to George.

"Hello suh." he said.

George liked the boy immediately and they learned about each other. Thadd and Gregg began to laugh to see the two servants talking like long lost friends. The two servants helped the two teens prepared for dinner. As they went downstairs, they saw that they were overdressed. Everyone was in their birthday suits, so the four undressed quickly.

"So I see mealtime is informal." John said.

"Only for special occasions." Trent replied. "And dessert will be served with a special flair."

The entire house ate dinner and talked with great enthusiasm. Each male had engorged cocks that dripped precum on the chairs. As dinner finished, the entire group entered the sitting room and the mattresses were laid out. The boys knew what to do as they pulled the two men down to the floor. Beau and Brett attacked KW's massive monster while Prince worked on his master's rod. Beau moved on the large scrotum as Brett felt his mouth open wider than it ever had been as he tried to swallow the dark saber. Though he could manage Prince's ebony pole easily, the man's dick was much thicker. The teen could feel KW's heartbeat through the thick flesh. After a few minutes, the twins swapped positions, and would change so they could rest their overworked mouths. George had brought the lard and the twins prepared the gargantuan 16", then Beau prepared Brett's hole for the invasion. He held the cock as Brett positioned himself over it. As the tip pressed his rosebud, fear flooded his body. He tried to relax as much as he could, but as the head penetrated, the fullness wracked his body.

"OH MY GOD!!" he cried out. "OH JESUS!!"

He remained squatted over the rod for several minutes so he could slowly adjust the snake in him. As the pain eased, Brett lowered himself, only to stop to adjust to the elephant cock. It took almost forty minutes for the teen to be totally impaled on KW. As he bottomed out, everyone applauded.

"How does it feel Brett?" Beau asked

"I feel his cock here." Brett replied, putting his finger just below his ribcage.

The white teen rode the cock slowly and felt it open his bowels. The massive ramrod pressed his prostate, which caused precum to pour out of his slit. Beau swallowed his brother and drank from his fountain. Beau moved around so his cock was over KW's face and the large man swallowed the hard teen pole down his throat. The movement in the holes was fluid (no pun intended). Beau fed on his brother's juiced and he made sure KW was truly quenched. Brett felt the fullness in him as he knew his explosion was imminent. His balls pulled to his body and he threw his head back.

"OH GOD!!" he cried out.

The first of nine shots of life juices filled his twin's mouth. Beau drank it down as quickly as it filled his mouth. Brett's ass muscles constricted on KW's anaconda and the large servant exploded violently in Brett's hole with fifteen volleys. Brett felt as if the juices were flooding his brain. The force of KW's climax also had him suck on Beau's rod harder. The teen thought his balls were being pulled from his body. The first blast of ten flooded KW's mouth, who drank it as a baby on his mother's teat. As the teens finished their sexual bliss, Beau collapsed on KW's body and Brett felt the mammoth rod soften, but still filled his body. He slowly came off the large missile and it popped out. KW held the boys to his chest as they snuggled against him.

"Nothin' gonna harms you boys." he said.

Prince wanted to feel his master's cock in him. He took the lard and slathered John' hard cock and his hole. The blonde man looked at his lover's son and loved the boy as one of his own.

"Prince, you know you don't have to do this." he said to the ebony teen.

"Massa John." Prince replied. "I's wants dis so much."

He positioned himself over the 8" dick of his owner and lowered himself completely on it. The teen began to raise and lower himself to feel the hard man fill him. His own 12" cobra flowed precum between the two. John put some on his fingers and tasted the sweetness of the teen on him. Prince began to ride the white man's pole hard and knew he would receive the seed that created his friends and lovers. John felt the silky smoothness of the boycunt squeezing his cock. For twenty minutes the two built their sexual crescendo to a massive climax. John felt his sperm ready to charge up his shaft. He pressed his hands on Prince's hard pecs and squeezed as he released the first blast.

"FUCK!!" he yelled.

Eight rounds filled Prince's hole, who felt each shot hit his prostate. After the third shot, the slave felt his pent up energy ready to release from his large snake.

"FUCK ME MASSA JOHN!!" he uttered.

Nine volleys of white cream hit the slaveowner's body from his head to his stomach. The two, owner and servant, finally felt their joy ebb slowly. Prince collapsed on John's body and began to lick the spunk off him. After he finished, the teen kissed the man and shared his love with his master. As they broke the kiss, John looked at Prince.

"No matter what, you are my son." he said. "No one will ever harm you."

"Thank ya' Massa John." the teen said.

Gregg and Thadd were making love, while George and Noah were in a hot sixty-nine. Michael was slowly moving in and out of Chad, who caressed the hard body of his lover. Brian was fucking Tom doggie-style. Peter was spooning against Trent's back as he slowly fucked his lover. Sex filled the air, but most important was the love. They loved each other as family, friends, and lovers. The world outside did not matter, only what happened in the boarding house.

After they all felt sated of their sexual appetites, they laid around and the two men who arrived began to wonder if the boys were keeping up with their studies.

"So are you doing well boys?" John asked.

"They are at the top of their class." Michael said. "I would never let them take it easy."

"I appreciate that." the Rutherford father said. "I want to make sure these boys are prepared for life."

The group finally recovered to get to their rooms, but were too tired for any further sexual activity. As they slept, John was still awake and began to worry about what would happen to the south. He heard about the problems in South Carolina. He fell asleep in KW's arms and tried to sleep.

When they awoke the next day, John gathered his sons in the sitting room.

"Beau and Brett." he began. "You remember what I said to do if war was to come."

"Yes sir." they answered in unison.

"You will need to prepare." their father said. "I feel war will be upon us quite soon."

"What about us Daddy?" Thadd asked.

"Well son, I don't think they will want you in the army." John said. "But Chad, I want you to be in the same regiment as Beau. Gregg, I want you to go with Brett."

"Is it that bad Daddy?" Brett asked.

"I'm afraid so." the man answered.

After a solemn breakfast, the boys saw John, KW, and George off. The boys did not want to see them leave, but they knew it was inevitable. As they bid each other good-bye, they carriage left.

The days flowed one after another, and the group studied hard. They still exercised and learned to defend themselves. On April 12th, there was shooting outside the classroom. At first no one would pay attention, but it grew as others joined in the tumult. The teacher stopped someone, then dismissed the class. They all went to the boarding house and saw a very sad Trent.

"What is the matter?" Michael asked.

The red-headed man handed him a telegram and the others peered at it. They were in shock with the four words on the page.

Fort Sumter fired upon!


NOTE: Well folks, the war begins. I will be keeping the war as accurate as possible. For a period of time where families were split, I hope to make the ending a happy one for the Rutherfords. I hope that you will enjoy the story and please email your comments, good or bad, to Also if you notice any mistakes, please let me know. Please put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.


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