by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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There was a tapping on their tent again. After Chad told the person to come in, Ethan entered and stood at attention.

"So how do you feel now?" Chad asked.

"Very sore sir." Ethan replied.

"Martin, you must remember that you need to have discipline." Beau explained. "Without it, we all die."

"Yes sir." the big man responded. "I will do my best."

"That's all we ask." the blonde Rutherford said. "We will see you in the morning."

The large man left and reported to his tent. The Rutherford brothers prepared for bed and hoped that their punishment would not backfire.

They fell asleep so they could be ready to face a new day.


As the days and weeks progressed, Beau and Chad were able to develop their unit into a fighting force any commander would be proud to take into combat. Ethan Martin actually became a natural-born leader and both Rutherfords promoted him to corporal in a matter of weeks. Ethan realized these men would look out for him, so he needed to be there for them.

Billy Mills was very adept as the Rutherfords' aide. He made sure their boots were polished until they shone in the sun. He cleaned their clothes and uniforms. But he enjoyed the nights. Billy loved the feel of Chad's massive tool in his ass while he sucked Beau's hard 9". The brothers also made sure he was sexually sated as they each would him to orgasmic bliss twice each. Though the teen was a bottom, Chad and Beau took pleasure in feeling his own monster in their love chutes. Every so often, Frank would be invited and join in getting deeply rammed and shove his meat into one of the available holes.

The Maryland 1st trained hard, but played harder. The artillery unit enjoyed each other's company. Brett and Sgt. Brookes were a couple and everyone knew it, but never said anything about it. Gregg would not let anyone penetrate his ass, nor did he ram his plunger into anyone's hole. But he did give and receive blowjobs, especially from Jeff Osborne. The two became very good friends and Jeff understood Gregg's aversion to anal sex.

The first major battle was also thought to be the only battle of the war. It was to take place along the Manassas River. The Virginia 1st moved up to the southern woods and reported to the command of General Joseph E. Johnston. The Rutherford unit was placed under the direct command of Major General Bernard Bee.

The Maryland 1st was joined with the Army of the Potomac. They marched for two days straight and encamped from Blackburn's Ford to Sudley Spring along the Warrington Turnpike. They were allowed two days rest and the artillery units were set to fire on the Confederates at any moment.

Gregg and Brett made sure their red armbands were affixed to their left sleeves. They hoped to see Beau and Chad so they would not fire on them.

Chad and Beau rallied their men to give them an inspirational speech. The fear was on everyone's face, though some tried to give a brave façade. Beau stood before the men to speak.

"Well men, this is our first test." he began. "I cannot guarantee we will win or lose, but we will do our best. I cannot say that everyone will come back alive and whole, but our training hopefully will be put to good use. All I can say is work as a unit and we should be able to get through this."

"All I can say is let's get ready to kill us some Yankees." Chad added.

This caused the men to give a yell that could have waken the dead. Chad and Beau make sure they had their armbands ready. General Bee had the unit stationed to the east of Henry House Hill in reserve.

July 21st, 1861. A hot, sweltering day and both sides had taken their places. The Union troops moved at 0230 hours to flank the Confederates. The Union artillery was set on Henry House Hill and what happened during the day was not to be believed. Women, children, and the elderly began to arrive around the hillsides to watch the battle. They were dressed in their Sunday finest and had picnic lunches. One of the colonel's from the Army of the Potomac approached a woman with her two daughters.

"Ma'am, do you think it is wise to be here?" he asked. "There will be terrible bloodshed."

"Sir, please leave us to our lunch." she replied. "We are here to see you Yankees get beaten and leave us in peace."

General Taylor started a diversion at 0600 hours at Stone Bridge as the rest of the Union troops moved to the right flank. The diversion was unsuccessful as the rebels saw McDowell's main force on the flank and managed to move.

The road was so terrible, the Yankees arrived at Sudley Springs at 0930 hours, several hours behind schedule. Barstow, Bee, and Evans' troops met Burnside and Porter's men at Matthew's Hill. This did prevent Beauregard and Johnston from going on with their offensive. The skirmish caused the Confederates to withdraw after General Jackson did not advance, hence giving him the name of Stonewall as an insult by General Bee.

"Why the hell doesn't he charge?" Chad wondered to Beau. "The attack would give us the advantage."

"I wish I knew." his brother responded. "It makes no sense."

Explosions sounded around them. Mini-balls hit trees and bushes where they were. The unit fired and they did hit some of the men in blue. Beau and Chad made sure not to hit anyone with red on their left arms, though they excitement caused confusion.

While the infantry was scattered in the surrounding area, the 1st Maryland was placed under the 21st Massachusetts commander. All through the day, the Confederacy charged and took possession cannons, only to lose them after a counter-offensive. The 1st Maryland however never lost their cannons. Sgt. Brookes told his men to stand firm.

"All right lads." he said with his heavy brogue. "Let's give these Rebs some hard lessons."

During one Confederate charge, the northern unit rang volley after volley into several charging men. The bloodshed and the carnage was indescribable. The civilians who watched this became sickened, even when the southern troops finally repelled the bluecoats. The northern retreat ran into the civilians and the nightmare of the confusion echoed through the woods. The 1st Maryland took their artillery and ammunition with them. They traveled back to the nation's capitol, over a two day period, where they set up camp. Their commanding officer addressed them.

"Men, you have proved your worth." he said. "Not only did you fight bravely and honorably, but we did not lose one piece of equipment. Well done."

"Sir, may we speak freely?" one of the men asked.

"Certainly." the colonel said.

"Well sir, the generals leading us are idiots." the soldier said. "The timetable was not adhered to and some of the infantry units deserted sir."

"Well son, I have to agree." the officer said. "The planning was poor and some of the units should have been shot on sight. But we are the 1st Maryland and we do not quit until ordered to so."

The group let out a cheer and readied themselves for a meal. Though they could not set up the mess tent, they did have some hardtack and jerky which tasted like a gourmet dinner.

As they settled down, the unit paired off. Gregg went with Jeff. Their friendship was very close and the day's events came up. Jeff knew of Gregg's love for Thadd and had respect for it. They had stripped down and held onto each other.

"I don't know about you, but I was scared." Gregg told his friend. "I thought we were going to be killed."

"I know the feeling." Jeff responded. "I think we need new leaders."

"Jeff, I meant to ask, what are you planning to do after the war?" the teen queried.

"I'm not sure." he replied. "I thought about being a merchant. I used to work in a general store in my hometown. Maybe I would do well after the war."

"I hope you do." Gregg said. "I'll probably go back to the plantation with Brett and back to Thadd."

"Tell me about this love of yours." Jeff inquired.

Gregg told the NCO about small teen with the enormous heart and spirit. He explained how Thadd carried his larger brother several miles after Chad was beaten by their father. Gregg said that this was the one person who loved Gregg for who he was and never mocked him about his weight.

I would love to meet this person." Jeff said. "He seems to be wonderful."

"I just hope that the war ends soon." Gregg replied. "And I hope that he is still alive when we return."

Jeff kissed Gregg tenderly and the pair rubbed their bodies against each other. Their cocks mated and precum mixed on their stomachs. The thinner man rolled the teen on his back and licked down the larger male's body. He played with the nips, which had the teen to writhe under his manipulation. The further down he ventured, the more Gregg spasmed. The corporal's tongue flicked the head of the steely shaft that flowed with the clear fluid.

"OH SHIT!!!" the young male moaned.

Jeff slowly enveloped the flesh missile and worked his way down until his nose pressed against the hairs of the soldier's middle. The NCO bobbed his head up and down, where he drew more fluid from Gregg's body. Gregg was ready to release his load when Jeff pulled off and moved up the body again.

"How was that?" the older male asked.

"Wonderful, but you stopped too soon." Gregg replied. "Now it's my turn."

One of the many things that Gregg did learn was that Jeff's earlobes were highly sensitive. He moved to the right one and began to lick and suckle it. Jeff let out a moan and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. After a few minutes, Gregg moved to the left lobe and elicited the same response. After another few minutes, Gregg kissed and licked the thin man's neck and chest. Jeff's nips were already erect and the teen wanted to get them harder. As he sucked one, he used his forefinger and thumb to work the other.

"OH JESUS, MARY, AND JOSEPH!!!" Jeff cried out in pleasure.

Gregg worked the hard pieces of chest flesh for several minutes. He moved down and licked the flat abs and around the bush. The teen avoided the tower of flesh and moved to the lightly hairy baby makers. He worked each of them in the oral orifice. He maneuvered his way down the sensitive area to the pucker of the corporal and Jeff obliged by raising his legs. Gregg licked around the hole and teased the man.

"Lick me." Jeff begged. "Shove that tongue in me. Please."

Gregg granted his wished and entered the tip into his malepussy. He darted it in and out, putting more in until he had Jeff thrusting more onto it..

"OH YEAH!!!" the corporal whimpered.

Gregg could feel the muscles contract and the juices flow. He understood that Jeff was a slut who loved to have his ass used. Gregg reached up and touched the man's rod and felt it pulse. He knew that Jeff would shoot soon and removed his tongue. He pushed three fingers into the hole and swallowed the tube. He worked the fingers and Jeff sudden shoved up and groaned.

"FUCK ME !!!" he uttered.

He filled Gregg's mouth several times with his thick cream. The teen swallowed it eagerly and enjoyed the taste. As the last dribbles slid down his throat, Gregg released the softening member from his mouth. Jeff gave a weak smile and pulled the southerner onto his back. He proceeded to suckle the 6" of meat between Gregg's legs. Jeff used his hands to work the nutsac and the teenpussy the blonde had.

"MMMMMMFFFFFF!!!" Gregg muttered with mixed pain and pleasure.

Jeff's middle finger on his right hand probed for the magic button and pressed and teased it continually. The precum flowed freely down Jeff's gullet and into his stomach. Gregg was writhing in extreme pleasure and he was ready to explode. Jeff felt the fuzzy skin covering rise and readied himself for the reward.

"OH MY GOD!!!" the teen cried out.

Thick cream blasted further into the waiting mouth, which the man readily swallowed. Six times the teen cannon volleyed with its white projectiles. As the last bit seeped out, the dickhead retracted back into the skin sheath. Jeff released it and kissed Gregg. No words needed to be spoken as they cuddled up and slept.

Joe Brookes was extremely angry. Not at his men, but those units who turned and ran from the battle without their arms. Brett saw the anger and knew he needed to soothe the large beast. The teen also knew if he did not calm the sergeant down, his ass would be sore for days, because the Irishman would pound his teencunt unmercifully. The NCO would repent later for the treatment, but the blonde teen was not sure after their first engagement with the enemy.

"Joe, are you alright?" he asked.

"NO!!" the NCO barked. "Ye boys fought admirably, but those yellow bastards need to be court-martialed and shot."

Brett rubbed the huge shoulders of the red-headed man and kissed his neck. The burly bear/man started to ease under the teen's manipulations. The man then grabbed the startled Brett and held him like a small child. He was sitting on Joe Brookes' lap and felt the 13" cannon against his ass. He loved the feeling of complete impalement and Joe was a gentle lover most of the time. It was times like this Brett feared. Joe felt the boy's body tremble and knew he needed to take it easy. He kissed the blonde teen tenderly as he removed what clothes they had left on their bodies. Joe then turned Brett to face him. The blonde took the engorged flesh piece in his hand. His hot teencunt rested on the monstrous head and it slowly lowered down on the mountainous pole. Brett would stop and just squeeze the red rod or pleasure. Joe's moans educed the reaction the blonde wanted and he kissed the mustached lips. As their tongues danced in the oral cavern of the large, strongly built man, the teen took the large nip nubs between his thumbs and index fingers. Brett played by twisting and rubbing the pair of mammary glands. The copious amounts of precum the oozed from the large slip allowed Brett's ass walls to be coated and he rode the man's cock with the expertise he developed over the years. Joe's rough tongue glazed the two nipples of his lover and this released large moans from the teen. Brett's own pole released large amounts of precum between them, matting down the red hair on the man's abs. With each movement on the rigid member, Brett pressed his prostate and increased the pressure in his body to release his love juices. As the teen nutsac drew up to his body, the first volley sprayed between the two.

"OH SHIT!!!" he cried out.

Eight shots of youthful fluid connected between them, once actually hit the bewhiskered chin of the sergeant. Each release caused the muscles in the teenpussy hole not just contract, but to clamp hard on the mammoth rod. The third squeeze caused the bull balls to unload their contents deep into the bowels of his young lover. Joe bellowed like a bull impregnating a cow and he held Brett close to his body. The young man felt each scalding shot of white love fill him and he wished he were a woman so to carry the man's baby. As the last of the sperm left his dick into Brett, Joe laid back and pulled the teen on him. They kissed deeply and held onto each other.

"Joe, I wish I were a woman." Brett told him. "That way I could have your child."

At first the man was dumbfounded, then he began to cry. He tried to push Brett off him, but the teen would not have it. He kept the solid love muscle deep in him and wiped the tears from the large man's eyes.

"What's the matter?" the blonde queried.

"I told you that I have no family." the red-headed NCO replied. "I did have a wife and son who died coming to this country."

He explained how he had come to the United States, having left his wife and baby in Ireland. He got enough money so they could come over. The ship was hit by a storm and all died at sea. Joe said his wife knew of his proclivity for male sex and was agreeable. They were married when Joe was 14 and had the baby the next year. Joe was happy what Brett wanted for him, but sad about thinking of his lost son. Brett just held his love and they fell asleep.

Beau and Chad rallied with their men. The rowdiness of the men was contagious. After the evening meal, the two brothers talked with the men.

"Now our first test under fire is over." Chad uttered. "We did well, but let's not get too complacent. We need to be ready, no matter what."

"Tomorrow we head to western Virginia." Beau told them. "We will be joining with General Floyd's men to strengthen their ranks. I suggest some sleep. We march at dawn."

The unit settled in their tents and the two Rutherford boys were getting ready for bed. Billy and Frank Mills arrived at their tent moments later, after they broke down their tent. They had stored their gear outside their commanding officers quarters. The pair first undressed themselves, then the two lieutenants. After the Mills boys made sure all of Chad and Beau's items were packed to be transported, the four got down to the real reason the Rutherfords chose the pair as their aides, the pleasure the Mills gave them. Over the weeks, Billy became Chad's personal pussyboy. Billy enjoyed the feel of the 11" deep in his bowels and on several occasions was able to shoot several loads without touching his own cock. Frank also loved the feel of Beau's hard 9" in his teen cunt and the blonde Rutherford actually liked the older Mills boy. He wanted to make sure that nothing happened to the brothers.

Chad had the smaller teen facing him as Billy sat precariously on the massive head of the dark-haired Rutherford. The teen inched his way down the meaty shaft.

"Oh suh." he moaned. "Y'all so fuckin' huge."

"All the better to fuck you with." Chad said with a gleam in his eyes.

The teen bottomed out and felt the length fill his enjoyable teencunt. He began to ride the massive tool with the abandon of teenaged lust, kissing Chad fervently. The larger man kneaded the ass tissue as he felt the silky smoothness on his own flesh.

Frank and Beau were kissing and enjoying each other's pleasure when Frank raised his legs to expose his own hole. Not wanting to seem rude, Beau dove into the lightly hairy hole with gusto and slammed his tongue deep.

"Oh suh, get me wet." he begged. "Please get me ready to fuck me suh."

Beau put Frank's legs down and moved himself so the aide could prepare his cock for the hot session they were to enjoy. As the red-headed soldier engulfed the rod that would soon plow him like an acre of cotton, Beau spread the tight muscles and resumed his task. The pair on the other cot watched the scene before them and this doubled their pleasure. As Beau knew that older Mills boy was ready, he pulled his cock out of the mouth, turned to lift the teen's legs, then planted his raging explorer at the warm entrance. As he pushed forward, Frank pushed himself onto the hard, yet soft piece of flesh. As Beau was fully embedded in his aide's body, Frank lowered his legs and wrapped them like a vise around the officer's waist. Beau slowly moved in and out, only restricted by the room Frank's legs gave him. Their mouths mashed together and the love they felt was beginning to blossom. All of a sudden, Beau felt the strange feeling in his ass as if he were being ridden by a large cock. His prostate felt the pressure against it and his pleasure was truly heightened. The force, that seemed to come from nowhere, created the want of release. This caused Beau to speed his thrusts harder and he hammered Frank's magic button. As if something in the universe created this moment, all four spewed their juices at the same time.

"OH JESUS!!!" Billy cried out.

"FUCK ME!!!" Frank moaned.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Beau uttered.

Chad roared like a rutting beast. The smell of male sex permeated the tent. The four were in two pairs, collapsed on the cots. Billy curled up on the furry chest on the large man and fell asleep. Chad stroked the red hair of the teen. Though he was not much older than this boy, he felt like a father wanting to protect him.

Beau and Frank were spooned against each other. Beau knew he had a duty to continue the Rutherford name, but he fell for the poor boy. Perhaps, like Chad, Thadd, and Gregg, Frank could be part of the family. They finally fell asleep to face another day.


NOTE: First, sorry that this took so long to get out. I have been working two jobs, but that has changed. Second, with my brother being in Iraq, I have basically become a surrogate Dad to my nephews who live close by. I take them to movies, ballgames, and other places their dad would if he was here. Third, this being an historical story, I have tried to keep the battle facts accurate, with of course some literary license. I just hope that everyone enjoys the story. There will be a slight shock in the next chapter, but nothing too bad. I hope that all the readers continue to enjoy it. Please send any comments, good or bad, to Please make sure that you include the title of the story in the subject line and your name and where you are from so I may include all new readers to the Readers' List.


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