by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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"I's so lucky y'all my massas." Prince said. "Buts we's gotsa be careful. If we's found out, I's could gets kilt."

"We would not lot anything happen to you." Brett said, holding Prince to him.

"We'll be here for you Prince." Beau said to him. "And remember, daddy own most everything around here."

The three teen boys fell asleep holding each other, happy how their life was. Nothing could change it.

CHAPTER 2: John's Past Life

The first to rise was Prince. He eased out of bed and found the pissing pot and relieved his huge black snake. The sound of urine, being emptied into the ceramic pot awoke the twins. They looked at their friend and smiled at him. They both arose and were ready to relieve their bladders. But unlike Prince, the twins allowed their flow to enter Prince. The servant was accustomed to this since he was a child. His father told him that this was part of being a man, but in reality to teach his son to prepare to take what is handed to him. Prince had enjoyed the taste of the golden liquid. It made him feel vital and he could go on through the day, especially with two loads from the Rutherford boys. He knelt in front of them and took the heads of their cocks into his mouth. Beau and Brett released a surge of piss into their friend's mouth. Prince was so well trained that he could take both their loads without spilling a drop. After a couple of minutes, the twins finished emptying their bladders.

"I have to know." Beau stated. "What does piss taste like?"

"Delicious!" Brett answered before Prince could open his mouth.

The two looked at Brett with surprised looks. They could not believe that he would know such things. Brett realized he let out a secret that he wanted to keep, but now he knew the he might as well say something.

"Thadd Brockington and I have been together." Brett told the two. "We were swimming at the lake and were fooling around. He told me what he and his older brother, Chad, have been doing for years, including drinking each other's pee. He showed me how. It is so hot and salty."

With that he dropped to his knees and took the massive uncut wonder of Prince and put the head in his mouth. He then applied pressure to Prince's bladder, upon which the servant unleaded a flood of golden fluid. Though some of the liquid seeped out of the corners of his mouth, Brett swallowed what was unleashed into him. The submissive teen then worked the shaft until the mammoth 12" lengthened and widened his mouth. The kneeling twin allowed the shaft to move in and out of his mouth, while his brother got behind the black slave, spread his cheeks, and lathered his ass with spit. After a few minutes, Beau removed his mouth, inserted three fingers, and slowly finger-fucked the teen standing. Within five minutes, Prince grabbed Brett's head and released a bountiful load of cream. Brett swallowed the entire load, rose to his feet, and smiled.

"Now that is breakfast." he said.

"So what else did these two teach you?" Beau asked.

"I learned how to put an entire hand up the ass." Brett responded. "Thadd loves that."

"Well, we'll be together at the University." Beau replied. "And maybe we all can have some fun."

The three dressed after Prince bathed the two teens and himself. They went down the hall and as they passed the their father's room, they heard an unusual sound emanating. The twins crept to the door and Beau silently turned the handle. He pushed the door open and silently and the three teens peered into the room. Though the drapes were still drawn, enough sunlight peeked through to the bed, and the sight astonished the boys. John Rutherford was on his hands and knees, completely naked, and a large black slave was pushing a monster cock in and out of his ass. Prince recognized the slave immediately as his father, King William (KW).

KW earned the name given him as the leader of the slave community on the Rutherford plantation. No one ever questioned his word, nor his loyalty to John Rutherford. Prince's father was a giant of a man. He stood 6'11" and weighed close to 300 pounds, not an ounce of fat shown on his body. KW's greatest asset was what dangled between his legs. When soft, it was as big as his son's, but when turgid it grew to just over 16" of uncut magnificent meat.



He was born on the plantation and was only two years older than John Rutherford. When his current master was born, the 2 year old slave saw the baby and knew he would serve him loyally as his father told him. The two grew up together and became lovers when KW was 12 years of age. When John saw KW's dick one day, he began to fondle him, played like they used to as they grew up. The shaft got hard and grew to 10" of hard cock, but something was different. John noticed a clear liquid ooze from the slit.

"KW, what is this?" the 10-year-old asked, pointing to the precum.

KW thought he was ill and began to panic. John took the precum on his finger, brought it to his nose and sniffed, then tasted the sweetness. The young boy smiled and licked it from the massive slit, which caused the slave to shutter. John continued the use of his tongue on the head of the servant's cock and KW could not hold back. The eyes rolled back and white jizz shot out of his mammoth rod all over John's face and hair. Seven shots of cum rained down on the white boy's face and he began to lick it. Though it had the same sweetness of the clear liquid, the thickness threw him askew of that it was. The last of the load dribbled out of the end of the pre-teen black dick and gathering on the few hairs that had begun to develop. The smaller boy cleaned the area around the huge dick. John savored the taste in his mouth and kissed his friend. KW tasted his own release and licked it off the boy's face.

"That was something amazing." Jack said. "I wonder what you did?"

"My daddy do it too." KW replied. "He say it stuff to make chillins."

"It tastes great." the younger boy said. "I wonder if I can do that."

"My daddy say I wuz supposta do dat." the slave told him. "He say I be makin' chillins soon. But you make me feels good Massa John. The fust stuff make me scart. Thought I wuz dyin'"

"Well, you're not." John told him. "I won't let that happen."

"I sees a woman take a man's thing in her mouth." the young slave told his friend. "She's movin' her haid until the white stuff comes into her mouf. And she lick it too."

With that John took the semi-hard black pole and moved his mouth over the head. He moved his head up and down on the rod, taking as much as he could. The hot piece of meat expanded in his mouth and he was only able to take a couple of inches. KW began moaning, bucking his hips to the face of his master. John then began licking the shaft and head causing the slave to squirm under the touch of John's tongue. They continued their play for almost 30 minutes until KW's entire body froze. John had his mouth over the glan which expanded, filling the young boy's mouth with rich, thick cum. The slave shot six loads into John's mouth until he was totally exhausted. A little of the jizz was seeping out of the corners of the boy's mouth, so KW rose up and licked his own juices from the face of his friend and master. As his tongue passed the lips of the boy, John instinctively opened his lips and allowed the snake-like object enter his mouth. The boys kissed passionately for a couple of minutes and, as soon as it started, they stopped. John's own dick became hard in his pants.

"That was amazing." John said. "I want you to come to my room tonight."

KW just smiled and nodded. The two started to wrestle, and though John was starting to develop a tone to his body, he was no match for the older and more developed KW. They continued their playing until the meal bell rang for lunch. The two developed a love and caring that most deemed extraordinary between master and slave. Anytime the overseer tried to punish KW, John stepped in to help his friend, much to the consternation of his father. John was able to have KW as his own house servant, which allowed him to have the older boy to be near.

A few days after the first blowjob given by John to KW, the two snuck to the pond with a basket of food. As they arrived, the two stripped down to their birthday suits and began swimming. John began to play with KW's rod and made it hard as iron. They laid out in the summer sun and John pulled KW on him and began kissing him. They held each other close and John whispered to his slave.

"KW, I want you in me." the 10-year-old told him. "I want you to put your thing in my butt and make me yours."

"How's we gonna do dat?" the older boy asked. "Ain't it gonna hurts?"

John pulled out a small crock of lard and he placed it all over KW's hard cock. He then handed it to KW and pointed to his tight hole. The slave tentatively took some on his fingers and started to put it around the hole, then pushed his middle finger in to the grease the path. When the finger entered, John froze from the sharp pain. He began to wonder if this was a good idea, but he knew that this was what he wanted. As the pain subsided, he pushed his ass back on the finger. KW added a second greased finger. As he worked them all around the hole, he pulled them out and put his large uncut dick at the hole. John panicked and refused entry. Again trepidation set in and the master wondered if he would be able to do it. The slave leaned over the body and began kissing the smaller boy's neck and back. This relaxed John and as soon as the hole relaxed, the large head popped into John. His entire body tensed and tears welled in his eyes. The pain was immeasurable. The thought of having the cock removed set in his brain, but he also thought that this was what he wanted. The two stayed in the same position for several minutes. John began to relax again and KW began pushing into the hole as he saw his own father do several times. The slave imitated the to and fro motion, but what neither boy expected was the effect it would have on John. The large black dick kept hitting the prostate of the boy, which caused his cocklet to rise fast to almost 4". Each time KW slammed the magic button, electricity of passion ran through John's body. John did not know what was going on, but pleasure moved through his body, and caused him to begin his first orgasm. His body shook and his ass muscles clamped shut. Once this started, the pressure on KW's black snake spewed forth its own white thick venom that coated John's ass wall.

After what seemed an eternity, both boys collapsed on the grass. KW was on John and held onto his young master. As John turned to face KW, the large dick slipped out of his ass, leaving an emptiness that John wanted filled.

"That was fantastic." he told the older boy. "I want to do that again and again."

"Oh yessuh." KW replied. "I wants that ag'in."

John realized that KW was his friend and was now falling in love with him. The smaller boy leaned in and kissed the full lips of the slave. KW was taken aback, but knew he loved the boy since he was born. The two boys fumbled at kissing and laughed trying to get it right.

As they grew, the two were inseparable. John opened his hole to KW at every opportunity. When John matured, KW allowed his friend and master to fill his boypussy.

When KW turned 18, he was told he would take a wife and produce children. There was one girl on the plantation he liked, Ginny. She was a strong girl of 16 and she was friends with KW. The most important thing was she knew of the boys' secret, but she never told anyone. She came upon them in the barn when KW's mother was looking for him. She heard a strange sound from the loft and carefully climbed the wooden ladder and saw John taking the huge cock of KW, which by the time he was 16 was at just over 13". She froze, not knowing what to do and let out a gasp. The two boys panicked and scrambled to dress. Ginny started down the ladder when John spoke.

"Ginny, hold on." he cried out. "Come up here."

She did as she was told and ascended the ladder again. She sat on a bale of hay, looked at the boys, and no one spoke for several minutes. John broke the silence.

"Ginny, please don't say anything." he cried. "We can be in trouble. KW could be sold and my daddy could send me away."

"What wuz y'all doin'?" she asked.

"Having fun." John said. "But my daddy would not understand."

"Okay." she said. "But I would like to try that."

The boys looked at each other and smiled. But before they could do anything, KW heard his mother calling for him. The boys dressed quickly, the three scrambled down the ladder, and left the barn laughing as if nothing was going on between them. Ginny was good to her word. She never told anyone what she saw and John convinced his father that she would be a good house servant. Ginny worked in the kitchen with KW's mother and when he was to have a wife, Ginny was the natural choice. Even after they married, KW still satisfied John on a regular basis, even though it was not as often as they did in the past. KW and Ginny had three girls in succession. They were happy as was John for his friend.

John grew up, attended college, and was introduced to the daughters of the leading families in the South. One who caught his eye was a fragile beauty named Mary Sue Birch. Her father was a large landholder that was adjacent to the Rutherfords. John liked her and decided to have a family. By the time John was 19, he was a strapping young man who was tall and powerful. The two were married and John knew he wanted an heir, but Mary Sue was frail and seemed could not get pregnant, until one day in 1841, she was able to conceive. During the pregnancy both John and Mary Sue's fathers had died. John naturally inherited his father's estate, and with the way things were in the 19th Century, he inherited Mary Sue's property since she had no brothers or other male relatives. His first order was to merge both properties and the slaves seemed to find him a fair man. The Birch overseer was an exceptionally cruel man and John terminated him immediately. His own overseer was a tough, but fair man who did not discipline the slaves without cause and never took it to the extreme. John put KW as a second overseer and they worked well together.

KW and Ginny were expecting their fourth child at this time. John treated the birth of his friend's children with great joy. In the early summer of 1842, Ginny gave birth to their first, and only boy. He was naturally named Prince. Two months later, Mary Sue gave birth to the twins Beau and Brett. But due to her delicate condition, the birth was difficult, and she died the next day. Everyone mourned the loss of the mistress of the house, which hit John very hard.

"Please care for our sons." Mary Sue told him. "Protect then and see they are happy."

John kissed her forehead as she slipped into a coma and died. John raised his sons alone and loved them dearly. Ginny became mother to the boys as they were raised with Prince. John also know that he wanted his sons to know that life was not easy and that everything was not handed to anyone. When the boys were old enough, they helped in the fields and they soon learned that hard work paid off. The slaves worked hard and the Rutherford plantation flourished as none other. The slaves enjoyed the fruits of their labor. John Rutherford was a man to respect and many did, especially his friend KW.


As the boys saw what was happening in their father's room, they eased back and quietly closed the door. The three teens smiled and went down to eat. The twins ate in the dining room, while Prince ate in the kitchen. John soon joined his sons, who were smiling very sly, knowing grins at each other. KW went to the kitchen and ate with a knowing stare from his son.

"Dad." Beau said. "How did KW get his name?"

"I guess because of his stature." John replied with a quizzical look on his face. "Why do you ask?"

"I thought it was because of his massive member." his son retorted with a laugh, joined by Brett.

John's face became crimson with rage. He glared at his twin sons and rose from his chair. Brett saw this and explained the events of this morning rather quickly. John stopped as if he were hit, not knowing what to say to his boys. His sons came over and gave their father a hug.

"Dad we understand." Brett told him. "Besides we knew all along. We're not blind."

John hugged his sons and kissed them on their foreheads. He knew what special boys they were.

The spring and summer wore on and the Rutherford plantation continued to prosper, even though there was talk of secession if Abraham Lincoln were to be elected president. Beau and Brett continued to help on the plantation, but also planned to attend the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Beau, Brett, and Prince continued to enjoy each other's passions. John and KW continued their special relationship and all seemed well.

The day before the twins were to depart for college, John planned a special farewell party for his boys. All the members of the plantation prepared for a picnic and dance, both master and servant. Others from around the area were invited and the day produced a great time for all. Even the Brockington boys were there and the four planned what it would be like at the University. As the evening approached, the guests that lived nearby went home, but those who had traveled quite a distance stayed the night. Thadd and Chad were those who stayed the night and for fun.

NOTE: I am sorry that I taken quite a while to submit this chapter. I am still recovering from my accident from May and my typing is very slow. But I do play to add onto this story. For those who enjoyed the first chapter, I hope that you really enjoy where I am going. If you have any comments, good or bad, please email them to Also I appreciate the thoughts and prayers for Andrew. He is still having problems, but he tells me that he is feeling better at times. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts.