by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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Chad roared like a rutting beast. The smell of male sex permeated the tent. The four were in two pairs, collapsed on the cots. Billy curled up on the furry chest on the large man and fell asleep. Chad stroked the red hair of the teen. Though he was not much older than this boy, he felt like a father wanting to protect him.

Beau and Frank were spooned against each other. Beau knew he had a duty to continue the Rutherford name, but he fell for the poor boy. Perhaps, like Chad, Thadd, and Gregg, Frank could be part of the family. They finally fell asleep to face another day.



As the days fell into weeks, then into months, the brothers fell into a routine with their units. Beau and Chad kept their little unit trained to a razor's edge. Though it was tough for them to shave on a regular basis, they tried, but grew long sideburns. Chad also grew a moustache, that made him look distinguished.

On one auspicious afternoon, the officers were invited to a ball at General Jackson's home. Beau and Chad attended and were introduced to two sisters, Janet and Joyce Preston. They were from a very prominent family in northern Virginia. They boys were infatuated by the pair, who were extremely beautiful, but held a deep, dark secret - they were lesbians. The sisters thought the two were handsome and they got to know the Rutherfords. Over the next few days, the four became friends and there were no secrets between them. It was obvious they were made for each other, so the Rutherfords asked for Janet and Joyce's hands in marriage. After a couple of days, the two couples were wed. The two men even did their husbandly duty and the sisters became pregnant. The couples actually loved each other, not as husbands and wives, but as true friends and soulmates. Shortly after the Preston girls became pregnant, the boys were back in the war and with their true lovers, which their wives knew about and approved of with no qualms. Their units were embroiled in several skirmishes, but somehow their little band make it through unscathed.

Brett and Gregg became excellent soldiers and earned promotions to corporals, along with the respect of their fellow comrades. They also became very much in love with their partners. Joe made sure both teens were protected. As with Chad and Beau, the 1st Maryland met with several minor battles, but with the exception of the loss of one man, who got careless, the unit was very much intact.

Winter came and went. With spring came and a battle that had the South realizing that they were not invulnerable. At Kearnsville, VA, the two factions met, as well as the brothers on opposite sides since Bull Run. Though the South lost the battle, both sides were met with tough casualties. Gregg received a head wound when a miniball grazed his head. Brett shot the Johnny Reb who fired the shot and he killed him. Another of their unit received a shoulder wound, but lived. On the Southern side, especially the 1st Virginia, there were several casualties. Barry Peterson was killed when a cannonball exploded a short distance away and shrapnel tore through his throat. He looked at Chad, who held the teen in his arms as the blonde died. Ethan Martin distinguished himself by killing several Union soldiers. His leadership earned him a promotion to sergeant. He realized his true calling as a soldier.

Chad wrote a letter to Barry Peterson's family about the death of their soldier boy.

"That was the hardest thing I had to do." he said to Beau. "I hope that I don't have to do it again."

"Brother, I think we might be writing many more." the blonde replied.

Weeks and months continued as the war became a matter of small battles and skirmishes. To the middle of March 1862, the Peninsula Campaign began. The campaign continued and culminated in the Seven Days Battle at the end of June. The 1st Maryland joined the Union forces in May. The 1st Virginia joined Lee's forces at the end of May. Though the four were miles apart, the fighting was fierce and bloody. Along the way, Bruce Baxter was killed at West Point, VA. Beau was with him as he died.

"Suh, please tell my wife and yungens I died bravely." he said weakly. "And suh, I'm sorry that I gives you and yo' brotha' a hard time. You are good soldiers."

As the breath left his body for the last time, Beau wept openly and bitterly. He remembered what his father said when the war started.

"This foolishness will result in nothing but destruction and hard times." John told his sons. "Just be prepared for the worse."

How right his father was. The death and destruction of lives and property was something the blonde officer could not understand. As he wrote the letter, he knew what Chad went through. Here was a man who would never see what his children would become.

The Maryland 1st lost a few men, but they were quickly replaced. The new men promptly adapted to the unit. Their fights, though somewhat costly at times, allowed the Union troops to gain ground and almost marched into Richmond.

The Peninsula Campaign fighting ended with the Seven Days Campaign that started with the Battle of Oak Grove on June 25th and ended with the Union retreat from Malvern Hill on July 1st.

The days saw the casualties rise almost geometrically. The worst day of fighting was on the 27th at Cold Harbor. The total killed or wounded was just under 12,000 for both sides, with the Confederacy taking the brunt of the loses. The Maryland 1st was part of the assault, but the Virginia 1st was still a few miles away. The Union took several casualties and the Maryland 1st and was no exception. The battery which Brett and Gregg were assigned lost a couple of men.

On June 29th, both the Maryland 1st and Virginia 1st were on opposing sides at Savage Station, VA. Gregg, who was trained as a spotter because of his math skills, gave to coordinates to the battery. As the battle raged, he saw something that drained the blood from his face. Two red armbands adorned the uniforms of a couple of Johnny Rebs. He then saw their faces - Beau and Chad. A cannonball exploded near them and Gregg saw several bodies mangled due to the shrapnel tearing through the flesh.

"Oh my God." he whispered to Brett. "It's Beau and Chad."

He pointed to where the brothers were. Brett thought quickly to prevent his twin and brother's demise.

"Redirect to the left." he told Gregg. "Say there is a large contingent coming up the flank. HURRY!!"

Gregg did that and it allowed the Rutherfords' men to retreat. Joe Brookes saw this and wondered what was happening. Ironically, a detachment of southern troops were approaching where Gregg redirected the cannons. The battle ended and the two teens were called to Sgt. Brookes' tent.

"What the hell happened?" he roared. "Why the fuck did you change the direction of our artillery?"

"Uhm.." Gregg uttered.

"It was my fault." Brett answered quickly. "My brothers were out there. I couldn't be responsible for their deaths. Not directly at least."

The burly Irishman dismissed Gregg, rose to meet Brett, and slapped the blonde hard enough to knock him to the ground. He then pulled Brett up and hugged him.

"I know it was your brothers." Joe said. "But this is war. People die and I know you don't want to kill them. But they are trying to kill us."

"I know, but when Gregg saw them." the teen replied. "I had to do something."

"How did he know it was them?" the NCO asked.

Brett pointed to the red armband he was wearing. Tears streamed down his face. He was torn between the love for his family and the love for the man before him. Before anyone could do anything, the colonel came in the tent.

"Sgt. Brookes, how did you know about that large detachment coming from our left?" the officer asked.

"Corporal Price saw it and Corporal Rutherford ordered the battery to position to catch them." Joe answered.

"Good work." the commander said to Brett. "I am recommending some field promotions."

He left and the sergeant began to laugh. He just held the teen close to him. Brett tried to figure out what had just happened.

"Brett, I know you love your brother." Sgt. Brookes said. "But you can never jeopardize the unit. I want to meet your family, but this is war."

"I'll remember." the teen responded. "I just don't want to be responsible for Beau or Chad's death."

The NCO understood his feelings. How could anyone be in a position to kill a family member? Joe Brookes understood John Rutherford's reasoning - better one live son than two dead. He just held his love in his massive arms and just cuddled him.

No one in the Maryland 1st wanted to do anything but have a quick meal and sleep. The meal was a bit of jerky and hardtack.

The Confederates regrouped after accessing their dead and wounded. The biggest shock was the death of Ethan Martin. Chad and Beau found his lifeless body, his stomach and chest ripped open by the shrapnel of the same cannonball Gregg saw explode before redirecting the fire. The two wept openly and it was agreed that both would send letters of condolence to his next of kin.

"WAR!!" Chad spat bitterly. "Why the fuck are we fighting? What's the use of the destruction and death?"

"I wish I knew." Beau replied with hatred in his voice. "A year later and no end in sight. Everyone kept saying it would be a couple of months."

The brothers mulled over what was happening when Billy entered with two letters and handed them to the two officers. They saw it was from their father-in-law: Judson Preston. They read their individual letters and their emotions changed so dramatically. At first they were elated, then crushing sadness shone on their faces.

"What's the matter?" Billy asked.

"My wife had the baby." Chad said. "But she was weak and died in childbirth. I have a son and her father wants to know what he is to do with the baby."

"I got the same letter." Beau replied. "Jenny had twins. Both boys and she lingered for two days before she died. I guess we can send them to Dad. He'll be sure they will be cared for and loved."

Beau rose and got pen and paper out. He wrote two letters, one to his father and the other to his father-in-law. He then had Billy saddle a horse and gave him the letters.

"Get the babies and deliver them to my father." the blonde said. "Tell him we are fine and to care for his grandsons."

Won't I need a wagon?" the teen asked.

"Ask Mr. Preston for one." Beau responded. "I put that in the letter, along with one female slave. If he gives you any problems, tell him it's part of the dowry."

The younger Mills boy rode off and the brothers spirits, though low, began to improve with the thought of sons to carry on the family legacy.

The end of the Peninsula Campaign came on July 1st. McClellan's retreat saw a Confederate victory, though the Southern troops suffered more casualties than the North.

The Maryland 1st encamped just outside of Washington, DC. They trained hard and long. Gregg and Brett always proved that they were not disloyal and Joe Brookes was satisfied that his love only wanted to save his brothers.

Gregg and Jeff remained very close, but not lovers. Jeff understood the teen's feelings for Thadd and the guilt he would feel if they actually made love. The lanky corporal, who was to be promoted, liked Gregg as a friend and never wanted to jeopardize that. Their favorite thing was to get into a hot sixty-nine session and take the respective loads, but not swallow. Then, Gregg usually, would get on top and they would exchange the juices which they would swallow. When in their cot, Gregg would allow his dick to rest along Jeff's ass crack. He knew that his friend would move his ass along the teen's turgid rod to the point of shooting, but Gregg felt that he was not cheating. And on occasion, Gregg would put Jeff's massive pole along his smooth ass and feel the monster erupt all over his back. They knew this is what friends do for each other.

The love Brett and Joe Brookes had developed more as the time passed. It went from having sex to mutual respect and love. After a rather intense lovemaking session in which Brett drained Joe's balls three times and unloading five different loads all over the both of them, Joe culled the teen and, with a tear in his eye, asked the most peculiar question.

"Why do you want me?" the burly Irishman asked. "I'm nothin' but a broke down sergeant with nothin' in his life but what I carry around on me back. You could have anyone, man or woman, even the colonel. Why me?"

The blonde mulled over his answer, not wanting to sound stupid or condescending or even snobbish. He wanted to convey his true answer and feeling.

"At first, it was to save Gregg." Brett began. "But it was something that first night. You could have just ripped into me and that would have been that. But you were gentle, in a tough-sort-of -way. You made sure it was pleasurable for the both of us. You remind me of my father. He's tough, but gentle and kind. I guess that's why none of the slaves have run-off. They're treated like family or friends than servants. I hope that explains it."

The large man held his true love tightly and kissed him all over. The red-head worked the oversensitive nipples and caused the 9" member of his love to spring up quickly. Joe continued to work the hard teen body, moving down to the legs, then up to the rigid cock and balls. He took the orbs in his mouth and played with them.

"OH SHIT!!!" Brett moaned loudly.

The sergeant then swallowed his dick to the base and bobbed up and down. The saliva oozed all over Brett's mid-section, getting him nice and wet. The Irishman then took the hard cock and sat directly on it. The pain was etched on his face, but this was something he felt he must do. The wiry hairs felt erotic on Brett's pole. The coarseness stimulated him and he knew he would not be able to hold out. The pressure on his prostate had Joe's large cannon standing tall. Brett grabbed it and ran both his hands up and down the massive member. The precum oozed freely and splashed their bodies with the clear fluid copiously.

"Yeah my love, stroke me." the large man growled.

The two looked unusual as the larger man was being bred by the smaller teen, but their love grew to show that they were one. Joe's balls were rising quickly and he knew that he would be unloading for a fourth time.

"I'm gonna cum." he moaned.

"Shoot it baby." Brett uttered.

With that, the red-head's cock and body stiffened and the first shot flew in a perfect arc. He roared loudly and frequently. Brett, whose mouth was open because he was panting, received the spunk in his throat and he swallowed the salty treat. Eight more times the thick man cream ejected from Brookes' firing mechanism and coved them in the sticky love. After the second shot, Joe's extremely tight ass muscles squeezed Brett's cock so tight, the teen thought his cock was going to be snapped in two, but it caused him to unleash a torrent of his own spunk.

"OH FUCK ME!!!" he yelled.

Eight rounds of teen jizz flooded the sergeant's rectal area. Brett pushed further into his love's mancunt to be one. As Joe grabbed the teen's hard pecs, Brett seized the thick arms of the NCO. As the finished releasing their life spirit, the larger man rolled on his side, taking the blonde with him.

"Joe, that was wonderful." Brett said with a radiant glow.

"Aye, yer right lad." the red-head responded.

"I can't wait for the this stupid war to end." the blonde uttered. "Then I can take you home."

"I want that too." Joe told him.

They fell asleep and were bound together by cum and love.

Chad and Beau received some replacements, but not as many as they needed. The new men were capable, but no one could replace their greatest loss, Ethan Martin. The man seemed to be a pillar of strength in combat and the brothers knew it.

Chad and Beau had continued to care for the Mills boy with all their being. The aides got a letter to notify them that their farm was destroyed by a battle in the area and their family was killed in the process. Frank cried, but Billy did not know what emotions he felt. Of course he was upset that the farm was lost, but he had no feelings for his family, because of the way they treated him. Chad came to him and hugged him tightly.

"Are you alright?" the large man asked.

"Well sorry that the farm is gone." he replied. "But I'm not sorry that about my daddy and brother. I'm glad Frank wasn't there."

"I know the feeling." Chad told him. "When my daddy was killed, I was actually happy. He was a mean bastard and the world is rid of him. It was a good thing Beau's daddy adopted my brother and me."

"The only thing is that we have no place to live after the war." Frank said.

"Oh yes you do." Beau responded. "At my family's plantation. As long as you're willing to work."

"Don't you have any slaves?" Billy queried.

"Yes." the blonde captain answered. "And we work along side. Our slaves aren't treated as property, but as people."

The Mills boys smiled and wanted to show their gratitude for the kindness the Rutherfords have shown them. They slowly undressed the captains and kissed the exposed parts of the bodies as they did. As the britches came off, two turgid poles sprang forth. The two officers just closed their eyes, smiled ever so slightly, and moaned softly as the two aides engulfed their manhood. The two teens' heads bobbed back and forth to moisten their captains' cocks. After a few minutes, the Mills boys removed their mouths from the rods of flesh and finished undressing themselves and revealed their hard, smooth bodies and their own solid poles. They led the pair to their respective cots and had them lie down. The brothers placed the bulbous heads at their teencunts and pressed the cocks into their bodies. A simultaneous look of ecstasy and pleasure crossed the four faces and the teen soldiers slowly fucked themselves on the poles. The two captains wrapped their arms around the Mills boys waists and their hands found the rock-solid rods of their lovers and slowly began to move their hands tenderly over the flesh. Sounds of moans, groans, and phrases such as Oh God!, Fuck Me!, Ram Me!, and You're Wonderful! echoed in the tent. The climatic build up rose from the balls of all four Confederate soldiers and the pace became frantic. Then, as by some galactic being that controls time and space, the four lovers shot their loads in unison. Billy and Frank shot in an arc as if they were some frantic display. Beau and Chad released their baby makers deep in the teens' bowels.

"OH YEAH!!!" Billy muttered.

"OH SHIT!!!" Frank yelled.

"OH FUCKIN' YEAH!!! Beau screamed.

Chad bellowed as he usually did. As the four relaxed in the afterglow of passion, Billy snuggled tightly against Chad's furry chest and sighed contently. The large man enveloped his body around the smaller teen as they fell asleep. Frank removed Beau's semi-hard pole from his ass, turned, and kissed the blonde captain, which was reciprocated with the same vigor. As the kiss was broken, they held each other wondering what the future held.


NOTE: Well, here is the next chapter. Sorry it has taken some time. Now some good news and some bad. First, the bad. This will be the last chapter of the year. The reason is because of the holiday season. When the new year rolls around, I will be spending my time on one story at a time. The good news the first story that I will complete will be Brother v. Brother. This will have me doing a lot of research over the holidays, so when I resume it, I will have all the facts in order so that I may work on it. I probably will start writing somewhere around New Year's Eve and only take time-off writing to watch my beloved Gamecocks win their bowl game and watch my Pats take the Super Bowl. If you have any comments, either good or bad, please email me at Please make sure you put the title of the story in the subject line and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List.


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