by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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FROM THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER: The day before the twins were to depart for college, John planned a special farewell party for his boys. All the members of the plantation prepared for a picnic and dance, both master and servant. Others from around the area were invited and the day produced a great time for all. Even the Brockington boys were there and the four planned what it would be like at the University. As the evening approached, the guests that lived nearby went home, but those who had traveled quite a distance stayed the night. Thadd and Chad were those who stayed the night and for fun.

CHAPTER 3: On to College

As the farewell party wound down, the Rutherford boys and Prince went to their room, but not alone. The Brockington boys, Thadd and Chad accompanied them to the bedroom with their slave George.

The Brockington boys lived on a plantation only 20 miles from the Rutherfords. The boys had been friends for quite a while and each knew that the others were gay. They had been playing around for quite a while. Chad was the oldest at 19. He stood 6'3" and weighed 195 pounds with muscles to spare. His massive chest was covered in a forest of dense black hair that Thadd love to have next to him. Though Chad was not the brightest person, he was very friendly with his black hair and green eyes. The one thing was he was overprotective of his brother Thadd. Thadd was 17 and smaller. He was only 5'6" and weighed 130 pounds. The younger Brockington boy was frail, but very smart. That was the reason he was going to the university with his brother. Thadd had another attribute other than his intelligence and that was his love of cock. He did not care who or where he got it, he needed it to stay vital in his mind. The boy with dark brown curly hair and deep blue eyes enjoyed dick in his mouth and ass. But the one pole he loved the most was Chad's. Chad had most boys and men beat, black or white. His dick was 11" and extremely thick. The Rutherfords had seen it and sucked it, but the only one who could take it was Thadd. Thadd would enjoy taking his brother's rod anyway he could. Thadd did have a very kinky side to him so that he would love to take a load in his hole, then have Chad's piss right after. Many times he would be double-fucked with George's hot black dick in his mouth unloading a huge cum load into his throat. George did have a good size uncut 8" rod. Thadd did feel inadequate with his 5", but his was able to cum constantly. People who saw him were amazed on the amount he was able to shoot.

The six boys got in the room and Thadd was like a man possessed. He knew he was going to be fucked by all the dicks in the room, but he was going to be in charge.

"Okay, everyone strip." Thadd ordered. "I want to see these cocks in line."

The five others looked dumbfounded, not know what was going on with the smaller teen. Thadd began to remove his shirt and pants, while the five watched. All five cocks grew in their pants and wanted to have a piece of the precious boy flesh. As Thadd finished, he still noticed that no one had, removed one piece of clothing. He glared at them and he turned his back.

"Strip or you do not get this." he demanded, spreading his cheeks.

As he bent over, the five teens saw the hole actually opening and closing. Even as much as he was fucked, Thadd had magnificent muscle control. He was able to contract his opening tight, so it seemed like nothing could enter. In a matter of seconds the five teens stripped fast and furious. Thadd laid on the big bed and pointed at Brett over to him. The submissive boy walked over totally mesmerized by the teen. Thadd pulled him down and kissed Brett passionately. The other four gathered around the bed, leaking precum. Beau spread the cheeks of his brother to Chad and the large Brockington boy dove in and began tongue-fucking the hole. Brett moaned loudly into Thadd's mouth as he felt the strong tongue and stubble from the chin of the man who orally fucked him with great relish. Thadd broke their kiss and leaned to Brett.

"You want to learn to take a hand?" Thadd whispered.

Brett nodded with great apprehension. He knew it would hurt, but wondered what it would feel like. Thadd saw the fear on Brett's face, so he nudged his brother. Chad got up and Brett moved off Thadd's body. The slim teen got on all fours and smiled at his brother. Chad got some lard and eased three fingers into the hole. The Rutherford boys saw in amazement that Thadd was able to take them with great ease. After just a couple of minutes, Chad eased a fourth into the boycunt, with the others looking on in stunned wonderment. A few minutes later, the older Brockington teen eased his large hand to the middle of his forearm into his brother, opening and closing in the bowels of his brother. Chad lifted the smaller boy and brought him to his face and kissed his brother as puppeteer controlled his dummy. In a matter of seconds, Thadd released a huge load of cum all over Chad's forest. The Rutherford boys were amazed at the massive amount of jizz that emitted from the thin boy and that his rod never deflated.

"Oh brother that was so sexy." Beau whispered in his brother's ear, sticking his tongue into Brett's hearing chamber.

Chad laid Thadd back on the bed and slowly removed his arm and hand from his younger brother's boypussy. Thadd then pulled Brett down on the bed and had him get on all fours. He then had the non-fisted teen to put lard on his hand and slowly inserted his fingers into Thadd's hole. Brett did this slowly, so as not to hurt his friend. Chad in the meantime had Beau put lard on his hand to prep for Brett's start into fisting. Brett had three fingers already in Thadd when Beau inserted two into Brett's own hole. As each Rutherford boy worked their fingers in and out of the respective holes, the recipients became more relaxed. Brett then put in a fourth finger while Beau put in a third. Brett did wince in pain a little and wondered if this was a wise idea. He did feel the wonder of the hole he was working and began to relax a little. Beau worked the three fingers in his brother until pure pleasure enveloped Brett. As Brett began inserting his entire hand into Thadd, which seemed to such his hand and arm in the vacuum of his hole, Beau then put in a fourth finger which Brett seemed to not notice, as he was engrossed in the way Thadd took his hand. After a few minutes Beau inserted his entire hand into Brett's hole, which made the recipient jump, and Brett's hand spread wide in Thadd. Thadd's eyes opened wide when he felt the reaction from Brett. As Brett slowly began to relax so did his hand. Both Rutherford teens began to control their hands in the holes they were working. Brett felt full and what he was experiencing was amazing him. He felt Beau continually touching his prostate which caused him to leak precum all over the bedding and Thadd. He also noticed Thadd poured out the clear nectar all over his smooth stomach and Brett lapped it up like a thirsty dog. Brett felt the cum surging from his sac and knew he was about to unload all over Thadd. In just a few seconds the first load hit Thadd's chest, who released his second load all over Brett's load. Beau was amazed at the large capacity that Thadd produced on a second load as well as the amount his brother produced. After several minutes, Brett collapsed on Thadd as he slowly removed his hand. He saw the juices from Thadd's ass canal. Beau also removed his hand and Brett had a sudden emptiness. Thadd and Brett kissed with a knowing only one who had experienced what they did could be a part.

Brett moved over and laid beside Thadd and the two raised their legs to expose their holes. Thadd pointed to Beau to come fuck his hole. Chad moved to Brett and placed his thick log at the opened hole. Both Beau and Chad began to plunge their rods deep into the respective holes they hovered over. Beau was amazed at the looseness of Thadd's boypussy. Both teens plunged in and out and Brett loved the feeling of Chad's pole deep in him. Chad motioned for the two slaves to come over to the bed. George got into a 69 position with Brett while Prince did the same with Thadd. The two black teens delved onto the submissive cocks while Thadd and Brett took the respective black rods deep into their throats. The undulating bodies moved in rhythm for almost an hour until, as if a massive switch was flipped, and all six rods unleashed a huge amount of cum into their respective holes. Chad and Beau flooded the asses of Brett and Thadd. George and Prince drank down the white juice of the masters that they were connected. Thadd and Brett also accepted the slaves cum deep in their throats. After several minutes, the six rods then released a torrent of piss. As Chad and Beau flooded the love chutes with their yellow stream and the four in the 69 positions drank fully of the dicks they had in their mouths. As the final drops of pee left their dicks, all six collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, sex-soaked heap.

"George. Prince." Chad said. "Drink these holes."

The two slaves laid on their backs while Thadd and Brett floated over their faces. Brett was over Prince and he let the liquids from his hole, which his slave drank with great enjoyment. Thadd did the same with George who ran his tongue into Thadd's hole to get the last remnant of spunk and piss. As the two slaves were sated, they rose and brought a bucket of water. They proceeded to was their masters down and dried them. The two dark-skinned beauties then washed themselves, then waited for instructions. The four ivory-skinned teens pulled their servants on the bed and all kissed and fondled each other until they fell asleep.

As the sun broke forth through the window, the six rose and enjoyed their morning ritual as the two slaves enjoyed a stomach full of urine. The four masters dressed as did the two slaves and went to breakfast. They met John Rutherford in the dining room.

"So are you four ready for college?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes sir." Thadd answered, knowing he was going to get more cock.

Chad did not look happy, but Brett just winked at him, to reassure the big Brockington teen they were there to help him through college. The three gathered around Chad to let him know they were ready to do anything to get him through school. The masters ate their breakfast while they chatted about the upcoming school year. The two servant teens went to the kitchen and ate their breakfast.

"Does you thin' we's gonna bes good at this `versity?" George asked.

"I doesn't knows." Prince responded. "But I's gonna bes wit my massas no matters what."

The two ate in silence pondering what a university was or why anyone would go there. As they finished the two Brockington boys were ready to go home. They had to pack for the trip to Charlottesville the next day. As the boys said their good-byes, they Rutherfords and Prince headed for the fields as always. Brett did have a slight twitch in his walk as his ass was adapting to being fisted. Beau moved over to Brett.

"So brother, how does it feel?" he asked Brett.

"It's amazing." he responded. "You feel so full, but you have to get used to emptiness and the stretched muscles."

"What is it like to drink piss?" Beau asked.

"Why don't you try it?" Brett shot back.

Brett, in a moment of domination, pulled his brother behind the nearest shack. He turned to Beau, put his hands on his brother's shoulders, and pushed him on his knees. Brett pulled out his soft dick and put it in Beau's mouth. A few seconds later a flood of tangy liquid filled Beau's mouth. Beau's cheeks bulged as if he were a squirrel hording his nuts in his cheeks, and they began to hurt. The teen on his knees relented and swallowed the yellow liquid, which he began to enjoy the flavor. Beau took the long torrent until the final drops flicked onto his tongue. Brett pulled his rod out of Beau's mouth and the kneeling teen looked at his brother.

"So what do you think?" Brett asked his brother.

"Tasty." he replied. "I could get used to this."

The twins went back to work and helped with the fields before dinner. As the day ended, the two teens went to the house with Prince. John met them at the door.

"Prince, make sure the boys trunk is packed." he told the servant. "Also make sure your clothes are packed too. Here."

The owner of all he surveyed handed a new carpetbag to the black teen. The slave could not talk with the emotion that he was feeling. Most owners treated their servants with some contempt. But John Rutherford treated his property with care and Prince felt that caring every time he was around his masters. King William and Prince would lay down their lives for the three men. As a matter of fact all the slaves knew that if John Rutherford was not there, their lives could have been appalling. They knew their master would allow them to buy themselves free, but they did not want to leave his kindness.

"I's thanks yo' massa." Prince said.

"Just take care of my sons." the elder Rutherford said.

"Oh I wills." the slave said.

Prince went to pack all the boys clothes carefully, then his own. He could not believe that he would be going with his friends along to the university since he was about to see something other than the plantation on which he was born or the surrounding plantations he would visit with Beau and Brett. As he went back to his cabin, Prince was greeted by his father, who gave him a new shirt and pants.

"Boy, don' yo' do nothing' bad." King William said with his booming deep voice.

"I won' daddy." his son replied. "Massas Beau and Brett be my friends."

"Jus' don' do nuthin' that would git other whites mad ats yo'." King William said to his son.

Father and son prepared to be separated for a long time. This tore at King William's heart as he had seen other slaves at other plantations sold, never to see each other again. King William was very appreciative that John Rutherford cared as a master and a friend. Prince stayed in his family's cabin as his last night home. He knew that he would be with his friends for a long time at college, but tonight was for family.

Brett and Beau laid in bed, caressed each other, and wondered what college would have in store for them. Beau kissed Brett deeply as he began to slowly insert his cock deep into his brother's pussy. Brett pulled Beau deep into him, enjoying the feeling of the hard dick rubbing the inside of his canal.

"Oh Beau." Brett said with love in his eyes. "Love me forever."

Beau leaned down and kissed Brett with a passion that only twins can feel for one another. Beau continued to make love, his abs caressed Brett's cock slowly. Brett knew he would not last long. Beau could feel his impending explosion and wanted to release at the same time as Brett. After a few strokes both boys released heavy loads, Beau in Brett's ass and Brett between the two.


As they finished releasing their seed, Beau collapsed on Brett, bounded their bodies together with the jizz on them, and cuddled together as they fell asleep. The future for them was unknown, but they knew they would have to go through it together.

The sun rose through some clouds and the boys rose to Prince licking their ears. Brett still had his legs and arms encircled around Beau, whose rod was pressed hard against Brett's body. Prince bathed both boys and each had enjoyed a morning release of piss into each other's mouths. As they went to breakfast, John and King William stood at the dining room door with tears in their eyes. All three had never seen either man cry and were not sure what was the meaning was.

"The boys who will become men." John said. "You three have been inseparable almost since birth. You three have grown as friends and lovers. Now a new adventure looms which each of you will be tested."

As the three boys looked at the elder Rutherford, they had wondered where this was leading. John continued his speech.

"Beau and Brett." he began. "My pride and joy. You have been a source of happiness after your mother's death. Beau, your strength is one thing that makes you a wonderful person. Brett, your sweetness and caring balances your brother perfectly. And Prince, like your father, you are a wonderful friend to my sons and I know you will there for them."

The three teens smiled at John Rutherford and grasped each other's hands. The bond since birth would never be broken, especially now.

"But you must care for each other while you're gone." John continued. "And be sure no one knows Prince can read."

The three teens and King William had shocked looks on their faces. The boys did not think anyone knew that they had taught Prince to read and write. King William was ready to explode because it could mean the arrest of the twins and John and the possible death of his son. The education of a slave was illegal and the penalties were very severe.

"WHAT!!??" the large black man bellowed. "WASSU MEANS READS?"

"King William." John said. "Calm down. I know that what the boys did was wrong. But what is done is done. Prince is smart enough not to show his knowledge, do you Prince?"

The young black man nodded with fear in his eyes.

"Just remember to look out for each other." John said. "Brett, here is the address of the man you will be staying with and a letter of credit for the school. Trent is a good friend and he knows about you three and the about the Brockington boys. Their father has set up a room for them next to yours."

The three teens smiled as they knew there would be no sleep for them. Brett took the information from his father, who hugged him. John then went to Beau and hugged his son with the same love as Brett. He then turned to Prince and hugged the slave as if he were a son. King William hugged each boy also as if he were sending three sons off into the world.

As the boys headed to the door to load into the carriage, the entire plantation turned out for the teens' departure. Each servant said their good-byes to the trio, as they gave each hugs, kisses on the cheeks, and handshakes. The servants were crying to see the three teens, who put on no airs for them, leave their lives. The last person they saw was Prince's mother, Ginny. She hugged each, but gave the biggest to Prince. The three loaded in the carriage, with Prince sitting on the driver's bench. They left to waves and tears, but knew they would be back for Christmas.

As the boys went down the road, they met up with the Brockington boys and George. All were heading to the university and talked excitedly about what life lay in store for them. They did stop in Lovingston for lunch while George and Prince took care of the horses. As the white teens ate their lunch in the inn, the two slaves ate their meal in the stable.

"So yo' thinks its gonna be betta'?" George asked Prince.

"I's don' know." Prince responded. "Buts I's gonna takes cares of ma' massas."

"You's eva' thinks o' `scapin'?" George queried.

Prince stared at the other slave. Anger seethed in his body just for the mere thought of George's words about escaping. Prince knew that George's life was not as pleasant as his, but his anger almost caused him to lunge at the other teen.

"I's ough' t' kills ya'." Prince said. "How's cans ya' thinks of such things?"

George became fearful of Prince. Since Prince was much larger than he was, George felt that Prince would do him harm. George, who was subject to beatings at the hands of the sadistic overseer and the Brockington boys - especially Chad - cowered in the corner. Prince saw this and went to him and put his hand on George's shoulder.

"Don' worry George." Prince said. "I's ain't gonna hurts you."

"Prince, I's sorry fur makin' ya' mad." George responded.

"Don' worrys George." Prince said. "I's gonna be wid ya'."

The two had finished their meal and hitched the horses to their respective carriages, the four white teens came out of the inn and reloaded into their carriages. As they traveled on, the group had gotten as far as Scottsville before finding a place to sleep.

The innkeeper showed the teens two rooms with two beds in each. Chad and Thadd took a room with George in tow with their bags, while Brett and Beau entered the other room with Prince carrying their valises. Brett and Beau pushed their beds together because they knew that sleep would only come in each other's arms. They prepared for bed and Prince made sure they were cleaned. Beau had Prince bolt the door and had the black servant sleep in the same bed with them. The three were tired and the only sexual activity between the trio was to orally copulate each other's poles to wonderful orgasms. They received copious loads of liquid protein to satisfy themselves. They fell asleep with Brett in the middle as he felt both bodies to make him feel safe.

As the son rose, Prince was the first to rise and dressed to get breakfast for the twins. He unlatched the door and went downstairs, where he was met by a large, black woman who was the cook for the inn.

"What's you want boy?" she demanded.

"I's come to gits some food for my massas." he retorted. "They's be gittin' up in a little while."

The cook fixed the Rutherfords eggs, sausage, grits, and bacon. Prince brought it to the two and served it to them in bed. Brett and Beau ate their meal, then rose to prepare to leave. They emptied their bladders into Prince and the three me the Brockingtons outside as the inn's stable staff prepared their carriages. Each boarded and left to face their futures at college.

By midday, the sextet arrived in Charlottesville. As they located the university, they stood in awe of the magnificence of the buildings. After a while, they went to the rooming house that John Rutherford had arranged for them to stay while at school. As they pulled to the door, a large, burly man with flaming red hair came out of the door. Trent Bradman came to the boys and pulled Beau off the carriage and gave him a huge hug. Brett received the same treatment from the big man.

"My god, how you two have grown." he said. "I haven't seen you since you were 2."

The boys were amazed at the friendliness of the man their father knew. Trent was smiling all the time that he showed his white teeth that seemed to reflect the sun. Trent stood 6'6" and weighed 275 pounds and was solidly built. His shirt was open and huge amounts of red hair seemed to struggle to get out. He had a full beard and moustache that was as red as the hair on his head, with a hint of white. He turned to talk to the Brockington boys and greeted them.

"You must be the Brockingtons." he said, while he shook their hands. "Welcome to my home."

As he finished shaking their hands, a large black male came out of the house. He moved to Trent and then the boys.

"Peter, show these boys where they can take the horses and carriages." Trent said. "Then show them where the boys will be staying."

The large slave showed Prince and George to the stable, where two other slaves took the carriages. Three others helped the two teen servants to unload the boys from the carriages. As they walked back to the house, Prince began to notice something out of the ordinary - there were no females anywhere. He turned to Peter, who smiled back at them.

"Where bes da wimens?" Prince asked.

"Massa Trent don' likes wimens." Peter responded. "He's likes da boys and that be whats he gits."

Prince looked at George and saw the fear on the smaller slave's face that he would be passed around to be used. Prince smiled at him not to worry as they carried the bags to the house. They entered and noticed the simple outlay of the house. Peter showed them the rooms their respective owners would be in during the school year. Prince began to unpack Brett and Beau's clothes and put them in the wardrobe and drawers. The black teen noticed a door to the side and opened it upon which he saw a bed and small chest. Beau came into the room and clamped his hands on Prince's shoulders.

"This is your room while we're here." the white teen said. "George has a room next to Chad and Thadd's also."

Prince could not believe it. He never had his own room and now he had one next to his friends. He turned to Beau and kissed him deeply with tears mingled in his eyes. They did not hear Brett walk in and he just cleared his throat which startled the pair.

"Is this a private party?" he asked with a sly grin. "Or can anyone join in?"

He grabbed Prince and kissed him with great passion. Brett broke the kiss, turned to his brother, and kissed him with the same passion as Prince. What Brett forgot to do was to close the door and Trent stood at the opening with his burgeoning rod lengthen down his pant leg. He stood there smiling at the three. Prince noticed him first and tapped Beau on his shoulder. The twins turned and saw the smiling man as he stood there. They began to panic and started to stutter until Prince whispered in their ears. They began to calm down and smiled back at Trent. Trent sat down in a chair and motioned at the beds for the twins to sit, while Prince stood by their side.

"Boys don't worry about showing your feelings." the big man said. "Your father wrote to me about you three. And my guess would be is your boy there told you about me. I only take in boys who are like me and feel good about that."

Trent explained that he knew he was gay since he was a small boy. He loved looking at his friends' cocks all the time and would sometimes suck their dicks. Occasionally he would have a friend who loved Trent's dick in his mouth or ass. As he grew up, more men wanted to have Trent service them and he obliged for a fee. When his father found out about his lifestyle, he disowned Trent, but the enterprising young man saved a small fortune. He bought the land he lived on and created a free home for homosexual males who would attend the university. He bought slaves and trained them as servants and to be sexual slaves around the property. The people that the Rutherfords would meet there were gay and happy about it. Trent explained that the main rule around the house was to be free and no clothes to be worn. With that, the owner of the took off his shirt and the three teens were amazed at the hair on the man's body. Trent was covered with red hair that made him look like an orangutan. As he dropped his pants, his red bush revealed to a thick 8" rod that was uncut and dripped with sweet nectar. Brett, Beau, and Prince followed his lead, stripped off their clothes, and revealed their hard bodies. Trent looked at them, licked his lips, and dropped to his knees in front of their dripping rods. He flicked the sweet, clear nectar from the tips of their dicks and savored the taste. Trent proceeded to swallow each of their cocks and he showed what master cocksucker he was. Trent's throat massaged the head and shafts of the three teens which sent them into a euphoric bliss. As Trent moved off Prince's rod, he climbed on one of the beds, followed by the three boys. The exposed his hairy hole and Prince dove in and bathed the hole with his tongue. Trent was driven crazy with the slave's tongue as it slipped in and out of his hole. After a few minutes, Trent was ready for a hot cock.

"FUCK ME!!!" he demanded. "FUCK MY ASS HARD!!!!!"

He lifted his legs to his chest and Beau aimed his 9" rod at the hole and sank it all the way in to his nuts. Prince got behind Beau and bathed his hole with his tongue to get him ready to accept his 12" pole. Brett moved into a 69 position and deftly overwhelmed the hard 8" of uncut man meat, while Trent swallowed the 9" of Brett's teen dick. In a couple of minutes Prince removed his tongue and pushed his foot long rod deep into Beau. He then proceeded to double fuck Trent through Beau, and Trent felt the power of two teens' cocks rammed in and out of his hair mancunt. Prince kissed and licked the neck of Beau, who felt the surge of electricity run through his body. He loved the feel of Prince's mammoth rod in his ass. The power of two teens in his hole made Trent work on Brett's stiff member with enthusiasm. Brett felt as if his dick was being milked like a cow's udder. Trent's suction knew he would not last long. Brett worked hard on the red hot cock in his mouth, tasted the salty-sweet precum, and desired the cum from the man's balls. Brett's nuts released the first volley of white juice into Trent's mouth. He filled the mouth with the greatest orgasm he ever felt. When the first shot hit his throat, Trent unloaded his seed deep into Brett's mouth and filled it with his man seed. When Trent exploded, his ass tightened on Beau's pole, which started the chain reaction in him and Prince. They almost spewed their loads simultaneously. Beau's cum flew into Trent just a couple of seconds before Prince unloaded into his ass. After several minutes they finally collapsed in a heap as the bed creaked under the weight. All of a sudden they felt wetness cover them. As they turned their heads, Chad, Thadd, George, and Peter were nude and discharged their seed on the four on the bed. As they came down from their climatic high, they buckled to the floor near the bed. Trent looked at the young men in their full bloom, ready to get an education and release their hormones all over the house. At that moment a knock came at the front door of the boarding house. Peter dressed quickly and went to answer the door. He returned with a cute kid, somewhat chubby, and they entered the room. The new arrival was wide-eyed at the sight before him.

"M-m-my name is Gregory Price." he said in shock. "I-I-I'm s-s-supposed to have a room."

The eight in the room looked at him as they tried not to laugh at him. Gregory stood 5'8" and weighed about 200 pounds. He had curly brown hair and the deepest brown eyes. Gregory had a slight belly, but it looked nice on him. Gregory knew he was gay and heard about this house in his hometown of Petersburg. His own rod grew in his pants and the group saw this. Trent rose from the bed and moved to the teen. Gregory looked as if he were a deer caught in the lights. He stood frozen as the man approached and shoved as Trent touched his shoulder. The big man reached the tented trousers the teen had on and felt the hard cock. Trent reached down, undid the pants, and revealed the 6" dripping uncut shaft. Trent dropped to his knees and took the cock to the end. Gregory felt the nose of the man against his pubes and groin. Though he had sucked a friend's dick a couple of times, no one ever had taken his rod in their mouth. He moaned loudly and instinctively thrusted his pole in and out of the bearded man's mouth. Thadd went behind him and spread the chubby cheeks of the teen. He then dove deep and began to tongue-fuck the virginal hole, which Thadd knew would not remain that way for much longer. Gregory felt the tongue pierce his hole and the mixture of pain and pleasure sent shockwaves through his body. The moans from Gregory grew louder and louder. The thrusts of his hips either fucked Trent's mouth or fucked his ass on Thadd's tongue. He knew he would not last much longer. The others circles around Gregory and either kissed or licked parts of his face or neck. The attention was too much for the inexperienced teen. He let out a guttural moan and rammed his dick deep into Trent's mouth. He let his cum explode down the man's throat and his ass muscles tightened on Thadd's tongue that it felt that Thadd would lose his taste buds. After a while, Gregory fainted and collapsed on the floor, but Trent caught him before he was injured. They carried him to his room and Trent put him on his bed. When Gregory woke up, he found Thadd on the bed as he placed a cool cloth on his forehead.

"Hi stranger." Thadd said with a smile. "We thought we lost you there."

"W-w-where am I?" Gregory stammered.

"We put you on the bed after you passed out." Thadd replied. "I've been here tending you."

Gregory looked ashamed and wanted to run from the house, but he then noticed he was naked. Thadd was admiring the large nipples that the teen had on his large breasts. He began tracing his finger around the nipples and watched Gregory's reaction as the chubby teen began moaning. Thadd moved up until he was nose to nose with Gregory's face. He lightly brushed his lips against Gregory's and the virginal teen quivered at the touch. His hard 6" poked Thadd's ball sac and the Brockington teen smiled at him. Thadd began pushing his tongue deep into Gregory's mouth and he responded in kind. Thadd tweaked and twisted the nipples, which elicited pleasure/pain responses from the larger boy. Thadd broke the kiss and began sucking and biting his nips. Thadd moved and licked down the smooth chest and stomach. Thadd then swallowed the hot piece of boy flesh and bobbed up and down on the teen. Gregory's eyes rolled to the back of his head with the pleasure he was receiving by the thin boy's mouth. After a few minutes, Thadd stopped and climbed on Gregory's lap. Gregory looked at Thadd to see if there was something wrong. Thadd then grabbed his cock and placed it at his hole and dropped his body on the rod. Gregory felt the velvety warmth cover his dick and Thadd began to ride it with methodical care. Gregory could not believe the feeling he was having. He began instinctively to thrust his hips to Thadd's ass. Both boys were moaning and Gregory fondled Thadd's cock which caused Thadd to react with precum flowing onto Gregory's stomach. They continued for almost an hour until Gregory could hold off no longer. He pushed upward and threw his head back. The force of the first shot hit deep in Thadd and caused him to release his own load all over Gregory. The cum flew freely in the thin teen and all over the hair, face, chest, and stomach of the larger teen. As they dribbled the last of their jizz, Thadd collapsed on Gregory and his cum solidified them together. They fell asleep for several hours until George woke Thadd to come to his room. Gregory woke and smiled at the thin teen and wondered what else would be in store...TBC

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