by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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"Hi stranger." Thadd said with a smile. "We thought we lost you there."

"W-w-where am I?" Gregory stammered.

"We put you on the bed after you passed out." Thadd replied. "I've been here tending you."

Gregory looked ashamed and wanted to run from the house, but he then noticed he was naked. Thadd was admiring the large nipples that the teen had on his large breasts. He began tracing his finger around the nipples and watched Gregory's reaction as the chubby teen began moaning. Thadd moved up until he was nose to nose with Gregory's face. He lightly brushed his lips against Gregory's and the virginal teen quivered at the touch. His hard 6" poked Thadd's ball sac and the Brockington teen smiled at him. Thadd began pushing his tongue deep into Gregory's mouth and he responded in kind. Thadd tweaked and twisted the nipples, which elicited pleasure/pain responses from the larger boy. Thadd broke the kiss and began sucking and biting his nips. Thadd moved and licked down the smooth chest and stomach. Thadd then swallowed the hot piece of boy flesh and bobbed up and down on the teen. Gregory's eyes rolled to the back of his head with the pleasure he was receiving by the thin boy's mouth. After a few minutes, Thadd stopped and climbed on Gregory's lap. Gregory looked at Thadd to see if there was something wrong. Thadd then grabbed his cock and placed it at his hole and dropped his body on the rod. Gregory felt the velvety warmth cover his dick and Thadd began to ride it with methodical care. Gregory could not believe the feeling he was having. He began instinctively to thrust his hips to Thadd's ass. Both boys were moaning and Gregory fondled Thadd's cock which caused Thadd to react with precum flowing onto Gregory's stomach. They continued for almost an hour until Gregory could hold off no longer. He pushed upward and threw his head back. The force of the first shot hit deep in Thadd and caused him to release his own load all over Gregory. The cum flew freely in the thin teen and all over the hair, face, chest, and stomach of the larger teen. As they dribbled the last of their jizz, Thadd collapsed on Gregory and his cum solidified them together. They fell asleep for several hours until George woke Thadd to come to his room. Gregory woke and smiled at the thin teen and wondered what else would be in store.

CHAPTER 4: The Humiliation of a Bully

As the day broke, Brett and Beau woke to the sun peeking in their window. Beau kissed his brother gently on the lips, then felt Prince nuzzle his neck. Each had morning erections and they formed a threesome. Beau took Brett into his mouth, Brett took Prince, and Prince enjoyed Beau. They moved rhythmically on each of their cocks and savored their precum. They worked on each other for an hour until the floodgates opened. The life juice emptied into their respective mouths and filled their stomachs. Though their ball sacs were emptied, their bladders were still full. They released their bladders and gulped the tasty yellow liquid down their throats.

"Time to get dressed." Brett said.

The three bound from the bed and Prince dressed his masters carefully. They were to visit the school to see where they would take their classes. As they were bathed with care, a knock came at the door. Peter opened the door and saw the hot white twins in front of him and the huge-cocked ebony god as Prince prepped them.

"Massa Trent wants to knows if'n ya eatin' breakfas'." he said.

"Yes Peter, we are." Brett said. "Thanks for asking."

The slave was confused. Most of the slave owners were rude and cruel to him, even Chad Brockington. These two were kind and courteous to everyone. He did remember their father and how courteous he was. He went to Trent Bradman to tell him who was coming to breakfast.

Another knock came at the door and Thadd came in with tears in his eyes. The Rutherford boys sat him on the bed, then noticed the blood that flowed from his rectal opening.

"Prince. Quick. Towels and water." Brett said. "What happened Thadd?"

"You know that new boy, Gregory." he said. "Well we had fun last night and Chad found out. Chad hurt me last night. I'm afraid he will hurt Gregory."

"Don't worry Thadd." Brett said. "It's about time your brother got his comeuppance."

The four teens plotted that night to give Chad his due. As they took care of Thadd, he said he would help them because he felt close to Gregory. He went to dress and they went to breakfast. They met with Gregory and sat at the large table. Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, and coffee met them. Two other boys were there eating.

"Hello. My name is Brian Morgan." a tall, thin red head said. "I'm from Philadelphia."

"Micah Brewerton." a thick, blonde said. "Charleston, South Carolina here. We've been discussing the election."

The four teens sat with the help Prince. They introduced themselves to the new boys. Prince served their food and the discussion was intense, but cordial. Brian, being a northerner, was outnumbered by the southerners, but was treated well until Chad showed up. The two new boys introduced themselves and Chad showed his real self.

"Fuckin' Yankee." he said. "You need to get your ass home."

This irritated Trent when he entered the room. He was dressed in the house dress, nothing. The two new boys were surprised at first, but smiled at the sight of the man. They had arrived late the night before and showed to their rooms by Peter. They thought it was because they arrived late that Peter was nude.

"Chad." the boarding house owner said. "You will respect the residents of this house or get out now."

The large Brockington muttered to himself, but did not make any further remarks aloud. He ordered George to get his horse and stormed from the house. The others looked at Thadd, who looked down at his plate. It was bad enough that he was tortured by his brother, but to act like this was totally outrageous. Brett put his arm around his friend.

"Don't worry." he said to Thadd. "Tonight."

"Tonight?" Trent asked.

"Chad gets what is coming to him." Beau said. "He brutalized Thadd last night."

"First, do you have rope, eye hooks, and a piece of wood about three feet long and two inches thick?" Brett asked.

"Yes we should." Trent said.

"We all need to be in on this." the Rutherford boy said.

The new residents were not sure, but Beau and Brett assured them they would not be harmed. Brett explained the entire situation and what would happen. Thadd was worried his brother would be injured, but Brett reassured him no permanent injury, just abject humiliation.

The six teens went to the school to look the campus over and enjoyed the spaciousness of what they saw. They had met other students and the teachers of the University. This would be a great year.

Chad did not show up to the campus and Thadd began to worry. The six went back to the boarding house and waited for Chad. The large teen entered, late in the day, followed by George, who was walking very gingerly and tears streamed down his face.

After dinner, the Rutherford boys invited Chad to their room. The gullible youth agreed and as they entered the room, he was set upon by all the occupants of the house. They took him to the ground and, though he was strong, he could not contend with everyone on him. Brett and Beau held his hands behind his back and Brian tied the rope tight. They pulled him to his feet and threw him face first on the bed. They placed the hobbling pole behind his knee joints and tied it to his feet. Trent produced a knife and they cut the clothing off Chad's body, with his upper body angled to the bed and his hairy ass up in the air. Brett had screwed an eye screw into the ceiling and they thread the rope tied around Chad's arms threw the screw.

"We find you guilty for being cruel to those around you." Brett said. "Punishment is being everyone's sexual slave."

"FUCK NO!" the large Brockington boy said. "There's no fuckin' way you will do this. I will kill all of you."

"I don't see how you will avoid this." Beau said. "Take it like the man you claim to be."

The fear shown in Chad's eyes. He realized that all that he put people through was about to crash onto his body. Thadd got behind his brother and spread the hairy cheeks. He saw the hole that he longed to fuck, but he decided to show his brother what submissive was like. He dipped his hand in lard and shoved three fingers to the second knuckle before his brother could react.

"AAAHHH!!" Chad cried out.

Tears streamed down his face. His humiliation began literally at the hand of his brother. Brett moved around to Chad's face and yanked him up by his dark hair. The older teen saw the 9" of cock at his mouth, but he refused to open his mouth. Brett called his brother over and both their cocks were on either side of Chad's face. They began to slap his face hard and precum began to trail his cheeks. Chad's face turned red and this began to have him forget his ass. When his muscles relaxed, Thadd began to finger-fuck him with the three fingers he had inserted.

"Shit, that h-mmpphh." Chad began to say until Brett crammed his entire cock into Chad's mouth.

His pubic hair crushed against the big teen's nose. Chad tried to cough and spit, but Brett was lodged well into the oral orifice. Thadd shoved a fourth finger into his brother's ass.

"How you know how I felt last night." the small Brockington boy uttered with anger.

With that he pushed his entire hand deep in the hole to the elbow joint. Chad's eyes were wide open and he tried to scream, but with Brett's dick in his mouth, the teen could only gurgle. The tears that flowed drenched the bed under him and Thadd's hand and arm stretched his ass wide open. Thadd's fingers brushed his prostate numerous times and his 11" grew to full fruition. Precum leaked out of his cock and he did not want to admit he enjoyed the feeling in his ass. Thadd then ripped his hand and arm from Chad's ass and the ensnared teen tried to shriek, but was prevented by the cock in his mouth. Thadd rose behind his brother and shoved his rod all the way to his groin. All 6" was pushed in and out while Thadd slapped Chad's hairy cheeks on every stroke.

"Yeah you little whore." Thadd said. "Take this cock."

Chad actually moved back on Thadd's rod. The feeling he experienced was driving him crazy. He could not believe he enjoyed a cock in his hole, especially his brother's.

"Brett, take your dick from his mouth." Thadd said. "Now whore, you'll love this."

"Fuck you." Chad said with no conviction. He pushed further on his brother's rod and his mouth was then filled by George's dick. Chad tried to spit it out, but George grabbed his head and forced his master's mouth to take his uncut cock. The humiliation had just begun and was only going to get worse. Thadd could hold off no longer and sprayed his brother's ass with white juice. After six hard blasts, he removed his rod and noticed blood and shit on his rod. He moved to the front and motioned for George to take his place.

"Ain't no nigger dick gonna fuck me." Chad said.

"Why not?" Thadd said. "He fucked you mouth. Besides with what's in store for you, George will be a welcome relief."

George plunged his thick cock all the way in to Chad. The large teen bellowed like a wounded bull. Thadd shoved his cock into his brother's mouth. Chad tasted his blood and fecal matter in his mouth.

"Clean it boy." Thadd said. "Clean it all off."

Chad did what he was told. He could not comprehend why, but was obedient. He felt George's cock ram his prostate and his own dick erupted on his chin, chest, and the bed. He thought his rod would go down, but the constant rubbing of the magic button kept him hard. Thadd then had an evil grin spread across his face. His bladder emptied into Chad's mouth and the older boy swallowed the golden stream. As he finished with Thadd, George erupted into his ass and filled him until it seeped down his leg. The next person to replace George in Chad's ass was Gregory. His 6" cock slipped into the hairy hole and he fucked Chad with great abandon. George shoved his black rod into Chad's mouth to be cleaned and he too released his bladder's contents. Each person, master and slave, took turns in cramming their dicks into Chad's ass, then he would clean them as they released bladders' fillings into his throat. The last one to fuck Chad was Prince and his 12" monster. Prince slammed his mammoth rod deep into Chad so often, the Brockington boy came five times with the last time being a dry cum. Prince finally erupted and the large slave filled Chad's ass that the white teen's legs were covered in cum, shit, and blood. Chad's legs and arms had been in one position for quite a long while that when he was untied, he could not straighten them. He had to be assisted by Thadd and George. He finally saw Micah and Brian's cocks hard. Micah had a 7" uncut very thick dick, but Brian amazed everyone. He had a 13" rod that was 2" thick, but against his slim body, it looked thicker. Thadd was not finished with his brother's humility.

"Crawl outside brother." he said with contempt.

Chad did as he was told. He was humbled before everyone, but what Thadd had in mind was something no one expected.

"Kneel down." Thadd said, which Chad did subserviently.

Thadd began to stroke his cock slowly and everyone followed along. Chad began to stroke his, but Thadd approached him and slapped his cheek.

"Don't touch yourself." he ordered and Chad stopped.

Brett and Beau began to wonder what they did. They knew of Chad's predilection to hurt and humiliate Thadd, but did they create a monster that would be too big? The group jerked their rods until a torrent of cum was covering Chad's hair, face, chest, arms, back, ass, and hard 11" cock. Then all of a sudden, it was being rinsed off his body by urine. This sent Chad over the edge as he released another torrent of cum without touching himself. He then was told to lie on his back, which he did willingly. Thadd grabbed the thick meat and squeezed it. Chad began to piss and Thadd aimed the stream towards his mouth. Chad swallowed his own urine, though some sprayed over his face. After he finished, Thadd dropped his cock.

"Now go sleep in the barn." Thadd ordered.

Chad left the group, humiliated and wanted more. He entered the barn and curled in a ball as felt the cum in his ass and the piss in his stomach. The group entered the house and Brett pulled Thadd to the side.

"I know you are upset with Chad." the Rutherford teen said. "But you were very tough with him."

"I love my brother." Thadd said. "He protected me, but there was a price to pay for that protection. He needs to be more kind with people. I think this helped him more than he realizes."

"So are you and Gregory in love?" Brett asked.

Thadd blushed, but he was not sure. He knew Gregory was gentle with him and he wanted to get to know the teen more. Everyone sat down to dinner and chatted about the school while George, Peter, and Prince served them. A 14-year-old ebony angel entered beside Prince. The teen was 5'1" tall and thin, but very cute. He had very little hair around his cock and the uncut piece of meat was 2" soft and he had very soft features. He looked at the nude men and he wondered what he would be expected to do. Trent had bought him two days prior and he heard what the slaves had to do. He stayed close to Prince for protection. He did see what happened to Chad and truly feared what he had to look forward. As Prince showed how to serve, each of the teens at the table thanked him and he received more than one caress to his body.

"So Prince, what is your shadow's name?" Beau asked.

"His name be Tom." Prince said. "Massa Trent jus' buys him."

Each said hello to Tom and this put the boy at ease. Tom was a playmate to his former master's son, but was sold when the boy was thrown from a horse and killed. The master did not want any reminders of his son. Trent bought Tom and was brought the day before to the house. Peter and the other servants explained what they were required to do. Peter did tell him that Trent was a kind master, would take care of him, and he would never allow a guest to mistreat him. Tom did not mind being fondled and he did love sucking a cock, but he was afraid he would be raped. He did realize that these people would not hurt him. Brian took his hand as he passed and sat him on his lap. The tall white teen kissed Tom's lips tenderly. The black teen loved the velvety touch to his lips and his cock became erect to its 6". What was astonishing was it was 5" thick. The teens gawked at the rod and smiled.

"It look like Tom has hisself a spec'l friend." George said.

The table group laughed except Brian and Tom, who were still kissing. Tom felt the 13" cock press against his leg and touched it. The monster tool jumped at his touch and Brian touched his extremely thick rod. The twins pulled Prince to them and held him. They caressed his cock and balls which got him hard. Brian motioned Micah to come over and enjoy the fun. Thadd and Gregory began kissing and Thadd pulled George to them. Trent came in the dining room and saw the sight at the table. He did feel pride in what he created for these teens.

"Shall we let Chad in?" the burly red-head asked.

"No sir." Thadd said. "Let him think about what he has done, not only to me, but to others."

They did agree to let Chad sleep in the barn that night. Each trio departed to their rooms. Brett, Beau, and Prince got into bed and caressed each others bodies. Beau, who always treated his brother with love, wondered if Brett felt any resentment having been the bottom all this time.

"Brett, would you do me a favor." he said. "Please let me feel your cock in my ass."

Brett and Prince looked at him quizzically. The look on his face was earnest and his eyes almost beseeched his brother.

"Why?" Brett asked.

"Well first, I loved the way you dominated me the other day." Beau responded. "Second, I do not want you to resent me."

"There's no chance of that my love." Brett said. "But if this is what you want, you will have it, but with one condition. I love it when you fuck me and Prince fucks you. It feels like I'm being rammed by two poles at the same time."

"Oh yes." Beau responded.

Brett pushed Beau's legs up and dove down on his ass. His tongue slid deep into his brother's sweet honey pot while Prince slid his tongue deep into Brett. Each boy was moaning aloud as they felt the wonder of the others. After several minutes, Brett placed his cock at Beau's hole and, as if like one, they both felt the wonder as a unit. Beau's body tingled because he felt as if a part of him entered his being. Brett felt the same as being with one with his brother, but in a different way. Prince spread Brett's ass cheeks apart and slowly inserted his massive tool into the hole. As all 9" were in Beau and the 12" in Brett, Beau felt the power of both dicks in him. As Prince began to pull back, Brett's body followed him. The black servant did the work and all three enjoyed the ride. Sweat poured off the boys like a waterfall. For almost an hour flesh slapped flesh. Beau was in a happy state of lust. He never thought that this could happen, but he loved being fucked by the two people he loved the most. The feeling of being fucked and fucking his brother brought a new self-awareness to his mind and soul. Prince loved these two and he saw the roles reversed. He knew this was a good thing for both. After his prostate had been pounded, Beau could not hold back. His 9" erupted on his face, chest, abs, and on Brett's chest and abs. The first volley contracted is ass muscles which caused Brett to shoot seven heavy loads into Beau's hot ass. When Brett released, this resulted in Prince's monster rod spewing ten thick shots of cum. The trio crumbled in a heap, the cum and sweat glued their body together. They fell asleep happy and in love.

Thadd, Gregory, and George were in Gregory's room. Thadd's new found confidence had him control the situation. He did not use cruelty, but he led the other two into sexual bliss.

"Okay, George. I want you to suck my rod." he said with authority, but not with meanness. "Gregory, suck George, and I'll have yours."

The three were busily sucking the clear nectar off each other's cocks. Gregory, who had never sucked a black dick, was told that slaves did not bathe properly. He found George's black rod clean and very intoxicating. They continued until Thadd was ready to do more.

"Gregory, I want to make love to you." he said.

The chubby teen had never been penetrated so he was quite terrified. Thadd reassured him that he would be gentle.

"But won't it hurt?" he asked.

"At first." the Brockington teen told him. "But I would never intentionally hurt you. Besides, you're only the second person I've ever fucked."

Gregory reluctantly agreed and Thadd told him to lie on his stomach. He spread the chubby cheeks and licked the tasty hairless hole. The tip met with some resistance, but George began to play with Gregory's nips and Thadd's tongue slowly probed the sweet virginal hole. The shock of electricity ran through the scared boy's body and he began to moan loudly. Thadd pushed his tongue deeper into the boy and loved the feeling he was giving. Several minutes later, Thadd took some lard, put some on his cock, and the rest around and in Gregory's hole. The chubby boy jumped when the first finger entered his hole. The muscles clamped on Thadd's finger. After a couple of minutes though, Gregory felt a pleasure he never had before. Each finger added gave the teen great pleasure after some initial pain.

"OH MY GOD!!" he yelled.

George gave Thadd a big smile and Thadd finger fucked the hole open. Gregory pushed back to enjoy the feeling in him. A few minutes later, Thadd pulled his fingers our and quickly put his cock at the hole. As the head penetrated, the ring of Gregory's ass, the chunky boy felt the pain surge through his body. His entire body went rigid and a yelp uttered from his mouth.

"It hurts." he cried.

"Don't worry baby." Thadd said. "I won't move until you want me to do so."

For almost ten minutes, the trio did not move, except for breathing. As the pain subsided, Gregory felt a fullness in him that ran the gamut of emotions. As his muscles relaxed, Thadd pushed more in, only to stop when Gregory wanted to adjust to the pressure. As Thadd's bush pressed against the cheeks of Gregory's ass, he put his entire body on Gregory's The larger teen loved the fullness and the gentle body on the teen on him. Gregory began to fall in love with Thadd. The Brockington teen slowly began to pull his hard rod from Gregory's ass only to plunge it back into the hole. They tried to develop a rhythm, but like two virgins on their first foray into sex, it was awkward, but beautiful. George presented his cock to Gregory, who had his head up. He licked the tip and swallowed the entire length with little gag reflex. Thadd had pulled the larger boy to his knees and began to fuck him with an intensity. His cock slid across Gregory's prostate, which the larger boy felt the strangeness in his body. His dick throbbed and precum oozed from his pole. The more Thadd massaged his prostate, the more Gregory sucked on George's hard dick. The three would not last long until, as if a bell rang, the trio detonated their loads. Gregory spewed cum all over George's legs, the sheets, and on his own chest. Thadd erupted a volcanic flow of jizz deep in Gregory's hot ass and it seemed that the hole was draining Thadd's juices. The pressure from Gregory's mouth caused George to shoot his white fluid into Gregory's mouth. The hefty boy drank the fluid gradually and kept a little in his mouth. The three collapsed in a heap as George kissed Gregory's forehead and Thadd fell on the large boy's back. He grabbed the teen and held him close. Thadd's cock softened and popped out of Gregory's hole. George got in front of Gregory and played with his nips. Before Chad's humiliation, George would have been relegated to the floor, but Thadd wanted him close. Gregory was still in his climatic euphoria and did not care if George was there. The three fell asleep holding each other.

Brian, Micah, and Tom were on the bed and the 14-year-old was scared, but he knew that this was one of his duties. Brian and Micah looked at each other. Brian had never dealt with slaves, but Micah knew that slaves could be treated differently. He saw his father treat the slaves on the plantation with a firm, but fair hand. The overseer could be cruel, but was reprimanded for his actions. The two white teens reclined on the bed and they put Tom between them. Brian began to kiss Tom while Micah worked on his nips and played with his uncut meat. The 6" thickness sprouted. Brian's hard 13" pressed against Tom's left leg and Micah's 7" rod was against the other leg, so Tom reached for both.

"Massa Micah. Massa Bri'n." Tom said. "I's dos wha' y'all says. I's never touch a man's thang. What's does y'all wants mes to dos?"

"Tom, we'll make you feel good." Micah said. "And we will never hurt you."

"Now you get to decide." Brian said. "Who do you want to put their penis in your hole?"

"Dere what?" the black teen asked with great confusion.

Micah and Brian pointed to their dicks and Tom's eyes grew big. He wondered if he was going to die after being fucked by the two towers of terror. Brian pulled him to his smooth chest and held him.

"Don't worry." Brian said. "We won't harm you and we will take it slowly."

"Buts Massa Bri'n." Tom said. "I's neva' has a p'nis in my hole."

"That's why you get to choose." Micah said. "You decide who will fill you. Just so you know, we will be gentle."

Tom looked at both dicks. Micah, though not as long, was very thick. Brian was very long, but was thinner. Tom decided to go with Brian tonight and Micah the next night.

"Massa Bri'n, will youse puts your thang in me?" the teen slave asked. "Massa Micah, I wants youse to do it tomorrow."

Both white boys readily agreed and had Tom lie down on his stomach. They spread his dark cheeks and saw the smooth virginal hole. Micah began to tongue the hole and Tom felt the surge of ecstasy run through his body. Micah tongue-fucked the teen masterfully and Tom wiggled on the bed. Brian had put lard on his long pole to prepare himself for Tom's deflowering. He then took some lard and Micah moved so Brian could insert a finger slowly into the pink hole. Tom jerked at the intrusion and bit the pillow on the bed. Brian did not move his finger for several minutes until Tom relaxed. He then began to slowly finger-fuck the slave's hole until Tom actually enjoyed the feeling. Brian inserted a second finger and he again opened the boypussy with minimal discomfort. He tried a third finger, but met with absolute resistance.

"Massa Bri'n." Tom cried. "Dat hurts."

"Okay Tom." Micah said. "You are ready."

"That's right." Brian added. "And you will be in control."

Brian reposed on the bed, with his hard dick against his abs. Micah took Tom and placed his legs so they straddled Brian. Micah held Brian's cock straight up and guided Tom to the rod. As the head touched his hole, Tom froze. Micah stroked his smooth arm and whispered.

"Go slow." he said. "As you go down, act like you're going to take a poop."

Tom nodded and proceeded down. As the head broke through the sphincter, the black teen cried out.

"Massa Micah." he wept. "It hurt so bad."

"Shhhh." Micah said. "Stay where you are. Don't move."

The pain was intense and Tom was ready to become a runaway slave to save himself the pain. After several minutes, the pain subsided and Tom began to relax and stopped crying.

"Now lower yourself until you need to stop." Micah said.

Tom lowered himself inch by inch and stopped to adjust to the pole. When he had 7" in his body, he stopped and looked at Micah and Brian.

"I's cant's takes no mo'." he said.

"Okay, now raise yourself a little." Micah said. "Then lower yourself."

Tom followed the instructions and felt the hard cock rub his anal cavity and he began to like it. Each time he lowered, more of Brian's dick entered him. After fifteen minutes, all 13" were in his hole and he could not believe it. And a feeling of bliss came over him when Brian's cock rubbed his prostate. He was leaking precum to no end. Micah moved into an unusual 69 position. His cock was over Brian's mouth and he positioned himself over Tom's thick uncut rod. He opened his mouth and as Tom moved up and down on Brian's hard dick, Micah took the black pole and sucked on it. Brian swallowed Micah's thick 7" and swallowed the precum as it flowed into his mouth. Brian found Micah's hole and pushed two fingers into it. The three moved on each other with a fury of a tornado. Brian was the first to erupt into Tom. Eight heavy loads of jizz coated the former virginal hole. This caused Tom to erupt in Micah's mouth. Seven very thick sweet loads blew into Micah and he tried to swallow but some did dribble out of his mouth. This sent Micah to shoot seven thick streams of cum into Brian, who drank the fluid quickly. As each finally eased down, Micah moved to the side and watch the long pole still in Tom's ass. Tom fell on Brian's chest and the thin teen held the black boy on him. Micah moved them on their sides and pressed his body against Tom's back.

"Massas." the small teen said. "Kins I's be yo' boy whiles youse bes here?"

The two larger teens kissed the boy and they fell asleep.


NOTE: I am sorry that this chapter has been a while to being posted. I just finished several stories and now I can concentrate on four instead of seven. I also was on vacation in September, which also was a fact finding mission also. I visited several battlefields and hope to add them to the story when the war starts. I was able to see the battlefields and how they were fought. Yes, I have added more characters into the mix, with one more yet to come. I hope that you do enjoy how the story is progressing. If you have any comments, good or bad, please email me at Please note which story you are writing about and where you are from. I will add you to the Readers' List. I would like to see how far and wide the story is reaching.


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