by: 70's Child

The following story is an historical piece of fiction of love and war. Now for the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out; and 3) if you find love between loving brothers offensive, just do not read. Also for those you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who was real is purely coincidental.

For those who love history as I do, this will be as historically accurate as possible, but the characters will be fictional. I hope that you love it. In part of this story, a new character was developed. Because trying to type out the name of the character would be time consuming, I will be using initials for the character. Also there is a slight kink episode in this, so those who are offended I do apologize, but I think will help the storyline.

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"Now while we're in this house, I am Michael." he said. "But in class, I am Mr. Andrews."

The group readily agreed to this.

"Also I'm going to prove what Chad has been told was wrong." the blonde teacher said. "That he is not stupid. I will need everyone's help."

Again, the group agreed, though Chad blushed a deep crimson. He knew he was not smart and was only there because of his father's money. Michael was ready to help him to the end.

CHAPTER 6: A Change Comes Over the House

Everyone finished breakfast and dressed for the first day of classes. They arrived at the main building and found they had the same classes. The Trent House Gang, as they called themselves, sat together in all their classes. As they met each of their classmates and teachers, the day became more relaxed. As the day ended, the boys returned to the house. Trent, who had been housing boys for several years, had set up a study room with tables and comfortable chairs. He had ample supplies of inkwells and quill pens. As Chad sat down to start his homework, Michael entered and smiled at the boys. He approached Chad and saw the teen was about to tackle algebra.

"Is there anyone who is good in algebra?" he asked.

Gregory looked up and smiled. The husky teen came over to assist Chad. As they poured over the book, Gregory was patient and Chad became aware of what he was studying. After Gregory finished with helping Chad, the bigger boy kissed the husky male on the cheek. Chad whispered something in his ear, which caused Gregory to smile and nod. Thadd saw this and wondered what was going on between his lover and his brother. The next subject was geography and Brian offered to assist in the effort. Again in a matter of minutes, the light in Chad's mind came on and he understood what he was being told and reading. He gave Brian a hug. With each subject, someone began to help Chad, but the understanding began to break through to Chad. Each person got a hug, except for Thadd, who got a kiss and held by his older brother. Michael assisted in Latin for each boy and they were grateful for the help.

After dinner, Chad went out of the house. A few minutes later, Gregory said he was going for a walk. Thadd offered to accompany him, but his love said no. Gregory said he wanted to think about something. Gregory and Chad were gone for over an hour and entered the house sweaty. They were able to sneak past the sitting room to Michael's room. Henry was there and Chad asked him for some water and towels. The two teens stood in the middle of the room until Henry returned.

"You are a fast learner." Chad said. "You will be happier this way."

Henry poured the water in the basin and Gregory wiped the sweat off his body. As he finished, Chad rinsed the sweat off his from his muscular torso. They dried themselves and Gregory smiled at Chad. He saw the soft side of Thadd's brother and he was glad that Chad was helping him. They left the room and entered the sitting room as Brian was playing the piano. Everyone saw the two enter with wet hair and silly grins on their faces. Thadd became moody as Gregory sat next to him. Michael looked at Chad as he sat next to the teacher. Some tension arose, but no one said anything. As they went to bed, Michael asked Chad what was going on between he and Gregory.

"It is a secret that he wants to give Thadd." Chad said. "Please let him do this and not spoil the surprise."

"Well whatever it is, I hope that it won't blow up in your face." Michael said.

"Thanks sweetie." Chad said.

They kissed goodnight and were ready to fall asleep, but Michael noticed Henry on the floor. He whispered in Chad's ear and the dark-haired teen agreed.

"Henry, please join us." Michael said.

"Oh no Massa Michael." Henry said. "We's lowly niggas ain't suppos' to sleeps in beds."

"It's okay Henry," Michael said. "We want you to."

"No suh." Henry refused.

"Michael let me handle this." Chad said. "This is my specialty. Nigger, get your fucking black ass over here now and get in this bed!"

Henry rose and timidly climbed into the bed beside Chad. The large teen pulled Henry's body over between Michael and himself.

"So how old are you?" Michael asked.

"I's be 17 suh." the scared teen said.

"Have you ever been with a man?" Chad asked, his voice softer.

"Only Massa Trent." Henry said. "He shows me how to take a man's thing in my mouth and my hole. He was gentles buts it hurts at fursts."

"Don't worry." Michael said. "We just want you to sleep with us. We are tired after our first day. Besides we will be gentle also."

The two muscular men faced Henry and wrapped their arms around his body. The teen felt strange, but very happy. They fell asleep protecting the special package.

Thadd, Gregory, and George were in Gregory's room and Thadd turned to him.

"What is going on between you and Chad?" the smaller boy demanded.

"It's a surprise." Gregory said. "It is for the both of us."

"Why don't you tell me?" Thadd asked.

"Wait a week and you'll see." Gregory said. "Please trust me."

Gregory kissed Thadd passionately and the smaller teen melted in his arms. They fell into bed and Thadd snuggled against Gregory's chest. George was beside Gregory and Thadd draped an arm over George as they fell asleep.

Brett, Beau, and Prince were in bed as they wondered what was going on between Chad and Gregory. The trio had cam up with several conclusions, but tried to put them out of their mind. The twins were exhausted by the day at school. Though they were intelligent, the course load was immense and they wondered if they would be able to handle it.

"Well Massa Beau. Massa Brett." Prince said. "I's y'all readys to do good in school."

"Well Prince, we hope so." Brett said. "But it will be a lot of work."

"If'n dere be two dat cans dos it, it be youse too." Prince said to them.

"Prince, please do us a favor." Beau said. "Please do not use that English when we are alone."

"If I do not, I could slip." Prince said using proper English. "And you know what that means Beau."

"You're too intelligent not to use it." Beau retorted. "But I do understand."

"Besides, if I speak like this in front of my daddy." Prince said. "God help us all."

"Maybe one day." Brett said.

They had begun to stroke each other's dicks, but were so tired they fell asleep without achieving climax.

Brian, Micah, and Tom were cuddled up against each other. Tom wanted to feel Micah's thick 7" in his hole, so he began sucking the hot dick. Once it was hard, Tom did as the night before. He straddled the body of the hot white teen, held the rod at his hole, and slowly lowered himself onto the thick muscle. Tom adjusted to thickness rather quickly and began to ride Micah's love pole with abandon. Brian reserved the roles from the previous night as he swallowed Tom's thick 6" and fed his 13" to Micah. They knew they could not last long. Tom's wild bucking pushed Micah over the edge, who created a heavy suctioning effect on Brian's tool. When Brian unloaded he was fed the sweet nectar of Tom's body. The three collapsed on the bed and snuggled against each other.

The days seemed to flow one into another. The boys would go to classes, came home and studied, then ate dinner. Chad then went for a walk, followed by Gregory. After six days, Thadd had to satisfy his curiosity, especially one night in which Gregory had a bruise on his arm and Chad had a bruise on his chin. Michael and Thadd left the house a few minutes after Gregory left. They went to the left and heard grunting in the barn. They heard Chad yelling harder and faster. They opened the door and saw Gregory doing push-ups and Chad beside him doing the same. The duo then did pull-ups, sit-ups, and other exercises. They then began to wrestle, and Chad being the larger, was able to handle Gregory with ease. But the smaller teen was able to handle himself and he hit Chad with his elbow, which caused Chad to release him. Michael and Thadd were ready to come to Gregory's rescue, but Chad laughed it off and went to the huskier teen.

"Good move." the Brockington teen said. "Surprise your opponent and you have a better shot at winning."

He hugged Gregory and whispered something into the smaller teen's ear. Gregory nodded in agreement and they began to box. Gregory did land some good punches to Chad's body, but the larger teen did knock the huskier boy down. The two laughed and started to go to the door. Michael and Thadd ran from the barn and went to the house. As they got there, they went to their respective rooms. Gregory entered the room with a slight bruise on his chin and say Thadd reading in a chair.

"So how was your walk?" Thadd asked nonchalantly.

"It was great." Gregory replied. "It's amazing when you get fresh air in your lungs after dinner."

"Yes it is." the Brockington teen said. "Did you see Chad while you were out?"

"Yes I did." the larger goy responded. "And wasn't it great when I elbowed his jaw when we were wrestling?"

"Yes it was, and..." Thadd said as he realized he was caught.

"And did you like it when we were boxing?" Gregory asked with a smirk.

"How long did you know I was there?" Thadd asked.

"When we heard the door creak open." Gregory said. "Chad said he would help me lose some of my fat. And I want to know how to protect you if we are to be together forever."

He went to Thadd and lifted him into his arms. Gregory kissed the smaller teen passionately and put him on the bed. The larger teen climbed on top and kissed down Thadd's body. Gregory removed the shirt as he kissed the thin chest and small nips of his true love. He moved down and removed the pants of his lover and freed the turgid rod, which Gregory kissed and licked. Thad thrashed on the bed as Gregory manipulated his lower region. Gregory rose and began to remove his shirt. Thadd noticed a firmness appear on Gregory's body. Thadd loved Gregory, no matter whether he had some fat, but he loved the effort his lover wanted to give him. Gregory removed his pants and his 6" glared at Thadd with a stiffness neither had encountered before. Gregory lifted Thadd's legs and began to feast on the teen cunt. The larger teen's tongue darted in and out of the hole and Thadd squealed like a school girl.

"Love me baby." Thadd begged. "Fill me."

Gregory slowly slid his teen cock into Thadd and the two merged into one. Gregory slowly moved his solid rod in and out of the hole of his lover. He leaned in and kissed Thadd's tender lips and the two moved as one. As they moved rhythmically, George entered the room and Gregory saw him. The larger teen motioned for George to eat his ass because of a plan he had. George feasted on the hole and Gregory was ready to shoot. The intensity in his being grew and Gregory was about to unload, but he also knew that Thadd was ready to explode. Gregory grasped the cock of his love at the base and the tightening ball sac. This did stop Thadd from shooting and Gregory picked up the pace of his thrusts. He continued his hold of Thadd's rod and nuts. His final thrust sent a huge shot of jizz into Thadd's bowels. Gregory grasp on Thadd's privates was hard and the smaller teen groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. Each shot Gregory released warmed Thadd's being. After seven volleys, the larger teen relaxed, but his recovery was amazing. His cock came out of the hole with a pop and the three giggles. Gregory moved up and straddled Thadd's body. He placed the rod at his hole and lowered himself in one thrust.


The tight, velvety hole had Thadd moaning in delight When Gregory adjusted to his lover's cock, he slowly moved up and down. Thadd reached for George's hard 8" and swallowed it to the root. The pleasure Gregory had as he rode Thadd's love muscle made him love the teen even more. The three undulated on the bed until Gregory exploded a second load all over George's back and ass cheeks. As he came, his ass muscles milked Thadd's rod as they thin boy shot his load deep into Gregory. This set George off when his cock blasted eight healthy loads into Thadd's mouth. As the three came down from their climatic throes, they cuddled in each other's arms and fell asleep.


NOTE: You might be wondering why I stopped at this point. The next chapter will give a better insight to one of the characters. Until then, I will leave you on pins and needles. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and spent it with family. With the upcoming holiday season, I hope that you have a great one, but remember folks. If you are going to a party, please do not drink and drive. Take it from someone who was in a near-fatal car accident with a two sober drivers, the devastation can cause pain and suffering to those involved and loved ones. I hope that you continue to enjoy the story and I will be adding another chapter very soon. I will also add my new website, which is still under construction. If you have any comments, either good or bad, please email me at Please make sure you put the story title in the subject line so I know which one you are writing about. Please say where you are from so I can put it on the Readers' List.










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