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© Copyright, DinkyWriter 2002

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Brotherly Weekend

by DinkyWriter Copyright ©2002

Christopher is my little brother and this is the story about how Chris and I started a `closer' than usual (legal?) relationship. Now, first of all I just want you to know that I'm not a pervert or anything. I don't normally go for `boys', I like guys sure, I've known I was gay since... well forever, or at least it seems like that. But normally I like guys around my own age or better still a year or two older. I went through all the same shit that I 'spose everyone goes through before I started to deal with it and then I came out to my friends; and eventually my parents.

Luckily they were real cool about it, I was only 15 then and that was 3 years ago. The only thing they said was not to tell Chris; too young they said: wouldn't understand they said. I agreed to their request, although even back then I knew he'd guess long before they would think him ready to know. This is the story of how he found out and what that led to!

The day after Chris's 13th birthday our parents had decided to go away for the weekend, as I was now 16 it was decided that I could look after Chris and myself. I was pleased with both the trust implied and that we wouldn't need to have Aunt Sylvie over to stay. Chris was cool about it as we got on more like best pals rather than just brothers, and I'd promised him if he were good I'd take him swimming at the lake behind our house on Sunday. Chris was always begging me to take him swimming, as he wasn't allowed to go on his own 'cause he couldn't swim well enough.

Mum and Dad set off with repeated warnings about behaviour and trust, not to mention telling me three times where they'd left an emergency phone number of the hotel where they were staying. Then, finally, they were gone.

For the first hour or so it felt great, kinda free and easy. I was just starting to relax when the phone rang. I heard Chris run down the stairs two at a time and guessed it'd be his friend Mikey who was coming to stay for the night. We'd both been told, quite specifically, `one friend each; NO parties'. Billy was, as usual, my chosen friend for the night but he wouldn't get in from his Saturday job until after 6.30pm and it was only just after 5pm now.

Chris trudged up the stairs, walked straight into my room and sat on the bed looking really hacked off.

"What's wrong mate?" I asked

"Mikey's been grounded so he can't come over and stay, it`s not fair. Mum and Dad aren't here and now I'll be on my own."

"No you won't silly I'll be here for you, won't I?" I said reassuringly, noticing that he looked really young and vulnerable which wasn't at all like Chris. I thought maybe he was a little scared at being left alone with just me as we'd always had an `adult' present before.

"Yeah but you've got Billy coming over so you'll be up here with him all night, a... a...anyway I don't like to play gooseberry to you two." Chris's voice cracked just slightly so I could tell he was getting really upset, I had to think quickly or we'd have an awful weekend ahead.

"How about I give Billy a call and cancel him, then we can just have a brotherly weekend together, maybe get some pizza and watch a movie, what d'ya say - sound good?" I moved and sat next to him putting my arm round him in a sort of half cuddle.

At first he sort of sank into me like the young boy he was, but within seconds he recovered and jumped up cheering, "Yay, would you really, just me and you all weekend. Excellent! Cool! Can I choose the movie? Can I? Can I?"

"Sure you can Chris, no problem." I said pleased to have averted a major sulking session, Billy would understand I thought, as I started for the stairs to go and phone him. The thought crossed my mind that Chris had rumbled Billy and me when he commented about playing gooseberry, but I convinced myself I was just being overly paranoid.

The evening was fairly uneventful, we watched a slasher movie that I knew would give him nightmares, but he was insistent. Anyway I know I used to watch them, nightmares or not. We ate pizza and drank cokes for most of the evening, chatted for awhile before bed and then went to our rooms.

About an hour or so after going to bed I woke with a start. I could hear a soft padding noise in my room and as I was about to sit up I heard Chris's voice whispering quietly.

"Rob, you awake? ...Please Rob wake up... I... I... I'm scared." A suppressed sob sneaked out and I knew he'd been crying.

"Chris, what's wrong, what's the matter?"

"I... I... had a bad dream, and... and... we got k... ki...killed by burglars in our sleep and no one knew until Mum and Dad found our bodies. It was horrible and now I can't get it out of my head," Chris paused to try an' control his breathing and then, "Can I sleep with you tonight, please Rob, I'll be good I promise?"

I threw back the duvet, moved back a bit and patted the bed, "Come on then, you can sleep in here with me but only if you promise not to fart on me, I know what your butt's like after you've had pizza."

A sort of half-giggle escaped him and knew the humour had made him feel at least a bit better. As he climbed in I pulled the duvet over us both and cuddled up to him, he sighed and within minutes he was drifting of to sleep. I started to relax myself, drifting in that semi trance-like state between sleep and wakefulness, when I realised I had a raging hardon. Worse still with Mum and Dad away I'd decided to try sleeping nude and my rock hard 5" cock was wedged up my little brothers butt crack, and as if that wasn't bad enough I was gently humping at him. Shocked at myself I turned over, I thought about bashing off but didn't want Chris to find out so I tried to will myself to sleep.

I woke happily, lifting slowly from a dream of boys and sex. At first the feel of an arm around my waist confused me but then I remembered the night before. I could feel Chris's hard cock against my butt cheek, and though I knew I shouldn't, I gently wriggled back against it. I felt his cock pop out of the fly of his shorts and straight at my butt, `this shouldn't feel so good,' I thought to myself whilst rocking my hips back and forth.

"Mmmm... Rob that feels sooo good."

I jumped out of bed in an instant and turned to look at a bleary eyed but grinning Chris. I started to say something, "Sorry I... I... didn't erm.... err..." but what could say. I didn't have to think for very long.

"Rob it's ok, I was enjoying it. Look I know everyone thinks I'm still a kid but I know all about sex, and I know that you're gay, and I know what you and Billy get up to," Chris paused briefly and then continued, "Do you want to know something else Rob?" Chris was smiling the same look that Billy says I have when I know I have the upper hand.

"What?" I asked nervously.

"You look really sexy naked, especially with a hardon!" he said glancing at my still pulsating member.

"This shouldn't be happening, I mean I don't think we should be..." I faltered and Chris started again.

"There's something else Rob... I--I'm gay as well." Chris turned his head to avoid looking at my eyes.

"Chris you're 13, and only just at that, you could be just confused or going through a phase," Shit I thought to myself I sound like my bloody parents, I sat down on the bed again facing Chris, "Hey I'm sorry, look you are 2 years younger than me when I came out to everyone is all I'm saying, but I will always be hear for you no matter what, ok?"

"You never came out to me Rob, I had to figure it all out for myself, I thought you didn't trust me or that maybe you only pretended to like me."

"Oh Chris, come here," I pulled him to me and hugged him, "You know I love you as a brother AND a friend, I only didn't say anything to you `cause Mum and Dad said you were too young to fully understand and that you might be upset about it. I promised I wouldn't say anything unless you asked about it and then I'd tell you whatever you asked me 'cause I didn't want to lie to you."

"So you really do love me and you don't mind if I'm gay as well?" he said looking right into my eyes.

"Really, no matter what, I'll always love you, I will..." I didn't get chance to finish that because Chris stopped me by kissing me on the mouth. At first tentatively and then more insistently I could feel his tongue probing my lips, as I opened my mouth to give him entry our tongues fought lazily together. His taste was so erotic, my cock responded immediately and as my hands wandered over his small but firm body I found his small but rock hard cock and gently stroked it. Chris moaned deeply in my mouth and as I started to wank his cock I knew he wouldn't last long.

"Chris lay back down, I'll show you how much I love you." Chris did as I said and I immediately swallowed his throbbing 4" cock all the way. He only had a few hairs growing just above his cock, which though fairly small, was as stiff as steel, and judging by the bucking and moaning I was making him feel pretty good.

"Oh yeah... oh god.... feels so good.... mmm... I'm real close Rob, I think I'm gonna shoot."

I never said a word, just kept sucking his cock and stroking his balls. He started to thrash about as he was overcome with a powerful orgasm, and surprising me with a not insignificant jet of hot cum. As I started to go slow and gently on Chris's still hard but spent member I knelt up so that I could wank myself off. I had been so close to cumming that a few quick strokes and I'd pop.

"Rob cum on me, I want to feel you shoot on me, please."

How could I say no! I straddled his thighs feeling his still plump cock under my arse and pumped my cock for all I was worth. Chris's hand started to play with my nuts and that sent me into heaven; I leant back and blew my load in spurt after spurt of hot boy-cream. As I looked back down at Chris I saw my cum streaked across his chest and face.

"Like that do you?" I asked as I watched him licking my cum from around his mouth.

"Mmmm, tastes good, kinda sweet and salty at the same time. Wow Rob you sucked my dick, I've never felt anything that good before, sure beats wanking off."

"Come on sport lets get cleaned up and I'll take you down to the lake, what do you think?"

"Cool, let's go." Chris's excitement hardly containable as he bounded out of bed heading for the shower. I watched his cute little butt all the way before thinking to myself, `what have you started Rob, what have you started?"

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