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Brotherly Weekend - chapter 2

by DinkyWriter ã Copyright 2002

After we had showered, separately I might add, we both headed downstairs for some breakfast. I was troubled by what had taken place. In my mind I knew that Chris was my baby brother and I was supposed to protect him. I felt guilty about having sex with him and kept suppressing the word pervert, which seemed to be dancing around inside my head.

As I got to the kitchen I looked at Chris and smiled. How could I not love him? He was beautiful and perfect in almost every way. Slender but with pretty good muscular definition already; light blondish hair, the kind that bleaches in the summer sun only to go a dirty blond in the winter months; piercing ice blue eyes that could send a chill up your spine and a tingle through for stomach; and the cutest smile, complete with dimples that would break hearts. This was the first time I actually looked at him as a sexual being and, I knew the minute that I saw him standing there in our kitchen, that my heart was probably going to be the first to get broken. But I wouldn't be able to do a thing about it; I had already fallen in love.

"Hey quit with the staring Rob, you're embarrassing me,"

"Sorry Chris, although I don't see how looking at you in a bathrobe can be embarrassing after what we did this morning!" I looked at him with a playful look but my stomach was churning with fear at how he might react. He must have been thinking about it for the last hour or so, I know I had thought of nothing else.

"Hmm, good point Rob. But then I guess we should be careful what we say and do if other people are around. It's not really something Mum and Dad would like is it?"

"Wow Chris, talk about the king of understatement Do you have any idea the sort of shit we could be in, particularly me I'm old enough to go out and have sex if I want but you are way too young." I stated, getting quite worked up in my head again.

"Yeah and that's not to mention the `brother' thing, eh?" Yet another massive understatement by my cute faced little lover. Shit, I mean brother.

"Mmmm," was all I could say.

"Rob, can I ask you something?"

Oh shit I thought to myself here we go, "Sure you can, whatever you want, just fire away."

"Well, you know what we did upstairs earlier,"

"Yeah... " I braced myself for either a question that would make me feel even more guilty than I already did, or worse than that, he'd say he didn't want to do anymore with me 'cause he though it was wrong.

"Well can we.... you know... do it again and maybe some more things. Will you teach me about sex Rob?"

Now, I had braced myself for a put down - or guilt - and, though my heart was suddenly beating like I'd been running a marathon, I was now even more worried. I knew I shouldn't agree, but hell I was horny for the little kid.

"Sure thing Chris, we'll do anything and everything you want to do. We just have to be careful that's all, you ok with that mate?" Here I was getting all excited about my thirteen year old brother and boy was I nervous - not to mention getting a rapidly rising hardon!

"Cool, I'm kinda glad Rob `cause look at what you do to me," he said undoing his robe to show me a completely naked body and a throbbing boy-erection.

"You, my little man, are the worst kind of brother to have," I said as I walked up to him.


"Because you are a tease, Chris, a right little tease." I knelt in front of him and smelt his just-out-of-the-shower aroma. Mmmm he smelt so good, I thought as I swallowed his hard little prick for the second time in less than 90 minutes.

"Why d'ya stop?" Chris asked, or maybe it was more of a plead, a pained expression on his face proving that he really did want what was happening between us.

"Ha there's no rush, we got plenty of time for sucking each other's dicks... and other stuff too. I just thought I'd give you a little something to think of, and anyway you shouldn't wave that thing in front of me so often `cause I might just have to suck you dry!" I walked away desperately trying to control my own urges, which right then would have only been satisfied by some more hot brother sex.


By late morning we'd walked to the lake behind our house, it was a rare summer's day in England, the sun was out and the temperature was already up in the high 20's, perfect for a swim. Now I probably have already mentioned that Chris can't swim, or at least not more than doing doggy paddle, so it was no surprise that he asked me to teach him. So for an hour or so we'd been in the lake at about waist deep just larking about and me giving him side by side advice when I thought it'd be easier to actually help him swim rather than to just tell him what to do.

"Chris, look, how about I hold you up and then you practise the strokes the way I've shown you. That way I can see what you're doing and you won't have to worry about staying above water `cause I'll have hold of you?"

"Yeah ok, but you gotta promise you won't to let me go, I don't want to drown just `cause you stop holding me up." Chris's voice was not at all confident, nothing like the teasing sex-god in the kitchen just a couple of hours before.

"Don't worry, I'm serious, no playing about. I want you to be able to swim properly, it's dangerous to be 13 and not be able to swim properly." Not to mention that the thought that once he could swim better we could have more fun was also at the forefront of my mind.

I held him by his mid-section for the next 30 or 40 minutes or so while he swam. He actually picked it up really easy and as his arms and legs got more co-ordinated so he became more confident.

"Chris I'm gonna let go of you know ok?" He's been virtually off my hands for last 10 minutes or so anyway, but I needed him to realise that he could do it.

"Ok, but stay close, please."

"No problem," I swam out a couple of feet away and then swam parallel to him so that he could see me still, "just make sure you're not out of your depth in case you get tired."

After a few more minutes of swimming around I watched him duck under the water for a second or two then his head and shoulders re-appeared. I swam over to him to see if he was ok and as I got closer I could see him grinning at me.

"What you grinning at, mate?"

"Oh nothing, come here,"

"Why?" I slowed as I got close and started to tread water until I realised it was only 4 or 5 feet deep and then I stood up.

"Cause I want to kiss my big brother, for teaching me how to swim."

"Oh is that what you want, is it, a kiss, hmm now do I want one though, now that's a question that I haven't been asked," I said trying to tease him, but not really succeeding.

"You don't have a choice, I'm gonna kiss you as a thank you and that's that." Chris was being dominant which whilst a little odd coming from my little brother was actually quite a turn-on much more than I would have liked to admit.

"Ok then, but make it good or I'll swim off."

As he walked the pace or two towards me his arms went round my neck. One hand draped across my shoulders and one caressing the nape of my neck and playing gently with my wet hair. His lips touched mine, just barely, brushing past as he sniffed at my face. Then, as my arms went to his waist, he jumped up wrapping both his legs around my hips. He was naked! I thought for just the smallest fraction of a second about how he'd gotten naked and where his trunks were, before I felt his lips on mine. His skill was that of a natural kisser, I had been kissing properly for nearly two years but was nowhere near this good, and the passion was raw and total. It was as if the energy between us was flowing through our lips, and as my mouth started to open his tongue was the first to probe. I could taste him, Chris, my little brother, was in my mouth and I could taste him, his tongue probing mine our lips locked in a desperate attempt to be inside each other. Then without warning he stopped and got down.

"What's wrong, why d' you stop?" The disappointment obvious in my voice, wow I mean he could kiss me like that any time he damned well wanted!

"Just stay still and go with what I do or say, ok?"

I still wasn't sure where Chris's newfound confidence was coming from but, hell, I wasn't complaining.

I nodded to him and in a flash he jumped up and dived under water, giving a teasingly brief flash of his perfect white butt cheeks. Then I felt his hands on my waist, moving towards my shorts, rubbing my butt with one hand and pulling at the cord on my swim shorts with the other. In just a matter of seconds I was as naked as he was. I felt his hand slide up over my nuts and then along my rock hard cock as he appeared in front of me.

"Where are my shorts?" I asked noticing that he didn't have them in his hands.

"Ah, they're with mine under a rock on the floor; they'll be ok `till we need them." he said very matter-of-factly, "now where were we?"

Then he was off again. I felt his weight go to his arms around my neck as his legs came up around my hips. My cock lodged itself along his butt crack; a very nice fit even if I do say so myself. As his kiss gained in intensity, even more rapidly than last time I could feel him rocking his arse back and forth along my cock. He was driving me wild. My breathing was already sounding like I'd run a mile and Chris was panting as well. His back was arched slightly as he sliding along my cock and I could feel him moving in that tell tale rhythm that comes with a good wank. I was holding him with both hands, firmly massaging his butt, and as I kept parting and spreading his butt cheeks I was effectively wanking myself with my little brothers arse. Oh god it felt soooo good!

"I'm gonna cum real soon Rob." Chris stated breaking the kiss at last.

"Mmmm me too, just don't stop now," no sooner had I said those crucial words, he leapt backwards into the water.

I stood there dumbfounded. My hand went to my cock automatically as if as consolation at the loss of my brothers arse. The only good thing was the sight of Chris as he jumped backwards, seeing his whole body arching out with his cock standing proud and his tight looking nut sack, before he vanished under the water.

I felt him before I saw him as he swam passed me his hands stroked my legs. I felt his hands on my butt and then slide round to encircle my cock. This was getting better by the minute, I felt him kissing my shoulders and I was really enjoying the feeling of my little brother's hand wanking my cock so perfectly. Then I shuddered as I felt Chris push his cock into my butt crack.

"Oh Chris I want you so much, do you have any idea how good you're making me feel?"

"If it's as good as I feel then it's pretty good!" Chris moaned quietly in my ear.

Chris's cock was leaking masses of pre-cum and I could tell that he would enter me within just a few strokes; he had got me so worked up I think I`d do anything right now. And boy did I want him in me. Right now, nothing was more important to me than getting fucked by my little brother.

He pushed hard a couple of times near to my butt hole and then slipped all the way in and back out two or three times in quick succession, which actually probably helped me too take him so easily, that and the fact that he's only about 4 inches or so. The next thrust and he was in as deep as he could go and just stopped for a few heartbeats. God he felt big. Suddenly I would have believed him if he'd said he was 8 inches!

"Oh fuck, Chris that feels so good," I screamed, the passion of the moment and the feeling of my brother in me as he started to piston his cock in and out was taking me to new heights of pleasure. All the while his thrusts were forcing me to fuck my cock into his tight hand.

"I think I'm gonna cum real soon Rob, your arse is so hot and tight," Chris was panting in my ear and I could tell he wasn't kidding about being close.

"Chris, just keep fucking me, as hard as you want, just don't come out. I want you to cum inside me, Ok?" I managed to get out just as my own orgasm overtook me. My cum spewed into the water as I was wanked and fucked at the same time by my little brother. The pleasure was like a blanket wrapping me up, I couldn't think about anything other than my brother and I fucking like we had nothing left but each other.

"Oh god... arrgghhh," Chris cried out as he flooded me with his hot load, I could actually feel his cock swell as he pumped a huge load of his boy-cum up my waiting arse. By now he had stopped playing with my cock and was clinging to me, arms over my shoulders and legs hooked around mine. He was still pumping into me though somewhat slower as his orgasm subsided.

"Oh Chris," I sighed almost whispering, "you were fantastic, I'm not sure if I should ask, but where on earth did you get to be so good?"

"What do you mean, before today I've just wanked myself off, I just seem to want to do things when I'm with you? You did enjoy it didn't you?" the nervousness back, replacing the confidence of just a few moments ago.

"Enjoy it? Chris you were fantastic, I don't think I've ever had an orgasm like that in my life!"

I pealed his arms away from my neck and felt his cock slip out as he stood back on the floor. I turned to face him and was immediately taken with the beauty of the situation. Now, I'm not normally this sentimental, but here I was arms around my little brother, the sun beating down on us in chest high water, with the afterglow of mind-numbingly good sex all around us.


"Yeah, what Rob?"

"I know this is gonna sound kinda weird and mushy... but, I love you." I said my voice almost cracking from the emotion.

"I know that Rob, I love you too." he replied almost flippantly.

"No Chris, I mean I love you, as in what we just did was out of this world and I want to do it again and again and again. If you weren't my brother I'd want you to be my boyfriend, that kind of `I love you'."


"What d'ya mean, oh?" I felt really hurt and a little angry at his casual indifference.

"Sorry I didn't mean it like that I just thought, well that, maybe being brothers was the most special love that could be and that us being lovers as well was better than just being boyfriends." As Chris spoke I could see a total look of adoration in his eyes; his love for me was completely beyond measure. My hurt at his apparent flippancy dissipated immediately.

"We can, if you want that is, be `brother lovers', what do you think, Chris?"

"Cool, yeah, I like that." Chris beamed and then in a splash had dived under water showing me his perfect little white butt which I just knew I was going have to get into, and soon! Within seconds he returned to the surface holding our swim stuff.

"So then `lover' I guess we should get dressed?" I said emphasising the lover to make him feel good.

"Yeah, guess so, ha," he giggled a little and had his mischievous look back, "but you gotta catch me first." With that he swam of for the shore, with me giving hot pursuit.


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