Brothers and Friends

A story of two brothers and their friends, and their journey from childhood innocence to young manhood.

By: BratBoi
Copyright © 2001

Chapter 2 - A First Time for Everything

The Usual Warnings and Stuff

Warning, the following story depicts sexual activity very loosely based on real life experiences, and only really exists in my vivid masturbatory imagination.  This story contains descriptions of sex activity involving related boys, young boys, teen boys in various combinations.  If this subject matter doesn't float your boat, then don't read it.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of the characters in the story to an actual person or real event is purely coincidental.  Also, the characters in this story participate in unprotected sex, which I strongly disapprove of, even at the tender young ages of some of the characters.

I retain the copyright to this story.  It's mine, so don't touch it without my permission.  Placing this story on a web site or anywhere else without my permission is a violation of that copyright.

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Now all that horse-pucky is dealt with, go pour yourself something to drink, get nice and comfy, kickback and enjoy.


A Fateful Meeting

The biggest change in Steve's young life came the day he started grade 4.  Steve felt like a real grownup because it was starting in the fourth grade that you could be a hall or cafeteria monitor.  Things were looking up now he wasn't in the junior grades anymore.

At the end of each day at school, he and Mark, who was starting the second grade, would walk home together.  On their way home Steve would tell him all that he had learned that day and Mark would do the same.  The two of them were still pretty good friends and Steve was always looking out for him.

When they got home, both would run to their room and change out of school clothes and then go running to the kitchen where mum would have a snack ready for the both of them.  After the snack was finished, both would do their homework and then go off to find their friends so that they could talk about school and critique everyone who wasn't in their circle of friends.

One day about a week after school started, there was a knock at the classroom door and in walked the principal lady with a very shy looking blonde boy in tow.  The teacher made the class stand up and say "Good morning, Miss. Carter" and Miss. Carter replied "Good morning, boys and girls.  You may sit down now boys and girls, and be very quiet because I have someone I want to introduce to you."

Everyone in the class sat down as Miss. Carter gently pulled the boy she had in tow so that he was standing in front of her and facing the class.  "Boys and girls, I would like to introduce you to Robert Adams, who has just moved to Toronto from Chalk River.  Now I want you all to say welcome to Toronto to Robert."  Miss Carter told the class.  "Welcome to Toronto, Robert " the kids chimed back.

"Now" Miss Carter started to say, "can someone come up front and show Robert where he can sit?"  Steve sat there looking around and saw that no one was getting up, and then he looked at Robert and saw that he was close to tears.  Steve stood up and walked up to the front of the class, looked at Robert and said, "Hi Robert, my name is Steve.  You can come and sit beside me if you want."  With that, Robert followed Steve to his seat and no one realized that this was to be the event that would change their lives forever.

At recess, Steve decided that he would spend his time with Robert because he seemed to be so lonely and sad.  When they got outside, the two boys just stood there looking at the ground with their hands in their pockets and occasionally kicking the dirt around with the toes of their shoes.  It seemed to take an eternity for one of them to speak.

"Where do you live, Robert?"

"PLEASE don't call me Robert.  I'm only Robert when I've done something wrong.  My name is Bob."

"Sorry, Bob.  I'm only Stephen when I'm in trouble too."

Both boys giggled and really looked at each other for the first time, trying to size the other one up as boys do.  From what Steve saw, Bob was about his size with blond hair that was short on the sides and had little spikes on the top, the neatest green eyes, a smallish nose and ordinary kind of mouth that was grinning at him.  There was nothing special about his clothes except for a brand new pair of Nike trainers that Steve would have killed for.  Steve decided that he would be Bob's friend.

Bob's inspection of Steve was a little more detailed than Steve's was of him.  He saw that he had brown hair that was longer than his own and that it wasn't brushed very well.  He saw Steve's brown eyes, and ordinary ears.  He always checked people's ears out because he hated ones that stuck out like wings, and he was relieved to see that Steve's didn't.  He had an ordinary nose too, neither too big nor too small, just the right size.  Across the tip of Steve's nose there was a new scar and he wondered how he got it.  Steve had an ordinary mouth too, but the grin was special, the kind of grin that made you feel comfortable.  Nothing special about his clothes either, except Bob thought that his jeans were tighter than they should be; you shouldn't be able to see boy's bumps and Bob could see Steve's.  His shoes were ordinary too, Nike trainers but they weren't as new as his, but they weren't old either.  Bob decided that he liked Steve.

"Do you know where Elm Street is, because I live at 12541 Elm Street."

Steve cocked his head at Bob and looked as if he was in deep thought.

"WOW, cool Bob, that's the street right behind mine, and if the numbers are the same I bet our back yards touch each other.  I live at 12543 Oak Street."

Both boys smiled and started saying "way cool" and all the other things that kids say when they are surprised and happy.  To an uneducated adult, it was another language, but all the kids universally understood it.

"Do you want to be my friend, Bob?"

"That would be so cool Steve, I donut have any friends here yet."

"Well you do now.  Let's go play a bit before the bell rings."

For the rest of the day, Steve and Bob would be sitting beside each other and every so often, one would give the other one an elbow to the ribs and both would give a quiet giggle.  Each elbow and each giggle meant that they were becoming closer and closer friends.

When the bell rang signaling the end of the day, both boys shoveled their school stuff into their desks and headed for the door.

"I can't stay here and play Bob, my brother will be waiting outside to walk home with me, and my mum would have a shit fit if we were late without telling her first."

"Yeah, I know what you mean man, my mum is the same."

When they reached the outside of the school, they both said good-byes to each other and Steve ran to Mark.  Steve checked over his shoulder and saw Bob just turning the corner and gave him a wave and Bob waved back.  Steve smiled and knew this was going to be cool.

What Are Brothers for?

All the way home with his brother, Steve talked about his new friend instead of what he had learned or what he had done in school that day.  He was really animated, talking with his hands waving, so Mark knew that this Bob must be something special.

After Steve had filled Mark in on Bob and finished his lunch, he went to his mother and told her all about his new friend.

"Do you know his address, honey?"

"I think it is 12541 Elm Street.  I remember because it is so close to our address."

His mother seemed to go into a trance as mothers seem to do from time to time.  Not too long ago, Steve's dad had told him not to worry about her or try to understand why she did things like this it because girls and women are very hard to understand.  So Steve just stood there and waited like he always did.

"They must have moved into the Parker house.  I thought I had seen curtains and drapes on the windows."

"Which one is the Parker house, mum?"

Mum took Steve over to the kitchen window and pointed "That house right over there behind all the tall hedges."

Steve realized that the house she was pointing to, was on the right hand corner of their backyard.  He was just beaming because he had already guessed it would be.

"Mum, can I please go over there and see if it is his house and if he can come out?"

"Steve, you *know* that you're not allowed out until all your homework is done."

"Muuuuuuum!  That is such a dumb rule now.  I'm 10 years old and I'm in the fourth grade now.  I think I should be able to go out when I want to!"

"Stephen, you know what the rules are and you shouldn't argue with me.  And young man, I don't like your tone of voice.  I think you should spend an hour in your bedroom and think about it."

Steve knew he had crossed the line when his mum had called him Stephen, but she also said "young man" and the two of them together meant that he was in trouble.  With a big frown on his face, he started heading upstairs to his room.  There was no point now in arguing.

On his way up to his room, Steve was working himself up into quite a little state.  He was so angry with his mum for not letting him go to see if he could find Bob's house, and then to get busted for an hour for trying to make her listen to reason. It just wasn't fair!  He kept thinking to himself that he bet Bob's mum would let him out to play right now.  Now he was stomping his feet on the stairs.  The more he thought about it, the more he stomped.

He reached the top of the stairs and turned left and could see the room that he shared with Mark right at the end of the hallway, the door was wide open and he could see his bed.  God only knows how he got the idea, but he thought to himself that he could run down the hallway, jump when he got to his door and land on the bed.  He got a big smile on his face because it would scare Mark who was playing video games on the computer.

He started to run and picked up speed and saw the door getting closer and closer real fast.  He looked up and focused on the spot on the bed where he would land.  He got to the doorway and with one final burst of energy he was airborne in a dive at the bed.  He knew he was going to make the bed OK, but wasn't going to make the spot where he wanted to land.  His hands touched first and then his face was shoved into the mattress.  He felt his legs falling and knew they were going to end up hanging over the end of the bed.  Not a success, but not a failure either.

The pain swept threw his body at an amazing rate and it totally took his breath way.  He had no idea what he had done as wave after wave of this sickening pain swept threw him.  He gasped and tried to cry, but the cry wouldn't come.  All he could do was gasp.  He could barely move, but he looked down towards where the pain was coming from and suddenly understood what had happened.  The foot board of his bed had a wooden ball at each end and as his legs came down the wooden ball had made extreme contact with a Steve ball.

Mark swung around from the computer.

"Are u OK Steve….  What the fuck did you do?"

Mark had been spending a lot of time with the older kids in the neighborhood and had picked up a vocabulary that sometimes outdid Steve's.

Steve managed to look at Mark and continued to gasp.  He had his hands cupping his balls and was trying to roll over on his back.  He had heard stories about how bad it was to get hit in the balls and now he knew they were all true.

"Should I get mum?

Steve looked at Mark and shook his head no.  He thought if she found out what he had done that he would be grounded for a week.  He opened his mouth and whispered to Mark "Shut the fucking door".

Mark jumped up, ran to the door and closed it.  Then he went to his brother and asked, "What happened, Steve"?

Now Steve had started to cry, but worked hard to keep it quiet.  He looked at Mark and said in a whisper "Balls, hurt my balls".  And with a lot of effort rolled over on his back.  He was still cupping himself and kind of rocking.

"Oh man, did you hit the wooden ball?  What the fuck were you doing?  You could have smashed your balls?  Does it hurt much?  Is there any blood?

Those questions from Mark scared Steve.  He knew if you hit something hard enough that you can smash it, and if he were bleeding that mum would know for sure that he had done something.  So he knew he had to check.

He slowly removed his hands from himself and found that it didn't make any difference if they were there or not.  The pain just stayed the same.  He reached for the top of his shorts and managed do push them down a little and did the same with his boxers.

"How does everything look Markie?"

"I donut know Steve, I can't see anything because your shorts are in the way."

Steve tried to push them lower, but the bending and lifting his hips just caused more pain.

"You pull them down Markie and have a look"

Mark grabbed the sides of Steve's shorts and boxers and started to pull.  Steve took a deep breath and lifted his hips as high as he could, and in less than a second his shorts and boxers were around his ankles.

Mark moved in close with a concerned look on his face and started to check Steve out, and looked at him from all angles.

"There is no blood and your dink looks OK, but your balls are all red."

"Do they look broken?"

"What to broken balls look like?"

"I don't know, just different I guess."

Mark had another good look and said, "I donut think they look different but I'm not sure."

"What do you mean not sure?"

"I can't remember what shape they're supposed to be"

This made Steve think.  He had seen his balls a million times, and Mark's too.  And at sleepovers he had seen his friend's balls when they changed for bed.  But he couldn't remember the exact shape either.

"Take a look at yours, Markie and see if they are the same."

Mark pushed his sweat pants and boxers down to his ankles and practically stood on his head to look at his balls.  Then he went back to Steve and checked him out again.

"Yours are bigger but I think they are the same shape as mine."

Steve let out a sigh of relief, at least he wouldn't have to tell his mother that he had hurt himself.  After a few minutes of just laying there the pain had pretty well gone away except for the odd spasm and Steve thought it was time to get off the bed and get his shorts pulled up again.  He certainly wasn't shy, but knew it would take a lot of explaining if his mother just happened to come in their room and he was laying on the bed with his shorts and boxers around his ankles.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position and his balls started to tell him that they were not going to make this easy on him.  He asked Mark to give him his hand and help get him to his feet.  With Mark pulling and Steve leaning and wiggling, the two of them finally got Steve on his feet.  As he started to straighten up, more waves of pain swept through his body and he reached out and grabbed Marks shoulders to steady himself.  Following about a minute of gasping and a few tears, the pain subsided again.  He started to bend over to pull up his shorts and his balls sent out another wave of pain.

"Markie, you're gonna have to pull them up for me, and try not to bump or get anything caught there."

Mark nodded to tell Steve that he understood and bent down and started to pull Steve's boxers up first.  When the elastic was just at his brother's balls, he went real slow and carefully pulled them up to his waist, then he did the same with Steve's shorts.

"Thanks Markie, you're my hero today"

Mark just beamed because it was the first time that he could really help Steve and he loved being called a hero by his big brother.

"Steve, you can go out and play now", his mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

Steve hobbled to the bedroom door, opened it and shouted back, "Thanks mum, but I think I'll stay in and play with Markie this afternoon."

A Dare is a Dare

The next morning at recess, Steve grabbed Bob's hand and dragged him over to a corner of the school yard that was infrequently used by the kids.  Leaning against the fence with his eyes constantly scanning for intruders and in very hushed and secretive tones, Steve told Bob all about what had happened the previous afternoon.

Bob listened intently with his eyes growing larger by the second.  Unconsciously, his hands moved to the front of his shorts and cupped his balls.  When Steve finished the story, all Bob could say was "Wow!"

Steve just looked at Bob with a very serious face and nodded in agreement.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone", Steve whispered.

"Tell anyone what?"

Looking a little stern, Steve said, "How stupid I was."

"OK, Steve, cross my heart and hope to die, I'll never tell anyone."

"They still feel funny today, and there is a bruise right where your leg attaches to your body too." Steve said rather seriously.

"My brother would never have helped me like yours did.  He's 14 years old and thinks he's king shit, and he would never have pulled his pants down in front of me, that's for sure."

"Why not, you're brothers and both boys, so who cares?"

"I dunno, he says that he's "changing" and that I'm too young to see his dink and stuff any more."

"What did he mean by "changing" and what does age have to do with it?"

"I really don't know, but I bet he's jealous that my dick is bigger than his or something like that", Bob said with a giggle.

Steve giggled too and said, "Well at least I *know* mine is bigger than Mark's"

Both boys giggled and laughed for a few seconds because they knew they were talking about something naughty, although they didn't know why.

"And I know that *mine* is bigger than *yours*!"  Steve blurted out and surprising himself.  He had no idea why he had said it.  It just came out.

At first, Bob looked a little surprised at what Steve had just said, but a grin spread across his face and he said, "Oh yeah, then I *dare* you to prove it."

There it was, the "D" word, and it had just hurled at Steve by Bob.  A dare was the ultimate in challenges, and anyone who whimped or backed out of a dare would be labeled a "wuss" by the rest of the kids and hassled about it forever.

Steve stood there looking at Bob, and the grin on his face, as his brain raced at 100 miles per hour.  "How did I get myself into this?" he kept asking himself over and over.  This wasn't the same as changing at a friend's for a sleep over, this was actually pulling down your pants to *show* someone, and he had never done that before, and he knew it was very naughty.

"Well?"  Bob asked with the grin seemingly getting bigger and evil looking.

"Sure, *no* problem" Steve said trying to sound calm, cool and collected.  He also managed to crack a grin.

"Cool, shake on it now", Bob said while extending his hand.

He knew this was the last chance that Steve would have to back out with any honor, and in a way he was hoping he would.  If Steve was to prove he was bigger it meant that they would have to know how big he was too, and like Steve he had never just come out and shown someone his dick.  He sighed to himself and thought that if Steve did it, then he would too.

Steve grasped Bob's hand and shook it, and the two boys looked at each other and burst out giggling as if they could read each other's mind.

Just then the bell rang and it was time go get back to class.  Running back towards the school, both boys said "When?" at the exact same time causing them go into another giggling attack.

"I've got an idea that I've been thinking about for a while anyway, but I have to ask my mum first", Bob said as they slowed to a walk.  "I'll let you know tomorrow, OK?"

"OK, cool"

The rest of the school day went as all the others before it.  The questions and the answers all seemed the same, the same kids fell asleep that always did and it was the same old boring stuff all over again.  The only difference was that every now and then Bob and Steve would look at each other, one would wink and they would giggle silently together.

On their way home, Bob asked his mother what he had been thinking about and she said that she didn't have a problem with it, but would have to call Steve's mum to make sure it was OK.

Bob didn't have any set routine that he went through when he got home from school like Steve had, except for changing out of his school clothes.  He would usually flop down on the couch and flip through the TV channels a couple of dozen times in hopes that there were some new programs or something, which of course there never were.

Today he just stayed in his room and played with his Play Station, but he couldn't concentrate on the games.  All that he could think of was the dare and how Steve accepted it so fast.  He kept wondering how many times he had done it before and who with.  He turned off the Play Station and flopped on his bed.

He had always wanted to see what another boy's private parts looked like up close ever since he could remember.  He had caught fleeting glimpses of friend's at sleepovers, but they were just teases.  He never had the courage to move closer for a better look, or to just ask.

He knew it wasn't bad for two boys to see each other naked because his parents had never said anything, and when there were sleepovers they would send the boys up to get changed into their PJ's at the same time.  But because of the feeling he got thinking about seeing another boy the way he wanted to see another boy, he knew it had to be naughty.

Every time he thought about what other boy's looked like, he noticed that his little penis would get hard and make what looked like a tent in whatever he was wearing.  He had never seen any of his friends with a tent like he got, so he thought that he was the only one that it happened to and that really bothered him and made him wonder if he had some kind of disease.

Today was no different, and he felt his penis get hard and press against his shorts.  He looked down and there was the telltale tent.  He closed his eyes and tried to wish it away, but that only seemed to make it worse.  Not wanting his mother to walk into his room and see him like this, he rolled over on his stomach.

It was the first time he had done this and…well, if felt good down there.  This upset him a bit more because he knew that a disease wasn't supposed to make you feel good.  "What was wrong with me?" he was thinking over and over again as he dozed off.

An hour later, his mum called up to him and woke him up with a start.  "Bob, honey", she shouted, "I just spoke with Steve's mum and she said it was OK for Friday night."

"Thanks mum", Bob yelled back in a bit of a daze.

Well it's set he thought to himself.  In a way he wished he never had made that stupid dare, and in another way he was as excited as he got at Christmas.


The rest of the week went as every other week went, except that Steve and Bob had a habit of giggling every time they looked at each other.  A few times, the teacher had to reprimand them for disrupting the class with their giggles, but this was no biggie because she was always reprimanding the girls for the same thing.

At the end of the day on Friday as Steve and Bob were heading home they both shouted, "See you in a few hours", at each other at exactly the same time making both of them break out in a major case of the giggles.

That evening after supper, Steve's mum told Steve to come and help get him packed up for his great adventure with Bob.  The two of them headed upstairs to Steve's room closely followed by Mark who didn't want to be left out of anything.  Steve went to the closet and got his sports bag and put it on his bed while his mother routed threw drawers, and Mark watched on.

"T-shirt" his mother said and passed it to Steve who put it into the bag.  "Socks" and the same pass and pack procedure.  "Underwear"

"MUM, those are Underoo's, I need boxers!!!", Steve said in a shocked tone of voice.

"Steve darling, you wear these all the time and this pair is your favorite."

"Mum, don't you know anything yet?"  Steve said with some exasperation in his voice.  "You only wear briefs when no one is going to see them!  If someone is going to see your underwear, they HAVE to be boxers."

"Yeah mummy, didn't you know that?"  Mark interjected.

Their mother gave them both a dirty look and rolled her eyes and then routed around some more and handed Steve a pair of boxers.  "And what do you have on now, smarty pants?"

Steve thought for a second and then said, "Oh… can you hand me another pair please, mum?"

His mum threw a pair of boxers on the bed as Steve stripped off his pants and briefs.  He took the boxers from the bed, put them on and then put his pants back on.  "Thanks mum, that could have been really embarrassing". Well, we couldn't have that now, could we?" she said as she laid out clean PJ's for Steve to pack.  "Now, why donut you boys go have a quick bath, Steve could use one BEFORE he goes to Bob's"

"Aw mum", the brothers said in well-practised unison.

"Come on scoot, off you go, and Steve remember to bring your toothbrush"

The boys ran to their bathroom and got undressed.  Steve started the bath water and said "Mark, pee BEFORE you get in this time".

Mark giggled and walked over to the toilet, lifted the seat and started to pee.  The sound of the water running and Mark peeing made Steve decide that he better practice what he preached and he walked over beside Mark and started to pee.  The two of them giggled as they had a sword fight with their streams.

Mark finished first and hopped in the tub with Steve not far behind.  They splashed each other a bit and then had a quick swipe with the bar of soap, wiped themselves with a face cloth declaring themselves clean.

"What do you do at a sleepover, Steve?"

"Well, we usually go to bed and talk all night, but this is my first one with Bob, so I don't know what we'll do.  Some of my friends just like to sleep."

"Why don't you call it a talkover then?"

"Cause you're 'posed to be sleeping and not talking and sometimes if the mum or dad catches you not sleeping they get real mad.  That's why we call it a sleepover so it fools the parents."

Mark looked at his brother wondering if he was serious or not and finally decided he was.

"Cool, Steve."

Steve grinned and knew he had just screwed up his brother again.

Mark started to giggle and said "Look Steve, you have a boner."

Steve giggled too and said "Yeah it happens a lot when I get into hot water, and I wouldn't laugh too hard cuz you have one too."

Mark looked down and giggled some more and started to pull on it.  "It will be as big as yours soon."

"It sure will, Markie, it sure will."

Boners weren't a big thing in their house because their mother had seen Steve with one a few years before and explained to him that it happened to boys all the time and not to let it bother him.  She didn't call it a boner, he got that from the older boys down the street, she called it something like an "election" which he could never remember.  Besides, "boner" was something that everyone understood, even his mum.

The same time that she explained boners to him, she talked to him about "good touch and bad touch" which really didn't make much sense to him at all.  She said that it was a bad touch if someone touched your penis or other parts and you didn't like it, and a good touch if you did like it.  If a stranger touched you, it was always a bad touch.  When he asked questions about good touch and bad touch like when is it always a good touch, she wasn't very good at explaining, so the whole thing didn't make sense to him at all.

"Come on boys hurry up.  Steve you have to get going soon", said a voice from behind the door.

"Coming, mum", Steve shouted as he pulled the plug and started to get out of the tub.  Mark's comment about getting bigger reminded him of what this sleepover was all about and he blushed just a bit.  He knew he could go through with the dare but really hoped that Bob wasn't bigger than he was.  They were the same age and size, so their dicks should be the same.

Steve dried off and climbed back into his clothes and opened the door and went to their room.  Mark followed a second later, naked and carrying his clothes, which he threw into a pile beside their dirty clothes hamper.  Steve remembered that he had forgotten his toothbrush and ran and got it and put it into his bag and zipped it up.

He ruffled Mark's hair as he picked up the bag and headed for the door.  "Night big guy, see you tomorrow" he said to Mark on his way out.

"Bye Steve, have a good talkover" Mark giggled.

Steve hopped into the car with his mum and they made the trip in about 2 minutes, driveway to driveway.  He opened the door to get out and saw his mother getting out too.  His heart started pounding.

"MUM, I can find my way from here!"

"I know honey, I just want to make sure that things are OK."

"MUM, things are OK, please don't do this to me!"

His mother sighed and thought to herself that her little boy was growing up and maybe it was time to give him some slack.  After all, he was a good kid and never gave them any problems except for the time he come home with a new vocabulary that took a week to break him of.

"OK, sweetie you go and have a good time with Bob"

"Thanks, mum" he said as he ran and put his arms around her and gave her a big hug before running up the driveway to the door and ringing the bell.

Bob's mum answered the door said "Well hello, Steve.  Why don't you come in?  Bob is in the family room."

"Thank you Mrs. Adams" Steve said as he entered the house and had a quick look around and saw that was almost like his, just a little bigger.

"Put your bag by the stairs there, you can take it up later."  Bob's mum said.

Steve carried his bag to the stairs and dropped it.  He stood there for a second then heard someone running towards him.  He turned to look and it was Bob with a big smile on his face.  Steve smiled back and started walking toward his friend.

Bob looked different than he did in his school clothes.  He had on a muscle shirt that was 20 sizes too large and a pair of old torn jeans that were about 2 sizes too small, and no shoes or socks.  Steve thought he looked real cool and for some reason couldn't stop checking him out as he ran towards him.

"I thought you would never get here", Bob said through his smile.

"My mum made me take a bath before I came."

"A bath, why not a shower?  I always take showers."

"Mark was with me and he doesn't like showering with two people.  He says there isn't enough room to move around and there is always someone out of the water and freezing to death."

Bob stopped cold in is tracks and said "You take baths with your brother?"

"Yeah, it's no biggie.  It saves time and we're both boys"

Bob crunched on this for a second and said, "Yeah, I guess.  If I would ever even think of that with my bro, I'd be dead meat in 2 seconds.  He is a total asshole and I just forget he exists"

"How old is he again?"

"Eli is 14 and thinks he's king shit when all he really is, is just plain shit"

Both boys had a real good giggle over what Bob had said.  Steve really liked Bob's sense of humor because he seemed to be able to make a joke out of anything.  His only concern was that he would make a joke of his dick when Bob saw it, and he wasn't sure if he would like that much at all.

"Come on and let me introduce you to my dad and the king, and then we can go to my room and play with the Play Station."

"Works for me" Steve said as he followed Bob to the family room.

"Dad, I want you to meet my best friend, Steve.  Steve, this is my dad."

"Glad to meet you Mr. Adams" Steve said while reaching for a handshake.

"It's very good to meet you at last, Steve, we've heard a lot about you and it was all bad."  Bob's dad said and grinned while shaking Steve's hand.

"This is my brother, Eli, Steve.  Eli, this is Steve."

Steve started to reach out his hand to shake Eli's, when Eli got up and started to walk away saying "Yeah, yeah, another dweeb to put up with for the weekend.  Hello, dweeb."

"Glad to meet you, Eli" Steve said, a little stunned, as he watched Eli walk away.

"Told ya.  Now let's go to my room and I'll womp your ass good at any game you pick" Bob said to his friend.

"Bob, your language please!" his father said, not even raising his head from reading the newspaper.

Both boys grinned as they headed off to Bob's room.  Both were thinking that how all parents are programmed in the same way, and it was just the degree of reaction that varied.

"I'd like to hear what he has to say if he heard us when we're in my room with the door closed." giggled Bob.

"No shit, man!" giggled Steve as he grabbed his bag and headed up the stairs after Bob.

When they got to Bob's room, Steve checked it out and saw that it was a little larger than his and Mark's and it only had one bed but it was a big one, maybe the same size as his parent's.  There was a good size TV and beside it were a stereo and the Play Station.  On the other side was a good sized stack of CD's and games for the Play Station.  He was impressed.

"Wow, neat room", Steve said still standing there holding his bag.  "I wish I had all this neat stuff.  All we have room for is the computer."

"Shit, man, you got a computer in your room?"  Bob seemed to ask in awe.  "Is it on the Internet?"

"Yeah, dad got the Internet for us last year so we could use it to help with our homework and help answer questions that he can't answer."

"Way cool, man, ours is in the family room and I have to fight to get to use it because of Dog Breath in the next room."  Bob said gesturing with his head to the next room which happened to be his brother's.

"Mark and I usually don't have any problems sharing, and we are kinda liking the same stuff now that he's getting older."

Bob just nodded as if he was in disbelief.

"Where should I put this?"  Steve asked swinging his bag a little.

"Put it on the other side of the bed, I sleep on this side"

"We're gonna share the bed?"  Steve asked casually.

Steve stopped for a second and thought that this would be the first time he shared a bed with a friend on a sleepover.  He usually slept in a spare bunk or in a sleeping bag on the floor.

"You can sleep on the floor if you want, but I just thought it would be easier for us to talk and stuff if you shared the bed."

"That's cool, man" Steve said walking over to the other side and dropping the bag.

"What game do you want to play so I can beat the pants off you?"  Bob asked.

"Fat chance" said Steve as he walked over to the stack of games and gave them a good going over.

"How about this one?" asked Steve as he handed it to Bob.

"Sure man, prepare to be womped."

Both boys sat on the floor and played for what seemed to be hours and found that they were pretty evenly matched.

At the end of a game, Steve put his controller down on the floor stood up and stretched.  As he stretched he looked down at Bob and saw that the crotch of his jeans was kinda cutting into his groin they were so tight.

"Bob, I couldn't wear those jeans if my life depended on it.  My balls are still a little sore and swollen from the 'accident'".

This took Bob by surprise because none of his friends had ever talked like that.  A guy's balls were private and not to be discussed.  The only one he ever heard talking about his balls was his brother when he'd stick his hands down his pants and say "Fuck, my balls itch".

"You'll have to show me later."  Bob said with a grin that Steve didn't notice.

"Sure" Steve said without even thinking.  Then what he had just agreed to hit him.  Not only was he going to have to show Bob his dink, now his balls were included in the deal.  He shook his head a little as he thought to himself "How do I get myself into these things."

"Hey, that's real cool of you man, it shows that you trust me like a bro.  Want to play another game?"  Bob asked?

"Nah, my right thumb is gamed out.  Why don't we listen to some music for a while?  You pick"

As Bob was looking for something to put on, Steve was thinking to himself.  "Trust you like a bro?  You're my best friend and I feel like we're almost bro's, and I did have Markie give me a good checking out after I hurt myself.  So, what the fuck why not?  We're almost bros and we both have the same equipment, and there can't be anything wrong with that."  And with that thought, he grinned and relaxed as the room filled with the sound of a band that he couldn't recognize.

"Who are they?"

"They're a new Inde band called the "The Squished Squashes", do you like them?"

Steve really didn't like them, it just sounded like a lot of noise to him, but he saw Bob bopping his head to some beat that just wasn't there and said, "Yeah, they're really cool."

Good Touch, Bad Touch

They sat leaning against the bed chatting with Steve trying to bop his head along with Bob's when Bob suddenly asked, "When are we going to do it?"

Steve just gave him a blank look and no idea what he was talking about.

"Do what?" he asked.

"You know, the dare, find out who has the biggest dink."

"Oh that!  I'm ready anytime…"

Just at that moment there was a knock on the door and Bob's dad told them from the other side of the door that it was bedtime, and to try and get some sleep.

"OK, dad", Bob shouted.

"Well that answers that, I guess we do it in bed."

"OK, I thought that's were we'd do it anyway."  Agreed Steve.

"Let's go brush our teeth and get to bed before dad comes back"

OK, said Steve as he got his toothbrush out of his bag and followed Bob to the bathroom.

Back in Bob's room, the boys began to change into their PJ's while chatting about basically nothing.  Neither one was racing, and neither one was going slow and almost subconsciously following each other article of clothing by article of clothing.  When it came time for the boxers to come off, they both turned their backs to each other and didn't turn again until their PJ bottoms were on, and the turn was almost perfectly timed as if it was practiced a hundred times before.

Bob laughed and said, "That was the first time I ever turned my back like that."

Steve giggled and said that it was the first time he had too and considering what they were planning to do in a few minutes, it was really funny.

"Do you ever turn your back on Mark when you get changed?"

"Not that I know of" Steve answered "I never think about it.  Fuck, I dun't even turn my back on my mother."

"You don't?"  Bob said in shock.  "I'd die if my mom saw me naked or anything like that."

Both giggled as Bob turned out the light and they both got in to bed.

"I guess I really don't care who sees me naked.  I was a little bit nervous about tonight, but I thought how silly it was, and who cares anyway?"

"Would you pull your pants down in front of Mary Harrison?"

"Oh, I think I'd have to think about that one."  Replied Steve, "I was thinking about being naked around guys who have the same things.  Would you?"

"I don't know.  It all depends if she did it too I guess and *IF* I survive tonight."

"You're nervous?  What about the bro thing?  You know I'm never going to tell anyone.  We can forget the whole thing if you want."  Steve said with a hopeful tone in his voice.

"No, I want to go through with it, it's just that I'm not used to showing other guys my parts like you are."

"Like I am?"  Steve said a bit shocked.

"You get naked and have baths with your brother and shit.  I don't"

"Brothers don't count.  We live together and share the same bedroom, we're bound to see each other naked."

"Well, I have a brother too and I don't think I've ever seen him naked.  I saw his dink once for a second when I ran into the bathroom when he was peeing and he kicked the shit out of me for it."

"Strange" said Steve, "being naked is no biggie in our house at all.  I think we've all seen each other naked or part naked at one time or another."

"Gawd, I think it would be worth the death sentence if that happened here."

"What about these sleepovers then?  Like, do your parents think we get undressed in the dark, or cover our eyes?"

"I don't know and I'm not going to ask either."

A puzzled "OK" was all that Steve could get out.

The boys just lay there thinking when Bob said, "OK, how do we do this?"

"Do what?"  Steve said just to be aggravating.

"You know, see who's the biggest?  You're the expert on these things."

"WHAT?  What do you mean I'm the expert.  This is my first time too!"

"Shhhhhh or you're gonna wake up my parents.  I just meant you seem to know more about this stuff than I do."

Steve let out an exasperated sigh.  "Dah!  The first thing is that we need something to measure with."

"I have a ruler in my desk."

"Well, go get it."  Steve sounded a little peeved.

Bob hopped out of bed and ran towards his desk, tripped on something and went crashing to the floor and a very audible "Shit!" was heard from his direction.  He got up and finally got to his desk and retrieved the ruler and made it back to bed without another disaster.

"Congratulations, numnuts, you just woke up the whole neighborhood."

Bob let out a snort and said "Maybe we better wait for a few minutes and see if anyone comes."

"Best idea you've had all night", Steve whispered.

After a few minutes Bob said, "Now what?

Steve had been thinking about that already and wasn't really sure.  He knew they had to get from point A to point B but wasn't sure of all the steps.

"Well, I think we need more light because I cant see a thing and then we have to decide if we measure boners or not."  He was hoping that Bob would say boners because when his dink was soft, it was real small, and he already had a boner for some reason.

Bob turned on a small night light that was on his night stand and then looked at Bob and said "Measure boners?  I thought we were measuring dicks."

Steve looked at Bob right in the eyes and saw that there was no hint of a grin or anything else to say that he was joking.  "Oh my God," he thought to himself, "this guy is serious!"

"Bob, do you know what a boner is?"

"Umm, no, should I?"

"Do you know what an election is?"

"No" he said a little sheepishly.

Steve just kept on looking at him wondering what planet his best friend had come from.  He saw that Bob was getting a little uncomfortable so he changed his stare to the end of the bed.

"OK, Bob, hmmm, you know when your dink gets all hard and bigger and sticks out?  That's a boner."

Bob heard what Steve had said and was stunned.  How did he know that his dick got like that?

Steve looked back into Bob's face and saw a little fear there.  "It happens to ALL boys, Bob... I kinda have one now."

Now there was the look of confusion and distrust in Bob's face.  Steve knew that he had to do something fast, or Bob was going to weird out on him.

Letting out a bit of a sigh, Steve pushed the covers back and reached into the fly of his PJ's and pulled out his boner and moved his hands away.

"Now look, that's what I'm talking about.  It happens to all of us"

Bob's eyes looked down and saw Steve's boner sticking out of his PJ's and with one big flood of relief he suddenly knew that he wasn't weird or sick.

"I didn't know.  I thought I had a disease or something," he said with some tears in his eyes.  " It even looks the same as mine when it happens."

"Do you have one now?"

"I've had one ever since we started to change."

"That's when I got mine too.  Can I see yours?"

Bob rolled a little on his side so he was facing Steve and reached inside his PJ's and pulled his boner out.

Steve looked at it and agreed that they looked identical, even in size.  He wanted a closer look at it and for some reason he felt his own get harder.

"Did yours just get harder?"

"Yeah, it did.  I think its the hardest it's ever been."

"Mine too... weird."

"Umm, Steve, can I touch it to, umm, see what it feels like and if it, umm, feels the same as mine?"

Steve had never even come close to anything like this before, but knew that he wanted Bob to touch his and that he wanted to touch Bob's.

"If you let me touch yours."  Steve whispered.

There was no reply from Bob other than his hand reaching over and touching Steve's boner.  Steve reached over and did the same.  Neither one of then could believe how good it felt to have someone touch and hold their boner or how good it felt to have someone's boner in their hand.

They lay there for a few minutes playing with each other's dicks and didn't say a word.  They looked at each other occasionally and grinned.  The both knew that this would not be the last time that this was going to happen because it just felt too good not do do it again.

Steve was the first one to break the silence.  Looking into Bob's eyes he said "Bob, do you want to get naked?"  He didn't know why he said it; it just seemed to be right thing to say.

Looking back at Steve, Bob just nodded his head.

"OK then do you want to strip yourself, or do you want me to strip you?  I'd really like to do it for you and you can strip me first if you want."

Steve couldn't believe the words that were coming from his mouth, but he meant them.  His thoughts went to his mother's "good touch, bad touch" talk, and this was definitely a good touch situation.  His thoughts were broken when suddenly there was nothing touching his dink, and he started to think that he had pushed Bob too far when he felt two hands unbuttoning his PJ top.

He kept playing with Bob's boner while Bob unbuttoned him and then sat up and helped him take the top off.  Then Bob crawled down to the end of the bed and put his hands on either side of his PJ bottoms and started to pull.  Steve raised his hips and Bob easily pulled them down and off.  It felt so good to have someone undress him like this.  It made him feel all tingly and his heart beat a bit harder.  He looked at Bob kneeling back and looking at his naked body and that was quite a thrill.  On his way back up to the head of the bed, he ran his hand up Steve's leg, over his balls and boner and over his chest.  All of which made Steve squirm a little, but it was a good squirm.

Bob lay on his back and said "Your turn"

Steve knelt naked beside Bob and followed the same steps that he had taken, the only difference being that Steve moved just a little slower than Bob because he knew how good it felt and wanted Bob to really feel good.  When he was down and his hands on the waist of Bob's PJ's he slowly pulled them down until they were passed his balls and then he pulled them off him a little faster.  On his way back, he did the same that Bob had done to him and watched as he squirmed and made funny little sounds.  Steve too knelt back and took the naked Bob all in.

They both lay there looking at each other and touching each other's bodies, not just the genitals, but all over.  Neither one said anything, but when they looked into each other's faces, they knew they were doing good.  Any embarrassment or self-consciousness was long gone.

"I want to check out your balls now." whispered Bob.

Bob went down and spread Steve's legs wide apart and lay between them with his face just inches from his balls.  He gently cupped them in his hands and looked at them from all angles.  He then took Steve's dink and did the same, and everything he did was so gentle.  It took in a good fifteen minutes to go over every inch of Steve's front.  And both of them were in another world a million miles away with sensations and feelings they never thought possible.

"Turn over, Steve."

Steve rolled over and spread his legs for Bob as Bob started to go over the backside of Steve as he had done to the front.  Head, shoulders, and back were first and Steve grabbed the sheet he was laying on because of the intensity of the feelings.  When Bob's hands started going over Steve's ass, a low moan came out of Steve and his hips started to involuntarily hump the bed.  Bob ran a finger down the crack in his ass causing Steve to visibly shudder.  Bob spread the cheeks and ran a finger down the inside and over the most private of privates.  Steve moaned and his hips were violently attacking the bed.  Suddenly he let out a louder moan and started shaking and shuddering.  He dug his toes into the bed and was pushing upward.

This caused Bob to stop and look at his friend as he twitched and ground his hips into the bed.  Bob was scared that he had somehow hurt Steve or that Steve had become sick.  He was just about to run and get his mother when Steve stopped and went completely limp and said "Oh fuck!"

Bob lay down beside him and said, "Are you OK, Steve?"

Steve rolled his head toward the sound of Bob's voice, opened his eyes and focused on his face.  Bob put his hand on his shoulder and shook him saying, "ARE YOU OK, STEVE?"

Steve broke out in a big smile and said "Fucking right I'm OK, man, but whatever you did just gave me the best feeling I ever had in my life.  Even my dick was jumping around like someone was pumping it."

"You scared me so much, I was just about to go get mum."

Steve started a quiet giggle.  "What would she have said with you naked coming to get her with that boner of yours and finding me naked in bed like this?"

The both giggled to that.

"Let's rest a bit and I'll do all that to you and you'll know what I'm talking about"

Bob turned out the light and pulled the covers up and lay down.  Steve put his arm around him and Bob turned so that he was spooning with Steve.

A half hour later, Bob went through the same feelings and spasms when Steve was checking out and rubbing his feet.

To be continued...