Brothers and Friends

A story of two brothers and their friends, and their journey from childhood innocence to young manhood.

By: BratBoi
Copyright © 2001

Chapter 5 - A New Boy On The Block

The Usual Warnings and Stuff

Warning, the following story depicts sexual activity very loosely based on real life experiences, and only really exists in my vivid masturbatory imagination.  This story contains descriptions of sex activity involving related boys, young boys, teen boys in various combinations.  If this subject matter doesn't float your boat, then don't read it.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of the characters in the story to an actual person or real event is purely coincidental.  Also, the characters in this story participate in unprotected sex, which I strongly disapprove of, even at the tender young ages of some of the characters.

I retain the copyright to this story.  It's mine, so don't touch it without my permission.  Placing this story on a web site or anywhere else without my permission is a violation of that copyright.

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Now all that horse-pucky is dealt with, go pour yourself something to drink, get nice and comfy, kickback and enjoy.

BratBoi (Steve)

On a Saturday just before summer break, when Steve was in grade 8 and Mark was in grade 6, a new family moved into the big house at the end of the block. In between their Saturday chores, Steve and Mark would hop on their bikes and rid down the block to see if they could see the family that was moving in and especially if there were any kids their ages. There were a lot of kids on their street, but they were mostly real young in the four to five age group, but there were none Steve or Mark's ages

All they could see was a woman about their mum's age and a boy that was maybe a year or two older than Steve was. Each pass the boys made of the house, the boy would glance at them while he helped carry in boxes. Some where around the tenth pass of the day, the boy smiled and waved, and both Steve and Mark smiled and waved back.

He seemed to be a good looking boy, but it was really hard to tell without stopping and staring, and they were certainly not going to do that. From what they could tell, he was a bit taller than Steve, had light brown hair and wore the sexiest pair of cut off jeans that they had ever seen. Both Steve and Mark noticed these kind of sexy things now, and open discussed them in the privacy of their room or when they were out with each other. It wasn't their only topic of discussion, but it ranked close to the top of their favourites.

Steve thought to himself that he wouldn't have the balls to wear shorts like that out in public and that his mother would probably spank him if he wore them in the privacy of the house, even though he was 14 years old. The seat of the boy's shorts hardly existed except for a mass of frayed threads, and they were cut high enough to clearly identify an ass cheek. The front for the shorts were basically in one piece but were cut high too because the front pockets were clearly visible. It was obvious that he wasn't wearing boxers; he was either wearing briefs or was freeballing it.

Mark was noticing exactly the same things about the new boy that Steve was noticing. He found himself getting boned every time they rode towards the new boy, and that it lasted until he willed the bone away on the way back home, which was no small feat for a 12-year-old.

On their rides back and forth both were telling each other that the new boy was a turn on and that they both had boners. If you were watching them, you would have to wonder what they were up to, as they tried to adjust themselves so that the bike riding wasn't too uncomfortable without broadcasting to the neighbourhood what they were doing.

That night, both were yawning because of all the yard work that they had done during the day along with all of the bike trips, and said they were heading off to bed at the same time. Both parents were totally involved in a movie that has just started on cable and were a little relieved that the boys were going to bed because it was an R rated movie and they were more comfortable without the boys watching. Now that the boys were 12 and 14, they didn't censure what they watched except for violence, which they considered to be pornographic. However, sometimes they were not 100% comfortable with the subject matter of a movie and having the boys watching it with them, and this was one of those times. The boys knew it, and knew that they would have close to two undisturbed hours while their parents finished watching the movie. What the parents didn't know, was that the looks that Steve and Mark were giving each other meant nothing but "I'm horny, let's do something."

They weren't doing all that much sexually with each other and most of the time they would jack off with each other, and sometimes jack each other off. On occasions that jacking just wouldn't cut it and their hormones were just raging, one of then would find themselves in the other's bed for some real boy to boy sexual relief. This night they both knew that they would soon be in each other's arms.

The boys said goodnight and were upstairs before their parents could see the good-sized bulges in the fronts of their shorts. The first stop was the bathroom as usual for a quick tooth brushing and pee before bed. They didn't say anything as they brushed their teeth, but there was a grope and touch here and there. When they finished their teeth, they headed to the toilet for their pre-bed pee. Their shorts and boxers were shoved down and they stood there. Mark tried to position himself so that Steve couldn't see him and he could still hit the toilet when he peed, which is almost an impossible feat.

"Fuck, I really have to have a piss, and it's impossible when I'm boned up like this!" Steve said holding his 5.5 inches in his hand.

"I know," Mark said holding his 4.75 inches, "and it doesn't help looking at you standing beside me with that think in your hand."

"But I really have to piss, Mark, I've been holding it for half an hour now." Steve said almost in a whine. "I'll never be able to enjoy myself OR perform feeling like this."

"And you think I will?"

"Look, you're gonna have to leave until I can pee, or I'm gonna have to cum to get rid of this bone." Steve said looking at Mark.

"I don't want to waste a cum so I'll be in our room, and for fuck sake hurry up, I'm drowning!"

Mark left and Steve decided that because it was going to be a few minutes, pushed his shorts and boxers right down and sat on the toilet. He set his mind thinking about anything but sex, and he kept his hands away from his throbbing cock. A minute or so later he felt his cock start to relax and as soon as it reached that half way point, he grabbed it pointed it into the toilet and sighed as he felt his bladder start to empty. He wondered if girls had the same problem when they were sexually aroused, and though of asking his health teacher on Monday.

With his bladder empty, he gave his dick a shake and flushed the toilet. Pulling up his shorts and boxers, he crossed the hall and opened the door to their room and found Mark lying on his bed.

"It's about fucking time, asshole!" he said glaring at Steve as he got up and trotted off to the bathroom.

Steve had a little giggle to himself as he started to strip down for bed. He wondered if Mark had thought about their parent's bathroom. He shrugged his shoulders, kicked off his boxers and hoped into bed. Thinking of Mark joining him in a few minutes had him as hard as a rock again, and it was difficult not taking things in hand and doing his own thing while he waited.

As he lay there, he thought how cool it was that he and Mark were able to share this kind of thing together. It wasn't sex, it was making love, he was absolutely sure of it. The feelings were just too intense for it to be just sex. He and Mark had shared things long before he had with Bob, and there wasn't anything that he knew of that they hadn't shared. He liked the word "share" over the word "do" because it was an act of sharing, not doing. The only times he had "done" things with someone were the times that Randy had babysat them. There was no doubt that those times were just sex, but they were good and he did learn a few things. He wondered what ever happened to Randy, he just seemed to go *poof* and was never seen again.

His thoughts were broken by Mark coming back into the bedroom, with a look of relief and a grin on his face.

"Man, that was the best piss I ever had!" Mark said.

Steve laughed a little and said, "I've heard that pissing on someone can be a real turn on."

Mark looked at Steve with a blank face and said "Forget it bro, you can put other body fluids on me, but no one is going to piss on me, no time no where."

"Wuss, I'd try it once just to see what it was like."

"Well, you and Bob have a good time then." Mark said while he stripped off his shorts and stood there in his boxers.

"Your bed to night, huh?

"Sure, but we can use yours if you want."

"No, it's cool, I like being in my big bro's bed"

Steve grinned as Mark walked to the light switch and turned of the lights and returned to Steve's bed. He heard Mark's boxers hit the floor, and he pulled the covers back for him to get in.

As Mark was climbing in, he said "Shit!" and got out and headed to his side of the room. He grabbed the hand lotion he had on his night table and headed back to Steve's bed.

Steve smiled and said, "So that's what you want tonight."

"Yeah, for both of us if its cool with you. Nothing like a good fuck to bring bro's together." Mark said with a smile. At times like this, there was nothing he loved more that to feel Steve inside of him and have his arms wrapped around him. He wasn't really into being fucked, but with Steve it was special and each time brought them closer to each other.

Steve cringed at that word "fuck". He felt that the word cheapened the act of love, but couldn't find any other word to use instead. He was going to find another word if it killed him.

"Well, I'm sure up for it!" Steve said with a grin as Mark got into bed. He reached down and groped Mark a bit and said, "And I think you are too."

Both boys giggled and fell into each other's arms.

The kissing was passionate as they held each other close. They would stop and just look into each other's eyes and maybe stroke each other's hair, then back to the kissing. Their hands would tenderly roam over each other's bodies, and the kissing would move to necks and ears. There would be whispers of "I love you!" as they shared their bodies with each other. They rolled over each other and lay on top of the other. Nipples would be kissed and sucked. Chests were licked, and backs rubbed. Anuses would be rubbed and probed. Tongues duelled, and lips met.

After about 15 minutes of this, Mark rolled on his stomach and spread his legs. Steve knelt between them and grabbed the hand lotion. He put a fair amount on the fingers of his right hand and rubbed the fingers over Mark's rose bud anus. He inserted on finger and moved it around inside of Mark making him moan a little. He inserted a second and did the same, continuing until he felt the muscles of Mark's muscles relax and open up to his fingers.

Steve got some more hand lotion and coated his cock with it with a few stroking motions. Under him, Mark was moving his ass around and letting out little moans of impatience. Steve grabbed Marks hips with both hands and pulled back causing Mark to raise himself on his knees a bit and move his ass a little into the air. At the right point, Steve stopped pulling on Mark and leaned forward until his cock head was rubbing against Mark's boy hole.

With one hand on Mark's hip he pulled and at the same time he leaned forward pushing his cock head at the hole. Suddenly, and almost with a pop, Steve cock head slipped into Mark, and he heard him take in a deep breath. Steve paused and waited until Mark got used to the invader inside him, and relaxed his muscles again. Steve pushed forward and felt his cock slowly enter his brother. At the same time, Mark pushed back as Steve's cock inched itself into his insides.

Mark slowly moved his ass from side to side until he felt Steve's balls slap against his ass. His brother was totally in him now and they were one. Mark pushed back hard as Steve pushed forward hard. Mark felt the cock inside him start to pull back, stop and then push back into him.

This continued for a few strokes before Steve leaned over Mark's back and kissed him on the shoulder. Mark allowed his arms to slip slowly forward until he was lying flat on the bed again with Steve lying on top of him. Mark spread his legs some more as Steve slowly fucked him. Shivers ran up and down Mark's spine as Steve's cock slowly slipped in and out of him.

Steve raised himself a bit on his arms, and now on the inward thrust, his cock head rubbed over Mark's prostate causing him to moan as waves of pleasure swept through his body. Steve started to increase the speed and depth of his thrusts, and Mark pushed back his ass in the same rhythm.

Steve lay back down on Mark and wrapped his arms around him as he continued to increase the speed and power of his thrusts into his brother. He kissed Marks neck and ears and gave him a light bite on the shoulder. His breathing was becoming laboured and the sweat from the two bodies acted as a lubricant allowing Steve's body to slip and slide as started to pound his cock into Mark's insides.

Mark's head started to thrash from side to side as Steve's cock ravished his insides and slipped over that magic gland.

"Cum for me, Steve, Please cum for me!" Mark begged.

Steve held Mark tighter and ran his tongue over his back and shoulders as he picked up his pace even more. His toes we digging into the bed as he pumped his cock in and out of his brother.

"Steve, cum for me" came another beg.

Before Mark had finished begging, Steve's body started to tense up and his thrusts became almost brutal. He squeezed Mark tight and with one more hard thrust, he shuddered and his cock started to throb pumping his cum deep into Mark's insides. Mark tightened his sphincter muscles as tight as he could around Steve's cock and felt every throb.

Mark's cock started to throb and pump cum at the same time. The sound of moans filled the room as both boys' bodies went into spasms of ecstasy.

In a few seconds, it was over, just the sound of two boys trying to get air into their lungs. With his arms still around Mark, Steve pulled and rocked his body until they were both on their sides spooning each other. Steve would occasionally kiss Mark's neck and shoulders as his heart rate and breathing started to return to normal.

"Man, I wish you would learn how to fuck", Mark said.

"Fuck you, asshole."

"You just did."

"Oh, yeah."

"That weren't too bad, brother."

"Thank you, brother."

They lay there until Steve's cock softened and popped out of Mark. Mark rolled back on his stomach and Steve rolled over on his back. Mark leaned over the side of the bed and felt around on the floor under it until he found a towel that was conveniently placed under the bed and pulled it up and threw it on top of Steve. Steve cleaned himself up and then gave the towel to Mark who did the same.

Steve said, "Can we just rest a few before the next round?"

"Getting old, Steve?"

"No I'm tired. If you want participation, we rest. If you don't want participation we go for it now. Up to you, bro."

"Five minutes?"

"Works for me" Steve replied.

About a half-hour later, both boys were lying in their own beds, feeling absolutely fulfilled. Both had given their all to the other in a way that only two people in love could.

"Nite, Steve."

"Nite, Markie"

Mark still like being called Markie by Steve and he was the only one allowed to call him that. It was special.

Sometime during the night, Steve woke up from an incredible wet dream and thought that he would have a clean up job to do. But it wasn't a dream at all; Mark was under the covers giving him a blowjob, and he had awakened just in time for his cock to explode in Mark's mouth.

After Mark had sucked him dry, he came from under the covers and gave Steve a big rainbow kiss, sharing the cum that he hadn't swallowed with him. They hugged and told each other that they loved the other, and Mark went to his bed so there wouldn't be any difficult questions to answer in the morning.

The next day being a Sunday, Steve and Mark were up bright and early at 11:00am. After brunch, they put on their Umbro shorts and headed out to shoot some hoops. Steve, who was a very good player, was having a hard time against Mark in a game of one on one. Even though Mark was two years younger and four inches shorter than Steve was, he was running circles around him. This was not out of the ordinary, it had been happening every Sunday for the last 6 months. The fact was that Mark was a natural, and a *lot* better than Steve.

While Steve loved his little bro, he hated how all of a sudden Mark was about to steal the spotlight from him as soon as he started at his school next year. Up to now, Steve had enjoyed the accolades that basketball had thrust upon him, but now that was in jeopardy from his own *little* brother, no less. He'd survive it, but just barely.

New Friendships
They were playing hard when a voice broke the Sunday silence.

"Hi guys, got room for another one in the game?"

Steve turned towards the sound of the voice and almost melted. It was the new kid from the end of the block that he and Mark had been checking out yesterday. He had on the same shorts, a tank top and a pair of Nike trainers with no socks. He was beautiful, and Steve felt a familiar stirring in his groin.

Mark turned and had the same reaction that Steve had, only he had the ball in his hands that he could place in front of him just in case the stirring became more than just a stirring.

Steve started to walk towards the end of the driveway as the new boy started up to meet him. Meeting somewhere in then middle, they stood and sized each other up for a few seconds. Mark arrived right behind Steve.

"You're the guys that kept riding by our place yesterday when we were moving in aren't you?" asked the new boy.

"Guilty as charged." Steve said with a smile.

"Cool, the name is Richard McCall. My friends call me Rich or they die." He said reaching out his hand.

"Steve Matthews, and this is my brother Mark." Steve reached to shake Rich's hand.

With the social niceties over with, the three boys sat crossed legged on the front lawn, and the serious stuff of meeting a new guy began in earnest.

"Where are you from, Rich?" Asked Mark.

"Originally from my mother, but we moved here from Hamilton." Rich replied.

Steve and Mark smiled at the "Originally from my mother" thing and thought to themselves that they would have to remember that one for when they were asked where they were from.

"Cool... well welcome to Toronto, the largest city of the second largest country in the world. How old are you?" Steve said.

"Gee thanks for the welcome, at least it smells better here without the steel mills that were in Hamilton. I'm 15 and will be 16 in a month. How about you guys?"

"Well, " Steve thought to himself, " this is when he gets up and leaves."

"I'm 14 and will be 15 in about 5 months, and Mark here is 12 going on 3. I guess we are too young for you, huh?" Steve answered and got smacked in the arm by Mark for the going on 3 part of the answer.

"Hey no, that's cool," Rich said, "age is just a number, and if the guy is cool, then he's cool no matter his age. Within reason of course."

As the boys were talking, Steve and Mark kept copping glances at the crotch of Rich's "shorts". They knew that he had something big in there, and that it would be nice to have a good look at. At the same time, they were wondered what he had on under them. They rose up so high and tight, he couldn't have boxers on, so he was in briefs or freeballing it.

Rich noticed Steve and Mark's interest in his crotch, and was wondering why they were so interested. It didn't bother him at all because he was used to guys staring at his package, and really never gave it much thought. He liked Steve and Mark's attention though, they were cool but they were brothers and their curiosity was probably normal adolescent curiosity. He thought that he would nice and keep giving them something to look at and wonder about.

"What do you mean by within reason, Rich?" Asked Mark.

Rich looked at Mark and wondered just how to answer the question without sounding like a pervert.

"Well, don't get mad at me or anything, I'd hate to lose two friends that I just got. I think you guys are cool, so I guess I can tell you, but you have to keep it to yourselves. I don't want this kind of thing being spread all over the place cuz it could cause problems. If you don't keep it to yourselves and I find out, I'll come and kick the shit out of you. OK?"

Steve said "That isn't a problem with us, we know how to keep secrets. We have secrets of our own that we've told a friend or two about and we expect the same thing that you do. I just don't know if I'd kick the shit out of anyone, but they would know I was fucking pissed."

Mark nodded in agreement and added, "I'd kick the shit out of them."

"Yeah, with your sweat pants." Steve thought to himself.

"OK guys, you asked. First of all, my friends have to be cool all the way around, and you guys seem to fit that without a problem. Second, they can't be old and be young teen wanna bes, and you guys fit that one ok. Third, they can't be too young, and I usually set that limit to kids that are old enough to have pubes, and I think Steve fits that OK, and well, Mark, you probably do too or are real close to it."

"Well, I don't think there is anything weird or to get mad about in those conditions, and I think that I agree with them all, but I've never really been faced with someone older wanting to be my friend." Steve told Rich.

"Well, I have and I became friends with this older guy. He was cool at first but after a while he got really uncool and I had to get my parents help to keep him away from me. So after that I decided no more old friends." Rich said looking at the lawn, and obviously upset about whatever had happened.

"I can see and kind of agree with the way you pick people to be friends, but if I followed your rule about pubes, I don't think that I would have many friends my age. I'm really not sure cuz I haven't seen many of them with their pants down or naked, so I'm just guessing. I'm starting to get pubes, and Steve can vouch for that, but I have a long way to go to catch up with him." Mark said. He was proud of himself that he actually talked about private stuff like that with someone he really didn't know cuz it was hard enough for him to talk to his friends about.

Rich thought to himself that these guys were really cool. Most guys would tell you to go fuck yourself in mock indignation if you asked about their pubes.

"Hey, Mark, most guys your age don't run around exposing their dinks and nuggies to too many people cuz they are embarrassed about the changes happening to their bodies, and a lot of kids think that they are the only ones that it is happening too. I know I was really shy then and I did think I was the only one until my best friend started to ask me questions about it. You are lucky to have an older brother who you could watch going through it so it wasn't a big surprise to you, at least I assume you were able to watch." Rich said to Mark.

"We are lucky cuz our parents are like totally cool about stuff like that and we have always talked about it openly. We both have seen our dad naked when he had gotten out of the shower a few times, so we kinda knew what to expect with hair and big nads. The only thing that we weren't really prepared for was the fun stuff that goes along with puberty, if you know what I mean. Markie there has always been kinda shy about taking his clothes off, and if I really want to know how far he is into puberty, I have to cop a grope in the dark." Steve said grinning.

"Steve!" Mark said slightly stunned at what his bro had said.

Both Steve and Rich laughed while Mark blushed and squirmed a little not quite sure sure if he should be pissed or laughing too.

"Don't worry, Mark, I'm an only child so I don't really know what brothers do, but I've had people cop gropes on me and I've coped a few gropes myself, so it's no big thing. I think that it's perfectly natural for boys to grope and experiment with each other. As for being shy, who cares? I won't give you a hard time if we ever are in the position of changing or something else together." Rich said kindly but not condescendingly to Mark.

Steve really liked Rich so far and he seemed to be really cool. He was sure that Rich would be a good friend to both Mark and himself, but he hoped that because of their ages the Rich would be closer to him.

Steve also felt that Rich just might be more than a friend because of the open way he talked about groping, and what he had said to Mark about being shy. "I won't give you a hard time if we ever are in the position of changing or something else together" was an interesting comment, especially the "or something else together" part. He decided that he wasn't going to push things with Rich because he didn't want to fuck up any friendship, but he wasn't going to miss any opportunities either.

Both Steve and Mark were excited that they had a friend who was almost16, way cool and treated them as equals; this would definitely raise their social standing at school next year. It was great that he lived so close and they didn't have to ride or beg their parents for a drive just to see him.

"Hey, Rich, what kind of things to you like to do in the summer? Summer break is really close and maybe we can hang and do stuff together." Steve asked his new friend.

"I guess I like all the normal stuff like shooting hoops, biking, swimming, rollerbladeing and hanging at the mall checking out the hot bodies. I really like camping out with friends, but I've never had all that many chances to do it."

"That really cool." Mark said a little excited, "We love all that shit too, but not many of our friends are into stuff like that for some reason. We camp out all the time with each other or some friends in the big field behind our house. Sometimes for a week we are only in the house long enough to get some food and have a shit and shower. We have a big tent that sleeps six, but there is usually only four of us."

"Wow, that sounds so cool. I'd love to have fun and hang with you this summer. I hope that you guys will invite me to camp out with you sometime. Being alone like that without parents hanging over your shoulder all the time is a really good way to get to know each other a lot better in a lot of ways, and make friendships better and closer."

Steve was thinking about what Rich had just said and wondered if it meant what he thought it might mean. " get to know each other a lot better in a lot of ways" could mean anything, or it could mean just what Steve would love to be doing with Rich right now.

"We should be able to have the first camp out of the year in a few weeks depending on the weather." Steve said, "It can still get fucking cold at night, and that isn't much fun at all."

"Sounds cool, but I wouldn't be too afraid of it being too cold, we can always zip our sleeping bags together and keep warm that way." Rich said with a smile.

Steve broke out into a sly grin and said, "Yeah, we sure could keep warm that way."

Steve was now pretty sure they were speaking the same language, and that Rich was looking for someone to fool around with. Man, he'd like to jump Rich's bones right now if he could get away with it. He wondered just how he could find out for sure if Rich was interested in fooling around, or if he was just being cool.

Ever since Rich was 12, and started to act on his sexual feelings, he had developed a way of talking to other guys that allowed his gaydar to check them out. Right now, it was pinging real loud. And they are brothers too! He had always wondered about brothers fooling around with each other, and was pretty sure that Steve and Mark did because of Steve's grope comment and Mark's reaction to it. His pinging gaydar, along with the bone he was rapidly developing also scared the shit out of him.

Rich started to think of the rough year that he had just been through. He had discussed his sexual feelings with his father and was told that he could be going through a phase that most teen boys go though, and that he really couldn't be sure about his sexuality until he had had some experiences with the opposite sex. So, he tried to put boys out of his mind and give his dad's idea a try. He didn't want to be gay and would give anything a try to cure himself.

Being a good-looking boy with a great personality, Rich had no problems in attracting girls. He really enjoyed their company and was soon hanging with them just like the other guys were doing. He went on a few dates and had a really good time.

On some of his dates he even made out with the girl, and sometimes there was some fairly heavy petting. He had sucked on boobs and had finger fucked a pussy or two. Sometimes the girl would pull down his fly, pull out his cock and jerk him off. He was pretty sure that his dad was right and that he had just been going through a phase. His jack off fanaticising had gone from strictly cocks and balls to cocks fucking girls silly.

The locker room before gym was a bit of a problem for him though. He found his eyes roaming around and looking at the other guys as they changed into their gym shorts and t-shirts. He even kinda stared at the boys who were wearing briefs, especially bikinis, instead of the more common boxers. If the boy wearing briefs was good looking, Rich would often feel his cock lurch but he wrote it off to the boy and briefs reminding him of a pretty girl in panties.

After a gym class, Rich found the locker room even more distracting. Although they didn't have to take showers, most of the boys did to wash the sweat off them so they would be fresh and smell right for the rest of classes and the girls they might meet. With boys stripping naked all around him, most of the time his cock would get at least half-hard and he wouldn't have a shower. It worried him until he saw a few of the guys bone right up as they headed to the shower room. He also overheard guys commenting how some of the other guys were hung and laughed at the lesser endowed in the class.

Since he had seen guys bone up and overheard some of the discussions on various guy's parts, Rich allowed his eyes to roam and check things out. To his surprise, he saw that about every other guy was doing the exact same thing and were openly paying special attention to the naked guys coming and going to the shower room, and more than one of them had major bulges in their boxers or briefs. He relaxed seeing that checking the guys out was a normal thing to do, and boning up wasn't a real biggie.

One Saturday night he was at a party at a friend's house whose parents had gone away for the weekend. He had brought Lindsey, a girl that he particularly liked, with him and was having a great time dancing and having a beer or two that a friend was kind enough to give him. Smoke was also in abundance and he and Lindsey didn't refuse any that was offered.

Sometime around 10:30, lights in the basement family room were being turned out and the music was turned down to almost nothing making dancing impossible. Holding Lindsey in his arms on the dance floor, he looked around to see what was going on. He saw that everyone had paired up with a member of the opposite sex and were doing some heavy making out everywhere that two bodies would fit. There were also guys taking a girl by the hand and leading them upstairs.

He looked into a corner and did a double take to be sure of what he was seeing. In the little light there was, he could see a very naked butt, and it was pumping up and down on a girl that was under it. He whispered to Lindsey to have a look. She turned her head and checked it out for a few seconds and turned back to Rich and started to kiss him. While they were kissing, her hand went to his crotch and rubbed his bone through his pants.

Rich led Lindsey to an unoccupied stretch of wall and pulled her so that they were lying on the floor facing each other. They started making out started in earnest and hands roaming over each other's bodies. Snaps and zippers were quickly undone, and restrictive clothing was shed. Within 10 minutes, Rich had lost his boy-girl virginity.

For the remainder of the year until they moved to Toronto, Rich was getting his wick wet as often as he could, with any girl who would spread her legs for him. He was being physically satisfied, but emotionally was a different story. He really liked his girl friends, but there was always something missing. An now sitting with Steve and Mark, he was sure that he knew what had been missing in his life.

"Earth to Rich." Steve said fairly loudly.

Rich shook his head and came back to the present and said, "Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said that I love your shorts!"

"Oh... I have to admit that they are a little daring and don't leave much to the imagination. I only wear 'em 'cause my mother hates them so much and it really pisses her off. I think they call it teenage rebellion." Rich laughed.

"Well I think you *really* look good in them, but what the hell do you do if you bone up in them?", Steve said to him while looking straight into his eyes with the emphasis on "really".

Rich laughed and said, "I pray that I don't hurt myself or that they don't rip open. If things are really getting tight, I undo them if I can."

The three of them laughed, and as usual Steve started to pop a bone just because they were talking about them.

Steve looked down at his lap and then back to Rich and said "Damn thing has a mind of it's own these days and pops up to say hi at the weirdest times. At least I don't have to worry about ripping my shorts."

Rich looked down into Steve's lap and saw his shorts tenting and his own cock immediately sprang to life.

"Umm yeah, I know exactly what you mean. My little friend here likes to say hi at the strangest times too as I'm sure that you have noticed."

Steve reached down to his crotch and straightened out his boner so it would be a little more comfortable and not as obvious. Rich did the same thing, but had to really push things around hard because of the tightness of he shorts. Steve couldn't keep his eyes off what he was doing.

Mark was just sitting there trying to be oblivious to what was going on. The only thing that he knew was that Rich and Steve had boners and were trying to hide them. Like, how do you miss two guys sitting there on the lawn pushing and tugging at their groins? Mark was boned too, but he was damned if he was going to perform for the neighbourhood. Steve was an exhibitionist and Rich must be one too.

"How about shooting some hoops?" Mark said, snapping Steve and Rich back to reality.

"Sure it will be fun." Steve said as he hopped up.

"Yeah, I want to play too, but you'll have to give me a minute here." Replied Rich.

"Sure, take all the time you need." Steve said knowing that if Rich stood up right now that those tight shorts of his would probably burst open.

Steve stood in front of Rich for a minute teasing him with the bulge that had formed in his Umbros. He saw Rich's eyes locked onto his crotch. Then he suddenly turned away and grabbed the ball from Mark, dribbled it a few times and shot a perfect basket.

"Man, I really get a rush shooting into a hole like that", said Steve with a giggle.

Rich started to laugh real hard and fell over on his side. Steve was laughing so hard that tears were running down his cheeks.

Mark stood there with a confused look on his face wondering when the two of them had had the chance to smoke a little weed without him seeing. It was the only explanation for their behaviour.

The three boys shot hoops for the rest of the afternoon and got to know each other a little better. Rich had an older sister who was in college, and a small dog named Muffin. Rich even had a chance to meet Steve and Mark's parents as they came and went doing their Sunday thing.

As suppertime rapidly approached, Mark said that they should try and set up a camp out for this weekend. Steve and Rich thought that was an excellent idea, but they had to convince their parents because of the temperatures at night. Steve said that he was pretty sure he could get their parents to go along with it, and Rich said he didn't think that there would be a problem with his parents.

""How about we meet here after school tomorrow and make some plans." Rich asked.

"OK with us." Steve said walking Rich to the end of the driveway.

"Cya tomorrow", Rich said.

"Cya Rich"

"Cya Rich"

"He sure is cool isn't he, Steve?" Mark asked as they watched Rich walk down the street.

"He sure is, an we have to talk later lil bro."

"'Bout what?"

"I think we have to talk about Rich."

"After supper?"

"Yeah, probably your bed time, OK?


Steve had to be sure that Mark fully understood what was going on. He was pretty sure that he has some idea, but he had to be 100% on board or it wouldn't work. He also had a major hurdle to clear before a campout could be planned, and that was his parents.

After supper he decided to take on the tougher of his two parents first, his mother. He helped clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. He even wiped down the table and then the stove.

"OK, what do you want?" His mother asked.

"Nothing big, mum, honest!" He replied putting on his "angel" face.

"Well what is it then? If it's going to cost anything you can forget it right away."

"You remember Rich, the boy you met this afternoon?" He asked.

"Yes, he was very nice and polite. You could take some lessons from him."

Steve bit his tongue and ignored the jibe and popped the question, "Well, he wants to know if we can camp out this weekend or next."

But, you'll freeze to death. It's not summer yet, and it still gets cold out at night. Besides, he seems to be too old for you." She replied.

"Well, we have those heavy sleeping bags, and it's a good tent." Steve replied ignoring the age thing.

"By 'We', do you mean your brother too?" She said.

"Yes, mum," he said knowing he was heading into the problem area, "all three of us."

His mother was quiet and obviously thinking. She was so hard to read when she was thinking, but Steve didn't have good vibes about it this time.

"How old is he?" She asked.

"He's 15, but he's a real nice guy and doesn't have any friends here yet, mum. There isn't that much of a difference in age. Did you mind him shooting hoops with us this afternoon?"

"No, but don't you think that camping out is a little different than shooting hoops?"

"No I don't mum. I mean all we are going to do is take the tent into the field behind the house and maybe light a small campfire and sleep. Nothing different than when Bob and I do it or Mark and I."

"He's a real nice guy, mum," Steve continued, "he treated us a lot differently than the other older kids do. He says that he doesn't smoke or drink."

His mother hated it when she wanted to say no and then Steve would present a perfectly logical and valid argument for her to say yes. It was so much easier when the two of them were little boys, but they weren't anymore. She wasn't comfortable with the idea, but wasn't sure if it was because she just didn't want them growing up, or that there was something really something to be concerned about.

"Mum, if you have doubts, or don't trust us, you can always come and check up on us anytime."

"Oh now that was a good one." she thought to herself. He used the "trust" word and that wasn't fair. Neither one of her sons had ever given her any reason not to trust them and they both knew it.

She let out a sigh and said "Well, its OK *if* the temperature isn't predicted to drop below 60 and your father says it's ok."

"Thanks, mum!" Steve said as he gave here a big hug. "I'll go ask dad now."

She watched as he walked away in search of his father. She shook her head and realised that he was growing up. How she hated it!

Steve met his father and gave him the Reader's Digest version of the conversation that he had had with his mother. He asked him if it was OK with him.

"Well Steve, it's not a problem with me at all. If you guys want to go freeze your balls off all night, I think it's your business, besides you can always come home or go to Rich's if it gets too cold. Just remember that I was a 14 once, so I want you to be careful and don't get involved in anything that you aren't comfortable with, and look after you brother."

And that was that. He had permission for the campout, but he was wondering what his dad meant by the "I was 14 too..." speech. Grinning, he wondered if his dad and his friends had campouts like he and Mark and their friends had. Then, he didn't want to think of that at all, it was just too weird to think about. The thought of parents being sexual was just too... icky.

He went up to this room and found Mark on the computer surfing gay porn sites. He closed the door and pulled another chair over to the desk so he and Mark could talk.

Hey, bro", Steve said to get Mark's attention.

Mark stopped what he was doing, looked at Steve and said "'sup?".

"Well, I just got all the hard stuff done and got permission for a campout as long as the temperature isn't going to drop below 60."

"Wow, you got mom to say yes? How did you do it?" Mark wanted to know.

"Oh I have my ways and only use them when I think that it is important enough. And I threw in the "trust" line." Steve told his brother.

"The "trust" line almost never fails with her." Mark said with a grin.

Steve just nodded his head and said, "Let's talk about Rich for a bit, OK?"

"Yeah, I've been wondering what you wanted to talk about. The way you said that you wanted to talk to me made it sound important."

"Well, I think it is important for you to know what I've been thinking ever since we talked to Rich."

"Yeah, he has kinda funny rules for friends, doesn't he?" Mark said to Steve.

"Yeah, I think they are funny and that they were just the start of a lot of messages that I think that he was sending."

"What do you mean messages? I didn't hear anything, and I was right there. What are you talking about?"

"Well if you give me a second, dork, I'll explain. OK?"

"OK, sorry." Mark said a little peeved at being called a dork.

"You know the message system of looking at each other that you and I have for telling each other that we want to fool around and stuff? I think that Rich was trying to send me messages like that by the way he was talking and some of the things he said and did. That's why you didn't hear or see anything."

"OK, what did he have to say then?" asked Mark with a little scepticism.

Mark went through the list of things that Rich had said and did, but did not explain what he thought they meant. He knew that if he did, he would end up arguing each point. Mark was like that.

"Ok, some of the things were funny, but what do you think they all mean?"

"I think they all means that he is looking for friends to fool around with. You know, sex fooling around." Steve replied thinking that his Gaydar had just started to work.

Mark was quiet for a bit, and you could see the his brain trying to connect the dots of what Steve had told him about the messages and how he came to the conclusion that Rich was looking for friends to fool around with.

"Ok, what should we do then?" Mark asked his bro.

Steve leaned back in his chair, put he feet up on his bed and clasped his hands behind his head.

"I think we each have to make our own decision about what we are going to do. Like if I say I'm going, you shouldn't say that you're going too just because I'm going. Each one of us should do what *HE* wants to do without the other having anything to do with it."

"OK, I understand that. What do you want to do?"

Steve let out a big sigh and looked at the ceiling, the walls and the floor. His eyes went everywhere except to his brother.

"Mark, do you remember when Randy told us all that stuff about sex and the different kinds of sex?"

"Yeah I do, we learned a lot that night"

Steve let out a nervous kind of giggle and said, "Yeah, we sure did, didn't we?"

"Well Mark," Steve continued, "that wasn't the first time that I had fooled around with a guy."

"Well dah! I know that you and Bob had been fooling around before that. You told me, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember, but what I didn't tell you was that Bob wasn't the first guy I wanted to fool around with and he's not the only guy that I want to fool around with now."

"Well, that's obvious 'cause you and I fool around."

"No Mark, that isn't fooling around. It's making love. You and I make love when we have sex."

Mark looked a little confused.

"OK, you say that you fool around with John. I don't know what you do and I don't want to know what you do until you're ready and want to tell me. Ask yourself this, 'does it feel the same inside when you fool around with John and when you fool around with me?'"

"Oh, I see what you mean! With you it's always special and doesn't come close to what I feel with John." Mark replied.

"It's the same with Bob and you for me." Steve said. "You and I make love and just have sex with the others."

"OK, I agree, but what does all this have to do with Rich?" asked Mark.

Steve looked at his brother and said "Well what I'm trying to say is that I like having sex with guys and want to have sex with more guys and Rich turns me on."

Mark sat there digesting all that had been said. He looked at Steve and just smiled, he didn't know what to say just yet.

Again, Steve sat there and watched the wheels turn in Marks head. Mark was smiling which was a good sign. He knew his brother well enough to know that he was searching for what to say. Steve sat and waited for what seemed to be an eternity.

"Steve, I'm your brother and I think I've known that you're gay ever since I knew what the word meant. And, I think you're telling me that you want to go with Rich 'cause you want to have sex with him, right?"

"That's exactly what I was saying, Mark."

"OK, Steve, that's like totally cool. I feel the same way about Rich and guys too. The only thing I'm not sure of is if I'm gay or bi. Most of the time when I jack off, I'm thinking about guys, but sometimes I think about girls. If you don't mind, I'd love to go camping with you and Rich, but if you want to be alone with him just say so and that will be cool too."

Steve sat there with tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe how great and special his brother was. He got up out of the chair and walked over to Mark and pulled him up so that he was standing and gave him the most tender of all hugs, which Mark returned.

"You better find your heavy sleeping bag, Mark." Steve whispered in his brother's ear.

They both looked at each other and kissed a kiss that was reserved for lovers.

"Not now big boy," Steve said, "I still have a few things to do before bed, but keep that thought."

"Ok, Steve, I'll keep it, and by the way, John and I only suck each other off. He thinks the thought of fucking is gross."

"Bob and I do everything now, but he isn't nearly as good are you are, bro."

They both smiled and hugged again and then Steve headed out of the room.

Mark went back to his surfing and Steve went down stairs and ran around to get the things that he needed for school the next day ready and sat down to watch some of TV with his parents. It wasn't that he was interested by what was on, he just thought that might be good public relations if he waved the Steve flag to show that he was still into the family thing. He as getting good at playing family politics.

His mother smiled at him as he sat beside her and snuggled up like he did when he was just a little guy. Geeze, it had been years since he did this and it did feel kinda nice. He leaned over and lay across her lap like he used to do, but had to do a fair about of body adjustment before he fit just right. She slid her hand under his shirt and started to lightly scratch his back, which brought back some very pleasant memories for both of them as she lightly scratched his back making him almost purr.

Then he started to think of whom else scratched his back like that. Boy he though, if she ever knew that Mark and Bob scratched his back like this when he was buck-assed-naked, she would just keel over and die. With any luck, there will be another one to be added to that list if his feelings were right.

"Oh mum, I forgot to tell you that Rich will be coming over after school tomorrow to use our computer for a while."

"That's OK, son, do you think that he might want to stay for supper?"

"I don't know mum and I don't have a phone number for him yet. I can try and find him at school and ask him then give you a call, OK?"

"OK, as long as I know if there is going to be an extra mouth to feed more that ten minutes from supper time, it will be OK"

She took her hand from under his shirt and started to tickle his butt through his Umbros like she used to tickle his butt when he was a little boy, but *under* his PJ's.


"Oh, I guess you're a little old for that now aren't you?"

"Just a little." Steve said. He knew that having his butt tickled would bone him up in no time, and that's all he needed to be lying across his mother's lap poking her with a bone. He happened to glance at his father who was sitting there grinning at him as if he could read his mind.

"Well, I'm tired and think that I'll get to bed early for a change." Steve told his parents as he got up from his mum's lap, and gave her a kiss. He went to his dad and kissed him on the forehead.

"Nite, nite everyone." He said as he went up the stairs and into his room.

When he got into their room, the night-light was on and Mark was in bed already, but still awake. He looked at the end of the bed and saw Mark's sweats hanging over then end.

"Your bed tonight, huh?" Steve asked as he started to strip down.

The next day Steve searched high and low for Rich at school but couldn't find him anywhere. He couldn't even ask anyone if they had seen him because this would be his first day at school and no one would know him. He couldn't spend all that much time looking because of his exam schedule which kept him hopping that day. It just never occurred to him that Rich wouldn't be at school because it was the last week and that he had taken most of his exams in Hamilton before he left and was judged on the other subjects based on his work throughout the school year.

At lunch he even thought of going to the Jr. High side of the school just in case Rich was... well not too swift. But, he only had time to wolf down some of the brown stuff he bought in the cafeteria and get to his next exam, which would be the last one of the day, and he could take off home when it was finished.

He sweated out his Algebra exam, taking him to the last possible minute to finish. The bell rang and he handed it in to his teacher and left the classroom and went directly to his locker. He shoved all his books into it and debated if he should take his history book home so he could study for the exam tomorrow, but decided that it was futile. He knew his history, but dates were just beyond him, always were and always will be. He decided to leave it where it was and slammed the locker closed and made sure the lock was locked.

Looking at his watch, there was another hour before Mark would be getting out and he didn't feel like waiting around for him, so he started to head down the hall towards the exit. About halfway there, he started thinking that a joint or two would be nice before supper, and did an about turn to head back to his locker. He knew he was stupid keeping a small stash here, but it was just perfect for times like this. Besides, not one but him knew it was there, not even Bob.

He got to the locker and opened it up. Reaching in behind a couple of lunch bags that his mum had made for him a few months ago, he found the zip lock baggie that he kept his school stash in. He expertly opened it with one hand, reached inside and grabbed two joints and quickly put them in his shirt pocket. He then closed the zip lock with the same dexterity he had used opening it with one hand. He stood there looking at the locker and decided that it would look better if he did take his history book and notes home with him, even though he had no intention of looking at them. He grabbed his book bag from the bottom of then locker and stuffed his history stuff into it. Then he closed the locker and started on his way home again.

He passed through the doors that took him outside and took a deep breath of the fresh air. That deep breath was something he had done for years when he got out of the school building. It always made him feel good and cleared his body of the stuff that they called air in the school.

Once he had cleared school property, he had a quick look around and reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a joint and had it lit in a flash. It only took a minute or two before he started to feel the warm and fuzzy feeling produced by the drug. The day's tensions started to slowly melt away.

Steve had been smoking weed since he was twelve when it seemed that his whole class had discovered it at exactly the same time. He wasn't a heavy smoker at all. He may have two joints a week on days like this, and maybe a couple at home depending on what was going on. If he was having a rough time with his parents, there was nothing like stepping out and smoking a joint and then jack off. He often smiled thinking how much this "herb" and his right hand had to do with family harmony.

Mark had known that he smoked right from the start because there were very few secrets between them. He never wanted to try it and Steve never pushed it at him. But, at about twelve years old, he became interested and smoked his first joint with Steve one evening walking through the park near their house. Now he kept his own stash and smoked about the same amount as Steve. The two of them would go to the park together, smoke their joints and jack off together when either one was having one of those parent days.

Steve finished the joint just as he turned the corner onto his street. His timing was always perfect. By the time he reached his door, the majority of the smell from the joint had been blown from his hair and clothes, and he didn't reek of it when he walked in. He went into the kitchen to grab a drink and there was a note on the door of the fridge from his mom.

Steve & Mark,

Your Aunt Gwen has been taken very ill and was rushed to hospital this morning and will be having surgery either later today or tomorrow morning.

Dad has driven me there so I can be with your Uncle Jerry and help look after your cousins while Aunt Gwen is in the hospital. Right now we have no idea how long this will be, but dad will have more information for you when he gets home.

You know that it is a long drive from here to Montreal and I don't know if dad will be coming home tonight or tomorrow morning. If he drives home today, he won't be home until very late.

If he stays the night and drives home tomorrow, we trust you boys to behave and conduct yourselves just as if we were there. It is a big responsibility, be we believe that you are old enough to handle one night on your own.

Mark, Steve is in charge and don't give him any trouble. I know you won't, but I'm just reminding you just in case.

Your dad or I will call you later and tell you what is happening, so you don't worry.

Bob's mum knows and you can go there is you are not comfortable staying on your own. You can also call her if there are any problems.

Here are the rules that we expect you to follow.

1) No one comes over. The only exceptions are Rich and Bob.

They are to leave no later than 9:00. No arguments or exceptions.

There is $40 on the kitchen table for you to by a pizza or subs if you want.

2) Don't use the stove.

3) Don't swim alone, always have some one with you. Everyone must be out of the pool by 9:00.

4) Do your homework and study for your exams.


6) Don't betray our trust.

7) Have fun.


Steve read the note about five times before he was convinced that it wasn't a hoax and that his parents actually trusted them enough to leave them alone for the night. "Wait for Mark to read this." he thought.

The rules weren't anything that he or Mark couldn't complain about. They were pretty much the same as the rules they already had for school nights. He shook his head still being in disbelief.

Of course he was worried about Aunt Gwen, she was really cool and not like mum at all. He often wondered it the two of them really came from the same parents they were so different. Aunt Gwen was a little younger than mum and was a real fun loving woman. It wasn't that mom wasn't fun loving, she was just a little more up tight about things and didn't seem to know how to go with the flow.

Steve opened the fridge and grabbed a Coke and then headed to the patio. He pulled up a chair to the table and took a long pull on his drink. He remembered the other joint in his pocket and thought to himself that he could actually sit there in open daylight and smoke it without fear of being busted.

"What the fuck." He thought and reached for the J and lit it. He leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the table. He thought that he could get used to this without much trouble. He couldn't help but to look around to see if there was anyone around spying on him, but his yard was about the most private on the block.

He had just finished the joint when something from his mother's note hit him. " Don't swim alone, always have some one with you. Everyone must be out of the pool by 9:00." No one had been swimming yet because the water was just too fucking cold and no one felt like joining the Polar Bear Club. He wandered over to the pool and stuck his hand under the solar blanket to feel the water. To his surprise, it wasn't that cold, his mother must have turned the heater on. He had a good buzz from the smoke and he wondered if it was that that made the water feel warmer. He walked over to a ladder that had a thermometer on it and he checked the temperature, which was almost 68 degrees.

"Hmm," he thought to himself, "you could swim in that. It might make your balls crawl up into your body and your cock shrivel up, but you could swim in it. Maybe, just maybe they would try it later."

The front doorbell rang and Steve came back to reality. He went to the door and opened it and there was Rich wearing his infamous shorts, a T-shirt that said "Fuck You" on the front and a hand giving the finger on the back, white socks and brand new Nike high tops.

"Hey there Steve, I took a chance to see if you were home from school yet... and are you ever fucking buzzed!"

Steve was still checking Rich out when he heard him say that he was buzzed and stopped and looked back at his face.

"Whatcha mean?"

"Man, it's stamped on your forehead!" Rich laughed. "Go look at those eyes of yours!"

Steve started a little giggle and asked, "That good huh?"

"Oh yeah, that good. I hope you're not expecting your parents home too soon."

"Nope," Steve said, "no parents tonight probably."

He led Rich into the kitchen and showed him his mothers note.

"Far fucking out, man! P-A-R-T-Y TIME!"

"No fucking way, Rich" Steve said picturing the house filled with strange people drinking, smoking and fucking all over the place.

"No, no friend, just the three of us. By the way, where's Mark? He's a real cool lil dude."

"He's still at school and should be home any minute. I got out early cuz of exams. And, where the fuck were you?"

"At home jacking all day. I finished school in Hamilton before we moved. There was no sense coming here and writing exams just in case your curriculum was different. I was hoping that you had just got home cuz you look just a tad preppy."

"You jacked all day?" Steve asked in amazement.

"Well not quite ALL day, but I sure did my share." Rich grinned "I went down town this morning and found an adult novelty store and got a magazine that kept me up and jacking."

"How did you get in and buy it? Those places are restricted to18 and older only and they card you."

"I waited outside and paid a guy $5 to buy it for me. You could see it from the window." Rich bragged.

"Fuck, if it's that hot I hope you brought it to share with your new friends." Steve said almost desperately.

Rich took off his backpack and patted it and said, "That and a few other interesting items."

"What else did you bring?" asked Steve who was starting to get excited.

"All in good time, Steve, all in good time. It sounds like we don't have to rush or hide, right?"

"I guess."

The door opened and in walked Mark. He threw his book bag down, looked at Steve and Rich and said "Hey guys, am I ever glad that day is over with. All I could think of all day was camping out this weekend."

"Mark, there is a note from mum on the fridge for you, and you're in deep shit again." Steve told his brother.

"Fuck, why today?" Mark said walking to the kitchen.

Steve and Rich grinned at each other and gave each other a quiet high 5.

"HOLY SHIT!", yelled Mark from the kitchen and came running into the hall where the other two were. "Is this true?"

"No Mark, we're pulling a joke on you, asshole. Of course it's true." Steve said.

"Well, I can tell that you have already started to party, bro, so I think I'm going upstairs and get changed and start to party too."

"Where is the computer?" asked Rich.

"Up in our room." Mark said.

"Well you guys go get changed then call me, and I'll come up and we'll get to work." Rich said.

"What's the matter? Haven't you seen guys get changed before, or are you afraid we might jump you?" Steve asked.

"If it's cool with you, it's cool with me." Rich said, "And you can jump me all ya want." he said laughing.

Steve and Mark laughed and started towards the stairs as Rich kicked off his shoes and followed. When they got to their room, each headed for their own side Rich leaving in the middle to check things out.

"Cool room and no boxes!" Rich observed. "I kinda thought you guys had bunk beds though." he said as he sat in the chair in front of the computer.

"We used to have bunks, but we graduated to these 3/4's a few years ago." Mark said as he took his shirt off and put it in the pile at the end of his bed.

"What do you do when you have a friend sleep over?"

"Well, they have the choice of bunking in with whoever they are visiting, or getting the floor with a sleeping bag, or going down to the games room in the basement where there is a couch that turns into a queen size bed. We usually head down there because there is the big TV and VCR." Steve offered as he took his pants off and hung them over the back of a chair that was beside his bed.

"Woohoo, look at them boxers!" Rich said looking at Steve.

Steve looked at his bright red silk boxers and grinned.

"Like 'em?" he asked as he did the modelling thing of turning and stopping in a few poses.

"Yeah I do, they really show off your ass." Rich said.

Steve laughed as he tried to look behind himself to see it they did show off his ass.

Rich turned and looked at Mark as he was hanging his pants over his chair.

"Yours shows off your ass too, Mark, 'specially with that small hole back there."

"Yeah, I know and they're just getting to be real comfy, and mum will throw them out when she sees the hole." Mark said as he did the modelling thing for Rich too.

"Hmm, you're bigger than I thought you would be for a twelve year old." Rich said to Mark.


"I mean that from what I can tell, your cock and balls seem bigger than the usual twelve year old"

"Oh" said Mark as he really blushed and Steve laughed.

"Don't give him a swelled head, Rich." Steve said.

"Geeze, what to wear? Umbros or cut-offs?"

The Umbros looked good on you yesterday and they aren't as tight as the cut-offs would be, and they have lots of room to hang." Rich responded.

"OK then Umbros it is. Now the biggie, boxers, briefs or freeball?"

Rich laughed. "Just look at me and my second skin shorts here. Am I wearing anything under them?"

"Nope," Steve said, "freeball it is" as he stripped off his boxers and kicked them at Rich and went to his dresser to get a pair of Umbros to put on. He wasn't boned, but his cock was not 100% soft, and it swung back and forth as he walked.

Mark sighed as he thought of what he should do. Steve had just given Rich a good look and he wanted to do the same, but he was so afraid that Rich would laugh at him. He was half boned too and that didn't help much. He looked at Steve and turned his back on Rich and pulled off his boxers.

"Woohoo, that's one cute bubble butt you have there, Mark. There are lots of guys that would kill for a butt like that because they just attract girls like a magnet." Rich observed.

"Oh great," Mark thought to himself, "I'm going to be molested by girls because of my ass."

Mark stood there with his back to Rich and wondered just what the hell he was going to do now. His dresser was behind him, and he wasn't going to be a dork and walk backward to it, even though he wanted to. He took a deep breath and slowly started to turn and was soon face to face with Rich.

"Wow, I was right Mark, you are a lot bigger than most 12 year olds, and you're starting to get some really nice pubes too." Rich exclaimed.

Mark turned the deepest colour of red that you could ever imagine as he almost ran to his dresser and pulled a pair of Umbros from a drawer and pulled them on to cover himself up from Rich's roaming eyes. He thought what Rich said was really cool, but he still wasn't too sure about stripping for anyone but Steve.

Steve checked Rich's lap and there was definitely a growing bulge there. He did enjoy the show. He smiled as he pulled his shorts on.

"So what do you want to do?" Asked Rich.

"Party a little first." Said Mark as he took a key from his backpack and unlocked a desk drawer. He reached inside and took out a baggie of weed and threw it at Rich.

"Can you roll?"

Rich laughed and said, "Is the Pope Catholic?" and proceeded to take the paper out and started to roll.

Steve looked at him and said to himself, "He's done that more than once."

It didn't take long before there were six joints rolled and three lit. Steve went to the window and opened it just in case the pungent smell didn't clear the room before a parent arrived.

After the first joint, two were mildly buzzed and one was well on his way. The decided to save the other J's for later cuz they didn't want to get too stoned/

"So, what now, guys?" Rich asked again.

"Well, we could go for a swim. Mum turned the heater on sometime, but the water still isn't warm but we could swim in it." Steve offered the first suggestion.

"Nah, I don't want my balls falling off." Said Mark as he sat on his bed.

Rich laughed at Mark's reply and then noticed a Play Station sitting beside the TV and offered, "We could play video games."

"Ok, if you really want to but my thumbs are still hurting from the last time I played." Steve said.

There was silence while the three of them thought about what they could do. It was so silly because their room was just packed with lots of interesting and fun things to do.

"We can jack off." Steve tried again.

"Well, that one has possibilities. I've only done it once before with someone else, and I wouldn't mind doing it again. Do you have anything to set the mood, like porn mags or something? A game of strip poker might work too." Rich spoke up looking back and forth at Steve and Mark.

"I don't have any porn stuff like that but I don't know about Steve. We could get on the Internet and find stuff there. I *know* there is lots of mood setters out there. Strip poker just isn't the same if you aren't camping." Mark said to his bed.

"I think the Internet is a good idea, Mark. What do you think, Steve?"

"Well, it's been almost 10 hours since the last time that I jacked so I'm not going to need a lot to set the mood; the ass of your shorts would probably do it for me right now. The Internet does have some interesting and different stuff though, and Markie knows where is all is."

Rich thought about what Steve just said and wondered if he was sending him a message when he brought up the frayed ass of his shorts. He really didn't need any mood setting both because he had been in the mood for a few weeks now and just couldn't seem to satisfy himself.

"Ok, Mark, you take the drivers seat and take us to boner making places." Rich said to Mark.

Mark sat on the chair in front of the computer and turned it on and sat back to wait for it to boot. Steve and Rich pulled up chairs really close on either side of Mark so they could see the screen as well as Mark could.

As the computer booted, Mark was thinking of just what sites he was going to start off with. He couldn't very well start right off with a gay site just in case they were wrong about Rich.

"Watcha want to see, Rich?"

"Anything is good for me, Mark. I'm not nuts about whips and chains and stuff like that, and I really don't like those sites and newsgroups that have people using shit for sex. But, I guess that everything else is cool. I haven't had much time to check the porn on the net for a while."

"EEEEEEWWWWW" Steve and Mark said at the same time. Mark seriously thought about tossing his cookies at the idea of shit and sex, but it wouldn't be cool to puke on the keyboard the first time a friend was over.

With the computer booted and connected to the net, Mark clicked on his bookmarks and searched for the site he though would be the best to bring up first. He found what he was looking for in the MP3 folder, clicked on it and waited for it to load.

The boys were soon looking at the first page of a site called "Bisexual Heaven" and there were lots of men and women naked to the waist all over.

"This looks interesting." Rich said.

"Yeah, Mark spends a lot of time on line and it's not for research for a school project, and I rely on his expert choices in porn sites all the time, and he hasn't let me down yet." Steve said with a grin.

Mark started to go through the exercise of getting into the site itself by clicking a thousand times agreeing that he was over 18, until they were faces with a menu of what the site had to offer. There were various picture galleries, some live video that you had to pay for, a chat room, and some video clips that could be downloaded.

"OK, guys, what's your pleasure?"

"Lets check out some of the galleries and then maybe a video clip." Rich answered.

Mark clicked on the first gallery and up popped a bunch of thumbnail pictures that if you clicked on would bring up the full size version of the picture. The first gallery was pictures of two women and one sucking and fucking, and there were pictures of the two women in a 69.

Mark looked at Rich and saw that he was scanning all of the pictures pretty closely, but didn't seem to be too excited.

"Anything you want to see, Rich?"

"Nah, this is kinda run of the mill stuff, check out another gallery."

Mark clicked on the fifth gallery, and this time the thumbnails showed one woman and two men doing their thing. It had pictures of a man fucking the woman, and the other man fucking him at the same time. There were also pictures of the two men 69'ing.

"Wow, this is different." Rich said.

"It sure is Rich. Mark, why didn't you show this to me before?" Steve asked even though he and Mark had been here a hundred times.

"Sorry, Steve, I didn't know if you would like this bi stuff."

"I think it's cool. Would you mind getting the picture of the two guys fucking?" Rich asked.

Mark clicked on the picture and the full sized one came up.

"Can you imagine doing that?" Steve asked putting some surprise in his voice.

"I've wondered what it might be like sometimes." Rich replied.

"Really?" Mark asked following Steve's lead in his tone of voice.

"Umm, yeah... sortta. I think that all kinds of sex must be good or people just wouldn't do it and I've wondered what some of it might be like."

"I've wondered too sometimes, but I don't think that I would have the balls to ask a friend if he wanted to suck or fuck." Steve said.

"I could never ask anything like that." Mark said innocently.

"I dunno if I could or not." Rich said "Like we kinda asked each other if we wanted to jack, and I asked a friend once if he would like to jack each other off once."

"Jacking with fiends is kinda normal isn't it, and asking to suck and fuck isn't." Mark said.

"Yes jacking is normal, and fucking and sucking is normal for those guys too." Replied Rich.

Steve was sitting thinking that it might be time to make it of break it with Rich.

"Hey, Rich?"


"Do those guys give you a bone? Like my cock is jumping a bit."

"Mine too." Mark quickly added.

"Yeah, a little I guess." Rich said cautiously.

"Did you like seeing Mark and I get undressed, and did it bone you?" Steve asked knowing that this would probably be the question.

Rich looked at Steve and Mark a few times wondering if they would call him a fag and trash him to everyone, or if they were wanting to become special friends.

"Yes." He said looking at the floor.

"Kewl!" said Mark with a sweet smile.

Rich looked up and saw Mark smiling at him. He looked over at Steve and wasn't sure what he was thinking; he had no smile or frown to tell from.

"You know, Rich, I'm a little upset right now, especially after what you just said. You enjoyed watching us strip naked and you even boned up. Something is very wrong here." Steve said to Rich with a bit of a smile showing.

"I'm sorry Steve. I'll leave if you want." Rich said to the floor.

"Richard, you've seen us naked and we haven't seen you naked. I refuse to go to bed with someone that I haven't seen naked and boned." Steve said and started to laugh.

Rich snapped his head back up and wondered if what he had just heard was right. Both Steve and Mark were smiling at him, and he felt like the weight of the world had been taken from his shoulders. He smiled back at them and pulled off his t-shirt.

"You know that I haven't done this in a long time." Rich said to his friends as he reached down and pulled off a sock.

"What do you mean?" asked Mark

"I mean that I haven't been naked with an other guy for a year, and I haven't touched or been touched by a guy in the same time." Rich said as the other sock came off.

"How come if you are like gay or bi?"

"It's a fucked up story that I don't want to get into right now if you guys don't mind. I'll tell you sometime if you want, just not now. I'm not bi, I'm gay. I like guys and I think that you too are way cute and just ooze sex. That's not why I like you though, you guys are really nice and I'm proud to call you my friends."

Rich stood up and undid the snap on his cut-offs and pulled down the fly. Since he was freeballing, his thick bush of pubes was in plain sight.

Steve and Mark were getting very turned on watching Rich and were boned making nice tents in their shorts that Rich couldn't seem to take his eyes off of. Steve was playing with his cock through his shorts

Rich hooked his thumbs into this waistband and pushed and wiggled until the cut-offs slipped from his hips and down his legs, and he stepped out of them. He stood there with his legs slightly apart and turned to make sure that the brothers had a good look. He turned right around and let them take in his back and ass.

Steve was very impressed and very turned on and horny. Rich had a fine body and probably the biggest boner he had ever seen, and his balls hung just right. He was so horny that he was shaking a little, and something inside of him kept telling him that he wanted to be fucked.

Mark couldn't take his eyes off of Rich's boner as it swayed from side to side as he moved. He hadn't seen pubic hair so thick before and was even more worried about his sparse hair and fuzz.

Rich sat back down in his chair and played with his balls and gave his cock a stroke every few seconds.

"Stripping for you felt to strange and good at the same time. It feels so good to be naked with a bone with other guys that have boned up. I'd like to do something with you guys, even if we just jack off. I'll blow you if you want, or you can fuck my brains out. I don't care, I just know that I have to do something with another guy or I'm going to blow up."

Mark reached over had wrapped his hand around Rich's cock, causing him to let out a loud moan and push his hips up to meet Mark's hand. Mark gave him a few strokes and then went to his balls and played with them for a bit. He saw Riches cock start to leak some pre-cum and he took his finger wiped it off and put the finger in his mouth.

"Oh man, do you ever taste good!" Mark said honestly to Rich.

Rich smiled at Mark and then asked, "Hey, am I going to be the only naked one here or what?"

"Well, that all depends if you come and unwrap me or not." Steve answered.

In no time Rich was kneeling in front of Steve's chair and was pulling his t-shirt off. He grabbed the waistband of his shorts and started to slip them off while Steve raised his ass to make it a lot easier. With Steve's shorts off, Rich took off his socks, and now his friend was naked with him, and he had a beautiful body. Rich leaned forward and gave the tip of Steve's cock a kiss.

"Rich looked over at Mark and asked, "How bout you Mark? Do you want to join the nude troop or just sit and admire us?"

Mark was so horny that nothing would be able to keep him from getting naked with Steve and Rich. He was a little nervous but he had to do what he had to do.

"You can do me too if you want, but I don't have half of what you have." Mark replied meekly.

"Hey, it's cool Mark, I was there not that long ago too. Remember, it's not what you have, it's how you use it."

Rich moved to Marks chair and very slowly and gently undressed him. When he was naked, Rich kissed the tip of his cock too.

The Campout Planning
As luck would have it, the weather that week was beautiful with the days in mid to high 70's and the nights in the mid to low 60's, well within the parameters that the boys' mother had set for them to campout. Each day after school, Steve, Mark and Rich would meet and talk about the campout, generally shoot the shit and of course fool around a bit when they had the chance.

Rich would be in charge of the overall logistics such as: where, tent, food and entertainment if he could think of something. He seemed to be really good at organising stuff and making plans, especially for something that was only three days away. The good thing was that he had all day to work on stuff and not just evenings like the brothers.

On Thursday, they decided to have their nightly "meeting" at Rich's because Steve and Mark had never been there, and Rich's parents wanted to meet them. It felt weird going to a sixteen-year-olds house, but they had already started to be age blind. Rich was just one of the guys that had a LOT of pubes and spewed forth a very large amount of cum, but Steve gave him a run for his money on those counts.

Steve and Mark arrived at Rich's at 7:30 as planned and were met at the door by Rich. Steve and Mark were both stunned when they saw Rich. He looked like a totally different kid wearing ordinary jeans and a T-shirt that didn't have any obscenity or drug logos on it.

"You say anything and I'll rip your balls off!" Rich said to them as the walked through the door.

The brothers were also taken aback when they were inside the house. The place just reeked of money. There were expensive things all over the place including the real expensive Indian rugs that were about two inches thick. The brothers kicked off their shoes immediately. There was no doubt that this was a "leave your shoes at the door" house.

The place also looked enormous. They knew it was the biggest house on the block, but didn't realise that it was this big, and as far as they knew, it was just Rich and his parents living there. Three people in a house built for twenty.

"I guess I shudda warned you before you came over, huh?" Rich said blushing a bit.

"Yeah," said Mark, "I would have worn my Sunday jeans and socks."

That relived the tension that was building up and caused a slight giggle from the boys.

"Well, lets get the intros over with and then we can go to my room and I'll fill you in on what I've managed to do." Rich said, and started to lead the way.

Steve was wondering if he should lay down a trail of bed crumbs just in case they got lost.

Rich led them to the family room, which was easily twice the size of the brothers', and pointed to the end of the room where a man and woman in their forties were playing some kind of card game. With Rich leading the way, Steve and Mark just looked awe-struck at the things that were in that room. The TV was huge, in the sixty inch range and the stereo was top of the line of the top of the line.

When they arrived at the table where the man and woman were playing cards, they stopped and the brothers stood on each side of Rich. The man and woman looked up at Rich smiling.

Rich started the introductions. "Dad and mum, I'd like you to meet my friends, Steve and Mark Matthews"

"How do you do, Steve and Mark?" Rich's dad asked.

"Just fine, sir." Replied Steve.

"Steve and Mark, these are my parents, Wayne & Cathy McCall.

"How do you do Mr and Mrs. McCall?" Steve asked. Mark was going to leave the social business to his older brother.

"Oh please call us Wayne and Cathy. Can I offer you a refreshment or cocktail?" Wayne asked the boys.

"I don't think we would mind a Coke, sir, I mean Wayne." Steve answered not used to calling his friends parents by their first names or being offered a cocktail.

New Experiences
"Richard, please look after your guests, and get what you want." Wayne almost commanded his son.

"Yes, dad." Rich replied.

He went behind the bar, opened the fridge and fiddled around a bit inside it.

Steve and Mark went to the bar and sat on some bar stools and watched their friend get two cokes and one Heineken beer and open them.

"Want glasses?" Rich asked?

"You gonna drink that beer in front of your parents?" Steve whispered and Mark just gave Rich a funny look.

"Sure I am." Rich replied, "I'm allowed to drink in the house and so are my friends."

"Dad would have something to say about that!" Mark said.

"A lot of dads would." Rich said shrugging his shoulders.

Let's go to my room." Rich said and started to lead the way again.

"Have fun boys and do be careful." Cathy called after them.

Rich just raised his hand and waved as they disappeared upstairs.

"Five bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and a den." Rich said as they got to the top of the stairs.

"Umm, why?" Asked Mark.

Rich let out a bit of a sigh and said, "They like big and impressive."

"They got what they wanted." Steve commented, "both in house and son."

Mark laughed out loud and Rich turned and punched Steve in the arm.

"Ouch! That hurt. None of this for you tonight." Steve said grabbing his crotch.

"That's OK, Mark here looks so yummy as always."

Mark just blushed.

Rich got to a door at the very end of the hall and opened it.

"Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly." Rich said as ushering them in and closing and locking the door.

To say that Rich had everything was an understatement. It was Disney Land for boys. Rich had every toy and gizmo that had ever been invented in the last 5 years. The brothers could not believe or even fathom what they were seeing.

"This is why I wanted to work at your place. I find this so embarrassing."

"I wouldn't mind being embarrassed like this, even for just a day." Mark said.

Steve lay down on the queen-size bed and said to Mark, "Hey Markie, just think this is where Rich jacks off."

"The other side, actually." Rich said.

Steve rolled over and said "Oh yeah, I can feel it." And then giggled.

"Do I strip now?" Mark asked with a giggle.

"NO! We have to talk about something first." Rich snapped at them.

The force of his voice made the brothers give him their attention, and they both turned to face Rich and were very quiet.

"Thank you. It won't take long and *then* we are free to do whatever we want to do.

"Now, you can see that my parents have a buck or two and they also know a lot of very important people. Well, dad made a few phone calls and got us the greatest camp site we could ever want... if you two agree to it."

This really got the bros attention because he was excited and serious at the same time, and he looked like he was going to pop if he didn't tell all soon.

"Well, come on you shit, tell us!" Steve said.

"OK, OK keep your cocks down!

"You know that abandoned army base just out of town? Well, we can have the used a part of it if we want. Not only that, we can get the use of some army equipment if we want. And, we will be like 110% private." Rich said very excitedly.

"OK, what's the catch? Who do we have to blow or fuck?" Mark asked.

"No catch and you have to do me." Rich replied.

"Tell us more." Steve asked.

"Well we've been offered a part of the south west corner, which is closest to town. It has 2 buildings and we have the use of both. The first building is a barrack and can sleep up to 50 people, has washroom and shower facilities. The second building is a storage thing and will have cots, blankets and pillows. It will also have cooking equipment, lanterns and shit like that. AND 3 very large army tents if we want to be outside. What do you think?"

"Fucking A!" Steve said.

"I don't believe it." Said Mark.

"There is only two conditions. 1) We leave it the way we find it, and 2) we don't run around shooting our mouths off about it." added Rich.

"Fucking awesome!" Said Steve.

Mark was in too much shock to say anything right now. All he could think of was a room full of bunks or cots squeaking all night.

"We can go there this weekend if we want. The three of us go after school tomorrow to check it out. If we like it, we can stay the weekend."

"Man, that sounds so cool!" Mark finally said.

"I like it, but what are our rents going to say? Like its not like we're going to camp in old Mr. Jenkin's field." Steve said.

"I'm already a step ahead of you, and dad wrote this letter to your parents explaining how cool it is in parent talk."

"Can I strip now and suck your cock?" Mark asked?

"Yeah, can I strip and fuck your ass?" Steve added.

"Well, I don't know," Rich said as he pulled off his T and started to undo his jeans, " what do you think?"

In no time, the three of them were on Rich's bed. Rich and Mark were in a 69 and Steve was fucking Rich. It was the first time that any of them had done anything with all three involved and the found it really a turn on, and knew that none of them was going to last anytime at all.

Mark, who was underneath Rich, found that if he positioned his head just right, he could watch Steve's cock slip in and out of Rich's asshole. Steve could look over Rich's shoulder and see his mouth working Mark's cock. Rich was so hot because he had two brothers working on him, one expertly sucking his cock and the other fucking his ass like it hadn't been in a very long time.

It was Rich who started the chain reaction by cumming really hard in Mark's mouth. This caused him to super tighten his ass muscles pushing Steve over the edge. Mark with is mouth filling with cum and watching Steve's balls contract and cock throb went over the edge. It took no more that two or three seconds for the three of them to be cumming.

When all had finished cumming, they kinda fell over gasping for air. The only thing that any of them could say was "WOW!" for a good 10 minutes.

"OK guys, in the top drawer of my right hand night table you'll find a box of condoms. Take three out, open them and pout the wrappers in the waste basket and do what ever you want with the condom, just don't leave it hanging around here."

"Huh"? Asked Steve.

"You remember my mum saying be careful when we were down stairs? Well, she was reminding us about safe sex, and believe me that we made enough noise that there was no doubt what we were doing, and she will check."

Both Steve and Mark looked stunned. His parents knew he was having sex and they knew that it was with them?

"Better start explaining, Rich" Mark said.

"Yeah." Added Steve.

"Well this is pretty open household and we're honest with each other. My parents have known I've been having sex since Hamilton and know that I'm gay or at least prefer boys. They said it was normal to have sex and I could do it here anytime, but there would be rules. Condoms are part of the rules.

"I have been seeing a lot of you guys and they asked if it turned sexual and I told them yes. They are cool, guys, totally cool." Rich explained.

"It would cause a lot of trouble if I didn't tell them and they found out. All of their in me trust world be destroyed. They don't know what we do, they just know that we're sexual." He added.

"Well, I'm not thrilled to death with it, but I guess we can live with it. Just be careful what you tell them, there are some things that are private." Steve said

"I agree with Steve." Mark said.

"OK, I understand and will respect your wishes." Said Rich, "Any one want a sauna?"

"You're kidding!" Mark said.

"Nope, one in the games room in the basement. I tell you, it's really good after sex."

"I've never had one, but I'd love to try it." Mark said.

"Same here." Replied Steve.

"OK, come on." Rich said as he headed for his bathroom.

Steve and Mark followed Rich and were soon standing stark naked in his bathroom. On one wall there were about ten white bathrobes and one red one hanging on hooks. Rich grabbed the red one and told the other two to pick a robe that fit them. After a couple of misses, each bro had a robe and put it on just as Rich had.

"OK now, off to the oven." Rich said.

"This all we're gonna wear" Mark asked as he followed behind Rich.

"Actually, you are gonna take that off before u get in, but don't worry there are some towels down there to keep your modesty intact if you want."

Both Steve and Mark looked at each other not quite sure how they felt running around mostly naked in a strange house. In any house for that matter, but they were going to show that they were as "brave" as Rich was.

When they got down to the games room in the basement, they stood and looked at Disney Land again. There was the standard pool table and the rest was electronic arcade games and shit like that. Steve just kept shaking his head as they walked through.

As they approached the other end of the room, they saw one of those big Jacuzzi spas that looked very inviting right now. The damn thing was almost as big as a swimming pool.

"If you're into it, we can hit the spa after the sauna.'' Rich said.

"Looks like we're going to be alone." He said as the approached a door with hooks beside it and two stacks of towels on the other side.

"Alone sounds cool." Said Mark in a slightly nervous voice.

"OK guys, grab a towel, I suggest taking one of each. If you're feeling a bit shy, wrap the big towel around you under the robe and then take the robe off and hang it up."

"How do you do it?" asked Steve

"Like this"

Rich took off the red robe and stood there naked as he took a big towel and a small towel and opened the door and entered the sauna. The boys felt the blast of hot air hit them.

Steve did the same as Rich, took off the robe, hung it up, grabbed two towels and went inside leaving Mark standing there."

Mark grabbed a large towel and fought wrapping it around himself under the robe. Then he took the robe off, hung it up, grabbed the other towel and went in.

Inside, there were like bleachers on three sides of the room, and the heat was unbelievable. He saw Rich and Mark on one bench talking and he went up to join them. He noticed that they didn't have the towel wrapped around themselves, but were sitting on them with the little towel in their lap. When he got to the bench, he took the towel off and put it on the bench, sat on it and placed the little one across his lap. The little one wasn't much bigger than a face cloth.

"What happens if you get boned?" Mark asked.

"So you get boned. It's a natural thing, don't worry about it." Rich said.

Steve said, "Worry about it when the time comes, Mark"

They were discussing the campout and sweating like pigs. Every now and then Rich and Steve would take the small towel and use it to wipe their faces with it and put it back. Even though just a matter of minutes ago, Mark was quite comfortable being stark naked in Rich's room, he felt very modest all of a sudden and that little cloth was staying put. He used his hands to wipe his face.

About every 5 minutes, Rich got up and took some water from a bucket with a ladle and poured it over the rocks that we giving off the heat. There would be a big puff of steam, but it made the heat more bearable.

"You can lie down on a bench if you want guys," Rich said, "but don't let much of your bare skin touch it. Believe me they're hot! I almost lost my cock and balls one night trying to prove I could take it."

"I'm glad you didn't." Steve said placing a hand on Rich's leg.

"I'm glad too." Rich said putting a hand on Steve's leg.

Mark was watching this and said to himself, "Oh, oh, I'm glad Bob isn't here. It looks like Steve and Rich are getting close like Randy and I did."

Just then a bell went off and Rich said, "Time to get out, have a quick shower and get dressed."

He and Steve got up carrying their towels and headed to the door, followed by Mark trying to wrap the big one around himself again. Outside Rich threw his towels in a bin and grabbed another big one and walked around the corner. Steve followed Rich's example. Mark stood there and said, "Fuck it" and took his towel off and threw them in the bin and took a big one and headed around the corner.

Once around the corner, Mark found himself in a communal shower room with water coming from what seemed every where. Shaking his head, he tossed his towel with the other two and ran in. For some reason, he felt like he was in a car wash. The other two passed him on their way out and he gave himself a real quick rubdown and ran out to find them standing there waiting for him as naked as the day they were born.

They grabbed their towels and started to towel down. Mark had his head covered and was towelling his hair when a voice said, "Have a good time boys?" It was a female voice. It was Cathy, Rich's mom. He thought he was going to die a thousand deaths. The voice disappeared into the shower room.

Mark took the towel off his head and draped it in front of himself and saw the other two drying themselves. He turned to face the shower room and was almost face to face with Cathy, and she wasn't wearing anything either. He smiled at her, wrapped the towel around himself and walked where the robes were and put his back on. This was going to be a good story to tell sometime, but right now he just wanted to be at home.

The other two soon appeared and tossed their towels in the bin and put on their robes. Mark took his towel off from under the robe and tossed it into the bin too and followed the other two back up to Rich's room feeling very exposed as his robe flopped around as he walked.

As soon as Rich closed the door, Mark dove for his clothes and got dressed. He then sat and watched Steve and Rich get dressed. It didn't have any effect on him at all. Nothing could have gotten him up at that point.

Steve came over and sat on the bed beside his bro and quietly said "Mark, it's ok and it's finished now. I don't think she even looked at you." He gave his brother a hug and left him alone.

"You have anything to smoke, Rich?" Mark asked.

"I have a few joints if you want them, bro"

"Yes please"

Rich got the joints and gave them to Mark who put them in his shirt pocket.

"Let's go, Steve." Mark said.

"Yep, I'm ready." He said and gave Rich a kiss and a grope.

"Oh, don't forget your letter, and we'll pick you up ant about 6:00 tomorrow.

As the door closed behind them, Mark took a joint and lit it, drawing the smoke as deep into his lungs as he could.

To be continued...