Brothers and Friends

A story of two brothers and their friends, and their journey from childhood innocence to young manhood.

By: BratBoi
Copyright © 2001

Chapter 1 - Reawakening Feelings

The Usual Warnings and Stuff

Warning, the following story depicts sexual activity very loosely based on real life experiences, and only really exists in my vivid masturbatory imagination.  This story contains descriptions of sex activity involving related boys, young boys, teen boys in various combinations.  If this subject matter doesn't float your boat, then don't read it.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of the characters in the story to an actual person or real event is purely coincidental.  Also, the characters in this story participate in unprotected sex, which I strongly disapprove of, even at the tender young ages of some of the characters.

I retain the copyright to this story.  It's mine, so don't touch it without my permission.  Placing this story on a web site or anywhere else without my permission is a violation of that copyright.

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Now all that horse-pucky is dealt with, go pour yourself something to drink, get nice and comfy, kickback and enjoy.


Steve was lying on his bed in his boxers reading when his younger brother Mark came into their room.  This was the start of the nightly ritual that had been going on since Steve was about 12 and Mark was about 10.  Steve didn't mind then, but now that he was 15, he thought that he deserved a little more privacy like all his friends had.  He and Mark were good friends and all, but he still wanted his privacy.

Just like every night in the last two years, Mark started to rummage around his bed and then the pile of dirty clothes that were on the floor by the bed.

"Steve, have you seen my sweat pants?"

"No Mark, I don't wear them so I don't know where they are."

Mark sighed and walked over to their closet and started to rummage around in there.

"Hey man, don't mess with my shit in there, I have a hard enough time finding what I want at the best of times without having you moving everything around!"

"I just gotta find my sweats, Steve, I need them to sleep in."

"Why don't you start sleeping in your boxers like everyone else does?  Sometimes I think you're such a wimp."

"Because I like sleeping in my sweats.  Because I don't like sleeping in my boxers and why don't you just fuck right off."

"You fuck off yourself, you little shit."

Steve grinned to himself and wondered just how many times they had had the exact same conversation and at the exact same time.  He really liked his brother, but sometimes wondered how he could manage to find a different place to lose his sweat pants every day.

He put down his book and watched Mark crawling around the room on his hands and knees, looking under the beds, desks and his pile of dirty clothes.  "One of these days I'm going to have to bring the camcorder to bed and film this", he thought as he chuckled to himself and shook his head.

"Do you really wear those sweat pants when you go to a sleepover at Jay's?  Doesn't he laugh his head off at you?"

"Of course I do, you asshole, what else do you expect me to sleep in?  And NO, he doesn't laugh at me" Mark replied glaring at Steve.

"Yeah, and I bet you get changed in the bathroom too", Steve muttered just low enough so Mark wouldn't hear.

Steve started to grin again as he remembered his sleepovers at Bob's when he was Mark's age.  It really didn't matter what they wore to bed, because it never took long before they were both naked and exploring each other's bodies.

Sitting back with his hands behind his head and with his eyes shut, he started thinking that there wasn't a square inch of Bob's body that he couldn't describe in detail even to this day.  It had been over a year since Bob moved away and they had lost touch and yet, he could still see each part in his mind's eye and he could even smell the special way that Bob smelled right after a shower.

As Steve was thinking of Bob, he began to become aware of that all too familiar stirring in his groin, and knew it wouldn't be long at all before his boxers would be tented and his cock straining to get free.  "Fuck", he thought to himself, "this is why I want a little privacy in my life!"  He quickly pulled back the covers on his bed, hopped in and covered himself up just as Mark came running from their bathroom.

"Found 'em", Mark said as he walked toward his bed, "they were on the shower rod."

Steve brought his knees up so that the tenting wouldn't show through the bed covers and said, "Well, isn't that where we all keep our sweats?"

Mark just flipped Steve the finger and started to get undressed as Steve's right hand slipped under the covers and under the elastic of his boxers.  Soon he had his cock in his hand and was jacking it as slowly as he could without Mark noticing.  He turned his head towards his brother just to make sure that he wasn't being watched, just as Mark pulled his T-shirt over his head.

Being brothers and living in a very liberal household, they had seen each other naked a thousand times.  They had taken baths and showers together, and more often than not, had swam naked in their pool together.  But for some reason, Steve knew there was something different about seeing Mark undress tonight.

It gave him a strange feeling that would have been hard to describe.  Actually, it was a bunch of different feelings rolled into one and all of them reasonably intense.  There were feelings of attraction, love and lust, along with feelings of guilt and wickedness.  It had been a long time since he looked at Mark in this way.  He hadn't noticed how his shoulders had started to fill out or how his arm muscles had started to develop.  His chest was starting to develop too, and he had the two cutest nipples that were just the right size.  Steve's eyes moved down to Mark's stomach and saw that there wasn't a 6 pack yet, but it looked pretty flat and firm.

He watched as Mark's hands reached for the snap of his jeans, undid it and pulled down the zipper.  Steve could feel his heart start to beat faster and his breathing was definitely starting to get heavier.  He watched as Mark hooked his thumbs into the sides of his jeans and push them down to his knees and then sit on the bed to pull them off leaving them piled on the floor in their usual place.  He watched as Mark pulled off his socks and threw them on the pile of clothes at the end of the bed.

Steve knew now that there was no doubt that his brother was turning him on in a way that he hadn't done in a long time.  His cock was harder than usual and it ached so much.  Pre-cum, which he didn't normally produce much of, was now flowing freely and dripping from it.  And above all, he was shaking, not because of cold or fear, but because of shear excitement.  Steve wasn't sure what to do and wondered if he should just stay the way he was and continue watching, or if he should roll over and try to regain control and forget this was happening.

At that point, Mark stood up and stretched.  Steve kept watching and taking in everything that Mark was offering.  He looked at his boxers and grinned, they were yellow Joe Boxers with a big happy face right over where Mark's family jewels would be.  "Damned boxers", Steve thought, "you can never tell what's under them."  He lowered his eyes to Mark's bare legs and saw that they weren't tooth picks anymore, but were fairly well developed.

Mark finished his stretch and turned to face the bed where he had placed his sweat pants.  Steve was equally impressed with the rear view.  He could easily see the V that was forming from Marks shoulders to his waist.

Mark stuck his thumbs into the sides of his boxers and pushed them down to his ankles.  As he bent over, Steve could see Mark's brownie almost winking at him, and that perfect bubble ass of Mark's was to die for.

Mark reached for his sweats and pulled them on without turning around, and suddenly Steve snapped back into reality.  He was dazed, confused and had a massive load of cum dripping from his hand and cock.  "Sometime in the last 24 hours, my little brother grew up!" he thought to himself

"Hey Steve, you want the light on or off, man?"

"You better turn it off Markie, I'm tired and should get some sleep."

Mark walked over to the light switch and turned it off, then returned to his bed and said, "Nite bro".

"N-n-nite bro", Steve managed to stammer out.

Steve tossed and turned all night and kept waking up in a sweat.  Looking at his clock, he could see that he was waking up almost once the hour, every hour.  He was having some pretty wild dreams too.  The kind of dream a teenage boy looks forward to, but tonight they were almost nightmares to him.

They were so vivid and so real and he could have sworn they were actually happening.  There was scene after scene of him having sex with Bob and suddenly having Bob morph into Mark and this is when he would wake up.

Sometimes when he woke up, he would just lay there as quiet as he could be and listen.  He could hear the sounds of crickets and other such critters of the night, and he could also hear the sounds of Mark sleeping.  Shallow regular breaths, with the occasional shift in position or snore.  He found that listening to Mark to be both comforting and upsetting at the same time.  He also kept wondering just how sick he really was for his thoughts and actions of just a few hours before.  It was OK when they were younger, but now he wasn't so sure.  He would fall asleep again only to have the cycle repeat itself.

At about 9:00 the next morning, their mother knocked on their door and said, "OK boys, it's time to get up and at it.  You promised to help your father with the yard and the pool this weekend and he's outside waiting for you.  Hurry up because your breakfasts are on the table."

Both boys moaned in unison, and Mark looked at Steve and asked, "Did we really promise we'd help or is this one of his volunteering schemes he's pulling on us again?  I made plans with Jay for today."

Steve rolled over and looked at his brother and replied, "Well, Markie you better call Jay and unmake your plans because we did fucking promise.  I think he asked us just after we did those joints."

"Well, OK I guess but we better haul ass before mum comes back up and starts with her, 'I'm you mother and you never listen to me.', blah, blah, blah shit and we end up grounded for 8 years", Mark said.

Steve looked at his brother and said, "Yeah you're right, why don't you get going and hit the bathroom first.  I think it might take me a minute or two to get up this morning."

Normally, the two of them would hit the bathroom together and do whatever they had to do.  There had never been any shyness between them and it did save time, so that they very seldom had to rush.

Mark started to laugh at Steve and said, "I think I understand bro, you sounded like you had quite a party in that bed of yours last night and you're probably stuck to the sheets."

Steve started blushing and said "Well, its something like that and its gonna take me a few minutes to get straightened out, so you go get started."  In reality, Steve did not want to be anywhere naked with Mark because of what happened last night.  The last thing he needed was to bone up in front of Mark for no apparent reason, and he was just too brain dead to be able to think up a believable cover story.

Steve waited close to 10 minutes before Mark emerged freshly showered and a towel wrapped around him.  He jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom with Mark shouting after him, "I see you got unstuck" followed be peals of laughter.  Steve thought to himself "One of these days I'll get that boy  for that".

To be continued...