Brothers and Friends

A story of two brothers and their friends, and their journey from childhood innocence to young manhood.

By: BratBoi
Copyright © 2001

Chapter 3 - The Babysitter

The Usual Warnings and Stuff

Warning, the following story depicts sexual activity very loosely based on real life experiences, and only really exists in my vivid masturbatory imagination.  This story contains descriptions of sex activity involving related boys, young boys, teen boys in various combinations.  If this subject matter doesn't float your boat, then don't read it.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of the characters in the story to an actual person or real event is purely coincidental.  Also, the characters in this story participate in unprotected sex, which I strongly disapprove of, even at the tender young ages of some of the characters.

I retain the copyright to this story.  It's mine, so don't touch it without my permission.  Placing this story on a web site or anywhere else without my permission is a violation of that copyright.

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Now all that horse-pucky is dealt with, go pour yourself something to drink, get nice and comfy, kickback and enjoy.

BratBoi (Steve)

A problem to be solved

It didn't take long for Steve's and Bob's families to be come really good friends.  They would do family things like picnics and day trips together.  The adults would also do the social thing like dinner and dancing together.  To save a bit on babysitting costs, they would get their children together at one house for a sleepover and have one babysitter.  It was an arrangement that satisfied everyone concerned.  The parents saved a bit of money, and the boys had a sleepover or talkover as little Mark called it.

The only problem was that with Mark in the same room as Steve and Bob, their activities were restricted to gropes and the occasional kissing.  Steve didn't want his brother to know about what he and Bob had been doing for the past six months.  He wasn't sure how he would react.

"Damn it," Bob's mother said to her husband as she hung up the phone, "Liz isn't available to baby-sit Saturday night, but she said that her brother Randy was available and that he would call them in about ten minutes to confirm."

Liz was their regular babysitter and the kids seemed to like her, and the parents had all the faith in the world in her.  She seemed to be able to control the two ten-year-olds and the eight-year-old without resorting to baseball bats, or other such means of persuasion.

They didn't know anything about Randy other than he was sixteen years old and a football jock at school.  They had heard other parents talking about him saying that he was good enough for college ball and maybe even the pros.

"I'd better give Helen a call and see what she thinks."  Bob's mum said to no one in particular.

"Good idea, Joyce."  Bob's dad said to his wife.

After a quick chat with Helen, they decided it would be OK if they could get some references from Randy and check one or two out.

Just then the phone rang and it was Randy.  He was very polite, more than she expected from a sixteen year old boy, and he was quite willing to give them a list of families that he regularly babysat for.

Joyce was impressed with the conversation she had with Randy and quickly called two of the references that he had given her.  Both references just raved about Randy and said that they didn't know what they would do if he ever decided to stop babysitting.

Joyce called Randy right back and gave him the details of the job.  They would be going to a BBQ followed by a party, and they would need him from about 6:00 to about 1:00 or 2:00 and they would pay him $40.00 and give him a ride home if he needed it.  She also told him to bring his bathing suit because they had a pool and he was welcome to swim with the boys if he wanted to.  She said that any detailed instructions would be given to him before they left.

Randy accepted the job after asking a few questions, such as the age of the boys.

Steve, Mark and their parents arrived at Bob's at about 5:45.  The boys took their stuff up to Bob's room and then headed right for the pool, when Bob's mum told them to hold it because she had something to tell them.

She told them that Liz couldn't baby-sit for them today, but that her brother Randy was going to take her place.  The boy's reaction wasn't quite what adults expected.  Instead of being disappointed, the boys yelled and cheered and jumped up and down.

"Mum, did you know that Randy is a football star and probably the coolest guy in town?"  Bob managed to say to his mum.

"I've heard rumours to that effect, but you boys better listen to him as well as you listen to Liz"

"Oh man, I'd do anything that Randy said," piped in Steve, "he must be the coolest and we've been trying to get Liz to introduce us forever, and now he's gonna be babysitting us!  Soooooooooooooo cooooooooool!!!!"

With that, the boys ran off to the pool giving each other high fives and other demonstrations of excitement."

"Well, it looks like Randy just might have a little trouble on his hands, but I'm sure he's used to it and can handle it."  Frank, Bob's dad, said as he served the adults a pre-BBQ drink on the patio.

In the pool, the kids were having the time of their lives trying to drown each other or cannonballing into the pool to try and splash their parents.

"I hope you're right, Frank, I don't want to get a call in an hour saying that they have just taken Randy away in a straight jacket."  Bob's mum said semi-jokingly.

"Everything will be just fine", Steve and Mark's dad Jim said, "don't worry and we'll have a good time.  If you want, you can call later to see how things are going."

Jim gave Frank one of those "women" looks just as the front door bell rang.

The Arrival

"That must be Randy."  Bob's mum said as she headed for the door.  She opened the door, and there stood the most gorgeous piece of manhood with a Nike sports bag in his hand.  She felt herself flush and a familiar twinge flowed between her legs.

"Mrs. Adams?  I'm Randy, your babysitter.

"Ahhh, oh right, come in Randy, you're right on time and I'm so glad to finally meet the boy that walks on water." she said reaching out her hand to shake his, "Follow me and you can meet my husband, the Mathews and the kids."

As they approached the patio doors, the three adults outside saw Joyce walking with this sixteen-year-old boy that made everyone take a second look.  He didn't look like a football star at all.  They expected a six foot, 250 pounder and instead they saw a boy who was about 5'9" or 5'10" and about 170 pounds and he looked to be in perfect shape.

He had medium length blonde hair and blue eyes that could pierce stainless steal.  He had a smile that would stop a charging bull elephant in his tracks.  Even the men took a second look.  The boy was perfect in every way.

Joyce introduced Randy around to the adults and they went inside so they could talk without the boys getting in the way.  They discussed shower or bath times, bedtimes, allowable behaviour and snacks.  They showed Randy the list of phone numbers on the fridge.

All the while, Randy was taking it in and asked questions at the right times.  He left the four adults with the feeling that there would be no problems at all and if anything did come up, that he was perfectly capable of handling it.

Then it was out to the pool to introduce Randy to the boys.  It didn't take any shouting or yelling to get them out of the pool and lined up in front of Randy.  It was a miracle because there wasn't a sound out of them.  They just stood there with real big eyes and shook hands when introduced.  When they were told that they could go back to the pool, they were gone in a flash.

With more instructions and assurances that all will be OK, Frank told his wife to relax and that it was time to go.  All agreed, said goodbye to the kids and started to head out the door.  Joyce turned to Randy as if to give more instruction when Frank grabbed her arm and gently led her to the car.  Randy closed the door, locked it and leaned against it with a grin.  "Parents" he thought, "they are all the same."

Randy smiled to himself as he headed out to the patio to check on the kids and do a quick head count.  When he got to the patio doors, he just stood and watched.  The boy's antics in the pool reminded himself of his younger years.  He noticed that they swam at various levels of ability and that he really didn't have to worry too much about them drowning.

"Hey guys, how's the water?  He called to them as he walked over to the pool.

"Oh man, it's great!"  Bob sounded off.

"Nice and warm." was Steve's contribution.

Mark said "Deep" as he held onto the edge of the pool.

"Hey, that sounds almost good enough to swim in."  Randy said.

Bob started to pull himself out of the pool and said he was thirsty and needed a drink.  The other two boys agreed and pulled themselves out.  All three grabbed a towel to dry off a bit before going into the house.

Randy gave the boys a much better going over than he did when he met them in the family room.  He saw that all three were pretty good looking boys for their ages, especially Bob and Steve.  He thought to himself that two of them were right on the edge of puberty based on development of their bodies.  Mark?  Well, Mark was your typical 8 or 9 year old.

The Seduction Begins

"You want a drink too, Randy?" asked Steve.

"I don't mind if I do, just not too much rum in my Coke, OK?" he replied.  The four of them burst out laughing as they headed to the house.

Bob opened the fridge and tossed Steve a Coke, a root beer to Mark, took a Coke for himself.  What do you want Randy?

"I'll have one of those root beers if it's OK."

Bob tossed him a root beer and Mark just beamed 'cause Randy was drinking the same thing as he was.

They went back outside and sat at the patio table to drink their drinks.  The boys decided to have a burping contest to see who could burp the loudest after a sip of their drinks.  They would never have been allowed to get away with this if their parents or Liz was there, and it was a way to see how far they could go with Randy.

Steve was, without a doubt in the lead, when all of a sudden there was a burp heard that almost made the boys get whiplash turning their heads to look at it's source, Randy.  The three of them stared at him kinda dumbfounded when he broke out laughing.

"Do you guys think that you are the only ones who do that?"  Randy asked.

"No," Bob said, "but you're so much older than us."

"Well I like to have fun too, you know, and you guys seem to be lots of fun."  Randy smiled as he replied.

"Wow, we didn't think that you would even notice us because you're so cool and a football star and all."  Steve said.

"Yeah" Mike agreed with his brother.

"Well, ordinarily you would be right, but I've been hearing about you guys from Liz for a long time now and the way she described you, you all sound cool yourselves and I wanted to meet you.  Today I finally got a chance.  Even gave up a party with my friends so I could meet you."  Randy replied, knowing exactly what he was doing.  Liz had never mentioned these boys until today.

Well, the boys we just flabbergasted that the coolest guy in town gay up a party just to be with them.  The three of them puffed up their chests and had ear-to-ear smiles.

"What did Liz tell you about us?"  Bob asked.

"Well she said you all were fun, cute, and good looking like men should be and she thinks you're all sexy.  So far, I think she was right."

The two older boys blushed big-time, and Mark just looked at them and wondered why?  He didn't understand the word "sexy" really, but he knew that sex was when a man and a woman made a baby.  He wondered if the two words were related, but wasn't going to ask now.  He'd ask Steve when they were alone because he didn't want Randy to think he was just a dumb little kid.

"So, where can I go to put my bathing suit on, or do I have to swim naked?"  Randy asked when just enough time had passed.

"You can change in the cabana over there, or go into the house and use a bathroom, or my room if you want."  Bob said.

"Would you really swim naked?"  Steve asked.

"Sure, if I had to, but it's still kinda bright out for skinny dipping.  Do you guys skinny dip?"

There were a few moments of silence when Bob finally said "Steve and I have done it a few times in the dark without parents here, but Mark doesn't."

Mark blushed and said "I've always been too tired and besides, Bob isn't my brother and I don't really want to be naked in front of strangers."

Bob and Steve started to poke and laugh at Mark, teasing him about not wanting to be naked even in the dark when Randy stepped into it,

"Stop it right now guys!  Mark can't help feeling the way he feels and I bet you guys didn't like it much at his age either."  Randy had a cross look on his face as he chastised the boys.

"Mark, it's OK to feel like that.  I was shy too until I hit middle school and had to start taking showers with everyone after gym and football practice."  Looking at Bob and Steve, he continued, "the two of you might not be shy in front of each other and maybe your friends, but I'd like to see you in the shower room with 25 other guys right now."

Mark felt exonerated, but Bob and Steve felt like Randy had just kicked them in the stomach and it showed in their faces.

The Birds and the Bees, Boy's Version

Randy looked at them and sighed.  Perhaps he had gone too far.  "Look guys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being naked with other guys, and you're going to be doing a lot of it before you finish school.  You're not shy now, but just wait until you hit puberty and your bodies start to change and you start to grow hair and your dicks and balls start getting bigger.  Then you're going to get all shy again because there is always going to be someone with more hair or larger dick and balls.  Trust me, I know."

Now all three boys had a puzzled look on their faces.  The two older ones knew the facts of life from schoolyard talk and what their parents and told them, but knew nothing about the physical changes they would be going through.  Mark, was almost totally lost.

"Hmmm, looks like I've told you a little too much judging by your looks.  It isn't going to be long before you guys start going through it", he said looking at Steve and Bob.

"Steve and me have been wondering about the changes that boys go though, but no one will tell us.  We know about hair because we've seen our dads naked and that's all we know."  Bob said while he squirmed around in his chair.

"Do you want me to give you the whole story, or just shut up and we all go swimming?"

"Tell us", the three of them replied almost in unison.  Mark's voice was the loudest because he didn't even understand about the hair that they were talking about.  He hated it when the older boys didn't tell him what they knew.

"OK, I will, but it has to be our secret because your parents might not want you to know about this stuff right now.  I don't mind telling you because we're all guys, and guys stick together, especially if they are friends.  What do you say?"

"We won't say a word, Randy, not even to our friends.  We all promise."  Steve said.

With that, the three boys nodded their heads so hard that Randy thought they just might fall off.

"OK, you guys go get some more drinks for us all, and I'll go change into my bathing suit."

The three boys ran to the house to get the drinks, and there was so much fast talk amongst them it was hard to tell who was saying what.  The all wondered what they were about to hear, if they would understand it and if their parents found out they all would probably be dead.  They also agreed that Randy was the coolest guy they had ever met and he had called them friends.

While they were in the kitchen, Mark pulled Steve aside and asked him what sexy meant and did it have to do with sex?

Steve looked at his little bro with a slight smile cuz he knew that all Mark knew about sex is that a man and woman love each other and magically make a baby.  Steve knew that that magic was called fucking, but he was unsure about all the mechanics behind it.

"Well Mark, you know what sex is right?"

Mark nodded.

"Sexy means that you look like you're ready to do the sex"

Mark frowned and said "I don't want to make a baby with Liz.  She said we all were sexy."

Steve thought on this for a second and then said, "Maybe she meant we looked like we would be good fathers."

Mark thought for a second and then smiled and said "Yeah, that must be it."

When they got back to the table, Randy was just coming out of the cabana wearing a white Speedo bathing suit that left no doubt what his sex was.  Randy was definitely a male.  The boys couldn't help but stare at his crotch because of the size that everything under the bathing suit seemed to be.

"I like your bathing suit, Randy", Bob said.

Randy grinned and looked at the boys, all of whom were blushing.

"It's just a plain Speedo that all the swim teams and divers wear.  It's really comfortable because it gives me some support and stops me from flopping all over the place.  I only wear this one when I'm with friends and people I trust.  Liz hasn't even seen me in it."

"I think I understood what you mean, but I'm not sure."  Steve said.

"We can go about this in one of two ways."  Randy said, "I can sit here and talk about stuff, or you guys can ask questions and I can answer them and maybe fill in the information that is around the question.  That way we can get comfortable with each other and I can tell what level you guys are at so I know how and what to answer and talk about."

"You guys discuss it and decide which way you want to do it while I take a few laps of the pool.  OK?"  Randy added on.

"OK, that's sounds cool, Randy," Bob said, "it shouldn't take us long."

OK boys, I'll be back in a few minutes."  Randy said as he headed to the pool.

The boys were just getting into a huddle when they heard the sound of the splash Randy made as he dove in.

"This is going to be so cool, real sex information from a guy who knows what he's talking about.  We'll be the smartest kids in the school."  Steve said.

"Yeah, all the shit we're afraid to ask our parents about and the stuff we aren't allowed to know yet."  Bob said.

"I'm not sure what we're gonna talk about", blushed Mark.

"He's gonna tell us about boners and stuff, Mark.  Haven't you ever wondered why your dink gets hard that way it does?"  Steve asked his bro.

"Not really, but I guess it will be interesting, but I don't want to feel like I'm in school" Mark said as he frowned.

"Neither do I, so we should be asking the questions." piped in Bob.

"Fucking works for me."  Steve said with a smile.

"Maybe we'll find out what that means", Bob said.

"I didn't know it meant anything." said Mark.

Just then they heard the sound of wet feet walking toward the table and they turned to see Randy walking toward them.  Mark was the first one to make a gasping kind of sound as they noticed that the white Speedo had almost turned transparent.  You couldn't see things in great detail, but you sure could see more when it was wet that when it was dry.

Randy saw them looking just as he had planned.  All three of them had their eyes glued to his crotch.  He knew that he was in the normal size range, but to these boys he must have seemed huge.

Back at the table both Steve and Bob had popped bones watching Randy walk toward them, and both looked down to see if you could tell in their baggy swim suits.  Neither one could see any evidence of their boners and relaxed some.  Mark was too much in shock to pop a bone.

Randy grabbed a towel and did a quick dry off job and then wrapped it around his waist and sat down.  He grabbed his new root beer and drank half the can in one gulp and then let out a belch that could be heard two blocks away.  This cracked up the boys and everyone relaxed again.

"Now you guys know why I only wear these around people I trust and consider friends." Randy said with a smile.

"Why do you bother to wear a bathing suit at all?" asked Steve.

Randy laughed a little and said "Because sometimes it's a lot better to leave something to the imagination.  Like you guys could really tell I'm a boy, but you couldn't describe in detail what I looked like down there.  Depending on the situation, you want to keep special people guessing."

"I can describe what you're like down there."  Mark said, "You're BIG!"

Everyone laughed including Mark.

"Actually, I'm not that big.  I'm just an average guy for my age.  Same as you guys are probably average for your ages."

"I'm ten times larger that everyone else my age," Steve giggled "and Mark has nothing to be averaged."

"Fuck off, Steve," Mark retorted, "I'm almost as big as you are."

"In your dreams." was Steve's answer.

"Did you decide how you guys want to do this?" asked Randy.

"Yeah, we're gonna ask questions", Mark answered.

"OK, cool I think it's a lot easier like that, but there are a few questions I'd like to ask first.  But before we start, if anyone feels uncomfortable, we stop and don't make fun of the guy.  OK?"  Randy stipulated.

The three boys nodded in unison.

"Now there is only one rule, and that is any question is allowed and there is no such thing as a stupid question.  OK?"

Again the boys nodded in unison.

"Now for my questions before you guys start.  I want to know how honest you guys are and what level of knowledge you have so I can answer your questions at the right level.  I'll answer the question first so that everything is fair and we all know each other better.  Any objections?"

This time the boys shook their heads in unison.  It looked so cute because it was like they had rehearsed their actions.

"OK, what do you guys call your penises?"




"I call mine a cock.  That's what all the older guys and girls call it amongst themselves, but never in front of a parent.  So do you want to call it a dink or cock?"

The boys looked at each other and smiled and together said, "cock".

"Cool," said Randy, "do any of you know what masturbation or jacking is?"

There was a silence and the boys looked at Randy and shrugged their shoulders.

"It's when you play with your boner with your hand to make yourself feel good.  Masturbation is the real word for it, be we call it jacking or jacking off."

"I know what it is now, I just didn't know there was a name for it."  Steve said.

"Me too", said Bob.

"Does rubbing it against the mattress count?" asked Mark.

"Yes it does, Mark" Randy answered.

"Way to go little bro", Steve said to Mark and gave him a high five.

"See, talking bout this stuff is a good way to get to know each other better."  Randy said.

 "Is anyone uncomfortable or embarrassed?" he added.

Again the boys shook their heads.

"When you guys jack, does any creamy stuff come out of your cocks?" was the next question.

All three boys looked horrified and wondered what Randy meant.  One by one they shook their heads no.

Randy looked at them and said, "When I jack, a lot of creamy stuff called cum comes out of my cock right at that point when you feel that pumping feeling.  The real name for cum is semen.  It makes that pumping feeling feel a hundred times better."

The boys just looked at Randy in disbelief.  They just couldn't figure out how pee could turn creamy and come out only when you get the pumping feeling.

Randy could see the disbelief in their faces and decided to test the water a bit with them.

"I can see that you don't believe me so if we have time later and everyone is comfortable, I'll show you."

"Really?" asked Bob.

"Yeah, we're all guys and friends, so I don't mind showing you."

"Cool!" was the unified reply.

"OK, here's a biggie, guys.  Have any of you played around with a friend naked or with your pants down and touched each other's cocks?"

All three boys instantly blushed and started to squirm a little while looking at each other.

"How about I answer that one first?" asked Randy.

"At your ages I was doing it a lot with my friend across the street and my cousin.  Now I do it with some very special friends."

Steve and Bob looked at each other when Mark said "I do it with John when we have a chance."

Steve looked at his bro in disbelief and wondered why he was doing shit younger than he was.

"Steve and I do it at sleepovers."  Bob said looking at Steve who turned to look at him.

"I knew you guys were doing it!"  Mark said as both Steve and Bob looked at him.

"It's all really normal, guys and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.  You don't want to stand in the middle of the school yard and shout that you're doing it, but its OK." Randy assured them.

"If its ok than why would our parents kill us if they found out?"  Steve asked.

"Good question, Steve, and I'm not sure if there is one answer to it.  Mostly they think that it's stuff that only adults are allowed to do and they are afraid that you might become gay."

"Gay", that was a word that the boys knew and they new it was used as a way to really dis someone.  Calling someone gay was just about the worst thing you could call them."

"What is gay, and can fooling around make you gay?" asked Mark.

The question from the youngest member of the group was really well put and surprised everyone.  Bob and Steve wanted to ask the same thing, but were beaten by little Mark.  The all turned and looked at Randy.

"This is going to be a long answer and if anyone doesn't understand anything just stop me and ask.  OK?"

The boys nodded and Randy took a sip of his root beer.

"Do you guys know what sex is?" he asked.

"Not sure", said Bob and Steve and Mark shook his head no.

"OK, sex is when two people fool around with each other like you guys do.  They do things with each other's private parts.  Does that make sense?"

The boys thought a bit and nodded.

"Do you mean when Steve and I are playing and touching each other that we are doing sex?" asked Bob.

"Basically yes."  Randy answered, "And you *have* sex, not *do* sex."

"OK." Bob responded.

"Now, there is basically three kinds of sex.  The first kind is called straight sex and that is when a boy and a girl have sex.  The second kind is gay sex, and that is when two boys or two girls have sex.  And the third kind is called bi-sex, and that is when a person can have sex with the same or opposite sex.  Do you understand?"

The boys nodded, but Randy could see the wheels turning in their brains.

"The kind of sex that you or I like, is determined at birth like the colour of your eyes.  No one can make you have blue eyes, and no one can make you gay or straight or bi.  Does that make sense?"

The boys nodded.

"Ok, since I like fooling around with Bob, does that mean I'm gay?" asked Steve.

The other two boys nodded and agreed with the question.

"No, it doesn't."  Randy continued, "most people, mostly guys go through phases where they like gay sex for a while and then they change and like straight or bi-sex.  You really won't be sure until you are older.  It's like vegetables, one day you will like broccoli and the next day you'll never eat it again."

"I think that makes sense."  Mark said.

"Yeah."  the other two agreed.

"What are you?"  Bob asked Randy.

"I'm bi-sexual.  I like sex with girls and boys, but I prefer boys."

"Cool." said Bob.

"Next question?" asked Randy.

Mark raised his hand.

"Mark this isn't school, just ask the question"

Mark blushed a little and asked, "When you got out of the pool, we could see the outline of things pretty good and just above your dink, I mean cock, there was a big flat dark thing.  What is it?"

Randy looked at Mark and didn't have a clue what he was asking about.  He stood up and took the towel off and looked down at himself.  Then it hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Mark, that is nothing more than hair.  When you get older you start growing hair where you didn't have it before, and that's one of the places you grow it.  The hair around your cock and balls is called pubic hair."

"Will you show us later?" asked Mark.

"Sure Mark."

"Any more questions?"

The boys looked at each other, and no one could think of another question.

Randy looked around and noticed that it was almost dark out and they must have been talking for a couple of hours.  He looked at his watch and it was almost 9:00.

"You know Mark it's almost time for you to have a shower and to get to bed."

"Ahhhh please Randy, can we bend the rules tonight?  No one will know."

Randy looked at the other two and they nodded their approval.

"OK, Mark, we'll give you an extra hour and you can go to bed with the other two."

Mark jumped up and ran to Randy and gave him a big hug.

"What do you guys think about a quick swim before we go in?"  Randy asked.

Randy didn't have to ask twice as he boys disappeared in a blur into the pool.  Randy looked around and was sure that once you were in the pool you were invisible to all the neighbours.  He got up from his chair, walked over to the pool and dove in over the heads of the three boys.

It wasn't long before Randy was being attacked by the three of them, and ended up throwing them around in the water.  Being the athlete he was, he could really pick them up and launch them a good distance.  All of them were having a ball, chasing and dunking.  Randy allowed himself to be dunked so that the boys could feel like they could get the town's great jock.

With the young hands going all over his body, he found himself relatively turned on with a fairly good bone going.  He really didn't care because he knew that it was a perfectly normal reaction.  He was wrestling with Mark a little when Marks foot slipped down Randy's chest and kept going right over his boner.

Mark stopped and very quietly said, "You have a boner and it's really big" and slid his foot back up the front of Randy's Speedo's.

Randy looked right into Mark's eyes and smiled and quietly said, "Yeah I do, don't I?  Do you have one?"

Mark blushed a little and said, "Yeah, I just got one when I felt yours"

"You touched mine, can I touch yours?"  Randy whispered.

Mark was quiet for about thirty seconds as he thought about it and said "Yeah, you can, it's only fair."

Randy repositioned Mark so that he had a free arm and put his hand on Marks bare thigh.  "If you want me to stop you just tell me, ok Mark?

Mark nodded and said, "Your hand feels good on my leg like that."

Randy looked over his shoulder and saw the other two splashing around and having a good time.  He redirected his attention back to Mark who was smiling at him.  Randy started to slide his hand up Marks leg until he hit the hem of Mark's baggy swimsuit.

"Over or under?"  Randy asked Mark.

Marks reply was almost instantaneous.  "I don't think it matters, Randy.'

Randy slipped his fingers under the hem and slowly continued to slip it up Mark's leg.  As his hand was seeking it's target, Randy felt Marks foot rubbing the front of his Speedo's and his toes playing around with his bone.

"That feels real good, Mark"

"Your cock is so big and so hard."

"It would be impossible for it not to be with what you're doing to me."

Randy's hand continued its trip up Mark's leg until it came into contact with the inner lining of Mark's suit.  His fingers probed around until they found Marks small balls just under the fabric.  He ran his fingers over them for a few seconds and then slipped them under the fabric of the inner liner and came into contact with Mark's unprotected balls.  He gently rolled them a bit with his fingers and Mark placed his head on Randy's shoulder.

Randy continued to move his hand upwards and his fingers brushed Mark's little boy's cock.  He took the cock in two fingers and started to jack the boy.  As Randy's fingers manipulated Mark's cock, Mark was manipulating Randy's cock with his foot and toes.  Randy knew that if Mark kept up his manipulations that he wouldn't last too much longer, so he increased the speed of his fingers running up and down over Mark's little cock.

He could hear little moans coming from the boy and he felt his toes grasp his cock harder as he applied more force with his foot to Randy's cock.  Randy's fingers tightened around Mark's cock and he rubbed his thumb over its head.  Mark's little moans started to become more and more frequent.  Randy's breathing was getting heavier and his heart was pounding in his chest.

Randy felt Mark's body start to tense up which could only mean one thing; his little boy's climax was imminent as was his own.  A second later Mark's body started to spasm and Randy could feel his little cock start to throb.  There was no doubt about it, Mark was cumming in his arms.  Mark's foot made one more pass over Randy's cock and that along with Mark's spasms sent Randy over the edge and he started his own climax.  His knees almost buckled as he filled the front of his Speedo's with a load of cum.

Randy stood there in the pool holding Mark close to him and slowly came back to reality.  He opened his eyes only to see Steve and Bob standing a few feet in front of him with big grins on their faces.

"That was awesome Randy, the two of you did it at the same time.  And it was so cool watching my little brother get off with you."  Steve said.

"Really fantastic, Randy.  Why don't we all go into the house and see if we can all get into the act, besides you have a few things to show us, remember?"  Bob added.

Randy smiled a big smile and started out of the pool with Mark still in his arms.

"You up for this Mark?"  Randy asked his charge.

Mark stuck a hand inside his bathing suit and looked at Randy and then he looked at the other two boys and nodded yes.

The Move Inside
Randy placed Mark on a kitchen chair and ran back outside to get the their towels and ducked into the cabana to get this clothes and bag.  Inside, Mark just sat there with a dreamy look on his face.  Steve and Bob pulled up chairs and sat down on either side of Mark.

"First time?"  Steve asked is brother.

Mark turned his head to look at Steve and just nodded his head.  He wanted to ask something but knew that right now, he wouldn't be making much sense.  His head was still spinning and his small dink was still making the occasional spasm.  Each dick spasm caused a body spasm just a fraction of a second later.  He had never felt this way before.

"It's the same feeling that Bob and I get every time we fool around.  Isn't is awesome?"

Still looking at Steve, Mark nodded again.  He cleared his throat and said, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Steve looked at Mark with a guilty and sad look on his face and said, "I didn't think you were old enough and understand.  Also, things are private sometimes."

"Well I understand now and it ain't private no more."  He said with a smile.

"I feel a little embarrassed that it isn't private anymore."  Bob said blushing a bit.

"It's cool Bob, Mark is cool and Randy is really cool.  I don't think that you have to worry about it getting spread around by anyone here."

"Yeah, you're right, but it still feels funny."  Bob responded.

"That's funny," Steve said, "it felt hard a few minutes ago."

All three boys burst into a giggle just as Randy came through the patio door.

"Sup?"  He asked looking at the boys.

"I think we all are", Steve said, "just like you."

Randy looked down and saw his bone going straight up with its head pushing on the waistband of his bathing suit, and laughed.

"Yep, I sure am."  He said but wasn't blushing.

"You guys understand that it is a perfectly natural thing to happen to a boy, don't you?"

"We do now", Bob said.

Randy sat down at the table between Steve and Bob.  He grabbed a towel and started to towel his hair.

"So what are we talking about."  He asked?

"Oh just how strange it feels that everyone here knows that we all fool around with other boys."  Answered Bob.

Randy smiled and nodded his head.

"Does it bother anyone?"  He asked.

Everyone looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"Well, let me tell you something from experience.  Don't stand up at school and shout it from the rooftop.  There are a LOT of people who don't understand and don't want to understand about it."  Randy told them.

"Is that why there are so many fag jokes at school and why they call guys that if they want to dis them?"  Asked Steve.

"Yeah, that's why Steve.  What people don't understand, they attack and try to destroy."

"I'm not going to say a word."  Said Mark.

"I don't think any of us will."  Added Steve.

"Do you guys have any questions?"  Asked Randy.

"Did I cum?"  Asked Mark.

"You sure did lil buddy, you came really hard."

"But nothing came out.  I thought something was supposed to come out of my boner."

"It will when you get older.  It might be happening now with your brother and Bob."

"Not with me yet."  Said Steve

"Me neither"  Added Bob, "When did it start happening with you, Randy?"

"I was twelve when a neighbour showed me how to jack off, and cum came out then."

"We're almost twelve."  Bob piped in.

"Well then don't be surprised if it happens soon."  Randy told him, "Pubes yet?"

Now Bob was the colour of a fire truck.  Steve couldn't figure it out because he thought all of Bob's shyness had long since gone.  They talked about this kind of thing all the time now and checked each other out for any new signs of puberty.

Bob shook his head and said, "Not really, maybe a little fuzz, but not anything I would call pubes.  Steve has more than I do right now."

Mark was sitting there being very confused because he didn't know what they were talking about for sure.  "Should I ask or not", he thought to himself.  Even though things were very open and frank, he was still afraid to ask questions in case he would be laughed at.  He hated being the youngest.

"What's wrong Mark?"  Randy asked.


"Come on I can tell by the look on your face that there is something wrong.  We're all friends here and we're all guys.  Remember I said there was no such thing as a stupid question."

"I still dun't know what pubes are."  Mark said hanging his head.

"Aw Mark, don't feel bad, I didn't know until about two months ago."  Steve said, "Pubes are the hairs that you get around your dick and balls when you get older and go into puberty.  That's what you said wasn't it, Randy?"

"That's right, Mark."  Randy said.

"You have hair on your dick and balls, Steve?"  Mark asked a little surprised.

"Not really hair, but I am starting to get a lot of fuzz down there.  Randy would have a lot of pubes 'cause he is a lot older and has gone through puberty."  Steve answered his brother.

"What's pooberty?"

Both Bob and Steve looked at Randy because they knew that he could give a better answer, and they really didn't know the correct answer for sure.

"Hmm," Randy said, "that's a real good question.  The simple answer is that puberty is the time in everyone's life when their bodies change from children's bodies to adult bodies.  In boys, they grow pubic hair around their cocks and balls, their cocks and balls get bigger, they can produce sperm when they have sex or jack off, their voices get deeper and a lot of little things.  It doesn't happen over night, it can take a few years to complete.  Some guys start at eleven and others at fifteen.  There are no rules."

The three boys nodded their heads and all looked as if they understood.  Randy had done a good job of giving a good answer and keeping it simple.

"Do you understand, Mark?"  Randy asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Randy, when you and Mark cummed in the pool did cum come out of your boner?"  asked Steve.

"Yeah it did and there was lots of it, lil buddy over here really had me turned on."  Randy replied,  "And it's not cummed, its came."

"Umm, can we see the cum?"  Steve continued.

"Ah, no it washed away in the pool."  Randy said apologetically.

"Fuck, I was hoping we could see what cum looked like."  Bob said so disappointedly.

Randy sat there looking at the three boys and the sad and disappointed looks on their faces.  He remembered asking his next door neighbour the same question and how he was shown.  He wasn't shy and was willing to show them.  Besides, he was kinda horny tonight and it might be fun.

"You can if you want, guys."  Randy said to them.

They all looked at him quizzically and Mark asked "How?"

Randy smiled and said "Well boys there is more where the first load came from, and I can jack off for you and you can get to see it come out and what it looks like."

"Oh way cool, Randy."  Steve said.

"But," Randy continued, "there are going to be some rules, OK?  If you don't follow the rules, the whole thing is off.  If you follow the rules, we'll all have fun."

"What are the rules, Randy?"  Bob asked.

'Only two rules," Randy said looking at them, "first all of you have to go get dressed, you can leave your socks off.  Second, you have to do exactly what I tell you to do without question."

"Like what?"  Steve asked.

"Well, little man, you're just going to have to wait and see, but I promise that none of it will be bad, just fun."

The three boys quickly got into a huddle and discussed and giggled.  The then took off upstairs with Steve shouting, "Where did I put our clothes?"

Randy smiled to himself as he went to his bag and grabbed a pair of white briefs and some cargo shorts, and then headed to the bathroom to change.  A few seconds later he came out still doing himself up and started looking around the first floor for a place to do this.

The living and dining rooms were out of the question as was the kitchen.  He headed into the family room and stood there checking it out.  Perfect he thought.  It had a couch that wasn't against a wall so the boys could see from all sides if they wanted to.  He reached into his shorts and adjusted his boner so that it was comfortable.

"Come on Mark, hurry up" Randy could hear from up stairs as the pitter-patter of medium sized feet could be heard running around and then down the stairs.  Steve and Bob appeared, but no Mark.  The two of them looked yummy in their white t-shirts and tight jeans.  He could to the outlines of hard boy cocks pointing straight up along their flies.  They had even given their hair a quick brushing and were definitely sexy specimens of boyhood.

Randy was about to ask where Mark was when he heard some feet scampering around up stairs and then coming down the stairs two stairs at a time.  Soon, there was this angel standing with the other two boys.  He was in a red T-shirt and snug black jeans with his hair carefully brushed.

"Sorry I'm late, I had a hard time finding my clothes."

"Yeah, and had to run back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom to get your stuff.  Why didn't you just get changed with us?"  Bob said a bit irritated.

"I don't get naked or change in front of just anyone."  Mark said, "you're not family or anything so I wasn't going to change in front of you."

"What's the matter dork, you have something we don't?"  Asked Bob, almost asking for a fight.

"HEY!  Stop it right now!"  Randy said with a raised voice.  "It's not everyone who runs around naked like you do, Bob.  Like I said earlier, just wait until you hit Jr. High and you have to change and shower with 30 other guys.  You might just feel a little shy then."

"Sorry" Bob said still glaring at Mark.

"OK, lets go into the family room and I'll tell you how this is going to work."  Randy said.

The four of them went into the family room and Randy sat on the couch and motioned for the boys to sit on the floor in front of him.  A quick scan of the boys showed three boners that they were trying to hide, but failing miserably at it.  Randy could feel his own bone pushing and straining in his briefs.

"OK, guys, we all have to be in agreement with this of it won't happen, ANY of it.  What we are going to do is learn how to jack off with a partner.  When the time comes, I'll call you and you can all come and see me cum.  Also, you are all going to have a chance to help me cum.  In other words, we will change partners every now and then when I say to.  How does that sound so far?"


"Way cool."

"I dunno."

Everyone turned to Mark who was looking very uncomfortable right now.

"Feeling shy Mark?"  Asked Randy.

"A little I guess.  I've never done this before."

"You and Steve get changed in front of each other all the time and have probably seen each others boners, haven't you?"  Randy asked.


"Well this is just about the same thing, but is going to be a lot more fun."

"OK." Mark said with an unsure voice.

"Mark if you feel like you don't want to do it, or want to stop, just say so and I'll just jack off for you.  Does that sound fair?"

"Yeah." He said with a little more positive feeling in his voice.

"We all have boners here too, Mark, not just you.  Don't we guys?"  Randy kept going on the convincing track.

"That's right, I have one."  Steve said and moved his hands away from his crotch.

"Me too."  Said Bob as he moved his hands.

"And I got the granddaddy of them all."  Mark said as he spread his legs a bit, "so you see you're not alone there."

Mark had a quick shy look around, and slowly moved his hands away from his own groin.

"Steve and Bob, will you let Mark feel you just to prove you have a boner?"



"OK Mark, just go to the other guys and feel them through their jeans and then you'll know for sure that you're not alone."

Mark slowly stood up and went to Steve and bent down and gently put his hand over his boner and gave it a gentle squeeze, and Steve gave him a wink.

He moved over to Bob and did the same thing, and Bob giggled.

Mark started back to where he was sitting and Randy said, "Hey Mark, you missed one."

Mark turned and faced Randy and walked over to him and placed his hand over his bone.  To his surprise, the boner was bigger than his hand.

"Fuck!"  He said as he pulled his hand away.  "It's huge and bigger than my hand!"

The two others strained to see, but Randy told them to back off, this was for Mark.

"It doesn't bite, Mark, go ahead and give it a squeeze like you did to the others."

Mark put his hand over Randy's boner and gave it a squeeze.  He couldn't believe what he was feeling and just had to see it to believe it.  It was then that he decided that he would really try to go along with whatever was going to happen.  He just had to see that dick for real.

"OK, I think I can do this, but if I say stop you'll stop right?"

"Yeah we will won't we guys?"

"For sure."

"That's right."

"OK, does anyone know why I asked you to get dressed?"  Randy asked.


"No Idea."

Mark shrugged his shoulders.

"Well we are going to have fun, but at the same time, I'm going to be teaching you a few things so you'll know what to do when the time comes.  I asked you to get dressed because in most situations you and your 'friend' will not be in bathing suits and the both of you will be fully dressed like we are."

It suddenly hit Steve.  He knew what was going on now, they were going to have a lesson on how to do sex like the big boys do it.

"Randy, you are going to teach us a sex stuff aren't you?"  He asked.

"That's right guys.  Any objections?"

Not a sound or movement signalled an objection.  Randy definitely had all their attention right now, and Mark's eyes were about to pop out of his head.

"OK, Steve and Bob, are partners for now and Mark and I will be partners to start with.  If anyone is uncomfortable at any time say so and we'll stop.  Mark, you come and sit with me and you guys make yourselves comfortable someplace close"

"Now I'll ask all of you a few questions that I want you to think about before answering.  How realistic to you want it to be, are we learning boy-boy or boy-girl sex?  Think and don't answer until I ask."  Randy continued.

Randy quickly explained to Mark what he meant by those two questions and did it well 'cause Mark fully understood.

After a few long minutes Randy said, "OK, what kind of sex, and majority rules."

"Boy-boy" answered Steve.

"Boy-boy" answered Bob.

"Boy-boy" answered Mark.

"Boy-boy" answered Randy.

"Cool, I was hoping it would go that way.  We can have more fun that way.  Now, how realistic?  Real life, or fake it?"

"Real life" answered Steve.

"Real life" answered Bob.

"Real life" answered Mark after a bit of a pause.

"Real life" answered Randy.

"Cool, we are really going to have fun then."  Said Randy.

OK, lets say you are out on a date with your friend and are walking along the river.  There is not a living soul within 5 miles.  It's a full moon and you can see each other quite well.  You have been horny for the last two days and you want to have sex with your friend so bad.  You take him by the hand and lead him to a nice private sandy part of the riverbank and pull him down beside you.  You look into his eyes and kiss him."  Randy said laying out the scenario.

"Now, there are basically two kinds of kisses.  There is the *friendly* kiss and the *lets get it on* kiss."

The three boys all laughed at Randy's description.  Randy himself giggled.

"You should always start off with the friendly kiss just to make sure that your friend is in the same mood as you are.  The friendly kiss is just like the kiss you give your mums and can be on the cheek or lips.  The best place is on the lips.  Now try it with your partner."

Steve and Bob looked at each other and Bob leaned forward and gave Steve a kiss on the lips.

Randy leaned over Mark and gave him a tender kiss on the lips.  Mark didn't seem to mind at all.  In fact he had a bit of a grin on his face.

"Now you can do this a few times, and each time make it a bit of a stronger kiss.  Now try it again."

Steve and Bob didn't need any encouragement and kissed each other about five times.

"You kiss me this time, Mark."

Mark got on his knees on the couch and kissed Randy just as he was told to do, and did it over and over again sending chills down Randy's spine.

"Wow."  Randy whispered in Mark's ear making mark smile from ear to ear.  "You are a really good kisser!"

"Now the other type of kiss is really called a French kiss and is very sexually stimulating.  I know you guys are going to have a problem with it, because it is going to sound real icky and gross.  I'll tell you right now that most sexual things sound icky until you do it and realise how fantastic it is.

"A French kiss is done with the mouth open and you let your tongues touch and rub each other.  I can guarantee that once you start French kissing, that sex isn't going to be that far away.  That's how much of a turn on it is.

"You start it off with a strong friendly kiss and either start to open your mouth, or push your tongue into the other person's mouth."

Randy scanned the boys and as he expected, they did not look like they were jumping with joy to try this one.

"Before we go into the kiss, lets try and get used to touching your partner's tongue with your own.  It will help overcome the ickyness of it.  Go on, try it."

Steve and Bob stuck out their tongues at each other and moved in closer, but burst out into giggles and had to stop for a minute.

Randy looked at Mark and said "It's going to be good, Mark.  I'd never do anything to hurt you."

Both stuck out their tongues and moved closer and closer until the tips touched.  Mark pulled back for a second, but came right back until they were tip-to-tip again.  Randy took his tongue and rubbed it over and around Mark's little tongue.  There was no obvious resistance from Mark.  Randy stopped and Mark automatically took over with the over and under and around motions that Randy had used.

Steve and Bob watched this and decided that little Mark wasn't going to show them up because older males can never allow younger males do something that the haven't, and they started doing the same thing. At first it was really weird, but after a minute or two the weirdness was replaced with pleasure.  It was a turn on.

"OK guys, lets try the full kiss now."  Randy said.

To Randy's surprise, Mark was the aggressor and gave him a strong friendly kiss, and then slipped his tongue into Randy's mouth.  It took all of Randy's strength to stop himself from blowing a load in his pants.  Mark was kissing him so tenderly and their tongues danced with each other as if they had been together for years.  Both of them were making little gruntty sounds of extreme pleasure.

Suddenly Mark's little body tensed and he let out a very audible moan and went into spasm.  His hips were pumping at the air, and his arms were trying to pull Randy closer.  Randy realised that Mark was cumming and he couldn't hold himself back any longer and began to blow his load in his pants, but the kiss never stopped.

Across the room, Steve and Bob had overcome the ickies and were really going at it with this new kiss.  They were lying on the floor on their sides facing each other and arms wrapped around holding each other close.  When they heard the sounds of cumming coming from the other side of the room, they too lost control and started to cum at exactly the same time, almost severing each others tongue in the process.

When all was quiet again, Randy said in a quiet voice, "Time for a ten or fifteen minute break."  No one complained.

Cum Demons

A minute later, a very loud "HEY!" came from Steve, who was lying on his back beside Bob.  Randy looked at him and couldn't make out from his face what the matter was.

"Sup, Steve?"  Randy asked.

"I'm wet"

"What do you mean 'I'm wet'?"  Asked Randy.

"I fucking mean I'm wet down there!"  Steve answered with slight panic in his voice.

Steve took a hand and felt all over the front of his jeans and even down between his legs.  He went back to the front and probed around with a couple of fingers.  By that time Randy was beside him, as was Mark.

"I'm dry outside but wet inside"

He took the same hand and slid them into his jeans and you could see him feel around.  He pulled the hand out and had a very concerned look on his face.  He rubbed two fingers together and them smelled them.

"It's not piss and it's not blood, what the fuck is it?"  He asked with his voice trembling.

"Here, let me feel it" Randy said as he rubbed his fingers against Steve's.  He then put the fingers in his mouth and a smile broke out on his face.

"My man, you have had your first wet cum."

"No shit?"  Steve said.  "Are you sure?"

"Well is feels like cum, it tastes like cum, and that's two out of three so my guess it's cum."  Randy said with a grin.

"Two out of three?  What's the third?"  Said a startled Steve.

"Looks."  Said Randy.

In no time Steve had his jeans undone and was pushing them and his boxers down.  The other three gathered in real close for the verdict.  Steve had his jeans and boxers down to his knees and lay back again.


Randy looked around and saw the little puddle and had a good look at the semi-clear fluid.  He dipped his finger in the puddle and put it in his mouth.  "It's cum."

Steve propped himself up on his elbows and looked at the puddle.  "Are u sure?  How can you tell?

Randy pointed to the tip of Steve's dick and said "Evidence: it's still dripping from your cock.  Now feel it.  It's thickish and slippery."

Steve stuck a finger in and felt it was thick and slippery.

"Now taste it.  Since it's your first and all the stuff isn't in it yet, it tastes real sweet"

Steve hesitated for a second and then put his finger into his mouth.  It was sweet, and it came out of him!

"In a few weeks it will start to get a little bitter, but not bad to taste."

Mark looked at his brother and said, "Can I, Steve?"

"Sure, Markie."

Mark dipped two fingers in, rubbed them together and then tasted it.  He smiled and nodded.

Steve looked at Bob with questioning eyes.  And Bob did what Mark had done and was surprised that it didn't taste awful.

"Congrats, Steve!"  Randy said as he reached out to shake his hand.

The other two took turns doing the same thing.  Steve was a man now and could make babies if he wanted to.  His dick had just graduated to a cock.

"I've a suggestion that we stop the lesson for a while and discuss and admire cum."  Randy said, "any objections?"

"None, good.  We can compare the brand new cum with a mature cum if you want.  I blew a load when Mark and I were kissing."

It was unanimous that is what they should do right now.

Randy pulled off his T-shirt and undid his shorts.  He stood up and let them drop to the floor.  He peeled down his briefs and let them drop to the floor and then he stepped out of them both.  He was standing in front of them stark naked then he lay down on the floor beside Steve.

"Hey if you're gonna be naked then I want to be too!"  Said Steve as he pulled his T-shirt off.  "Markie, get my jeans and boxers off please."  In a second, Steve was buck-naked too.

The boys checked out the puddles of cum on Randy.  Compared to Steve's, Randy's was thicker and creamy coloured, and a LOT more of it.

"Can I?"  Steve asked Randy.

"Go for it, you don't have to ask with me."

Steve dipped a couple of fingers in a puddle and rubbed them together and then popped them into his mouth.  "It is more bitter, but not bad at all."

The other two followed suite and agreed.  Soon everyone was tasting Steve's and then Randy's and back again until there was no more cum, but both Steve and Randy were hard as rocks with all the attention being directed at them.

"It's a LOT better fresh, right out of the cock into the mouth."  Said Randy, "That's why I like giving blow jobs so much.  I love the taste of fresh cum!"

Steve said "I think I like the taste of cum, period."

Mark and Bob laughed at that, but agreed that it was an addictive taste.

Randy reached over and gave Steve's boner a couple of good strokes.  Steve reached over to Randy and returned the favour.

"You know Steve, there is a good chance that we could make some more boy nectar for these cum demons."

"I think we could too, but these two seem to be a little over dressed don't you think?"

Mark immediately pulled his T-shirt off and had his jeans off in a flash.  He stood up, turned his back to the group and slowly slipped the back of his boxers down until he was mooning them.  Then he turned to face them and slowly pulled the front of his boxers down until up cock and balls were in plain view, and then he dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them.  He was beet read, but he was naked for the first time in front people, and he had a boner to boot.

Everyone was in a state of shock that he had done this.  Just a while ago he was afraid to show his winkie to anyone and now he had just done a real sexy strip tease.  Mark looked at their faces and laughed.

Moving to music that only he could hear, Bob stood up and slowly pulled off his T-shirt and then took his time undoing his jeans.  He spread them open when the fly was finally undone.  He pulled down the waistband of his boxers and the head of his dick popped out.  He pushed his jeans down and off and then teased everyone by pushing his boxers down and then pulling them back up.  Then in one swift move, they were down and off.

There were now four naked boys in Bob's family room and all four of them were as boned as boned could be.  Dick size ranged from three inches to about six inches.  There was no doubt that the best looking and sexiest was the youngest, but they were all very good looking and sexy boys.

"Randy, how do I jack off?" asked Steve.

"Like this" Randy said as he reached for Steve's cock and wrapped a hand around it and started to give it a good stroking.

"OK, got it."  Steve said as he took over from Randy.  After a few seconds of jacking himself, Bob pushed Steve's hand away and took over from him.  Steve just lay back and relaxed and went with the new feelings he had discovered.

Mark pushed Randy's hand away and started jacking him.  It was obvious that Mark really liked Randy and all he wanted to do was please him.

"How do I give you a blowjob, Randy" Mark asked.

"Are you sure, Mark?"

"Yeah, I heard that it feels real good and you said that the cum tastes better straight from the cock and I really want to taste it fresh."  Mark answered.

"Give me three fingers, Mark."

Mark gave Randy his hand and Randy took the three middle fingers and put them in his mouth and started to suck on them.  He ran his tongue around them and moved them in and out of his mouth.

"That's a blowjob, Mark.  Usually nature takes over soon after you start."

Mark lay on Randy's chest and took his cock in both hands so that it pointed at his mouth, and slowly guided it in.  He could get much more than just below the head in before he gagged, but he backed off a bit and started to do to Randy's cock what Randy had done to his fingers.

Randy couldn't believe how good it was and moaned a bit.  That hot little mouth was going to drive him crazy.  He grabbed Mark's waist and pushed and shoved until he could get at his cock and put it in his mouth.  It was a bit of an awkward position because of the difference in sizes, but they were in a 69 and both moaning in pleasure.

Bob and Steve were watching and then turned and faced each other and nodded.  Steve changed position so that he was facing Bob's cock and took it into his mouth.  Bob took Steve's cock into his mouth and nature took over for both of them.

The room was full of the sounds of boys in the midst of sexual frenzy.  The four boys were going at it as if there was no tomorrow.  They rolled and fucked each other's mouths and rolled back again.  Fingers found boy holes intensifying the frenzy.  Sweat was flying all over the place making the bodies slippery.  At times, the pairs of bodied would roll into each other and the sexual energy that came from the four of them was almost off the scale.

Bob was the first to lose his nut and then Steve.  Bob swallowed the little bit of cum that Steve produced and longed for more.  Steve wasn't sure, but there might have been something that came from Bob's cock.  The two of them lay there with each other's cock in their mouths refusing to let go of the moment.

Mark started to cum non-stop.  With spasm after spasm and cock throbbing non-stop in Randy's mouth, Randy lost it too and flooded little Mark's mouth with cum that Mark valiantly tried to swallow but couldn't and some dribbled from the corners of his mouth.  One thing for sure, was that Randy was right about it tasting better fresh from the cock.  Actually, it tasted fantastic fresh from the cock.

Ten minutes later, they were all sitting on the floor leaning against the couch and chairs.  All the talk was about how unbelievably good it had been, and that Mark was a definite convert into the world of cum lovers.  Randy said it was the best babysitting job he had ever had, bar none.  Steve and Mark looked at each other knowing they had just discovered a new activity that the both of them could enjoy with each other.

"I need a rinsing off", Randy said as he headed to the patio doors and pool.

"Good plan" echoed the others as they followed.  A swim would be excellent before round two and more lessons from Randy.

To be continued...