Brothers and Friends

A story of two brothers and their friends, and their journey from childhood innocence to young manhood.

By: BratBoi
Copyright © 2001

Chapter 4 - The Storm

The Usual Warnings and Stuff

Warning, the following story depicts sexual activity very loosely based on real life experiences, and only really exists in my vivid masturbatory imagination.  This story contains descriptions of sex activity involving related boys, young boys, teen boys in various combinations.  If this subject matter doesn't float your boat, then don't read it.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of the characters in the story to an actual person or real event is purely coincidental.  Also, the characters in this story participate in unprotected sex, which I strongly disapprove of, even at the tender young ages of some of the characters.

I retain the copyright to this story.  It's mine, so don't touch it without my permission.  Placing this story on a web site or anywhere else without my permission is a violation of that copyright.

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Now all that horse-pucky is dealt with, go pour yourself something to drink, get nice and comfy, kickback and enjoy.

BratBoi (Steve)

It was the day after Christmas, and it was just dismal out.  The temperature was dropping, as was the barometer and it was completely overcast.  As good Canadians this is all you had to know that the weather was going to turn nasty without having to turn on the radio or TV.  Steve and Mark were good Canadians, and had made plans to go try the snowboards they had received at Christmas.  The whole family had planned a ski weekend at Mont Cascade starting tomorrow.

The two boys stood there looking out the window and wondered if they were going to be able to make it tomorrow.  It wasn't a long drive normally, but in a snowstorm or blizzard, the drive just wouldn't be worth the risk no matter what was at the other end of the road.

"Maybe it will miss us, we never get bad storms in Toronto." 13 year old Steve said to his 11 year old brother Mark without too much conviction in his voice.

"You're dreaming, Steve.  The guy on TV said we were in for a real fucking shit kicking storm like they just had out west, maybe worse."  Replied Mark in a soft voice so his parents wouldn't hear some of his favorite words.

"What do you think, dad, are we gonna get it or is the media just hyping things up again?"  Steve asked his father.

"Well I've just heard another weather report on the radio and I think we're going to get it worse than they did in Manitoba by the sound of it.  Its supposed to start in about an hour with high winds, followed by a day or two of blowing snow with about 38-67cm (15-25 inches) of the shit building up."

"Jim, do you have to use that language in front of the boys?"  Their mother said to their father.

"Oh give me a break, Helen, would you want me to ask the boys to give us a recital of their vocabulary?"

"It just isn't right, Jim, and you know it!" she retorted as she left the room.

The three guys looked at each other rolling their eyes and almost broke out laughing, which would not have been a cool thing to do.  After all, she was heading to the kitchen to come up with some kind of turkey surprise for them to eat, even though everyone was so sick and tired with turkey "surprises", which just had to the worst part of Christmas.

The Preparations

"Hey guys, we better go check the snow blower, make sure we have lots of gas for it and find the shovels.  I have a feeling that by tomorrow night we will have moved a shitload of snow."

The boys groaned, but followed their father out to the garage.  Their dad checked over the snow blower and gas situation while the boys hunted down the shovels and placed them by the door.

"I think there is enough gas for a major storm, but if there isn't we'll have to resort to the shovels and boy power."

That was something that the boys were supposed to laugh at, but they didn't think it was too terribly funny.  This time the next day, they were supposed to be up on the slopes with their snowboards, and the thought of pushing a few tons of snow around just wasn't on their funny lists right now.  In fact Mark was going to say something, but Steve could tell it was going to be something that even their dad wouldn't find amusing, so he gave Mark a good punch in the arm.

"What the….." Mark started to say, but saw the look on Steve's face and understood and stopped in mid-sentence.

"Damn it, Steve, that really hurt!" he said instead while rubbing his arm.  He meant it because his eyes were a little teary.

"Sorry, Bro, the devil made me do it," Steve said with a wink.

"OK, you guys settle down.  I know that you don't want to be imprisoned with us old fogies, but you're just going to have to make the best of it.  I don't particularly like it either, I'd like to be on those slopes too." their dad said to them.

"More like you want to sit at the bar afterwards."  Mark said with a grin.

"That too, Mark, that too."

The three of them left the garage, with the feeling they had accomplished a major task, only to find mum running around getting candles and blankets out and in place.

"Damn it!" she said, "Does anyone know where there is a flashlight that works in this house?"

"Great," Steve thought, "a major storm is about to hit and mum is starting her PMS thing."

Judging by the looks on the others faces, he wasn't the only one thinking the same thing.  The three males looked at each other with that "Oh, Oh" look knowing that there was going to be nowhere to escape for the next few days.

"There is a flashlight in our room, mum, I'll go get it." Mark said and scampered off.

"Good, at least one of you is willing to help me.  I think it might be a very good idea if the two of you brought in some wood for the fireplace before it gets buried under six feet of snow, or have one of you he-men already thought of that?" mum continued her rant.

"As a matter of fact, that's exactly what we were going to do right now, mum," Steve lied, "we just came in to get a drink and get our parkas and boots."

"Well get to it then, we don't have all day." she said.

Steve and his dad went to the kitchen and had a drink that they really didn't want and then went to the hall closet and started to get dressed and bundled up

"Thanks, son."  dad whispered.

"Just remember it because you owe me big time." smiled Steve.

After all the candles, matches, blankets, two working flashlights and enough firewood to last a month were in place, the family sat down for supper.  The storm had started and the wind seemed to make the house move and bend on its foundation.  The temperature had dropped quite a bit and that in combination with the wind made the house cold even with the furnace running almost all the time.

They had the TV turned on to catch the latest weather report and the news wasn't good.  It netted out that all the experts with their satellites and computers couldn't tell just how bad the storm was going to be.  They also said that the army had been put on notice to rescue people and bring them to shelters if the situation warranted.  Then they started to list all of the emergency supplies that people should have on hand should the power go off.  As they read the items off, the boy's mother ran around checking to make sure that she had everything covered.

"FUCK!" she said rather loudly making everyone else stop eating and look at each other in absolute shock.  If they heard mum say "shit", it meant someone's head was going to roll.  No one had heard her say the "F" word before and had no idea what was up.  They all got up in a panic and ran to her in the living room.

"We don't have a battery operated radio, and they just said on TV that we should have one in case the power went out!" she said almost in tears.

There was silence for a few minutes as their father put his arm around her and tried to calm her down and the boys just looked on in disbelief.

"Hey," Steve piped up, "there is a radio in my Walkman and the batteries are fresh, I'll go get it."  He got out of there as fast as he could.

"But only one person can hear what's on." mum said with a trembling voice.

"That's all we need though, honey.  If the power goes out we can appoint one person to be the radio listener." dad said reaching for something to calm her down.

"Do you have any of those pills the doctor gave you for when you get upset like this?" he asked his wife and taking his life in his hands.

"Yes, do you think I need one?  I'm feeling perfectly fine." she said.

"I don't think it would hurt, babe" he replied.

"They are on my dresser.”  She told him.

Hearing this, Mark went running up to his parents bedroom and found a bottle of PMS pills on his mother's dresser and then went charging back down stairs with them.  He gave them to his dad and then retreated to his room to see how Steve was doing with the Walkman.

He found Steve sitting on his bed with the Walkman in his hand and just staring off into space.

Mark sat down beside him and said "Are you ok, Steve?"

Steve grinned and looked over to his brother.  "Well yes and no.  It's going be a real long couple of days with mum like that.

Mark started to nod thinking of all the weird behavior that his mother had every twenty-eight days.  He was usually able to keep out of her way and be out of the house most of the time that she went through this, but there was no where to go this time and the house suddenly felt very small.

"And… I'd give anything to jack off right now.  It always makes me feel better when I'm up tight like this."  Steve said to the floor.

"I feel the same way, bro, but I don't think we have the time to take care of business before mum has another hissy fit."

"Yeah I know.  Can you take the Walkman down to her for me, I cant go down like this."  Steve said looking at his lap.

Mark looked where Steve was looking and could see why he didn't want to go downstairs right now.  It was very obvious that he was extremely boned.

"OK, Steve, I'll take it to mum and you can take care of that problem, but try not to be too long."  Mark said and gave his bro a light punch in the arm.

"Thanks, Markie, I owe you."

Mark loved it when Steve called him Markie, which didn't happen very much any more since he had gotten older.  When Steve did, it made him feel warm and fuzzy for some reason and it made him feel even closer to his brother.

Mark took the Walkman and went downstairs with it and gave it to his mum.

"I thought Steve was getting this, what happened to him?" she asked Mark

"He said he was getting a headache so he's just sitting quiet for a few minutes."  He answered not quite lying.  His head was aching, just not the one with hair.

Steve reappeared about four minutes later and his mother was all over him wondering how his head was.  He had no idea what she was going on about, but just followed her lead.  Mark sat back and it was all he could do not to giggle.

The rest of the evening consisted of watching TV with mum bouncing back and forth from the programs they were watching and the Weather Channel, and going to look out the window.  It was past the point of being nasty out there; it was frightening.  You couldn't see more than four or five feet, and it was impossible to tell how much snow had fallen or how fast it was coming down.

The whole family was chilled already because the wind had found every air leak in the house and for some reason the furnace could only hold the temperature at a chilly 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  They had already gone and changed into much warmer clothes with the boys in identical hooded sweats, sweat pants and their favorite ski/skating socks.  The parents had piled on sweaters and jeans with wool socks.  The boys had the hoods up and looked very warm although there was the occasional shiver.

"When do we start on the driveway, dad?" asked Mark.

"Well, not until this wind dies down or we'll be wasting our time and freezing our balls off for no reason"

"JAMES!" their mother reprimanded their father.  Normally she would have laughed and thrown in a comment or two of her own but they realized that it must be time for another one of her pills.

"Helen, the boys have the same parts that I have, it's what makes them boys.  I much prefer calling them balls than calling them testicles.  Freezing you testicles off just doesn't carry the same meaning as freezing you balls off does."  Jim replied obviously tired of his wife's constant nitpicking.  They had worked hard to bring the boys up in a healthy liberal environment so everyone could be open and honest, and these little outbursts of his wife's were wearing thin, PMS or no PMS.

Steve and Mark stood in disbelief that their normally cautious father had the balls to talk to their mother like that during this time in month for her.  For as long as they could remember, the males of the Matthew's' household walked on eggshells and did nothing that might even come close to provoking their mother and his wife.  Now was definitely the time for a strategic retreat and both boys looked pleadingly at their father.

Bed Time

"Look guys," their father said, "it's probably time that we all get to bed because it could be a very long day tomorrow.  If the power goes off during the night, we'll know it because it will get very cold very fast, and we can get up and come down here and light the fireplace.  We've put extra blankets on the beds, and I suggest you sleep in exactly what you have on now.  If you get cold, you should think about sleeping with each other for the heat.  Understood?"

The boys had already talked about some of this especially sleeping together, which they had done on many occasions before.  They would also agree to anything if it meant that they could get out of their mother's line of fire because they could see the negative energy that was building up in her because of their dad's really dumb or really brave comment to her.  Both of them had opted for it being dumb idea.

"Yeah sure dad," Steve answered for the both of them, "it all makes sense and we've already talked about it.  We may start off sleeping together and if it gets real cold we'll take the blankets off the other bed.  Right, Mark?"

"Yeah, that's what we decided."

"You guys have good heads on your shoulders and I'm glad to see you using them for a change."  Their dad said to them with a grin.  "Take one of the flashlights with you, but don't run down the batteries for no reason."

"OK, dad" Mark said as he grabbed one.

Goodnights were said with hugs and kisses and then the two of them headed to their bathroom for their pre-sleep rituals and biological functions.  Then they headed into their room and closed the door.

They both looked at each other and laughed.  Unknown to their father, he had just taken the risk out of what they had been planning.  If they couldn't do it in their own room at the hotel tomorrow, they would do it tonight.  And now they could be in the same bed without having to worry about being busted buy their parents.

There really wasn't a danger of being busted because it wasn't that unusual for Steve and Mark to be found snuggled up in the same bed.  This made their parents happy to see that the boys were still getting along so well now that Steve had become a teen and had the visual signs of puberty.  They were afraid that the age difference between them and the nasty effects of puberty might put a wall between them.  They now realized that their worries were baseless, in fact it seemed that Steve and Mark had actually grown closer.

"You got your book bag, I hope."  Mark said.

"Yeppers, it's right here at the end of my bed with the Christmas present that Bob gave me in it, and he said it was hot and now we can both have a look at it together.  Which bed are we bunking in?"

"How about yours, it's the furthest from the door just in case there is a bed check."  Mark replied.

"OK then, get that blanket off your bed and fold it over the end of mine.  I'm taking off these socks, I hate something on my feet when I'm in bed."

"I thought you hated anything on when you were in bed."  Mark said grinning at his brother.

"Fuck off, at least I don't wear sweats like you do all the time.  You're gonna be a lot of fun when someone wants to sleep with you for sex."

"Well, when that time comes then I might consider not wearing them.  That OK with you?"

"Sure it is, bro, but you better get sweats that will last you ten years because that's how long it's going to be before you get any sex."  Steve teased Mark while he got the blanket from his bed and was folding it to put on Steve's.

"Like you're getting sex all the time, huh?  I've heard ya jacking every night and if you were getting sex you wouldn't be doing it that much."

"Umm, can I remind you about Bob?"  Steve gloated.

Mark laughed and said "I mean real sex, not jacking off with your best friend."

Steve just glared at Mark and decided that it was time to drop the subject.  He sat on the edge of the bed and took his socks off, went to his book bag and got out a taped up paper bag and hoped into bed scooting to the other side to leave Mark some room.

Mark sat and took his socks off too.  He thought everything his older brother did was cool so he would sleep without socks too.  He went over to the wall and turned off the light and then crawled into bed with Steve.

"Mark, what we have here is a hot porno magazine.  How do you propose we have a look at it without some light?"  Steve asked his bro with just a slight bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"Big bro, don't you think that mum and dad just might get a little curious with the room light on?"  Mark said with the same sarcasm.

As much as he hated it, Steve knew that Mark had a point, but that didn't solve the problem at hand.

"We can't use Braille, so do you have any ideas, little bro?"

"Well, we have two options I think.  The first is to use the flashlight, but if we kill the batteries we're gonna be dead meat with mum.  The second is to use one of these candles I put in here."

"You put candles in here?"  Steve asked.

"Uh huh, I'm not as stupid as you think."

Steve shook his head and had a feeling that this could be a long night with each other taking shots at the other.

"OK, Mark, that was a real smart idea.  Why don't you get one and we can start looking at this porn that will warp our minds forever."

Mark got up and Steve heard him rustling around, then he came to the bed.

"Where's your lighter, Steve?"

"In my book bag where I always keep it."

Mark rustled around in Steve's book bag and felt things he wasn't sure he wanted to know what they were and finally found the lighter, and a second later the candle was lit and he was climbing back into bed.

"Next time, you get up bro, its cold out there." Mark said.

"OK, OK, lets get this open and see what good old Bob calls hot.  Maybe it's pictures of me." Steve giggled.

Mark giggled too.  The thought of porno pictures of his brother was just too much for him.  He watched as Steve pulled the tape and ripped at the paper bag.  In a few seconds the magazine was free and a note from Bob was taped over the cover.  It said "Merry Christmas Steve, hope you enjoy this with Mark."

Steve pulled the note off and they finally saw the title of the magazine  "'BI Annual."

"Ooooooo this might be interesting!" Steve said.

"Yeah!" Mark replied.

While Mark held the candle, Steve started to turn the pages of the magazine.  There were the standard pictures of men and women sucking and fucking, but there were also pictures of women and women, and men and men doing the same thing.

Not a word was said as the pages were turned.  It took about five minutes to go from cover to cover without rushing it.  Steve laid it down when the last picture was passed.

"Well, it is a hot mag."  Steve said.

"Yeah, it is" replied Mark.

"What part did you like best?"  Steve asked.

"I liked all of it equally.  What about you?"

"The same I guess.  You boned?"

"Are you kidding?  It's about to crack off.  You?"

"Yeah, same as you, but I think mine did crack and fall off" Steve said with a giggle.

"Can I ask you something, Steve?"


"Umm... when you and Bob do things, do you do any of the things the men were doing to each other in the mag?"

Steve was quiet for a few seconds not knowing what to tell Mark.  It wasn't that he didn't want to tell Mark because he was always honest with him.  He just didn't know what to say.

"Before I answer that, I want you to answer a question for me.  Have you ever fooled around with anyone besides John?"

Mark thought for a second and then said, "John and I have jacked each other a few times.  That's all."

Steve nodded and smiled.  He took a deep breath and turned to look at Mark.

Mark put the candle on the night table and turned to face Steve.

"The straight answer to your question is no.

Mark nodded and asked "Then what do you do?"

"You know Mark, I'm glad we're finally talking about this kind of thing, because there have been times I've come home and wanted to tell you stuff and talk about it."

"Steve, you know you can talk to me about anything anytime.  I love you, bro."

"I love you too, Mark, but it's only just recently that I've been sure that you would understand some of this stuff.  Like, it's only been a month since you had your first wet cum."

"Yeah, but I told you about it didn't I?  Shit, I even showed you!" Mark said.

"I know and I thought it was quite an honor for you to do that.  It meant that my little bro wasn't so little anymore."

Both of the brothers smiled at each other in a way they never had before, and both knew it.

"OK, Bob and I jack each other mostly.  Other times we cuddle when we're naked and it feels so good.  Other times we just touch each other all over and enjoy each other's touch and bodies.  We've talked about doing the stuff that's in the magazine, but we haven't yet because I haven't been ready, but all we've done is always good and leaves us feeling real great."

"That sounds like it's real cool, and in a way I'm kinda jealous mainly because I can never get John naked.  I'm lucky if he pulls down his pants."

Mark felt Steve's foot touch his and rub it a bit.  Normally he would pull his away, but it felt really good right now.

They smiled the same smile again, and Steve propped up his head on his hand.

"How do you feel talking about this stuff, Mark?"

"It feels good because we are trusting each other and sharing parts of our lives that we never have and I like that.  You know that I'm always looking up to you and I'm so proud to say I'm your brother.  That's how I'm feeling right now."

Mark started to rub Steve's foot back and it just seemed to be the most natural thing to do right now.  He found that the feel of Steve's skin against his felt real good even if it was just feet.  He didn't know that Steve was thinking exactly the same thing.

"Mark, do you ever want to go any further than jacking with John?"

For the first time Mark looked a little uncomfortable with what they were talking about, but the look only lasted a few seconds before the smile came back."

"Yeah, I've wanted to do one of those things they showed in the mag with him."

Steve waited a bit for him to tell him what, but it was obvious he wasn't going to without being asked.

"Can I take a guess and see if it's the same as I want to do with Bob?"


"Do you want to suck him off?"

Mark started to blush and said, "Yeah, I want to know what he tastes like."

"That's what I want with Bob.  I've tasted my own cum and wondered if he tasted any different."

Now both feet were involved and the feeling for both boys was the same.  It was great.

"I haven't tasted mine.  I never though of it."

"It doesn't taste bad at all"; Steve told his bro, "just different."

Mark was quiet for a bit and was obviously thinking.  Steve was thinking too.  They were still smiling that smile at each other.



"Are you still boned like I am?"

"Yeah I'm boned, Mark, but I have no idea if it's like you are."

"Can I touch it?"

"Umm… sure, Mark, go ahead."

Mark reached his hand over and put it on Steve's hip first and then let it slide down until he had his hand directly on Steve's boned dick.  He felt around with his fingers as if trying to judge it's dimensions and then just rubbed his hand up and down on it.

"You can go inside, Mark, I don't mind."

Mark slid his hand up Steve's sweats until he found the waistband and then slipped his hand inside and under his boxers.  He ran his fingers up and down Steve's erection and then through the crop of hair that he found there.  He had seen the hair every day, but didn't realize that there was this much.

He then cupped Steve's balls in his hand and knew that they were much larger than his own were.  He liked the feeling of them moving.  He went back to Steve's cock and wrapped his hand around it and started a slow jacking motion.

Steve put his head back on his pillow and smiled the smile at Mark.  Mark's touch was better than Bob's was; there was more feeling and tenderness.

Steve and Mark had been naked together hundreds of times, and they had touched each other's cock and balls a lot of times out of curiosity, but never like this.  They had even jacked with each other or watched the other jack, but that was just two bros doing their own thing and not being shy about it.  Truth be known, it was Steve who introduced Mark to the fine art of masturbation.  They had even seen each other in sexual situations with other people.   Tonight, Steve realized even before Mark's hand was in his sweats, that this was not a show and tell curiosity session, it was a sexual encounter and it felt so very right.  How could something that felt like this be wrong?

He had thought about fooling around with Mark before, but even with his liberal upbringing the social taboo on incest put a fast end to the thoughts.  Well, maybe not a complete end, because Mark had a habit of popping into his fantasies when he jacked off sometimes.  Tonight, there were no taboos going though his head.  Long buried feelings and emotions and hormones had chased them away.  Besides, it was mutual and it was right.

"You better stop doing that or I'm going to be cumming in a minute or two."  Steve said.

"Would that be so bad?"

"No it wouldn't, it just depends on what we are going to do."

Mark looked Steve in the eyes and knew exactly what he meant and pulled his hand out of Steve's pants.

With their eyes still locked, Steve's hand slipped into Mark's sweats and almost duplicated Mark's administrations move for move.

"Little bro has grown up."  Steve said with the smile.

Mark broke out in a bigger version of the smile.  "Is this what they call foreplay?"

Steve nodded and said "Yeah, its to get you and you're partner ready for the main event."

"I think it's working." Mark said.

"And this is part of it too."  Steve said as he leaned over and gave Mark a kiss, and backed off.

"Like this?"  Mark said and he leaned to Steve and gave him a kiss that lasted a bit longer.

"Yeah, just like that."  Steve said.

Steve suddenly disappeared under the covers and Mark felt his sweats being pulled down.  Steve put his hand around his hard cock and gave it a few quick strokes.  Then Mark felt something warm and wet engulf his cock and knew he was getting his first blowjob.

He felt Steve's tongue swirl around the heard of his cock as Steve sucked and bobbed his mouth up and down on it.  In no time at all, Mark was breathing heavy and his hips were moving in the rhythm that Steve had set.  Steve's hand was playing with his balls and he picked up the speed and intensity, which was also matched by Mark's hip movements.

Mark felt it start in his toes and head at exactly the same time with the feelings intensifying as they raced towards this cock.  When they met, he simply exploded into Steve's mouth.  His hips started a grinding motion as he pumped burst after burst of sweet boy cum into his brother's mouth.

Steve managed to keep up and swallowed every drop that came from Mark.  Mark's cum was so sweet that Steve was hoping that he would never stop.  But after about 5 spurts Marks hips stopped moving and he could feel a little of the hardness leave his cock.  He kept his cock in his mouth until it was completely soft and every drop of cum was accounted for.

He pulled Marks sweats back up and came up for some air.  Mark was almost unconscious, but brightened up when he saw Steve reappear.  They again gave each other the smile and Mark managed to get out a "Wow!

"Wow is not the word, Mark.  I don't think there is a word to describe that.  All I can think of is Fantastic"

Steve told him to roll over and cuddled into him like a spoon in a spoon.

"Can you wait until tomorrow for me to do it for you?"  Mark asked his brother.  He was fighting to keep his eyes open and he felt that there was no way he could give Steve what he had been dreaming of for so long with the passion that he deserved.

"Markie, you don't have to do anything for me.  I did what I did because I love you, and I wanted to show you how much, I wanted to give you pleasure.  I didn't do it for what I might get out of it."

"I can feel like that too, you know.  I love you too, Steve, and it's more than loving you as my brother."

There was almost a minute of silence as the two of them allowed what had just happened and what had just been said sink in.

"Markie, I only really liked the gay pictures in that magazine." Steve whispered to his brother, "Girls don't do anything for me at all.  I'm gay, Markie".

"Same with me, Steve."  was Mark's quiet reply.

Steve put his arm around Mark and gave him a sensuous and loving hug and pulled him in as close as he could, and whispered "I love you, Markie." into Mark's ear.

The brothers let out simultaneous  deep sighs and drifted off into a very peaceful sleep, dreaming of what was sure to come.

It had been quite a day and it would never be forgotten.

To be continued...