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Subject: Brother's Yoga Poses

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From the time I was old enough to get hard I had always gotten a boner from thinking about my brother. There were many children in the family, 5 kids, I am the youngest. Pat is the oldest, and the hottest. He is 12 years older then me and has always been my role model. When I was 16 Pat moved back home after his fiancee kicked him out for cheating on her. I couldn't believe it now I had a total GOD living in the room next to mine.

When Pat first got back home I suggested we go swimming and the two of us drove over to the lake near our house. When he began to strip to jump into the water I couldn't help starring. His shaggy hair was dark brown and fell around his ears. He hadn't shaved in a couple of days and the stubble was gorgeous. He had the most amazing face I have ever seen. I had always wondered why he never became a movie star or at least a porn star. Then I followed his hard muscles to his amazing pecks down lower to his glowing abs which where covered with a sprinkling of hair. The treasure trail led down to the border of his low hanging board shorts where his pubes stuck out the top. Then I noticed just how long I had been staring and my view jumped back up to his smiling face. He had noticed my gaze and the bulge in my own shorts my face turned beet red, I tugged my shirt off and dove into the water to escape his judgment.

The next day I woke to find that everyone had gone to work. I walked out of my bedroom wearing a loose pair of boxers and sporting a glorious morning woody. I stumbled to the kitchen and saw Pat in just a pair of loose boxer shorts doing a yoga pose in the middle of the walk way. I had forgotten that along with losing his wife to be Pat had also his job. The fallback of working for your girlfriends daddy. Pat looked at me folded over through his legs and smiled," Hey little bro."

"Hey Pat, I forgot you would still be here." He nodded but stayed in his position. I tried to cover my wood, but the fabric stretched out over his tight bubble ass was too much and I was just getting harder and harder. I tried to squeeze between his ass and the counter but when I got halfway through I was pushed up against his hole and my cock was like steel. As I pushed past Pat's ass pushed backwards against me and pinned my to the counter. His hips moved back and forth grinding against my dick. I was about to yank his boxers off and start humping him when he stood up and walked away. I grabbed some breakfast and tried to figure out exactly what had happened.

The day continued without any new occurrences. When I woke up the next day Pat and I were home alone again and I had had enough time to think over exactly what I wanted; my cock in his ass. I strode into the living room and stopped in awe. Pat was there in the same position he had been doing yesterday but to day he was totally naked. Ours eyes met between his legs and he began to grin. He licked his lips and I couldn't help myself I walked up behind him got onto my knees and shoved my face into his ass. I grabbed each cheek and spread them wide to let my tongue probe deep into his hole. I licked up and down his crack, continuing to his taint and then popped his ball into my mouth. Pat moaned and I knew I wasn't stopping anytime soon. I stood up behind him and lined my tip up with his hole, but he turned around to me and began kissing my lips, exploring my mouth. He backed away took my hand and said, "Lets continue this in my room," I followed him and watched his ass sway as we walked toward his bedroom.

To be continued...

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