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Subject: Brother's Yoga Poses

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As I followed Pat into his bedroom thoughts began flooding my head; what will it feel like? Will I fuck him or will he be fucking me? What if he's just teasing me and wont actually do anything? Up to this point the most action I had ever gotten was a quick blow job from an old girlfriend. I couldn't imagine a whole cock crushing into my virgin hole and Pat's dick was no 'average' cock. Now that I could see it hard I saw that he was nearly 9 inches and while walking behind him I could easily see it hanging between his legs, swaying back and forth.

We reached his bed and my brother sat spread legged in front of me. All my questions drained away as I dropped to my knees in took his cock in my mouth. I flicked my tongue back and forth over his glowing head feeling his foreskin stretched tightly around the dome. My hands reached beneath my chin to grab onto his balls and I started juggling them in my hand. Then I felt a light touch on top of my head and looked into Pat's beautiful brown eyes. He smiled and began to stand up. I stood with him and he began to lift my loose T-shirt over my head. Then his hand fell to my crotch where my 7 in. cock was making a VERY nice tent out of my boxers. He stoked my meat for a minute before yanking my boxer shorts off.

We both fell to the floor and began kissing passionately. As we rolled around I felt a finger slip its way into my tight virgin hole. At first it made me smile thinking of my brother inside me, but as he slipped another finger in I inhaled sharply as the pain shot through my body. Pat stopped and looked to me for permission to continue. I shook my head, "No I fuck you first."

A grin stretched across his handsome face, "Ok 'little' bro lets see what you've got for me."

Then he rolled away from me and got onto the bed, laying on his back. I positioned myself between his legs and couldn't help taking a second to stick my tongue into his beautiful hole. By the circumference of his anus I thought he was probably a butt virgin as well, but I didn't have much to compare to. As I lined my dick up all I could look at was my hot, sexy brothers face and the love that I saw there made me want to cry. I loved him so much and I could tell he loved me too. Then I began easing my head into the target and his loving smile contorted into a painful grimace, he told me to continue though. As I began sliding back and forth it became easier and the smile returned to Pat's face along with a lustful groan. I picked up speed and all thoughts left my head all there was in the world were me and my brother, not even as two separate people we were one AND the only thing on earth.

After several minutes of being alone with my brother I reached the end of the world and JUMPED as my load began shooting into my brother's hole. I collapsed on him and could feel his kisses dancing on my forehead. When I recovered I returned to Pat's hole and began licking up the juice that had leaked out. As I finished cleaning up I heard my brother say, "now it's your turn," and he picked me up from under my arms as I wrapped my young legs around his waist....

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