Bud, Daddy and Me

2: Dad Finds Out

by Jon Hold

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Chapter 2

Dad Finds Out

Dad woke us up the next morning. He laughed and told us we looked like a bunch of little puppies, all curled up together like that. He never said anything about us being naked. He just told us to grab a quick shower and get downstairs before he threw breakfast to the hogs. Groggy, we climbed over each other and out of bed, still half asleep and yawning, morning boners pointing at our chins, but up and moving and starting to be aware of our raging teenaged hunger. It never dawned on us until years later that the three of us and the whole bedroom must have smelled like a brothel on a Saturday night.

We stumbled into the shower and Bud tried to piss, but it shot off to the side and wet Gregg's leg. Gregg took it as a challenge and was soon pissing on my brother's legs. They got in a piss fight and I joined in, spraying both of them indiscriminately. They noticed and each used an arm to hold me down while they both pissed on my head. That got me really mad (I've got a bad temper that gets me in a lot of trouble) and I was threatening to tell Dad. Bud punched me in the arm and said, "Shut up, Shrimp. You liked it and you know it. Look! Your dick even got hard again!" I looked and, sure enough, Bud was right. I was on the rail again! "Anyhow, Shrimp. You tell Dad and neither Gregg or I will ever let you touch our dicks again. So quit acting like a little kid, or go suck your thumb and let us men play with the man stuff."

I stopped and thought and realized that getting angry didn't make much sense. They were just playing, just like I'd been playing pissing on them. Besides, it had made me really horny, just like Bud said. My good humor returning with my good sense, I laughed and gave Bud a big hug. Gregg came up behind me and hugged both me and Bud. Yep, that was what I really wanted; not being mad at someone! We all had boners. I'm not too sure who suggested it but we were soon engaged in a break-neck race to jack off and see who could cum first. I won, but Bud and Gregg were right behind me. We shot our cum all over each other and then quickly rinsed off.

We dried each other and without getting dressed, or even drying off, we charged downstairs and into the kitchen. Three wet and naked boys having done exactly what Dad had said and demanding to be fed. Dad turned around from the stove, startled at first, then looking our young bodies over with a particular gleam in his eyes. Then he started laughing and told us that if we wanted anything to eat we'd damn well better go get some clothes on, there wasn't going to be any naked Indians sitting at his table. He grabbed a kitchen towel and started spinning it into a rat-tail. In mock fear Gregg and I looked at each other, squealed, and ran out of the kitchen as fast as we could go. Bud was a little slow out of the gate and got caught in the crush in the doorway as Gregg and I tried to get through at the same time --- just long enough that Dad was able to pop Bud on the ass with his damp kitchen towel. Bud squealed and pushed, Gregg and I popped out of the doorway and we all ran pell-mell upstairs .

Bud was hopping around on the bedroom floor and made both Gregg and I inspect his war wound. We both agreed that it must hurt like hell, but had a hell of a time keeping from laughing, even when we both kissed his ass to make it feel better... or maybe, _especially_ when we kissed his ass to make it feel better! When we got back downstairs, motivated by the smell of food and growling bellies, Gregg grabbed Bud by the shoulders and I pulled one side of his running shorts down and showed Dad the red mark where he'd snapped Bud. Dad just grinned and looked happy. I told Dad he should kiss Bud's butt and make it all better. Without a pause in his work, Dad set down the platter of flapjacks on the table, bent, and plopped a big smacking kiss right on top of the red mark without even slowing down. Bud was shocked, but Gregg and I just laughed and took our places at the kitchen table.

Dad checked on our plans and then told us he had a bunch of paperwork to do and needed some peace and quiet. Since we had a neighborhood football game that morning and swimming in the afternoon, leaving Dad alone wouldn't be much of a problem. Dad gave Bud some money so we could buy lunch and maybe play a few video games. The football game was fun, I was the waterboy as usual, but was good at thinking up plays so it wasn't boring for me at all. I had a ball at the swimming pool, being torn, as always, between playing in the water and hanging out in the changing room so I could eyeball the older guys.

Dinner was great, Dad had made a roast with all the trimmings. We boys cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes and then joined Dad around the TV set. Gregg was missing his parents a little I guess because when Bud turned around Dad had Gregg and I cuddled up against him in his big lounge chair. We were about half asleep and Bud got up off the floor where he'd been laying on a pillow and, shaking his head in mock resignation, took Gregg and I by the hand and started upstairs with us. "Gd' nite, Dad," and "Night, Mr. Hold" came sleepily from the stairway. I tried to lay down and go to sleep, but Gregg and Bud, both already naked, got me up off the bed and stripped me naked. We all went in and pee'd and brushed our teeth and headed for bed. Bud and Gregg crawled under the covers and snuggled up, ready to go to sleep. I stood there looking at them.

"Hey! You wimps just going to go to sleep?"

Gregg and Bud each opened one eye to look at me. I was standing in the middle of the bare floor, hands on my hips and my boner sticking straight up.

"Oh, shit!" Bud said, "the Shrimp wants to play!"

Gregg just groaned.

I ran and jumped and landed right on top of the both of them. It didn't take all that much to get both the older boys worked up and on the rail. I finally ended up squished face down underneath both of them. I could feel their boners sticking into me and drooling boy slime all over my legs.

"What are we gonna do with him?" Gregg asked.

"I duntknow. What'da'ya wanna do with him?" Bud said with an evil undertone.

I felt a hand grab a cheek of my small, tight ass and start massaging. "I know!" said Gregg. "Let's fuck him like he was a girl!"

I tried to squirm out from under them, but that just seemed to light their fires. The big boys were holding me down with their body weight. Each had a hand groping my ass. They discussed what to do to me in conspiratorial whispers. I fought back just hard enough to keep both of them excited to the max.

"Wadda mean, 'like a girl'? The Shrimp ain't no girl..."

"Ya can fuck girls in the ass, can't ya!"

"Ya can???!"

"Shit, yah! When they're on the rag or don't wanna get pregnant, girls'll let ya fuck 'em up the ass-chute."

"No SHIT!"

"No shit!. Ain't ya never heard that before?"

"Well, ya.... I guess so... I just never, that is..." my brother was almost stuttering, trying to keep up with the conversation and not sound like a dweebe at the same time. I decide to help save my brother embarrassment.

"Bud plays with my ass all the time. He just don't want to embarrass me!" I said, only slightly muffled by the pillow.

"NO SHIT!" Gregg said in surprise.

"Well... Yah, but, you know..."

"You ever fucked him in the rosebud?"


"You know. His pucker. His asshole."

"Oh. Yeah. Naw... I ain't never fucked him. He's my brother. That'd be incest or something like that."

"Nah. It'd only be incest if he was your sister."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Tommy Ains gets fucked in the ass by his big brother all the time, so it must be okay."

Tommy Ains' big brother was only the Captain of the High School football team and student leader of the church youth group at the church where his dad was the minister. If Steve Ains was fucking Tommy in the ass, then it couldn't possibly be incest. Personally, I didn't too much give a damn, I just wished these guys would quit fucking around and get around to fuckin'. Tommy had told me all about what he and his big brother were doing and I'd been trying to figure out how to get Bud to help me try doing the same. And now Gregg had set things up for Bud and me and, somehow, I had to keep Bud from fucking up what might be my best chance to seduce him. Kicking my feet and making a concerted effort to escape, I trapped the both of them...

"You wimps wouldn't know how to fuck even if you didn't have limp dicks!"

I gloated as they both tried to prove their manhood. Greg stuffed one of the pillows under me, raising my butt way up in the air and then got up and straddled me so that he was on his knees, sitting on my back.

"You go first, Bud. He's your brother. I'll hold him down for you!"

"Yeah! Great!" Bud said, scrambling up to kneel over my legs, his hands kneading by buttocks like he was trying to make bread out of my hinney. I was getting all kinds of excited. The more Bud played with my ass the more excited and rougher he got. I loved it and couldn't wait for Bud to go even further. being raped by a couple of horny teenagers was working out pretty good!

"Man! Look at that!" Gregg almost drooled out, peeking down where Bud was pulling my hard little asscheeks apart.

"Yeah! Ain't that the prettiest little puckered up hole you've ever seen?"

"Oh yeah!. You gonna stick your cock right in there! Man! This is gonna be HOT!"

"You sissies gonna try something? Or are you gonna just talk about it? All talk and no action. You wimps."

That got my butt smacked by Bud --- hard! And Gregg moved back and sat on my head. I felt Bud move forward on his knees and then felt the first touch of his superhot cock against my buttcrack. He kept fumbling around, not knowing how to find and line up with my hole so I raised my butt to help him. The nose of his now throbbing cock finally found the soft center of my butthole and he jammed forward. My scream of pain was muffled by the pillow and Gregg's calves but my contortions managed to remove what little penetration Bud's cockhead had managed to attain with that savage thrust. Red-eyed and unthinking with lust, Bud grabbed my hips and jammed his cock into me again. His first thrust missed my hole but his bone hard cock hurt me anyway. I made a mistake and lifted my butt trying to escape, thus exposing my hole completely to his attack. His second try was a bull's-eye and nearly tore me a new asshole as my dry hole clung to his penetrating ram.

Gregg realized that I was not pretending, but was in real pain. He pushed Bud off of me and laid down on my back, protecting my butt. In his unthinking lust, Bud attacked Gregg who just pushed him back down. "Hey! You're hurting the kid. Did you ever stop to think about using some lubricant for God's sake?"

Frustrated and panting for air, Bud heard Gregg say I'd been hurt. That brought him to his senses. Pretty soon both Bud and Gregg were inspecting my ass to see if Bud had done any damage. Other than being a little sore, I was fine. I told Bud to go get the mineral oil we used to lubricate our models. Bud jumped out of bed and ran over to our workbench and both he and Gregg were soon running their fingers smoothly in and out of my ass.

"Let's finger-fuck him good." Gregg suggested.

"Yeah!" Bud eagerly agreed.

Pretty soon both boys had fingers playing around inside my ass at the same time. It felt so good that I was raising my butt and begging them for more. Two and three and four fingers at a time were getting put inside of me where both boys were feeling around and pulling at the sides of my now elastic hole. "He likes it, Bud."

"Yeah! Look, see how the Shrimp's hole sucks at my finger!"

Both boys laughed and took turns teasing my hole with their fingers, really getting off on how they could make my hole reach and snap and grab for more. I really didn't notice the difference until Gregg sat back up on my shoulders and I suddenly felt something strange around my asshole. Then I realized the strange feeling was Bud's soft little bush being pushed against my tender flesh. I went crazy. Bud had his cock up my ass and it felt wonderful. My hole went into overdrive and it was all Gregg could do to keep me down on the bed. Bud was hanging on for dear life and kept trying to poke my hole on his own. Gregg was hollering, "Ride 'em, Cowboy" and Bud was humping my ass so hard Grandpa's old iron bed was about to jump off the floor. I was moaning and sucking air. I had never felt anything so wonderful and was already wondering how it was going to feel when Gregg used his fat cock on me.


Gregg went right straight up in the air and didn't even touch the bed coming back down. Bud pulled out of me so fast he nearly sucked my asshole inside out, sliding off the side of the bed while still trying to cover me up. I looked over my shoulder and there stood daddy in his boxer shorts, half-way up the stairwell, his knuckles white on the banister. Gregg was shaking all over and had tears in his eyes. Bud was just looking terrified and still trying to protect me by covering me up.

Still laying on my belly with my butt over the pillow and sticking up in the air, I said accusingly, "Daddy! You didn't knock first!"

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Daddy visibly stopped and counted to ten before coming the rest of the way up the stairs and over to the bed. Eyeballing me and the ineffectual cover-up job that Bud had attempted, Dad looked right at Bud. "What have you big boys been doing to your little brother, Bud?"

Bud started hemming and hawing, never having been very quick off the line. I wasn't about to let my big brother take the heat for something I'd wanted at least as much as he had. I stood up on the bed, my oily ass gleaming in the moonlight. "Daddy, that's none of your business! So you leave Bud alone!"

Dad turned to look at me. "You watch your manners, Boy. You're not too old to paddle either."

I put my fists on my hips and furrowed my forehead in the way that made Daddy say that I was getting ready to out-stubborn a mule. "You watch your manners, Daddy. YOU broke into our room and interrupted our fun. We didn't come downstairs and interrupt you when you snuck your secretary into your room last week."

That flustered Daddy. He always thought he was so slick, sneaking a little pussy from time to time. But, like Daddy said, a good offense is the best defense. "I never..."

"HAH! You've been banging her ever since you hired her, Daddy. We never interfered because you're not so grouchy after she comes over.

"I never..."


"I'll 'Hah' you, Boy."

"Ohhhhh," I said, turning around and wiggling my butt at Daddy. You wanna get some the way Bud was, Daddy? You gonna make my butt feel as good as he did?"

"BUD! Have you been having sex with your little brother!!!"

"Oh, Daddy! Get a clue." I said. "Bud's been jacking off for almost three years and I've been helping him most of that time. Didn't you notice when there quit being so much of Bud's sperm all over the sheets? That's when I started sucking his dick and eating his jizz. Didn't YOU have any friends when you were a teenager?"

Dad tried to swallow his anger and gave me his "steely-eyed glare". I was SO impressed. "That's not the issue here!"

"Yes it is, Daddy. Bud and I don't mess with your sex life. What makes it right for you to mess with ours?"

Dad just stopped. Held still. Thought. Dad had always taught us to stand up for our rights and to be strong --- although he sometimes said that I never needed any lessons on being hardheaded. Then he took a deep breath and shook his head. "Look. Could we just start this whole thing over? Please. This is getting out of hand." Dad looked at Bud and then at Gregg, and then back to Bud. Bright and cheerful, just as if he'd just walked up to the breakfast table, Dad said, "Hi Bud. Been fucking your little brother in the ass? Did you take the proper precautions, or did you just tear him a new asshole?"

Dad's question was uncomfortably close to what actually happened. Bud started trying to explain and Gregg just kept looking like the whole world might explode at any second. One thing and another and Dad was sitting on the side of the bed with me across his lap like I was about to get a spanking. Only, no spanking was in the offing. Bud had gotten Daddy a flashlight and he and Daddy and the still nervous Gregg were carefully and thoroughly, quite thoroughly indeed, inspecting my butt. Other than a little redness and tenderness, Dad allowed as how I hadn't really been hurt. Then Daddy slipped into teacher mode and started showing the big boys all my most sensitive places and was showing them how I reacted to having my taint rubbed and my butt squeezed and just exactly where that little button was up inside of me that made me all crazy. I was treated to Daddy showing the boys how to fuck a butthole, but using their fingers.

Dad's lessons were okay with me because everything he did, or had the boys do felt just great. Besides, Daddy had a great big boner rubbing my belly and didn't mind at all when I reached between his legs and started playing with his big ol' hairy balls.

Daddy left me laying across his lap and spread my legs apart so he could move the big boys in close so he could show them how to prepare a butthole with spit, oil and their fingers and then how to properly mount and penetrate. He made both boys practice until I agreed that they were doing it perfectly.

I was holding onto Dad's leaky cockhead when he asked me if I thought I'd like to take something bigger than a boytoy up my behind.


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