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From chapter nine
"What the fuck!" Drew shouted.
"What?" Trent and Jared asked anxiously, since they were licking balls instead of sucking cock and, therefore, able to talk.
Not wanting to tell them, in case Harry had 'accidentally' rimmed him, he just whined his pleasure. Once Harry attacked his asshole with a vengeance, Drew took the leap.
"Jesus, Drew!" Trent yelled as soon as he felt Drew rim him. But when he realized what was happening and how pleasurable it was he, in turn, also began to rim his best friend.
To Drew, licking Trent's asshole felt like he was dragging his tongue over finger Jell–O. It was firm but flexible … not to mention, decadently delicious.
When Trent first thought about rimming Jared he thought he might hurl but once he began tonguing Jared's butthole, he got right into it. Damn, lickin' his hole is like lickin' pudding off a spoon, so supple and tasty. Not at all what I expected it to be like.
Jared, hesitated only a moment before he attacked Harry's pucker, all the while thinking, Damn, this is the nastiest, most perverted thing I've ever heard of … and I'm actually doin' it! Man, his ass pucker is as smooth and creamy as the cheese on a cheeseburger. Fuck! I can't wait till I get a chance to rim Trent … Shit, I wish I could rim Drew, too.
Harry thought, I never thought these guys would rim! Damn! Jared's mouth is so talented for a first–timer. Of course, this is MY first time being rimmed so I can't compare it to anything other than that it is first–rate. He's got my hole so hot I'm thinking about going a little overboard tonight. Hell, in for a penny in for a pound. What have I got to lose?
So, after about five minutes of immeasurable ass pleasure, Harry asked, "Have either of you thought about … uh … fucking?"
Chapter ten
"No way, not me!" Jared said vehemently.
"I'll pass, thank you?" Trent said.
"Fucking or being fucked?" Drew asked.
"Oh, yeah," both of the older boys said at the same time, not realizing they had just admitted that they were both thinking about being catchers instead of pitchers.
That means they've thought about it, Harry thought. Otherwise, they would have immediately seen themselves as being on top, but when I asked, they were thinking about themselves as being on bottom.
"Um, you didn't just rim me thinking I'd let you fuck me, did you?" Drew asked.
With a chuckle, Harry said, "No, it's just that I've always thought I'd like to try and get fucked, but …"
"But?" Trent asked.
"Well, you three are so big, I'm not sure I should try it with either one of you. Maybe I should try to find someone smaller to start with."
"You know," Drew said, not wanting to pass up an opportunity to butt fuck a guy for the first time … or a girl for that matter," if you really wanna get fucked, umm, I think it should be with someone you love … or at least admire. I think then it wouldn't hurt … as much."
Thinking he had a good chance to get in some fucking time instead of sucking time, Jared said, "I have to agree. I mean, it might hurt … some … but if the guy went slow and was gentle with you, umm ..."
"He's right," Trent said, enthusiastically, "that's what I've heard … and read." Similar in thinking as his best friend, he thought, Fuckin' the fairy would be a hellava lot more fun than suckin' him.
"I want to believe that too, but I'm just not sure."
"You're not sure you want one of us to fuck you or you're not sure you really wanna get fucked?" Drew asked.
"We don't have any condoms, anyway," Jared said sadly.
"I do," Harry said, searching for his trousers. "But I know you guys are disease free and I'd like my first time to be, uh, au naturale … bareback … the real thing."
"Rocks?" Jared asked eagerly.
"In all fairness," the ever–sympathetic Drew said, "I think it should be Trent. He was the first to suck him, so he should be the first to fuck him."
"Yeah, I mean," Trent said, trying to reinforce Drew's opinion that he should be Harry's first fuck partner, "if you really wanna get fucked, I kinda … think … I should be the one … to repay you for helping me get my dad back … umm, if you wanna think of it as a reward or whatever."
With a saddened face and a not too convincing tone, Jared said, "Yeah, I agree."
"I know you all wanna fuck me … at least I think you do," Harry said, "and to tell you the truth, I WANT all of you to fuck me … but, only if I like it, if you know what I mean."
"Tonight?" Jared asked hopefully, his mood brightening.
"If I like it."
"Well, umm, maybe you won't like the way Trent fucks but maybe you'd like the way I fuck … or Drew … so maybe …"
"Let me get through the first fuck first. Then I'll know better what I want to do."
"Yeah, don't pressure him, Jared. This has gotta be scary enough as it is," Drew urged politely.
"Is there anything we can do to help?" Jared asked, trying to be supportive.
"So, how do you wanna do this?" Trent asked.
"I've read a lot about it and I think if you lay on your back, I can, like, lower myself onto your cock. That way, I'll have greater control of what's happening."
"You mean you can quit if it hurts."
"That, too.. It's just that I've read that a lot of times, it feels so good for the fucker that they forget about their promises to the fuckee to go easy."
"Yeah, I've read that, too." Drew said.
Looking around the room, Trent asked, "Do you guys have any lubricant we can use?"
"No," both brothers said at the same time.
"I've got some in my wallet," Harry said. "But I'm not sure it's gonna be enough for that big piece of meat you've got there."
"In your wallet?" Drew asked incredulously.
"Yeah, umm, I started going to the park this summer, hoping to hook up with someone but every time I get there, I chickened out." Reaching in his pants for his wallet he pulled out a packet about the size of mustard packet from the fast food chains … except it wasn't bulging with 'contents,' it was a thin 'sample' size of vaginal lubricant like one gets in the mail.
"The park?" Drew asked, helping Harry balance himself above Trent's erection by holding onto one arm while Trent drizzled the clear liquid onto his erection.
"Yeah, I've heard the men's room gets a lot of action in the summer, but all I did was stand around … at a distance … and watch guys going in and coming out. I never had the guts to actually go in."
Trent, using a swirling motion, spread the slickness along the length of his dick.
Jared got on the other side of Harry and helped support some of his weight as Harry grabbed Trent's cock in one hand and aimed it at his puckerhole. As he began to lower himself, he took a deep breath.
"Whatever you do, don't scream," Trent said. Mrs. G. will be up here so fast to check on you, you won't have a chance to take a second breath."
"That's for sure," Jared and Drew agreed simultaneously.
All four boys were amazed with how easily Harry was able to take the cock. There was an initial gasp as Trent's cock crown breached his sphincter and a momentary wait period until he could relax his ass muscle but then he slid down the length of the shaft effortlessly.
"Wow! Didn't that hurt? " Drew asked.
"Not as much as I thought it would."
"My asshole hurts just thinking about it," Jared whined.
The two bothers watched in fascination while Harry fucked himself up and down on Trent's pole.
Maybe Mr.. G. was right. Doing something queer is like an addition. I mean, after I sucked Harry that one time,, I ended up sucking Drew and Jared. Now I'm fuckin' Harry. I wanna fuck Drew ... and Jared, if he''ll let me. I don't wanna get fucked,, though. No way! But maybe it's like Dad confessed to, it's not a phase or anything I''m going through, it's only experimentation. I tried it, I liked it, but I'm gonna meet the right girl ... like he did ... and I'll quit. In the meantime, I guess I should enjoy the ride.
Except for a few squishy lubricant noises, it was silent in the room … so quiet, Trent got nervous.
"So you just like young guys?" Trent asked, thrusting up into Harry's ass to let him know he wanted to keep fucking while they talked.
"Yeah, my uncle kinda ruined it for me about liking older guys … although … I've got one uncle I wouldn't mind makin' it with. Do you like older guys?"
"I don't know. I've always been into girls … and I mean INTO. I never even thought about sex with guys until … well, until all this happened," Trent said, hoping he said it convincingly.
"If you did," Drew asked, baiting Trent for the truth, "who do you think it would be?"
"Yeah, who would you like to have sex with … other than us, I mean?" Jared asked.
"Who says I like having sex with you guys? You're just convenient. It doesn't mean I like it."
"Okay, No more sex for Trent," Drew said.
Jared high–fived his brother.
Trent took a moment to enjoy the warm moist confines of Harry's ass while he weighed the consequences of answering truthfully. As Harry's ass muscles squeezed and relaxed around his cock, he thought, If I admit the truth, I might lose my best friend's admiration for me. If I lie, I know I'd feel bad about lying to him.
I know who I'd say, Jared thought, I could admit it to Trent, I think, 'cuz he'd understand but I couldn't admit it in front of Drew … or even Harry … it's too embarrassing.
"Do you like guys with big dicks, Harry?" Drew asked thinking about his dad's big cock.
"Umm hmmh." Harry agreed.
I'm gonna just tell 'em the truth, Trent thought. I mean, what with all the other shit that's been happening lately, what's the worst that could happen? But I'm gonna have to make like I'm makin' a joke, just in case they freak out.
Taking only a moment to clarify his response while continuing to bounce up and down on Trent, Harry said, "Not just big dicks. All sizes are okay with me. I mean, I'm not a size queen or anything like that."
"Yeah, leaving out all the little dicked guys is like limiting yourself to only a few," Drew said.
"Yeah, like watching only one channel on TV," Jared said.
"Yeah." Harry said, "That's like going to an all–you–can–eat buffet and only eating the salad."
Taking a deep breath … for courage … Trent said, "I'm not sure if it would be considered bestiality or not …" then he deliberately paused for 'effect' before he continued, "but I guess the older guy I'd most like to have sex with is M. G."
Jared and Drew looked at him quizzically like they weren't sure what he meant but they weren't surprised at his revelation.
Harry stopped fucking … as Trent had anticipated … and asked, "Bestiality?"
"Yeah, the man's hung like a horse."
They all laughed at his joke before Jared said, "You'd really like to … umm … suck Dad?"
"I'm not sure I could, but you know me, I'm always up for a challenge."
"So, you're saying, you might want to suck cock again sometime," Jared asked a little too hopefully.
"Well, last month I would have said it would never happen. But now that it's happened and I've had a chance to think about it, well, it just makes good sense. I mean, why limit yourself to just getting your rocks off with girls. It might mean havin' to suck a little dick here or there but at least it's sex when no one else is available."
"Or maybe a BIG dick once in a while, " Jared said hopefully, slapping his cock against this open palm.
"And it sure as hell beats the hell out of a hand–job," Drew said.
"Oh, and I forgot to tell you. Just now, downstairs, I tricked Dad into admitting he's had gay sex before, too."
Really, he admitted it in front of Mom and Dad? WOW!"
"So, would you wanna have sex with your dad … as an older guy, I mean? " Drew asked, wondering if he was the only one who had secret desires about having sex with his own father.
"I love my dad, but not in that way," Trent said. "I'd never have sex with him. I've never even thought about it. I mean, I think he's a good looking man and anyone would be lucky to have sex with him, but … I don't know. I guess … I'd think I was cheating on my mom. I'd be like 'the other woman' … except, of course, I'd be a man … but it's the same thing."
Yeah, I'm the same way," Harry said. "I've thought about sex with other guys a lot but never once thought about having sex with Dad. I'm not saying it's a bad thing … it's just nothing I'd ever consider doing."
"Yeah, me neither," Jared said, crossing his fingers behind his back as he said it.
"Yeah, I agree, that's just too freaky to think about," Drew said, only to conform with the others.
"It's not freaky, necessarily," Harry said, "lots of guys think about doing it with their dad, it's just that I never have. And if they want to do that sorta thing, I say more power to 'em. It's like every stupid law on the books, it's all about some bigot five thousand years ago with way too much power and way to much intolerance decided he didn't like something so he told everyone he had talked with God and He told him to make it against the law."
"I'm not sure I know what you mean," Drew said.
"If there is nothing wrong with something … incest between two men or two women, for example … making it a law doesn't make it wrong … it just makes it illegal. There's still nothing inherently wrong with it. It's just that bigot that I was talking about forcing HIS values down the throats of everyone else."
"Yeah, like in some places it's against the law to spit on the sidewalk. It might be disgusting and morally you shouldn't do it but it shouldn't be 'against the law," Trent said.
" I think I understand," Drew said. "It's kinda like the helmet law. There's nothing wrong with riding a motorcycle without a helmet, it's only a law written against it that makes it illegal ... but it's still not `wrong' per se."
"As long as you're willing to get your brains scrambled if you're in an accident," Jared added.
"But I don't think insurance should cover brain injury accidents when they're not wearing helmets," Trent argued.
"But that's the point. If nobody's gonna get hurt, … by anyone else … there shouldn't be a law against it. If a girl can get pregnant, then yeah, that's when a law can be written to cover that particular problem. If a guy wants to be foolish and bash his brains out, then so be it. He's only endangering himself. The law should state 'the passenger' has to wear a helmet."
"Well I think there should be a law about how long you can ride Trent's cock," Drew agonized. "After all, Jared's gonna go next and you'll be too worn out for me to get a chance to fuck you. "
"I'm about ready to cum anyway," Trent said. "That is one sweet ride, Harry. Congratulations on no longer being a virgin."
"Hey, yeah, we killed two birds with one stone here today, didn't we?" Jared said, excitedly.
Easing off Trent's cock, Harry said, "Maybe I should let Drew go next. He's not as big as you, Jared."
"Aw, man!"
"Size has it's drawbacks," Trent said with a grin.
"Really?" Drew asked, having never been allowed to go first … unless it was something extremely dangerous.
Harry knelt on the edge of the bed and Drew knew he had to stand beside the bed to fuck him. As Drew eased his cock in, Harry inhaled a deep breath. Drew instinctively covered his mouth with his hand just as Harry's high–pitched whimper squealed past his fingers. The sound meant he was enjoying being fucked again.
Drew's knees went weak when he felt how warm and moist Harry's ass tunnel was and he had to dig his clenched toes into the carpet to help keep himself standing. Oh man, my first ever fuck! I don't think fuckin' pussy could ever be as good as this but I'm still gonna try it someday. ;It's like sliding your dick into a banana peel filled with warm custard … I imagine, Drew thought. Hummm, I'll have to try that!
Although peeved that it wasn't him fucking Harry, Jared had to admire his brother's technique. He also admired his musculature as he was fucking. Together, with Trent, they watched as Drew's ass cheeks dimpled with each inward thrust and how his abdomen clenched as he fucked. They also didn't miss the action going on between Harry's thights. His erection was slapping his belly while his balls were banging against Drew's balls on every inward thrust.
Damn, I would think that would hurt, Trent thought, since his balls had always stayed snug to his crotch … not low hangers like Drew's and Harry's.
I'll bet this is my little brother's first fuck, EVER! If he was ballin' a chick, I'm sure he'd have come home and told me about it. Yep. I'm sure. This is his virgin fuck!
Trent elbowed Jared gently and wordlessly looked down at his best friend's cock and back up at his face. A nod from Jared indicated it was okay to fondle his cock while they watched. A moment or two later Jared reached over and began stroking Trent's cock, too.
Twerp sure knows how to fuck, Trent thought as he watched Drew' ass cheeks clench and unclench as he pumped in an out of Harry's ass. I'm just as hard from watching HIM as I am from feeling his brother's hand on my cock. Hey, I bet this is the first time Drew has ever fucked anything but his own hand! Congratulations, dude!
"Um, Harry, is it okay to cum up your ass? I mean, you said you wanted it to be the real thing and all."
"Yeah, it's okay. Like I say, I know you guys are disease free."
"Aw fuck!" Trent moaned, realizing he had missed his opportunity.
"Aw fuck!" Jared groaned, knowing that it would be impossible to last very long fucking Harry using his own little brother's spent jizz as lubricant.
Gripping Harry's shoulders to steady himself, Drew grunted, "Unngh, unngh, unngh, " as he spewed his sperm into his very first ass … or cunt for that matter. Today, I am no longer a virgin … either! … Well, except for MY ass. Easing out gingerly, Drew turned to his older brother with a smirk and said, "Care for sloppy seconds?"
Jared ignored him, knowing if he said anything, he might reveal how happy he was to have such an opportunity offered to him.
Jared was just as overwhelmed as the other two at how awesome Harry's ass was. Since he had never fucked an ass before, even a female's, he was mesmerized by it. He fucked instinctively but tried to burn into his memory ever sensory feeling he was having. Watching, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting everything threw his brain into overload and he dumped his cum way too soon. "Aw, damn it!" he agonized as he felt himself going soft … thinking, before that happened, that he could fake it and keep fucking until he dumped a second load.
"Harry, Trent whined, "would it be okay if …"
"Yeah, I want you to. I just hope there's still room up there. I feel like I've got a gallon of jism in there already."
Without fanfare, Trent fucked Harry, again, only this time it was until he came.
While Trent was fucking, Drew realized Harry needed some help so he squirmed on his back underneath him until he could suck him. After Trent came, Harry pulled his cock out of Drew's mouth and shot cum all over him. "Sorry."
That's okay. I understand. Actually, I'm beginning to like the feeling of guys cumming all over me.
They all four cleaned up, went downstairs and ate dinner as if nothing in their lives had changed. Trent drove Harry home and Carrie started watching a chick flick. To the boys it looked like the same one as before so they excused themselves and went back upstairs … and went to bed early. The lights had been out for almost ten minutes when Jared asked skeptically but with a chuckle, "Can you believe that shit Harry was talkin' tonight!"
"What shit?" Drew asked.
"All that incest nonsense. And I can't believe Trent was going right along with it. They really burned the two of us good, didn't they? I mean, they really made it sound like they were convinced that that kind of thing was okay and all."
"Yeah, I think they were just teasing us because, as brothers, we're so close and neither of them have a brother."
The room was quiet for a long while, again, before Drew asked, "Do you think you ever looked at me with lust, like Harry said?"
"I don't know if it's lust. I mean, I look at you and … umm … admire your butt. Not your butt, not just your butt, your abs and biceps … your whole physique and think about how nicely you're development's coming along."
"Yeah, for a guy your age, you're really phat."
"I think your body's better than mine. Mine's still … puny compared to yours."
"No it's not. But I don't think I was as well developed as you are when I was your age."
"Ummm, so, you think I've got a good butt? I mean, for my size and everything. It's not too big or too small compared to the rest of me?"
"No. Compared to Andy's yours is way better. I mean, his is okay but yours is more solid. His jiggles when he walks … like a girl's butt."
"You been checkin' out Andy's butt?" Drew asked, leaving out his ending thought, … and checkin' out my butt, too!
"No! It's just, you know," Jared thought quickly to conceal his voyeuristic tendency, "like in the locker room the other night, you were both walking to the shower room together and it … umm … makes it easy to compare."
There was another long period of silence but both knew the other wasn't sleeping. They knew they were both processing everything they'd seen and heard earlier in the day.
"Do you ever look at me with love, like Harry suggested?" Jared asked.
"I guess I do, if other people say they see me doing it. I mean, you're my brother and I love you so, yeah, I guess I look at you with love. "
After a few more minutes of silence Jared said, "Drew, have you ever thought maybe you'd, umm, ever wanna … like, umm …"
"Wanna what?"
"Never mind."
There was an even longer time where neither brother said anything.
"Yeah, I have," Drew said so softly it sounded like a whisper. Hopefully he's asleep, Drew thought, and I won't have to confess to him all the things I've been thinking about.
"Have what?" Jared asked, like he had forgotten his unfinished question, but in reality he was wanting Drew to voice the question he was answering.
"Thought about, umm, wanting to, uh … do things with you."
"Really?" Jared asked, more astounded that Drew was willing to admit to it than that he had thought about it. "Like what?"
"Have you ever thought you'd like to do things with me?" Drew asked, holding his breath, knowing his brother was going to laugh at him.
"All the time, dude. I mean, until tonight, I never would have admitted it but …" Jared said.
"Me neither, but … honest … you'd wanna have sex with me?"
"Yeah. I mean, if you wanted me to."
It's all I've ever wanted ever since I found out my dick could be used for something other than a drain spout for piss, Drew thought. "You wouldn't have any problem with that incest thing?"
"I don't think so. Like Harry said, it's not like we're girls who can get pregnant."
"Like Trent said, 'Carpe diem'."
"What kinda things have you thought about?"
"Uh, well, I gotta admit, some of it's kinda … .
"My bed or yours? Drew asked.
"You wanna sleep with me tonight, like you used to do when we were kids?"
Drew answered wordlessly by climbing in bed with his older brother.
Silently Jared twisted around until they were in the 69 position. Soon thereafter, Drew was kneeling over Jared sucking his cock while Jared was flat on his back sucking Drew. The whole time Jared was sucking his brother, he was running his hands all over his body, anywhere he could touch without dislodging his brother's cock from his mouth. First he would grip his firm round quarterback ass cheeks and squeeze as hard as he could, leaving red finger marks in the process. Then he would caress the brawny biceps Drew was using to hold himself up in the doggie style position above him. Next, he rubbed the palms of his hands over his little brother's massive pecs, teasing the nipples as he did so.
All the while, Drew was sucking and Jared was sucking and both were making wet slurpy noises. Each could hear the other inhaling the others' aromas. Looking upward, Jared stared at his brother's butt crack. I know that's gotta taste as good as Trent's … or better.
After inhaling as much crotch smell as he could get, Jared released his brother's cock and ran his tongue over his balls. It was only a short trip from balls to asshole and he soon had his nose buried in his little brother's butt funk.
"What the hell?" Drew yelped.
"No! I like it. I just never thought you'd, uh … "
"Rim you?"
"You have the most delectable ass of anyone in the locker room, Drew. Fuck! I'd eat your ass in the school cafeteria if I thought I could get away with it."
"Really? You like my butt? I mean, I've always thought yours was so much better than mine."
"Let me put it this way, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit."
"Well, I gotta admit. It sure feels great. I mean, weird but great!" Then, sitting back on his brother's face to begin receiving a really aggressive ass munching, Drew decided to take another leap.
"What the fuck!" Jared mumbled into his brother's ass cleft when Drew pulled his brother's foot up to his face and began licking his toes.
"You have beautiful feet. I've always thought they looked good enough to eat. I'm just proving to myself I was right." He licked between each toe, sucked each toe into his mouth and 'mapped out' every pore so he could memorize his brother's foot for future jack–off fantasies.
Because it began to tickle when Drew licked the bottom of his foot, Jared rolled his brother off his face. "That tickles!"
"Sorry, I just love your feet."
Moving into a different position, Drew lifted his brother's left arm up and began licking his armpit.
Startled, Jared just looked at his brother for a second "Damn you are just nasty! God I love it. I love being a guy…smelling like a guy…being sucked by a guy…while my baby brother is feasting on my stink. M a a a n!" Then he began licking Drew's armpits, too.
Drew was lying mostly on top of his brother, chest to chest with his right leg draped over his brother's left leg. He looked down into his face lovingly.
"What?" Jared asked, his voice a little husky. Oh my god, he's gonna kiss me. I've wanted him to kiss me ever since I saw the reflection in the mirror of him kissing Harry when we were all showering together.
"We used to tell each other everything. When did we stop?"
Although disappointed that his brother didn't kiss him, he said, "I think it was when I started getting boners and I knew I couldn't explain to why they were happening. So I just started keeping secrets. Well, not really keeping secrets! Mostly, I just stopped telling you EVERYthing. It's not that it was a secret. It was just too embarrassing to talk about."
"Yeah, I guess I know how you felt. Will you promise me, here and now, that we won't keep secrets from each other anymore?"
"Yeah, we'll tell each other everything from now on."
"No matter how embarrassing. No matter how much society frowns on it ..."
"Agreed," Jared said.
Drew got an impish grin on his face and raised his little finger in the air. "Pinky promise?"
With a wide grin, Jared hooked his little brother's finger with his own like they did when they were little kids and said, "Pinky promise."
They laid in each others' arms quietly for a few minutes.
Gently stroking his brother's erection, Jared asked, "Is there something special you wanted to talk to me about? Some secret confession?"
"Well, you know I read a lot on the internet."
Well, there's one thing I THINK I'd like to try but I'm not sure."
"What's that?"
"Um, do you know anything about ... golden showers?"
"I know what they are, yeah. Are you telling me you'd like to, umm, be peed on?"
"I wanna try it. But I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it. So I thought maybe someday you and I could ..."
"You don't mean ... in the bed ... right? Like bedwetting or whatever."
"No, I was thinking about the bathtub. The other day when I saw Trent lying in there, I boned up just thinking about peeing on him ... and then, of course, um, being peed on."
"You say 'someday.' You don't wanna do it tonight?"
"I'd love to do it tonight. Would you be willing?"
"If I'm the one doing the peeing, sure."
"Let's go," Drew said, jumping up and pulling his brother's arm to get him moving, too. Once in the bathroom, Drew laid down in the tub.
With a tone of urgency, he said, "Wait!" Squirming around so he was sitting up, he rested his back against the wall side of the tub and draped his calves over the rim, effectively forcing his butt up against the inside wall of the tub.
"That looks comfy," Jared said derisively.
"Um, I think I wanna pee on myself first … just to see if I like it. Then maybe you can pee on me. You gotta pee?"
"Like a racehorse."
"Good, racehorses pee standing up so you can stand there to pee on me."
"You really wanna do this?" Jared asked as he thought, I always knew my little brother was a freak, I just never knew he was freaky! Damn, I have a whole new admiration for this boy, now.
Drew released a pitiful little squirt of pee onto his belly and stopped. Realizing it wasn't caustic, he relaxed his pee stream muscle and started a fountain effect that splashed back down on him. He aimed it toward his face but there wasn't enough force to spray that high so he moved it back to where it rained down on his cock and balls. "Yeah, bro, you can pee."
"You nasty little freak!" Jared moaned as his bladder began releasing its contents. "I never knew you were this daring!"
"Just something I read about. Um, aim for my face. I wanna try something."
"Really! Before you run out."
Once Jared's flow was splashing his little brother's face, Drew opened his mouth and captured some, tasted it and spit it out. "Not as bad as I thought it would be."
"Did you swallow any?" Jared asked just as his piss stream ended.
"No, not yet. I'm kinda workin' up to that level. I mean, I don't wanna hurl if I don't like the taste."
"Well, you're in the tub. That would be the place to do it if you're gonna hurl. Less mess to clean up."
"Next time, I'm gonna swallow some."
"So there's gonna be a next time?"
With a lascivious grin, Jared asked, "Am I invited?"
"Actually, I was thinking …"
"Is that a good thing?" Jared chuckled.
"I have this … fantasy … where you and Trent tie me up and then pee on me."
"We could make that happen. But it's just make believe, right?"
"Waddya mean?"
"You don't want us to do it in the school locker room, right?" Jared smiled devilishly.
"No!" Then, after a second, Drew added with an impish grin, "Not yet."
"Maybe Harry can join us if you think you'd be into that much piss."
"We'd have to sneak some beer, too. I understand it makes the piss taste better."
"You've thought about this a lot, haven't you?"
"I think about a lot of things … a lot."
"But do they ALL revolve around sex?"
"Um, yep, pretty much," Drew smiled.
Without warning, Jared began peeing again. As he aimed it at Drew's mouth, he watched as his little brother began swallowing his urine. "This always happens. I piss a little and then I have to piss again real soon. The second one usually lasts longer."
Hummm, I'm just the opposite. I pee a lot and then five minutes later I have to pee again, but just a little. Even so, as he felt his brother's piss overflow his mouth and cascade down his chest and belly he felt his own bladder release and he began peeing on himself again. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Hot nasty piss action.
After Jared finished, he lazily began stroking his cock. "Wanna jack off again?"
"I wanna suck that baby maker instead."
"You're on. Right here?"
"Here," Drew said, raising one hand in the air so Jared could help him out of the tub.
While his brother was giving him a fantastic standing/kneeling blowjob in the upstairs bathroom, Jared said, "To tell you the truth, the other day, when I saw Trent's cock laying in Mom's hand … after the flush burn incident … well, I thought, 'I sure would like to feel that in MY hand.' Then I thought, 'I sure would like to feel that in my MOUTH.'"
"Yeah, I had the same thoughts," Drew said quickly before continuing to suck. He wanted to reassure his brother that he wasn't the only one who thought that way.
"But then it got, um …"
"Open and honest, we pinky promised," Drew warned, jacking his brother's cock while he looked up into his eyes.
"I thought, 'I sure would like to feel that up my ass.'"
"You WHAT!" The smile on Drew's face was unmistakable. He was so happy to hear his brother say that. "The truth is," Drew said, "When I saw you fuckin' Harry, I wished it was me."
"But you already fucked him."
"No, I mean, I wished it was you fucking me."
The silence was … as they say … deafening. But at the same time and, without warning, Jared began spurting his load onto his brother's chest and face.
Drew instinctively jerked away but just as quickly moved in to capture his brother's prize. Clamping his lips around his brother's monster dick, just behind the cock crown, he began guzzling his brother's spunk. Shit, I've thought about this for so many years, and hell, I just drank some of his piss so I guess I can swallow his cum.
Oh my god! Twerp is actually swallowing my cum. Oh, m a a a n! Knowing his brother was willingly swallowing his cum caused Jared to have the most intense orgasm of his life ... barring none. His knees went weak and he had to lean one hand on the sink counter to steady himself. When the flood of cum stopped and Drew had licked off the last dribble, Jared said, "Maybe we can save fucking for another day. I'm all cummed out. "
"Yeah, I know what you mean. It's like, ever since the three of us started, um, messing around …"
"Having sex," Jared corrected.
"… we've been having non–stop sex."
"Yeah, like we're trying to make up for lost time or something," Jared said, turning on the shower in the tub for Drew to clean up and wash away the evidence in case their mother came in to clean the next day.
"Yeah, and when we're not having sex all I can think about is when we'll be able to have sex again."
"It's funny, it''s like we waited so long to have sex and now that's all our lives seem to be … sex, sex, sex."
"You complaining? " Drew asked with a smile dripping with soap suds, "or bragging!"
As Drew showered, Jared watched the soap cascade over his brother's body wishing it were him caressing his body instead of the soap and thinking, I told Drew I wanted to get fucked by Trent but I really want to get fucked by him, too.
As he showered, Drew thought, I can't believe Jared admitted he wants to get fucked. Except, I wish he wanted ME to fuck him.
As they each settled into their own beds, Jared remembered their promise to each other and said, "I want you to fuck me, sometime, too."
"Maybe Trent and I can tie you up and we can both fuck you."
"What is it with you and bondage all of a sudden." Then thinking for a moment Jared said, "Oh yeah, you think about a lot of things all the time, so maybe this isn't so sudden. It's only now that you're able to honestly talk to me about it."
"Yeah," Drew said, drowsily. As he drifted off to sleep, he thought, I wonder if Harry wants to fuck other guys. Maybe I'll have HIM fuck Jared, too. Or maybe he's strictly a catcher.
As an exhausting day came to an end and sleep was only moments away, Jared thought, Do I remember Mom saying something about needing us to help her on the computer about something before the senator gets here? Then, too sleepy to really challenge himself any further, he questioned, The senator's coming here? Why? I thought Trent had to go there!
To be continued
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