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From chapter ten
"What is it with you and bondage all of a sudden." Then thinking for a moment Jared said, "Oh yeah, you think about a lot of things all the time, so maybe this isn't so sudden. It's only now that you're able to honestly talk to me about it."
"Yeah," Drew said, drowsily. As he drifted off to sleep, he thought, I wonder if Harry wants to fuck other guys. Maybe I'll have HIM fuck Jared, too. Or maybe he, strictly a catcher.
As an exhausting day came to an end and sleep was only moments away, Jared thought, Do I remember Mom saying something about needing us to help her on the computer about something before the senator gets here? Then, too sleepy to really challenge himself any further, he questioned, The senator's coming here? Why? I thought Trent had to go there!
Chapter eleven
The following week, as the senator was arriving at the airport, Trent, Jared and Drew were heading toward the men's room. Earlier during the week and after several long discussions … and even more blowjobs exchanged between them … they decided it would be better if Drew held the camera while Trent jacked off. To heighten the experience … personally … Trent unbuttoned his jeans and opened the two sides into a V shape. He hooked his underwear waistband under his balls and began jacking off.
While Jared stood watch at the entrance, Drew captured Trent's 'reveal' first and then, while Trent was getting it hard, he panned around the bathroom to prove it was the airport restroom. He even zoomed in on a luggage sticker that was stuck to the bag of some world traveler using the toilet. Getting 'artistic' he then tried capturing shots of Trent jacking off using the mirrored image of Trent and his reflection off the chrome hot–air hand dryer.
Between the fear of getting caught and the excitement of doing something so forbidden in public it didn't take Trent long to get … almost there. He kept pounding his fist as fast as he could but he just couldn't encourage his balls to release their prize. Then he heard the toilet flush. His nuts began to crawl closer to his body. Then he heard the door lock snap open and he saw the man walking out with his head down, trying to find the hole in his belt. Just when the man looked up and saw what he was doing, Trent began spraying the bathroom floor with cum.
Drew was behind Trent at that moment, but was able to not only capture the cum shot in the mirror image but also the shocked look on the old man's face. Tucking his still dripping dick back in his shorts and buttoning only one button of his jeans he raced out of there … with Drew right behind him, filming the fleeting floor as he went because he forgot to turn off the camera.
"Where's the cum rag?"
"What?" Trent asked.
"Fuck!" Drew hissed.
Tossing the camera to Jared" Drew ran back into the bathroom, pulled about three yards of toilet paper off the industrial–sized wheel in the same stall the old man had used and began mopping up the mess.
"There's a mop over there," the old man said.
"Don't wanna leave any DNA traces," Drew said.
"You gonna post that on the internet?"
"Too bad, I'd like to have a copy of it."
"You're a pretty cool ol' dude." Drew said. "You got an email address?"
The old man dug in the side pocket of his travel bag and pulled out a business card. "You can contact me here."
The boys were just crossing the street when the senator's Lexus passed them. Drew was tempted to throw the cum soaked toilet paper at it but he didn't.
The next day they were told by their parents to stay upstairs until they were asked to come down. Luke, Marty and Carrie wanted to talk to the senator in private, first.
They were cordial when he arrived. Since Coach had set up the meeting, there wasn't a lot of formality to go through other than the obligatory name introductions.
"Senator, we know you're a busy man so we're gonna cut to the chase," Luke said. "My son has told me all about your involvement in some, shall we say, scandalous behavior. He knows why you want me and my family to move to be closer to you."
"Good," Senator Peckerpacker said, "That will save a lot of indoctrination time once you get there."
"Well, that's the problem. We're not moving."
"Maybe not them, but you will be. You'll be moving back to the desert tomorrow," the senator said in a no-nonsense tone as he tried to lift his corpulent weight out of the low overstuffed chair.
"Maybe you better hear what we have to say first," Marty said.
"I've heard all I need to hear from this ungrateful … "
"You don't want to hear about the card sharks, the illegal accounts in the Caymans and pedophile charges that are going to be in the news tomorrow?" Carrie said with a calm voice. Then she picked up the phone and asked, "Who should I call first, The Herald, The Sentinel, or the Daily News? I have all their numbers on speed dial."
The Senator recognized the names of the three most popular newspapers in his state.
"Oh and in case you think we're bluffing," Luke said, waving a type-written sheet of paper in the air, we're ready to fax it, too."
"I have the fax numbers, too," Carrie said. "They're typed on the cover sheet.
"Let me see that!" the senator demanded.
His hands shook as he read the names of his card sharks/couriers, the names and account numbers of his Caymans banks and his nephew's name listed under the word pedophile. As he tore the paper in half, Luke began waving another copy.
"In light of the senator's unwillingness to cooperate, I think the first call should be to the local police," Luke said.
"I have political immunity here," the senator tried to bluff.
"You're a US senator … not a foreign diplomat. That might work on your underpaid, undereducated troopers down south but it doesn't work here."
Marty punched one number and said, "You boys can come down now." Then to the senator, again, he said, "My sons and your nephew are on the way down."
"My nephew Harry's here?"
"I think you should refer to him as The Star Witness Harry from now on," Luke warned.
"Hello uncle," Harry said with a swagger. Holding up an official looking document he said, "We already have the necessary paperwork signed by the judge to seize Coach's computer and all his records. Too bad you had to get Coach involved. And, of course, since it's on THEIR property, the high school, your alma mater, will end up getting a lot of bad press, too. When we're done, thanks to you, Coach won't even be able to get a job coaching a baseball training camp in Cuba!"
Marty said, "Harry's willing to testify about your pedophile activity and has suggested we involve a cousin of his he suspects has been abused by you, too. But before we got yet another 'innocent' involved we thought we'd talk it over with you first."
"Just to prove we can be reasonable people," Carrie said.
The senator looked at Marty with dagger eyes. "It sounds to me like you have some kind of proposal in mind."
"Very astute!" Marty said. Then derisively he added, " … for a politician."
He sent blood–dripping eye daggers at Marty which Marty ignored.
"Just so you don't forget any of the demands or in case you don't fully understand one or two of them we have them printed out.
Jared handed him the list. Then, casually flipping his cock out he said, "Remember me? I'm the unsuspecting dupe in all this. And since I didn't get a chance to thank you that night at the ballgame for your blowjob; thanks. But just so you know, your nephew gives better head than you do … and it was only his second attempt at sucking cock."
"Don't anger the senator when he's considering cooperating."
"If it were me, I'd want to know I was doing a lousy job," Trent said.
"He's a politician, he couldn't care less what kind of a job he's doing except in an election year," Carrie said.
Reading from his own copy, Luke said, "Number one. Willie Peckerpacker releases Luke and his family from their coerced obligation."
The senator bristled but remained silent as he read along.
"Number Two, Willie Peckerpacker can continue to get kickbacks from his card sharks … "
The senator sighed in relief.
"Number Three, instead of keeping the 90% of their winnings that you're currently getting, you keep only 10% for yourself."
"What? The casinos will never go along with that." Peckerpacker said.
"They already are. We know that. We're talking about your deal with your card sharks," Marty said.
"Currently," Luke said, "if they win $100,000 they keep $10,000 and you get $90,000 which you're putting into Cayman accounts."
"That's gonna change," Carrie said. "This is what it will be. Out of every $100,000 the card sharks win, they keep $10,000, you keep $10,000 and $80,000 goes to charity."
"That's how much I'm giving to charity now!" Peckerpacker argued. I just keep a little for myself for … accounting fees. It's legal to charge accounting fees"
"We already know all the money is going into YOUR accounts," Luke said. "It seems your nephew is quite the computer wizard. He wasn't able to actually hack into the banks money transfer system but he was able to hack into your bank statements."
"You really shouldn't use your grandmother's maiden name as a password. Everyone knows to research that information first."
Peckerpacker eyes widened in disbelief when he realized his nephew really had hacked into the system somehow.
"Luke's wife and I will research charities and decide which are the most deserving … you know, the ones where the money goes into the project instead of into the administrators' pockets," Carrie said. "And we'll do it for free."
"And it will all be done anonymously," Marty said. "That way it can't be traced back to you or the casinos … so your little deal with the casinos won't suffer. And you won't be able to take credit for being a philanthorpist if any of this has to go public for whatever reason."
"What deal are you talking about? I don't have any deal with the casinos."
"Not even the ones that promise you'll turn a blind eye at the prostitution and drug dealing going on in exchange for letting six or eight card sharks win for four hours each week … no questions asked?"
Again, the senator was astounded at the thoroughness of this group.
"What the card sharks take out of the casinos as their winnings isn't a drop in the bucket to what it would cost for the vice protection you provide to the casinos."
"And since you so conveniently set it up that the card sharks hit a different casino each week on a rotating basis, it's not such a strain on any one casino's revenue."
"Oh by the way, since we know you want to get even with your nephew for helping us, we'll keep the trump card, the pedophile card, on the table as insurance. You do anything to him or his family and we play the trump card. Understand?" Luke threatened.
"That, of course, would mean your wife's 200–year–old fine southern–family name would be dragged through the mud like a six foot dick on a donkey with four foot legs," Carrie said.
Everyone's heads snapped in her direction.
"What? I've been reading about how cliché so many similes and metaphors are and I've been trying to come up with some new ones on my own."
"Well, congratulations, you've succeeded," Marty said proudly.
"What's a metaphor?" Jared asked.
"What's a simile?" Trent asked.
"What's a cliché?" Drew asked.
"Google it," both Marty and Luke said at the same time.
"But let's not forget number four," Harry said, in a tone that sounded like he was scraping a rusty knife along a chest rib on its way to his uncle's heart.
The tone was not lost on the senator and he closed his eyes like he was expecting a bowling ball to be dropped from a great height onto his unprotected balls.
"You get to keep 10% of what's currently in your Cayman accounts and whatever interest it has accrued, kinda like a set up fee. The other 90% will be put in a separate Cayman account because there's too much money in there to dole it out quickly. We'll withdraw a little at a time from the new account to fund charities we've researched that deserve larger donations." Carrie said. "But from what I can tell, we're going to have a difficult enough time trying to give away just the interest it's gonna continue to accrue."
"Last but not least, but it's not on the list" Marty said, then turning to Carrie he said, "sorry about the cliché."
Marty continued. "We are also working with a major hospital, within walking distance from the state capitol, that is setting up a Senator Willie Peckerpacker Child Abuse Protection Program. The honorable senator as the namesake will, of course, attend every weekly meeting."
The senator groaned.
"If you miss one meeting," Harry said, "I'll play the fuckin' trump card." And NOW I'm old enough to do it without having to get parental consent or going through the court system as a minor.
The senator tried to leave with a stately swagger but only succeeded in staggering unsteadily under the literal weight of his now lost fortune.
"I think he would rather lose a bid for reelection than to endure what we just put him through," Carrie said.
Immediately after the senator left, the four boys went upstairs. On the way up the stairs but out of earshot of their companions, Jared whispered to his brother, "Since it's so late, you wanna get right to it?"
Drew nodded his head yes, … not because it was getting late but because he was excited about what they had planned.
"Trent, help me." Jared mock–shouted as he gripped Drew's arms from behind in a full nelson wrestling hold. With Jared's biceps up under his bother's armpits and the fingers of his hands entwined behind his brother's neck, there was no way for Drew to escape.
Even though he didn't need to know why he was doing it, Trent grabbed Drew's ankles, anyway, a typical maneuver whenever the two of them were trying to restrain an opponent.
"The little fuck peed on my bed the other night and didn't tell me about it," Jared said, fabricating a reason to 'burn' his little brother … like the two of them had agreed after the golden shower night.
Harry and Trent looked at Drew curiously.
Walking backwards, Jared headed toward the bathroom. Naturally, Trent, holding Drew's ankles had to follow with Drew swinging like a hammock in between.
Harry, on the other hand, followed but stood to one side, not wanting to make either of the brother's mad by taking sides. Even so, he had compassion for Jared because of Drew's piss antics but he also had sympathy for Drew for being ganged up on.
Once in the bathroom, Jared ordered, "Harry, grab the sash off that bathrobe for me, will ya?"
Looking at Drew's face for any kind of a sign, Harry realized that, although Drew was struggling, he wasn't unhappy … or angry.
"Tie it around his arms up by the biceps."
To everyone's surprise, Harry tied Drew's biceps with a slipped half-hitch knot, drew it up to his wrists and tied another half-hitch knot effectively binding his biceps and wrists. "That should hold him," Harry said satisfied, maybe even a little proudly.
As soon as he was done, Jared said, "Pants him."
Harry knew what to do and he instinctively knew Drew wouldn't object. He grabbed the waistband of both his pants and his underwear and yanked them down leaving him naked from the waist down.
Trent released Drew's ankles just long enough to get his trousers off but used his underpants as bindings by twisting the crotch counter-clockwise once and hooking the right leg hole over Drew's left foot and securing it at the ankle.
"Into the tub," Jared directed. Once Drew was on his back, Jared twisted him around like he had been the previous time, with his back against the wall and his legs hanging over the side. He didn't have to say anything to the others as he began to get undressed, they just followed his lead. "Piss at will," Jared said, as he let loose a strong stream of piss.
Drew knew he would only pee a little this first time but knew, too, that Jared had been drinking lots of water all day, since they weren't able to snag any beer.
"Really?" Harry asked, aiming his pee stream at Drew's crotch.
"In his face," Jared said. "The little fucker needs his mouth washed out because he told Mom it was me that did it."
Drew smiled, just like the big yellow smiley faces on his boxers … the one's his mother had given him as a birthday present and wanted to see in the laundry hamper from time to time. I hope I can be as convincing as Jared when I try to recruit these guys to help me get 'revenge' on HIM.
"The little fucker's getting' a hard-on," Trent shouted.
"What the fuck!" Marty shouted, as he walked in the bathroom.
"Fuck!" Jared said. Even so, his second piss stream started … and he knew this one would last a long time.
"Shit!" Trent said, breaking off his piss stream momentarily but, because of the back-pressure pain, released the flow again.
Harry judiciously remained silent … but couldn't stop his piss flow, either.
"It's okay Dad," Drew said, even as piss cascaded out of his mouth. "It's a payback."
"You guys are just too fuckin' bizarre," Marty said, shaking his head from side to side. "I don't know what pleasure you boys get out of 'burning' each other like this." But I guess it's not really queer activity like I first thought, I'm thankful for THAT! "But I guess it's no worse than the pranks you guys play in the locker room after a game, right?"
"Yeah, Dad, right." Jared said, happy that they weren't going to get grounded for this kind of behavior.
"Just don't let your mother see you doing it, okay?"
"Oh, your mother said, dinner in half an hour."
"Okay, Pop," Drew said, "I'm pretty sure we'll be done by then."
After a look of admonition, Marty left, thinking I've often thought I'd like Carrie to pee on me but I never asked her to because I don't want her to think she married a deviant.
The boys were laughing so hard they couldn't control their aim and deliberately began peeing on each other.
Once the various flows subsided, Jared said, "Now for the cum bath."
"Really?" Trent asked, remembering how much fun it was the last time they did it.
As the three boys began jacking off, Harry gently pulled the end of the slip knot loose so Drew could free himself from his binds and jack off along with them.
Drew raised his bound ankles up so Jared could loosen them. When he was free, he used one foot to caress Jared's balls while he used the other to do the same to Trent.
Jared, close to cumming, pushed his cock down between Drew's big toe and the next and rubbed it back and forth.
Not to be outdone, Trent pulled Drew's other foot up so he could fuck his cum tube along the bottom of Drew's foot.
As Jared started shooting, Drew said, "Oh my god, I can feel the spunk flowing through your cum tube. Wow!" Just then an especially big glob of cum hit Drew right on the upper lip. He lapped at it, drew it into his mouth and shouted, "aim for my face."
Trent pressed his cock between Drew's toes, too, and aimed downward as his long streamers shot one after another toward his best friend's little brother's mouth.
"Direct hit!" Jared shouted when he saw Trent's cum splat into Drew's open mouth. "And another."
Harry stepped one foot into the tub so he could stand over Drew's face and shoot his load directly at his mouth. Several large gobs hit their intended mark. Others sprayed all over his face.
They helped Drew stand up and he pulled his piss and cum saturated T–shirt off, wiped the cum off his face with it and tossed it in the sink. All four stood in the tub to clean up, taking turns standing under the spray. In such close quarters, as they moved around, they rubbed against each other erotically. They began soaping and groping each other but knew they didn't have time for another jack-off session. Harry looked over his shoulder to make sure Trent and Jared wouldn't see and quickly kissed Drew on the mouth, taking only a moment to return the unexpected tongue action he got from Drew.
"Can I have that T-shirt," Harry begged. "I mean, once it dries, it'll have the aroma of all three of you guys on it and I'd like that a lot."
"Sure," Drew said with a wink of thanks at Harry for the French kiss.
While they all rinsed and dried off, they told Harry about the airport jack-off adventure.
As good as the idea sounded at the time, the boys decided, with a word of caution from Harry, that it was too risky to send the guy … a total stranger … a copy of the video.
During dinner Carrie said, " Harry, if it's okay with the boys, I'd like to invite you to have Thanksgiving dinner with us." From the thrilled looks on the other boys' faces she thought she had made the right decision. "Of course, you know you're always invited, too, Trent."
"Hey, that'll be great. Mom and Dad are having Thanksgiving dinner the day before for Dad's extended family because Mom and Dad are going to work the food kitchen at the homeless shelter on Thanksgiving Day.
Blushing, Harry said, "Thanks, but, um, I've kinda met this guy and I'm hoping we can hang together for the day."
"You didn't tell us!" Jared accused.
"When?" Drew asked, excitedly.
"Where?" Trent asked curiously.
"Sorry, it happened the other night ... when you first invited me over... and I couldn't make it. Since then, we've met up again a couple of times and now I think we're really hitting it off together." Then, he gave Trent a dagger-eyed look like he didn't want to answer about where they met.
Only half listening to the conversation, Marty was lost in his own thoughts. Why is it every time a fleeting vision of those boys peeing on each other shoots through my mind I start to bone up? It's not like it's anything I'd ever wanna do … with 'guys' anyway. And why were they all naked? When he thought the word 'naked' he began to bone up again. No way! I'm not hot for those boys! What the hell's the matter with my cock tonight? I better have Carrie make an appointment with the doctor. Maybe it's something to do with my prostate. But I'm too young to have prostrate problems, aren't I?
"You're welcome to invite your new little friend over, too. We're gonna have more than enough to eat."
"Yeah, Mom always cooks way too much," Jared said, anxiously wanting to see who Harry the Fairy had hooked up with.
"And she's a great cook. Everyone says she's even a better cook than grandma," Drew added, hoping to meet Harry's new love interest … and his direct competition, especially after that French kiss in the bathtub only a few minutes earlier.
"I'll think about it, I mean, I'll ask him if he wants to come and I'll let you know. Okay?"
"No need to let us know. There'll be a place set for the two of you just in case," Carrie said.
"But Thanksgiving is traditionally a family gathering time," Harry said.
"Well, in our family it's family and friends. Besides, there will be so many people here they won't know if you're family or not!" Drew said.
"You boys go watch TV. I'll clean up the table," Carrie said.
"I hate to eat and run but I think I better get home. Don't wanna piss the ol' man off," Harry said fearfully.
After Harry and Trent ... the driver ... left and while watching TV, Carrie said, to no one in particular, "Harry sounded really glad I invited him and his new friend for Thanksgiving."
"Harry's coming for dinner? " Marty asked.
Jared and Drew looked at their father with the `Were you abducted by aliens during dinner?' look.
Carrie asked, "Were you counting poles again?"
"Must have been," Marty said.
Jared and Drew looked at each other like their parents were speaking in a foreign language.
"He said dinner here meant he wouldn't have to introduce his new friend to each of us one at a time. Personally, I think he wants us to approve … or not … his new boyfriend."
"Why do you say that?" Marty asked.
"Just the way his voice pleaded when he said, 'I hope you like him.'"
So, Thanksgiving morning Jared was rearranging the furniture in the living room to accommodate all the extra people that were going to show up. It meant they would have to extend the dining table into the living room part way. It also meant they would have to drag out the old floor pillows in the family room so everyone could enjoy the afternoon football game on TV in comfort.
"Doorbell," Jared yelled, racing toward the door like he might be expecting Santa Claus to be there.
"I'll get it" Drew yelled, bounding down the stairs from their bedroom, hoping to be the first to glimpse Harry's new fairy.
Arriving at the door a second before Drew, Jared opened it with a flourish.
"Oh, hi, Trent," Jared said, disappointment dripping in his tone.
"Oh, it's you," Drew groused.
"Nice to see you two, too," Trent said with a devilish grin on his face.
"What?" both brothers asked simultaneously.
"Guess who I met on the way up to the door?"
"From the grin on your face I'd say it was Simple Simon," Drew said.
"Hi," Harry said, peeking his head around the doorframe because Trent hadn't moved out of the way.
"Hi," Drew said gleefully.
Jared yanked Trent into the house by his shirt sleeve to make room for Harry and his guest.
"I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend," Harry said, dragging his friend's arm closer to him."
"Uncle Cory?" the boys shouted.

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