From chapter twelve:
"The Marquis performed most of his tortures on willing participants. Supplicants if you will. But some people, who read of his adventures, took it a step further and began inflicting torture on unsuspecting victims. They read his adventures as a 'How To' manual and tried to improve upon it. In which case I'd have to believe that's where this idea of 'man's willpower' might come in."
Trent thought, Personally, I think the different races developed from aliens brought here from different planets who maybe intermingled with the existing humanoid people already here … like the Cro–Magnons or the homo erectus guys or whoever they were. But not being family, he thought it was wiser not to voice his opinion and thereby, possibly give Aunt Candy a heart attack.
While Jared and Trent were enduring that conversation, Drew was saying, "Uncle Cory, um, I think … well, Harry seems to think … you know we've, uh …"
Chapter thirteen Apology chapter.
For those who need a brief recap
Jared 18 (almost 19) and his brother Drew (just 18) along with their friend Trent (also 18) got into some trouble at the hands of their classmate, Harry the Fairy, and his unscrupulous uncle, Senator Peckerpacker. Once Trent’s father was safely home from the Middle East … with help from the senator … the four boys confessed to Trent’s dad what it ‘cost’ for his liberation. Marty (40) and Carrie (38), (the brothers’ parents) along with Luke (40) (Trent’s dad) and with help from Coach (the senator’s business partner) turned the tables on the corrupt senator regarding his underhanded … not to mention illegal … way of dealing with the liberation process.
The senator liberated Luke but the boys’ ‘confessions’ liberated the four boys and they all began exploring deep-seated but heart-felt emotions, namely their desire for each other … best friend for best friend and brother for brother. It began with Jared and Drew exchanging blowjobs with their best friend, Trent. Harry, originally a nemesis, was tricked into having sex with them … which he did willingly. Harry, now an accepted friend, then suggested that the boys should try incest to which the brothers were passionately opposed … for several hours.
Although Marty has never had gay sex, Trent’s father admitted in front of Marty and Carrie that he had gay experiences during his college years and Coach admitted he had, too. Once Jared and Drew finally admitted their true feelings for each other … not only familial and platonic love but also an inherent physical love … their sexual horizons expanded. Drew confessed he liked water sports and light bondage. Jared and Drew admitted they both wanted to try … at least once … getting fucked and Trent wanted to try sucking Marty’s 11 inch bone, too.
When Harry showed up to Thanksgiving Dinner, surprisingly with the boys’ gay Uncle Cory, they were the topic of conversation. The boys haven’t had sex with their uncle yet but they’re eagerly looking forward to it. After dinner, and while Aunt Candy ranted about first one subject and then another, the four boys washed the dishes. Then, along with Uncle Cory they went upstairs in the boys’ bedroom.
Chapter fourteen
"I suspected you guys were the anonymous classmates involved in the Senator Peckerpacker incident. And Harry told me he had just given up his virginity status the day before he and I met so I guess you're all pretty new to this."
"Yeah. So, do you think maybe you could, uh … give us some … "
"I was thinking guidelines … like what NOT to do … because it's …"
"Let's just say, I'm gay and Harry and I seem to like each other a lot. Anything he and I do together, I guess would be okay for you boys to do … with each other. But I was just wondering …"
Cory was going to ask if the brothers were involved in incest or not but just then the other two boys showed up and he changed his mind about which approach to take. Instead he said, "I think we'd all be more open and honest with each other if we…um …"
"We've got nothing to hide," Jared said.
Smiling, like Cory had used this line on him in the past, Harry said, "What he's gonna say is we would all be more open and honest with each other if we were all naked."
Bright smiles all around indicated to Cory that he had made the right decision.
Because they had seen each other naked innumerable times over the past couple of weeks, the four boys stripped eagerly and without shame. Cory, on the other hand, took his time.
"Uncle Cory, you're not wearing underwear," Drew said.
"Yeah," Harry said, bouncing Cory's flaccid cock in the palm of his hand, "he calls this his 'free range chicken'."
"I don't get it," Jared said.
"Chicken … choke the chicken … free ballin' … free range …"
"Oh!" The other boys said simultaneously … glad that at least one of them had the guts to question the term.
"Hey, you're not circumcised!" Jared said.
"Nope, my dick was so small when I was born the doctor couldn't find it," Cory said, smiling at his self–deprecating joke.
"Can I, umm, take a closer look?" Drew asked.
"Is this why you never showered with us when we went camping together as kids?" Jared asked.
"Because you're different?" Drew asked, his breath washing over his uncle's cock, like the soft waft of wind created by butterfly wings on a warm day.
"I'm not the one that's different. You guys are the ones that are different. I was born this way. You're the ones who have been cosmetically modified. But no, that's not why. Mostly it had to do with our age differences. You were eight and I was thirteen. You guys were usually in bed by the time I took my shower."
Without asking, Drew reached down to gently pinch each side of the loose foreskin and pull it sideways like he was trying to see if it opened like a lace window curtain.
"Cory," Trent said, "I promised Mr. G. I'd never have sex with his sons. But, umm, of course, I have so I was wondering …should I tell him or just let it drop, hoping he'll never find out?"
"The easy way out isn't always the best way to go," Cory said. "I think he'll respect you more if you own up to your actions."
"Yeah like you did when he finally let you explain about blowing Harry," Jared said.
Drew thought for a moment and said, "Yeah, I agree. If he finds out without you telling him, he'll think you're a liar and never believe anything else you ever say. I think it's better to tell the truth." Besides, it might make it easier for me if I ever decide to come out of the closet.
"You're not gonna tell him Drew and I sucked cock, too, are you?" Jared yelped.
"Well, I guess that answers ONE of my questions," Cory said with a smile.
Jared looked at Drew awkwardly and said, "Fuck!"
"I told you I wouldn't tell anyone," Drew scolded.
"That's why telling a lie … or not admitting the truth … isn't a good thing. You always get caught and they usually come back to bite you," Cory said.
"Well, I'm not ready to admit ANYthing to Dad just yet, but what if he says we can't be friends any longer?" Jared whined.
"Being gay is no different than being Asian or Black. You are who you are," Cory said.
"That might be all well and good, but I think I'd rather be Asian or Black," Drew said. "At least I wouldn't have to out myself to my parents."
"Besides, both of you guys are 18 now," Cory said to both nephews. "You can make your own decisions."
"What if Dad throws us out of the house?" Drew asked.
Cory said, "Your mother wouldn't allow Marty to throw you out of the house."
"Yeah," Harry said, "Dr. Seuss said, 'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind'. You're dad will understand. He might not like it but he'll understand."
"Would YOUR dad understand?" Drew challenged.
"My point exactly, to me, his opinion doesn't matter."
"Easy for you to say. You've already found somebody you can move in with."
"Drew, are you seriously thinking about telling the folks you're gay?" Jared asked incredulously. "You haven't even given women a chance yet."
"Not interested."
"What if I set you up on a blind date? You can try it … then you can …"
Having walked in on the boys during Drew's 'golden shower burn' and not wanting to embarrass them again … or himself … Marty knocked quietly at the boys' closed bedroom door.
"Come in," Jared and Drew shouted simultaneously.
"What's going on?" Marty asked startled at seeing them all naked but not engaged in any unusual activity. I guess it's not much different than being naked in the school locker room … except now I know there are two naked homosexuals in the room with the boys, too. And I'm still not 100 percent convinced about Trent.
"Nothing. Just talking what ifs … like the senator did with Harry a couple of years ago," Cory said, using a conversation he and Harry had had a few days earlier to explain the current status. "He was just explaining to me how Jared and Trent got involved in all this."
"You have to be naked for that?" Then taking a whiff of the cum odor that had accumulated over the past couple of weeks, Marty said, "Jeeze it smells like a fuckin' whorehouse locker room in here. Open a fuckin' window."
"It's 30 degrees below zero," Jared whined.
"It is not," Marty argued. "Open a window … for five minutes. God, I can't imagine what you mother must think."
"She must think it's odd that you know what a whorehouse locker room smells like," Drew chuckled.
"No, we don't HAVE to be naked to talk," Cory said, "We just like being naked. Besides we were waiting for you."
"Whaddya mean, waiting for me?" Marty asked suspiciously.
"Well, I knew you'd be coming up to check on us sooner or later so I decided to show you what you expected to see," Cory said, remembering their earlier discussion regarding what Marty would think if he ever saw Cory naked in his sons' bedroom.
Jared said,, "Hey Dad, did you know Cory's uncircumcised?"
Instinctively, Marty looked at Cory's naked cock but looked away just as quickly before saying,"Yeah, I've seen it before."
"Yeah, he was explaining to us how come he never showered with us all those times we went camping together?" Drew said.
"Why?" Marty asked warily.
"It was just one of those things," Cory said, "when these guys were eight years old, I was already thirteen and going through puberty. I was so confused I didn't want to do anything to confuse them. Besides, at that age, all I wanted to do was to be accepted as an adult … young adult … but not as a kid, so I hung out with the adults more than the younger kids."
"Yeah but by the time we were thirteen … "
"By then, I had stopped going camping with you guys."
Oh, yeah. How come?"
"Because by then I knew I was gay and, uh, watching you guys develop would have been more than I could handle and I didn't want to adversely influence you guys. I love you too much for that."
"Really?" Marty said surprised. "You deliberately stayed away to protect them?"
"Yeah," Cory said modestly.
With a smile and cupping his crotch, Marty joked, "And all this time I thought you showered with me just so you could see what a real man looks like."
"Yeah, well, for a guy my size that WAS pretty intimidating!"
"Um, speaking of which, Mr. G., remember when I promised to never have sex with your sons?" Trent said.
"Well, um, I guess I broke that promise."
"As I recall, you promised me you wouldn't but I coerced you into admitting that you would if you could."
"Well, that's the other thing …"
"What's that?"
"Well, you kinda forced me to say something I didn't really mean."
"Are you telling me you really didn't want to have sex with my boys?"
"Yes. No. I mean, when we were talking … the one special guy I was talking about wasn't Jared … or even Drew."
"Then who?"
"You," Trent said.
"You, Dad," Jared and Drew said right along with Trent.
"Me! But I'm not … gay."
"You don't have to be gay. Just like with Jared, getting your cock sucked doesn't mean you're gay."
If that's what you wanna believe, Marty thought. But instead he said, "Well, I'm flattered that you'd want to … um … even though I'm a little astonished that you'd want to have sex with an old man like me."
"Yeah, about that," Trent said. "Most guys our age … and younger … don't think about having sex with guys older than themselves. In fact most of us think it's kinda …"
"Frightning," Drew said.
"Freaky," Jared said.
"What they mean is they're repulsed by the idea of having sex with an old dude," Cory said.
"No, not repulsed, actually," Drew said, "it's more like, um, we just envision having sex with guys our own age because that's all we know, you know … things about our own body and the bodies of guys our own age."
"Like pubic hair and cock size and … when am I gonna start to cum … and shit like that," Trent said.
"And we'd be afraid some old dude would go around bragging that he'd had sex with a young guy and ruin our reputation," Jared said.
"I think that's why it took these boys so long before they …" Cory said but stopped when they all glared at him."
"Before they what?" Marty asked, thinking, This sure sounds like they're trying to confess something ….
"Before they asked me about how compatible Harry and I are," Cory lied.
"Trent, are you saying you've actually thought about, um, wanting to blow me?"
"Well, yeah, I mean, when you asked me that question so bluntly, um, you were the first guy I thought about. Then after you guys had Harry come over to explain, well, I started wondering if maybe you asked me that question because you wanted …"
"Wanted what? Oh! No, I was just asking because I wanted you to know I didn't want you to get my sons involved. No, I wasn't thinking … um … that I'd ever want you … or Harry … or anyone … to give me a blowjob." Even as he rambled on, he recalled thinking about getting blowjobs the first time he'd seen Harry's mouth in the Lexus and the time he saw Trent blowing Harry.
Why did he just mention Harry? the five others thought similarly. It sounds like he's had thoughts about SOMEbody giving him a blowjob.
"Not even me?" Cory asked. "I mean, you've known for almost two months now that I'm a cocksucker. You never thought about getting a blowjob from your wife's homo brother?"
Seeing the distressed look on his dad's face, Drew said, "Um, Dad, I think you should know, too, that, um, after that afternoon when Trent revealed to his dad what he did with Harry … "
Jared looked at his brother in horror, hoping he wasn't going to divulge that they had engaged in homosexual activity.
" … I felt sorry for Trent, you know, for being tricked into giving Harry a blowjob …"
Oh my god, he's going to admit to blowing Trent. I hope he doesn't say anything about me doing it, too, Jared thought.
" … and I felt sorry for Harry for being called a fairy when he was actually still a virgin … "
Seeing where this was going, Trent said, "And I told them about Dad admitting, in front of you and Mrs. G. and even the coach, to having had homosexual experiences before … "
"I think he's trying to tell you that he's tried it," Cory said, trying to help the boys out.
"And like my dad said, he tried it, he liked it but then he met Mom and then he stopped," Trent continued.
"Yeah, so it's not like it's anything permanent or anything," Drew said, adding not necessarily in his head.
"So why are you telling me all this now?"
"I just didn't want you to think Uncle Cory had anything to do with it. And I think it's better hearing it from me than hearing it from someone else."
"Actually, as it turns out," Cory said, "I think it was one of these guys who helped Harry overcome his virgin status before I met him."
"It was all my dad's idea. He's the one who said we should try to help Harry," Trent said.
"I believe he said maybe you could get a trusted friend to help," Marty said.
Drew raised his hand slowly. "I can be trusted."
Marty shrugged his shoulders in resignation. Looking over first at Trent and then at Jared, he said, "And if you can't trust your friends, who can you trust?"
What was that comment all about? And that look. Does he somehow know I sucked cock, too? both Jared and Trent thought similarly.
Marty said, "Well, I just came up to tell you Candy is over her homosexual tirade. Now, it seems, her topic is violence in sports."
"Oh great, just in time for the football game," Drew said.
"Maybe we can convince her that football is a gridiron ballet. Everyone knows there's never any violence in ballets," Cory said even as he recalled the knife fights, bull fights and the eventual murder in Carmen.
"Even so, it's safe to go downstairs now."
"Hey, great!" Jared said, jumping up and heading toward the door. The other four jumped up to follow him.
"Don't you think it would be coaxing another tirade from Aunt Candy if you guys went downstairs naked?"
They all laughed saying at the same time, "Just kidding."
As it turned out, Drew's prediction, back in the kitchen earlier, about not having a chance to have sex was most accurate. By the time the game on TV was over and after everyone had hit the dessert table … at least once … it was time for everyone to go home.
The day had been so exhausting, for everyone, that Jared and Drew decided to go to bed early, each climbing into their own bed. They soon discovered that although physically and mentally tired, neither could get to sleep easily. It seemed they were even too tired to talk. After about twenty minutes, Drew got up and crawled in bed with his brother. Soon thereafter they were fast asleep.
Jared awoke, forced his eyes open to check the time and saw it was still dark outside. However, he discovered Drew was between his knees, sucking on his boner.
"What time is it?" Jared asked drowsily.
"Time to suck cock," Drew said releasing Jared cock only long enough to twist into a 69 position. Once Jared had his brother's 8 plus inches of hard cock in his mouth, Drew said, "You can just suck it if you want. You don't have to make me cum. I just wanna go back to sleep with your cock in my mouth."
"Umm," Jared said with sleepy understanding. This was for pleasure, not for climax.
When they awoke, they were still in the 69 position but their cocks had softened and fell out of each other's mouths. Jared awoke hearing his brother taking a deep lungful of his crotch odor. He could taste his own morning breath … and wasn't pleased.
"Gotta pee and brush," Jared said, rolling over on top of his little brother. "And you have cock breath."
"Jock breath," Drew corrected, swatting his brother's powerhouse ass playfully.
"You wanna shower first?"
"No, you can go first," Drew said.
Inhaling a deep breath through his nose, Jared said, "Or we could shower together and get done quicker. Whatever Mom's cooking for breakfast, it smells wonderful."
"Together," Drew said, following his brother to the bathroom, his cock hardening with each step.
"Go ahead, I gotta pee, first," Jared said, turning to the toilet.
"In the shower," Drew said.
"K," Jared agreed cheerfully.
Jared peed on Drew's erection while Drew lazily jacked his hard–on. After Jared's short piss ended he knelt down to begin bobbing up and down on his younger brother's cock while Drew adjusted the water temperature.
"Ummm, feels so good," Drew moaned. "Nothing like a hot suck during a hot shower."
"Maybe there's SOMEthing better but we just haven't discovered it yet," Jared said with a thoughtful look.
"I hope so. I like discovering new thing to do with you." A minute or two later he asked, "You wanna swallow?"
"Uh huh," Jared mumbled, continuing to suck.
Drew held Jared's head, even though he knew he didn't have to. It just helped make his cum feel more explosive when he held the guy's head in his hands.
"Gaaahh," Jared, gurgled as Drew filled his mouth with a huge load … a pent–up load he hadn't been able to unload as often as usual the day before because of all the family activity.
As his knees sagged, indicting to Jared it was okay to stop sucking, he said, "Now, you."
"Later, Bro. Breakfast awaits and I'm starved," Jared said, as the two boys quickly washed and rinsed only their crotches, armpits and ass cracks in a typical teenage cleaning fashion.
"Are you accusing me of being just an appetizer?" Drew groused.
"Hell, no! Your cock is a full course dinner but yeah, I'd have to agree, your cum is more like an appetizer. It always makes me hungry for more."
"Um, you understand, don't you, I'm um, talking about yours and Trent's … and occasionally Harry's. I'm not gonna go so far as to say I'm queer for it. I'm not switching teams or anything. I just do it with you guys."
"Yeah, I understand."
Good, let's go. We don't wanna make the 'rent so suspicious that they'll come looking for us."
"Okay, I owe you one," Drew said.
"Who's counting? From now on, we don't keep score we just keep each other happy, okay?"
They only took a few moments to dry, and dress.
"What's for breakfast, this morning? It smells wonderful," Jared asked as he and Drew playfully shouldered each other out of the way, fighting over who was going to go through the kitchen doorway first.
"Green eggs and ham," Carrie said.
"Eewwwh," Drew grimaced.
"Just joking," Carrie said. "It's pancakes and turkey bacon."
"Oh, god, not more turkey!" Jared groused.
Just joking. Actually it's your favorite … creamed chipped beef on toast."
"Shit on a Shingle, really?" both boys asked skeptically but with delight.
"How come?" Jared asked suspiciously.
"Because you boys rewarded me by doing the dishes yesterday, I thought I'd reward you today. Besides, you don't have school the day after Thanksgiving which means I can spend a little more time in breakfast prep."
"Wow, thanks, Mom," Drew said appreciatively. Then he asked skeptically, "You're not making it with turkey, are you?"
"Nope, genuine chipped beef."
"Great!" both boys exclaimed gleefully.
"What have you guys got planned for today?" Carrie asked after they all sat down for breakfast.
"Luke asked me if I'd look over some property he's thinking about buying," Marty said.
"Really?" Jared said. "Trent didn't say anything to me about that."
"Luke said it just came available yesterday. But, umm, now that you mention it, I don't know if it's supposed to be a surprise or not … so don't say anything to Trent just yet, okay?"
"Sure," Jared said.
Drew said, "We're going to the mall. Mark and John are gonna meet us there."
"I noticed you boys had your heads together all during the game yesterday, what are you and your cousins cooking up, anyway?" Carrie asked.
"Nothing special," Drew said.
"Just gonna troll," Jared said.
"Look for girls to date. You know, like trolling for fish. Throw out your line and see who takes the bait."
"What line would that be?" Carrie asked suspiciously.
"Um, for Trent, it's his sense of humor. Girls love a guy with a sense of humor. He'll say something like 'After you take me back to your place and we get undressed, do you promise not to laugh?' For me, I'll say something like, 'If I told you you have a hot body, would you hold it against me?' And for Drew … uh … it's having such a handsome brother with a hot body to hit on while he's making moon faces at them."
"No conceit in this family," Marty said, "you've got it all."
Drew rubbed his nose with his middle finger while looking directly at his older brother.
"What are YOU gonna do, Mom?" Jared asked, ignoring the sibling insult.
"I think I'll clean your bedroom. There's something in there that hasn't been washed in quite a while and it's stinking up the whole house."
"Like locker room smell?" Jared asked with a wide grin, recalling his dad's comment about a whorehouse locker room. He hoped to insinuate the locker room idea in her head to throw her off track of the real cause of the odor …many, many cum filled orgasms.
"Worse. I know you guys are into all kinds of smells and aromas and stuff but WE have to live here, too."
"Umm, Mom?" Drew asked.
"Umm, have you ever heard of nocturnal emissions?" Drew asked with mock bashfullness, hoping that admitting to a little fib would avert the truth.
"Yes, of course."
"Well, umm, I've been having a lot of 'em lately. Maybe that's what it is."
"From the sounds I hear coming from your room two or three times a day I'd say it's more like masturbatory emissions."
Marty smiled while Jared and Drew got wide eyed realizing they had not been as quiet as they thought they had been … or their mother had been even quieter as she passed by their door.
"Well, the internet says it's healthy for guys our age to … umm … produce stuff … you know … regularly," Drew said.
"I agree," Carrie said.
The boys smiled at Drew's ability to control a situation.
"Regularly is good, frequently is a little more questionable," Carrie concluded with a smirk.
The boys frowned at Drew's inability to maintain control.
Marty casually held up his palm to offer a high–five to Carrie which she acknowledged with a simple nod of her head.
"Mom," Drew asked, since the subject was on the table, "is it true, you'll go blind if you do it too often?"
"Well, let me put it this way, your father wears bifocal but he's not completely blind … yet," Carrie said with a smile.
Both boys held up their palms for high–fives from their Mom. Even while they were doing that both boys were thinking, Does Dad really jack off … and does Mom know?
Marty was thinking Does Carrie know I jack-off … for real … or is she just making a wild-guess accusation as a punch line for a joke?
Carrie thought, As long as he keeps me happy, I don’t care how often he makes himself happy.
Trent walked in with his cell phone up to his ear saying, "Okay, meet you there shortly. That was Mark. He and John are on their way to the mall. Mark says to meet them at the bookstore because he needs some more coffee."
"Help yourself to some SOS," Carrie said, pointing to the fry pan keeping the meal warm.
"All right!" Trent said joyfully. "You make the best."
"Oh, it's not THAT good."
"Seriously, you should make it, freeze it and sell it."
Once they all got to the mall, Jared originally started trolling for girls but he discovered it was fairly difficult with Harry and Drew pointing out first one boy and then another. When they got half–way through the mall, to the food court area, Mark said, "I've gotta pee."
"Me, too," John said.
"Uh, yeah, me too, I guess," Jared confessed.
Seeing all the urinals were unoccupied, they each stepped up … naturally … with one urinal between them, although Drew and Harry had to stand next to each other at the last two at the far end.
"Jesus, Jared, put that thing away before you get us all arrested," John said in a whispered yell as he looked anxiously over his shoulder to see if there were any other patrons in the men's' room.
"That club. In some states, that would be considered a deadly weapon!" Then in an urgent whisper, John said, "Mark, look at that thing!"
"Damn!" Mark said, backing away from the urinal just a little to expose his limp still–peeing cock, "If you've got THAT much, I think I got short–changed in the dick department."
Everyone craned their necks to look at Mark's fat seven–inch endowment.
"Yours looks fine," Harry said, "this is the epitome of being short–changed." Then he stepped back slightly, aiming his piss stream up into an arc so he didn't pee on the floor. He was holding his one–inch softie between his thumb and forefinger and had to lift his thumb to show them how small he was.
John's expression was something like, 'That's a joke, right?'
Mark's expression was, 'That's some kind of optical illusion, right?'
Having sympathy for Harry's flaccid size while also admiring his bravery, Drew said, "But in his defense, it grows like … six times bigger when he's hard."
"Yeah, to … almost … six inches," Harry said derisively."
"I hope you get a chance to prove it sometime," John said.
Looking up from John's above average–sized but rather plump cock … identical to his brother's … to John's face, Harry said, "Whaddya mean?"
"I hope we can hook up together sometime," John said casually, like he was saying 'Let's do lunch.'
"John," Mark scolded, "Harry's dating Cory."
"Yeah, well, 'dating' just puts a promise ring on his finger, not a lock on his dick."
"Why do you always go after the married man? I would think it would be an exercise in futility … not to mention personally demoralizing."
"Always?" Jared and Drew asked at the same time wondering why they never knew about John's gay tendency.
"Yeah, always," Mark stated with no further explanation.
"It's just that Mark doesn't like to work for his sex. He wants it handed to him on a plate. Personally, I don't like the feminine kind of guys you see flitting around at the bar. I mean, if I wanted a girl, I'd date a girl."
Astonished by their openness to discuss the 'gay' subject in a public men's room, Trent asked, "So you're saying you guys are straight with perks?"
"Huh?" both asked.
"You're bisexual?"
"Hell no!" both said adamantly.
"Oh, sorry." Trent said, thinking he had somehow gotten mixed signals from their conversation.
"I wouldn't date a woman," Mark chuckled.
"Me either," John agreed.
"Straight with perks is like bi–sexual but without having to admit that you suck cock," Drew explained, since Trent didn't.
"Oh … so are you guys straight with perks?" John asked just as someone else walked in. Seeing the closest open urinal was between Jared and Trent, he stepped up.
After a long moment of silence but before the question was forgotten … and realizing that by answering the question, the newcomer would not know what he was talking about … Drew said. "Jared is."
"You are, too!" Jared accused.
"We all are," Trent said. And the meat on Mark and John looks good enough to perk!
"Um, Jared said hesitantly, "you guys talk about this kind of stuff publicly … like you're discussing the weather. Is that wise?"
"Maybe not, but we've always been open about it."
The newcomer leaned in closer to the urinal.
"I didn't know about it until just now," Jared said, flipping the last few piss drops off his cock with exaggerated motions so the guy next to him would look over at his nine inches of flopping cock.
"Even with your folks?" Drew asked skeptically, thinking, I can’t imagine Aunt Candy being okay with this.
"God, no! If we told Mom it would kill her and we'd go to prison for pre–meditated murder," Mark said.
"But Dad knows," John said. "He just keeps it low profile in front of Mom. All of us kids do."
"Your brothers and sisters know?" Jared asked amazed while thinking, How is it that Drew and I have had these feeling for a long time and only just recently admitted it to each other and these guys talk about it so openly?
Nervously, the newcomer, tucked, zipped and left quickly.
"Yeah. In fact, I'm pretty sure Mary had sex with one of her girlfriends one time during a pajama party," John said.
"Really?" Jared asked.
"Yeah, I got up in the middle of the night and heard noises in the laundry room. Sneaking quietly closer I listened just outside the doorway. It was definitely sex grunts and groans and I checked on all the boys after I went back to the room and they were all in bed."
"So it had to be one of the girls she had invited to the sleepover," Mark confirmed.
"How is it that Jared and I never knew about you guys being … you know? Damn, it would have made what we did so much easier."
"And you probably would have done it a lot sooner," Trent speculated.
"So you two do it together or just with other guys?" Harry asked.
"Sometimes together, sometimes with others and sometimes together with others."
"Huh?" Jared asked.
"Three–ways," Drew explained.
"No, I mean, incest?"
"Yeah," both boys admitted like incest was as natural as breathing.
John reached over and groped Harry. "I wanna see this bad boy grow. Any chances of that?"
"Not here." Harry said, zipping up.
"Oh," John said, sadly.
"But maybe later," Harry added … but only after groping John's flaccid seven–inch fuck tool, too.
"Hey, you've got a boyfriend," Drew accused poking his hips back, tucking his cock down the leg of his boxers and zipping up, too.
"Wouldn't that be considered cheating?" Jared asked.
"Cory's gotta work this afternoon until two and then he's going Christmas shopping," Harry said. Then with a big toothy smile he added, " … for me! In fact, he told me not to come back to his place until after five tonight."
"Sounds to me like HE's two–timing YOU," Mark said.
"Whaddya mean?"
"Sounds like he's got someone coming over for sex but he doesn't want you to know about it."
"No problem," Harry said nonchalantly. "We've agreed we're not gonna be exclusive but any time we can do it together, you know like you said, a three–way … or four–way … well all the better."
"Damn," Mark said, "I wish we had known about Cory sooner. You think he'd want a four–way with us, Harry?"
"Maybe," Harry said without much enthusiasm.
"Oh," Mark said, taking the answer as a 'no.'
"But I think he'd be more than willing to engage in …" then counting off the people in the men's room, he said, "a seven–way with you guys."
"Like … an orgy?" Mark asked.
"Sounds more like a gang bang to me," Trent said as they all walked out of the men's room.
The newcomer was casually standing by a potted fern pretending to be looking at his food court options. He couldn't help but glance at Jared's crotch again as they passed by.
"His is bigger," Trent said, thrusting a thumb in Drew's direction.
The guys jaw dropped, either in disbelief that Drew's cock could be bigger or from surprise at being caught staring.
"Take a picture, it'll last longer," Harry said as they continued walking.
"You really think mine's bigger?" Drew asked hopefully.
"You've grown some in just the last month, Drew. You might not see it but I can feel it … you know, when it's in my mouth. Well, actually, down my throat."
"Whaddya wanna eat?" Jared asked the others while surveying the plethora of ethnic food options.
"You," Mark said.
"Mexican," Drew said, pointing to a Latino looking fellow across the mall.
"Seafood," John said, pointing to a group of six navy sailors wearing their sexy, casual, white jumper outfits … five of whom seemed to be more interested in the cookies than the braless server wearing a V neck cotton top that was two sizes too small. Upon closer inspection, John realized the sixth sailor wore an expression of disgust on his face that said, something like, 'You think you're sexy but you only succeeded in appearing tasteless.'
Observing John's 'pod of squid' Drew thought, It’s amazing. If you silently observe guys when they don’t know they’re being scrutinized, they reveal a lot about their sexual acceptance. Those guys are probably straight but I’d have a better chance of taking any one of them to bed than that girl does.
Mark and John were the first to be served and chose a table in the center of the seating area, hoping that whatever the topic of conversation turned out to be, it would embarrass the eavesdropping people at the surrounding tables. After they each hit a different ethnic food court eatery, the others joined them.
Looking at Harry, Mark asked, "So how can we make this work?"
"Make what work?"
"This … orgy."
"You're serious!" Jared whisper–shouted.
"Hell, yeah," Mark, said.
"I've got an idea formulating … but not for today. Can I get back with you guys Monday after school … if I have any success with my idea?"
"Sure," Both Mark and John said eagerly even though they were a little disappointed about having to wait.
"So why were you so shocked about us being gay?" Mark asked Jared.
"I guess … because you guys never acted gay."
"Because you never told us," Drew said.
"Well, with a family as big as ours, it was statistically bound to happen. And I'm not surprised you two are receptive to it, too."
"Why do you say that?"
"Jesus, guys," John said incredibly, "look at yourselves. You're the two hottest brothers on the planet. I mean, with OUR mom's genes running through our veins like ice water, we're just average. But you've not only got Marty's genes but you've got Carrie's adding to them which makes for really stunning results."
Both boys blushed.
"He's right," Trent said. "At least I've always thought that way, too."
"Me too," Harry said.
The brothers blushed profusely at that.
"Besides, thinking about you two doing each other fostered some really vivid and ball jerking jack–offs for me over the years," Mark said.
Three high school jocks got up and moved closer to a couple of girls who had just sat down and two coupon–clipping grannies got up with a sniff and left.
"Too bad we didn't know anything about this stuff until just last month," Drew said.
"And we have Harry to thank for that," Trent said.
"It's funny but two months ago, we were considering dismembering his body and feeding him to the animals at the zoo."
"Just kidding," Drew said, quickly, looking around to see if anyone heard the incriminating comment.
"Yeah, he's right," Jared said, "I just now thought about the zoo part of it … or it might have happened."
Naturally the boys had to explain to the cousins about the school parking lot incident.
As it turned out, after lunch and more mall trolling, the rest of the day didn't present any opportunities for sex … the bathroom was way too active on Black Friday to be safe. The time spent together, however, provided a new level of understanding between the four cousins and their friends with promises … before they went their separate ways … of some really great sex in the near future.
So, after dinner which, to the boy's delight was NOT leftover turkey, Jared and Drew went to their room early. Both stripped naked which was behavior that had become 'normal' ever since they began having sex together.
"Um, Jared," Drew said, sliding into bed next to his brother like he had been doing every night recently.
"Are you gonna, um … go along with this … orgy thing? I mean, if Harry can work it out so we can have one."
"Are you?"
"I asked you first."
"Truthfully, I think we're both too new to all this to get involved in any kind of orgy."
"Yeah, you're right," Drew said, hoping Jared wouldn't detect the disappointment in his tone.
"But I was thinking …"
"Maybe if Cory was there … kinda like a watchdog … he could make sure nothing bad happened to us."
Throwing one arm over Jared's chest and snuggling his nose over his brother's armpit, Drew said with more hope, "I think that's a good idea. And from what Harry's been saying about their relationship, I don't think Cory would have a problem with it."
"There's just one big problem."
"What's that?"
"I'm not sure but I think Mark and John are, um … versatile … you know, they're both top and bottom … maybe. No matter, they're definitely more experienced."
"Well, I'm not gonna bottom … not as long as I'm a butt virgin anyway and well …"
"Well what?"
"You've never bottomed before, either."
"We can change that status right now if you want," Drew said, lazily running the palm of his hand down the washboard abs of his brother's stomach to rest lightly on top of his already hardening cock.
"I don't think that's a good idea."
"Why not?"
"Mom just cleaned the room and she doesn't want us to stink it up again."
As quickly as a lightning bolt, Drew slapped his brother's cock … catching his balls in the strike by accident.
Jared's knees snapped up to squeeze close to his nipples. "Oww! Fuck!"
"Sorrrry!" Drew whined.
Once the initial pain subsided, Jared rolled onto his side with his hands cupping his crotch. "You might have just squashed THAT idea. Damn, you got the twins good that time."
"I said I was sorry."
I know, I believe you, but oh, fuck that hurts. It might take a long time before I recover enough to be able to fuck you."
"How long do you think it will take?"
"As long as it takes to get to the bathroom," Jared said with a smirk, "that way we won't be stinking up the bedroom."
To Jared's amazement, Drew easily lifted him off the bed and carried him over his shoulder to the bathroom.
To be continued
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