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From chapter fourteen
As quickly as a lightning bolt, Drew slapped his brother's cock … catching his balls in the strike by accident.
Jared's knees snapped up to squeeze close to his nipples. "Oww! Fuck!"
"Sorrrry!" Drew whined.
Once the initial pain subsided, Jared rolled onto his side with his hands cupping his crotch. "You might have just squashed THAT idea. Damn, you got the twins good that time."
"I said I was sorry."
I know, I believe you, but oh, fuck that hurts. It might take a long time before I recover enough to be able to fuck you."
"How long do you think it will take?"
"As long as it takes to get to the bathroom," Jared said with a smirk, "that way we won't be stinking up the bedroom."
To Jared's amazement, Drew easily lifted him off the bed and carried him over his shoulder to the bathroom.
Chapter fifteen
While the younger Drew was effortlessly carrying his naked brother across the hall to the upstairs bathroom, their cousins were in a deep conversation in the bedroom they shared with their two other brothers. Luckily, they had the bedroom to themselves … for the moment, at least.
"Do you think Harry will really have sex with us?" John asked.
"I don't know why not. He sounded sincere when he was talking about the orgy."
"Potential orgy. Maybe he was just talking trash."
"Why would you think that?"
"I don't know. It's just … I think he's in love with Jared or Drew, maybe both, and I'm not sure he really wants to play the field."
"No, he'd dating Cory, not Jared or Drew."
"Yeah I know, but didn't you see the way he kept looking at them? Damn, it was so obvious, even 'I' was embarrassed."
"The better question for me would be, will Jared and Drew want to have sex with us?"
"Why wouldn't they? They've already crossed the 'incest' line … with each other, so why not with cousins?"
"YOU saw Harry looking at Jared and Drew all googoo–eyed. I saw Jared and Drew looking at each other like they were already lovers."
"Yeah, I saw that, too, but I don't think Jared's a player. He's just along for the freebees."
"You know, blowjobs and maybe a butt to fuck."
"Oh. But from what he was saying and how he was saying it, I think there's a good chance he'd reciprocate."
"Maybe oral. I don't think we'll ever butt fuck him."
"Yeah, I got that impression, too."
"Enough talk."
Mark mounted his younger brother missionary style, sliding his fat seven inches easily into familiar territory and began kissing his neck. In response, John began rubbing Mark's muscular back and meaty hips, occasionally helping him thrust more deeply. Although they were quiet in their lovemaking, Mark was ferociously physical about it, actually inching the bed across the floor with some of his more–powerful thrusts.
John, more slight of build, bit Mark's lower lip playfully while Mark was doing easy strokes but bit down with more force when Mark pounded harder and deeper … but never enough to draw blood.
To John, every inward thrust of Mark's fat seven inches felt like a locomotive barreling through a mountain tunnel.
Eventually, Mark lifted John's hips up off the bed until he was able to stand and fuck his brother's hole in a downward style stroke. The muscles in his thighs trembled from the strain of trying to remain standing on a bouncing mattress while fucking at the same time.
John was resting most of his weight on his shoulders and since it was impossible to kiss in such a position, he began stroking his meat. Each of Mark's thrusts forced a small gasp of air out of John's lungs until he was actually getting light–headed from lack of oxygen.
"Gonna nut, dude," Mark grunted.
"Me, too," John moaned between clenched teeth.
"God, I wish you guys had your own room," Luke said as he walked in to drop some books onto his computer stand.
"We do, too," Mark said. "Unnngh, unngh, uuuuuuuh!"
With audible 'splats' John's sperm splattered onto his face and upper chest. "Wanna lick it off?" John asked Luke.
"Not even if it were 24–karat gold."
While the two naked brothers were crossing the upstairs hall to the bathroom … with Jared's ass mooning the moon over Drew's shoulder … their uncle and Harry were in a deep discussion, too.
"Cory, would it be okay with you if I had sex with the guys' cousins?"
"What guys?"
"Jared and Drew."
"Sure … if I can watch," Cory chuckled.
"Well, I was hoping you'd want to participate, too."
"Which cousins specifically?"
"Mark and John."
"I don't remember all their names. Do you know how old they are? I mean, we're not talking about the younger boys are we?"
"No. I think Mark is 22 and John is my age … 18."
"Yeah, I think I could get hard for that."
"Shit, you're such a sex maniac you could get hard watching a funeral procession."
'Well," Cory said, snuggling up to Harry while fondling his cock, "when YOU get hard, it's MY funeral."
"Whaddya mean?"
"When you fuck me, you pound my ass into the ground until it's six feet under."
"That's because you've got such a fuckable ass."
Raising his knees to his chest, Cory said, "Maybe you need some practice before you meet with those lucky cousins."
Sliding his 'almost six-inch' hard–on in easily … all the way in to the short hairs … Harry said, "You fuck me like I'm a porcelain doll that's gonna break if you're not careful with it."
"That's because you ARE my doll. You're my little play–toy till the end of time."
"Or until someone younger and better hung comes along."
"That might happen … someone might come along … but I'll never throw you away."
"I just might hold you to that promise," Harry said, leaning in to give Cory a peck-like kiss.
"Neither one of us has the biggest cock in the world but yours rubs my prostate just right. You get me to the verge of cumming and then you keep me there for so long I think I'm gonna loose my mind."
"You're the same way. Our cocks might be about the same length but yours is fatter which makes it look so much bigger. And I know you don't get the same feeling of fullness from MY cock that I get from yours."
"I discovered that with a feeling of fullness you might also have to endure a lot of pain."
"Well, my sweet fuck, your fullness is just perfect for me. And speaking of fullness, I'm thinking I'm gonna fill you full of spunk right now. There were so many times I wanted to cum at the mall today that I think my sperm ducts have been working overtime."
With no further warning, Harry began to unload his overly full nut sack of spunk into his lover's ass.
Cory waited for the afterglow of orgasm to subside before he rolled Harry off him and prepared to fuck him while lying on their sides.
Harry's cell phone rang and he answered it. After listening for a while he said, "Yeah, I guess so. Why?" Again, after listening to the caller he said, "Sounds like a good idea. I'll think of something, I'm sure." Again a short wait before he said, "I've already asked him." Then he hung up.
"Who was that?" Cory asked,
"Drew." And then he proceeded to tell his lover about the phone conversation.
During the same time as the others were talking … Mark with John, Jared with Drew and Harry with Cory, Trent laid on his bed with his fingers entwined behind his head … his arms akimbo.
He thought, I sure hope Harry can put together that orgy idea. It sounds like fun. I just wonder how far I'm gonna go, though. I mean, I've already indicated to Jared and Drew that I'd like to get fucked … by them … but I'm not sure I'm ready for their cousins. What the hell am I thinking? Of course I'm ready for them. Shit, just visualizing them standing at the urinals in the men's room has my cock so hard right now I could pound tenpenny nails into a steel pipe.
He started to remove one hand from behind his head just as he remembered his promise to himself not to jack off alone ever again … now that he had, more often than not, others to do it for him. Damn I need relief\, though. What a stupid promise.
Then he recalled a comment he made to Jared in the car the day he revealed to him how he had unknowingly gotten Jared involved in the Senator Peckerpacker incident. I wonder if it can really be done. I wonder if 'I' can do it.
He lifted his legs off the bed and swung them overhead until they touched the wall at the head of his bed. With his toes digging into the wall, he inched his feet down the wall, forcing his crotch closer to his face. Every quarter–inch advancement forced his back to slide farther down the bed but he was successfully losing distance between his cock and his mouth.
Damn, I didn't know I had muscles in a lot of these places, Stretching before running never touches some of THESE muscles, Maybe I'm too muscular for this, No, more likely it's because you've got too much belly fat, his vicious alter–ego retorted. His cock was so close to his face, now, that it was blurry and so close to his mouth that he had to make a decision.
Okay, I'm gonna have to touch myself to push it into my mouth, but I'm not gonna jack off, Definitely, I'm not gonna jack off, A promise is a promise, I want to be sure I can provide a good money shot every time I get together with those guys, Craning his neck upward while tugging on his cock downward and sticking his tongue out until it hurt, he was able to touch his piss slit. He was rewarded with a small bead of pre–cum.
Fuck, the internet videos make it look so easy … if you're limber, well hung and been doing it for years, I guess, But I know, if I keep trying, I'll be able to suck it … part of it anyway… in a month or two.
Meanwhile … across the hall in the upstairs bathroom … Jared asked as Drew deposited his naked body on the bathroom floor, "What if Dad comes in?"
"He can watch … or he can join in if he wants. Whatever."
"I'm serious, shouldn't we lock the door?"
"It'll be more exciting if there's a chance we might get caught," Drew said.
"Yeah you're right. Live once, live dangerously. Carpe Diem!"
"Yeah, like Harry said, die without any regrets."
"Just to be on the safe side … this time …" Jared said, "how about if I fuck you in the tub. That way, if anyone comes in, we can just say we're showering together … like in the locker room."
"Yeah, and that I asked you to wash my back," Drew said conspiratorially.
"Yeah, that'll work … probably."
Drew pressed his hands against the wall and, while looking over his shoulder, he arched his back so his hips push his ass outward.
To his surprise, Jared grabbed a tube of gel out of the drawer under the sink and applied some to his cock before rubbing some on … and into … his brother's ass. Easing forward, Jared placed the head of his cock at his brother's puckered portal.
"You wanna put a washcloth in your mouth so you don't scream?"
"Fuck me. Let me worry about the pain."
"Damn you're brave," Jared said as he saw his fat nine–inch cock aligned with his brother's incredibly tiny anus. "I swear I'll stop as soon as I hear the first whimper."
"Stop but don't pull out. I've read that you shouldn't pull out. It only makes re–entry more difficult."
To Jared's utter amazement, his fat nine inches slid in without any resistance. It was tighter than a miser's fist but Drew didn't even gasp as Jared felt Drew's ass ring snap over the crown flange of his cock head. Even so, he didn't push in any farther.
"I'm okay," Drew said in only a slightly breathy tone.
"Jared, I've been dreaming of this day for years. Psychologically, I'm ready for it."
"I guess so. But my god! It looks like you've got the arm of a baby shoved up you poop chute."
"It feels like a baby's arm, too, but it doesn't hurt."
"It hurts me just to look at it. I mean, it's like my asshole is having spasms in sympathy while my cock is having spasms in anticipation."
"Start moving. I've been told fucking involves motion."
Thrusting in cautiously, Jared slid half his cock into his brother's virgin ass. Seeing … and hearing … and feeling … no resistance, he completed his thrust all the way to his pubes. Sliding out and back in rhythmically caused his brother to start moaning. Jared cupped his hand over his brother's mouth, fearing he would … at any moment … start screaming like a porno bitch.
While Jared fucked him, Drew began jacking himself. Leaning one shoulder on the cold tile wall for support he was also able to squeeze his aching balls … aching from a need for release. As he expected, both activities made the 'fucking' experience all the more pleasurable.
Having learned over the past couple of weeks that his brother's nipples were sensitive, Jared carefully removed his hand from his brother's mouth and began pinching his teat. The action resulted in Drew's ass muscle clamping down on Jared's cock as an uncontrollable shudder ran through both of them. Never in his 18 years 11 months and 20 days of life had Jared ever felt anything so powerful. My virgin fuck with a girl was not as good as this, Jared thought. It was just my girlfriend's hole. This is my brother's hole and it means so much more to fuck with someone you truly love.
My god, Drew thought, I've waited so long for this moment. Never in all my dreams did I think it would ever be this good … or this easy. But I know it was easy because I was so mentally prepared to be fucked by my stud older brother. And he sure as hell has not disappointed me. This is the most awesome feeling in the world … even better than my first wet cum, I think. Well maybe not better but certainly equally as enjoyable.
Drew reached up and turned on the shower. Jared reached over to grab the bottle of shampoo. Both said at the same time, "Just in case. " Jared began shampooing Drew's hair while continuing to jackhammer his ass. Drew got the bar soap and, lathering up his hands, he reached behind him and soaped up whatever parts of his brother's body he could reach without dislodging the cock pounding his ass. Jared got the bar soap from Drew and began soaping his bother's back, sides and thighs before snaking his way around front to wash his chest, abdomen and eventually his crotch. The soapy hand of his brother worked its magic quickly on his cock.
"Gonna cum, both boys said at the same time … their private thoughts having helped stimulate them to an early orgasm.
Drew felt Jared's cock plump as he shot his volleys of cum up his ass while Jared felt Drew's ass ring clamp down on his cock with each spurt of his own ejaculation. Both were so exhausted they stayed right where they were, allowing the soer to rinse the soap from their bodies, until the afterglow subsided.
Then Jared wrapped his arms around his little brother's waist and held him close, back to belly. A minute later he said, "When I pull out, you better squeeze your ass tight."
"Umm … to squeeze all the jizz out of my cum tube."
Jared pulled out slowly until only the head remained inside. Then with one quick motion, he popped the rest of his cock out.
"Oh my god!" Drew said.
"Better go sit on the toilet," Jared said, heading immediately toward the bathroom door.
"I just pissed up your ass."
"You what!"
Walking quickly across the hall, Jared said, "See you back in the room."
While Jared was beating a hasty retreat to the bedroom and Drew was hovering his ass over the toilet seat preparing to sit, Trent thought, I'm gonna jack off just this once because sex today was so tempting and so unfulfilled. But after this one time I'm gonna stop jacking off alone.
With very few but very satisfying strokes Trent started blasting a payload of jism onto his face and into his open mouth. Some of it was as thin as water and some was as thick as play–doh. Even while he was still cumming, he was thinking about all the guys he had seen at the mall … the Latino guy, the sexy sailors, the hot cocks of Mark and John, and that newcomer at the urinial. That's when he realized it was the first time he had been to the mall trolling for girls while also being able to troll for guys. He liked the idea.
As Drew started to squat over the toilet, the water … piss actually … began to squirt. He quickly plopped his ass in the seat. The sound of the liquid, under pressure, spurting into the toilet water was more like a girl peeing than anything else. Just when he thought it was all done, a little more would come out. He sat for about five minutes before he thought it was safe to get up.
"How long have you been planning this?" Drew asked when he walked back in the bedroom. "I mean, you got me into the bathroom under false pretenses, you had the ass lube in the sink drawer …"
"Ever since you told me you wanted me to fuck you … and that you were into watersports."
"Just remember, paybacks are a bitch. But other than that, the next time, I want you to stay inside for both your first AND second piss. I want it all."
As Drew crawled into bed with his brother, Jared said, "Too bad we can't always get what we wish for."
"Whaddya mean?"
"I was kinda hopin' Dad would walk in."
"Yeah, I' kinda disappointed we didn't get caught, too."
"Be careful what you wish for, it might have been Mom, instead."
Nuzzling his nose into his brother's armpit, he said, "That wouldn't be so bad, would it?"
On the Monday following Thanksgiving, Harry floated into Coach's office, closed the door and twisted the blinds shut.
"Why do you do that?" Coach asked in an irritated tone.
"Do what?"
"Close the blinds every the time you come in here."
"Just to piss the other guys off. It aggravates them when they can't see what I'm doing. Besides, it gives them fodder for rumors."
"Well I hope those rumors don't end up getting me in trouble," the coach said, "especially in light of what I recently learned about you and your uncle's activities."
"Now that you mention it, one of the guys I know was wondering if you … um … you know, played around."
"Not with students and not on school property," Coach said. "I've made it a practice not to shit where I eat."
"You don't eat here." Harry said, looking around the room for signs of cafeteria trays.
"Working here … at the school … puts food on the table at home. It's the same thing."
"Oh, yeah, I see. So you would if it's not a student and not on school property?"
"It's been a long time since I've had to consider that possibility so I can't truthfully say if I would or I wouldn't."
"So what's on your mind … other than the limitations of my sex life?"
"Coach, I was wondering if I … and a couple of my friends … could use the gym after school the Friday before Christmas break since it's only a half day of school and everyone will be going home early … you know, the teachers and all."
Coach looked at Harry quizzically.
"We just need it for about an hour. We won't do any damage or do anything to get you in trouble. I … we all… promise."
"Does this involve the Three Musketeers from the Senator Peckerpacker incident?"
"How many more?"
"Just a couple cousins of Jared and Drew. I met them when I was over there for Thanksgiving dinner and they're good guys."
"Does this have anything to do with … um, sex?"
"Not anything," Harry said with a smirk, "it has everything to do with sex."
"What I mean is … will there be girls here?"
Coach looked at Harry thoughtfully. Then with a smile he said, "It has to do with sex but no girls, hmmmm, sounds kinda queer to me."
"Yep. Kinda queer. Not all of them are queer. They just want to be serviced."
"And you're okay with that?"
"Hell, I suggested it."
"You're just looking for sex? You're not looking for love?"
"I already have love. Cory and I will be living with each other as soon as I graduate. But love and sex are two different things. I don't have to love the guy I have sex with. Sex between guys is just for entertainment or to release sexual tension. Not like the way girls think. But I can have sex with the guy I love and it's just a small part of what makes us partners … there's love, respect, honesty, communication. Hell, I can have sex with a guy and never say a word to him but I'd never do that with my lover. When we're making love, I like to let him know I'm enjoying it."
"Too much information, thank you very much," Coach said with a grin. "But I suppose … to kinda help make up for all that stuff with the senator … I could …"
"That would be great, Coach!" Harry said, hoping to 'seal the deal' by making him think he'd already committed to something.
"Normally, I wouldn't be able to do this. If it were any other weekend, I couldn't but I'm thinking …"
"Maybe I can tell the janitor you and your friends will be organizing the locker room and inventorying the equipment because of the long Christmas break which begins that day. And we'll have to let the security guard know you'll be using the gym, too. In fact, before you leave, you'll have to let him know that you've locked up the gym."
"Okay, I promise."
"But absolutely NO DRINKING and NO DRUGS!"
"Promise." Harry said, truthfully.
It was a long agonizing month between the after Thanksgiving lunch at the mall and Christmas break before the four cousins and Trent could get together again using the plan Harry had devised. Each wanted it to happen sooner but each also knew it would be much better for them if they waited … which they did patiently.
In the meantime, Jared and his brother Drew had sex just about every night … perfecting their techniques, as they called it. Harry and Cory were still discovering new things about each other in their new–found relationship. Mark and his brother John continued to have sex, but it was 'just sex,' not any kind of 'loving bond' like their cousins Jared and Drew shared.
Trent, the odd man out, was also the luckiest. All he had to do was phone up either one of the three duos and he was assured of a good roll in the hay. On two different occasions he 'almost' gave up his butt–virgin status to his best friend Jared but on both occasions he chickened out. Even so, he was eagerly looking forward to the impending orgy.
The half day before Christmas break finally arrived and the morning passed surprisingly quickly for the four boys. Jared, Drew, Trent and Harry were waiting in the locker room for Uncle Cory to arrive before 'getting down to business' so to speak, so they all were still fully clothed when they heard the exit door close with a pneumatic whoosh. They all sported bright smiles of anticipation about what all they were going to do with him … and each other … over the next hour or two. The long wait was almost over. The cousins, Mark and John were going to arrive about a half hour later than Cory because Mark had to work a half day, too.
There was no masking their looks of surprise when two fellow students … lower classmen … rounded the far end of the row of lockers.
"What are you guys doing here?" Dylan asked suspiciously, seeing three of the school's star athletes being chummy with the class fairy in the gym locker room.
"Getting ready to inventory the equipment before Christmas break," Harry said.
"We're helping him," Drew said.
"Rumor around school is that you guys have gotten pretty tight recently," Trevor said, raising his eyebrows like he was leaving something unsaid.
"Yeah," Jared said, "Harry's uncle, some kinda senator or something, helped Trent's dad get back early from serving in the Middle East."
"High five to that," Trevor said to Trent, but didn't bother to raise his hand. Then looking at Harry he asked suggestively, "So, you help these guys out all the time?"
Ignoring Trevor's crude comment, Trent asked. 'What are you guys doing here?"
"Coach said we could work out with the weights for a while," Dylan said.
"Today?" Harry asked with disbelief in his tone.
Drew and Jared looked at Harry like he might have an explanation … which he didn't.
Although Trevor, the tall dark haired guy with an all–year–round natural tan looked like he had some muscle tone to him … for a sixteen– or seventeen–year–old … his friend Dylan didn't show any definition at all. If anything, Dylan's library paste white skin, platinum blonde hair, and ice blue eyes implied he was more of a bookworm than a gym rat. His smaller stature … at about five foot, four inches made him look more like a middle school student than a high school student.
How long do you plan to lift weights?" Jared asked.
"Maybe an hour."
"Um, could you make it a half hour? I mean, we're gonna have to inventory that equipment, too, once you're done."
"Yeah, I guess so," Dylan said, disappointed.
"So, is Harry gonna, you know, take care of you guys for helping him out and all?" Trevor asked.
"Whaddya mean?" Trent asked.
"You know. Give you a blowjob or something."
"I don't know," Jared said offhandedly, like he got asked that question every day. "We haven't discussed it. We're just helping him out because he's a good guy. If he wants to, he can. If he doesn't want to, that's okay, too."
"Really?" Trevor said, astounded at Jared's honest answer.
"But you won't know if he does or doesn't because it will be between us guys if he does," Trent said.
"Or doesn't," Drew added.
"Sounds like you guys have already been having sex with him," Trevor said.
"If we have, it will be our little secret. If we haven't, it doesn't matter anyway."
"Hi, guys," Cory said, rounding the end of the row of lockers, "sorry I'm late."
"Who's he?" Dylan asked suspiciously. Then turning to Cory, he asked, "Who are you?"
Drew spoke first. "Coach said we would have to have an adult present while we did the inventory and he couldn't be here so I asked my uncle to help us."
Looking at the unexpected duo, "Cory said, "Yeah, I'm the designated do–gooder. Who are you guys?"
"They're here to lift weights," Jared said.
"Oh. Well, if you're gonna do it, get to it. The janitor's gonna be here soon to clean the showers and you guys will have to be done and outta here before that."
Dylan looked at Trevor and shrugged his shoulders. "Still wanna do it?"
"For a little while," Trevor said.
"We'll start the inventory in the gym first," Cory said, jerking his head toward the double doors leading to the basketball court.
Dylan and Trevor headed down the second row of lockers to change into their gym clothes while Cory and the boys headed toward the gym. Harry grabbed the clipboard of inventory pages off the wall next to the coach's office. Cory ushered the boys into the gym while removing his shoes, indicating that he was going to remain in the locker room. He made sure the other boys could hear the doors to the gym slam shut before stealthily sneaking back, heading toward the far end of the rows of lockers where the boys would not expect to find anyone spying on them.
"Last week, when Coach caught us kissing in the shower room, I thought he said we would have the gym to ourselves this afternoon," Dylan said.
"No, he said, and I quote, 'The half day before Christmas break, you two should be able to enjoy yourselves in the gym after school without any problems."
"Well, I guess he was wrong. This is a problem."
"Maybe he was trying to tell us something," Trevor said.
"Like what?"
"Well, he must have known our kissing was leading up to sex,"
"So maybe he knew these guys were gonna be here and maybe he knew they wouldn't have a problem with us, uh, … like, you know … doin' it."
"That's a lot of maybes. Are you saying you wanna have sex with them here?"
"Dylan, it's Harry the Fairy. He's not gonna out us to the rest of the school."
"But what about the other guys, Jared and Trent … and that old dude?"
Cory bristled at the unkind reference but to a sixteen year old, someone twenty–six was probably an old dude. After all, I was out of high school before they ever showed up so they never saw me around campus. If we had gone to school together, like freshmen to seniors, maybe they wouldn't think of me as being so old.
"Can't we just go back to your place?"
"Mom's only working half a day, too. Something about the union negotiating a half day off on Friday to make up for Christmas Eve being on a weekend."
"So, ya wanna do it here and hope the guys will understand or do you wanna forget about it?" Trevor asked.
"We're here, we might as well lift some weights but I'll have to think about the rest of it for a minute."
"You never were one to be spontaneous."
From his hidden vantage point, Cory watched as the boys stripped. When Dylan got down to his briefs, he looked over his shoulder … toward the end of the row where Harry and the boys had made their exit … before taking them off. Trevor, the bolder of the two, just stripped and stood naked while waiting for Dylan. Even in white briefs, Cory could tell the boy didn't have a tan line. And the naked Trevor PROVED he didn't have a tan line … maybe just a slightly paler tan across the butt but certainly not white by any means. I wonder if that's hereditary or from sunbathing nude regularly? Cory thought.
Because Trevor was standing sideways, Cory could see his uncut cock arched out and down in a well–defined curve. I wonder if it straightens out when it gets hard. Since Dylan was facing Cory, so to speak, Cory was able see his cock plainly … because there was no pubic hair. Either he's a swimmer or a late bloomer. And the only display of color on the boy's body is his purple dick head.
"Get dressed," Dylan said in an irritated and urgent tone.
"Let's lift naked."
"We've both talked about how awesome it would be to lift naked. If the guys come back and we're lifting weights naked, maybe they'll offer to join us … like, maybe they'll get naked, too, I mean."
"Another one of your maybes."
"What's it gonna hurt? And we'll never get a better opportunity than this to lift naked."
"That was just fantasy talk after watching that video clip on the Internet. We can't really act on a fantasy," Dylan groused.
"Why not?"
Why not? Cory thought, too, hoping Trevor would convince Dylan into it.
"What about the old dude?"
Cory just about stepped out from behind the locker shielding him but restrained himself at the last moment. You boys are certainly not making any brownie points with me today.
"He's their uncle. He's gonna be pretty liberal with guys our age. Besides, I don't think he's that old. I mean, he not thirty yet, I don't think."
That's it, one more left handed compliment and I'm gonna whup some ass. Cory thought with a mental smile. Which just might turn out to be fun, too.
Even so, he quietly but stealthily retreated to the double doors to the gym. Easing them open only far enough to squeeze through and closing them quietly he approached his nephews.
"Not much to inventory in here, we're just about done," Harry said.
"Bad news, good news. Bad news, the boys have decided to lift weights.
"We already knew that. What's the good news."
"They're lifting naked."
"What!" all four boys shouted, the sound echoing throughout the empty gym.
"It seems your good friend the coach has offered you boys an early Christmas present."
"Whaddya mean?"
"From what I overheard, those boys are playing for OUR team," Cory said.
"You mean they're …" Jared said.
"Straight with perks?" Trent asked.
"The coach caught them kissing in the shower room, so I'm guessing they're more queer than steer."
"So are we gonna ask them to join us?"
"Let's play it by ear but hopefully, they will be the ones to ask us to join them. Let them think they're talking you guys into having sex with them."
"What makes you think they'll ask?"
"It sounds to me like they both want to have sex and going anywhere else today is out of the question."
"Oh," Jared said.
"Are the equipment cages still where they were when I was going to school here?" Cory asked.
"Yeah, I guess so. They've been in the same place the whole three years I've been here," Jared said.
"Good. Here's what we're gonna do. We'll each take a cage. Jared, you inventory football. Trent, you take the soccer equipment. Drew the basketball cage and Harry can do volleyball stuff. I'll take the track and field cage … not much to inventory in there anyway." Since the equipment cages are directly across from the old shower room which is now the weight room, we can watch them while we inventory."
"Great idea Uncle Cory," Drew said, eager to get a look at the two since he had never had gym class with either of them.
"But when we go back in there, don't stare at them. We don't want to make them feel uncomfortable. Act like it's something you see every day."
Going from the gym into the locker room area, Cory reached for the light switch.
Harry eased his hand away. In a whisper, he said, "The window wall becomes almost like mirrors when the lights are out. It gives the weight lifters a better opportunity to admire themselves.
The weight room, the newest addition to the otherwise old gymnasium, was constructed in the 'old' gang shower area after the new more modern shower room was installed. High up on the back wall, near the ceiling, windows were added to provide natural lighting. It also allowed the lower wall space to be used for heavy equipment that needed to be attached to the wall. Directly opposite that wall were floor–to–ceiling windows and glass doors that were installed across the original open air entrance to the showers to accommodate air conditioning.
"With the locker room lights out, you can still see through the window wall from inside the weight room but only if you make a concerted effort," Harry said knowledgeably. "Otherwise, it just looks like another bank of mirrors."
"Nice to know," Cory said.
"Let's take off our shirts," Drew said. "If they ask, we can tell 'em we got hot from working."
Before anyone could object, everyone but Cory had their shirts off. "Com'on Uncle Cory, it's a fuckin' locker room. You're supposed to be half naked in here!"
He needed no more coaxing. He slipped off his tie and shirt quickly, happy to be half naked with the boys. I'd rather be fully naked, but with Dylan and Trevor here, I better play it safe.
I'd rather be having sex but those guys in the weight room are cramping my style. Harry thought.
I don't care what Cory says, Drew thought, as soon as Mark and John get here, I'm gettin' naked and I'm gonna have sex … no matter what!
"Let's get this inventorying done so we can see if those guys wanna stay and play or go home with blue balls," Trent said, urgently.
Harry handed each of the boys a pre–printed inventory page off the clipboard. Each had the name of the cage in bold letters at the top and a list of what SHOULD be in the cage. A simple check mark or calculated number would complete the inventory. Grabbing some pencils off the sign–in desk next to the weight room, each of the boys headed to their respective cages.
From the vantage point of the equipment cages, all five guys could look over at the two weight room guys. Trevor, standing at the head of the bench press, was 'spotting' for Dylan. His long downward–curved cock was dangling right over Dylan's face. It appeared both boys were distracted and not really putting much effort into lifting weights. In fact, the barbell resting on the rack over Dylan's head showed he was only lifting 50 pounds and he was holding onto it more often than actually lifting it.
Every once in a while, Dylan would run the back of one hand up the inside of Trevor's thigh or Trevor would lean over the barbell to 'massage' Dylan's abdomen … like he was testing it for rigidity. Each time one would touch the other, the other's cock would jerk involuntarily. Each jerk caused their cocks to harden just a little more. Once, as Trevor leaned forward, Dylan stuck out his tongue and licked the tip end of Trevor's cock. That was the closest thing to having sex between the two that anyone was able to obseerve.
Although watching such a show was distracting it also spurred the boys into getting their tasks done quickly. Since everything was conveniently in racks, it was a simple task of counting the rank and file and multiplying (6 high by 5 wide = 30 basketballs). As luck would have it, Mark and John showed up just as they all five finished their inventories. Jared quickly explained to his cousins in a hushed whisper about Dylan and Trevor.
"So how are we gonna handle this?" Mark asked.
"I think I know," Cory said. "You guys strip down to your underwear before going in to inventory the weight room equipment. If they ask, just tell them you've worked up a sweat. Then I'll come in. Just go along with whatever I say and do, okay?"
"Okay," everyone agreed.
"Mark and John, nice to see you again," Cory said, extending his hand. "You two can wait here and walk in with me."
"Go," Cory said.
As expected the naked boys asked about the lack of apparel and as expected it was readily accepted the explanation.
"You guys just about done?" Jared asked.
"Umm, yeah, I guess we could be," Dylan said, raising his right leg up in an attempt to hide his plump–but–not–yet–erect cock.
Trevor nonchalantly tugged at his cock like he was checking to see if was still there.
Cory walked in … stark naked … with the two cousins who were fully clothed. "Guess who I found," Cory said.
"Who?" everyone asked, including Jared, Drew, Trent and Harry.
As Cory had anticipated, Dylan and Trevor stared blatantly at Cory's nakedness.
Looking down like he had forgotten he was naked, he said, "Oh, yeah, it got hot out there in the locker room so we all stripped down to our underpants but, since I go commando all the time anyway, well, I'm naked."
"Oh," Dylan and Trevor said. Both had cupped their crotches when they saw the two unexpected and fully clothed visitors.
"Don't be shy guys," Cory said. "I'm not. So, what were you two expecting to do in here today if we hadn't been here?" Cory asked?
"Well, it sure wasn't anything to do with lifting weights," Dylan said.
"Why not?" Jared asked.
"I've never lifted weights in my life. When I saw you guys here, I was surprised so I just made up an excuse as to why we were here."
"So if it wasn't weight lifting, what was it?" Cory asked.
"Well, umm," Dylan said, looking at Trevor.
"We've, umm, never done anything with each other before …"
"… but we were gonna, umm …" Dylan stammered.
"… try out a few things." Trevor said. "But, umm, you never did say who these guys are."
"Oh sorry, they're just a couple of guys I know who suck cock."
Jared, Drew, Trent's and Harry's mouth dropped open in astonishment exactly like Dylan's and Trevor's … just as Cory had hope, to maintain the ruse.
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