From chapter fifteen
"Oh," Dylan and Trevor said. Both had cupped their crotches when they saw the two unexpected and fully clothed visitors.
"Don't be shy guys," Cory said. "I'm not. So, what were you two expecting to do in here today if we hadn't been here?" Cory asked.
"Well, it sure wasn't anything to do with lifting weights," Dylan said.
"Why not?" Jared asked.
"I've never lifted weights in my life. When I saw you guys here, I was surprised so I just made up an excuse as to why we were here."
"So if it wasn't weight lifting, what was it?" Cory asked
"Well, umm," Dylan said, looking at Trevor.
"We've, umm, never done anything with each other before …"
"… but we were gonna, umm …" Dylan stammered.
"… try out a few things." Trevor said. "But, umm, you never did say who these guys are."
"Oh sorry, they're just a couple of guys I know who suck cock."
Jared, Drew, Trent's and Harry's mouth dropped open in astonishment exactly like Dylan's and Trevor's … just as Cory had hope, to maintain the ruse.
Chapter sixteen
"Hey," Mark said accusingly, "I thought you said these guys would be up for it."
"Yeah," John said, accusingly, too, "I don't see anyone 'up'."
"I think we need a designated fluffer." Mark said. "You want the job, Harry?"
"Sure," Harry said eagerly.
"Fluffer?" Dylan asked.
"Someone who keeps porn actors hard between scenes," Cory said.
"Or gets them hard for the next scene," Drew said.
"Who wants to go first?" Mark asked, stripping off his clothes to stand naked in front of everyone else … his fat seven inches swaying appealingly from the exertion. "I know I'm pretty old for you guys but I give great head."
"He's only 22," John said in his brother's defense. Then, stripping just as quickly to reveal an almost identical dick, he asked, "Anybody want a blowjob?"
Harry stripped off his underwear at the same time that he began kneeling in front of Mark to begin sucking him.
The other boys got naked just as quickly and began stroking their meat … to 'plump them up' a bit.
Cory said, "Trevor, which guy do you want to suck?"
"Hey, no freebees. You suck, then they suck. Fair is fair."
"What?" he asked in a tone of disbelief at what he heard.
"Okay then, hit the showers," Cory said pretending that he thought Trevor was protesting. "The rest of us are gonna have some fun before the janitor gets here."
"No, I mean, uh, okay," Trevor said, confused by the sudden real live sex show going on in front of him.
"Okay, I'll make it easy for you guys. The two D's, Dylan and Drew, 69," Cory said, more as a command than a suggestion. The two T's Trevor and Trent, 69." Then let's see. Jared and John, you get to pair up."
Hey, what about you?" Jared asked, since Cory was the only one not engaged in any sexual activity.
"Don't worry, about me. I'll find something to do." Ordering the virgins to start out by sucking someone else will give them more of a reason to suck each other later. After all, by then they'll already be cocksuckers and no reason to hesitate or make excuses.
Each pair found the position that worked best for them. Harry enjoyed being on his knees in front of Mark and occasionally looking up into his eyes. Jared and John were lying on their sides to 69 with this being the first time the cousins had sex together. Drew and Dylan chose to use the doggy–position top to the on–the–back position bottom to 69. Instead of 69'ing, Trevor had Trent sit on the weight bench so he could suck him, apparently expecting Trent to reciprocate later.
Seeing Drew's ass sticking in the air from his doggy–style position, Cory knelt down and started fucking his nephew for the first time ever. As he expected, Drew, in anticipation of this kind of activity, had generously lubricated his hole with motion lotion before getting dressed in the morning.
"Unngh!" Drew grunted at the unexpected intrusion.
Trevor looked over at him after hearing the startled sound. "Oh my god! Drew's being fucked by his uncle," he announced to the group.
"Hope you don't have a problem with that," Drew said. "I kinda like it."
"Uh, umm, no, of course not. But …"
"But what?" Cory asked.
Dylan answered for his friend, "It's incest."
"What can I say," Cory said. "Everyone here's family except Harry and Trent."
"Well, you and Harry are dating, so that's the same thing as family," Drew said.
"And as soon as Trent sucks Dad, that will make him family," Jared said.
"Oh my god! Your dad's gay too?"
"No. He's just got a huge fuckin' eleven inch cock that everybody wants to suck," Jared said before sucking John again.
"By everybody, do you mean you guys, too?" Trevor asked.
"Yeah," Cory answered for all of them.
"I wouldn't mind being FUCKED by it either," Harry said, giving Cory a quick glance to check out his reaction to the comment.
Cory wiggled his eyebrows lasciviously.
What about your mother?" Trevor asked.
"What about her?"
"Wouldn't she … I mean, doesn't she …?"
Trent gently cupped Trevor's head and eased it toward his erection trying to get him to start sucking and less talking.
"Oh, I understand," Jared, said. "Well, she seems to enjoy cupping Trent's cock and balls in her hands every chance she gets." He didn't bother to explain that it had to do with the flush burn incident.
Trevor stared at Trent's cock before committing to actually sucking a dick. Then he opened his mouth wide like he was going to take a big bite out of a Whopper and leaned in to put Trevor's cock in the cave created by his mouth.
I think he's afraid to let it touch his mouth, Trent thought. But I think I was the same way the first time so I'm gonna be patient with him.
"You guys are fuckin' freaks!" Dylan said. Then just as quickly he added wistfully "I wish I could be like that. I'd love to have sex with my brother. He's the hottest guy on the planet."
Once Trent's cock was in Trevor's mouth … with no part of his mouth actually touching Trent's cock, Trevor realized he was going to have to commit … and suck cock.
"Jared and I felt the same way but we never told each other. You need to talk to your brother about your feelings. Maybe he has similar feelings."
"But what if he doesn't?"
There's another way, to find out," Cory said. "One of us can offer to have sex with him to determine if he's willing. If he is, then you can get involved."
Once Trevor had the cock in his mouth and was sucking on it, he did it with enthusiasm. It was like he had discovered the joys of a guy's joystick. Although he couldn't suck the whole thing in his mouth, he made a valiant effort. Since he wasn't accustomed to sucking cock, he suddenly realized his mouth was producing a huge amount of saliva and he started making slurping noises.
Hearing Trevor making noises, the others stopped trying to be quiet about it … like they had to do at home … and there was soon a chorus of slurping sounds. And the unmistakable sound of Cory's cock rhythmically slapping in and out of Drew's ass acted as their metronome.
Jared and John were enjoying their first time together but Jared couldn't help but compare his cousin's cock to his brother's. Drew is more of a mouthful. I hate to admit it, but I think Trent's right. Drew is bigger than me, now. And the skin on John's cock is tighter. Drew's skin has some give and take. John's is so tight, nothing moves!
Drew on the other hand was evaluating Dylan's cock … and performance. Nice cock, not to big, not to small. But I can tell, Dylan's a cock–sucking virgin. I hope 'I' wasn't this bad the first time I sucked cock. But I'm not gonna complain. I mean, he's gotta be plenty scared with all these strangers in the room … even if we ARE all engaged in sexual activity.
But even while Drew was thinking about Dylan, Dylan was learning from Drew's more experienced mouth and he began doing to Drew what Drew was doing to him. It changed the way Drew was thinking and they both got down to some serious and enjoyable cock–sucking.
It only took about ten minutes before both Dylan's and Trevor's inexperienced jaws began to ache.
"Um, guys?" Trevor asked.
"Yeah?" everyone said in response.
"Are we gonna, you know, like trade off partners?" he asked, hoping to get an opportunity to suck and/or fuck his friend Dylan.
"Sure, you ready?" Trent asked, standing up so Trevor could sit on the weight bench.
"Yeah, that monster dick of yours is making my jaws ache."
"You should talk," John said, "Look at what I'm having to suck." Then he rolled Jared onto his back so everyone could see his massive size.
"Damn!" Dylan and Trevor said simultaneously.
"But I think Drew's is bigger," Dylan said, taking a moment from sucking to look at Jared's cock.
"One way to find out," John said, "Let's switch. I'll suck Drew and you can suck Jared and we can compare."
More used to partner–swapping than Dylan, Jared and Drew switched places without further discussion.
Good, John thought, this gives me a chance to suck both cousins. John was about six months younger than Jared and six months older than Drew, so he was eager to add these two to his 'stable' of guys his own age … even if they weren't married men.
Mark also took the opportunity to switch places with Harry so he could suck him … running his middle finger down Harry's ass crack in the process as an indication of what was to come.
Trent sucked Trevor's curved cock into his mouth and eased it down his throat effortlessly, thinking, The shape of this cock is just perfect for deep–throating. It's easier than Jared's or Drew's … or maybe it's because it's not as fat or as long. He also took a moment to evaluate the powder dry texture of the milk chocolate brown skin on Trevor's cock. I wonder if he's Middle–Eastern or Hispanic or something.
Crawling into the doggy position over Dylan, Jared said, "Sorry Uncle Cory, but I'm still a butt virgin. You're gonna have to find another hole."
"Harry's available," Drew offered.
"I can tap that tonight. How about you Trent? You wanna try?" Cory asked.
Trent had already admitted that he wanted to try to get fucked but he was hoping the first time would be by his best friend, Jared. However, he also knew Jared was way too big for a first time butt fuck. Cory's gonna be a whole lot easier to take up the ass than Jared or Drew. Maybe I should work my way up to the big boys. Apparently, successfully convincing himself, he said, "I'm a butt virgin, too, but we can try." Not wanting to sound too eager, he added quickly, "I mean, that's what this afternoon was supposed to be all about anyway… experimenting … right?"
"Trevor, how about if you stand in front of Trent while he rests his stomach on the Bowflex seat. That way, he can still blow you while I'm fuckin' him."
The three got into position and discovered that, because Trevor was long–legged, it caused Trent to have to crane his neck into an uncomfortable position. Trevor rolled the huge exercise ball out of the corner and sat on it in front of Trent's face … a perfect height for getting his cock sucked. And I can do stomach crunches at the same time, Trevor thought.
Once Trent was sucking on Trevor again, Cory began to ease his cock into Trent's asshole. Trent groaned out a high–pitched moan around Trevor's cock but didn't cry out. The moan began to sound more pain–filled but Cory didn't stop his forward motion because he knew he had to get the head in all the way before stopping.
Just as Trent's ass ring snapped down around Cory's shaft after the cock crown breached his hole, Trent reacted with an "Aggughrrh!" around Trevor's cock.
Trevor tried to distract Trent from the pain by shoving his long curved cock all the way down Trent's throat … successfully causing him to gag uncontrollably.
Cory waited until Trent's ass spasms ceased and he caught his breath before he said, "The worst part's over."
Since he had kept Trevor's cock in his mouth while catching his breath, Trent just nodded his head, like he understood.
As Trevor wiped the tears off Trent's cheeks, he said, "Sorry to make you gag but you needed a distraction."
Trent flinched but relaxed immediately when he felt Cory begin a sawing motion in his ass. He felt Cory's cock gaining depth with each new thrust. Maybe only a few millimeters at a time but he could feel his ass tunnel getting fuller and fuller. My god that hurt! But it's starting to feel good now. I can see why Harry and Drew like it so much. I still don't know if I'll ever be able to take Jared or Drew up my ass or not. I mean, they're huge compared to Cory. And Harry! Oh my god! He wants Marty to fuck him with his fat eleven–inch monster meat! Fuck!
Just then, Cory's cock head nuzzled Trent's prostate and Trevor just about lost his cock when Trent bit down a little too hard.
"Easy, cocksucker," Trevor said, in a friendly tone. I wanna use this tool to fuck you with later."
Oh my god, he wants to fuck me! He's almost as big as Jared and Drew. But if he can do to my prostate what Cory's doing to it, I'll take my chances. Damn that feels good! It's like someone's touching my balls with open wires from an electrical cord … but not as powerful. I can't stop my ass ring from twitching every time he does it. And this cock in my mouth … damn! I thought I was hooked on Jared's and Drew's cock but this fuckin' cock is just made for suckin'. It's a soft kind of erection that bends to fit in all the right places. Wow!
All the while he was fucking Trent, Cory was thinking, Wow! I can't believe I finally got my wish … to deflower a virgin. It's the most awesome feeling to know I'm the first … and hopefully not the last. I mean, I hope I'm doing a good enough job that Trent will wanna get fucked again … by others, and me again, too.
During the ensuing hour, everyone paired up with everyone else at least once until everyone had sucked each other. But so far, only Drew and Trent had been butt fucked by Cory. Almost as if they were all using the same brain, several of the guys said, "Anybody else willing to get butt–fucked?"
Mark, of course, knew his younger brother John would volunteer. Drew and Trent were being fucked even as the question was being asked.
Cory said, "I'm willing."
Trevor said, "Um, actually, that's what I was hoping I was gonna do to Dylan today."
"You wanna fuck me?" Dylan asked incredulously.
"Well, yeah!" Trevor said like it should have been obvious.
"But I was thinking …"
"I thought I would be the one fucking you."
"So let's make it happen!" the more experienced Mark and Cory said at the same time.
"I've got an idea." Cory said. "Dylan, you wanna go first … get fucked first?"
"Uh, well, yeah, I guess so."
"Good. Lay on you back on the bench press seat like you're gonna lift the barbell." Once in position, Cory said, "Raise your knees to your chest." Grabbing several sets of discarded underpants off the floor he stuffed them in the backs of Dylan's knees. "Mark, help me lower this down behind his knees."
"What!" Dylan shouted, but Cory had a firm grip on his feet so he couldn't move.
Mark and Cory gently lowered the 50 pound barbell into the bend of Dylan's knees as a kind of restraint.
"Now lift your legs to see if you can throw it off … but don't actually do it … just try."
"Yeah, I can do it … I think." Dylan said.
With a wave of his upturned palm from the general direction of Trevor's cock to the pivotal direction of Dylan's exposed butt hole, Cory said, "Have at it."
Wide eyed but eager, Trevor stepped up and, bending his knees slightly, was able to dock his cock with his friend's puckered hole.
"Go slow and stop if he tells you to. We're not here to rape anyone."
Then Cory walked over to the A–Frame rack that was designed to store the dumbbells when not in use. The smallest weights were on the top, obviously, with the heavier weights on the bottom. They were the rainbow colored ones so that each side had a matching pair of the same weight and color dumbbells. It looks like a freakin' gay pride flag,Cory thought as he removed one dumbbell at crotch level from each side of the rack. Then he leaned into the rack until his head was resting on the top dumbbell.
"Hey, John, why don't you get on the other side and we can get to know each other better while these guys plow us some new ass."
Mark stepped up behind Cory and said, "I've been admiring this ass all afternoon. Mind if I give it a try?"
"Don't mind at all."
Harry walked up behind John and began rubbing his ass cheeks. John turned and smiled agreeably.
Cory said, "I don't want to sound like a whore, but I'm hoping every one of you guys will get around to fucking me today."
"Well," Harry said, "it didn't work."
"What's that?" Cory asked,
"You still sound like a whore."
Seeing the smile on Harry's face everyone laughed right along with him.
Cory sighed contentedly as he felt Mark's fat cock begin its seven inch journey into his rectum.
John waited until Harry was fully lodged in his ass before he turned Cory's face toward him and began French kissing him.
With his cock still poised at his friend's ass portal, Trevor leaned down to get closer to Dylan's ear before whispering, "Umm, would it be okay if … um … I kissed you?"
"Oh god," Dylan sighed. "Every night before going to sleep and every morning when I wake up I make a wish that you would kiss me. Hell yeah I want you to kiss me."
"I've been doing the same thing … making that wish … for I don't know how long."
He had to duck his head under the crossbar of the barbell but he was able to reach Dylan's lips. As they kissed tenderly … the first guy either of them had kissed … Trevor slowly eased his cock into Dylan's hole. Because of the position, the barbells weighing him down put a strain on his ass ring so it wasn't as tight and Trevor was able to easily breach through.
An uncontrollable quiver coursed through both their bodies as they both felt the unfamiliar sensation of fucking and getting fucked.
Not to be left out for lack of space, Jared bent his best friend face down over the exercise ball and stepped in between Trent's legs.
"I'm glad you let Cory go first," Jared said sincerely. "As much as I would have liked to pop your cherry, I knew I was too big. You think you're ready for me, now?"
"I think I've always been ready. I just never wanted to admit it to anyone. Not even myself, until just recently. But, yeah, I want you to fuck me so hard your cum shoots out my mouth."
"Crude, dude," Jared said, surprised at Trent's enthusiasm. "I love it!"
Trent squeezed his eyes shut tight and gritted his teeth, preparing for the inevitable pain that accompanied the breach. But he also tried to relax from the waist down. He was surprised as hell when Jared's fat nine inches slid in as easily as the Queen of the Sea mooring at dockside. As Jared got into a comfortable rhythm, the ball began to inch across the floor with an audible squeak every once in a while.
To the casual observer, like the proverbial fly on the wall, the scene would have appeared to be a mutual admiration society. Everyone was looking at themselves in the wall mirrors … or maybe their partner … but they were all mesmerized by their own images. It's not every day one gets to watch themselves involved in hot porno action.
Everyone at one time or another admired Trevor's light brown ass cheeks as they dimpled on every inward thrust into his friend Dylan. As they clenched from the movement, they looked powerful enough to crack walnuts. The mounds were high and round and had an upper outward curve to them that looked like you set a cafeteria tray on them to eat lunch.
Jared and Drew were checking out the asses but they were also checking out the feet of everyone in the room. There were all types. Dylan's were probably the smallest, almost dainty looking. Mark's were strong and broad with really thick big toes. Trevor's were milk chocolate brown that turned pinkish white just before they rounded under to his soles.
With all the wall mirrors in the room someone should have seen the security guard standing in the doorway groping his crotch. However, they didn't and they all screamed a startled yelp when he said, "Is this a private party or can anyone just join in?"
"Only if you're hard and wanna fuck," Cory said.
"Who are you?" Trevor asked like the uniform didn't make it obvious.
"It looks like I'm the fairy police," the security guard said.
Does that mean you arrest fairies or you are a fairy who is also a policeman?" Trevor asked.
Seeing the security badge on his chest and the patch on his sleeve John said, "I love a guy in uniform, wanna get your cock sucked?"
"Can I do a little sucking, too?" Security asked amiably.
"By the way, are you married?" John asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"He likes having sex with married men," Mark said.
"From what I've observed," Trent said, "He likes having sex with any man that breathes."
"Hell," John said, "They don't have to be breathing … just still a little bit warm."
"Oh, gross!" Drew shouted.
Pointing to Dylan's upturned and recently violated ass, Trevor said, "Maybe you'll wanna come over here first and check for evidence of intruders."
Security sauntered over, chest out and pot belly sucked in as much as humanly possible … if only for a little while.
"Yep, looks like unlawful entry to me," Security said as he watched Dylan's starfish twinkle at him from his own natural internal juices.
"Actually, it was breaking and entering. I broke his cherry just now."
"Did ja now?" Security said. "Maybe I'll have to give this an in–depth investigation."
"How deep?" Dylan asked fearfully.
"About this deep," Security said, fishing his erection out of his pants.
It was about nine inches long but only as big around as a toothpaste tube.
"Oh," Dylan said. "Uh, yeah, I guess … um … you should. But just so you know, I'm not gonna be pressing any charges." Then he smiled impishly.
As Security slipped his cock in Dylan's ass, he said, "Hey, you didn't cum!"
"No," Trevor said. "Uh, we got rudely interrupted."
"Didn't mean to be rude," Security said, "but, damn, I was hopin' for a slip–n–slide fuck this afternoon."
"I don't think any of us have cum yet," Drew said, hoping to make Trevor feel better.
"I haven't," several of the other guys said.
Harry said, "Once someone's cum up my ass, I always get the uncomfortable feeling like I gotta take a dump. That's why I've been holdin' off."
Trevor moved over to begin fucking Cory, Mark began fucking Trent while John and Harry just switched places with John fucking Harry. While some were fucking, one or two others would go around and suck the ones being fucked. It worked especially well when Drew crawled beneath the dumbbells A–frame and began alternately sucking two guys. Because of the wide angle to the slant of the rack, however, he wasn't able to suck both at the same time.
After about fifteen minutes of cock–hopping … or ass–hopping … Cory said, Harry, lay on your back on the Bowflex seat. Drew, lay on your belly over the exercise ball. Were gonna do a round robin."
"How about if I fuck Dylan first," Drew said. "Then I'll lay down and each of you guys can take a rotation with both of us."
"Yeah," Harry said, "Good idea. I'll fuck Dylan, then I'll fuck Drew before I lay down for all of you to fuck me, too."
After Harry finished fucking Dylan for a short while, the others each took a turn. First it was Mark, then John followed by Jared, Trent Cory and Trevor again.
Since Security had already fucked Dylan, as soon as Drew laid across the exercise hall, be began fucking him. Once Harry was done fucking Dylan, Security relinquished his rights to Drew, giving him a chance to cool down a little before fucking Harry on the Boflex once he was in position.
"This is a hellava lot better than the Bowflex I've got at home," Security said.
"Why do you say that?"
"The only exercise I got out of it was taking it out of the box and setting it up. Once I got it all together, I lost interest in it."
"I've got a stationary bike in the garage I have the same attitude about," Cory said.
"Mine's a treadmill in the basement," Mark said. "Used it once or twice and lost interest in it."
"Why is it we spend all that money on equipment like that and then never use it?"
"I think it has to do with the ads. They make it look like so much fun. But once you get it home, it's boring," Security said.
"I bought mine because the guy demonstrating it was so fuckin' hot!" Cory said.
"Yeah," Harry said, "Cory thought the guy doing the ad came as part of the package deal."
If you guys are gonna start makin' a mess, I'll have to ask you to move this action to the shower room," the janitor said, startling everyone equally as much as Security had when he appeared out of nowhere.
"As soon as you're ready, we've got some prime ass for you to fuck, if you want," Cory offered.
"I don't mind watchin' but I don't participate," the janitor said.
"Why not?" Harry asked.
"Made it through this much of my life without it, I suppose I can make it the rest of the way without it."
"If you change your mind, we'll be in the shower room. And yeah, feel free to watch. Pull up a chair if you havta," Cory said.
"Hope you boys won't be here all that long. I wanna get home early today, what with it being a holiday and all."
"I think we can wrap this up pretty quickly once we're in the showers," Cory said, agreeably.
"Just don't go getting' them sinks pregnant. Make sure it all goes down the shower drain. Nothin; more disgustin; than havin' to clean nasty cum out of wash basin."
"Promise," everyone said simultaneously.
"Well," Security said, "I hate to fuck and run but I've got rounds to make. Enjoy."
Once everyone was in the shower room, Cory turned on several more shower heads than they needed to help warm up the huge room. Then he said, "How about a Conga Line, boys?"
"Huh?" Trevor and Dylan asked, but they immediately understood once Trent started fucking Drew and Harry started fucking Trent. Dylan joined the train by getting behind Harry to begin fucking him.
Cory took his place at the front of the line saying to Drew, "Turnabout is fair play. I fucked you. I guess you can fuck me."
Not willing to get fucked, yet, Trevor knelt in front of Cory and began sucking his cock.
The other two tops, Mark and Jared, 'threw rocks' to determine who would get to fuck Dylan. After the winner, Mark, got into position, Jared began rimming him.
"Damn, I wish I could get John to do that." Mark said dreamily.
"Maybe if you do it to him first, he'll get the idea."
"Maybe you're right."
Although porno stars make it look easy in the videos, trying to get six guys fucking with perfect synchronization is next to impossible. More often than not, one or two would pop out or forget to move with the right rhythm until, at one point, everyone started laughing at the futility of it.
Cory said, "On the outside chance of being called a whore, I was thinking."
"What?" everyone asked at the same time.
"Since you guys see each other all the time at school and I have to work, I was thinking maybe each of you could fuck me before we leave."
"'Can we cum up your ass?"' Trevor asked.
"That's what I was hoping for, yeah. I mean, we don't wanna leave a mess for the janitor to have to clean up."
"Can I go first?" Dylan asked. "My balls are achin' from a need to cum."
Trevor followed Dylan, rolling his eye up into the back of his head when he felt the warm cum of his buddy lubricating his cock. Mark and John deposited their loads before relinquishing Cory's ass to his nephews, Jared and Drew. Trent was sliding in and out with an impish grin on is face like it was the most incredible feeling in the world for him when the security guard reappeared.
As Trent dumped his load, he looked over he shoulder and said, "Just in time. We've got your Slip –n–Slide all primed and ready for you."
Being careful not to slip on the wet floor in his leather soled shoes, Security took his position behind Cory and began fucking with long nine–inch in and out stokes. He bent over Cory's back to get a better angle and said, "Somebody give me a cock to suck." Being the closest, and the only one not to have fucked Cory yet, Harry stepped up next to Cory's shoulder to get a blowjob from Secuity. Harry, after first asking permission, blew his load down Security"s throat as Security was blasting his load up the ass of Harry's boyfriend.
Everyone was toweling off and getting dressed when the janitor walked in. He went immediately to the sinks to inspect them.
"I'm taking all their loads home with me so we wouldn't leave a mess for you to have to clean up," Cory said, patting his ass.
The janitor just nodded his head like he had heard it all before.
As everyone was leaving, Dylan said to Cory."I guess Trevor and I have to apologize,"
"About what?"
"We didn't get out of the showers before the janitor got here like you told us to do," he said with a smirk.
"I guess that means you guys will have to pay a penalty."
"What?" both boys asked.
"I think Trevor's gonna have to give up his ass to you … at least once."
"We don't have anywhere to go."
"If it's okay with Harry, you could come home with us tonight," Cory said, looking at Harry for approval.
"You'll get no argument from me," Harry said. "After you've taken his cherry … if he's willing, I'd like to fuck that butt, too." Then to Trevor he said, "My god what an ass you've got on you! It's like it just sits there begging to be fucked."
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