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From chapter one
"Don't say queer."
"The boys aren't here. Besides whatever word you use, it doesn't change the behavior. If you call it a leopard or a jaguar, it's still a cat and it's still a man eater."
"Poor choice of an analogy," Carrie said.
With a satisfied smile Marty said, "Actually I thought it was pretty accurate for not having time to think about it."
"What I'm saying is, when we went over to play cards, he didn't jump your bones. Why would he start now?"
Maybe I can ask queer Cory how to handle Trent … and even Harry's blackmail threat. Marty said, "Okay, I'll go."
While Carrie and Marty were driving home from the game, Jared and Trent were in the locker room busting Drew's chops. Then Marty suddenly remembered Trent heading toward the locker room … where his young son, Drew, would be naked.
Chapter Two
As Drew pulled Andy's shoulder pads off over his best friend's head, Jared said, "Dude, you could have shared the glory a little earlier. What's the big idea of waitin' till the last ten seconds before passing to Andy to end the game?"
Trent's eyes were all over the locker room as each chest came into view, as each pair of tight pants were lowered to reveal jockstrap–clad asses or jockpouch–clad cocks.
"It was part of coach's strategy," Drew said as Andy reciprocated by helping him pull his shoulder pads off, too.
Jared unexpectedly captured Andy's neck in the crook of his arm and pulled his sweaty torso closer. "My man, here, could have fumbled it and that would have been all she wrote."
Andy was caught off guard and tumbled against Jared. He instinctively wrapped his arms around Jared's waist to catch his fall.
Trent watched, enviously, as Andy's arms encircled Jared—his best friend. Even so, he stepped aside a little so he was facing Jared … like he was talking to him … because it gave him a better opportunity to watch the guys entering and leaving the shower room. Damn we've got some hot looin' guys in our school and every one of 'em has a sweet piece of hangin' meat. I'd sure as hell suck any one of 'em if I knew Jared wouldn't find out.
"You've seen us practice," Drew said confidently. "Andy never misses anything I toss him—no matter how far away he is." Drew began peeling off his skin–tight pants. "Let go of him. We have to shower … Coach's orders."
Jared stepped away, releasing Andy from his headlock and looking with mock contempt at Andy's arms as they unfolded from around his waist. "Don't go getting all girly on me."
Tossing his jock in his locker like he was throwing a fastball across home plate, Andy pushed his way between Drew and Trent on his way to the showers.
Drew almost fainted as Andy's combined armpit and crotch odors hung like mist on a lake just under his nose. God I love his post–game stench. I wish he didn't have to wash it off. Hell, I wish I could bottle it up and spray it on me every morning like after shave lotion.
As Drew followed Andy into the shower, Trent glanced quickly at his best friend's younger brother's ass. Damn! Little Twerp's startin' to get a right nice ass on him.
Damn,Jared thought, both those boys have fuckable butts. If I thought Drew wouldn't find out, I'd fuck that little Andy till my dick fell off.
"Come on, let's go warm up the car. Don't want the boys to catch pneumonia," Trent said.
"I'll leave a note on Drew's locker," Jared said. "I'll meetcha out in the parkin' lot."
As Trent started out the door, Harry the Fairy came in. Both boys acted like they didn't know each other. Trent watched Harry walk—float actually—directly into the coach's office. He closed the door behind him and a moment later, the Venetian blinds were twisted shut.
Must be working on an A Plus, Trent thought. Oh well, as long as I get what I want from him, who the fuck cares what he does.
Jared wrote the note but spied Andy's jock bunched up in his locker. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, he lifted the crumpled material to his nose and inhaled deeply. Fuck that boy smells good! Just like a girl after she's had an orgasm in her panties. Putting the jock back where he found it, Jared stuck the note to the front of Drew's locker shelf where he would be sure to see it.
After leaving the locker room, Jared met up with Trent at the car. About the same time, Drew and Andy were toweling off and making their way back to their lockers—along with a half dozen other players. After reading the Post–It, Drew said, "They're warming up the car." He slipped on his Joe Boxers with the yellow smiley–faces on them—a gift from his mom so she HAD to see them in the laundry once in a while.
"Trent's planning on taking me home, isn't he?"
"Yeah," Drew said, watching Andy pull on his ribbed white briefs. They hugged his package like the peel on an orange.
"My house, not his, right?" Andy asked, a little fearfully.
"Yeah," Drew said, "of course. Why would you think he … "
In a whisper, Andy said, "Sometimes I think he looks at me … funny."
"Whaddya mean 'funny?' Funny like ha–ha?" Drew pulled on his jeans.
"No. Funny like … funny uncle."
Slipping on his A&F T–shirt, Drew said, "Trent? You're imagining things. He's Jared's best friend. I've known him for years. I think I'd know if he was queer. Chill, dude." While Andy pulled on his jeans, Drew thought, Shit! If I thought Trent was queer, I'd have him suckin' my dick morning, noon and night—at least until it fell off.
Harry left the coach's office, breezed past Drew and Andy without saying a word and left without so much as one leering glance at any of the guys.
"What's he got up HIS ass?" Andy asked as he buttoned his shirt.
"Half the team from what I've heard," Drew chuckled, looking around the locker room at his teammates, although he hadn't heard such an accusation at all.
Grabbing their coats in one hand and their school backpacks in the other, they raced to Trent's car. Piling into the back seat, Andy said, "Thanks for taking me home … uh … Dad was … I mean, is … working late."
Drunk in some alleyway, is more like it, Jared thought.
Fucking his secretary, Drew thought.
"See why I warmed up the car?" Trent asked. "I knew they wouldn't wear their coats. Next time, put your fuckin' coats on … it's wintertime."
"Back off, dude," Drew warned in an annoyed tone. "You can't order me around." Then with a snicker he said, "You're not my girlfriend."
Andy nudged Drew's side in the darkness of the back seat, pursed his lips and made silent kissy motions that looked more like floundering fish lips than kisses. Then he brought his fist up to his oval–shaped mouth, indicating Trent was a cocksucker.
Drew backhanded his best friend's biceps and shot him threatening eye daggers.
Even so, going along with his best friend, Andy said, "Yeah, you don't have a girlfriend, Trent, 'cuz you're too bossy."
"Hey!" Trent said angrily, "I'm the one offering the free ride, so just show some respect."
"Andy's just pickin' on ya 'cuz HE wants to be your girlfriend," Drew said.
This time, Andy backhanded Drew's biceps, disgusted at the thought.
"Girlfriends are a pain in the ass," Jared groused still upset about being dumped by Angela.
"Dude!" Trent chuckled, "If it's a pain in the ass, you're doin' it all wrong. You gotta flip 'em over and go in from the front!"
"Yeah bro," Drew said knowingly, "ass … back, front … cunt."
"You're not supposed to let 'em cornhole ya, Jared!" Andy laughed.
Andy and Drew high–fived—both saying, "Burn," at the same time.
"I'll cornhole YOU if you don't shut up," Jared threatened.
"You'd need a dick to do that, you pussy," Trent chortled, glancing with a smile at his best friend. Then he reached over the back of the seat, while continuing to drive, for a high–five from Drew.
"Burn!" Drew acknowledged.
"I've got a dick, cocksucker, and it's BIG, too!" Jared argued in defense to his best friend's accusation.
"If you've got a big dick, dude, you better spit it out 'cuz I'm about to cum in your mouth," Trent retorted.
Andy and Drew giggled as the older boys slung insults at each other.
Even so, recalling the concern Andy had voiced earlier, Drew wondered if Trent and Jared had ever exchanged hand–jobs … or blowjobs. Fuck! That would be so fuckin' cool to watch! Drew's dick started to harden.
At the same time, Andy was thinking, I wonder if Trent takes it up the ass? Maybe the way he looks at me is just his way of telling me he wants me to come on to him. Maybe he wants me to let him suck my dick or let me fuck him. Andy's cock began to plump.
It's not like anyone would have to know, both boys thought similarly. After all, it's not like we would advertise it like Harry the Fairy does.
"Andy, put your coat on. We're almost to your house," Trent said.
"It's not that far to the front door if you pull up in the driveway."
"You're not gettin' out of the car until you do. I don't want your mom to think I'm letting you run around half naked."
"No one's home," Andy argued.
"Either put your coat on or we'll strip you naked before letting you out."
"Like that's gonna happen," Andy said.
Trent hit the electric door locks. "The back doors are child–proof. You can't get out till I open 'em." Pulling into the driveway, he put the car in park, unbuckled and reached over the back of the seat.
"Hey!" Andy yelped.
"Strip him," Trent ordered. "Gonna teach the little fucker not to mess with ME."
Jared turned around to help, mischief in his eyes.
Trent grabbed Andy's crotch and a hand full of boy balls.
"You help, too, Twerp or you're next," Jared threatened.
Drew secretly wanted to join in the older guys' game but he didn't want to make Andy mad, so he hesitated.
"Stop, you guys!" Andy groaned as Jared started pulling off his shirt, threatening to pop some buttons in the process.
Trent copped a feel of Andy's hard cock before looking him straight in the eyes. "Put your coat on or I'll tell everyone at school," Trent threatened. He knew Andy didn't want the whole class to know he had gotten a hard–on in the backseat of a car full of boys.
"Okay! Okay! Jeeze!" Andy groused. "Let go."
"Tell everyone what?" Drew asked.
"Nothin'," Andy snapped.
"Your little girlfriend, here, got a hard–on from holding hands with you," Trent said mockingly.
"Asshole!" Andy said. "Unlock the door!"
"Say 'thank you'."
"For what? For groping me, you fuckin' faggot!"
"For driving you home without asking for anything in return. For trying to teach you that seventeen–year–olds aren't impervious to the flu. For being a friend when … "
"He's right," Drew said. "If you got the flu, you'd miss practice … and next week's game. Dude, it's the grudge match of the millennium!"
"Of the decade, maybe but not the millennium. That's a thousand years … " Jared argued.
"Oh, all right! Fuck it!" Andy shouted. Then, struggling into his coat and with diabetic sweetness he said, "Thank you for looking out for my best interest."
The door locks released with a "click" and Drew got out.
"Later, dude," Drew said.
As he half–heartedly waved goodbye, Andy said under his breath disgustedly, " … and thanks for groping me, you faggot."
Trent waited until after Andy was safely in the house before he left.
As Trent backed out, Jared asked, "He didn't really have a hard–on, did he?"
"Yeah he did."
"What were you two fruits doin' back there, anyway?" Jared accused his brother.
"Nothin'! It was all that sex talk!" Drew whined.
"Oh my god! Twerp's got a hard–on, too!" Trent deduced.
"Do not!"
"Do too! Grope him, Jared. I'll bet he's got a boner right now."
"I'm not gonna grope my own brother!" Jared shouted. "You do it."
"I'm drivin'."
"Have you got a boner?" Jared asked as he looked over his shoulder at his younger brother. "Right now?"
"No!" Drew denied too vehemently.
"You better be tellin' me the truth," Jared threatened. "When we get home, I can check for wet spots in your shorts. If you're lying to me, I'm tellin' the folks you were messin' around with Andy on the way home."
"He's hard," Trent said, convincingly. "All that cock–sucking and cornholing talk got to him. He probably wants to give it a try with his little boyfriend."
"Do not!" Drew said, even as he thought, Fuckin' A!Hell, I just want to feel anyone's hand on my cock other than my own.
"Well," Trent said, "you COULD do worse."
"Whaddya mean?" Drew asked warily, thinking he was being baited.
"The little dude has a big dick for his age."
Drew wondered, Bigger than mine … when it's hard?
Jared thought, I wouldn't have minded copping a feel of that cute kid.
Trent thought, Even bigger than MINE when it's hard! Shit!
"You've really got a hard–on?" Jared asked in disbelief.
"I can't help it. It just happens."
"Let me see it," Trent said, almost like an order.
"No way!" Drew objected.
"Unwrap it or I'll let you out right here."
"Jared," Drew whined, seeking his brother's support.
"What the hell you want to see my kid brother's dick for?" Jared challenged his best friend. After all, Jared thought, family comes first.
"To prove to you I was right."
"He already admitted it," Jared challenged.
"Fine, then don't," Trent said. "I'll just tell your folks I don't want to give you any more rides home 'cuz you get boners in my back seat.
"Whatcha being so queer for?" Drew whined. "I didn't do nothin' to you."
Hearing that Drew was near to tears, Trent chuckled "Hey, Twerp, can't a guy have a little fun with ya? I'm just kidding. I'm not gonna tell your folks."
"Yeah," Jared said, coming to his best friends defense—like always. "He was just messin' with ya. Like, he and I were just jokin' around about all that cocksuckin' and conholin' shit. It don't mean nothin'."
"Why's it always gotta be me who gets made fun of … all the time?"
"Besides," Trent argued, "why the hell would I wanna see some dude's dick?"
"Especially some younger dude's dick," Jared said. "Trent's not a priest, ya know!"
"And you're sure as hell not a choirboy," Trent added with a chuckle. Then, seriously, Trent said, "By the way, Twerp, that was a great pass you threw tonight. If I had arms like that, I'd have 'em insured."
"Thanks," Drew said, flinching from the name 'Twerp' but basking in the accolade.
"Yeah," Jared said, "he builds up the strength in his right arm every night in bed." Then he made a jack–off motion.
"Fucker," Drew groused, wondering if his brother had actually caught him jacking off or if he was just joking.
As Trent pulled into The Pizza Palace parking lot, he said, "I'll wait here."
"Me, too," Drew said sullenly.
"Be right back," Jared said.
"It'll be at least twenty minutes," Trent said.
"Mom said she'd phone it in. All I have to do is pay for it and pick it up."
"K," Trent said. "We'll be here." After Jared went inside, Trent half–turned in his seat. He said, "Drew, you know I was just kidding, right?"
"Yeah, whatever."
"I'm serious. I like messin' with ya. I consider you my friend."
"Really?" Drew asked disinterestedly.
"I only make fun of people I like."
"That's heartwarming," Drew said caustically.
"I'm serious. You ever hear me make fun of Harry? No! 'Cuz I don't like him. But you and me … and even Jared … can make fun of each other and we know we're only kidding. Right?"
"Yeah, I guess."
"So … ya gonna show me that hard–on?"
"Trent!" Drew pleaded. "Don't! I mean, … there's this guy at school who's already saying you're queer. At least he thinks you are, so … "
"Who?" Trent asked with more fear in his tone than anger.
"I don't wanna say, but … "
"Dude! You can just tell him for me," Trent said angrily, "that's a lie." Trent knew Harry wouldn't say anything about their little 'arrangement.' Even so, he wasn't comfortable knowing there was someone out there spreading rumors about something they knew nothing about.
"Well, groping Andy tonight didn't help matters any," Drew accused.
"It was an accident! I was goofing with him and my hand touched his junk, that's all. In fact, I'm not sure the little cocksucker didn't deliberately push his crotch into my hand, hoping to get a cheap thrill."
"He's not a cocksucker," Drew defended.
"Drew, if I were queer, I'd tell you. I promise. Shit! I'd even offer to blow YOU if I were. You're cute enough. But I'm not. I'll tell you what. If I ever turn queer, you'll be the first one I'll tell. Agreed?"
"Why would I want to know … or even care?"
"I'm just saying … "
"Yeah yeah," Drew said dismissively, feeling his cock quiver at the thought of Trent blowing him.
Jared rushed across the parking lot with three large pizza boxes.
Trent powered down the back window. "Set 'em on the back seat, will ya, Drew? I don't want 'em fogging up the windshield." Drew took the boxes from his brother.
Since they were only two blocks from the house, all Jared had time to say was, "Mom said to come in and eat with us."
"No, that's okay," Trent declined, pulling into the driveway.
"She insists."
Trent looked back at Drew to see how he felt about it.
"You know Mom," Drew said. It was his way of telling Trent he wasn't holding a grudge.
"Besides," Jared said, "if you eat with us, maybe they'll let us share a beer."
Turning off the car, he said, "If I pass out, don't take advantage of me."
"You can't rape the willing," Jared said.
"Is it considered rape when you're the class whore?" Drew asked with a chuckle, hopefully patching things up between the two of them by 'burning' Trent.
"You'll have to ask your brother about that distinction. He wrote the book on it," Trent countered, involving Jared like it was to be expected.
"Burn!" Drew high–fived Trent.
They were laughing easily as they went inside. Carrie had snack trays set up in the family room with paper napkins and plastic knives and forks that were ineffectual against Pizza … the crust was usually stronger than the knives could cut and the tines of the forks broke when you tried to spear it. Besides, pizza is finger food.
Before letting the boys open the first box, therby allowing all the heat to escape, she asked, "Milk or soda?"
"Mom," Jared asked with saccharin politeness, "can we split a beer?"
"It's okay with me if it's okay with your dad."
"Dad?" Jared asked, knowing his father ALWAYS said yes.
He hoped by saying 'no' he could get Trent out of the house sooner. He didn't want the newly discovered cocksucker NEAR his sons, so Marty said, "No, you can't drink and drive."
"It's not even one whole beer, Dad," Jared argued, surprised by his dad's answer because he always professed he wanted his boys to grow up to be MEN!
"I'm not gonna be responsible for … "
"Fine! He can spend the night. You can sleep over, can't you?" Jared said.
"Uh … sure. I just gotta phone the 'rents."
Realizing Jared had called his bluff and he needed to engage 'damage control' mode, Marty said, "I'll tell you what. Stick around for an hour after you finish your beer and … uh … I guess it'll be all right."
"All right!" Jared said, pulling his fist down through the air with a silent 'KaChing' motion.
In the kitchen, Carrie got out three beer glasses while Jared got the beer. "I think Drew should have some, too. After all, he caught the winning pass."
"Tying pass, Mom. Andy caught the pass that Drew threw to him for the win."
"Well, I knew Drew had something to do with us winning."
"Even so, I think you're right, too," Jared said, thinking, A three–way split doesn't leave much beer for any of us.
"Better grab two beers, then. Split 'em evenly between the three glasses."
"Thanks, Mom," Jared said, thinking, How does she always know what I'm thinking?
Carrie grabbed two more beers for Marty and herself. "Need any help?"
"Got it," Jared said, balancing all three glasses in one hand like a well–trained bartender.
The aptitude for this did not go unnoticed by his mother who wondered how often he performed that sort of skill—and at whose parties.
Marty was setting the TiVo to record the late night news. "Just in case the local sports report caught that touchdown on tape," Marty said proudly.
"He really looked good out there tonight, didn't he?" Trent said.
"Whaddya mean by that?" Marty asked accusingly.
Jared looked at his dad, bewildered by his attack–like tone.
"If he keeps this up, he could get a college scholarship," Trent said proudly, as if Drew were his own brother.
"Oh," Marty said a little ashamed of himself for thinking Trent meant anything sexual by his comment, But still, Marty thought, I know what I saw him doing in the parking lot.
"So, you gonna spend the night?" Carrie asked.
Marty shot eye daggers at her but immediately realized she didn't know what he knew about Trent.
"Marty and I are gonna go see Cory tomorrow, so you guys will have to behave but you're welcome to stay."
"No, you've only got two twin beds," Trent said, casting a quick stealthy glance in Marty's direction for his reaction.
"The two of us could sleep down here in the family room," Jared said. "That way, Twerp won't be put out of his bed."
"I'm not sure," Marty started to object, thinking that the two of them on a separate level without adult supervision would lead to … something!
"We could all sleep down here," Drew said, looking at Jared for some sign of younger–brother acceptance.
"Sure, that would work," Jared said. "We could roast marshmallows in the fireplace."
"And make S'mores," Drew gushed a little too childishly.
At first, Marty flinched when he thought about Trent sleeping in such close proximity to Drew—his youngest. Then, just as quickly, he thought it might be a good idea to have a third guy in the room … to kinda keep any chance of hanky panky out of the equation. His third thought, on the heels of his second was less well–thought out. "I can sleep down here with you guys, too. It'll be like when we all used to go camping."
"Dad," Jared laughed, thinking he was joking.
"Dad!" Drew cried, thinking he meant it and that he would spoil their fun. It was the first time Drew had been included in a Jared/Trent endeavor in a long time—and the first EVER as an equal.
"Great idea, Mr. G." Trent said. "I kinda miss my dad and it'll be awesome to hang with ya again."
"Miss your dad?"
"I told you," Jared said. "His dad was sent to Iraq three months ago."
"No you didn't," Marty argued.
"Yes he did," Carrie said. "We were at the Cranston's pool party. They threw it for Trent to help lift his spirits. You HAVE to remember that!"
"I remember the party but I don't remember anything about your dad going to Iraq."
"In Dad's defense," Drew said, "he WAS kinda drunk at the time."
"Kinda?" Jared coughed. "He puked in the freakin' hot tub!"
"I remember THAT!" Marty said. "I just about drowned!" Turning to Trent, Marty said, "I'm sorry to hear about your dad. But uh … could I see you … outside … for a minute?"
To be continued:
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