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From chapter two
"I told you," Jared said. "His dad was sent to Iraq three months ago."
"No you didn't," Marty argued.
"Yes he did," Carrie said. "We were at the Cranston's pool party. They threw it for Trent to help lift his spirits. You HAVE to remember that!"
"I remember the party but I don't remember anything about your dad going to Iraq."
"In Dad's defense," Drew said, "he WAS kinda drunk at the time."
"Kinda?" Jared coughed. "He puked in the freakin' hot tub!"
"I remember THAT!" Marty said. "I just about drowned!" Turning to Trent, Marty said, "I'm sorry to hear about your dad. But uh … could I see you … outside … for a minute?"
Chapter Three
Marty waved his hand toward the back patio and followed Trent out.
"What's up, Mr. G?" Trent asked concerned.
"Before I allow you to … spend the night … with my boys … I gotta tell you … I saw … " Marty gulped air, hoping he would be able to confront Trent without smashing him in the face.
"Saw what, Mr. G?" Trent asked airily, not knowing why Marty was talking to him so hesitantly.
"I saw you … " Marty wanted to say 'blowing Harry' but instead he said, " … you and Harry … earlier tonight … in the parking lot."
Trent's jaw dropped and it was his turn to gulp air before he pleaded, "Mr. G. I can explain."
"I don't want you to explain. I don't want to hear one word about … what went on but I'll warn you, leave my boys alone."
"Mr. G."
"I'm sorry to hear about your dad and for that reason, I'm not gonna forbid you to see my kids. But any time you're with them, there better be a responsible adult there, too. Understand?"
"It's not what you think!"
"It doesn't matter what I think. I know what I saw."
"But I can explain."
"For now, just pretend nothing happened out here. I don't want the boys to know … what I know. Joke and kid around like you always do but … don't … "
"Never, Mr. G." Trent pleaded. "You gotta believe me. Never! Those guys in there mean more to me than my own life. I'd never do ANYthing to fuck up their lives. Honest!" As soon as he heard himself say the word 'fuck' he regretted it.
Marty wanted to hug Trent out of pity for his dad's situation but wanted to punch him out for being a cocksucker, too. Ignoring Trent's slip of the tongue, he put one hand on Trent's shoulder "For what it's worth, I really am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he gets home safely."
"Mr. G."
"If the boys ask," Marty interrupted, "tell 'em we were planning a surprise party for Carrie. Our 25th anniversary's coming up and I'm pretending I don't remember. Now, let's get inside. I'm freezin' my nuts off." As soon as he said 'nuts,' Marty regretted making a sexual reference and hoped Trent would ignore HIS slip of the tongue.
Jared and Drew had the sleeping bags spread out on the floor, the fire in the fireplace was ablaze and a giant bag of marshmallows was on the coffee table—far enough away that they wouldn't melt.
"You boys have a good campout," Carrie said. "I'm going to bed … where it's comfortable and quiet. Try not to burn down the house."
"Dad's the one who likes his marshmallows well done," Jared said.
"Yeah, the blacker the better," Drew said.
Kissing Carrie goodnight, Marty said, "I definitely want to go with you tomorrow to see Cory."
Smiling and assuming her husband was finally accepting the fact that Cory was the same guy he had always been, Carrie said, "Good. It will mean a lot to him."
Marty smiled as he thought, He's gonna help me figure out how to get Trent out of my kids' lives.
"Mom said we don't have the fixin's for S'mores," Drew said after Carrie went upstairs. "She said it would be too messy to make 'em indoors anyway."
"That's okay," Marty said, "we can still toast marshmallows. Let's look in the kindling basket for some sticks to use."
The four of them sat on the floor sorting through the longer twigs and branches looking for ones that had two prongs at the end. Drew found one but Marty overruled his choice because it wasn't from a hardwood tree.
"Here," Trent said, handing Drew the one he found, "we can share."
As the 'Father Protector,' Marty's anger ruffled but he didn't say anything because he remembered he told Trent to act like nothing had happened. I better take a dose of my own advice and act natural. As long as I'm here, he can't do anything queer with my boys.
Drew sat cross–legged in front of the fireplace. Jared sat on the left of his brother while Trent sat next to Jared, so Marty sat to the right of Drew at the opposite end from Trent. As the heat warmed their fronts, Jared skinned out of his T–shirt, wiped each of his armpits and tossed it over his shoulder where it landed on one of the sleeping bags. A little later, Drew did the same thing. When Trent did it, Marty decided he should join them or his sons might pick up on the fact that a strained relationship had formed between Trent and him.
"We can skin down to our skivvies," Jared said. "Mom's upstairs."
"She's seen all of us in our underpants, anyway," Drew said. "Even naked, back when we were camping."
"But we were younger then," Trent said, recalling a few of those trips when he had been invited along.
"Hey, how come we stopped going camping?" Jared asked, standing long enough to shuck off his jeans.
God what an ass Jared's got. Those boxer briefs cling like sticky paper to his ass crack, Trent thought, admiring the view from the back.
"As I recall," Marty said, "when you started to mature, you said you were too embarrassed to camp out with your mom." My boy sure looks good in those tight boxers. It's like he has no shame sporting such a big bulge, He must take after his ol' man!, his dad thought as he admired the view from the front.
"Oh yeah," Jared said, remembering that morning he woke up in his tent with a mini–tent in his briefs just as his mom peeked her head into the boys' tent to tell them it was time to get up. That's when I decided to switch from tight whites to boxers.
"Party pooper," Drew groused as he, too, jumped up to shed his pants. "I loved camping." Then, looking down at his own baggy boxers he thought, That's why I don't wear boxer briefs. They're too revealing but I'm glad Jared switched to boxer briefs after he started dating.
Feeling like he needed to conform, Marty remained seated but took off his pants by lifting his butt off the floor. Forcing a smile, Marty said jovially, "Lose the drawers, Trent, this ain't no bachelorette party." He hoped his attempt at humor would make Trent feel like it was okay to be himself.
"I don't know, Mr. G. All that chest hair is pretty intimidating. I feel like a little kid next to you." Without thinking, his right hand passed erotically over his hairless left nipple.
"With what you got hangin' between your legs," Jared said, "you can't be mistaken for a kid."
"Or even intimidated by Dad, I bet!" Drew said.
Marty bristled until he remembered the boys had gym classes together.
"Yeah, I guess you're right but I'm not planning on taking my under drawers off to prove it." Even so, Trent stood and turned his back to the others before skinning out of his jeans.
In a singsong tone Drew sang, "Trent's got a boner."
"Drew, be nice," Marty scolded out of parental habit.
"Well he does," Drew argued. "Otherwise, he wouldn't be hiding it."
"So what?" Jared said defensively. "We all get boners. We already had this discussion, remember? All young guys get boners. Do you still get boners, Dad?"
"Often enough to remember what one looks like," Marty said.
When Trent realized he had to face the guys before he could sit down again, he turned toward them. His cock forced his white ribbed briefs out obscenely.
"Jesus! Sit down, dude, before you poke my eye out," Jared said,being the closest one to him.
Seeing how big Trent's tent was, Drew said, "Or mine!" He leaned away from Trent, almost falling into his dad's lap as he pretended he needed the extra distance to keep from being poked in the eye.
Marty put one hand under each of his son's armpits to deter him from falling over. After righting the boy, his hands came away moist with teen perspiration.
As Trent flopped into place, he adjusted his package to keep it from getting bent out of shape and held out his hand. "Can I have another marshmallow?"
All the activity caused a shift in the air hanging near the fireplace and Drew smelled a mixture of crotch, armpit and foot odors as Trent's and Jared's scents combined to waft under his nose. He threw a boner in his tight whites but didn't try to hide it because it would just draw more unwanted attention to it.
They toasted their way through the bag of marshmallows until there was only one left.
"Dibs on the last one," Jared called.
Drew grabbed it and mischievously tucked it in the front of his milk white briefs.
"No fair!" Jared complained. "I called dibs."
"I did all the work," Drew challenged.
"You passed the mother–fuckers out, that's all." Jared said.
Drew's eyes widened when he heard Jared cuss in front of their dad. He knew Jared was really pissed so he reached in his pouch, pulled out the marshmallow and openhandedly offered it to his brother.
"I don't want it now!" Jared said. "Jesus … that would be like … "
"Like what? It's just a marshmallow," Drew asked innocently.
"But it's been next to your dick. Eating that would be the same as … sucking your cock!"
"It would not!" Drew whined.
"Calm down, boys," Marty consoled. "And, Jared, it wouldn't be the same … " He couldn't bring himself to say 'sucking his cock,' " … so if you want it, eat it … "
"Gross, Dad!"
"If you don't, I will," Marty warned, just to prove to his son that it wouldn't be the same.
"Nuh, uh," Jared disagreed.
Marty grabbed the marshmallow and popped it in his mouth to teach his son a lesson. Along with the powdered sugar taste, there was a salty sweat taste that he wasn't expecting and he coughed.
Drew threw himself across Jared's lap with the back of his head in Trent's lap, screaming in mock horror, "Look out! Dad's gonna puke!"
Remembering the hot tub incident, they all leaned away from Marty and as Drew giggled, he rolled slightly. Jared instinctively held him in place so he wouldn't end up in the fireplace. In so doing, his hand landed on his brother's hard–on. Neither one wanted to acknowledge the awkward situation so they said nothing.
Just as the giggling died down, Marty picked a hair off his tongue and said, "More protein than I needed."
Another round of laughter ensued, but as Drew's head rolled from side to side, he felt Trent's hard–on rubbing against the back of his head.
"It's gettin' late, boys, let's get into those sleeping bags."
"I'm too hot. I'm just gonna lay on top of mine," Jared said.
"Me, too," Drew said, secretly glad his brother suggested it. Once everyone's asleep, I can sniff Jared's stinky crotch! Maybe I'll sniff Dad's, too, just to see if he and Jared smell the same. As he crawled onto his sleeping bag, he stealthily slipped the discarded sweaty T–shirts underneath it. Save these for my early morning pick–me–up.
Jared laid down with his feet toward the fire, so Drew laid down next to him.
"Why don't you take this one," Marty said to Trent, pointing to the sleeping bag farthest from his sons. Then he pulled the chain mail safety curtain across the front of the fireplace while he searched for a reason to separate them. "It's newer and … uh … more comfortable."
Knowing this had to do with Marty's earlier admonition, Trent cheerfully said, "Hey, thanks but you don't have to treat me like company." Even so, he lowered himself down as Marty protectively took his place between Trent and Drew. The room got quiet in just the glow from the fireplace embers. When the excitement died totally, Drew asked, "Can we go camping again next summer? This was fun."
"We'll see," Marty said.
Nothing more was said. As it turned out, Drew fell asleep before any of the others so he didn't get to perform his sniff comparison test. As the fire died out and the room chilled, Jared rolled over in his sleep toward his brother. He ended up draping his arm over Drew's chest and his knee over his crotch. As the heat rose to the ceiling, it got cooler on the floor, so Marty instinctively rolled onto his side and moved closer to Drew, too. Later, but unknown to Marty, he was being spooned by Trent who was also attempting to conserve warmth.
When daylight shimmered through the windowpanes, Drew awoke to realize he was trapped. Without even looking, he knew his morning woody was pinned beneath his brother's thigh. The least little movement on his part caused his cock head to swipe erotically across his lightly–furred belly. He feared he would squirt if he tried to dislodge himself before he removed his brother's leg from its perch.
Drew also felt his dad's morning hard–on pressed against his hip. It feels huge! Bigger than mine OR Jared's, Drew thought. Turning his head slightly, he saw Trent spooned to his dad's back. Oh, fuck! I'd hate to be Trent when Dad wakes up. I'm sure he won't be happy to have a cock lodged in his butt crack.
As if reading Drew's thoughts in his sleep, Trent rolled away. His hard–on poked out the top of his waistband and about two inches of his shaft was visible. Moments later, apparently realizing he had room to move, Marty rolled onto his back with a snort, although he remained asleep.
To Drew's surprise, his dad's cock had worked its way through the fly opening of his boxers and was aimed directly up his fur–covered belly toward his chin. He had seen his dad's cock, momentarily, on several occasions but never hard. That fucker must be … ten … eleven inches.
Just then, Jared began fuck motions against his other hip. He felt his brother's hard–on rubbing the material of his underpants causing the mayterial to rub against his own hard–on. He knew there was no way he could keep from shooting his load. He dreaded it as much as he looked forward to it. He closed his eyes and visualized sniffing his dad's bare cock … and maybe even licking it, he thought.
Rolling away at the very last moment before Drew cummed, Jared groaned and momentarily felt his erection through the material of his boxer briefs. Apparently, assured his package was still there, he fell back into a deep sleep.
Oh man! Gotta cum, Drew thought. With a devilish grin, he crept onto his knees, turned toward Jared and began jacking off. It only took three pulls before he was spurting cum all over the fly front of his brother's underwear. He'll wake up thinking HE did it.
After the last drop oozed out, Drew turned slightly, bent at the waist and sniffed his dad's cock. It jumped like it was trying to cum but it wasn't even leaking pre–cum. Starting at the base near the balls that were still hidden beneath the cotton material of the boxers, Drew inhaled deeply. To his delight, a potpourri of aromas tantalized his nose. Ball sweat, he thought a little bleach–like smell—that must be dried cum–––mmmm, and funky butt crack!
Just then he heard the upstairs toilet flush. He scrambled to his feet, bounded over to the far side of Trent and crouched down near his crotch. Again, he took a big whiff. Different, cleaner, younger, Drew thought. Baby powder. He smells like baby powder! Moving quickly to his houseguests' armpits, he sniffed again. Oh yeah, man stink. Not gross! Just that sweet day–old man stink! I think he uses a stick deodorant. He's got a waxy smell.
Hearing his mother's footfalls coming down the stairs, Drew started to grab his bed roll but quickly changed his mind. Instead, he laid down and closed his eyes to slits so he could watch her expression. As she crept into the room, her smile widened.
Ohmigod! If Marty knew he was poking out, he'd be so embarrassed! Carrie thought. Turning to Drew, she passed over him on her way to Jared where her expression changed to wonderment. The boy's cum all over himself!
Trying to read his mom's expressions, Drew thought, She was appalled that Dad's cock was out but not shocked, so he must "fall out" in his sleep a lot. She passed right on by me 'cuz I'm not showin' or sportin' wood. But Mom's concerned about the mess Jared made of his underpants—well, me really, but she doesn't know that.
There's no way that much cum could have gotten on the outside of Jared's underpants unless he had his dick out. Carrie thought. Judging by how hard it is inside those tight boxers … and it's not getting soft … that means he hasn't cum … so SOMEone cummed ON him. Stepping softly around Marty, Carrie took a closer look at Trent. The dude's nicely hung, I'll give him that! But he's hard, too, so it must have been Drew who made the mess.
Mom's checkin' out Trent! Drew thought. How cool it that? I'll bet … if Dad wasn't so huge and … so satisfying, I guess … Mom would consider fuckin' Trent, even if he IS half her age.
Carrie crooked her finger at Drew in the "come with me" curl.
Drew pretended to be asleep, trying desperately not to blink or move his eyeballs.
Carrie put her fists on her hips and sternly glared at her younger son. Then she crooked her finger again, before punching her index finger straight down, indicating the spot next to her heel.
Drew knew he had been caught … at something. Meekly but without disturbing the others, he got up and stood next to his mother. As she turned and left without a word, he contritely followed.
As his mother and brother left, Jared thought, Jeeze, I thought she caught me looking at her as she was checking out Trent. She was totally hot for his cock. I could see it in her eyes.
With his eyes still mostly closed, Marty thought, Nothing's more discomforting than that feeling you get when someone is staring at you and you don't know who. I felt it as soon as I woke up. Thank god it was Carrie, this time, 'cuz I'm boned and I can't do anything about it—at least, not till I get to the bathroom. I wonder where she's taking Drew. Ohmigod! I wonder if he saw my hard–on!
Mr. G's huge! Trent thought. If I were queer, I for sure would wanna try some of that! But the way MRS. G. was scopin' me out, I think she'd like me to pork her. Man, that's ONE mom I'd love to fuck. To hell with how old she is … or that she's my best friend's mom, I sure as hell would fuck her!
So how do I get this back in my shorts without waking the others? Marty thought. I mean, just the movement of Drew standing up woke me. Shit! I hope he didn't wake the boys. I'm lying here with a fully exposed hard–on. Oh fuck, I'm lying right next to a known cocksucker!
How would anyone get a cock that size in his mouth? Jared thought. I mean, HER mouth? Of course, I gotta admit, it looks good enough to eat. I guess if I was queer, I'd swing on it 'sept, I couldn't cuz it's Dad's and he'd kill me for being queer … even if I was being queer for HIM.
Although, Marty thought, Trent's got a pretty mouth … for a queer. If I thought my boys wouldn't find out, I'd let the little cocksucker blow me. Of course, they WOULD find out 'cus they're best friends. But hell, right now I'd even PAY him to give me some relief … I mean, if Carrie wasn't available in the kitchen to do it for me!
"How'd you know I was awake?" Drew asked as he followed his mom into the kitchen.
"By the mess you made."
"There's no way your brother could have made that mess. I don't know why you boys like to play pranks on each other like that." Carrie tore several paper towels off the roller, handed them to Drew and said, "Go clean it up. I don't want it staining the carpet."
Accepting the towels reluctantly, Drew said, "But Mom, he'll wake up … and … "
"You should have thought of that before you … how do you boys say it? … 'burned' your brother. Now go clean it up, or I'll burn your ass."
As Drew walked in, Jared was pulling his cum–sticky hand away from his crotch with a silent "Eweh!" expression on his face. Seeing an unforeseen opportunity, Drew whispered, "Sorry, dude, I hoped I would get back soon enough. Guess not. When I woke up I saw you had a wet dream and I went to get'cha these."
Accepting the towels, Jared began wiping his hand. Looking over at his dad, he whispered, "Throw your sleeping bag over Dad, he's … uh … gonna be embarrassed if he thinks we saw his boner."
"K," Drew said.
While Drew gently draped the bedroll, Jared thought, That asshole thinks I don't know this mess is his. I'm not an idiot!
Marty thought, Gotta give the boy credit. He's got my best interest at heart. At least this way I can pretend I didn't know I was exposed and we won't have to talk about it.
"I'm gonna go shower and change," Jared whispered.
"K," Drew said, "Save some hot water for me. I didn't shower last night after we roasted marshmallows 'cuz I fell asleep."
"K," Jared said, even though he was secretly scheming.
Once he heard the shower start, Drew said, "Trent, wake up. You've got a boner and it shows. You don't want Mom or Dad to see it."
"Wha, huh?" Trent mumbled, pretending he just woke up. "Oh, man!" he whispered, cupping his hands over his crotch."
"Dude, don't worry about that, now. I've seen it! Get upstairs."
"Yeah, thanks, Twerp. I owe ya," Trent said as he tore out of the room.
Returning to the kitchen, Drew helped his mom fix coffee and get breakfast on. He wanted to apologize for his adolescent actions but decided it was best to just not say anything.
Upstairs, Trent was hiding in Marty's and Carrie's bedroom. He kept stroking his erection to keep the good feeling going until he could allow it to soften enough to safely empty his bladder. If Mr. G. comes up, wondering why I'm in HIS bedroom, I'll tell him it's because I didn't want him to think I was in the boys' room perving on his sons. Besides, as soon as Jared goes to his room, I'll jump in the shower and get rid of this boner.
Downstairs, at that same time, Marty was thinking, I might just as well jack off right now. There's no way I'm gonna get a quickie from Carrie with company in the house. Sufficiently convinced, he reached over for the discarded paper towels and began to jack off beneath his son's bedroll. Unable to find a dry spot on the paper towel he thought The boy sure shoots a big load for a youngster. Knowing the paper towels were useless, he reached around and grabbed one of the T–shirts that had become dislodged from under Drew's pillow. Oh man, that feels good. Fuckin's fine. Blowjobs are better but a hand–job just takes a guy back to that wonderful time when he experienced his first orgasm. It might not be the BEST feeling but it sure feels good ANY time you do it! Marty heard the shower stop and he knew he needed to hurry.
Wrapping a towel around his waist before trotting across the hall, Jared called out, "Next!" Closing the bedroom door behind him, he smiled evilly.
That was the fastest shower in history, Trent thought. All the better for me! Covering his crotch in case Carrie came upstairs unexpectedly, he headed to the bathroom.
Down in the kitchen, Carrie told Drew, "Go wake up Trent and ask him if he wants bacon or sausage."
"He's up," Drew said. Realizing what he said, he added with a chuckle, "and he's awake, too. He's upstairs."
Carrie blushed, wondering if Drew's comment meant he knew she had seen Trent's boner.
Pumping his load into his son's T-shirt, Marty sighed contentedly. Carrie will think it's one of the boys' mess because they're young and full of cum. Then his mind's eye flashed an unbidden, recalled image of Trent blowing Harry. Then the picture morphed into one of Trent blowing Marty! He shook it off as quickly as it popped into his head. Out loud, he said, "No Way!"
Throughout the house everyone heard the toilet flush, followed almost immediately by an ear–piercing scream.
"What the fuck!" Marty shouted, tearing up the stairs two at a time, tucking his dick away as he went.
"What was that?" Carrie asked worriedly.
"Oh fuck!" Drew said, instinctively knowing what happened but forgetting his mother was within earshot of his forbidden vocabulary.
Ohmigod! That's not Drew's voice! Jared thought as he stood frozen in place next to the toilet. "Trent?" Jared yelped.
Trent bounded out of the scalding shower that was created when the toilet stole all the cold water to refill the tank following the flush. "Jesus Christ!" Trent shouted, looking down at his crotch.
"Oh my god!" Jared screamed, looking, too.
"I was rinsing my boys, dude!" Trent accused. "Not cool!"
"Oh man," Jared whined, self–consciously looking away. "I didn't know. I thought it was Twerp!"
That was what Marty overheard when he burst into the room. He quickly reached into the shower stall to shut off the steamy spray so he could see better.
"Even so, man, that's not cool! You coulda' ruined my boys!" Trent accused.
Marty sank to his knees at the same time Jared did to evaluate the damage. "It's gonna be all right," Marty comforted. "A little pain but no permanent damage."
"A LITTLE!" Trent argued through the pain.
"Okay, a lot," Marty conceded.
"With a dick that size, it's gotta be a lot," Jared said. Then realizing he was saying it in front of his dad, he argued, "What? He's big! What can I say? There's no denying it!"
"What's the matter?" Carrie asked, trying to crowd into the bathroom. Looking over the tops of her son's and her husband's heads she saw Trent's flaccid cock turning from white to red.
"A flesh burn," Marty said, trying downplay the incident and make it sound like it wasn't a problem.
"More like a flush burn," Drew said, not wanting to let his brother off the hook so easily because he knew HE was the intended target of the attack.
"Lay down, in the tub, we've gotta run cold water over it," Carrie commanded.
Over the years, they had all heard that tone and they moved quickly—even Trent. Carrie was as much of a mom to him as his own mother, so he didn't question her authority. Even so, as he let Marty and Jared help lower him into the tub, he thought, Of course my mom hasn't seen my dick in years but Mrs. G. has seen it twice in less than an hour. I wonder what she thinks of it. I wonder if she knows about shrinkage when it gets cold.
Seeing Trent shiver as his back touched the cold tub, Marty felt a pang of guilt. The guy might be queer but hell, he's still a guy. You gotta have SOME sympathy for what he's going through.
How embarrassing, Drew thought. I'd die if Mom had to ice my hangin' trio for me. "Hey, I thought you were supposed to put ice on a burn!"
"Old wives tale," Carrie said, testing the water's temperature as it poured out the faucet.
Boy is Jared ever gonna get grounded! Drew thought.
Drew is so fuckin' gonna get it, Jared promised himself. I don't know when or how but as soon as I tell Trent it was Twerp's fault because he cummed all over me, we'll think of something.
I hope Trent isn't thinking about suing us, Marty thought. Especially after the way I threatened him last night.
To be continued.
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