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From chapter three
How embarrassing, Drew thought. I'd die if Mom had to ice my hangin' trio for me "Hey, I thought you were supposed to put ice on a burn!"
"Old wives tale," Carrie said, testing the water's temperature as it poured out the faucet.
Boy is Jared ever gonna get grounded! Drew thought.
Drew is so fuckin' gonna get it, Jared promised himself. I don't know when or how but as soon as I tell Trent it was Twerp's fault because he cummed all over me, we'll think of something.
Chapter Four
I hope Trent isn't thinking about suing us, Marty thought. Especially after the way I threatened him last night. Oh fuck! I've gotta make this up to him somehow. I've gotta.
Within a minute, Carrie had Trent positioned to where the tub's shower spray hit his jewels without pounding them. "I know this is embarrassing for you," Carrie consoled in that comforting motherly tone. "Just remember, Trent, I've seen all you boys naked before so don't worry about it. We're all adults here." Turning to Jared, she groused, "Except one."
"Thanks, Mrs. G. Uh … yeah, it's embarrassing but I know you're just looking out for me, so it's okay."
"Stay in that position while I finish breakfast. Then we'll see how it looks."
"You know about shrinkage, right?" Trent pleaded.
"All about it," Carrie confirmed with a matronly smile. Then, pointing first at Marty then to Jared and Drew she said, "One, two, three, times over."
"I'll go get you a robe," Marty offered, hoping it would ease the tension between them.
"Aren't you supposed to rub butter on it?" Drew asked his mother, making a jack–off motion behind her back that only Trent and Jared could see.
"No. That's an old wives tale, too."
Shivering, Trent asked, "How long?"
"Twenty minutes," Carrie said even as she thought, Eight inches, easily.
"I'll freeze!"
"Put a couple of towels over his arms and chest. Once they get soaked, exchange 'em for dry ones. Use the good towels if you have to."
"Yes ma'am," Drew and Jared said simultaneously.
Marty returned, saw everything was under control and flopped down on the toilet, disparaged. "Boys, go help your mother. I've gotta talk to Trent."
"We've gotta … "
"Go!" Marty threatened.
"You're so gonna get it," Jared threatened Drew as they left.
"No, you're gonna get it," Drew countered.
"Mr. G." Trent said.
"No, wait. I've gotta tell ya," Marty said, "I want you to know … I … overreacted last night. I've always told you boys to think before you say something that will hurt others. I've even suggested you should sleep on it. Well, I should have slept on it 'cuz … in the light of day … uh … "
"Mr. G., let me explain."
Marty thought, I don't want to hear about why you suck cock or why you should have the right to or why I should overlook it, but instead he said, "Trent, all I want to say is … uh … you can be whatever you want to be. And uh … do whatever you want to do. I just hope you'll respect my boys … and uh … not … "
"I don't wanna have sex with them!" Trent said.
"Good," Marty said, like that was the end of the discussion. "Now, about this," he said, deliberately waving his hand at the shower spray instead of Trent's exposed cock. "I know Jared thought it would be funny. A prank. I'm sure he didn't deliberately want to … uh … "
"I know, Me. G. In fact, it was probably meant for Twerp. But you don't have to worry. I'm not gonna sue ya."
"No!" Marty said like that was the farthest thing from his mind. "I never thought that! I guess you COULD but … uh … I think there has to be malice … or intent … or something like that and … " Marty babbled.
"I'm not gonna sue ya. It was an accident but about last night."
"No more about last night. What's done is done. What's said is said and I apologize. Let's get on with the healing." Then he looked at Trent's cock and balls. "The redness seems to have gone out of it. How's it feel?"
Running his hand under the icy spray, Marty said, "I guess it would!"
"Can I get up … maybe put that robe on, now?"
"Sure," Marty said, standing to help Trent up and out. I don't want a fuckin' slip–and–fall at THIS point! While Trent put on the terrycloth robe, Marty turned off the water.
Downstairs, Carrie was lining up the plates on the counter to transfer the hot food onto.
"Sit down, it's ready," Drew announced as the two appeared.
"Not before I check out that burn," Carrie said.
Trent blushed and rolled his eyes. "Mr. G. said it's okay."
"Mr. G. is the one who says about meat, 'when it's brown it's cookin' when it's black it's done.' Pardon me if I don't trust his evaluation. Sit down and let me have a look."
Opening the robe, Carrie inspected his goods. Then to Trent's surprise, she gingerly lifted his dick by the foreskin so she could look underneath. "Does this hurt?" she asked as she pressed a fingertip to his right testicle.
"N n n nope," Trent stammered.
"This?" she asked, touching the left testicle.
"N no." Even so, he felt blood rushing to his dick.
Laying his cock in the palm of her left hand, she used the back of her right hand to test it for heat.
"Oh, man," Trent moaned as his cock hardened to its full eight–inch bone–on.
"Well," Carrie said, appreciatively, "It certainly APPEARS to be working okay. Cover up and we'll eat."
Sliding his chair under the table, Trent looked at Marty, then Drew and finally Jared. Each of them looked away in shame—each for a different reason. The breakfast conversation was strained but cordial, thanks to Carrie.
"Boys, we're going to go visit your Uncle Cory, today," Carrie said.
"What have you guys got planned?" Marty interrupted before his wife had a chance to invite them to go with them. I need to talk to Cory about all this and I don't think having the boys along would be conducive for that.
"We're gonna meet the team at the mall for some photo ops," Drew said. "A couple of the local sports shops want pictures of the football team in their windows."
"Oh, how nice," Carrie said. "I'm happy to hear that there are some people in the community willing to lend their support, what with all the extra–curricular funding cutbacks."
With breakfast finished, Carrie asked the boys to clean the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. "And don't make Trent do it. He's recovering from a 'flush' burn, remember?"
Almost as soon as they arrived at Cory's, Marty mentally gripped his balls for reassurance and courage and took charge of the conversation. "Cory, before Carrie monopolizes the rest of the afternoon, there's something I need to talk about?"
"About me being gay?"
"Well not so much that as … gay … in general," Marty said.
I know most men pretend it's not their family or friends they're talking about, Cory thought so I'll allowed Marty that much breathing room. Nevertheless he said, "I'm the same man I was before I told you. If you liked me then, you should like me now. You're the one who's changed."
"I haven't changed," Marty argued.
"You have to have changed. You went from being a man with no opinion whatsoever about gays to a man who had to make decisions about whether he liked gays or not."
"But I … "
"Now you have to think about everything, like if you want to be in the same room with me, or eat from the same plate of food as me. I think you've probably already thought back to the times we went camping and wondered if there was ever a time when I might have seen you naked or touched you inappropriately."
"No I haven't," Marty groused. "Besides, I KNOW you've seen me naked! It's a community shower at the campgrounds." Even while he was denying it, he thought, But you're right, I have been trying to recall if you've ever tried to … come on to me.
"And, if you haven't yet, you'll start to wonder about your sons and how you would react if you found out one of them was gay … or bisexual."
"Oh my god! I do have to think about that, don't I? If for no other reason than to be prepared … so I don't look like a complete and ignorant fool like I did with Trent out back last night"
"You're not a fool, Marty," Carrie said, "but you do want to think about it so you can provide the best parental support you can … if … ."
Cory said, "It's always more comfortable for the parent if he knows his own mind beforehand about a given situation … whether it's about being gay or illegitimate babies or … inter–racial marriage issues."
"Cory, I don't know what the hell has happened in the last month but ever since you told Carrie and me you were gay … it's like … "
"They're suddenly all over the place?" Cory smiled. "That's normal … for just about anything. I mean, if you never used an ipod and somebody showed you how to use one … then you'd see them being used everywhere. If you always bought Fords and then switched to Buicks, you'd see Buicks everywhere. They've always been there but after buying one you're just more cognizant of them."
"Well, in this case, someone I've known … a long time … uh … "
"Came out to you?" Cory asked.
"Not exactly."
"That's not uncommon either. Once a straight guy has accepted someone else for being gay, they seem to be more tolerant. Gays seem to be able to sense that sensitivity."
"I … discovered him … " Marty looked over at Carrie, "sucking a guy's dick in the … parking lot." Marty deliberately left out the word 'school' so Carrie would not freak out.
"Whoa! Uh … radical!" Cory said, more startled by Marty's blunt wording than the actual public act, itself. "You sure it was YOUR guy … not some look–alike?"
"I'm sure. There was … another guy who confirmed it … without me even mentioning my friend's name."
"So … uh … what're your feelings about the guy … the cocksucker … now that you know?" Cory used the word 'cocksucker' to force Marty to confront the issue the way the majority of straight guys would—aggressively. He also wanted Marty to know he wouldn't be offended if he chose to use the word himself.
"I don't like it. He knows me." Again, turning to Carrie for her initial reaction, he added, "He knows my family."
As expected, Carrie looked horrified. Then realizing her reaction was a direct reflection on her brother's lifestyle, she recovered. "Do I know him?" She asked.
"Well," Carrie said thoughtfully, "I can't think of anyone who … uh … might be gay who … uh, would do anything … sexually with you or the boys, so … I guess, uh … "
"Carrie," her brother said, "don't fool yourself. There are a lot of gays out there who never reveal themselves to straight people. You work with 'em, go to church with 'em, even have picnics or whatever with 'em and you never know they're gay."
"That's what I was afraid of," Marty said disheartened.
"After all, I went camping with you and the boys several times and you never knew, until I told you last month, that I was gay. By the way, have you told the boys yet? I want them to know. I don't want them to feel … uncomfortable around me but I don't want them to be around me and not know, either."
"No … we haven't. Uh, the right … time hasn't come up."
"Well, let's spring it on 'em at Thanksgiving. That'll give ME something to be thankful for," Cory said.
"Uh, back to MY problem," Marty groused. "How do I handle this guy?"
"How do you want to handle him?" Cory asked. "You know about me and you know about him. Do you want to handle it differently?"
"Well," Marty said sheepishly, not wanting to blurt out 'Hell, yes!'
"I mean, I'm guessing you guys still want me to be a part of the family. This guy should be no different … unless he's some kind of pervert! But, of course, I'm only assuming I'm still part of the family. I haven't gotten a cancellation notice in the mail, anyway. But then, I haven't heard from you till today and it looks like you showed up because you have a problem."
"No! It's not that at all. I didn't know anything about this!" Carrie said. "We planned to come over long before … "
"Okay." Cory interrupted, "it's not that important. What I'm saying is, if you don't want this guy in your life … your sons' lives, then boot him out."
"But that's so … " Carrie started to say.
"Harsh? Life's harsh, Sis. People get dumped all the time."
"But he's not … " Marty started.
"Straight people … and even gay people … if they don't like someone will find ways to exclude them. That's all I'm saying, find a way to exclude him. But do me a favor. If you decide to exclude ME, just tell me. I'm man enough to take responsibility for my actions. I can take rejection and not commit suicide because of it."
"Jesus! You think there's a chance the guy would commit suicide?" Marty yelped horrified at the thought.
"Who is it?" Carrie asked.
"Statistically … yeah. Gays have a higher incidence of suicide … with gay TEEN suicide being especially high."
"Fuck!" Marty said.
"But you apparently know this guy pretty well. Do YOU think he'd commit suicide?"
"How would I know?" Marty asked, aggravated by the news because he had kind of threatened Trent and he was worried it might trigger some adverse reaction. "What would tip me off? I mean, hell, I couldn't even tell he was gay until I actually saw him … doin' it. What do suicidal people look like?"
"There are counselors who know what to look for," Carrie said. "Who is it? We can get a counselor to evaluate him." Looking at Cory, she asked, "They can do that without the guy knowing he's being evaluated can't they?"
"How should I know?" Cory said. "You're the one who brought it up?"
"Marty, who is it? I don't want some suicidal … "
"Fag?" Cory offered when Carrie hesitated.
" … guy hanging around my kids."
"Let me talk to him first," Marty argued.
"I have a right to know!" Carrie insisted.
"You don't know he's suicidal," Marty said.
"You don't know he's queer, either," Cory said.
"Say what!" Marty said.
"He might have just been experimenting or maybe he lost a bet. Is he pledging a fraternity? Has he exhibited unusual behavior around you or the boys?"
"No," Marty said, thinking about how the marshmallows roast had gone so smoothly the previous night—and how maturely he handled the 'flush' burn.
"Maybe he was being coerced or blackmailed into doing it. Was he tied up in any way or … "
"No," Marty said, even as he remembered Harry's blackmail threat.
"Who?" Carrie demanded.
"After I talk to him," Marty said, with finality in his tone.
"Do you want ME to talk to the guy? Is that why you came over today?"
"No … and yes," Marty said. "No, I don't want you to talk to him but yes, I have to confess, I only agreed to come over because I was hoping you could give me some idea how to get this guy out of Jared's life."
"Jared!" Carrie shrieked.
"Shit!" Marty screamed. "Dammit all to hell!" Knowing he had let it slip, he knew, too, that he had to ease Carrie's fear. He mewled, "It was Trent."
"Trent! Jesus, Marty! Last night … this morning … "
"Calm down, Carrie. I warned him last night to keep his hands off the boys … and all his other body parts, too."
"You mean you've already confronted him?" Cory asked in disbelief..
"Kinda. What I meant is, I didn't … let him … give him a chance to … say anything"
"You HAVE to let him tell his side of the story, Marty."
"What's to tell? He's a cocksucker." Marty immediately wished he hadn't used that word—for Carrie's sake, not Cory's.
Unaffected by the word, Cory said, "He might be a butt–fucker, too, for all you know but he still has a right to defend his actions … especially when you don't know any more about them than what you've just told me."
"What's to explain? I caught him suckin' dick."
"So what you're saying is, if you saw Jared and me naked in his bedroom, I'd be guilty of sucking his dick?"
"I'd THINK that, sure."
"What if Jared and I were in the campsite shower? Would you think it then?"
"Well … maybe not as much because … uh … it would be in public … and all."
"So there would be no need to explain it."
"I guess not, but Trent was doin' it in public so I KNOW what he was doing!"
"Think about that for a moment. The campsite shower scenario is public, too. Why was he doing it in public?"
"I don't know?"
"Maybe, whoever he was doing it with, WANTED him to get caught … or at least 'be seen' doing it."
"So he would have some kinda hold over him."
"Blackmail?" Marty asked, figuring that was Harry's motive.
"Marty, talk to Trent," Carrie pleaded. "I mean, he and Jared have been best friends for more than ten years."
"You owe him that much," Cory consoled. "You owe Jared that much." Then curious, he asked, "Trent? Is he the little guy who went camping with us several times?"
"Yeah," Marty said distractedly, trying to figure out a way to confront Trent without Jared finding out.
"Except he's not so little anymore," Carrie said.
"In more ways than one," Marty said.
"Well, if you decide you don't want him in Jared's life anymore, you can direct him my way."
"Cory! Don't even talk like that," Marty said. "He's Jared's best friend!"
Cory smiled enigmatically. I think he just detoured from the fag bigot to the gay friendly father figure. I hope so. If Trent truly IS gay … at HIS age … he's gonna need all the support he can get.
"Marty didn't mean it like … "
"I know what he meant," Cory said with a wink only his sister could see. It was a signal they had used all their lives to indicate they truly understood. "No offense taken."
"Well, uh, I wanna thank you for … enlightening me about how thoughtless and inconsiderate I've been," Marty said, "but at least, now, I have a better idea of what I need to think about."
"Glad I could help."
Marty sat quietly … pondering … while Carrie and her brother chatted endlessly until Carrie said, "Okay, hon, time to go home."
"More like time to face the music … or more likely, the firing squad."
"Marty, it's not gonna be as bad as you think. I know you well enough to know you will be as understanding as possible."
"Thanks for the vote of confidence."
Carrie knew, too, it was best not to prattle all the way home so she judiciously chose to remain silent during the trip.
When they got there, they saw the boys just entering the house. Drew still had his uniform on and Marty thought, Damn I've got a nice looking kid, there. Any girl would be lucky to get him for a boyfriend.
But before the boys got distracted with something else, Marty gently grabbed Trent's elbow and whispered, "Let's go out on the patio. "There's something I need to talk to you about."
As Marty closed the sliding glass door, Trent said, "If this is about … "
Interrupting, Marty said, "A friend of mine pointed out I never did let you tell your side of the story … to explain or defend your actions. I guess … at the time … I didn't want to hear talk about … queers and cock–sucking and … "
"But I'm not a queer, Mr. G. It was for Dad."
"What's your dad got to do with … what I saw you doin' … sucking dick?"
"Harry the Fairy could offer me something I wanted, so … "
"A dick? I've got a DICK! Jared's got a DICK! Tons of guys have dicks. Why Harry?"
"I didn't want his fuckin' dick! That was just the payoff."
"Payoff? For what?"
"He was … "
"Was he blackmailing you?" Marty asked, remembering at the last minute not to add the word, 'too,'
"No. He has this friend who … has some … connections."
"What am I missing here?"
"Look … Mr. G. I'm not queer. I can't name names but … well … Harry knows this guy. The guy could do something that would … uh … please me very much. The only thing is … the guy wanted a special kind of favor."
"A blowjob? So you thought you'd practice on Harry?" Marty accused.
"No. Yes. Kinda, but no. The guy promised Harry he would do me this favor if he got … if he set him up with … a classmate of mine with a big dick."
"I've seen your dick. It's not so small," Marty said, remembering the flushed toilet incident.
"Not as big as yours. … or Jared's," Trent said. Seeing Marty's surprised expression, he said, "I, uh, gotta confess something, Mr. G. This morning after the marshmallow sleepover … I uh, got to see your hard–on while you were asleep. Dude! You're huge! Me, I'm only adequate. Seriously, I gotta ask, what horse sacrificed his life so you could have a penis transplant?"
Uncomfortable talking about his cock size with a guy who was equally as well hung … almost … Marty said, "So this guy … I guess you set him up with one of your classmates?"
"I didn't. Harry did. He knew this guy was very particular about who he sucked. He had to be VERY discreet. So once Harry closed the deal … so I would get my 'favor' fulfilled … I had to … "
"Blow Harry as payment for 'brokering' the deal."
In an attempt to force Trent to own up to all the problems he created, Marty asked, "Do you know who Harry's contact was?"
"His uncle or something like that. Maybe his mom's uncle."
"Do you know what kind of car he drives?"
"A Lexus, I think. Why?"
"Just wondering," Marty said, dismissing Trent's inquiry because he was more interested in how much Trent knew, more than anything else. "Do you know whose cock Harry's uncle wanted to suck?"
"Nope. Harry refused to tell me. He said it would be unethical for him to tell me. Like anything we were doing was really ethical."
"So … you don't … uh … "
"Go around suckin' dick for kicks? Hell no! It was just that one time."
"Never again?"
"I guess what I'm sayin' … askin' is … would you ever do it again? Would you want to? Did you like it enough to … I mean … it looked to me like you were enjoying it."
"Mr. G., I'm gonna be honest with ya. I know that's what you expect from me … honesty. That's why we're having this talk. Uh … I don't go around looking to suck guys' cocks. That's the truth. But ya know what? If the right guy … and I mean THE right guy … the ONE right guy asked me … for the right reason … well, yeah, I'd do it … 'cuz I've always kinda had a … "
Shamefaced, with his eyes downcast, Trent said, "Mr. G., I told ya I wouldn't touch your sons … either one of 'em."
"But you'd like to," Marty snipped.
"I won't, I promise."
"But you want to," Marty said with a little more understanding tone.
"Yeah, I guess," Trent said begrudgingly. "But no one else. Honest." Then he thought, … except you were who I had in mind!
"Why? That's what I don't understand. What was so damned important that you'd be willing to suck a guy's dick?"
"My dad has a saying. 'Carpe Diem.' He always told me it was his credo. His words to live by."
"What the hell is Carpe Diem?"
"It's Latin. It translate to, 'seize the day'."
"What does that mean?"
"It means, make the most of each day. Seize the moment. Enjoy whatever you can today because there might not be a tomorrow. Don't let anything important to you slip through your fingers."
"What did suckin' Harry's dick have to do with seizing the day? Harry's the fairy. He's the one who's supposed to be suckin' dick!"
"I told ya. His friend … Mr. G., if I tell you a secret, will you promise not to tell? And I mean anyone!"
To be continued.
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