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From chapter four
"What the hell is Carpe Diem?"
"It's Latin. It translate to, 'seize the day'."
"What does that mean?"
"It means, make the most of each day. Seize the moment. Enjoy whatever you can today because there might not be a tomorrow. Don't let anything important to you slip through your fingers."
"What did suckin' Harry's dick have to do with seizing the day? Harry's the fairy. He's the one who's supposed to be suckin' dick!"
"I told ya. His friend … Mr. G., if I tell you a secret, will you promise not to tell? And I mean anyone!"
Chapter Five
"Only if you promise me that what you're gonna tell me isn't … something illegal."
"Unethical, maybe, but not illegal," Trent said somberly.
"There's that word again." Marty chuckled, trying to lighten the mood to keep Trent talking—confessing, actually.
"Harry's … friend … his uncle … is a U.S. senator … from down south somewhere. He … might be able to … pull some strings and get Dad back stateside early … before he gets himself killed. Dad's a pharmacist, not a … liberator!" Trent argued. "He cures people … not kills them. He's in the National Guard to protect our homeland … not some bunch of foreigners in some other country." Almost in tears Trent ranted on. "If he's gonna lose his life, it should be from rescuing flood victims or putting out forest fires here in America or … "
Seeing Trent was about to cry, Marty extended both arms for an embrace. Shit, I guess I'd want someone to comfort MY boy if he was hurtin' like this, Marty thought.
As tears spilled, Trent fell into Marty's arms. "I love him, Mr. G. I love him."
Although Marty flinched from that confession, Trent's body was being wracked with sobs, so he didn't feel it.
"I can't let him waste his life over there when all it takes is one blowjob to get him home!"
"Two," Marty said a little too harshly.
"What?" Trent asked, startled that he would be accused of giving two blowjobs. Backing away from Marty, he said, "No way! It was only one, no matter what Harry told ya. That's the truth Mr. G."
"Two," Marty said. "The one … yours … and the old man's."
"Oh! Whew! I thought you meant me. Well, anyway, his doesn't count."
"Oh, but it does," Marty said getting a little angry again at Trent's carefree attitude.
"No it doesn't."
"Yes it does because it involved Jared," Marty spat.
"Jared? What's Jared got to do with this?"
"Harry used my son to fulfill HIS part of the obligation."
"No he didn't," Trent argued in disbelief.
"What YOU did made MY son a prostitute!"
"Not me! Harry did it. I didn't even know Jared … " Trent got a faraway expression as he thought, … would let a guy blow him. Instead, he finished by saying, " … knew Harry that well. Well enough that Harry would ask him … such a thing."
"You sold my son's cock to get your dad back from Iraq."
"It wasn't me!" Trent said threateningly. "I had no idea! I can't help it if Jared's got a bigger dick … the biggest dick in school! That's what the guy wanted! That's what Harry promised him."
"How did Harry know how big Jared is?" Marty fished. "Hard, I mean. He's not that big, soft."
"I don't know. Gym class, I guess. You know, sometimes guys throw one once in a while. Only thing is," Trent said as an afterthought, "when Jared does it, no one makes fun of him."
"So you've seen him hard in the locker room?" Marty asked, wondering why his son would get hard in a room full of naked guys. Even as he thought that, he felt his own cock start to plump.
"No. Not that I recall. In fact … I don't … look at the other guys … when we're changing." Trent left out the fact that he gets hard seeing the other guys naked … and that he scoped out the entire football squad the previous Friday night because he was a fully–dressed visitor to the locker room, not one of the players.
But he just mentioned that Jared's classmates don't make fun of his size when he gets hard, Marty thought. So he's hiding SOMEthing.
Calming down somewhat from his need to point blame at SOMEone … ANYone … for his son getting his cock sucked by an old man, Marty said, "It's just that … you have to take responsibility for your actions."
"I ADMIT I paid a debt … I gave a guy a blowjob!"
"Your actions have consequences. Everyone's actions have consequences. Yours, mine, your dad's."
"If you wanna talk about responsibility," Trent countered angrily, "what kind of responsibility did the President have? He got us into this war. His responsibility should have been to get us out."
"A lot of elected officials got us into this war … Senators, Representatives … "
"And they all regret it now … most of 'em, anyway. The president relied on faulty information to sway public opinion to his side."
"Information provided by his trusted advisors."
"Advisors HE appointed! It's his fault we're over there … not the American people's … not the legislators. Mr. G., we studied this in Political Science class. He sent MY dad over there but I don't see him sending HIS dad over there!"
"His dad is too old."
"I'd like MY dad to get the chance to be 'too old,' too!"
"And an ex–president."
"So the privileged don't have to defend, they just get richer from the benefits of government contracts!"
"You know, Trent, you've made some really good points but the end result is … Jared got involved … somehow."
"His big dick. You know what, Mr. G? If Harry knew about how big YOUR hard–on is, YOU would have been the one the old man went down on."
Went down on? Marty thought. Since when did giving a blow job become 'went down on?' Only queers would use 'went down on' … so they can soften public opinion about cock–sucking. Even as that flashed through his mind, Marty said, "Not likely. I get the impression he likes younger boys."
"Please, Mr. G., don't turn the old man in. I gotta get my dad back."
Old man? Marty thought. From what I recall, from that time I saw him in the car, he wasn't much older than me! Again, Marty didn't say what he was thinking. Instead he laughed, "The old man? I was thinking more about Harry. He tried to blackmail me the night I saw you … doin' it."
"He threatened to tell Jared's classmates he was a cocksucker … in his stable, as he put it."
"Stable? Harry doesn't have a stable. At least, not as far as I know."
"Well, like Harry so eloquently told me, all he has to do is SAY it's true and people will believe him."
"Oh, man," Trent whined, "now I see what you mean about consequences."
"Speaking of which, what would your dad say if he knew you sucked a guy's dick to get him home? Would he be proud of his cock–sucking son? 'Hi, this is my son who sucked cock so I could come home early,' Would he be able to live with that? Would you?"
"He won't find out. Harry said his uncle would just … "
"You mean Harry the blackmailer?"
"Oh, fuck!"
"Trent, once your dad's home, Harry just might blackmail YOU."
"Me? But I haven't got anything to be blackmailed for!"
"Trent, you just might be the first boy in Harry's 'stable'."
"You mean … be a cocksucker for him?"
Marty nodded his head unhappily. "If you keep giving him blowjobs … maybe even give some other guys blowjobs … maybe he won't tell your dad."
"I'll kill the fucker!" Trent said vehemently.
Seeing Trent's reaction, Marty immediately thought of the angry young student at the Columbine Massacre and wondered if it could happen at his son's own school. "And go to prison," Marty said, using his 'tone of calm reasoning.' "That would defeat the purpose of getting your dad back home safely, don't you think?"
"Shit, man!" Trent wanted to cry tears of anger but didn't. "I fucked this up bad! I can't do anything right!"
"Are you willing to start taking responsibility for your actions?"
"Like how?" Trent begged, like he was searching for a 'truth' lifeline in a sea of lies and deceit.
"Are you willing to tell Jared what you did? The blowjob and why?"
After a moment's hesitation and with a lot of false bravado, Trent said, "Yeah! I will."
"Even if it means losing Jared as a friend?"
To Marty, it appeared like Trent lost a third of his body mass as he 'deflated' into realization.
"Lose Jared," he whined. "Mr. G., Jared's the only … friend … I mean, do I have to tell him?"
"If Jared knows, then the two of you could … let it leak to your classmates … that Harry was going to start a nasty rumor … before he starts one. "
"Like preemptive damage control."
"Right. Then … if he does say something, most of 'em won't believe it."
"Most of 'em?"
"There will be SOME who will believe it just because they WANT to. It's just their nature to believe the worst about people."
"But if Jared gets upset about what you did … "
"I could lose him as a friend."
"Worse. He might turn on you and tell your classmates first, so they won't think he, being your best friend, was involved … sexually … with you. Basically, he would unwittingly be doing Harry's dirty work for him, though."
"That way, Harry wouldn't have to blackmail me. He'd just be able to 'protect' me by adding me to his stable."
"You catch on quick."
"But you'll help me, right? You'll explain to Jared that it wasn't me."
"Trent, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not real happy with you getting my son involved with all this."
"Mr. G.!"
"I'm only helping you come up with alternative ideas so I can keep Jared's name out of it … or as clean as possible … under the circumstances."
"But it wasn't me!" Trent begged.
"It was because of you. Just like you pointed out about the president, he appointed the advisors and then listened to their inaccurate advice. Well, you appointed Harry to be your advisor about your dad and then acted on his recommendation. You blew him to get what you wanted. The consequence of the president's action was a war. Your's was getting my son involved in queer activity."
"But he had to have liked it! I mean … wouldn't he? He had to agree to it, right?"
Marty took a mental 'step back' at Trent's observation.
"I mean, it wasn't like Jared was GIVING a blowjob. He was GETTING one. That doesn't make him queer. Maybe he liked it!"
"All the more scary," Marty said fearfully.
"I've heard queer sex is like drugs," Marty said. "With drugs, you start out with smoking' pot or sniffin' glue and then move on to the harder stuff. With queer sex, you start out gettin' blowjobs and before you know it, you're givin' 'em … or worse."
"Worse?" Trent asked like the conversation was going to fast for him.
Marty made a circle with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand and poked his right index finger in and out of the hole.
"Oh, no! Hell no! It ain't gonna go down that way!"
"Then what do you plan to do about it?"
"Oh man," Trent groaned, "I've gotta tell Jared."
"Mr. G., you gotta help me. I can't lose Jared. I love him!"
Marty flinched. "You came up with this scheme all by yourself, so you'll have to get out of it … all by yourself."
Trent visibly 'deflated' a little more.
Marty imagined Trent's dad was always there to help him out and this was the first time he had to 'go it alone.' Marty's paternal instincts clicked in and he said, "I'll tell you what. Once you've talked to Jared, I'll keep a close watch on him. If it looks like he's … struggling … to make up his mind, then I'll talk to him. No, I'll LISTEN to him. But I won't try to convince him one way or the other … to be friends or not."
" … 'cuz then you'd have to live with YOUR consequences?"
"I'll have to do that, anyway."
"Whaddya mean?
"If he decides to 'out' you, he'll be hell to live with because he'll have lost … deserted … his best friend. If he decides to support you … "
"Your classmates might think the two of you are … lovers."
"No way!" Then Trent realized they might. "Oh fuck!"
"Now you see why Jared has a reason to get mad?"
"Oh man, did I ever fuck up," Trent wailed. "I just wanted my dad back. That's all."
Wrapping him in a comforting embrace, now that he knew Trent wasn't REALLY a queer, Marty said, "I know, son, I know."
Trent wanted to cry when he heard Marty refer to him as 'son' because he wanted to hear it coming from his own dad one more time … at least.
Get your head back to a good place and we'll go back inside. I'm sorry I put you through so much misery by not letting you explain earlier."
It's okay. I deserved it."
"No, no one deserves to agonize over something that can be resolved by a little compassion and understanding."
"Thanks, Mr. G."
"But I think we should keep this between the two of us for right now. But having said that, I still think you should tell Jared … the sooner the better."
Sooner came the next day after school. Trent knew if he put it off telling Jared then the situation could escalate so he waited nervously albeit impatiently in the car until his best friend showed up.
"Jared," Trent said, once they were off school property, "you and I have done it all, right? I mean … together. We're tight, right?"
"Yeah, we're tight but I hope we haven't done it ALL. There's a lot more I'd like to do. I'd like to double team the Diamond Twins with you by my side."
All the guys at school called the girls 'The Diamond Twins' because every time they looked at them, their dicks got as hard as diamonds.
"You fuck one and me the other. Then we'd switch off and fuck the other one."
"No, I mean … " Even as Trent tried to remain focused, he thought, Shit, I'm boning up just thinking about sliding my cock into a pool of Jared's spent jism inside that bitches' Hot Pocket.
"I know whatcha mean. Yeah, we've done it. What's your problem?"
"Well, I did something I'm ashamed of. I got in trouble … " Trent knew Jared was a captive audience, strapped in the car by a seat belt and he wouldn't be able to bolt with the car going thirty miles an hour but he hesitated anyway.
"You grounded? You gotta get home?"
"No, but … let's hit the highway. I have a need for speed right now."
"You readin' my mind again, dude? I was just thinkin' the same thing." What Jared was really thinking was, I'd like to double fuck the twins but only so I could watch your cock in action … and that awesome butt of yours squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax as you plowed that cunt's pussy Shit, I'm bonin' up just thinkin' about it … about YOU.
Jared didn't say anything more until Trent was doing seventy. "What kinda trouble? Home or school&363;"
"Last Friday, during the game … " Then Trent agonized, "Oh man, I told your dad I couldn't do this."
"Dad? What's he got to do with this?"
"He caught me … in the parking lot."
"Dude," Jared joked, "you gotta quit jackin' off in public. It ain't healthy. Unless I get to watch, of course."
"It was … worse … but … before I tell ya … uh, it was only the one time and … I didn't … " Trent wanted to say 'swallow' but he knew that was a lie. He thought it would be easier to confess what he had done if he softened the telling of the experience by joking or leaving out parts. But he was wrong, nothing was making it easier.
"You didn't inhale, Mr. President? Why bother to even light up the doobie , dude? Why waste the sweet primo? You shoulda let me have it. Shit, I'd inhale."
Being already nervous, all of Jared's absurd chatter annoyed him all the more and Trent blurted out, "I sucked Harry the Fairy's dick!" Before Jared could interrupt, he said like it was all one word, "He promised me he had connections and … if I did what he wanted … I did it so I could get my dad back from Iraq. Oh shit. There, I've said it."
"Dude!" Jared condemned. Then he sat in silence. He said Friday, parking lot, Dad … shit, did Dad see me getting a knob job, too? What's my old man spying on me for anyway? No wait! Trent and I were gone at different times. I remember … he brought me back a dog and a pop. Fuck! Did that wiener have some of Harry the Fairy's cum on it? Yuck!
"Jared," Trent said softly, "I'm sorry but your dad said I had to tell you."
Tell me? Jared thought. You fuckin' suck the class queer but you don't offer your best friend a blowjob? What the hell kind of friend is that? Shit! I'd offer YOU one if I was into suckin' cock. I mean, that's what friends are for.
Hearing no response and seeing Jared's expression getting angrier, Trent said, "I want us to stay friends but I'll understand if you don't wanna. Your dad said, if word got out at school, people might think we were … you know … like … a couple."
"A couple! A couple! Jesus, if I was a couple, I'd at least be gettin' my dick sucked, you faggot!" Jared screamed, breaking his thought–induced silence.
"No, don't say that! I'm not queer, I only did it for dad."
"But you did it with The Fairy!"
"He's the only one who has connections!" Trent argued.
"He's a queer! Now you're a queer!" Jared accused. GETTING a blowjob doesn't mean you're a queer, Jared thought, trying to ease his own conscience about HIS actions that night.
"No I'm not. Stop saying that! It was only the one time."
"I can quit anytime I want," Jared said sarcastically. "Every drunk, every smoker and every drug addict has used that line before. But you know what? They're still drunks, smokers and addicts!"
"That's not the worst of it," Trent mumbled.
"What!" Jared exploded, way too loud for the confines of the car. "Dude! Don't tell me he butt–fucked you, too!"
"God no!" Trent shouted, appalled that his best friend would think he would allow that. Hoping to calm Jared down by complimenting him, Trent said ominously, "It's worse than that."
Totally perplexed as to what could be worse than being corn–holed by a fairy, all Jared could say was, "What?"
"It was MY fault YOU got involved. I didn't know it would be you, honest. Harry just said … 'A guy with a big dick,' so … "
"Wait, you're saying … you know about … ?"
"Harry's uncle giving you a blowjob? Yeah."
"Harry promised!" Jared said like he had been betrayed.
"Harry didn't tell me." Trent said before he realized he had just committed himself to exposing Marty's involvement in all this.
"Then who? Who else could have known? Who did the little fucker tell? I'll kill the sonofabitch!"
"Your dad told me," Trent blurted out, hoping to calm Jared down before he did something that would cause him to run off the road.
Trent stomped on the brakes and began pulling over to the shoulder—out in the middle of nowhere.
"Keep driving. Please. It's best if you keep driving," Jared encouraged.
"It's just better."
"Jared, you're my best friend and … if I pull over and stop and … you started beatin' the shit out of me … I'd let you because of what I did. I deserve it. I'd let you kill me, dude. It'd be easier than livin' with this."
"What? That you're a queer?" Jared snarled.
"Without you as a friend," Trent corrected.
"Wait!" Jared said, like he didn't hear the tribute. "You said Dad told you."
"He saw Harry's uncle giving you a blowjob."
Banging his fist on the dashboard, Jared groaned, "Oh man, now he thinks I'm queer, too! Dude, you screwed me! And not in the fun way." Jared thought I guess takin' Trent up my ass would be considered 'the fun way.'
"He's being very supportive," Trent said, "I mean … after he blew his top. He said I might lose you as a friend but … friends don't lie to each other … and they don't keep secrets."
Jared thought, Well, I'm not tellin' you MY secrets. Certainly not the ones that involve cocksuckin' and butt–fuckin' … not now that I know you're queer … or, at least, have queer tendencies. But, like any good friend with 20–20 hindsight, Jared counseled, "You shoulda talked it over with me first. Maybe we coulda figured something else out."
"I woulda but Harry said his uncle was only in town for the weekend … so I had to work fast. He promised, if I blew him and his uncle could suck the guy with the biggest dick … he'd try and get my dad home."
"Harry promised me it would be an almost sure thing."
"Yeah, a sure thing like … I bet he promised he wouldn't cum in your mouth, too. Wait!" Jared said as his mind once again went off in another direction. "Did you say the guy with the biggest dick?"
"Yeah," Trent said warily but glad Jared' thinking went in another direction and he didn't ask him if he swallowed.
"Harry chose me?" Jared asked proudly.
"I would!" Trent said before he could stop himself.
Jared looked at him funny.
"I mean," Trent said defensively, "I'd pick you if someone asked me who had the biggest dick."
With a devilish grin, Jared asked, "You been checkin' out my junk, you little pervert?" Knowing he had been caught by his dad while getting his cock sucked had calmed Jared somewhat. Don't want Trent to start asking me about my part in all this. It was embarrassing enough doing it in public—even if it was a turn on—but having to explain to Trent how much I loved it would just be TOO freaky! The whole time the old man was blowin' me, I was wondering what it felt like for him … or what it would feel like to me if I were doing it.
"No, dude, but everyone in school know you're the biggest."
"Only the longest," Jared joked.
"And the fattest," Trent encouraged; liking the fact that Jared was getting over being angry.
"And the sweetest," Jared said proudly, "or so I've been told."
"Shit, with what you got, you don't have to be told."
"Whaddya mean?" Jared asked, looking away from the road long enough to see what kind of expression Trent showed. Does he know I taste my own spunk sometimes? Jared thought. I bet he tastes his, too.
"I'm just sayin', you're big enough to … you know … like … "
"Like what?" Jared asked impatiently.
"You could suck yourself if you wanted … without even tryin', dude!"
"That's nasty, dude!" Jared groused, secretly imagining himself trying it later, after Drew went to sleep.
"Uh … Jared?"
To be continued.
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