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From chapter six
"Is Harry blackmailing anyone?" Carrie asked.
"What are his demands? I mean, you've already said, he 'got his pound of flesh.' Are there any other demands?"
"No, I guess not," Trent said.
"Not yet," Marty said, "but there might be."
"Trent, you said you didn't get a chance to explain because Marty kept refusing to listen. Luke, you were doing the same thing … just a little … earlier."
"I did the same thing to Trent when he tried to tell me," Jared confessed shamefully.
"So why don't we invite Harry over and let him … uh, I guess, defend his actions."
"Here!" Jared asked indignantly.
"Here," Carrie said with finality.
"Or a neutral location of his choosing," Luke suggested.
Chapter Seven
When Harry got the phone call, he was both anxious and excited. He worried that it might be a gay–bashing trap but he was excited about being in close proximity with Trent and the other boys. Dismissing the gay–bashing idea because of the 'favor' he had done Trent's father, he agreed to meet at Jared's house. Taking another moment before he responded, he thought, A couple of classmates might wanna gay bash me, maybe, but I can't imagine them getting the whole family involved.
"Since you're all there anyway, it wouldn't make any sense for you all to have to meet me somewhere else."
"Thanks," Marty said, "and just so you won't worry, Trent's father is here and very happy to be re–united with his son."
"I'm looking forward to meeting him," Harry said.
About thirty nerve–wracking minutes later … for everyone … Harry was seated in the living room. After all the necessary introductions were made, Luke said, "Please, just call me Luke. I don't stand on formality. And before you start to feel overwhelmed I want you to know how grateful I am for all your help … even though, as I understand it, it was rather unorthodox."
"Your welcome but … "
When Harry started talking the three boys glanced quizzically at each other but didn't interrupt.
However, Luke did. He said, "Before you say too much, uh … I know what my son had to do to get me home. I know it ended up with Jared being involved, as well. What we would like from you is some kind of explanation as to how all this happened. We all voiced our various speculations before agreeing that you deserved to, uh … have your say … if for no other reason than that I'm here."
"Ever since that night, I've been trying to answer that question for myself. I lost a lot of sleep over all this. I'm not telling you that because I want any pity from you. I want you to know I'm not happy with the way things turned out either. It's just … one thing led to another and before I knew it I was in over my head."
"We understand that you … uh … " Luke began but stopped for lack of words.
"Why don't you just start … uh … wherever you feel comfortable," Marty said. "If you have to back–track or leap forward, okay."
"Thanks, but I think it all started … um … "
"Wait! What the fuck's wrong with your voice?" Jared challenged.
"Nothing. This is my normal voice."
"No, your normal voice is all high–pitched and whiney."
No, that's just the one I use at school. Everyone calls me the fairy so I talk like a fairy. This is my real voice."
"So you don't talk in your fairy voice all the time?"
"No. Shit! If I used my fairy voice at home my dad would beat me with a belt like he did my brother. That's also why I dress like this," Harry said, waving his hand, head to toe to indicate his all black outfit.
"You have a brother? I didn't know that."
"Had. He died."
"Oh, sorry to hear that," Carrie said compassionately.
"When did he die?" Jared asked," less compassionately.
"How did he die?" Drew asked with more curiosity in his tone than compassion.
"We came home one night and found him on the living room floor beaten to death. The police said it was a break–in but there was nothing stolen or any damage done. Dad told the police it was probably one of his classmates from school that did it."
"Why would he say that?"
"Dad found out a couple of days earlier that Will, my brother, had gotten in trouble with some guys at school and got expelled."
"Wow," all three boys said, simultaneously.
"So why do you use your fairy voice at school, then?"
"That's the way everyone expects me to talk." Then Harry said, "But you wanted me to try to explain about … how these guys got involved. My uncle molested me when I was 10. I thought it was love. It turned out to be just sex to him. It happened one other time and then never again."
"You were molested so somehow you think that gives you the right to molest someone else, is that it?" Luke accused.
"No. What I did … what I forced Trent to do wasn't my idea. It was my uncle's."
"I don't even know your uncle," Trent argued.
"I know. But one night, oh I don't know, a year or so ago, my uncle asked me who was the cutest boy in school? We were just talking what ifs."
"What if what?" Marty asked.
"Like … 'What if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?'"
"What the fuck does that have to do with you making me suck your dick?" Trent yelled.
Recalling his Middle East temper–management training, Luke said, "Son, he's trying to explain. You said you didn't get a chance to explain to Mr. G … "
"Sorry," Trent said contritely, immediately seeing the similarity in the situation.
"After several other innocuous 'what ifs' it advanced to 'What if you could have sex with any singer you wanted,' then 'What if you could have sex with any boy in your school, which one would it be?'"
"And?" Trent asked inquiringly but politely when Harry didn't continue.
"And … I said, you."
"ME!" Trent said, "Why me?"
"'Because' is not an answer," both Luke and Trent said together.
"I love the way you treat others. You've never made fun of me … at least not that I know of."
"You wanna have sex with me because I'm nice … "
"I love the way you walk. I love the sound of your voice. I love your … "
"Don't even say it!" Trent threatened, thinking Harry was going to mention his cock.
" … smell." Harry said before he could stop himself. Then he blushed from shame.
"Are you accusing me of having body odor, you … you … you're the one with cock breath!" Trent shouted.
"Trent!" Luke shouted. "That's enough."
"Trent!" Drew shouted. "You do! You have awesome body odor. It's fuckin' magical."
"Trent!" Jared shouted at about the same time over–talking his younger brother, "You've got the hottest smell of any guy in school!"
Jared and Drew looked at each other first in surprise and then knowingly. Marty looked at Carrie questioningly, shrugging his shoulders. Luke looked at Harry like he was some kind of freak but hearing his son's best friends defending him he re–evaluated his thinking. Trent looked at Jared and Drew like he was seeing them for the first time.
"Are you all fuckin' freaks?" Trent asked.
The silence confirmed for him that his question was not going to be answered.
"So," Harry continued calmly, "when you came to me with your request, I thought talking to my uncle would be just another routine congressional request. Uncle had other ideas. His 'what if' reconnaissance from a year or so earlier paid off for him. He said he'd try to help you if he could watch you sucking me. He said he wanted to make sure I got something out of the deal, too."
"That's fuckin' sick!" Trent said. Then turning to Carrie he said, "Sorry, Mrs. G. but I just don't know how to say it any other way."
"I understand," Carrie said, "we're all kinda working here like a TV with a short circuit."
"So if I have this right," Marty said, remembering his conversation with Trent, "Jared got involved … "
"Got his cock sucked without telling me about it," Drew groused.
"Get over it Drew," Jared said, punching his brother in the biceps.
"Jared got involved," Marty reiterated "because Trent got blackmailed by Harry but Harry says he was being unjustly manipulated by his uncle. It sounds to me like all three of you are in the same boat."
"Don't put me in ANYthing with that faggot," Trent said.
"Trent!" Luke, Jared and Marty warned simultaneously.
"When I was overseas we were defending the rights of all Americans. That includes Harry's right to be a homosexual if he wants to be. I'm not saying I endorse such behavior … but I guess I can't condemn it either.," Luke said. "But it sounds like he's just as much a victim as you and Jared."
"Since when is the victim the guy who GOT the blowjob?" Trent whined, calming down a little as he tried to understand what his dad way saying.
"Harry didn't implicate you when you asked him to do you a favor. You got implicated … innocently enough … months before."
"He could have told his uncle no when he said he wanted to see me suck his dick."
"What would that accomplish?" Jared asked.
"Duh! I wouldn't have had to suck his dick!"
"And his uncle wouldn't have to help you get your dad stateside," Jared explained.
"If it helps you feel any better," Harry said, "I talked to the coach about it first … "
"You what?" Trent screamed angrily but immediately calmed down, pressing his palms out forward in the 'I'm backing off' signal.
"Let me finish. He's known my uncle a lot longer than I have. They're in business together. I thought he'd know how to diffuse the situation and … " Harry said with a certain smugness, " … I didn't tell him who was gonna suck my dick. I just told him 'a classmate.'"
"Thanks," Trent said remorsefully. "Sorry … again."
What kind of business?" Luke asked.
"Umm, I … can't say. I mean, uum, I don't know."
Seeing Harry hesitating, indicated to Luke that he was either thinking about whether he should tell him or that it was something embarrassing. Hoping to encourage Harry to tell him, he said, "I just thought if I could work for your uncle by helping the coach, I wouldn't have to move the whole family south."
"Yeah, well, uh … that's not gonna happen," Harry said.
"Why's that?"
"Well, if it's any consolation, Trent, Uncle wants you to be available to him … when he wants … "
"No way!" Trent and Luke said.
"NO! You'll be the one getting the blowjob. Not him. He's … "
"No way!" Luke said. I'm not prostituting my son just so I can stay stateside. I'll … I'll … "
"Dad, you're not going back. I won't let you. I'll confess everything on national TV before I'll let that happen."
"What would that accomplish besides nationwide disgrace?" Carrie, always the voice of reason, asked.
"Well, I'd do something … I mean … even if it means … getting a knob job from a dirty old man."
Jared and Drew saw Harry scoping out their crotches and without having to look, they knew they were sporting obvious boners.
Jared thought, I can't move it … that will just draw attention to the fact that I've got a boner.
Drew thought, It's all this talk about cock–sucking. But if I try to hide it, everybody will see me moving it.
"Uh, can one of you guys show me the bathroom?" Harry asked. "I've really gotta go."
Jumping up and turning quickly toward the bathroom, with the intent of shielding their predicament from the others, both Jared and Drew said, "I'll show you."
"It only takes one," Carrie said.
Both boys stopped dead in their tracks trying to think of a good excuse why HE should be the one to show Harry the bathroom.
If I insist, Jared thought, everyone will think I want to be alone with Harry.
If I insist, Drew thought, Harry will think I wanna be alone with him … and …
"Jared," Carrie said, "Go get us all some drinks."
"Yes ma'am," Jared said, thankful that he didn't have to make a choice.
"And while you're in there, do something about that erection."
"Yes ma'am," Jared said without thinking … until he got to the kitchen, where he turned bright red.
In the privacy of the hallway leading to the bathroom, Drew whispered, "You could have chosen me to get the blowjob from your uncle."
"He wanted the guy with the biggest dick," Harry said as he closed the door to the bathroom.
"Fuck, I'm almost as big as him. Your uncle would never have known!" Drew whined, from the other side of the door.
"But I had already named Jared a year earlier, remember?," Harry said from inside the bathroom while he peed.
"Oh yeah."
"But I was keeping you in reserve just in case your brother refused," Harry said, opening the door again.
With a devilish grin, Drew said, "So a blowjob ISN'T out of the question?"
"One world crisis at a time, please."
"What can we do to help Luke and Trent?" Drew asked as they walked back.
"The more important question is what can we do to help you," Harry said, tugging on Drew's arm to stop his forward motion.
"Huh?" Drew asked.
Harry looked down at Drew's crotch.
"FUCK! I forgot about that."
"Must be nice to be able to forget about something that important … and that big," Harry said.
Drew reached in his shorts, lifted his erection to the 12 o'clock position and said, "Thanks."
As they began walking again, Harry said, "Actually, I had something else in mind but I guess you know what you like better than I do."
"Damn, screwed myself again," Drew said.
"Can you do that?" Harry said. "Wow!"
Drew looked at him quizzically and then smiled. "Oh, uh, no, I can't … I don't think." Then after a moment he said, "Not that I'd ever try." Then after another moment he thought Unless I was sure no one would ever find out.
When everyone returned, Trent asked, "So what's all this about my stink … or odor … or whatever?"
"I don't know what you call it but it's like some people meet and they instantly know they're gonna be good friends. It's more than a physical attraction like … uh … they're pretty or handsome or she's got nice tits or a great ass or whatever. I think it goes deeper than that … to a chemical level of attraction."
"You mean like pheromones?" Luke, the pharmacist of the group asked.
"Maybe," Harry said.
"I just know when I first met you," Jared said looking at Trent, "I knew we were gonna be best friends. I don't know HOW I knew, I just knew."
"Yeah, I guess I know what you're saying. The first time I met Twerp, here," nodding to Drew, Trent said chuckling at his yet–unfinished joke, "I knew he was gonna be a big pain in the ass."
"Well, just bend over and I'll show you how big a pain in the ass I can be!" Drew threatened jokingly.
"Hey, not in front of the queer," Luke said, playfully gripping Harry's knee..
"That hurts," Harry said.
Snatching his hand away, Luke said in a concerned parent–like tone, "Sorry. Are you sore from something?" He was thinking someone might have bruised him … or used a leather belt on him.
"Kinda. You see … I'm NOT a fairy. No, that's not true. I act like a fairy but I'm not queer … at least, not yet."
"Whaddya mean?"
Lowering his chin to his chest, Harry said, "I'm a virgin."
"You're what!"
"Except for my uncle's blowjobs and that … um … incident with you."
"You mean … " Trent began and quit.
"You telling us you've never … " Jared began and quit.
"Never. I know I want to, uh, have sex with a guy … I think. But no one's willing to come near me for fear of being labeled."
"Well yeah!" Trent said.
"I don't know which is worse, living in the closet and getting laid or being labeled a fairy and still being a virgin. I thought when I came out; my life would be less cumbersome. But now, everybody accuses me of doing stuff and I never get the enjoyment of doing any of the things I'm being accused of doing."
"Damn! I didn't realize … " Drew said.
"Your remark in the locker room hurt the worst. I wanted to turn around and slap you or do something to you or say something to you to make you take it back."
"What remark?" Drew asked.
"Your best friend Andy asked you, 'What's Harry got up HIS ass?' and you said, 'Half the team from what I've heard," and that was just … malicious!"
"Oh, man, I'm sorry. I was just joking. I haven't really heard anything like that going around school."
"Well it very well could be now that you've voiced your opinion," Marty said. "Anyone still in the locker room could repeat it thinking it was gospel!"
"Especially since you're a well— respected quarterback," Carrie said&46;
"Oh, fuck!" Drew said remorsefully.
"Well, the joking hurt but I knew if I got within a foot of you, I'd just turn to mush and be Harry the Fairy all over again and that would hurt worse."
"Because of the way you smell … all … friendly and manly and … oh, I can't explain it. It's the same affect Trent's aroma has on me … and Jared's, too. I'm just a walking talking olfactory reject!"
"What kind of factory?" Drew asked.
"Nose," Carrie said.
"Are you really in love with me … us … because of our smell?" Drew asked. He thought, I can't believe someone else thinks Jared smells so damn hot! Maybe I'm not as much of a freak as I thought I was. Although … Harry's kind of like a freak, I guess.
"When I go to sleep at night, knowing I can't sleep with you," Harry said, nodding toward Trent, "I fall asleep thinking about you and Jared making love to each other."
"Dude! Don't drag ME into this!" Jared said.
"Why would you think of Jared and me," Trent asked, "why not you and ME?"
"I went through that phase and it hurt too much knowing I could never have you."
"Well … uh … I think you proved yourself wrong the night of the football game."
"So, to make myself feel good enough to go to sleep, I think about you being happy and that makes ME happy."
"It's true," Carrie said, "many people live vicariously through others. In this case, if someone they love is happy, that's you, then they're happy, even though you're not with THEM.
"I think I know what he means," Luke said. "Sometimes people think about other people when they're making love."
"Say what?" Jared said.
""It's true" Marty confirmed. "I know you're Mom loves me but if she wants to think she's having sex with George Clooney or Brad Pitt or … Daniel Radcliffe, it's okay with me.
"Harry Potter!" Drew gasped.
"It just makes the sex I'm experiencing all the better," the boys' father finished.
"TMI, Dad! I mean, jeeze, Mom's sitting right here."
"That's okay, Carrie said, "When your dad's thinking about Angelina Jolie or whomever, it makes my experience better, too."
"You two are serious!"
"Isn't it like … cheating on each other … or something?"
"No. It's more like using all the resources available to you to enjoy the experience. Thinking about someone else is no different than using Viagra … or sex toys."
"TMI, Mom!"
"Do you really use sex toys? I mean … what are sex toys?" Drew asked.
"TMI, Drew!" Jared scolded.
"It's the same as using a dictionary or a thesaurus when you're writing a paper for school," Carrie said.
"Or an online search engine," Marty added.
"So when Harry's thinking about you two," Drew began.
"So what you're saying … about all your resources … um … " Jared interrupted, hoping to avoid that line of talk and broach a topic he wanted an answer to, "like if Andy and Drew wanted to have sex together when they can't get a date that would be okay?"
"What!" Drew yelped even while he was thinking, That would be the answer to all my prayers … Andy is such a hot guy. So just shut up and listen!
"Well, I hadn't thought about it that way but if both of them were willing … that is … neither one was being coerced, yeah, I guess that would be … uh … utilizing all your resources."
"Or … " Luke said, "Harry might be willing to substitute for those times when you guys can't get a date."
Harry's eyes brightened but even so, he said, "Thanks, Luke but you don't have to pimp for me."
"Not pimping, son. It's just that, from some of the things I've been hearing today, I think these boys owe you a favor or two, themselves. You know … maybe they could introduce you to one of their trustworthy friends."
"It's not like you'd have to meet in public or anything," Carrie urged.
"Then all those accusations wouldn't hurt so much, huh?" Drew asked hopefully.
"There shouldn't be accusations in the first place," Marty said. "None of us should have to explain our actions so long as no one gets hurt."
"So your're saying," Drew said challengingly, "if Jared and I had sex and no one got hurt, we shouldn't have to explain our actions."
Carrie looked at Marty and then at Jared for HIS reaction. All three had startled looks on their faces regarding the obvious incest reference but realized Drew was only asking something this absurd to make his point.
Marty said, "This is hypothetical, right?"
"I shouldn't have to explain," Drew said with a smirk.
"YES it's hypothetical!" Jared said emphatically although he was secretly intrigued by the prospect.
"When did this conversation detour from how are we going to remedy our situation to Gay Love Knots dot com?" Trent asked.
"Sorry, Trent it's just I can't believe Mom and Dad are so liberal all of a sudden.
"That's because we … found out last month … " Marty said, looking at Carrie for permission to tell the boys.
A simple nod was all he needed.
"I can leave if this is personal," Harry said.
"No, in fact, it kinda … well, it … " Marty said.
"Your uncle Cory is gay," Carrie said.
"He told us last month and asked us to make sure you boys knew about it … for whatever reason."
"Ummm, I think it's time for me to go, anyway," Harry said. " But I wanna thank all you guys for giving me a chance to explain my side of all this mess. I think I'll be able to sleep better now. "
After Harry closed the door, Luke said, "So, Son, uh … all this talk has kinda made me um … you wanna stay here for about an hour or so … kinda give me a little alone time with your mom?"
"Dad! You just got home! I wanna be with you as much of the time as I can. I figure you'll be going back to work and … "
"Dude!" Jared said. "Your dad just asked you if it was okay for him to go home and do the nasty! Give the man a break! He's been in the Middle Eastern desert where fuckin' pussy is like fuckin' sandpaper."
"Oh, you've tried some of that, have you?" Luke said.
"Oh, man! Sorry, Dad. Sure, I can stay here for a while … overnight if you need it," Trent said wiggling his eyebrows salaciously.
"I think an hour … make that two … will be enough time."
After he left, Jared said … to no one in particular, "We're gonna go to our room and play video games. Okay?"
"Okay, Marty said.
"I'll call you in time for dinner," Carrie said. "Trent, you eat with us tonight. That should give your dad a little extra time." Then with a smile, she said, "In case your mom needs to give your Dad a refresher course in lovemaking."
"TMI," Mrs. G."
"C'mon, let's get away from these perverts!" Drew chuckled heading for the bedroom he shared with his brother.
Once they were alone Jared sat on the bed facing Trent who was sitting on Drew's bed, as always, while Drew turned on the computer. Jared just kept staring at his best friend with a worried look on his face.
"What?" Trent said. "You've obviously got something on your mind. Spit it out. After everything we've been through we can't have any secrets or unanswered questions."
"Did you swallow?" Jared blurted out. Yuck he thought. Swallowing Harry's cum would make me fuckin' puke … but Trent's, well that's another story. I think I could swallow his … and maybe even Drew's, if they didn't know it was me doin' it.
"He said, I could spit it out," Trent said.
"Oh." Jared said. "Good. Let's play Videorama."
After about a half an hour of game playing Jared excused himself to go pee.
While Jared was gone Drew said, "You never did answer Jared's question."
"Which one?"
"Did you swallow?"
"Yeah I did … " Then realizing the ambiguity of his answer he quickly added, "I mean, yeah I answered him."
"No, you said Harry told you that you could spit it out."
"Did you swallow? I promise, I'll never tell a soul. It's just … something I gotta know … for personal reasons." I'd fuckin' swallow YOUR cum … right from the source, if I could. Jared's, too, if he didn't know it was me doin' it, Drew thought.
"And what if you DID tell?"
"I won't, you have my word."
"Sorry, I believe you but I was thinking, what if you talk in your sleep or something. Where does that leave me?"
"Oh, I see. Well, I guess … I mean, if anybody finds out … I'll … I'll fucking blow you and swallow right in front of … whoever finds out."
"It really means that much to you?" Trent asked, thinking, I wonder if he's asking 'cuz he wants to maybe do some swallowing himself. I'd let him swallow mine if he wanted to.
"Yeah, I can't explain why. It's just … "
"Yeah, I did. I didn't mean to … but it was so … "
"God no! It was so sudden. He didn't give me any warning, I mean, I spit some of it out … most of it out."
"Okay, man, I believe you," Drew said, Like I believe in Santa Claus. "Did you puke?"
"No." Trent said. Then thinking he had better reinforce his non–gay status he added, " … but I thought I was going to hurl a couple of times, like right afterward and again on the way back to the bleachers that night."
I wonder if I wudda puked, Drew thought.
Returning from his piss break, Jared looked at them strangely. "What's wrong with you two? You look like you've just eaten some spoiled meat. Seriously, you guys look green."
"It's just a reflection from the computer screen," Drew said offhandedly.
While the boys took turns playing video games and bantered good–naturedly about everything they had discovered during the day's conversations, Marty and Carrie were conspiring in the kitchen.
Setting a steaming mug of coffee in front of Marty, Carrie said, "When it was just Jared involved … "
"Jared and Trent," Marty corrected like he was reading his wife's mind.
" … we wanted to help somehow. But now, with Harry involved and god only knows how many others, I think it's our duty as parents to … do something!"
Walking over to the cupboard, Carrie returned with her own mug of coffee and a half–empty bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream.
"Do what? We don't even know enough about the senator to blackmail him."
"Luke warned against blackmail. But maybe we could find out something about the senator that we could use to barter with him."
"That still sounds like blackmail to me. Besides, how can we find out anything about a US senator? Their lives are so private the IRS doesn't even know when they're lying about their taxes!"
"Maybe we should talk to the coach. Maybe he could offer a suggestion … or two." She poured a little Bailey's in Marty's coffee before doing the same to hers.
"Why would he want to help US if the senator is HIS partner?"
"Maybe the coach doesn't know the whole story."
"But Harry said, he told him about … a classmate giving him a blowjob."
"But Harry didn't say he told the coach it had anything to do with blackmail or the senator preying on young boys."
"Hung boys, I think is the more correct term," Marty said cynically. "But I think you're right. Let's talk to him. Here or at school?"
"Here. Since this apparently doesn't involve the school, except maybe their parking lot and it has more to do with the coach's 'extra–curricular' activities, I think here."
"Or a place of his choosing if he feels better about it."
"As long as we can talk bluntly," Carrie cautioned. "But he knows us and he knows the boys so I don't think he'll object to coming over here."
While Marty and Carrie discussed how they would arrange the meeting, the three boys, Jared, Drew and Trent were upstairs … NOT playing video games.
With an awkward silence during one of the pivotal sections of the game, Drew blurted out, "I know what Harry's talking about … about that old factory smell."
"Olfactory smell," Trent corrected.
"I have this thing about … odors … too."
Following an extended lull in the converssation, the computer said, "Game Over."
All three looked at the screen at the same time thinking the girl, whose voice they had just heard, was listening to them. Then they all cracked up laughing, a little out of nervousness but mostly because Drew was man enough to voice what all three had been thinking about … and maybe just a little bit of 'Big Brother' paranoia thrown in for good measure.
"She's right," Trent said,. :"Game over. But all this shit is just too heavy for me to … uh … bear alone. You guys gonna help me?"
"What shit?"
"All this cock–sucking shit," Trent said.
"Ummm," Jared said reluctantly.
"Ummm," Drew said, curiously.
"Are you guys willing to help me … uh, get this shit resolved?"
"Sure," Drew said, wanting eagerly to be included in anything the two older boys were going to do.
"I ain't sucking Harry's dick," Jared warned.
"Truth or Dare time." Trent said.
In their never–ending quest to one–ups the other brother they both said simultaneously, "You're on."
Looking at Jared, Trent asked, "Truth or Dare?"
"Have you ever smelled your little brother's underwear?"
Looking appalled that his best friend would ask him that, Jared said, "NO!" Then remembering the rules of the game and trying to disguise his blatant lie … just in case his sneaky little brother could somehow disprove his answer, he added, "not today." Then he looked at his brother sheepishly like he was seeking forgiveness.
Trent and Drew looked at Jared acknowledging, as always, it was his turn to question before the younger Drew got his turn.
"Truth or Dare?" Jared asked Trent.
"Do you think I smell bad?"
"No. I like your smell."
"Truth or Dare?" Jared asked Drew.
"Have you ever smelled my underwear?"
And the questions continued until they all realized they liked each others aromas.
At one point Drew admitted, "I love it when he puts his feet in my lap when were watching TV. That swampy smell of his socks … " then he amended his original thought and added two little words " … 'just about' gives me a hard–on."
Getting somewhat bored, when it was Drew's turn to answer again he replied, "Dare."
"Walk downstairs naked and bring us all back a Pepsi Max."
Knowing his folks had seen him naked many times … although not as recently as they'd seen Trent naked, he threw off his clothes and darted out of the room.
"I know this is gonna sound freaky and all but I gotta tell ya, I've smelled Drew's armpits while he was sleeping and they're usually ripe! I like it that he showers in the morning cuz I can perv on his odors at night after he's asleep. So when Harry mentioned that smell thing, I knew what he was talking about. I'm that way, too. Except … I'm not queer."
"He says he's not queer, either, remember?"
"Oh yeah, so how are we gonna gang up on Drew with our questions?" Jared asked.
"I don't know about you but I want to know if he'll suck my cock."
"Dude! That's my brother!"
"Yeah, the brother with the smart mouth I'd like wrapped around my cock. What do you want to know?" Trent asked conspiratorially knowing the two of them would work together to gang up on the little brother.
"I wanna know if he's a virgin or not … and uh, what kinda virgin."
"You wanna know if he's queer?" Trent asked.
"Well, not in so many words, but … what with all this Harry the Fairy shit going down … I think it's something an older brother should know about, uh … and be prepared for."
Returning with three Pepsis, three glasses filled with ice and some chips and dip on a tray, Drew said, "I don't think the folks even saw me. They were talking about interviewing Coach and stuff and never even looked at me. And there was Bailey's on the table."
With a shrug of his shoulders, Trent asked Jared, "Truth or Dare?"
"Have you ever sucked a cock before?"
Looking at Drew he asked, "Truth or Dare?"
"Have you ever sucked a cock before?"
"Truth," Trent said to the unasked question
"Hey, I thought you weren't allowed to ask the same question," Drew groused.
Jared got a devious look on his face as he thought about his next question. "Well, since we all know you've sucked cock before," he said smugly and with an equally evil smile, "ummm, have you ever, ummm, sucked anyone else's cock?"
"Truth," Drew offered before his brother asked.
Knowing he couldn't legally, by the rules of the game, ask his little brother the same question, he asked, "If Trent washed his cock real good, would you suck it?"
Knowing he was telling half of a lie, Drew said, "No."
"So you're a dirty cock sucker" the older boys accused in unison.
"Not fair," Drew whimpered even though he knew he would suck it whether he washed it or not.
"Yeah but it was fun," Trent said, holding his hand up for Jared to acknowledge his high five.
"Burn," they said in unison as their hands slapped.
Drew asked Trent, "If Jared washed his cock three times in one hour would you suck it?"
"Hey, you can't ask the same question!" Trent challenged.
Secretly wanting to know the answer, Jared said, "Technically, it's not the same question. He asked about washing it three times." Then he shrugged his shoulders like there was no way he could help is best friend out of this situation.
"Well … but … but … he didn't offer me a chance to accept a dare."
Really wanting to know the answer to the question but knowing Trent was right, Jared said, "He's right. You didn't ask."
In a sickeningly sweet voice, Drew asked, "Truth or dare?"
With a wicked grin that would look right at home on The Devil, Drew said, "You have to jack–off in the men's room at the airport."
Seeing the solemn look on Drew's face, Jared said to his brother, "You're serious!"
"And you have to get a video to prove that you really did it."
"But there's US military patrolling that place 24/7," Trent shouted, half from fear of being caught and half from anticipated excitement of doing something so forbidden … in public.
"There's no way he can make good on that dare," Jared said, hoping to help his best friend out.
"The next time the senator comes to town and airport security is more worried about his safety than that of their piss patrons you can do it," Drew said. "Jared and I will watch out for the security cops but executing the video is up to you. We have the Canon we use on vacations you can use."
"My god, Drew, how long have you been planning this? I mean, it's like you've got everything … "
"Like I've been telling you Jared, he's a devious little cocksucker," Trent said. Then with a smile, he said, "Oh yeah, it's my turn.
"Truth," Jared offered fearfully. He was thinking the game was getting a little out of control.
"Actually, now it's the moment of truth … not truth or dare," Trent said.
"Whaddya mean? Jared asked, seeing the worried look on his face.
"Well, we've all been jokin' and kiddin' around tonight but … when all is said and done, I'm the only one of us who's sucked cock … not even Harry the Fairy has sucked cock, if you wanna believe what he says."
"So?" Jared asked,
"So?" Drew asked.
"What I'm sayin' is … everybody knows, even your mom and dad, but … now I'm the odd man out. I don't fit in anymore."
"Sure you do. You were tricked into doing it. It doesn't mean we can't still be friends."
"But now I'm the 'cocksucker' friend."
"What are you getting' at?" Drew asked, as fearful as he was hopeful.
"You're not gonna ask what I think you're gonna ask, are you?" Jared asked nervously.
To be continued.
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