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From chapter seven
"Actually, now it's the moment of truth … not truth or dare," Trent said.
"Whaddya mean? Jared asked, seeing the worried look on his face.
"Well, we've all been jokin' and kiddin' around tonight but … when all is said and done, I'm the only one who's sucked cock … not even Harry the Fairy has sucked cock, if you wanna believe what he says."
"So?" Jared asked,
"So?" Drew asked.
"What I'm sayin' is … everybody knows, even your mom and dad, but … now I'm the odd man out. I don't fit in anymore."
"Sure you do. You were tricked into doing it. It doesn't mean we can't still be friends."
"But now I'm the 'cocksucker' friend."
"What are you getting' at?" Drew asked, as fearful as he was hopeful.
"You're not gonna ask what I think you're gonna ask, are you?" Jared asked nervously.
Chapter Eight
"Earlier, I asked you if you had ever sucked cock." Trent said. "What I really wanted to know is if you would ever want to?"
"Umm, Trent … "
Coming to his brother's aid, Drew said, "Ever since this whole issue came up I think all of us, Dad included, has thought about whether we would suck cock."
Trent just looked at Drew, both knowing that it was a 'cop–out' answer.
"If … and this is just an if … if the right guy approached me at the right time in the right place and I knew there was no way anyone would ever find out about it, I guess I'd try it … once." Jared exhaled like he had just unloaded a lifetime of secrets in one sentence.
"Me, too," Drew, said encouragingly. "I mean, I guess, even if I knew someone could find out about it … like what happened to you, I'd do it … for the right reason."
Jared looked at Drew. Drew looked at Jared. They both turned to Trent and shrugged.
"I guess that's the best I can offer," Jared said.
"Hypothetically, like your dad said," Trent said, looking at Jared, "who would the right guy be?"
"You of course," Drew answered so his brother wouldn't have to voice it.
"And who would it be for you?" Trent asked Drew.
"Andy," Jared answered in a girly whiney voice.
"Maybe," Drew said, surprising his brother."
"Whaddya mean maybe. He's your best friend."
"Yeah, but I'm not sure he's the right guy for … this sorta thing."
"Who then?" Jared demanded.
So quietly even he could barely hear it, Drew said, "Trent." He didn't dare say the one word he wanted to say most, 'Jared.'
"I guess, for what it's worth, I feel better knowing three guys want me."
"Three?" Jared asked before saying, "oh yeah … Harry."
"Umm, I might be overstepping my 'friendship line in the sand, here,' but … Trent, do you want me to umm … you know … uh … ?" Jared stammered.
It was obvious from the look on Trent's face that he was mentally struggling for the right answer. "If I say yes, I might lose a friend … two friends. If I say no, I'd be lying to my two best friends … so I guess … "
Jared just sat there slack–jawed.
"The way I see it, If you've done it … and Jared and I do it … then we'll all three be back to square one … or whatever the next square is after doing something like this," Drew said. "But we'll all be back on the same square."
Jared's jaw moved up and down but no words were coming out. He was astonished that his brother was offering to blow his best friend … something he, himself, had wanted to do for so long … and including him in the mix. He didn't know how to react or what to say.
"And just like you, umm, we'll each have a witness," Drew added.
Both boys looked at Jared for his reaction. "Umm, you wanna flip to see who goes first?"
"Rocks." Drew said, knowing he had more control over 'rocks' than a coin toss.
The two brothers jerked their hands in the air three times before displaying their choice.
Jared hoped his face showed more disgust than delight when he lost … which was really a win for him.
Drew hoped his face didn't show that he had thrown the game to his brother because Trent was, after all, Jared's best friend, not his. He had played Rocks with Jared so many times he knew he played like a girl … who statistically most often throw scissors first. So he threw paper instead of his typical rock so he would lose.
"Umm," Trent said, "so I guess the next question is, where would you consider to be the right place?"
"The airport men's room," Drew said with an impish grin, hoping to lighten the mood.
"I told you he had a smart mouth," Trent groused good-naturedly.
"Umm, here … or umm … do you wanna do it in the bathroom shower stall?"
All three smiled at Jared's attempt at flush–burn levity.
"Yeah, I better shower first. I've had a pretty rough day."
"If you shower, the deal is off," Drew said.
Jared held up his hand for his brother to receive a well–deserved high five.
"You're serious about my stink, aren't you?"
"Do we keep our clothes on or … "
"Huh?" Trent and Jared asked, shock evident in their tone..
"Well, I know Trent kept his clothes on … because he was in a parking lot but I was thinking … um … it would be easier for me if like … we … um … were in a locker room setting or something. Not like we're dirty old men hiding behind a dumpster fully clothed sucking on some anonymous guys um … "
"Yeah, the clothes do make it kinda impersonal," Jared agreed wanting desperately to see his best friend naked and mentally giving his brother a pat on the back for a good job.
"I think I'd feel better if we were like … good friends helping each other out."
"It's okay by me," Trent said, offhandedly, even though he really wanted to see Jared and Drew naked together in the same room at the same time … something he hadn't seen since the old camping days before they had all matured.
"Okay, then," Jared said, slipping off his T–shirt. What I'd really like to do is perform a strip–tease for them but I think that would freak them out.
I wish Jared and Trent could make it a contest of who can strip the sexiest for me, Drew thought, but I guess that would be kinda askin' too much.
Trent admired his best friend's physique as he stripped off his shirt. Not a muscle–bound god but he sure has definition in all the right places. His biceps are solid with some deep valleys goin' on there and his pecs are like two flat mesas above his abs which are awesome with their crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines.,
His armpits are moist … probably from nervousness, Drew thought. I'd love to lick the sweat off 'em, but …
Damn, my pits stink. I think it's because I'm so nervous. I better keep my arms down, Jared thought. I mean, it kinda turns me on but I'm pretty sure Trent wouldn't like my odor.
"I guess this ain't no free show," Trent said, anxious to get the cock–sucking show on the road. He pulled his T–shirt up over his head and pulled his pants down like it was some kind of race or something. Even so, he didn't take off his underpants.
He did that so fast I think he's nervous about being naked with us, Jared thought. It's been a long time since the three of us were naked together and back then, we were still prepubescent kids.
That was so fast, I didn't really have a chance to see him flex his muscles as he bent and stretched but what I'm seein' I like, Drew thought. He's as ripped as Jared. Maybe his pecs are even a little bigger than Jared's. I wonder if he secretly lifts weights.
Wait'll Trent gets a look at my little brother, Jared thought. He's got this awesome adolescent boy look to him but an equally awesome adult teen body on him. It's so hot when I get to watch him, from time to time, when he walks around naked. He's so innocent he doesn't even know he gives me a major bone–on every time I see him naked … or think about seeing him naked.
As Drew got undressed he felt both pairs of eyes on his every move. I guess that's what I get for being so slow. But I kinda like the idea that both of them are admiring me. I mean, there are times when I deliberately walk around naked in the bedroom, because it's such a turn–on for me to have someone seeing me naked. I think I'm border–line exhibitionistic.
Twerps got a great body, Trent thought. He's got those powerful quarter–back arms, hangin' next to his slightly under–developed chest. A thin waist that looks too thin compared to his wide hips and tree–trunk sized thighs. He's like a little puppy that's just becoming a full–fledged dog. And he's one big dog I'd like to play with!
"On three," Jared said, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his boxer briefs, once Drew was down to his undrpants. "One, two … three."
Unlike Jared's and Trent's speedy removal, Drew nonchalantly took off his boxers. "What was that all about? We've all seen each other naked."
"We've seen you naked in the locker room after the games but it's been a long time since we've seen Trent naked. I just thought it would be easier for him if we, umm …"
"Thanks for pointing that out," Trent said caustically. "I guess you two get to see each other naked all the time."
"Yeah," Drew said, thinking, But I don't get to see Jared naked as often as I'd like.
"On your knees or you wanna lay on the bed?" Drew asked his brother, just as anxious to get to the impending cock–sucking.
"Uh … ummm,"
"If it's okay with you," Trent said, "I think it would be less like … ummm … something dirty if we laid on the bed. I mean, seeing you on your knees in front of me would kinda … umm," He thought, make me cum too fast, but instead, he said, " be too queer."
"Umm, Trent," Jared said, "what I'm about to do IS queer, dontcha think?"
"You know what I mean."
"Yeah, I agree, lying on the bed would be more like …" making out, Jared thought.
Making love, Drew thought.
"Yeah, that," Trent agreed to his best friend's unspoken description, effectively letting him off the hook.
Trent laid on his back on the bed, spreading his legs. His thick shaft curved heavily downward over his tight ball sack. I'm probably not hard because I'm so nervous.
Jared crawled between Trent's legs on his knees. He leaned his head over Trent's crotch but hesitated before going down on him.
Watching his best friend kneeling there like that caused his cock to stir and begin it's hardening and lengthening process. Even so, he said, "You don't have to do this if you don't want to. We can still be friends. It's just I don't want …"
"I've come this far, I'm gonna do it," Jared said. "I just have to … uh … wrap my head around it, is all."
"Just wrap your lips around it, is what you mean," Drew said, impatiently. "Suck him already!" If you don't I will, Drew thought, eager to taste his first cock … even though it wasn't gonna be his brother's like he had really hoped.
"Oh my GOD!" Trent screamed when he felt his best friend's mouth engulf his cock for the first time.
Backing off suddenly, for fear he had done something wrong, Jared yelped, "What?"
"NO. No. It was just … umm … so much better than I ever imagined."
"You've had blowjobs before."
"But not from you," Drew said, understanding what Trent meant. Then trying to make it sound less like being queer, he added, "I mean, his other blowjobs were just blowjobs. This is … umm … something special between best friends."
"Yeah, what Twerp said," Trent said, gently urging Jared's mouth back onto his erection.
"Well just don't yell any more. It scares me," Jared whined.
Trent's eyes rolled back in his head when Jared went down on him again. Damn, this is so much better than any head I've gotten from a girl. I know it's gotta be because it's my best friend giving me a blowjob, not because it's a guy doin' it.
I can't believe how strange having a cock in my mouth feels, Jared thought, but because it's Trent's I don't mind. In fact, I kinda like it. Not that I'd let HIM know that. At first, I thought I was gonna gag or something but it really feels kinda … umm … like a sponge with a hard core to it. And the skin is so soft. I think he uses baby oil to jack off with. It's so smooth.
"Oh, so good," Trent moaned.
Maybe I should try using baby oil. I bet it's as good, if not better than, spit. But where would I get baby oil? Can I buy it at the store without raising suspicion? I mean, the sales clerk would know most guys my age don't have babies. Wouldn't they think I was buying it to jack of with? What am I thinking? Maybe I can talk Trent into sucking my cock from now on! Then I wouldn't need to jack off. But I suppose I could use the baby oil for those times when he wasn't available.
Trent moaned again because Jared was rubbing his tongue over his very sensitive piss slit.
And I think if I tried, I could get my whole tongue inside his piss slit. It's so fuckin' wide!
Without realizing what he was doing, Drew wiped a drop of pre–cum off his piss slit and put it to his mouth. It was only after he recognized the taste in his mouth that he realized he had done it. Then he looked at Trent to see if he had caught him tasting his own cum. Thank god he's got his eyes closed or I'd never live it down. I wonder if Trent oozes pre–cum. I'd like to get a taste of it. I hope Jared hurries up and gets done. In fact, I'm surprised he's sucking him for so long. I thought he'd just like suck it a little and then say he had held up his end of the bargain. But it looks like he's enjoying it.
I wonder how long I can suck him before everyone thinks it's been too long. I really like this but I don't want him to think I'm gonna be his personal cocksucker. But that wouldn't be so bad. And the crotch odor has got me so steamed up, my cock's about to boil over.
Impatient, Drew tapped his brother's shoulder blade.
Trent opened his eyes when Jared stopped sucking him. "Umm, dude, that was great. I mean, uh, you know, you've gotten so many blowjobs you knew just what to do to make it feel … umm … like you were giving a real blowjob. Thanks."
"Uh," Jared, stammered glad that his best friend was trying to make it seem like it was something other than a queer blowjob.
"I guess, I'm next," Drew said with mock contempt. Using his brother's boxer briefs to wipe Trent's cock dry, he said, "Gotta dry this off or it'll be like I'm swapping spit with my own brother."
"You're just afraid Jared sucked a little too much juice to the top."
"That, too," Drew smiled, thinking, I hope he's got you dripping. I really wanna see if your pre–cum tastes different than mine.
While Drew was sucking Trent, Jared asked him, "Do you ever dream really silly dreams?"
"Like what?" Trent asked, feeling adventurous from all the oral attention his cock was getting.
"Umm, it's just … the other night I had this dream where I was …"
"Was what?"
"Oh, nothing. I shouldn't have brought it up. It was just a stupid dream anyway."
"Of what?"
"I don't wanna say. It's like, too freaky."
Trent's cock jerked in Drew's mouth at the mention of the word freaky. I really like anything that can be considered freaky, Trent thought.
Feeling the jerk, Drew pulled back to ask, "Hey, you're not gonna cum, are you? That wouldn't' be cool, dude," even as he thought otherwise.
"No, I'll warn you. I promise, Twerp," Trent said, pulling Drew's head back to his cock. "What kinda dream?" Trent asked.
"I was on the beach, just lying in the sun. Then the dream morphed to me on my knees fuckin' …" This is the part I don't really want to reveal but what turns me on the most about the dream … other than it was my brother's foot I was fucking.
"What's so freaky about fuckin'?"
Not wanting to reveal that it was his brother in the dream, he said, "I was fucking … um … some girl's toes."
Reacting to what his brother said, Drew gulped Trent's cock past his soft pallet and gagged. He began to cough and drool at the same time. But by not backing off his 'prize' as he inhaled deeply to catch his breath, he got a strong whiff of Trent's manly crotch odor, too. He almost fainted.
"Nice sound effects, dude," Trent said. "Keep it up. I like that."
"You don't find that to be freaky?" Jared asked, astounded that his best friend didn't react the way he expected.
"Well, I dream about fuckin' their tits but I guess their toes would be even tighter." Then with a wicked smile, he added, "I mean, if you've got a pencil dick like yours."
Drew didn't raise his head off Trent's cock but raised his hand for a high–five `burn' slap … which Trent acknowledged.
Even so, Drew, who was already getting a major bone–on from sucking Trent's awesome cock and smelling his body odor, got even hotter when he heard his brother tell about his dream. Trent has such HOT feet, Drew thought. But so does Jared. Come to think of it, they're really quite similar. Long foot, high arch, strong bony toes … with the second toe slightly longer than the big toe. I'd love to force my cock between both his feet and fuck 'em good.
I'd fuck your toes, Trent thought, just to see how doing something like that feels.
I wish Trent would let me fuck his toes … Drew, too. I think it's just such a perverted thing to do … I get hard just thinking about it. Speaking of which, I need to spunk a load. "Uh, Trent, I was thinking, umm …"
"Whenever you're thinking, it's not a good thing. But whacha thinkin'?"
Jared didn't want to pressure his friend into doing something he didn't want to do so he opted for subterfuge. "Umm, you sucked Harry and I sucked you … and Drew's sucking you."
"Umm, and I got sucked by the old man."
"So, say what you wanna say."
"Well, it looks to me like Drew is the only one who hasn't gotten a blowjob."
Drew withdrew off Trent's cock and looked at his brother to see if this was some kind of joke or something.
Jared on the other hand, was hoping if he could get Trent to suck Drew, he'd also offer to suck him, too, thereby helping him to alleviate his growing need to cum.
"Are you asking me to suck Twerp?" Trent asked.
"Well, I think it's only fair. I mean, he offered to suck you because he didn't want you to be the odd man out. Now it looks like HE'S the odd man out."
Drew held his breath for what felt like an eternity until he heard Trent say, nonchalantly, "Okay. I guess that's fair." Glad you suggested it. I've been trying to figure a way to get Twerp in my mouth. And you too, boyfriend! As soon as I'm finished with your brother, I'm gonna suck your nuts out through that big honkin' cum tube you've got on that big honkin' cock of yours.
Drew bounded onto his feet and then fell backward onto the bed. His heavily–laden ball sack dropped between his thighs hauling his erection upward off his belly until it was pointing skyward.
Trent knelt on the bed but turned sideways before laying down. Just before he put Drew's cock in his mouth, he said to Jared, "Maybe you could suck me some more, while I'm suckin' your little brother." He didn't wait for an answer. He just began sucking Drew tenderly and lovingly. I don't know which one I like more. You or your brother, Trent thought. I guess I won't know for sure until after I've sucked you both.
Without hesitation … actually, willingly … Jared began sucking his best friend again. I don't know which one I'd like to suck more. You or my brother. I guess I'll never know for sure because I sure as hell can't suck my own brother.
"God I love the sounds of you guys slurping on cocks. And the smell. Can you smell the room? It's full of guy stink, and the odor of three guys rutting like wild animals. Trent, I thought I was gonna faint when I smelled your crotch. It was soooooo heavenly. And now, I can smell your armpit odor, too."
"Sowwy," Trent apologized around Drew cock.
"No! I love it. It's like an aphrodisiac."
I agree, Jared thought. But so is YOUR smell, little brother.
"Umm, are we gonna cum tonight, or is this just a suck job with no climax? "
Raising off Trent's cock, Jared said, "Maybe … if it's okay with you guys … we could uh, jackoff 'cuz I've gotta cum soon or my nuts are gonna explode."
"How about if you jack off while Trent continues to suck me. Then when you're done, ummm, I guess, the two of us could jack off, too."
Trent answered Drew's suggestion by starting to jack off while continuing to suck him.
Jared began fisting his meat with renewed vigor. He really needed to climax.
Trent jacked off slowly, enjoying the fact that he could jack off while sucking a cock at the same time. I'm gonna remember tonight every time I jack–off in the future. It's gonna make all my future climaxes so much better.
Trent says he only sucked Harry the one time but he sure is a great cocksucker. What he does with his tongue and the insides of his cheeks are getting me so close to cumming. Maybe there's some truth to what they say about once you've had a blowjob you know better how to give one. I wonder what he'd do if I didn't warn him and maybe cum just a little in his mouth .
Without warning Trent jerked his head off Drew's cock. It was so sudden there was an audible "pop" to it.
"What?" Drew whined nervously, thinking, Jeeze, is he reading my fuckin' mind?
With a wicked grin at Jared, Trent said, "You know what?"
"What?" Jared asked eagerly because he recognized the expression on his best friend's face was one that always preceded some diabolical scheme.
Slowly, with deliberately drawn–out phrasing, Trent said, "I think it's time for our flush burn payback."
"All right!" Jared yelped.
"Wha?" Drew agonized, both fearful that it might involve a lot a pain … something he was willing to endure if it meant doing whatever it was while still being naked … and hopeful that it would be something sexual in nature.
"Time to give our boy a shower," Trent said.
"Huh?" Jared asked in a peeved tone. I wanna cum first, he thought but didn't say anything because he wanted to hear what Trent had in mind.
Trent moved around on the bed so his knees were straddling Drew's head. Next, he put one leg over each of Drew's biceps pinning him to the bed. Then, with his balls dangling over Drew's face, he began jacking off.
"Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about," Jared said, once he realized his little brother was gonna get a nasty cum shower. He crawled on the bed to kneel next to Drew's hip. That way he could be close to Trent … where he could smell both his best friend and his brother … and still watch all the action.
"You gotta jack off, too," Trent ordered Drew. And you've gotta cum all over yourself … if you can cum at you age."
Drew knew Trent was just mocking him. He knew Trent knew he was old enough to cum, but he liked the way Trent was belittling him … just like they were best friends, too. Because of the position Trent was in, watching Trent's balls jiggling back and forth as he masturbated caused Drew to get a little dizzy. Or maybe it was because Drew was able to inhale both the sweet acrid aroma of stale ball sweat and also a faint odor of butt crack funk.
"Now!" was all Jared could say before he twisted his waist slightly to aim his cock and start spunking on his younger brother. Cum sprayed everywhere from Drew's navel to his tits.
Seeing Jared spurting, Trent said, "Uungh," before shooting a long streamer the full length of Drew's body. Then several more followed that one.
When Drew felt his brother's cum hit him, his balls jerked into action but it was only after he felt Trent's cum splat on his cock and balls that he began to shoot his own load. When he felt Trent's subsequent streamers land on his torso, he shuddered with the most intense orgasm of his life. Then he felt … and heard … one last drop of Trent's cum plop onto his left ear.
"Damn, look at that boy cum!" Trent said in awe.
"Fuck, dude, when was the last time you came? A year ago?"
"This morning," Drew admitted before he realized it might have been a trick question to make him admit that he jacked–off.
"What a fuckin' MESS!" Jared said. "Go shower before you stain the sheets. Mom would kill you if she knew you were spunkin' all over everything again.
Rushing to the bathroom with his hands cupped tight to his belly, hoping to keep any spunk from dripping onto the floor, Drew thought, I guess that was fair. I cummed on Jared the night of the marshmallow sleepover and the morning Trent got flush burned in the shower, so they got to … uh … shower me with cum.
"Great payback," Trent. I couldn't have thought of a better one, myself.
"So, umm, are we okay with all this?" Trent asked apprehensively.
"Yeah, dude. OH! You mean all this … um … cocksucking and jackin'–off stuff. Yeah. Sure. I guess now we're all, umm, equals again, right?" … except I really wish you had sucked me, too.
"Yeah. Sure. So now we can just go back to things the way they used to be, right?" … except I really wish I had sucked you, too.
"Right," Jared said, hoping his answer didn't betray the fact that secretly he'd like to do this kind of thing every night with his friend … except for those nights when we're balling chicks, he thought.
"Good," Trent said, hoping Jared would suggest that they maybe do it again sometime.
While Trent and Jared were coming to terms with what they had just done, Drew was looking at himself in the mirror. Jared's cum spray looked like stars twinkling in the sky but Trent's streamers looked like the white divider lines separating the driving lanes on the highway. Spying the big glob of cum clinging to his ear shell, Drew carefully wiped it out with the index finger of his right hand. Knowing the glob on his right tit was his brother's he swiped it off with the index finger of his left hand. Putting Trent's in his mouth first, he thought, I know what Jared's tastes like … kinda … from the splooge on the fake leather recliner.
"Whatcha doin'?" Jared yelled from across the hall, "makin' mud pies?"
Drew quickly slipped his other finger in his mouth before turning on the shower spray. But before stepping into the shower, he rubbed the cum into a two brothers and friend mixture and wiped it all over his face, shoulders, armpits and crotch. He waited about two minutes … which seemed like an eternity … before jumping in quickly and jumping out just as quickly. He wanted just enough water droplet on his body to make the boys think he had showered. He returned to the bedroom with the towel draped casually around his neck, deliberately letting his boyhood charms hang out hoping to assess the reaction of Jared and Trent to his careless nakedness, I think it would be neat to start walking around naked more often. If no one complains, I just might start doing it.
Jared asked him, "Are you okay?"
Knowing he had to pretend to be angry, Drew pouted, "You wouldn't like it if it were you being drowned in queer cum!"
Trent raised his hand toward Drew's face and Drew flinched, thinking his brother was going to backhand him for implying he was a queer.
"It's okay," Jared said, comfortingly. "You've just got a little …" then squeezing some cum that was left in Drew's hair between his thumb and forefinger he said, " of Trent's cum in your hair.
Without either one having to say anything, Trent went into action. He grabbed Drew's beefy biceps from behind and wrapped his right leg around Drew's right leg to hold him in place. Then Jared smeared Trent's cum under his little brother's nose and all over his lips.
"Lick it off." Jared demanded, as he stuck his finger in his brother's face.
Keeping his mouth closed, Drew feigned disgust even as he took pleasure in feeling Trent's half–tumescent cock rubbing against his butt cheeks.
Jared gripped his brother's balls and squeezed.
When he opened his mouth to scream, Jared jabbed his finger in.
Instinctively, Drew bit down … but not hard … just enough to make his brother think he was protesting but not enough to do damage. Realizing his brother wasn't going to pull his finger out until he licked off the cum , he swiped his tongue along the finger pad. Once Jared withdrew his finger, Drew grimaced … like he thought it was a disgusting thing to do. Even so, he thought, Thanks, bro, I didn't see that one or I'd have eaten it in the bathroom, too.
"The cum shower is for the flush burn," Trent clarified, `having to eat my cum is for cumming all over your brothers shorts and trying to make your mom think it was him that did it."
Drew knew Trent was trying to help him understand why they did it but he looked at Trent , and with his back to Jared, he deliberately licked off the cum that was smeared on his upper lip , with an expression that implied, `now we both have the same secret.' We've both swallowed some cum. You tasted Harry's and I tasted yours.
Wrapping his arm around Drew's shoulders, Trent said, "Friends?"
"Friends," Drew smiled.
"Friends?" Jared asked.
"Brothers," Drew smiled dragging his brother into a group hug.
Self-consciously breaking away from the all-naked-male hug, Trent asked, "Do you really think Harry was telling the truth about … you know … never sucking dick before?"
"I don't know. Why?" Jared asked unsympathetically.
"Well, … if he's telling the truth, I guess we've all been kinda unfair to him. I mean, if he's not really queer …" Trent said as he began to put on his white ribbed briefs.
"But he wants to be, so that's the same thing," Drew said, deliberately remaining naked.
"Yeah but, like he says, nobody wants to be near him … because he's queer … but he's not … really."
"What's your point?" Jared asked dispassionately as he began slipping into his boxer briefs.
"Maybe we could be his friends."
"What!" Jared yelped. "Friends with Harry the Fairy?"
With a thoughtful expression, Drew said, "It might be to our advantage," before giving in and began putting on his boxers.
"Whaddya mean?" Jared asked like Drew had suggested living on the moon was a good idea.
"If he was our friend … and he wants to try suckin' cock …"
"Yeah!" Jared said, finally understanding. "He could be our personal cock–sucker slave boy."
"Well, I was thinking of something a little less radical than that but, yeah, maybe we could get our cocks sucked once in a while," Trent said.
"You got his digits?" Drew asked.
"Umm, somewhere, I think," Trent said, "from when your mom asked me earlier to call him.," he added, not wanting his friends to think he was keeping Harry's phone number for any special reason.
"You think he'd come over if we called him?" Drew asked.
to be continued
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