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From chapter eight
"Yeah!" Jared said, finally understanding. "He could be our personal cock–sucker slave boy."
"Well, I was thinking of something a little less radical than that but, yeah, maybe we could get our cocks sucked once in a while," Trent said.
"You got his digits?" Drew asked.
"Umm, somewhere, I think," Trent said, "from when your mom asked me earlier to call him," he added, not wanting his friends to think he was keeping Harry's phone number for any special reason.
"You think he'd come over if we called him?" Drew asked.
Chapter Nine
As it turned out, Harry wasn't able to visit until Sunday afternoon. He was surprised that Trent offered to pick him up and even more surprised when he saw Jared and Drew in the car. As he got in the back seat next to Drew, Harry said, "Sorry I couldn't come over the other day when you called."
"That's okay, " Trent said.
"What's this all about, anyway? " Harry asked, a little bewildered that the boys wanted to see him again.
"We just wanna talk with you some more, " Drew said.
"Kinda find out a little more about … everything, " Jared said.
While Trent was picking up Harry, Marty, Luke and Carrie were in the living room, each with a half–empty highball glass in their hand.
Coach was drinking Pepsi Max. "I swear by all that's holy, I had no idea the senator was doing any of this pedophile stuff but at this point, I guess I'll have to say 'alleged' pedophile stuff."
Just then, Jared, Trent, Drew and Harry walked in. As they breezed past them Jared said, "We're gonna get some pop and some snacks and head upstairs. Okay?"
"Hi, coach," Harry said respectfully.
Coach looked first at Harry and then at the other three in disbelief, like he couldn't believe Harry was hanging out with three of his best athletes.
"Are you related to the senator?" Luke asked, getting back to the subject at hand.
"Kinda. He's my wife's sister's husband's brother."
"Thinking faster than the rest of them, Carrie said, "Your brother–in–law's brother."
"Umm, yeah, if you wanna say it the easy way," Coach smiled mischievously. Then more seriously he asked, "Is that significant for any reason?"
"Well," Luke said, "quite often, people think blood is thicker than water so they're more willing to stick up for kin rather than stick up for what's right. It was never more true than where I just came back from."
"The Middle East," Carrie clarified.
"I'm willing to help if there's anything I can do. But I don't know what that would be. None of this pedophile stuff happened on school property so I don't have anything there I can charge him with and it didn't happen in front of me so I can't be considered a witness or anything."
Not wanting to bring up the school parking lot involvement just yet, Luke said, "Let's start with what you know. What do you do for the senator?"
"Not much … and certainly nothing about this pedophile stuff. Guys just bring me money once a month and I deposit the money in charitable accounts."
"Guys just bring you money?"
"Sorry, guys the senator sends to me."
"Yeah, I guess."
"What charities?"
"Whatever the couriers tell me. It changes every once in a while."
"You say couriers. How many couriers are there?"
"Sometimes six, sometimes eight. It depends."
"Depends on what?"
"Umm, that I don't know. It just fluctuates from month to month."
"How much money are we talking about … hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars?"
"Each month, the total from all of the couriers might be as little as $100,000.00. Once it was over a million … but that only happened the one time."
"I thought southern states were poor. How can they afford to pay a senator that kind of money?" Carrie asked.
"Oh, it's not HIS money. He's just, ummm, a middle man, I guess. They come to him and he sends them to me because I have the names, addresses and bank codes of the financial institutions.
"Have you ever heard of any of these charities? I mean is it like the Red Cross or Sloan Kettering or … "Carrie asked.
"No, I've never heard of any of them. I guess they're all southern charities the senator knows about."
"Which begs the question," Luke said, "why doesn't the senator make the deposits himself if the charities are in his state and the money is in his state? Why transport the money all the way out here just to have it sent back there?"
"He says he wants them to be anonymous donations," Coach said. Then as an after thought, he added, "But the money doesn't go back to his state. It goes to some bank in the Caymans that handles the money for a lot of different charities."
Luke turned to look at Coach like he had heard the ring of the starting bell at a boxing match. "Whoa, there. Let me get this right. Unknown men bring you money … large sums of money … from an unknown source that you then deposit into uncertain accounts in the Caymans."
"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Never thought of it quite that way but yeah, you're right."
"Money laundering?" Marty asked Luke.
"Sounds like it to me. Do you know the names of any of these couriers?" Luke asked.
"They're all fairly typical names, Jones and Smith. There's one whose name is … umm … Brubaker or something like that."
"Willie Brubarber?" Carrie asked, correcting the pronunciation of the last name?
"Yep," Coach said, smiling like he had gotten the answer to the teacher's question 'almost' correct, "one and the same."
Marty and Luke looked at Carrie in disbelief.
"He was just on the news. Well, not the news. It's one of those expose shows where they talk about all the unusual jobs people have. Well this Brubarber guy makes a living counting cards."
"How exciting," Coach scoffed, apparently unfamiliar with the term.
"Is he banned by any casinos?" Luke asked Carrie.
"All of 'em I guess. He can, as they called it, 'break the bank' in less than an hour," Carrie said.
"Coach, does the senator's state have any casinos?"
"Started out, years ago, with two little ones. I went to both of them once when I was there. Now the whole gulf coast shoreline is peppered with 'em. Can't drive more'n a hour without passin' one or two. Don't know how they can stay in business with so many of 'em in one place."
"Gambling is an addiction," Marty said.
"Gambling CAN be an addiction to some people," Carrie amended.
"Unless it's a means of employment," Luke said knowingly.
"Most of 'em are floating barges, now, because of the hurricanes and stuff." Coach said, like he wasn't keeping up with all the facts that were unraveling.
"Okay, we think we know where the money is coming from, who's delivering it and where it's going. How does the senator fit into all this?" Luke speculated.
While all this was transpiring downstairs, the boys were upstairs. The computer was OFF and the boys sat two to a bed facing each other.
"So, Harry," Trent said. "Um, we've been thinking about everything that's happened."
Harry looked around suspiciously like he might have just walked into a gay bashing trap.
When Trent didn't continue, Drew said, "And we think it's unfair that you made him suck you off."
With audible fear in his tone Harry whined, "It wasn't me. It was my uncle. I explained all that."
"Yeah, we know," Jared said, "but we were thinking … "
"Um, actually, I'm thinking I should leave," Harry said, starting to rise.
Drew threw an arm across his chest and pinned his back to the bed.
Taking a deep breath, Harry was going to scream but stopped.
"You don't want to go just yet," Drew said like he was keeping a secret.
"Go on, I deserve it. I didn't do it on purpose but if you've gotta blame somebody, I guess it's gonna be me."
"Go on and do what?" Drew asked suspiciously.
"Beat me up."
"Oh my god! Is that what you think?" Trent shouted.
Drew snatched his arm away and said. "Of fuck! Sorry Harry."
"Then what?" Harry asked, totally confused.
"Well," Jared said, trying to maintain a grim expression on his face, "you made my best friend suck your dick and I think it's only fair that I make you suck my best friend's dick."
That might have been a punishment to most guys but all four of them knew Harry had the hots for Trent.
"Not really force you," Drew soothed. "More like, um … give you the opportunity to decide for yourself if you'd like to be a cocksucker or not."
"In a friendly setting … among … friends," Jared said.
"You really think of me as your friend?" Harry asked with disbelief.
"I've had your fuckin' cock in my mouth," Trent said. "You don't think I'd go around sucking the cocks of my enemies do you?"
All three laughed at Harry's expression. He wanted to laugh at Trent's joke but he wanted to cry because of being accepted as a friend by the guys he most admired.
"But only if you want to." Trent said, " … and it doesn't have to be today. We just invited you over today to get to know you better and … to … um … make the offer."
"You can take your time to think it over and … "
"Think it over? I've been thinking it over for more than four years. From the first time I met you I've wanted to … get to know you."
"Um … you guys want to make yourselves scarce," Trent said.
"Um … no," Jared said sardonically. "You had a witness when you sucked Harry, so I think there should be a witness when Harry sucks you."
"I didn't plan it that way. Honest," Harry said. "It's just that your dad showed up and I had to … do damage control."
"Yeah, well he doesn't like being blackmailed."
"It was all I could think of at the time. To tell you the truth, I just about peed myself when I saw him standing there. All of that was impromptu. I was making shit up left and right, hoping to bluff him into keeping his mouth shut. I really didn't want to get you in trouble, Trent."
"But he was still a witness."
"Hey, I've got no problem about doing it with you guys here. I mean, if the truth be told, I kinda like the idea of an audience … not that I HAVE to have one but … "
"I don't have a Lexus fender to lean on, so how do you wanna do this?" Trent asked, hoping to get this little charade into action.
Downstairs, while the boys were having their discussion upstairs, Luke asked unexpectedly, "Can I use your phone?"
"It's long distance … but Trent has my cell phone upstairs."
"No problem."
Luke punched in the number and waited before saying, "Alex, do you know any gamblers? … Yeah, I guess I didn't need to ask. It's like asking choirboys if they know any gay priests . Do you know if casinos in your state keep a pharmacist on staff, or retainer or whatever? … They do? Do you know any of them personally? … Could you ask one of them to phone me on my cell? … Uh, today. It's really urgent. Not quite life or death but pretty close. … Thanks. I owe ya. Bye."
"What was that all about?"
That was a pharmacist friend of mine who lives in the same state as the senator. I want to talk to a casino pharmacist. If my hunch is right, I might have this figured out.
Upstairs, Trent had his ass clinging to the edge of Jared's bed. His legs were spread into a wide V with his feet on the floor to give Harry room to knee-walk between his thighs.
Harry, with a lot of trepidation, began to unbutton Trent's buttonfly jeans. "Um, it's okay to, umm … " Then taking a moment to think he said, "You guys have all seen each other naked so I guess, if I just, umm, take it out and start … umm, you okay with that, Trent?"
"I've got a better idea," Drew said.
"What:?" Harry asked hoping it was something that would make him feel more comfortable with what he was about to do.
"We all play 'Rocks.' The one that loses has to take off one article of clothing."
"Strip Rocks?" Trent asked, "like strip poker but playing Rocks, Paper, Scissors?"
"Yeah, then, Harry gets to suck the first one naked."
"Yeah, " Trent and Jared agreed.
"Umm, I thought I was only going to suck Trent," Harry said.
"Well, after you made Trent suck YOU, he uh, kinda talked us into sucking him … so he wouldn't be odd man out," Jared said.
"So, it's only fair that you suck us, too, because uh … " Drew offered.
"Because we were forced to suck Trent so he didn't feel so much like The Lone Cocksucker," Jared said.
"Umm, it's not like I don't want to but … ummm,"
"What?" Drew asked.
"Well, I'm not calling you guys liars but how do I know you really, umm … sucked Trent. I mean, this might just be a way to get me to suck you … to humiliate me … for doing what I did to Trent."
The brothers looked at each other and gave each an imperceptible nod.
"You suck Trent … which was the original deal … the original payback … " Jared said.
"And then, umm, the next loser has to, ummm, suck Trent next," Drew said. "After that, we'll each suck Trent … again … and then you can suck us.
"Really?" Harry asked. Then he took time to think about what kind of catch there might have been to what Drew was offering. Seeing none he said, "That seems fair. Okay."
This time, Drew had the advantage over his older brother but not as much over Trent because he didn't throw "rocks" with him as often. And this time he had no clue as to how well Harry played. Mostly it's a game of chance but there are certain patterns some people play. That's what Drew was drawing on. This time he wasn't going to throw the game. Instead he was going to try his best to make sure he wasn't the first to get naked.
As it turned out, playing against Jared was easy. Apparently Trent knew how Jared played too, so Jared was naked … even before Trent. That meant he had to stand around naked while everyone else played. Try as he might, Trent was naked next.
"So, uh, I guess, now I uh, suck you first?" Harry asked.
As much as he wanted a blowjob he wanted to see Harry naked even more. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm not gay. But … if … Jared and I'm naked … I guess Harry should be, too … and Drew. "Umm, I think … "
"No," Drew intervened, "we have to play until you're naked."
"Or you," Harry said, with a devilish smile.
"Oh, yeah," Drew said bashfully.
He had been remembering every 'throw' Harry made, hoping to find a pattern. He was fairly sure he was going to throw paper so he threw scissors. To his misfortune, Harry threw an unanticipated rock, so Drew lost.
As Drew removed his boxers, Harry knelt in front of Trent who was back to his original spread legs position.
"It's not like I haven't seen your cock before," Trent said, "so you might as well take the rest of your clothes off, too."
"You have, but they haven't," Harry reminded him.
After a long quiet moment, "Drew said, "We're all friends. I think it would be more fair if you got naked, too."
"Something is either fair or unfair … not more or less fair."
"But, you're gonna have to show your cock … um … "
"I'm not embarrassed to be naked," Harry said, standing to strip naked. He stood so everyone got a good view, resisting the urge to cover his genitals with his hands.
All three boys stared at his crotch. No one said anything.
Harry knelt again and began to tentatively touch Trent's cock with his tongue. Backing away he said, "If I do something wrong, tell me. I don't want you to … ummm … "
"Since you want to try sucking cock … just have fun. I'll let you know if it doesn't feel right."
Harry slowly licked around the shaft of Trent's cock, gradually working his way up to the head … where the piss slit was already leaking pre-cum.
Trent looked at Jared, then at Drew and then down between Harry's legs before shrugging his shoulders.
With his face in Trent's lap, Harry didn't see the gesture.
Drew and Jared exchanged looks of disbelief before shrugging their shoulders, too.
Harry allowed the crown of Trent's cock to pass his lips … little by little … like he wasn't sure he was going to be able to go through with it, before he took a little bit of the shaft into his mouth.
Harry was going so slowly, Trent wanted to thrust his hips up into Harry's mouth but at the last moment he remembered Harry didn't do that to him … so he didn't.
Drew brought the index finger and thumb of his right hand together until they were about an inch apart and gave his brother a look of 'Huh?'
"Stop!" Trent said, a little louder than he intended.
"Sorry if it doesn't feel good. I guess this proves it's my first time," Harry whined.
"No, you're doing great. It's just … "
"What?" Harry asked.
"Just what the fuck is that?" Trent asked pointing between Harry's legs.
Automatically lowering his head in shame before screwing up his deep-down reserve of courage and throwing his shoulders back proudly, he said, "My cock. I've got a little cock, when its … "
"It sure as hell wasn't little when you made me suck it. Where the hell did it go?"
"That's what's so embarrassing. Well, it used to be but I'm overcoming that now … slowly… but I'm overcoming it."
"I've got this little one inch cock about as big around as your thumb … when it's soft. Once it gets hard it's normal … almost 6 inches … but slender. That's why you guys always saw me with a hard-on in the locker room. It was less embarrassing to be a gay guy with a hard-on than to let the other guys see my … teenie weenie."
"So … you didn't have an operation … or you're not taking that stuff … for a sex change or whatever?"
"God no!. I love my cock. I'd never cut it off."
"Oh, good, that makes me feel better. I mean …"
"Umm," Jared asked, "can you get it hard? It's like … making me nervous. It's like I've got some under-aged kid in my room giving by best friend a blowjob … at my insistence. "
"I've gotta admit, I'm a little nervous. I'm not sure I can get it hard."
Another imperceptible nod between Drew and his brother and Drew dropped to his knees. "I'm only doin' this 'cus I wanna see if it really grows that much."
"You're only doin' it," Jared said, "because you're the youngest and you know we'd all make you do it first, anyway."
"First?" Harry asked.
"Well, yeah. You proved you're man enough to own up to what you made Trent do. You sucked his cock."
"A little," Trent said, like he wanted some more of Harry's good cock-sucking action.
"So we thought…we all agreed beforehand, if you sucked Trent, we'd all, umm, suck you…to prove we're all, umm, friends…and shit."
"You guys are gonna suck me?" Harry asked incredulously.
"Whoa!" Drew shouted. "Damn, someone said the magic word. Look at this thing!"
As Jared, Trent and Drew watched, Harry's cock began an ascent…and a lengthening process…as it hardened.
"Who wants to look at the fairy's cock?" Trent asked derisively. "I wanna see his cock-sucking lips wrapped around my dick." Then he smiled at Harry, letting him know he was just joking around with him…like guys do with good friends.
Drew sucked Harry's cock while Harry sucked Trent. After a minute of being left out, Jared stepped up on the bed so his cock was even with Trent's mouth. "Guess you can start with mine…just to warm up your sweet mouth before you suck Harry."
Harry trembled from overwhelming anticipation.
"Don't wanna send him home dissatisfied."
Jared's knees almost buckled out from under him when he felt his friend's mouth on his cock for the very first time. Best fuckin' mouth in the world, Jared thought.
Biggest damn cock I've ever seen, Trent thought, except his dad's of course. Harry's cock is a more comfortable size but, for me, Jared's is so much more satisfying. Not because it's so big but because it's my best friend's cock. Even so, I don't know how anyone would be able to suck Mr. G's big honker!
All the while Harry was sucking Trent, he was breathing in his ripe crotch aroma through his nostrils. Every once in a while he would get a really strong scent and his cock would jump in Drew's mouth.
Drawing back, Drew said, "Dude, you know you gotta warn me before you cum."
"Umm huumm," Harry agreed.
Eager to get to Harry's mouth to evaluate who was the better cocksucker, him or his uncle, Jared withdrew and plopped down on the bed next to Trent. "How about some of that action over here?" he encouraged Harry.
As Harry moved, Drew stood up and sat next to his brother. "Then me."
"Could you guys stand close together? I think I'll be easier that way," Harry said.
Once the boys were hip to hip, Harry, still on his knees, started a rotation of cock sucking. Each time he stopped sucking one boy THAT one would whimper. But when he started on the next one, HE would throw his head back, eyes squeezed shut like he was trying to hold back a powerful cum. The third, by this point, was waiting impatiently for his turn again.
With each new cock in its rotation, Harry thought, I dreamed for years of sucking any one of these guys. Now I'm on my knees worshiping at the fountain of youth of all three of them. To suck one … hell, I would have died happy. But to suck all three, well, I guess I'll just consider that my reward for helping Trent get his dad back home.
Damn this boy's got a great mouth,Trent thought. I wonder if I sucked HIM this good. I doubt it.
When Harry sucked Jared, he thought, His is definitely the biggest but it's also the softest … even when it's fully hard. It's like one of those hot dogs on a stick.
Jared thought, Harry sure sucks better than Trent. Of course, maybe Trent just gave me a half–way good blowjob to make me think he didn't know what he was doing.
While sucking Drew, Harry thought, He might be younger than me but he's sure turning into one hell of a man. His cock is almost as big as Jared's, so I think he just might surpass his brother in length, once he's fully matured. Whatever the case, I hope I get to suck on this piece of meat for a long time … like, for the rest of my life.
Drew held his breath every time Harry went down on him. He was so close to cumming … but he wanted it to last … so he dug his fingernails into the palms of his hands until he thought they would bleed. If I ever get a chance to blow Trent again … or even Jared just once … I'd want it to feel just like this for them.
Luke's phone rang in Trent's pants pocket somewhere in the pile of clothing heaped on the floor. Trent ignored it…obviously!
"Gonna cum soon," Trent said. "Don't wanna cum this quick. You gotta stop."
"Your turn," Drew said to Jared.
"Stand up," Jared said to Harry as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "I want you to know, I've only done this with Trent one other time so …"
Harry eased his hips forward hoping to shut Jared up.
As Jared sucked Harry into his mouth, Harry shuddered. "Oh my god. This is so awesome. Never in a million years did I think you guys sucked each other…and to have you suck me is…just …"
"It was only the one time," Drew said.
"Yeah, it's not like we do it all the time. We just want you to know…umm…paybacks aside, we think you're an okay guy. We just never knew about your past and all."
"Damn," Harry said, enjoying the blowjob Jared was giving him, "if I had this guy in my bedroom every night, I'd be so happy."
"Well, I have him in MY bedroom every night but there's nothing about it that makes me … 'so happy, '" Drew said, quizzically.
"You guys don't…um …"
"Take care of each other?"
Jared spit Harry's cock out sputtering, "What are you talking about?"
"Guys! I've seen how you two look at each other. Those looks of love…those looks of lust."
"What the fuck?" Jared yelped, startled that anyone could guess his true feelings about his younger brother.
"That's whack!" Drew denied, knowing every word of it was true.
Incredulously, Harry, said, "You two don't … really?"
"Is he right?" Trent asked. "Would you two have sex with each other if you could? Would you want to?"
"Trent!" Jared warned.
"Of course you would. I can see that now," Trent said.
"But we don't," Jared said.
"But we can't" Drew said before Jared looked at him in disbelief, not knowing until that moment that they shared similar desires.
"Why not?" Harry asked.
"It's incest." Jared argued.
"So it's incest…but no one's gonna get pregnant. That's the purpose of the incest laws…well, the original intent, before it got bastardized by the court systems," Harry said.
"Is that how your uncle explained it to you so he could suck your dick?" Jared asked unkindly.
"No, he just forced me. I did the incest research on my own…because I needed to know."
"Because you needed to make it all right in your own mind," Trent said, intellectually understanding Harry's pain.
"Yeah, I guess."
Turning to look back and forth between Jared and Drew, Trent said, "So if you guys wanna do it together, why don't you."
"We never said that," Jared said.
"You never admitted to each other that you love each other…that you bone up smelling each other's stink?" Harry asked.
"No." Jared said defensively.
"No," Drew said regretfully.
"So do it. Talk to each other," Trent said.
"So do it," Harry said. "Have sex with each other. When you're on your death bed, don't regret that you had the opportunity but didn't take it."
"Carpe diem, guys, carpe diem," Trent said. "I had the chance to get my dad home from the desert…and I did it."
"You've got the chance here and now…among friends…or tonight, alone, after we're gone …to make it happen," Harry encouraged. "There's no such thing as a `do over' once you're dead."
"But it's so forbidden." Drew argued.
"But it's illegal," Jared said at the same time.
"Gay sex is forbidden and illegal but you've both had gay sex. Incest is forbidden and illegal. What's the diff?" Trent argued.
Luke's phone rang again.
Wanting to change the subject, Jared began searching for it. Finding it in Trent's button-fly jeans' pocket he passed it to Harry so he could hand it to Trent as he asked, "Who is it? There's no name."
"It's Dad's phone. I don't know."
Looking at the area code, Harry said, "That's my uncle's area code. Who would be calling your dad from? … maybe it's my uncle!"
With lightning speed, Trent threw on a shirt and his pants, not bothering with underwear, and rushed the phone downstairs. As the phone stopped ringing Trent said, "Sorry Dad, I guess I wasn't fast enough."
"No problem. I'll call them back. It's really important."
"But first…umm …" Trent said, looking at Marty and Carrie for support, "are you ashamed of me for doing what I did…even though it was for a good reason?"
"I never said, I was ashamed of you."
"I know but…um…I guess I just need to hear it from you…one way or the other…um…so I can …"
"Do you want me to say `no' so you can maybe experiment a little with your friends or do you want me to say `yes I'm ashamed of you' so you can have an excuse you can tell your buddies for why you can't?"
"I want the truth. Whatever you say is okay with me. I just want to add your…um…two cents worth into my decision making process. But the final decision will be mine. I'll take responsibility for whatever I decide."
"Son, you can have sex with your friends and a week from now or a month from now, never do it again. That's what experimentation is all about."
"Is that what you did?"
With a smile, like he knew Trent was trying to bait him, Luke said, "Yeah son, that's the way I did it. I tried it. I liked it but then I met your mom and IT just didn't have the same thrill anymore."
"That's kinda the way it happened with me, too," Coach said.
Startled, everyone in the room looked at coach having forgotten that he was sitting there because he was so quiet. Luke blushed slightly from 'outing himself ' but Trent turned bright red after realizing he was admitting in front of his coach that he was thinking about participating in gay sex.
Marty, slack-jawed, thought, Am I the only guy in the room who's never had gay sex?
"Wow that I admitted it so frankly or wow that I've had gay sex?"
"Both I guess, but …"
"But I've got some very important phone calls to make."
"Okay, um, I'll be upstairs," Trent said, not wanting to tell his dad that they had ignored the first call because they were engaged in homosexual activities.
The phone call was very enlightening and after a half dozen or more similar calls, Luke had enough answers to piece the puzzle together.
"The casinos KNOW what days Peckerpacker is sending in card sharks to run their tables for four hours. Whatever they win, they walk out with, no questions asked. In exchange, Peckerpacker turns a blind eye to the illegal dealings occurring in the hotels…prostitution, drug trafficking, pit bull fighting or whatever."
"I think it's time we invited the senator for a visit," Marty said, looking at his wife for agreement.
"So how did your friends know about all this?" Carrie asked.
"I thought there was something about patient confidentiality among pharmacists," Marty said.
"As for confidentiality, none of this is about a patient's condition. These pharmacists know a lot of gamblers. Gamblers like to brag. Along with the bragging, a certain amount of `truth' falls out. That was what I needed to know and each of the guys I talked to, added just enough additional information to what I had already been told for me to know what's going on."
"So, uh, you guys wanna take care of each other while I take care of Trent?" Harry asked once Trent returned from delivering the phone. He was hoping he could persuade the guys to continue their afternoon adventure without sounding like he was pleading for more sex.
"No, that's okay, uh, we'll wait," Drew said, hoping his true incestuous desires weren't detectable in his denial.
'Well then, uh, Drew, you wanna suck Trent?"
"Yeah, I guess," Drew said reluctantly even though his heart raced at the thought.
"Better yet, let's daisy chain," Harry suggested.
Having read about it on the internet, Drew asked, "Will it work? Let's see, if I suck Trent and Jared sucks you … that would work. Then you could suck me and Trent could suck Jared … and we can switch around later … maybe."
There was a lot of moaning and groaning, slurping and gurgling along with some inexperienced gagging but no one stopped to complain. It was only when Harry released Drew's cock and began licking his ball's that anyone said anything.
"Oh, that feels good!" So no one else would have to stop their cock–sucking action to ask questions, Drew clarified, "He's lickin' my balls. That is so weird. It tickles but it's erotic at the same time."
Not to be outdone, Drew began doing it to Trent who started doing it to Jared. Once Harry had Drew's thighs vibrating from the torture/pleasure sensation, he slipped his tongue farther down.
"What the fuck!" Drew shouted.
"What?" Trent and Jared asked anxiously, since they were licking balls instead of sucking cock and, therefore, able to talk.
Not wanting to tell them, in case Harry had 'accidentally' rimmed him, he just whined his pleasure. Once Harry attacked his asshole with a vengeance, Drew took the leap.
"Jesus, Drew!" Trent yelled as soon as he felt Drew's tongue lapping at his asshole. But when he realized what was happening and how pleasurable it was he, in turn, began to rim his best friend.
To Drew, licking Trent's asshole felt like he was dragging his tongue over finger Jell–O. It was firm but flexible … not to mention, decadently delicious.
When Trent first thought about rimming Jared he thought he might hurl but once he began tonguing Jared's butthole, he got right into it. Damn, lickin' his hole is like lickin' pudding off a spoon, so supple and tasty. Not at all what I expected it would be like.
Jared, hesitated only a moment before he attacked Harry's pucker, all the while thinking, Damn, this is the nastiest, most perverted thing I've ever heard of … and I'm actually doin' it! Man, his ass pucker is as smooth and creamy as the cheese on a cheeseburger. Fuck! I can't wait till I get a chance to rim Trent … Shit, I wish I could rim Drew, too.
Harry thought, I never thought these guys would rim! Damn! Jared's mouth is so talented for a first–timer. Of course, this is MY first time being rimmed so I can't compare it to anything other than that it is first–rate. He's got my hole so hot I'm thinking about going a little overboard tonight. Hell, in for a penny in for a pound. What have I got to lose?
So, after about five minutes of immeasurable ass pleasure, Harry asked, "Have either of you thought about … uh … fucking?"
to be continued
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