B. Clark

Chapter One

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Chapter One

"Helen we'll be fine," my dad said, as he loaded the car with our luggage. "We are just flying over to the mainland, and we'll be back in two days," he said as she snapped our picture.

I didn't smile, because I wanted to go so she didn't talk him into leaving me behind.

"Well Ryan, I just have this awful feeling, and I just wish that you wouldn't go. Especially with Corby with you," she said as her motherly fear showed in her eyes.

Dad and mom kissed their goodbyes, and then mom gave me a hug and kiss before she told me.

"You take good care of your dad Corby, and the two of you have a good time at grandmas," she said as she gave me another hug and kiss.

"I will mom, and I love you," I told her as I got into the car.

"If you need my car, it'll be parked in the pilot's only parking," dad told her, and then started the car.

"I love you my boys," mom called out, as we drove away with her waving.

This was our first trip alone, just dad and I. Although they called me Corby, my full name was Ryan Corby Jones. However, my mom hated it because, whenever she would call Ryan, we both would look at her. Therefore, she started calling me by my middle name to end the confusion.

Dad was my hero, and not many fourteen year olds looked at their dads like that. At 32, he was hot by today's standards. My dad and mom had gotten married right out of high school, and she got pregnant right away with me. He was tall, stood just over six foot two, and had short blond hair and blue eyes.

I remember seeing him naked once, when we changed to go swimming at his friend Jon's house. He didn't have much hair on him, but he had a dark blond treasure trail, that ran from his naval down to his bush. His cock, although it was soft, still looked to be at least seven inches and fat around. I remember how embarrassed I got, when he caught me starring at it. I was eleven or twelve then, and I just could not stop looking at his cock, when he snapped me out of my sexual haze by saying,

"Yours will be that size someday son," and I felt all hot in the face after he caught me starring and I blushed.

"Sorry dad, I didn't mean to stare," I said still blushing.

"Don't worry about it son," and he gave me a hug, and just the feel of his naked body next to mine stirred my cock.

He smiled at me as he walked away, and I had hoped he didn't see my cock growing before I turned away from him.

He was a pilot for an airline shuttle service owned, here in Honolulu, Hawaii. He had several private planes that he owned for his business, but one was his favorite. It was a 1996 CL-604 SN 5305 Luxury Jet, that dad had purchased for his company first, that was his baby. He would always take me up with him, whenever he flew for pleasure, and sometimes when there was room on a shuttle flight.


So today, dad and I were flying over to California to visit his mom, who had a stroke and wasn't doing to well.


We arrived at the airport, and dad parked the car in the pilot's only lot. We loaded the luggage into a shuttle cart, and dad saw one of his pilots that worked for him over by the plane.


"Hey Ry," Jon said calling him by the name that everyone used for my dad. "So I see you're taking half pint with you today," he said as he ruffled my hair.


I hated being called half pint, especially by his friends. Dad called me that when I was a kid and it stuck. I wasn't a kid anymore, and for that matter, I was just about my dad's height. I was five-eleven and had the same blond hair as he did. The only thing different between us, was that my hair was long and my eyes green, like mom's. I had started working out last year with dad, in our gym he put together in our basement. So now, I had the showing of a six-pack forming.


"Damn son, your body is going to surpass mine if you keep working out like this," he told me one morning while working out.

"No way dad, you're still hot for a guy your age," I told him, then realized how gay that sounded.

Yeah, I was gay, and I had realized it for almost a year now. Moreover, my dad was hot for a man in his early thirties, and Jason, a friend of mine thought so.

Jason and I were friends, and had been since grade school. We both started to experiment with sex as we grew. He liked to jerk me off, but me, I loved to suck his boy cock. He loved being sucked, and would always scream when he came.

"Well thanks son, but you are still going to be the stud yourself," he said, bringing me back to reality.

As the dad and I did the pre-flight checks, he would look up at the sky. Clouds were moving in, and he was always cautious of the weather. Once dad had been sure that the plane was good to go, and the weather cleared, we boarded and secured the door. As I strapped on my seat belt, I glanced over at dad doing his check inside. I always loved to watch him whenever he did these things. I never worried about flying, because my dad made me feel safe just being there with me. Therefore, after being cleared to take off, we roared down the runway.

"Pow, right to the moon Alice," he'd say every time the plane would lift off, and I would hold up my arms as if it helped us to lift off.

We flew along on autopilot, once we reached our altitude. Dad radioed his flight plan into the tower one more time, just as a precaution.

"Well there's nothing to do until we get closer to the mainland," he said, as he got up from his seat to go get us some refreshments. "She's all yours Cor," he said, as he made his way back to the cabin.

"Aye, aye captain," I would reply as I saluted him and he'd salute back.

Even though it was on autopilot, I would still hold the controls as if I was now flying the plane. He returned a couple of minutes later, with two cokes, and took his seat. He leaned back in his seat, and drifted off to sleep.

"Wake me Cor, if there's a problem," he said, just before he drifted off.

I watched out the window at the sea below us. The sky had started out clear when we left, but now it was growing darker by the minute. I was just going to wake my dad, when something hit the plane, shaking it severely, and startling him awake.

"What's wrong son," he asked as he set his seat back up, and looked out his window. "Fuck, lightning hit us," he said, as he started to click and turn different dials on the control panel. "On top of that we have somehow gotten way off course," he said as he tried to figure out just where we were. "We're losing altitude Cor," he said as he grabbed the radio and called out a mayday over it.

A voice on the radio, although scratchy, responded to his call, and he tried to give his co-ordinates. However, the radio went dead before he could tell the man where we were.

"Son go back into the cabin and strap in," he told me as he fought to keep the plane level. "Get into a crash landing position," he told me.

"No dad, if we are going to crash I want to be with you right here," I told him. "I don't want to survive if you don't," and he glanced over at me, and gave me his smile as tears filled his eyes.

"Ok son, just shield your face for impact," he told me and I put my hands over my face. "I love you son, more than my own life," he said as the water came closer.

He managed to keep the plane level until we were just about to hit the water. He then pulled the nose up so that we hit with the back of the plane first, and then let the nose down. The impact felt like we got rear ended by a semi going at top speed, and when the nose hit down, water came over the windshield.

We skipped along the surface of the water, as a stone does when you throw it to glide over the surface. We drifted through the fog fast, then we hit something hard, causing us to stop abruptly, and I hit my head on the control panel. We looked out the window to see that we had beached.

"Are you alright Cor," he asked as he undid his seatbelt and helped me with mine.

"Yeah dad, but I think I hit my head on the stirring column," I told him.

He looked at the cut on my head, and he wiped away the blood with his handkerchief.

"It's just a small cut son, nothing to worry about," he said as he held me tight. "We'd better get out in case the plane catches fire," and we made our way to the rear door.

He released the latch, and pushed the door open. We both jumped down to the beach, and he looked at his baby dead on the beach. My heart felt bad for him, as he looked the plane over. Other than a wing missing and the other one badly broken, it was still intact.

"She held up pretty good," he said, as he turned to survey our surroundings.

We walked around a bit, to see if he could determine just where we were. However, after an hour or so, we returned to the plane.

"Do you know where we are dad," I asked as he just shook his head no, and dropped to his knees in the sand crying. "What's wrong dad, are you alright," I asked, as I felt helpless for him.

"I failed you Cor, I should have never gone to sleep," he said through his tears. "I should have stayed awake, and manned the controls myself."

"Dad you always have done that with me," I told him. "I was the one that should have woken you when the clouds moved in," I said.

"Well it doesn't matter now, and besides, we are both alive and that's all the matters," he said as he grabbed me and hugged me tight. "We have the plane to stay in as shelter, and food inside to eat," he told me. "Danny had it stocked for the trip, just in case we used our return trip back for business," he told me. "But I would like to see if we can get her further onto the beach if we can."

"I know we both work out dad, but to move a plane is still a tad much for us," I told him kneeling beside him.

"I have a winch and rope in the back son, if I secure it to a tree, we should be able to pull her up onto the beach more. I just don't like being that close to the water," he said as he took off to get the winch.

Once he came back with the winch, he secured it to a palm tree. He attached the rope around what was left of the wings. We both began to crank the winch, and slowly the plane moved. When we had turned it as much as our strength allowed, the plane was securely on the beach and no longer in the water. We found remnants of a tree, and put it behind the plane, to stop her from sliding back.

"Well she's not a mansion Cor, but she's home until someone finds us," he said, as he rested his arm around my shoulder.

I felt safe and a warm feeling swept over me, as he rested his arm on me. I snuggled in closer to him as he held me now with both arms.

"You alright Cor," he asked, as he looked down into my eyes.

"I'm always alright dad whenever I am with you," I told him, and rested my head on his chest.

The sound of his heart beating as he held me, it gave me a secure and loved feeling. I looked up at my dad and said,

"I love you dad so much," and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"I love you too son, and if we have to be castaways, I'm glad it's with you," and he pulled me tightly to him.

We stood there clinging to each other tight and I could swear that I felt his cock getting hard, just as he released his hold on me. Mine of course, was getting hard, just from being held by him. I hoped now he had felt it, when he held me, because I so wanted to take care of him as my mom told me. He gave me that smile he gives me, whenever he wondered what I was up to.

We went inside and he made us something to eat from the food that we had. As we sat at a table, he said to me,

"That sofa seat there, it makes into a bed for two," he said as he took a bite of his sandwich. "I hope you don't mind having to share it with your old man," he added looking over at me.

"I don't mind dad if you don't," I told him, knowing that I wanted to be as close to him as possible.

We took a walk around the island, and soon realized that it was quite a large island. We found a small lagoon set into the jungle, which was a source of fresh water. When we got back to the plane, we were sweaty and in need of a shower.

"Wanna go for a swim dad," I asked him as we sat on the beach.

The clouds had moved on, and now the sun shown bright as it began it's decent towards the horizon.

"That sounds good son, but neither of us brought anything to swim in," he told me.

"So we skinny dip dad, it's not that someone will see us," I told him as I stood and removed my shirt.

He stood also, and we both stripped down, I noticed how buff he still was, and it made my heart race. He maintained his shape, and his abs still held their firm six-pack. I couldn't help noticing how handsome he looked at his age.

"I'll race you dad," I shouted at him, as I ran towards the water.

He never caught up with me, and I wondered if he was checking me out. We swam for over an hour, and got out because we were tired. The sun had now set, and the darkness was blacker than black. I got scared, when I couldn't see or hear my dad, and called out to him almost in panic.

"Dad, where are you," I shouted as I felt around for him.

"I'm right here son," he said as he followed my voice to me, and pulled me to him.

As our wet, warm bodies touched, I felt secure as he held me to him.

"My God Cor, you're shaking," he said as he rubbed my back vigorously.

The clouds moved, and a bright full moon appeared, casting its brilliance across the water. Dad held me as we walked out of the water, and collapsed on the beach beside each other. He laid there beside me, and the sound of his breathing, and his leg against mine, made me hard. I didn't care anymore if he saw me getting excited over him and his being close me. I knew I felt safe, and I just wanted to take care of him. I glanced over at him, and I noticed he was hard too. Neither of us said a word, but laid there, for what seemed like eternity. The silence was broken, when he said to me,

"I get that was also son, when I swim," he said as he tapped my hard cock, and the touch of his hand on it made it even harder.

"Yeah dad, swimming does that to me all the time," I told him, as I glanced at his hard cock. "What do you do to make it go down," I asked him.

"I do, what any red-blooded American man does, I jerk it off," and he grabbed his cock, and started to jerk it off.

I just leaned up on one elbow, and watched as he stroked his cock off. I noticed how fat the head had gotten, from the attention he was giving it. I couldn't help myself; I reached out, and took his balls into my hand. I was manipulating them as he jerked off. It wasn't long, as his breathing got heavy, and he was moaning in ecstasy.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," he said, and I just buried his cock down my throat.

He held my head in place, as he shot his first blast of hot man juice into my mouth, and I sucked hard on the head to get every drop I could. He pumped his cock fast into my mouth, as he fed me his sweet elixir. When he had exhausted his offering, he looked at me and said,

"I so sorry son, that was so wrong of me to take advantage of you like that," and his tears began to flow.

"Don't be sorry dad, I've wanted to do that with you for so long," I told him, as I snuggled close to him. "Ever since I first saw you naked, I wanted to taste your cock," and I crawled up and kissed him.

He opened his mouth, when I offered him my tongue. He rolled me over onto my back, and moved down to my dripping cock. He looked up at me, before he took it into his mouth. He slowly sucked my cock down his throat, until his nose was deep into my bush. The sensation of having my cock sucked by the person I had fantasized over sent me close to the edge.

"Dad I can't hold it back," I said, as I held his head in my hands. "I'm going to shoot dad," and all he said was, "Mmmm."

I blasted my boy juice into his hot mouth, and he gagged some but swallowed it. I held his head tight, as I fucked his mouth faster and deeper into his throat. Once I had given him all that I had, I released his head from my grasp. He looked up at me, and fell on me as we kissed.

"This is so wrong Cor, but fuck I want you so bad," he said to me. "This is something a father and son should never do," and his eyes filled up with tears.

"Mom told me to take good care of you dad, so that is what I am doing," I told him as I looked into his eyes. "I was the one that made the first move on you," and I pulled him down to me in a kiss.

We got up once our afterglow passed, and went for a quick dip in the ocean. Dad held me to him; as we washed the sand and sweat off of us. Once we were cleaned off, he took me by the hand, and led me into the plane for bed. He held me close to him, with his strong arms around me, and fell to sleep.

The next morning I awoke, to his cock pressing against my ass. It was hard and I knew that I wanted to feel it deep in me. As I started to move some, he pulled me closer to him, and threw his leg over mine.

"Not yet son," he said quietly. "I just want to lay here and hold you," he said, as he pushed his cock closer into my ass crack.

"Dad will you fuck me please," I asked, and I could tell by his silence that he wasn't sure about that.

It was one thing to suck each other off, but now I was asking him to do to me what he did to my mom. I knew he was uncomfortable, about what we had done last night, but this, this was a very different thing, and he wasn't sure.

"Son what we did last night was wrong for a father to do with his son," he said. "Now to fuck you Cor would be crossing a line that no father should ever do."

"But I am giving myself to you dad," I told him. "It's not like you asked me, but it is me that is asking you," and I sat up and sat down on his stomach.

I used my spit as lube and rubbed it on his cock. When I had gotten it wet and hard, I positioned it to my virgin pucker, and sat slowly down on it until I had it bottomed. The pain was excruciating, and I waited for it to subside before moving. Once it had passed, I rose up and sat back down again.

"Mmmm that feels good," dad said as I started to ride his cock more quickly now.

I rose up and pushed down, like a pogo stick on his cock. Every so often, I would sit and just roll around on it, letting it rub my love nut inside my ass. As we continued to fuck, dad held me by my hips, and he glided my ass up and down on his cock. I was in heaven I thought, as I rode his cock furiously now. I didn't want this to end, but I was getting so close to my climax.

"Fuck me dad, I'm cumming," I shouted as I sat down hard on his cock and shot.

My first shot hit my dad right in his face and he smiled. He was pumping up hard into my ass, as I shot more of my boy juice onto his chest. However, when I was spent, he grabbed me, and turned me over onto my back.

"I want to watch your eyes son, as I fill your ass," he said as he pounded my ass rapidly.

His veins in his neck protruded as he fucked me, and I could tell he was close.

"Your hot ass son has me so close," he said as he held up my legs to get deeper in. "Aaaaah fuck Cor I'm cumming," and I felt his cock swell as he blasted its hot cum into my ass.

His sense of morals were gone, as he pounded my ass, and gave me all that he had to give. I had my hands working his nubs as he filled his boy with his man cum. I kept pumping up fast, to give him all of my ass he could get, as he finally was spent. He dropped down on me to kiss me, and our tongues did a dance of love together.

"I love you dad," I said as I held him tight to me, with his cock still in me, and my legs wrapped around his waist.

I love you too son," and he kissed me.

We spent that day swimming and making love together. I had gotten him over his feelings of guilt for what we were doing. I loved my dad, and I felt that this was the perfect way, that I knew to show him. It wasn't until later that day, at just about sundown that he said to me.

"Cor," and he paused for a bit, before he continued. "Are you gay son? I've noticed the way that you do things sexually, that you are no novice to them."

"Yeah dad I am, does that make a difference to you that I am," I asked, fearing that he would hate me now.

"Oh God no son, how can I even begin to judge you after what we have been doing," he told me. "It's just that when I was your age, I had a friend and we experimented together with sex. But from that time on, I have never been with another male until you son."

"Dad, my friend Jason is the only dude that I have ever been with," I told him. "And all we have done is he jerks my off after I blow him," I added. "You were the first man to ever fuck me dad," and his eyes welled up. "What's wrong now, are you ashamed of me for what I've done with you," I asked as I got up from the sofa bed.

I ran out of the plane, and down to the water, and dove in. Just the thought of disappointing my dad made me want to drown myself. Dad came running out and dove into the water. He swam out to me, and took me in his arms, as we treaded water.

"Corby, you have never in all the years I have had you, have you ever disappointed me. I just wanted to know those things, so that I could better understand the man you're becoming. I don't care if you love other men, I love you and will never stop loving you son," and he pulled me closer as he kissed my fears away.

"I so proud to be your son dad, but I don't love men, as you say. I have always loved you dad, and wanted what we have found now together. I don't care if I were to die now; I have had my dream come true. All I ever wanted was to show you how much I love you."

"Son will you do me a favor," he asked as we now stood on the shore. "Would you make love to me, so I can feel what its like to be filled with someone's love?"

"Sure dad, but I'm not going to trade places as a bottom," I told him, which made him look puzzled and ask.

"Bottom, what exactly is a bottom," he asked.

"A bottom is the one that takes the cock up his ass dad," I told him and it made him blush.

"Well just this once can I be your bottom son," he asked.

"Sure dad lets go," and we walked into the plane.

Dad lay down on the bed, and I got between his legs. I wanted this to be his best experience ever, so I began to nibble on his erect nub. I would gently bite it, and then I would suck it until he couldn't take anymore. I would move over to the other, and give it the same treatment, as he cooed out his pleasure to what I was doing.

"I never imagined that my nubs could be so sensitive to such treatments," he sighed as he held me to his breast. "Oh fuck yeah son, keep doing it just like that," he told me.

When he finally could not take any longer, I ran my tongue down towards his cock. I gently traced each curve of his abs as I went down. I paused for a bit as I ran my tongue around his hairless naval. It was when I pushed it into it he became ticklish and chuckled.

"Stop son that tickles," he said as he laughed, but I persisted in tormenting his naval, until he gently pushed me on.

I licked my way down to his push, following his treasure trail. The dried on salt water gave him a nice taste, and I drank in the scent of my dad to make a memory. I then began to lick and nibble on the base of his cock. It drove him half-wild as I continued it up to its head. I licked up his sweet juice he was leaking with my tongue, before I ran it all around the head. When I plunged down on his cock, I thought he would go out of his mind.

"Oh fuck son, you sure know how to suck a cock," he said, but he meant it in a good way.

"Mmmm," was all I could say with a mouth full of cock.

I sucked hard and fast, as I glided up and down on his cock with my mouth and hand. When I felt his cock's head start to swell, I dropped it and moved down to his balls. Jason loved the way I sucked him, and I wanted my dad to never want another man after me, so I gave him the best I knew how. I sucked his balls one at a time into my mouth. I made love to them each until they started to draw up, signaling me he was close. I lifted his left leg, and placed it on my shoulder, as I began to lick and nibble at his inner thigh. He was now thrashing beneath me as I ran my tongue down to his virgin rosebud. I ran my tongue all around his sweet hole, and then pushed it deep into his ass.

"Holy fuck, what are you doing to me," he screamed out as he lifted his ass up to give my tongue more of him.

I fucked his ass with my tongue, as I wet my finger and pushed it in. I felt no resistance so I added another, and began to move them about. I soon found his love nut and began to rub it, which sent him howling.

"Yeah son... that the place... aaaah fuck just like that," he stammered out in ecstasy.

I massaged his love nut and soon he was crying out in ecstasy,

"Fucking take me, I'm cumming," and I pounced on his cock just as he shot his first shot of sweet cum.

I drank it all in, but never swallowed a drop, but saved it for lube. I sat up once he was spent, and I spit it into my hand. I rubbed it into his ass, before adding the rest to my cock. I positioned my cock to his ass as I looked down into his asking eyes.

"Are you sure about this dad," I asked as he nodded yes.

I gave a gentle but firm push, and in it went all the way, until it bottomed. The cum gave it glide, and once through, it just kept on going all the way.

"Fuck son stop," he yelled out as the pain coursed through him. "If is fucking hurting me," he said as the tears filled his eyes.

I was not as long as my dad's nine inches, but I still had a fat seven to give him. I bent down and kissed him, as I waited for the pain to stop. I kissed him until, I felt him grind into my cock. I knew he was ready to be fucked, so I rose up on my hands. I just gazed into his eyes, as I slowly pulled my cock out some, and then pushed it back in. He rose up to meet me so I began to look for our rhythm.

"Fuck me Corby, I want to feel your cock as it explodes in me," he said, as he held my hips in his hands.

I started to fuck him now more aggressively, and soon we found our rhythm. He was meeting my thrusts with pushes of his own and howling out his pleasure.

"Yeah son, fuck me harder and deeper," he crowed as I pounded his ass.

I was fucking his ass with every ounce of energy I had. We were well into our fucking, when I felt his ass tighten, and I knew he was going to shoot. I pushed his legs higher, and slammed my cock deeper, until he shot his sweet load.

"Ooooh fuck yeah, fuck your dad," he screamed as he jerked his cock.

His hot cum was shooting everywhere as I plowed his ass. It didn't take me long at that pace to reach my own climax, and I yelled out in delight.

"I going to cum dad," and he began to pull me in faster and deeper. "Yeah dad, ride my cock," I screamed as I felt my cum move up from my balls. "Aaaah fuck dad here it comes," and I shot my cum into his ass.

"Oh fuck I can feel you shooting in me," he said as he pushed up to get me deeper in him. "Oh yeah fuck me my sweet boy," he said as he pulled me to him and we kissed as I fucked and filled his ass.

I never came like this before, and I didn't want to stop, but I did end.  As my cock softened, it fell from his ass, as we kissed.  We just held each other, as we rode out our sweet afterglow.  Both of us drained, we lay there, surrounded by silence. Finally, I felt Dad's hand, as it brushed the hair from my forehead.  He looked down at me, and I could feel the love he held in his heart for me as he said, 
"You give one hell of a fuck son," he said with a grin, as the roar of a plane flew over.

To be continued...

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