Bernie Clark

Chapter Eleven

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Previously in chapter ten:

Steve knocks on the door, and I tell him to come in. We are now sitting together, the four of us on the bed.

"How was my dad's cock in your ass," Danny asked me, but Steve answered for me.

"He took every inch of my cock boy, and he didn't piss and cry like you do," Steve says, and I can see the hurt in Dan's eyes. "But I lost the bet and now I owe him a fuck," he adds.

"Well your boy did marvelous, and he never complained once. In fact I also owe him a fuck Steve," and dad looks at Danny, who gives him a sad smile. "His boy pussy just loved my cock," he added.

Steve looks at my dad's still hard cock, and he can't believe that his son took every inch.

Now chapter eleven:


Dad and Steve went out for a swim, and I stayed behind with Danny, because I knew that he was hurt, by what his father said.

"You know Cor, I can't do a fucking thing right with my dad," he says, and I could sense he wanted to cry, so I took him in my arms, and sure enough, he started crying. "Let it out buddy, don't ever hold the pain in," I say as he cried in my arms.

"What did you do to take his cock, that I have never done," he asks.

"Nothing really, I just will myself to relax, and a cock slides right in. Now your dad's, I screamed out big time, it hurt so fucking bad, but I did my breathing exercises, and it passed."

"Yeah I we knew when dad shoved his cock in your ass, `cause we heard you scream in here," he says.

"Now look at my cock Danny, do you think that you would be able to handle that," I ask, and he looked at my fat hard cock.

"Fuck no, that is way to long and fat for my ass."

"What if I showed you a way to take it, where you were in control, and I'll bet you that you'll take it all," I said.

"I love to be able to do that Cor, but how?"

I got the oil from the water, which evidently dad had used with them, and I rubbed all over my cock. I oiled up Danny's ass, and then I lay back on the bed.

"Now sit on my stomach, with your knees on either side of me," and he got into the position I told him. "Now raise your ass up, and put my cock to you pucker," I tell him, and he put it against his tight pucker. "Now slowly let yourself down on it, and remember to push out as you go."

He slowly sat on my cock, gradually his pucker gave way, and my cock slid slowly into his ass. I reached up and began pinching his hard nubs, and he began to moan, as he took every inch of my cock.

"What the fuck Danny, you have my cock all the way in ya," I tell him, and he squirmed on my cock.

"Damn Cor, you were right, I can take all of you," and he rose up and slid back down. "Fuck that is the best, buddy," and a smile came across his face.

He placed his hands on my chest, as he lifted his ass, and began to search for a rhythm to fuck. It didn't take him long, as he soon was riding my cock, like a jockey riding his mount. As he bounced up and down on my cock, I was watching his cock, and it bounced around with his moves. He would slide up and down, and then grind his ass into my groin, as I pinched and tortured his nubs. I held onto his hips, once he quickened his pace, and I felt his ass tightening around my cock.

"I'm fucking going to shoot Cor," and he shot a hot blast of sweet cum, and I caught it on my tongue.

"Mmmm," I said, as he shot rope after rope of cum out on me, and I too was close to my edge.

"I'm cumming bud," I yelled, as I shot into his ass, and he rode my cock faster with each shot. "Yeah bud, ride my cock," I screamed, as I shot the last of my cum, and I pulled him down for a kiss.

He kissed me hard and long, as the old Danny would have, and my softening cock slid from his ass. We were hot into our passion, when the telephone rang, and I reach out to grab it.

"Yo babe how's my sweet boy," Jed asks, and I nearly knocked Danny on the floor, as I got up.

"Jed is that really you," I ask, surprised to hear his voice.


"No it's the pope calling you, so where the fuck are you," he asks and now I'm confused.


"Jed, wait a minute, how did you know my number?" I ask him. "I thought you didn't remember me."


"How can I forget the best fuck I ever had," he says. "The doctor told me about what happened babe, and I'm sorry for hurting you. When I woke up, I was wondering where you were, and that's when he told me about my amnesia."


"I'm on my way babe, don't go anywhere," I say, and then I remembered where he was.


"Duh, earth to Corby," he says, "Like I'm still here in the hospital," he says.


"Right, I knew that, so I'll be there as fast as I can," and I hang up.


"Jed huh," Danny asks, and I can hear his disappointment in his voice. "So you need a ride to the hospital bud?" he asks, and I am debating letting him take me, because I remembered how they were when they last talked.


"Ah Danny, do you think it's a good idea for you to go up to see him?" I ask. "You didn't exactly part on good terms."


"I know Cor, but I do owe him an apology, seeing how you know that I'm gay now."


"Danny, I would never tell him, or for that matter, anyone else, that you were gay. What we did today bud, please keep this between us, if Jed knew I had sex with you and your dad, he'd dump me. He doesn't even know that me and my dad fuck either, that is something I have to break to him yet."


"Oh fuck dude, how are you going to tell him about your dad? You can count on me to keep quiet about what we did today, but if you two ever do break up...ah... would you be my boyfriend?"


"Danny are you saying that you have feelings for me?"


"Yeah Cor, and I did from the same time that Jed did. The only difference is, he came out and I was afraid to, so I guess I lost you to him because of that."


"No buddy, you didn't because of that, I did fall for Jed from day one. But yeah babe, if we ever break up, I am yours if you will still have me then," I say, hoping that Jed and I will never break up. "So you don't mind taking to see Jed, even though I know how you feel about me?"


"No Cor, but maybe sometime..." and he pauses, "could we like fuck or something? You know, when Jed is not around?"


"Danny, I really appreciate that you want to be with me, but one thing Jed hates is a cheater," I tell him. "If we were together, would you want me fucking him, or some other dude?"


"No I guess not, but would you call what we just did," he asks, and his words cut my heart, as I realize that Danny may be a problem.


We shower quickly together, and of course, Danny has to suck my cock, as he says, for one last time. We tell the rents that we're going to see Jed, and Steve is fucking my dad, in the pool, so I don't know if they heard me. We get to the hospital, and I check at the desk, to see where Jed's room is now. He had been moved from the IC unit to a regular room, and he smiles when he sees me walk into his room. However, his smile quickly diminishes as soon as he sees Danny, and I can tell that he is ready to fight.


"What the fuck is he doing here," Jed asks, as he shoots a dirty look at Danny.


"Jed babe, will you just listen to Danny for a minute," I ask, and Danny comes over to the bed and says.


"Jed, I was wrong for the way I acted yesterday, and I want to apologize for my actions. You see Jed, I was jealous of you, because you had Corby, and yes bud I'm gay also," and he holds out his hand to him.


"You're gay, like in sucking and fucking dudes man?"


"Yes Jed, and you can ask Corby here about my fucking..." and he cuts his sentence short, as he realized what he said.


"Why would Cor know about your fucking, unless the two of you were doing it," and he looks at me.


"No that's not what I meant Jed, I was fucking his father and not him," and I could have strangled him right there.


"You were doing what," he yelled, now he is really looking at me, and I am trying to think of how to get out of this.


"Babe, what he's trying to say is, he... oh what the fuck, if I'm going to lose you, I might as well come clean," I say.


I take a deep breath, as I look directly into his eyes, and I tell him the entire story.


"Jed, after what I have to tell is finished; you may never want to speak to me again, never mind being my boyfriend. Yes Danny was getting fucked by my dad, and his dad fucked me today also."


"That's fucking incest man," he says, giving me a look, that was worst than a knife through my heart.


"I know, but not really Jed, his dad is not my dad got it? However, my dad and I have been lovers, as well as Danny and his. Now that is incest, but fuck man, I love my dad, and I'm sorry if you can't understand it. At least my dad loves me, and cares about me, and he has never beaten me, can you say that," and I regretted my words, the instant that they left my lips.


"Goodbye Corby, and please don't come back. I never want to see you again. Don't worry, I won't say a word about your sick fucking love affair with you dad, and I won't bother you in school either. And that goes double for you Daniel, now get the fuck out of my room," and he turned from me.


I stood there for a second, as the tears rolled down my face, and my dad's words came rushing back to me. I was a slut, and it cost me that best guy that ever happened to me, so I turned to walk out.


"I hope that no one ever judges you Jed, as you have just judged us," and I left.


We walk silently back to the car, and I know that Danny is sorry. Nevertheless, at this minute, I just want to kill him, and I turn to him and say.


"I'll walk from here," I tell him, and I see the tears in his eyes.


"Corby I'm so sorry, I never thought before I spoke," he says.


"It doesn't matter now Dan, so just tell my dad that I'll be home in a while, I have thinking that I need to do. Danny, please make sure that your dad and you are gone when I get there," and I walked off across the parking lot.



The next part of this chapter may be quite graphic for some of you readers. There are scenes of rape, and violence, which may not be to your liking.



I walked out onto the road, and waited to cross, when a car pulled up to me.


"Excuse me kid, but can you direct me to Barber Terrace, I believe it's in the old part of town," the stranger asked.


"Well first you need to go down route 118 until you get to the third traffic light, and then you take a left, no wait a minute, take a right at that light. Then you go straight but bear to the left when the road splits about two miles down, or maybe three."


"Kid how about I give you twenty bucks to show me the way, and I'll call a taxi to take you home after," he offers.


I am so upset that I go against my instincts, and I get into the car with him. I start giving him directions, and that's when I notice, that there's no door handle on my side.


"Where's the door handle mister," I ask, I'm getting an eerie feeling now, and he says to me,


"I'll open the door once we get to where I'm heading," he says, and looks at me and smiles.


"You need to turn at the next light," I tell him, but he goes straight instead. "You were suppose to turn there mister," and I am really getting nervous now.


"Never mind the directions kid, I know exactly where I'm going," and he pulls out a knife from his jacket. "So if you don't want anything to happen to you, I'd just sit there and be quiet," he tells me.


My mind is racing a mile a minute, as I wonder what shit I have gotten into now. I never take a ride from strangers, but why did I let my guard down? I was angry and hurt that's why, so now I pay the price, as we drive out of town.


"Please mister, just drop me here and I'll walk," I tell him, but he waves the knife in my face.


"What did I tell you kid, now sit tight and shut up," he yells, and we drive on.


I feel my cell phone in my pocket, but I don't dare to take it out. I just wish now I hadn't ever gotten into his car, and then he turns off the main road. We travel on for miles, and it's starting to get dark, as I make memories of where we are going. It's dark when he turns from the road, and onto a dirt road, as we drive for another hour. He turns into a driveway, that I wouldn't know was there, if he hadn't turned in at that moment. We drive several hundred yards deep into the woods, and finally stop at a cabin.


"Don't try anything stupid kid, because I won't hesitate to use this knife," he says as he gets out of the car.


I watch him walk around to my side of the car, and he opens the door.


"Get out and walk to the cabin," he orders me, and of course I obey his every word.


Once we reach the cabin, he hands me a set of keys.


"Unlock the door and open it kid," he snaps, and I fumble with the keys.


The door takes some coaxing, but it eventually opens, and he pushes me through the door. He has me sit on this old worn and dusty sofa, as he lights an oil lamp on a table. By the dim light of the lamp, I get a good look, at the man that holds my life in his hands.


"How old are you kid," he asks, as he sits next to me, and rests his hand on my thigh.


"Fourteen sir," I say, and he gives my leg a squeeze.


"Sweet, just the right age," he says.


"The right age for what sir," I ask, but I know for what, and a cold chill runs down my spine.


"What was that my grandma use to say, whenever you got a cold chill. `Someone's dancing on your grave' she use to say, and why the fuck am I thinking about that now," I think to myself, as he pulls me to my feet.


"Undress kid, and do it slowly," he orders.


"Please don't do this to me, just let me go. I promise I won't say a word to no one," I plead, as tears now run down my face.


"Yes baby boy cry, I like my boys to cry," he says rubbing the knife on my arm, and sliding off into another realm. "They all cried, and begged me not to hurt them, but I had to hurt them," he says, as he rubs me with his knife. "They were very bad boys and made me do bad things to them. Now undress my pretty boy," and his eyes scare me.


"Please sir, if we don't do this, you won't have to do bad things to me," I say through my tears.


"But I want to see my pretty boy naked, I like naked pretty boys," he says. "NOW STRIP PRETTY BOY," he shouts, and I start to undress.


I remove my shirt, and let it drop to the floor, and his eyes ignite as he drinks in my upper body.


"So soft and so creamy," he says, as runs his cold hands over my breasts, and pinches my nubs brutally.



"Now the pants my pretty boy," and he rubs his hands together in anticipation.


I undo my belt and top of my jeans, and then I lower the zipper, letting my pants drop to the floor. I step out of the jeans and place my thumbs under my boxer brief's waistband. I slowly push them down my legs, exposing my cock and balls to this man. He is salivating as he reaches out for my cock. I wince when his cold hand touches my cock, and back away.


"Is my pretty boy afraid of me," he asks, coming closer to me.


"Please sir don't hurt me," I say, as I tremble with fear.


"Oh my pretty, pretty boy, so soft and delicious," he says, as he licks my shoulder.


I am trembling badly, as he wanders around me, and occasionally biting me. His teeth sink into my skin, sending excruciating pain through me, as I have never known. He walks, around and around me, touching and biting me, making my mind work.


"When, when will the knife come? I see his knife in his hand, and I know that I'm never going to see my dad again. I'm going to die, right here in this rotting old cabin. Please God, don't let this happen to me," I say to myself. "Daddy where are you, come and rescue your boy," I say again in my mind.


"That's it my pretty boy, let your fear course through you," he says, as if he can read my mind. "Now it's time to come with me sweet boy," and he takes my hand in his, pulling me towards another room. He has a lamp lit in there, and I can see the tools for torture, as they hang from the walls.


"No, please don't do this," I cried out, pulling back, and away from the room. "Don't hurt me sir, I'm just a young boy," and I drop to the floor crying.


"Shall I kill you then, right here where you lay," he asks, bending down rubbing that fucking knife along my neck, and I nod no. "I didn't think so pretty boy, now come with me," he says.


I get up again, and he leads me by the hand, into that room. I see the chains and shackles that dangle from the wall, and I start to piss out into the room.


"Yes, yes," he says gleefully, as my piss flows from my cock. "Let it go, that beautiful golden flow," and he runs his hand and knife under the flow.


I stop pissing, and my fear is unbridled as he shackles my left wrist to the wall.


"No please don't hurt me," I beg, but I know my words are falling on deaf ears, as he fastens my right wrist now.


He sets the knife on a table, then moves to the chains, that are holding me to the wall. He unfastens them, and he drags me along, as he refastens them to a pulley hanging from the ceiling. He turns a crank on the table, and slowly, my arms start to rise above my head, until I am standing barely on my toes.


"Please let it down some sir, this hurts my arms and feet," I cry out, and my tears are flowing strongly now.


"Such a beautiful boy cock, so soft and pliable," and he plays with my cock, squeezing it in his hands. "Oh look at his small little balls, dangling down and yet full of his boy juice," and he takes them in his hand squeezing them to the point of pain.


"Stop sir that's hurting me," I yelp out in pain.


He ignores my pleas, as he grabs his tools from a drawer, and places them on the table. He slowly arranged them and shows me them one at a time, as he takes them from the drawer. He fastens clamps to my nubs, and I scream out in pain. Never before have had I felt such pain and now I am sure that he is going to kill me.


"Please...don't hurt me any more," and I'm crying so hard now, that I can't stop.


He slaps me hard across the face, and I spin around, as his hands grab my ass to stop me. He holds up a long metal rod, which looks like a dildo, but has a cord attached to it.


"Do you know what I am going to do with this," he asks waving it in my face. "This is going to excite your tight boy ass, once I plug it in," and he moves over to an outlet on the wall.


"No don't please don't," I scream out, as he walks towards me, and he's holding it by a rubber grip.


He keeps touching it to my body hear and there, send electrical currents racing through my body. I scream out in pure agony, as he tortures my body with this tool.


"You know you want it," he says, jabbing me on my thigh, the pain is unbearable, and I feel that he is so close to ending my life. He walks around me, poking me here and there, until his is standing right behind me.


"Now the grand finally," he whispers in my ear, and I feel his hand holding my ass still.


"Please stop...the pain," I'm begging and crying, but he laughs loud and hard now, touching me with that stick.


"Please save me God, or as least don't let me feel my death," and I see a blinding light that fills the room, and then I black out.


"Wake up my pretty baby boy, you must be awake for me to see your eyes when the end comes," I hear, and I drift further into my seizure.



Now chapter twelve:


I awake to find his grinning face starring at me, and I feel what seems like a cut. I look down and I can see the knife with the blood on it, as he moves it to his mouth. It burns; my side, and now I know where he sliced me, as he licks the knife clean.


"My little boy tastes so sweet," he whispers in my face," and I feel another cut.


"Please no more," I say weakly now, as I feel myself slipping away.


I can feel his cold hands touching my body, and his fingers invade my ass.


"Stop I can't take this no more," I beg, I plead for his mercy. "Just kill me mister, but stop this pain," and I black out once again.


"Corby," and the voice seems distant, but yet familiar. "Son can you hear me," and I know that voice. "Its dad son, please wake up," he says to me, but I can't seem to find my way back.


The pain becomes real and I scream out as it wakes me, "NO STOP, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME NO MORE," and my eyes open, I see dad and police all around me.


"Daddy, don't let that man hurt me no more," I cry as he picks me up, and cradles me to him.


"You're safe now son, no one can hurt you any longer," my daddy says, and then I see the chains.


"No get them away from me," I scream, as I try to dig further into my dad. "He's hurting me daddy, stop him," and then nothing, I slip into my world of blackness once again.


Ryan's narrative:


"Corby, talk to me," I say to my son.


"Sir, we need to get him to the hospital," the paramedic says, as he and his partner lift him onto the stretcher.


"He's going to be fine Ry," Steve says. "We got here in time, thanks to Danny's quick thinking."


"Thank you Danny for not leaving my boy, and following him."


"I knew something was wrong, when I got this funny feeling in my gut. Dad always taught me to go with my gut feelings, so I decided to follow him."


"I so thankful Danny to you, and it took real guts to do what you did," and I hug the boy.


An officer came up to us, and he needed to get a statement from Danny.


"Can you tell us kid what made you think that something was wrong with your friend?" the officer asks.


"Well we had just come from visiting another friend at the hospital, and Corby was feeling bad about him, because he didn't know him. He had been beaten bad by his dad and had a bad head injury, which left him with amnesia," and the officer is giving him a look that says, keep to the facts.

"Ah sorry, but you don't want to know all that. So anyways, when we left Corby decided to walk, and I tried to get him to come with me, but he was mad at me also, do you need to know why?"


"Not really kid, just tell me why you felt Corby was in trouble?" and he rolls his eyes, as if to say, kids.


"Well like I told Ryan, or rather Mr. Jones, I got this gut feeling when I saw him getting into that guys car. So, I decided to follow him. When he left town, and I noticed that he was looking around a lot in the car, which was when I called my dad. I gave him the license plate number, and the make and model of the car," Danny says, looking over at his friend on the floor.

"Is he going to be alright dad," he asks Steve.


"And that would be Officer Beddow," he asks.


"Huh... ah...yes sir," Danny tells him.


"Yes son, Corby's going to be fine we hope."


I'm watching them work on my son, as his frail little body lies on the floor. I can see the cuts, burn marks on his body that was inflicted by this man, and I am thankful that he was dead. Had he not been, I know I would have killed him myself.


"Officer Beddow how was it that you came to be here," the officer now turns, and he's questioning Steve.


"Once Danny, that's my son, called me, and gave me the plate number, I ran it for an id. When I saw that it was registered to a registered sex offender, I became concerned. That was when Ryan and I, Ryan, being Corby's dad, well we went to my precinct and contacted the state police. We were in the air within a half hour, and heading towards where my son had last seen the car."


"And how were you able to follow them without being seen kid," the officer asks, and Steve doesn't like the way he is talking to his son.


"The `KID' has a name officer, and it's Danny. I would remind you to use the same respect, which you would show to an adult," he tells him sharply.


"Yes sir, sorry Danny," he says, as he blushes some. "So Danny, how were you able to follow them without being seen," he re-asks.


Danny looks at his dad first, and he simply nods, then he answers.


"I had my headlights off officer, because I didn't want them to see me," he says.


"Smart thinking ki... ah Danny," and he caught himself quickly.


"Well seeing how it was now dark officer, just how were you able to determine where the young man was being held," he asks Steve.


"Again it was my smart thinking son. He was flashing his headlights off and on in the yard of the pervert's house," and Steve puts his arm around Danny.


"Sir we're taking him to St. Vincent's Hospital," the paramedic told me, as they wheel Corby out.


"Officer, if you are finished with us, we need to accompany Mr. Jones to the hospital," Steve says.


"I think I have what I need sir," he says.


Steve and Danny accompanied me to the hospital, seeing how this was not in Steve's jurisdiction. He would, however be connected later, because Corby had been abducted in his jurisdiction.


Again, we played the waiting game, as we waited to hear about my son's condition, once we got to the hospital. I watched the hands on the clock, and it seemed that they refused to move. Minutes turned to hours, when at last a doctor appeared.


"Who is the father of the attack victim," this younger doctor asks, as he looked at the crowded waiting room.


"I am doctor, Ryan Jones," I say, standing to shake hands.


"I'm Doctor Levine, and would you come with me please," he says, and my heart races, as I expect to hear that my son is dead, and I turn back to look at Steve.


He takes me to where Corby is, and I see his small body, resting on the bed. He looks so frail and vulnerable, and I can feel the tears welling up in me.


"Sir, physically he is going to be fine, he suffered numerous lacerations and burns to his body, but mentally we aren't so sure yet. We have him in what we call a chemically induced coma, to protect him. He has been through a very traumatic experience, and most children his age, cannot cope mentally with this kind of trauma. He is going to be transferred to the psychiatric unit, as soon as we are finished here," he tells me.

"If you prefer another hospital closer to your home, I can arrange for him to be transferred there instead."


"I would doctor, I live hours from here, and this would be very inconvenient for me to travel back and forth to."


"I totally understand sir, which hospital would you like to use," he asks, and my mind is racing, as I try to think.


"The San Diego Medical Center, we live in San Diego, and it would be convenient for me and his friends to visit him there."


"Excellent hospital sir, I'll make arrangements immediately to have your son transferred. I have a very good friend there that is the head of the psychiatric unit, I'll arrange for him to meet with you also," and he leaves me with Corby, to go set things up.


I am sitting by his beside, holding his soft little hand. My heart is breaking, and the guilt now washes over me, like a flood.


"I'm so sorry son, for not being there to save you," I cry, and I lay my face beside his head.

"I'm your father, and I'm suppose to protect you, but I let you down," and I cry uncontrollably, as a hand rests on my shoulder.


"Ryan, it's not your fault, what happened to Corby," Steve says, as he tries to comfort me.

"Corby made a mistake by getting in that man's car, and you had no control over that Ryan."


"But I'm his father and I'm suppose to protect him, and I let him down," I tell him, as I get up, and I cry into his chest with his arms around me.


He rubs my back as I cry, and he tells me that my son will be just fine. I know that physically he will be, but it's mentally I worry about; these things have a way of leaving life long scares.


"Sir," the doctor says, as he returns to the room. "Everything is arranged for your son to be transferred to your hospital. He should be leaving sometime in the morning," he tells me.

"I have also arranged for Doctor Clarkson to meet with you, he is tops in the field of psychiatric medicine, and head of the hospital psychiatric unit as I had told you."


"Thank you Doctor Levine, for everything that you have done," and I shake his hand warmly.


"You might want to head home sir; there is really nothing more that can be done for your son at this time. He will remain in this state until Doctor Clarkson gradually brings him out of it."


"I will doctor, but I just need a few more moments with Corby first if I may," I tell him, as I fight back my tears.


"Certainly sir, you take all the time you need," and he leaves us with Corby.


"I don't know if you can hear me son, but I know that some people say, that they could hear there family talking to them, while they were in a coma. I love you Corby, and I'm going to be right by your side, as you fight your demons. You are not alone son, I am right here with you," and I lean in and kiss him on his forehead.


"I love you too Corby," Steve says softly, as he also kisses his forehead.


We head out to where Danny is waiting, and find him softly crying to himself. Steve looks at his son, and is ready to scold him about being a man. I grab his arm, and pull him over to the side, as I speak my peace concerning Danny.


"Steve, I know it's none of my business how you raise Danny, but I have to say this. I want you to imagine what you would be feeling and thinking, if that was Danny laying in there, instead of Corby," and his face goes solemn, as I can almost visualize him seeing that.

"You're son so wants to please you Steve, and he wants to be all that you want him to be, but you set your standards to high for him. He's just a boy Steve, trying to follow his dad's example. Do you even realize how badly you hurt him earlier today, when you belittled him in front of Corby and I?"


"I did no such thing Ryan," he says sharply, and starts to walk away, but I grab his arm once again.


"Steve please listen to me, I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I almost lost my most precious gift that God ever gave me today, my son. When you told Danny that Corby not only took your entire cock up his ass, but he did it without pissing and crying like Danny does, did you even register the hurt that was on your son's face?"


Steve looks long and hard at me, and then at Danny, as a tear starts to fall. It is then that he sees, exactly what I'm saying.


"Steve, Danny loves you and worships the ground you walk on. He wants nothing more than to please you. Don't push him away with words and standards that he can't possibly reach, or live up to. Love and cherish him, before it's too late my friend."


Steve looks out into the waiting room at his son sitting there, and his son is still crying softly. He walks out to Danny, who, once he sees him coming, quickly wipes his eyes, so his father won't see his tears. He stands once he gets to him, and Steve just looks at him for a long moment, and then he takes him into his arms.


"I'm so sorry Danny, sorry for not being the father that I should have been for you," and he hugs him closely to him.

"Cry son for your friend, its fine to cry. I was wrong to say that men aren't supposed to cry," Steve says, as his own tears now fall.

"And I want you to know son, that I love you so much and that you do please me," and Danny hugs his dad tight and cries.


"Daddy I just wanted to be what you expected me to be," Danny says through his tears.

"I know I'm not the man that you are, but I'm trying."


"No son, you aren't the man that I am, you are more than the man than I am. You are compassionate, loving and have a heart that puts itself last. I was so wrong to try to make you into a mini me. I want you to be you son, because that is the boy, whom I fell in love with," and he kisses his forehead.

"Come on son, take us home," he says.


My heart was breaking at that moment, as I watched Steve repairing that bridge that was broken, between him and his son, I wondered myself, if I had done the same with my Corby also? Since we, had become lovers, had I let him down, as a father, and became obsessed of a lover? I ached for the days of when it was just Corby and me, on that lonely deserted beach, and he gave himself to me, for the first time.


"Thank you my friend, for giving me back my son," Steve says to me, as he throws his arm around my shoulder as we walk to the car.

"What's wrong Ryan," he asks, as he notices my own tears, which are now running down my face.


"I've lost him Steve, not in body," I tell him. "I lost the boy I fell in love with. He's never going to be the same again, and I don't know how I'm going to handle it," and I cry hard as I stop walking, and turn to my friend crying.


"Let it out bud, I think you are overacting," he says. "Give Corby time to heal from this ordeal," he tells me. "You have me buddy by your side to lean on, and Danny is there for Corby also."


"I know, and thanks Steve, but I can't help the feelings I having."

Danny drives me back to my place, and drops me off. Steve tells me that he has some business to take care of, and that he will see me later. I take a long shower, and climb into bed, and drift off to sleep thinking of my son, and I am awaken in what seems like minutes. It had been over nine hours, that I slept, and Terry was pounding at my door, as I groggily open it.


"Ryan is Corby all right," he asks, as he walks in following me, and I just walk away from the door, as he turns to close it.


I'm standing there naked, still half-asleep, and he asks,


"How are you holding up buddy? I read about Corby's abduction in this morning's newspaper," he says, and now I am suddenly wide-awake.


"It's in the fucking paper already," I say, and grab the paper from his hand.


There it was across the headlines, in bold print. Local Boy Kidnapped! and my heart broke, as I read the story that followed. It was word for word, from what appeared to be a police report, and I felt betrayed by Steve. How could he have given a story to the local press, when he knew how I felt? I searched for my cell phone and once I found it, I speed dialed his number.


"Hello, you reached the voice mail for Officer Steve Beddow, I can't get to the phone right now, but leave your name and number, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can," then beep went the message.


I was furious, as I closed my cell, and I looked at Terry standing there.


"He knew how torn up I was over this, and he has the audacity to give the fucking press this..."and I am waving the paper in the air.


"I'm not defending Steve," Terry starts to say, and I cut him off.


"Then don't," I snap at him.


"Ryan listen, reporters have access to all the police reports, because of the freedom of information act. That reporter could have very well gotten his information right from the police blotter and interviewed any number of officers at the station. Wasn't Steve with you most of the night," he asks, more wondering if we were together, than out of concern for me.


"Well until almost daybreak, why," I ask.


"That being the case, then he wouldn't have had the opportunity to speak to the press," Terry tells me.

"They would have had to go to press well before day break to make the paper today.


Now I feel so much the fool, and I collapse on the couch and cry.


"I can't take this anymore Terry, my world is fucking falling apart," I tell him, as I cry into my hands.


He sits down beside me, with his arm around my shoulder, and lets me cry myself out.


"Feel better now bud," he asks, and I nod yes, and the phone begins to ring.


I quickly dash to the phone, and the caller id identifies it as the hospital.


"Hello, Ryan Jones speaking," I say, as I wipe my eyes.


"Mr. Jones, this is Doctor Clarkson calling. Your son Ryan is now awake, and he has been asking rather frantically for you," he says. "I have assured him that you are on your way, and that he is in no longer in danger. He thinks that he is simply in the hospital and not in the psychiatric ward. But another problem has arisen, that you and I need to address sir, before we meet with your son," he says rather solemnly.


"I should be there in less than an hour doctor," I tell him. "Where shall I meet you?" and he tells me his office number.


I ask Terry if he would take me to the hospital, once I was showered and dressed, because I was in no state of mind to drive. He told me that he would be more than happy to and waited, as I got ready. Within thirty minutes, we were on our way, and I had him drop me off at the front entrance.


"Thanks Terry, but I may be quite a while today, so if I need a ride I'll call you."


"I'm sure that Steve will be around to fill in for me, so I say goodbye now Ryan," and I could tell he was jealous, but I had enough on my plate to deal with, and didn't need to add this now.


I found the doctor's office, and his receptionist told me that he had another patient in with him and that he would be with me shortly. Twenty or so minutes later, he came out, and greeted me warmly, and having not seen any patient leave, I deduced that he had another exit to his office.


"I'm sorry to keep you waiting Mr. Jones, but an emergency came up," he explained.


"Doctor, I've got to tell you, that I'm very close to my breaking point," I tell him.

"I have reached the point where I feel that I have totally failed my son, as his dad and protector."


"That is quite understandable Mr. Jones, and I would be worried if you didn't feel this way. But let me reassure you that you won't break and that you will find the inner strength that not only will you need, but also for your son."


"Then what's the problem doctor, that is so urgent," I ask.


He reaches in his top drawer, and pulls out a folded piece of paper. This was given to me today by a colleague of mine, a Doctor Guzzo, whom I'm sure that you know."


"He was my son's doctor, when he had his accident at school. But what has this got to do with my son doctor?"


"Here sir, read it," and he hands it to me.



Dear Corby,


This is very hard for me to write. I know that when you left here, I was very angry with you. I didn't understand a lot of what I saw and heard about you, or for that matter, what Danny was saying you and your dad. I had no right to judge you, especially after what my dad did to me.


You don't know this, but he has been beating me for years, well maybe that you know now. What you don't know is that he was molesting me also. Ever since my mom left us, he turned to drugs and alcohol for escaping his problems. But by the time I was twelve, he turned to me for sex also. Then after we did it, he would beat the shit out of me. He would blame me for making him do it, and that is why he would beat me. Therefore, you see I have know reason to be judging you. I hate myself for who and what I am Cor, and I don't deserve your love or even to be alive anymore.


Therefore, I want to say I'm sorry, and ask you to forgive me. I never deserved a boyfriend like you Corby. By the time that you read this, I will have taken my own life. I hope you can forgive me for that also. I want you to love Danny; I can see the love he has for you in his eyes. He is a good person and so compassionate, caring and capable of loving you, as you deserve to be loved Corby. So if you do fall in love with him bud, this is all I ask, that you never forget me, and never forget that I did and do love you, now and forever my sweet Corby.


Your boyfriend forever,


Jed Carter



"Oh my God no, not this too," I say, and I cry hard now, unable to control my emotions. "Why, why Lord, he was just a boy," I cry out.


"Any suicide is tragic sir, but when it's a child, it is even more tragic," the doctor says, as he passes me a box of Kleenex.


"When doctor, when did this happen?" I ask, as I stare at the letter he left.


"Some time during the night, the nurse found him this morning holding the note," he tells me.


"How doctor," I ask, not sure that I even want to know.


"An apparent overdose of sleeping pills," he says. "One of the nurses reported that a bottle of pills were missing from her cart last night, while see was making her med rounds. So we surmise that he must have gotten them from her cart, when she was giving medications to another patient."


"I don't want my son to see this doctor, at least not yet," I say.


"I whole heartily agree sir, but at some point he is going to be asking about this young man," he says. "I would rather it be in here, than at home or school, when he learns about it."


"Yes I guess, but I rather he get over this first, wouldn't you agree?"


"Well that's the other problem sir," and my mind just races, as I can't imagine another problem.

"It seems that ever since Corby has been brought out of his coma, he is acting like the past events never happened."


"How can that be doctor, he has the visible proof on his body," I ask.


"He feels that he's been in an accident and just wants to go home. I have tried to discuss the events, and he gets rather violent if I pursue it. So, if he refuses to discuss, or for that matter even admit that this abduction even happened, I am unable to help him."


"But he can't just go on like nothing ever happened," I say. "Eventually it will surface won't it?"


"Yes, and when it does, he will find that it has developed far worst than what it really is, and it can possibly take power over him, making him the victim again, and cause a total mental break down."


"I would like to see my son now doctor," I tell him.


As we walk, we talk, and I mention the paper, with its headlines. I also mention that he will eventually be asking about Jed, and if not now as soon as he returns to school.


"Well sir, he does have to know eventually, and either now or then, it will be traumatic for him.


We stand outside his door, and I watch him through the glass window. He seems calm enough, as he stands and gazes out the window at the day.


"Hello son," I say, as I enter the room.


"Dad," he says running to me. "Have you come to take me home?" he asks.


"We need to talk first son," I tell him."


"I'm not talking about what he says happened," and he points to the doctor.



Now chapter 13:



The doctor leaves us, and I'm sure that he's goes into the next room, where he can view and listen, to us.


"Corby, I want you to sit down here and pay close attention to what I have to tell you without interruptions," I say to him, and he sits nodding yes.

"Yesterday, you got into a strangers car, and were taken to a cabin very far away. In that cabin you were stripped, and tortured beyond any human beings capacity to comprehend."


"But dad..." and I hold up my hand to quiet him, and he yields to me once again.


"What that man did to you was not your fault son, and you had no control over his actions. He was a registered sex offender and had a long record of offenses towards young boys. Why he was still out on the streets is beyond me, but he was. So now, for you to deny that it ever happened to you is like denying that I'm your dad. Am I making any sense here Corby," I ask.


He looks at me as the tears roll down his face and my heart breaks for my boy, as he just nods yes. I take him in my arms, and he cries, and his sobs are deep and hard. For almost twenty minutes, I hold him as he weeps on my chest.


"Dad he hurt me so much, that I even asked God to let me die, that's how bad it hurt," he tells me, as he looks up at me.

"I know I was wrong to get into his car, but I was hurt by what Jed said to me, he hates me dad, and never wants to see me again."


"He doesn't hate you Corby," and I take in a deep breath before continuing.

"He loves you so much Corby, and that is something else that we need to talk about. This is going to hurt you more than what happened to you son.


"What do you mean dad," and he backs away from me, and looks into my eyes.


"Here son, this letter is from Jed, and it's addressed to you," and I hand him the letter.


He wipes his eyes with the back of his hands, before he starts to read, and I can feel the tears welling up in me, as I prepare myself for his shock and grief.


"Noooo, oh God no," he screams, as the words sink into his mind.

"My Jed, why God why did you let him do this to himself," he shouts, and he falls into my arms crying hysterically.


"His problems just seemed to much for him son," I tell him for lack of anything better.

"We still don't know why people find death as the only solution to their problems. But for Jed, it was his only option that he felt he had."


"It's my fault dad, I drove him to this," Corby says as his poor heart breaks.


"No son and you look at me," I sternly say holding him away from me, and looking at him in the eyes.

"You had nothing to do with his decision to end his life. If anyone did, it was his father. What his father did to him was unthinkable, to blame him for his attraction to him sexually. Then to beat him senseless after was just cruel and inhuman son. I never want you to ever blame yourself again for this or for that matter, what happened last night to you."


Corby cried hard and long in my arms, as I wept with him. How could a father do such an unspeakable thing to his own son? I thought as I held my most precious gift.


Six weeks later:



"Welcome Home," they shouted, as I came through the door to my house.

Steve, Danny, Terry and Michael, were there to welcome me home from the hospital. It had been a long six weeks of intense therapy for me, and I had accepted what had happened to me that night, and had come to terms with Jed's suicide.


"Want to take a walk," Danny asks me, once I am settled in, and the gaiety of my homecoming had past.

"Yeah Danny, I need to get some air," I tell him. "Dad, Danny and I are taking off for a while," I tell him.


"Ok son, just be back for dinner, it's at six," he tells me.


"Wanna drive down to the ocean, we have plenty of time?"


"Yeah I'd like that Dan, can I call you Dan? I would like to talk to you about some things also, and here is not where I'd like to do it."


"Yeah, Danny sounds babyish, Cor, and I want to ask you something also," he tells me.


"Ok Dan, and would you call me Ryan now," I ask.


"Sure but why the sudden change to Ryan?"


"I don't know, I don't feel like a Corby, Corby was a name mom used to tell dad and me apart."


We get to the ocean, and park the car. It's not crowded, even though it's a Saturday. We walk down to the water's edge and he turns to me, and says.


"Ryan, I know that you have been through a lot, and I know how much you loved Jed, but..." and I put my finger to his lips.


"Dan, I've come to terms with Jed, and my feelings for him. But I have come to realize over these past weeks that there is someone that I love more, who's love goes deeper than Jed's did," and Dan's countenance falls.

"I've learned a lot about myself Dan over these last weeks, and most of it wasn't nice, what I saw. However, there was someone, whom stood out through all my hurt, pain, and misery, and his love never wavered. That person is the one that stole my heart, Dan."


"Oh, I was just hoping Ryan that you and I... well I'm happy for you and whoever it is that stole your heart."


"Don't you even want to know who that lucky guy is that stole my heart is Dan," I ask staring into his eyes.


"Not really Ryan, `cause if you really want to know to the truth, you're breaking my heart," he says. "But tell me anyways, because if you're happy, then I'll be happy."


I hold his face in my hands, focusing his stare to my eyes, and say,


"Dan your innocence is so funny at times, you are the one that has stolen my heart," I tell him, as I pull him to me, and I kiss him.


He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight, as we kiss passionately.


"I never thought I stood a chance with you Ryan," he tells me.

"I knew how you felt about Jed, and then when... well, God I love you Ryan," and we kiss passionately.


We walk the beach, and he had his arm around me. I love the way he pulls me to him, kissing me every so often, just to remind me that I am his lover.


"I want to make love to you Dan," I tell him as we pause. "I haven't had sex in so long babe, I need, no I want you to make love to me," and I pull him into my arms, and kiss him.

He takes my hand in his, and we walk towards the boardwalk, and find a secluded spot beneath it. He finds a blanket, that someone had abandoned, and he lays me down upon it. Kneeling beside my legs, he unfastens my shorts, and slowly slides down my skater shorts, along with my boxer briefs. He stands, removes his own shorts and underwear, as he smiles down at me. He kneels back down between my spread legs, and slowly runs his hands along my legs, massaging my muscles with his fingers. When he reaches my thighs, he elicits moans of erotic pleasure from me, as his fingers knead my subtle flesh.


"Mmmm, that feels so good sweetheart," I tell him, as he moves to my rock hard cock.


"Shhhh, just lay there and enjoy it my lover," he whispers, as he bends down and engulfs my cock with his mouth.


I rise up with my ass, at the pleasure of his mouth, as his nose rests in my pubic hair. He gives out a soft sigh, as he takes in my scent, and his hands gently massage my balls. Slowly he rises back up my shaft, as he pauses at the head. He runs his tongue around the tender gland, and fuck, I'm so ready to cum.


"I'm going to cum," I say, as I cannot hold back.


It's been so long, since someone, anyone has made love to my cock that I am ready to shoot. He plunges my cock down his willing throat, just as I shoot my first volley.


"Oh yeah Dan, take my cum," I shout out, not caring who may hear me.


He moves fast and furiously on my throbbing shaft, as it surrenders its sweet boy juice. He is ravenous as he drinks in every drop, as I give him all I have to give. He relinquishes my softening cock, once I have given all I have to give him.


"Damn I missed you Ryan," he says, as he crawls up me for a kiss.


I raise my legs in surrender, and I reach down for his hard throbbing cock. I place it to my anxious boy pussy, and with my legs now wrapped around his waist, I pull him in to me.


"Oh fuck yeah Dan, that is what I have desired," I say as his balls now rest against my balls. "Fuck me sweetheart," I whisper, as he rises up, and slowly pulls his cock out.


He pushes his cock back in deeper now, as our eyes hold their loving stare. I love this boy so much, I wonder why I never saw it before, and my tears start to fall. How could I not have seen his love for me, his devotion and caring? He and I are rhythmically fucking as one, as people walk above us. His eyes hold the love he feels for me, and mine for him, as we move towards that place of soulful unity.


"I love you Ryan, and I have loved you since that first day I saw you at school," he tells me, as I feel his cock thickening in me.

"I know we are young, and most would say that this is lust that we have, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you," and leans down to kiss me," and I feel his cock as it sprays my insides with his cum.

"I love you also my sweetheart and you are my only lover from now on, and forever," as I too, shoot my sweet cum again between us.


Back at home, as narrated by Ryan Sr.:


Terry and Michael had left, and Ryan was happy that he had introduced Michael to Terry. They were now a couple, and Terry seemed happy with Michael, as did Michael with him.


Steve and I had grabbed a carafe of coffee, and moved out to the patio to enjoy the nice late morning sun.


"Steve can we talk while the boys are gone," I ask, sitting on the patio, and pouring us each a cup of coffee.


"Sure Ry, what's up, you look so serious," he asks, and rests his hand on mine.


"Steve we've been friends now for a while, and we've been through a lot together," I tell him.


"That's a vast understatement Ry," he says. "But I can't think of any other man that I would have wanted to spend it with."


"Me neither and that is what I want to talk to you about. I want you to be my life partner Steve, and be monogamous to each other," I say, and now wonder how he'll take this sudden development of my affections towards him.


He starts to laugh hysterically, and I feel my feelings being crushed. Never have I felt so rejected, never since high school that is, when a popular girl turned me down as my steady girlfriend. I was just about to read him the riot act when he pulled me up to him and said,


"I didn't mean to laugh, and I certainly wasn't laughing at you my dear sweet man. It's just that you beat me to asking you to be my mate Ry," he says holding me in his arms.

"I realized several weeks ago, just how much I loved you, and didn't want to lose you sweetheart."


"Really Steve, you really are in love with me?" I ask him, as I stare into his Bambi eyes.


"Ry, ever since the first moment we met, my attraction to you has grown in endless proportions. The passions I feel for you are almost scary at times, because they are so profound and mind boggling," he tells me.

"I haven't been with a man that has made me feel as loved as you have. You have taught me how to love, and you were the one that gave me back Danny before it was to late," he says.

"I love you Ry and I want you to know that I pledge you my heart and love from this day forward," and he kissed me.

"Come on sweet cheeks, I have twelve friends that want to show you how much they love you also," he says, as he takes me by the hand, and leads me inside to my bedroom.


We undress each other, and we stand there, as we drink in with our eyes, the beauty of our bodies. I turn to place my watch on the bureau, Steve comes up behind me, and he wraps his masculine arms tightly around me. He nuzzles my neck, as his hands pinch my nipples, and his cock presses tight to my ass, as he whispers his affections for me in my ear. Steve turns me around and kisses me heatedly, as his hands slide down the small of my back, and he softly squeezes my ass. His cock is rock hard as his hands move up my back, and he firmly pushes me by my shoulders down, until I am kneeling before him. I grab his massive steal hard cock into my hands, and my mouth is watering, so with one long lick, I wet his balls to the tip of that beautiful cock's head. I drink in his scent, and a hint of soap mixed with his musk, overwhelms me, as I engulf his cock. Looking up as I devoured his tool, I could see his head tilted back, mouth open as I give pleasure to his cock. Sensuous groans and moans escaped his mouth, as I slid quickly up and down his hard cock, and each time I would suck hard and long on the head. His large hand guided my head with each plunge I took down on his cock, and a soft moan would elicit from his mouth. My hands were twisting his nipples, adding further enjoyment to his ecstasy, as he moaned out with delight. Without warning, he lifted me up and kissed me with all the passion he was feeling. His tongue found its way into my mouth while his hand fondled my dripping cock; he knelt down and started to suck me as if it was the last cock on earth. It didn't take long for me to reach my edge, and his pinching of my nipple soon shoved me over it. As I shot my hot cum deep into his willing mouth, he ran one hand up my belly, the other around to my ass. I had just finished my climax, when he stood up, and turned me around. His massive dripping cock was pressing against my ass, as he gently bit my ears and neck.

"Mmmm," I say, as he gently pinches both of my sensitive nubs.

He bends me over the bureau as he drops to his knees, and I feel his tongue between my ass, as his hands spread my cheeks. His hands are holding, and playing with my balls, as his tongue licks my hot pucker, just enough to get it ready for the cock that will soon invade it. He stands up after getting it sufficiently wet, and rubs his dripping cock up and down my crack. We look at each other's face in the mirror, and our eyes meet.

"Fuck me sweetheart," I tell him, as we stare at one another in the mirror, and he leans in and kisses my neck.

He begins to push in, as I push back, and suddenly he was in. It was a fabulous feeling of fullness I have, as he bottoms in me. He reaches around and pinches my nipples, as he begins to slowly fuck me. Long, smooth strokes, in and out of my ass he moves, as his hand move slowly down my stomach. His fingers move through my pubes, and they wrap around my cock, damn it they felt good as he gripped it.

He squeezes it first, and then ran his fist up and down it a few times, as I let out a sensuous moan. I was meeting his every thrust with one of my own, and we fucked like animals in heat.

In a quick maneuver, he quickly moves me to the bed, and we lay down with me on my back. My legs are now over his shoulders; he kept the long deep strokes sliding in and out, as he pinched my erect nipples. My ass was flexing with his every thrust, as his balls were slapping my ass faster and faster, and I knew we were both getting closer to our climax. My hands held his powerful arms, as his head cocked back, his mouth opens and he shouts out.

"Oh fuck Ry, I'm cumming babe," and I felt his cock swell.

His eyes closed tight as he shot his first volley of hot seed deep into my ass, just as I shot one long rope of cum and it hit my shoulder. I could feel each throb of his cock as he gave me his cum, and I shot my cum onto my heaving chest, until we gave each other all that we had. We gasped for breath as we rode out our sexual high, and he slides his cock slowly from my ass.

"I love you Ryan Jones, and I want to marry you," he says, and I cry as he holds me tight.

"I never, in a million years sweetheart, thought that I would fall in love with a man. But I have fallen so deeply in love with you Ryan that I do want to marry you."

"I'd be honored to marry you Steve, but what will our sons think or feel? They have been our lovers for so long now, and if I marry you that must end," I tell him. "It must be just us from now on, and no longer the boys," I say.

"They are young Ry, and they'll find someone to love for themselves someday," Steve says.

"All I know is that I love you and don't want to live without you in my life sweetheart," and he kisses me tenderly, as the sound of a car door closing stirs us from our bliss.

"Fuck Ry, the boys are home," Steve says, as we jump from the bed.


"Dan wait, before we go in," I say, stopping him in the driveway.

"Are you sure that they'll understand that we want to be monogamous to each other?" I ask.

"I'm hoping my dad will, but I'm sure that your dad will be receptive to the idea," Dan tells me.

"Ryan I love you, and I am not going to share you with no one. That includes our dads," he tells me.

"We love our dads' babe, but now is our time to love and grow. I want to be the only man that shares your bed," and he kisses me.

"I know my dad will be fine with this, he never really felt it was right anyways. I was the one that seduced him, and lured him into my bed babe. Now it's you that I will yield to, and give my body to," and we kiss before we go inside.

As we go into the living room, I can here sounds of movement coming from dad's bedroom, and I go quietly down the hall. I open his door just in time, there they are naked as the day that they were born, and they froze when they see me standing there. Dan is right behind me, we both start to laugh, and I look at my dad and say,

"Get dressed boys and meet us on the patio pronto," and I close the door giggling.

"God I have always wanted to say that to my dad," I tell Dan as we head out to the patio.

A few minutes later, dad and Steve join us on the patio, and dad is rather red with embarrassment.

"So what have you two got to say for yourselves, and this behavior," I say, as I nudge Dan with my foot under the table.

"Listen young man, I'm the father here, and I don't have to explain my actions in my own bedroom," he says, turning the tables on me now.

"It was you that came barging into my room without knocking, so you have no right questioning anything you saw."

"My God dad chill," I tell him. "We don't care if you and Steve fuck each other. As far as we're concerned, you two make a great couple," I tell him, trying to lay the groundwork for Dan and me.

"Now dad, while we are talking about couples, Dan and I have something we want to say," and I yielded the conversation to Dan.

"Dad, Ryan, we both know that Corby and I have been your lovers for a long time now, it's been absolutely the best time we have ever had, and we love you both so much," Dan tells them. "But... ah dad... I can't Ryan, you'll have to say it," Dan says, fearing how his father might take it.

"Danny are you trying to tell me that you both are no longer interested in being our lovers," Steve asks, and Dan starts to get teary eyed and I put my arms around him.

"I know at one time son, something like this would have set me into a rage, not because you didn't want to any longer, but because you were afraid to tell me. I know I haven't been the best dad that I should have been son, but I have always loved you. I don't ever want you to be afraid to tell me anything. I am always here for you son, so what is it that you want to tell me, or us son?"

"Dad, Ryan and I have committed to each other, and we have agreed to be monogamous to each other. That includes no longer having sex with you or his dad," Dan says, as we both stand there now looking at our dads.

"I don't know Ry, they are getting pretty brazen don't you think," Steve says as he looks at dad.

"I completely understand Steve, and just listen to them telling us just how it's going to be," and I'm really beginning to get scared myself.

"So what do you think we should do about this," dad asks Steve.

They both take us into their arms, and they hug us tightly as they kiss us.

"Son," dad says, "Steve and I have also committed to becomes life partners," he tells me.

"As part of that agreement Dan, we are committing to being monogamous to each other also, and that includes off limits to you both," Steve says.

"Really dad, you're not angry with me, or just saying it," Dan asks.

"No son, I'm not angry. I'm sorry for so much that I have put you through, and someday I hope that you'll forgive your old man," he says as he lets his son see his own tears fall for the first time.

"Dad I love you and there is nothing that I have to forgive," and he hugs his dad.

"You're not upset with me son," dad asks me, as he holds me close.

"Nah, but I will miss you cute way of fucking me dad," I tell him.

"But I have the greatest lover that I could ever ask for," and I take Dan into my arms.

"Will you boys be our best men when we get married this summer," Steve asks, and I look at Dan and smile.

"Only if you'll be at ours when we are old enough," I tell them, and we all hug.


Two months later on Cape Cod:


"Do you Steven Bradford Beddow; take Ryan Corby Jones as your husband. To have for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" the justice of the peace asks.

"I do," Steve says, holding Ryan's hands.

"And do you Ryan Corby Jones; take Steven Bradford Beddow as your husband. To have for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do," Ryan says with a showing of tears in his eyes.

"Now by the power vested in me, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I pronounce the two of you married. You may kiss," he tells them.

Steve takes my dad into his arms, and he kisses him. A kiss is warm and tender, full of the love that they are feeling. They turn to Dan and me, and they both give us a hug and kiss, as the guests warmly applaud the happy couple.

"I love you dad, and I hope that you have many happy years together with Steve," I tell him.

"Thank you son, and he does make me very happy, and I hope that you'll be just as happy with Danny."

"Dad, I hope that you and Ryan have the same love and happiness that Ry and I have," Dan says to his dad, as he gives him a tight hug. "I'm proud of you dad, and proud to be your son," and he kisses him on the cheek.

"Son I have never not been proud to have you as my son," Steve says, as he hugs him tightly to him. "You love that man of yours, and I know that the two of you will be happy."

Three years later:


"Do you Daniel Steven Beddow; take Ryan Corby Jones as your husband. To have for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?" the justice of the peace asks.

"I do," Dan says as he holds my hand in his.

"And do you Ryan Corby Jones; take Daniel Steven Beddow as your husband. To have for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do," and he kisses me hard and passionately.

"Young man, I haven't pronounced you married yet," the justice of the peace says, and the guests all laugh.

"Now by the power vested in me, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I pronounce the two of you married. Now you may kiss," he tells Dan, and he kisses me again, to the applause of our guests.

"We hope that you have the same happiness that we have had these past three years, and more," Steve and dad tell us as they wish us happiness with our marriage.

"Thanks dad," we both say and hug them warmly, as Terry and Michael come over to us.

"We're next guys," Terry says, as he gazes into Michael's eyes.

"Yeah, and we just hope that we have the same happiness that the four of you have found together," Michael adds. "I can't thank you enough Ryan, for introducing Terry to me, even though I did have him, as a teacher once," and he hugs my dad.

"You'll never know what it meant to me, getting the two of you together," he says to them, but I did.

So that my friends it the end of the story of Ryan and his dad. I hope that you enjoyed it, as much as I did writing it. Thank you for all your nice emails.

Bernie Clark.


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