B. Clark

Chapter Two

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Previously in chapter one:

I never came like this before, and I didn't want to stop, but I did end.  As my cock softened, it fell from his ass, as we kissed.  We just held each other, as we rode out our sweet afterglow.  Both of us drained, we lay there, surrounded by silence. Finally, I felt Dad's hand, as it brushed the hair from my forehead.  He looked down at me, and I could feel the love he held in his heart for me as he said, 
"You give one hell of a fuck son," he said with a grin, and kissed me, as the roar of a plane flew over.

Now chapter two:


My heart sank as dad got up, and ran outside naked. He wanted to let the pilot know that we were alive. I on the other hand, didn't want this to end, because I knew back at home he would never do this again with me. I ran outside with him, and handed him some shorts, and he quickly put them on. We stood there waiting, until the plane made another pass. It did a wing maneuver, which told dad we were spotted, and he yelled out with happiness.

"We're going home son," he shouted, and he noticed the sadness in my face. "Son, what's wrong," he asked as he took me into his arms, and I started to cry as he pulled me close.

"I don't want what we found here to end dad," I told him, and he looked down into my eyes and said.

"What we shared here is something that a father and son should have never done. I know that we both enjoyed it and son; it was good I can't lie. But we need to face reality here, back at home, your mother would never understand," he told me, as his own tears rolled down his face.

"Why does she have to know dad," I pleaded, but he refused to listen to what I said, and I went back in the plane to cry.

I was in the plane for quite awhile, when I felt his hand on my back, and it gently rubbed me.

"Corby son, I love you and I want you to understand, this was something we shared and I will hold dear in my heart. But if we were ever discovered son, I would go to prison for the rest of my life," he told me.

"I'll be fine dad, really I will," I said, as I faked my best smile, and he hugged me and gave me a kiss. "Dad, could we do it just one more time, before they come to rescue us," I asked.

"I'd like that Cor," he said as he kissed me.

He stood up and went to remove his shorts but I stopped him, and I knelt down in front of him. I reached up and gently pulled them down to the floor, and he stepped out of them. I looked at his cock as it lay against his balls, and I took it into my mouth. I let it slide down my throat so I could smell his sweet man smell, and I felt his cock grow in my throat.

"Fuck son, I will miss your mouth on my cock," he said, as he took my head in his hands and began to fuck my mouth. "Mmmm," he moaned as he quickly gave into the feeling, and I was playing with his balls as he fucked my mouth.

I knew he wouldn't last long, as he quickened his pace on my mouth. Therefore, I pulled off it, and I got up and led him to our bed. As I lay on the bed, I looked up at him and said as I fought back my tears.

"Fuck me dad," I whispered, because I felt that if I had said louder, I would cry because this was our last time.

Dad said nothing, but got between my spread legs, and he bent down and kissed me so tenderly. He lifted my legs, and I held them, as he pushed into my ass.

"Oh fuck dad I'm going to miss your cock being inside me," I told him.

"As I will also son," and he kissed me.

He pulled out some and quickly shoved his cock deep in again, and I rose up to meet his thrust. He didn't need any help as he soon found a rhythm, and we began to fuck hard and fast.

"Hold off dad as long as you can," I told him as he pounded my ass. "I want our last time to last," and he slowed his pace.

He fucked me slower and with more emotion, as he rubbed my love nut with each push. I had wanted him to last but I couldn't hold back me own, and I shot my first shot on my chest.

"Just fuck me dad, hard and deep," I told him, as I continued to shoot my hot boy cum all over me.

He pounded my ass, as I shot my sweet elixir, and my ass tightened each time I shot around his cock.

"I can't hold it any longer," he said as he now lifted my legs higher, and he shoved his cock further in me. "Aaaah fuck I'm cumming son," he groaned as he filled my ass with his man cum.

I felt every shot he gave me, as he filled my saturated ass. I could feel it leaking out of me, as he continued to inject his juice into me.

"More dad, don't stop fucking your boy," I howled as he grounded his cock deep into me.

When he was finally spent, he dropped down on me, and we kissed. We were snuggled together as we drifted off to sleep, and the sounds of someone calling us, awoke us. We sprang from our bed and quickly threw on some clothes, just as a navy sailor came to the plane door. We were dressed and ready for him when he entered the plane, but he could tell that we were hiding something.

"I'm Lieutenant Michael Robbins," the young sailor said, as he introduced himself to us.

"Ryan Jones and my son Corby," dad said as he shook hands with the sailor.

"Were there any other passenger's sir," he asked as he noticed our bed, and he raised an eyebrow in wonder.

"Is something wrong Lieutenant," dad asked, as he noted his look.

"No sir," he said as he looked at me, and I gave him a smile. "Well if you're ready we can shove off," he said as he turned and walked out.

"Dad wait," I said as I grabbed his arm. "Kiss me just one more time," I asked and locked lips with him.

He gave me a kiss, that said how he felt, and I could feel my tears welling up in my eyes. As we broke our kiss, I caught the glimpse of the Lieutenant moving away from the door.

Had he seen I wondered, but now I didn't care? I wanted; no needed, that kiss from my dad. The ride back to the ship seemed like a trip to death row, as I saw the end of my love affair with dad end. Lieutenant Robbins sat quietly as we cruised back to the ship, and I wondered what he might say once back on board ship.

"So is something wrong," I asked the Lieutenant quietly so no one could here, and he turned and looked over at me.

"I saw what you two were doing," he whispered, and then sat up straight.

My heart pounded in my chest, as I thought of him turning us in, and the tears came quickly to my eyes. He turned to glance at me, and smiled, no other smile ever said more. Once we were back on board ship, the ship's captain greeted us, and he told us how they had been out searching for us.

"We got a mayday from you but lost you soon after," the captain said. "I got worried, when he lost you on the radar, and then your distress call was lost."

"I'll admit captain that I was scared shitless," dad said, as I watched Lieutenant Robbins.

Dad and the captain spoke for a while and then he told us about our accommodations.

"I'm afraid that I will have to split up the two of you Ryan," the captain said. "I have no other accommodations for your son I'm afraid. I can't put him in with the other men, so Lieutenant Robbins has graciously offered to share his room with the boy."

"Thank you Lieutenant," dad said, and I knew he was worried about me.

"Sir, may I call my wife and let her know that we are fine," dad asked.

"Certainly sir," he said and led him to the communications room.

Dad returned a while later and he was down, and I could tell that he needed to talk to me. The captain left us alone so we could talk in private.

"Dad is something wrong with mom," I asked, as his demeanor got quiet.

"I called the house and Jon answered," he told me.

"But Jon's your friend dad so what's the big deal," I asked.

"I heard your mom in the back call him sweetheart as the bed made a noise. I know that sound, because it drives me crazy every time we moved. It gives off a squeak that is so high pitched; it sends goose bumps down my spine."

"Are you saying that mom and Jon were in bed together," I asked and I knew his answer by his face.

"Did you talk to mom, dad?" I asked, as I felt the pain he was feeling.

"All I said was I hope you both will be happy Jon, and the line went quiet. He said, `oh fuck', and handed the phone to your mom. I told her that you were fine, and that we were heading to my mom's, and then I hung up."

"I'm so sorry dad," I told him as his tears rolled down his face.

The lieutenant showed us to our separate sleeping quarters and dad whispered to me.

"Be careful son of what you say to him," and he hugged me goodbye.

Once I got into the room, the lieutenant showed me where the head was.

"Being of rank I have my own head," he said. "I expect that you may want to shower after your ordeal on the island," and he gave me some towels to use.

I took a long, leisurely shower and enjoyed every minute of it, as I pictured my dad doing the same in my mind. I also thought about my mom and Jon betraying my dad's trust. I got out of the shower and dried off, and then went back into the room. Michael was waiting for me to come out, so he could take his shower.

"I was about to check to see if you drowned or something in there, because you were taking so long. We learn to take short showers on board ship," he told me, "Because water is limited here."

"I'm sorry Michael, but you should have told me," I said as my towel came lose and dropped to the floor.

He gazed at my body as I stood there naked, and he simply walked off into the head. He is back out and wearing a robe, that was so short he couldn't bend over without showing what he had. I looked around the small room, and wondered just where I was sleeping. He must have read my mind, because he pointed to his bunk.

"Sorry kid but the upper bunk is broken, and this is all we have," as he motioned to his bed.

I removed my towel, and climbed into the bed near the wall, as he removed his robe. He stood there naked as the day he was born, and his cock hung down against his balls. He was shorter than dad, but man what a cock he had as he climbed in beside me. We laid there in silence for nearly twenty minutes, until he came out and said.

"You do realize that I saw you and your father kissing today," he said and my heart stopped for a moment. "Don't worry Corby, I won't say a word," he said, as his hand slid across my stomach. "I'm sure that we can come to an understanding," he tells me as he slides his body on top of me, and starts to kiss me.

"How old are you kid," Michael asked as he lifted up and looked into his eyes.

"Fourteen, why," I asked him as he kinda froze.

"Fuck kid, I could go to prison for a long, long time," he said as he continued to stare into my eyes.

"So who's going to call the cops," I asked, and then I kissed him hard.

He didn't resist my kiss, but kissed me back and hard. He turned into an animal, as he attacked my young body.

"When I saw you and your dad kissing, it got me so fucking hot," he said. "It brought back memories of my dad and me."

"You and your dad did this," I asked as we slowed down our passion and talked.

We both sat up and he began to relive his youth.

"I was just fifteen when it happened for the first time," Michael said as he looked off as if he could still see it. "Mom had died several months before from cancer, and dad decided to take me camping. It was mid-July and hot as hell out, but we both needed to get away and start living again. Dad had found this nice spot up, which was near a stream in the woods. We pitched our tent, and I gathered firewood, as dad set up the camp kitchen. I remember how the sweat poured off our foreheads as we worked. We had just finished our setting up when dad said to me.

"Wanna go swimming son," he said to me, and off course, I got all excited.

"Sure dad, let me see if I remembered my swim trunks," I told him and got up to go check, but he stopped me and said to me, "Forget the trunks Mike, we're both men here," and he dropped his shorts to the ground and stepped out of them.

"Damn Mike what did you do?" I asked as I was turned on by his story.

"I just stood there and looked at him, as he removed his boxer briefs. His body was so fucking hot Corby, I wanted to cum right there in my shorts. His body was buff, and I mean buff. He worked out almost every day, and it showed, big time. He had big broad shoulders that had the most muscular set of arms attached to `em. His torso formed a perfect v as it ran down to his small waist. Because of his blond hair, he had just a dusting of fuzz on his chest, but his bush, fuck man; it was like a forest, thick with soft brown curls."

I was now slowly pulling my cock, as Michael told me more about them.

"When he turned to put his clothes away, he had two perfect melons for an ass. They were hairless but fuck they were hard and round and I stood there gawking until I heard him say."

"Earth to Mike," he said and it brought me out of my haze. "Are you going to swim or just stand there," he asked, as he walked by me, and gave me a slap on my ass. Well let me tell you Cor, that slap was all it took, my cock exploded in my shorts, and filled them with my hot cum."

"Fuck Mike, really," I asked as I stroked my cock faster now.

"Oh yeah, big time came. I looked down and the front of my shorts had this massive wet spot, and to make matters worse, dad laughed his ass off. He looked at the spot and asked in a matter of fact way,

"Fuck son, tell me I didn't cause that."

Well I just started to cry and he took me in his arms. He held me tight as I cried my eyes out on his chest. I was just calming down, when he put his hand under my chin, and he lifted it up so he could see my face. I was so embarrassed as I stood there looking at my dad. He knew what he had done to me, and he didn't care. He held my face up like that, and then he leaned down and kissed me."

"No fucking way man," I said as I felt my balls start to churn. "Fuck I'm close, just from listening to you," I said, as Michael moved my hand, then dropped down, and took my cock into his mouth.

        "Yeah, suck me Tim, that's it," I moaned out as he swallowed my cock to its root.  "Holy fuck Mike, work my cock," I moaned. 
This turned him on even more, as I now fucked his mouth with sweet abandon. Suddenly my body tensed up, and my balls drew up close, as my cock stiffened in his mouth.

"I'm fucking cumming," I yelled and he pulled back to just my cock's head.

He sucked hard and fast on the head, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Fucking take it Mike," I cried out as I shot my first rope of hot cum into his hot mouth. "Aaaah fuck, suck my cock," I howled as I shot more boy juice into his mouth.

He sucked hard and fast, as he swallowed each drop, and never once did he lose any. Once he had gotten all that I had, he continued to suck me. I was getting so sensitive now, that I had to push him off me.

"I can't take it man, you got my cock so sensitive," I said, as he leaned forward on all fours, and kissed me.

Once we broke our kiss, I looked into his eyes and said."

"So finish your story about you and your dad," I told him, as he moved up, to sit beside me. "He had just kissed you," I said as I lay my head against him.

"Oh yeah, well I was totally caught off guard, once he broke our kiss. He looked down at me, and smiled, but tears were in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry son," he said, "I should have never done that, but you look so much like your mother," and he kissed me again.

I wrapped my arms around him now, as our mouths were locked together. He offered me his tongue, and I parted my lips to accept it. He pulled my thin body close to his, and I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, as we kissed. He led me by the hand, and brought me into our tent. As I stood there shaking, he pulled down my cum filled shorts. He held them up to his nose, as if taking in their scent. Then he lick the cum from them, before he tossed them to the floor. I was still standing there shaking, as he laid me on the sleeping bags, and he got between my legs, as he ran his hands across my stomach. He looked into my eyes, and smiled, before bending down to my cock. He lifted up my cock, and took it in his mouth."

"Damn Mike, I can almost see it in my mind," I said, as I still rested my head on him.

"Well let tell you Cor, it didn't take me long before I was ready to pop my load. I was holding his head in my hands, as he serviced my six inch cock."

"I guess you have grown quite a bit since then," I said as I lifted his cock. "This has got to be almost nine inches now," I told him, as I imagined it in my ass.

"Yeah I have grown a bit," he said smiling, as he kissed the top of my head.

"Mmmm," I moaned, just content to be sitting near him.

"Well he must have known I was close, because he started to suck my cock hard and fast now. I was pulling his hair, as I quickly approach my climax.

"Fuck dad I'm cumming," I shouted out, and then exploded into his mouth.

"Mmmm," he said, as he took all the cum I could give him.

"Fuck that's hot man," I told him as I turned to look up at him. "So what happened after you came Mike?"

"Dad collapsed on me, and he began to cry. I asked what was wrong, and he said,"

"I've stepped over a line that a father should never cross," he said still crying. "I've let you down by doing this thing to you."

I lifted up his head, so I could look into his eyes and said.

"Dad I have wanted to love you like that for quite a long time," I told him. "You don't know how much I love you dad, and the truth be known, I've watched you," I told him.

"Watched me son," he asked as he wondered what I meant.

"Yeah dad I watched you. I use to sneak into your room, when you and mom would fuck. I would stand in your closet, and look through the louvers at you. I watched your ass as it moved up and down, pushing your cock into mom. Dad, I would always fantasize that I was the one you were fucking."

"Mom said she thought she heard something once, like someone making a painful sound she called it," he told me as he lay between my legs.

"That was me dad cumming in the closet," I told him.

"What'd he say to that Mike," I asked, as I got excited again.

"He just looked at me and smiled, before he asked me,"

"So do you want to make your fantasy come true son," he asked, and could tell that he was getting horny.

"More than you know dad I said, and lifted my legs in the air. He bent down and ran his tongue all around my tight little pucker, before he shoved it in my ass. Fuck that felt awesome, as he fucked my ass with his tongue. He wet a finger, and then shoved that in. By the time he had me wiggling with pleasure, he had four fingers in my ass. I was so fucking turned on by now, I was leaking pre cum like a faucet.

"Dad fuck your boy," I said, as I pulled him from my wet ass.

He sat up, reached over to his duffle bag, and pulled out a bottle of lube. I watched him pour some lube on his fingers, and then he pushed them into my ass, as he worked it in to get me ready for his cock. He applied more to his cock, and then sat closer to my ass. He put the head of his cock to my pucker and said,

"Now this is going to hurt son, but once you relax it'll turn to pleasure," and he gave his cock a shove, and the head popped through my sphincter.

"Holy fuck stop, I can't do this," I shouted, as the pain shot through me like an arrow. But he bent down, and softly kissed me, until I began to relax."

"Yeah it fucking hurts like hell man," I said as I remembered my dad's first fuck with me. "I remember my dad's cock, the first time that he fucked me."

"What I didn't know was that while we were kissing, he was slowly pushing his cock into me. Therefore, once we stopped kissing, he had already bottomed, and now I was ready to let him fuck me.

"Yeah my dad did it that way to me too," I told him.

"Well he rose up on his hands, and slowly withdrew his cock. It was almost all the way out, before he shoved it back in deep. He did this for several minutes, until he was sure, that I could take his large cock. Once he knew I was cool with his cock, he started to really fuck me. Within minutes, he'd found a rhythm, and we were fucking as one. I mean he was slamming my ass just as he fucked my mom. I was holding up my legs, as far as they could go, so he could get his cock into my ass deeper now.

"Fuck your ass is so tight son," he said to me as I felt my own cum start to boil, deep inside my balls.

He had me so close after ten minutes of pounding me, that I couldn't hold back.

"I cumming dad," I screamed out, and I shot my cum all over my chest and face.

He kept fucking me harder and faster as I shot. As I shot, my ass would contract around the fuck stick of his, and before I was done shooting, he howled out in ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum boy," he said as I noticed the veins in his neck.

They were protruding big time as I felt his cock explode. One, two, and three times he shot, and each one I felt coat my love canal. He was having the best climax that he ever had.

"Aaaaaaahhhh fuck son," he shouted as he filled me with his man seed. "Your ass is so fucking hot," and he pounded me like a jackhammer.

I was so turned on, as I watched the man that I had fantasized over fuck me. He began to slow down his rhythm, and I knew he was spent. He looked down at me as he came out of his sexual high, and he simply cried. He fell down on me, and I held him tight to my body, as I kissed his head.

"I love you daddy," I whispered into his ear, and he looked up at me and said.

"I love you son, and thank you for loving me like this. I know that it's wrong, but you have taken my loss away today. I loved your mom so much, that when she died, I thought love had ended for me. Now, you have renewed my heart again."

Then he kissed me so sweetly Cor that we both laid there and cried.

"Fuck me Michael," I said as the tears filled up my eyes. "I want you to fuck me, like your dad did with you that day."

Michael lifted my legs, and then buried his tongue in my little pink pucker. He fucked my sweet ass until I was screaming for his cock.

"I want your cock Michael now," I told him, as he got up and lubed it up.

He applied a good size amount to my ass, and pushed his cock into it.

"Yeah Michael, that's it man," I said as I felt it bottom. "Fuck me sailor, and make this boy howl," I told him as he rose up and started to fuck me.

He didn't start out slow, but he aggressively began to attack my boy ass. He was slamming me so hard, that he had my head bouncing off the headboard. I was holding his nubs in between my fingers, and pinching them as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck yeah kid," he strained to say as he fucked me hard and deep. "Pinch those tits and I'll give it to your ass good."

I twisted and pinched them, and I could feel his hard cock start to swell.

"Yeah sailor fuck my ass, and give me your semen," I yelled as my own cock started to shoot.

"I'm fucking cumming kid," and I felt his cock explode.

As I shot my cum, I could feel his cock filling me. We rolled around on the bed, as we slowly came to our end, and he collapsed on me in a sweet loving kiss.

"God, I haven't had a fuck like that in a long time," he said, as he gasped for breath. "You gotta love a young tight ass," he said as his cock slowly slipped from me.

"That was one hot fuck you gave me sailor," I said as we both held onto each other, riding out our sexual afterglow.

We were snuggled in each other's arms, and kissing so tenderly, when suddenly the door opened and we heard.

"Ensign, what is the meaning of this," the captain said as he stood at the door with my dad behind him.

To be continued:

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