B. Clark

Chapter Three

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Previously in chapter two:

"That was one hot fuck you gave me sailor," I said as we both held onto each other, riding out our sexual afterglow.


We were snuggled in each other's arms, and kissing so tenderly, when suddenly the door opened and we heard.


"Ensign, what is the meaning of this," the captain said, as he stood at the door with my dad behind him.


Now chapter three:


We both sprang from the bed, as the shock of being caught surprised us. Ensign Robbins just stood at attention there, in front of the captain.


"You are lucky, the both of you," he began looking at the two of us. "That is was us that caught you and not one of the other officers," he said finishing.


"Dad it was my fault, I forced him to do this," I said, as I hoped to protect him from any charges.


"Oh relax kid, he's my son," the captain said with a smile.


"I thought I had locked the door dad, really I did," Michael said relaxing some.


We all sat down to talk, and I looked at the captain. Now I could see the resemblance between them. His dad was just an older version of Michael, and still had an awesome body and looks. Even in his uniform, his strong muscles showed through. He walked over to his son, and took him in his arms. He pulled him to him, and they kissed tenderly. My dad came over to me and did the same. The four of us stood there kissing, with two of us naked.


"Son I came to ask you if you would mind changing rooms for the night," dad asked me as he held me close.


"Do you mean I get to spend it with you dad," I asked as my enthusiasm showed.


"Yes son, Michael is going to spend it with his dad," my dad told me.


I gave my dad a hug and then ran to the Captain, and gave him a kiss he'll not soon forget.


"Thank you Captain, you'll never know how happy you've made me," I told him, as I hugged him again.


"I know Corby, because I too have a son that I love as your father loves you," he said to me as he took his son into his arms. "We can't tolerate a night apart, so you see, you have made us very happy.


I gave Michael a kiss as I wrapped my arms around his neck, and I whispered in his ear,


"Thanks sailor for sharing with me your story," and I gently bit his earlobe.


"Thank you Cor for one of the best fucks I've ever had," and he bit my ear back.


Dad and I were elated, as we slipped into the bed. We laid there for a while and talked about mom and Jon.


"I can't take her back son, and I'll understand if you want to live with her," dad told me, as he held me in his arms.


"I want to live with you dad," I told him, as I lifted up my head to look at his. "We've fallen in love and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life like this with you," and I snuggled in so close, I thought I would be one with his skin.


"Thank you son, but someday you'll grow up and find a lover of your own. You won't want an old man making love to you," he said, and I could feel the pain in his voice.


"No dad, I'll always want you, and what we have found together. I feel that you will be the one that will want someone more your age, and not some kid."


Dad pushed me away some, so he could look squarely into my eyes when he said.


"Corby, what you have given me is something I shall always cherish. No son should give to his father this kind of love," he said looking at me straight in the eyes. "But you did, and I accepted that love you offered me, thus crossing a line that we both cannot return across. No son, I shall never take a lover or anyone else. I love you Corby so much that my heart aches if I'm not near you. Just the thought that we were on the same ship and yet apart, it was killing me son not to hold you in my arms," and he leaned into me and we kissed so hard, that all the love that he held for me, flowed into me through that kiss.


I could feel his love, and it charged my heart. He may be my dad, but he was every bit the lover I wanted or needed.


I broke our kiss and looked at him, as I lifted my legs for him. Without a word being spoken, he gently slid his cock into me.


"Oh yeah dad fill me with your cock," I told him as he bottomed and leaned down to kiss me.


I wrapped my legs around his ass to help him find our rhythm. He slowly fucked me and never once did we ever break eye contact. I could feel the beat of his heart as he lay on me and fucked me. Ours souls were dancing to music our hearts were playing, and tears flowed from our eyes as he took me over the edge. I shot my sweet boy cum between our bodies as we kissed.


"Mmmm," I sighed as it flowed from my cock.


"Do you want me to fuck you harder my pretty boy," he asked, but I just held him to me, as my climax began to subside.


Just the closeness and tenderness of the moment was all my dad needed, as his cock began to swell, and I felt it explode deep into me. He never increased his rhythm, but gently fucked me, letting his passion flow between us. I held him close and we kissed as he groaned out his pleasure. As we moved from our climax to the sweet pleasures of our afterglow, he pulled out of me and said softly.


"If I were to die today son, I want you to know that you have made me complete and so happy. Never in my life, have I ever felt so loved and desired," and he began to cry.


"Dad, I know what we have will be viewed as wrong or even sick by most, but what we have I wouldn't undo for all the men in the world. The love that I have found with you goes beyond anything that is known to man. If I were to die today, I know it's this love I would bring with me," I told my dad, as I kissed his tear-filled eyes. "I love you daddy, I love you more than I love my own life. My world would crumble and die, if I did not have you and me in it."


"Son, would you make love to me please," he said, as he pulled me on top of him.


He spread his legs apart and lifted them; I could see his hairy little pucker sitting there. I grabbed the lube from the stand, which Michael had used and rubbed into his rosebud. He softly moaned as I pushed my lubed fingers into his ass. I worked them around, getting him ready and found his love nut. As I rubbed more lube on my cock, I tortured that nut with my other hand's fingers.


"Stop son please," he moaned out, as his head was thrashing from side to side. "I need you to fuck me now; you have me ready to cum again."


I removed my fingers and placed my cock to his pucker. I gave it a firm but gentle shove and the head popped through.


"Oh yeah my lover," he sighed as he pulled me all the way in. "Fuck me sweetheart," he said and it moved me that we had moved onto this stage.


I was no longer his son that was fucking him, but now I had become his lover, and the tears rolled down my face dropping onto his.


"What's wrong baby boy," he asked as he wiped my tears away.


"Nothing my lover, just nothing," and we kissed so hard and long.


While we kissed, I slowly began to fuck him. He and I were moving together as one. His ass pulled my cock in each time that I tried to pull out, and he held me so close, as we moved on towards our edge in unison. We had never fucked like this before and it moved me. This was not sex but love making that we were committing.


"Oh my God take me lover," dad cried out as he shot his love between our clinging bodies.


We kissed, as I felt the hot cum warm the area between us, and pushing me over the edge.


"I love you Ryan my love," I said softly into his ear, as I began to shoot my sweet seed into him.


"Fill me with your lover my lover," he whispered to me as he pumped up to meet my pushes.


We had committed to each other now, and never again would we be father and son. Now we were lovers committed to each other through our hearts. We kissed as I finally gave him all I had.


"I love you Ryan my love," I said softly, as I looked into his eyes.


"I love you Corby, and will until the day that I die," and he kissed me hard, almost raucously.


His hands were clawing at my back as we kissed, and he bit my lower lip. He pulled it outward and savagely thrust his tongue into my mouth. He was an animal now, he knew what he wanted, and it was I. He bit at my neck and rolled over, until he was on me. He sat up and starred down at me for a moment, and then he attacked my nubs. He bit them and suckled them until I was begging him to stop. I had lost my daddy and now I had received a lover, that was every bit a man. He was laying his claim to the one that he loved, and I loved it. I pushed him from my nubs, because they were so sensitive now. I held his head as he traced the gentle curves of my body down to my cock. He paused at my bush, and I could hear him as he inhaled my scent.


"Mmmm," he moaned, before moving onto my cock.


He licked twice around the head, before he pounced on my cock. He swallowed it down so fast, I howled out from the feeling.


"Yeah Ryan, suck your man's cock," I howled holding his head down.


He sucked my cock as he chewed on it too. He had me wild with lust for him, and I needed his love. He pulled up and then sucked both balls into his mouth.


"Ooooh fuck yeah," I screamed as I grabbed his hair in my fists and held his head firmly but it, as he moved down to my pucker.


My leg was resting on his shoulder, as he viciously attacked my rosebud. He plunged his tongue deep into my ass as I still held him by the hair. He would lick and then bite on the tender opening. I shocked myself, and possibly him when I yelled out.


"Yeah Ryan, eat you fuck slut's ass," and he pause but a moment.


He quickly returned to his assault and I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled his head away by his hair, and dragged him up to my mouth.


"Fuck me Ryan, take your slut," I said and ferociously kissed him.


With both legs resting around his waist, he plunge his cock deep into me. I arched my back, as he quickly bottomed.


"Aaaah fuck yeah lover, take your bitch and make me scream for more," I howled, as I began to use my legs to move him in me.


He rose up, and began to pound my ass, with the fury of a hungry stallion in heat that lusted for his ladylove. I was pinching and twisting his nubs so hard I could see the pain in his face.


"Yeah bitch, work those nubs," he howled as he continued to assault my ass.


He slapped my ass hard as he approached his climax and I too, was getting close. I was thrashing beneath him as we got to edge together.


"Fuck me lover, make this bitch cum," I howled out in delight.


He slammed my ass harder and deeper as he shoved me over the edge.


"Fuck yeah babe, I'm cumming," and I shot my cum onto my chest, rope after rope of hot boy cum I shot.


"I'm cumming bitch," he said as he slapped my ass and exploded inside me.


I felt every hot shot of his cum as it erupted from his cock. He leaned down and we kissed so brutally, that one would think that he was raping me. The ferocity of our kiss and sex was so powerful, that I clawed at his back drawing blood. He was biting my neck fiercely, as we lost all track of who and where. As our pure animal lust carried us away, to a place that until now, only my father had been to, I screamed out my love for my man.


"You're my man Ryan, and no one will take you from me," I said as we clung tiredly to one another.


"That was the most awesome sex sweetheart," he said as he kissed me tenderly now. "When you called me Ryan, I just felt this animal in me come alive. I wanted nothing more than to claim you as mine and protect you. I use to love savage sex Cor, but that was well before your mother's time. She wanted calm, so I killed the animal in me. However, when you called me by my first name, you woke it up. He was hungry for love and he wanted you as his mate."


"You don't mind that I call you Ryan when we are alone," I asked hoping that I hadn't crossed some line.


"No Corby, I'd rather that now, because we are so much more now, we're lovers," he said as he pulled out of my ass, sucking the cum out with it. "I don't see you any longer as my son," and he paused. "You're my equal and lover, so Ryan is fine sweetheart."


"I like that Ryan, the way you call me sweetheart now. If makes what we have seem more tender and personal," and I held his face in my hands as I pulled him down for a kiss.



We finally pulled into port and we were excited about getting of the ship. Michael and his dad came down to say their personal goodbyes.


"We shall miss you two," the captain said as he hugged my dad close to him. "We live here in San Diego also, so let's stay friends," and they kissed so tenderly.


"I hope that we can still be friends Cor," Michael said as he held me in his arms. "I shall miss that tight ass of yours," he whispered into my ear and then kissed me passionately as our tongues dueled for dominance.


"Come boys, we need to get going," Michael Sr. said as we broke our kiss and Michael slipped me his cell phone number.


Dad and I were taken to the nursing home that Grandma was in, and she smiled when she saw us.


"My two favorite boys," she barely said in her weak voice as we gave her a kiss.


Her stroke had been bad, and the doctors had lost hope of her going home. She knew what they thought, and she hung on just to see us one more time.


"Mom don't talk, save your strength," he said as tears rolled down his face.


"Don't cry my boy, I have lived a very happy life," she told dad. "I want you to know that I have left the house to you, to do with as you see fit," she added as she struggled to breathe.


"Never mind talking about leaving mom, lets concentrate on getting better ok," he said, but he knew she didn't have long.


Grandma looked at us both, and raised her good hand to touch each of our faces.


"I love you both so much, and wish it could be different Ryan. But we both know that I don't have long here, and I can see your dad beckoning me to him," she said as she closed her eyes.


She took in one last breath, and slowly she exhaled and slipped away. Dad and I both cried as we held her hand, and the nurse shut the monitor off.


"I'll give you both all the time you need," Kyle said, as he left the room.


She looked so peaceful lying there as we cried hard over her leaving us. Dad was always her boy, and I was her little man. Dad held me to him as we both cried.


We left the hospice home an hour later, after dad had given them the name of the funeral home to call. We got a taxi to take us back to her house, and when we walked in, it still smelled of my Grammy. The house felt lifeless as we brought was meager belonging we had in.


"Well Corby, this is our home now," dad said sadly, as he sat down on the sofa. "I'm going to move my business here to San Diego," he told me. "As much as I hate Jon for what he did behind my back, he's still a good pilot. I may keep him as a manager, to run things from the Hawaiian side."


"What about mom, are you two going to divorce," I asked.


"Yes Cor, you don't know this, but this wasn't the first time that she cheated on me," dad told me. "She did it a couple of years ago with another man. I gave her a second chance when she swore that it was something that just happened, but now she has lost all of my trust."


"I don't want to live with her; I want to live you Ryan. We're lovers and committed now, and I would die if I had to leave you," I said crying now, as I clung to him.


"She is still your mom Corby, and she loves you even if she doesn't love me any longer," and he kissed the top of my head.


"I won't go, and I'll make her life so miserable that she'll beg you to take me back," I told him. "I don't mind visiting her, but I won't give up what we have together now my lover," and I pulled him to me, and we kissed.



The funeral was sad, and mom came over to attend it. Jon was with her when she came, causing dad to get angry.


"I see that the slut and had to bring her lover," he said in anger, as he pulled them to the back of the funeral home.


"Ryan please, can't we be civilized about this," she asked as she glanced over at me. "If for no other reason, than for Corby's sake," she told dad.


"You're right Helen, but the boy is staying with me," he said firmly, as he looked her squarely in the eyes.


"Can he at least come for visits," she asked as she realized what her affair had now cost her.


As they quietly ironed out how to politely end their marriage, Jon came over to talk with me.


"Hey half pint how's it going," he asked as he sat down beside. "Wanna tell your buddy Jon all about your adventure on the island?"


I looked at him hard, and with anger in my eyes, as I said to him.


"Let's get this understood Jon, I am not called half pint any more and you are not my buddy. My friends don't go around fucking their friend's wife," I said as his mouth hung open in shock at how I was talking to him. "So fuck off mister and leave us alone," and he slapped me across the face hard.


Dad came running over and he hit Jon so hard that he flew across several rows of chairs, knocking them over.


"If you ever lay a hand on my son again Jon, I will kill you with my bare hands," he said as he looked down at him on the floor. "Are we clear here," he asked, and Jon just nodded yes. "Now take your whore and get out of here," he said as he walked over to me, and checked the cut on my lip.


Jon and mom left, as the family and friends applauded my dad. Many of them had asked about mom when we showed up without her. Dad had to tell just a few of his relatives and it spread around the room like wild fire. Therefore, when she did show up, most of them ignored her.


"Are you alright my baby boy," dad asked as he dabbed my lip with his handkerchief.


"Yeah dad I'm fine," I said as he hugged me in a fatherly way.


I could feel his limp cock as he pressed it again my leg, and it caused a stir in mine that grew into a problem.


"You'd better go the men's room and take care of that Corby," he whispered and I hurried off.


I entered the bathroom and hurriedly latched the door. I dropped my chinos and underwear down to my ankles and began to jerk off. I was so into my hand job, when all of a sudden the door opens. There looking at me jerking off is my cousin Nathan.


"Fuck dude, gimme a piece of that," he said as he took his time and now locked the door.


Nathan is sixteen years old and quite the hunk. He's the quarterback of his school's football team, and a typical Californian. He has shoulder length blond hair that has been bleached by the sun, and the hottest blue eyes that you have ever seen on a dude. His body is pure muscles, from football and surfing. Well he dropped down to his knees, and in one swoop of his mouth, he had my cock buried down his throat.


"Yeah dude, suck that boy cock," I told him, as I held his head, and fucked his mouth hard.


"Mmmm," he moaned as I fuck his face with my cock.


I really got off when I watched my cock sliding in out of some dudes mouth. Now my cousin was sucking it, and had my balls in his hand, as he finger fucked my ass. He found my nut and massaged it until I was close.


"Yeah Nate suck that cock, I'm going to cum," and I shot a huge rope of hot cum down his throat.


He sucked my cock hard and fast until I was finally spent. Then he dropped it and stood up to give me a kiss. As we kissed, he slipped me my cum, and I held it in my mouth. I spit into my hand and then rubbed it on his cock.


"Fuck me Nate," I said as I placed my hands against the wall to brace myself.


Nate had a good eight-inch fat cock, and he knew how to use it. He loved to fuck most of the jocks on his team, and they offered their asses to him. Now he was about to shove it into my ass.


"Hold on cus," he said as he shoved that cum slickened cock into my ass. The sliminess of the cum, allowed his cock to move all the way in.


"Yeah man, now fuck me like you do your jock friends," I told him.


He placed one hand on my shoulder, as he held my hip with the other. He pulled out his cock almost all the way, and then slammed it back in. He pounded my ass with the force of a jackhammer, as he made his guttural sounds. He moved his other hand to my shoulder as he found his rhythm. We were shoving and pushing and it didn't take long before he was at his edge.


"Can I shoot it in your ass cus," he asked as he leaned on my back and then bit on my neck.


"You better fill my boy ass with that jock juice of yours," I said as I pushed back into his crotch.


His curly pubes tickled my ass as his balls hit my balls.


"Aaaaaaahhhh fuck cus I'm cumming," and he filled my ass well.


"Holy fuck Nate I'm cumming again," I said, as I watched my cock shooting, as the rhythm of his fucking made it bounce up and down. "Yeah cus fuck your buddy's ass," I howled, as he slammed me hard and deep.


He leaned down on my back, and I turned my head to kiss him. Thank God for air conditioning because we were drenched.


"Man Corby, I love fucking you," he said as he nibbled on my earlobe.


"I love your fat jock cock up my ass," I told him.


A knock on the door ended our afterglow very quickly. We both pulled up our pants, and Nate opened the door. Dad was standing there, and from the way we both looked, he knew what we had done.


"Now that you two are finished son, it's time to leave," he said as he shot Nate a wink.


"Oh fuck Cor, your pop knows what we done," he said all in a panic.


"No big deal Nate, he knows that I am gay," I told him. "Now he knows that you are also," I added and walked away.


"Dude wait," he said, as he caught up with me. "I hear that you are going to be living here in San Diego," he said. "I live just two houses down from gram's house remember," and I nodded yes. "Let's get together some time, and I can bring some of my jock buddies along.


"Fuck yeah Nate," I told him and gave him a friendly hug goodbye. "Besides, I'll be seeing you in school," I said. "Or will it be un-cool to talk to a nerd like me?"


"I'll make you the team's official towel boy," he said as he raised his eyebrows up and down. "That's all the cock you can handle cus," and we knocked knuckles then left.


To be continued...


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